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Z-Monster: Tiredness so excessive you can't keep your eyes open
Example: That Z-Monster is beatin' me down.

Za: The proper show form for pizza.
Example: Martha and I went out and grabbed some za.

zaaa: Wazzaaap. Used when one is very tired.
Example: Stephen: Hey, Rich! Richard: Zaaa?

zackly: Used as a substitute for the word exactly. It's pronounced the way it's written.
Example: Works zackly like you said it would.

zackry: Exactly. (See Ed Zackry Disease on a joke site.)
Example: Whoa! Bob's breath smells zackry like crap.

zag: Expression of alarm, appreciation, or disgust.
Example: Zag! I never seen so much meat in one place.

zaiesque: (adj) Reminiscent of the appearance or character of Dr. Zaius from _Planet of the Apes_.
Example: Her sublime head of red hair was exotically zaiesque.

Zandar: 1. The fictional planet on which a person is landed during states of extreme intoxication or pleasure.
2. The hypothetical planet on which ludicrous opinions or behaviors are possible and even logical.
Example: 1. Maggie left me somewhere on Zandar last night.
2. Bob: I think I might get Suzie in the sack tonite. Steve: On Zandar!

Zanzaro: Meaning someone who still can't understand your source code even after reading your excellent comments.
Also meaning mosquito in some languages.
Example: Tony, I can't believe your being a zanzaro.

zanzay: Ugly.
Example: Anna has a vey zanzay attitude.

zanzibarian: Bearing a resemblance to the town of Zanzibar in Tanzania. Small and charming, with lots of
little cobbled streets between old buildings with huge and ornate doors.
Example: I loved Damascus; it was so zanzibarian. I spent hours just walking around.

Zappa-esque: Something that is beyond weird, yet also very witty and satirically biting at the same time.
Named after the musician Frank Zappa.
Example: Have you seen that filmclip by The Ones? It's extremely Zappa-esque.

Zappable: Tto remove marker from a projector.
Example: Is this projector zappable?

zark: An all purpose expletive. First used by Douglas Adams in the Hitchhiker trilogy.
Example: Zark off you zarking fool!

zatch: From catching some Zs. Catch + Z = Zatch, meaning to sleep.
For people who have been living inside a catsup dispenser for the last ten decades,
Zs apear over sleeping cartoon character's heads.
Example: 3 AM already. Fforget the term paper. I gotta go zatch for a while.

zatronic: A suffix added to the end of a persons name to imply close friendship.
Example: Scott-zatronic! How's it going?

zazz: Like jazz, only for images.
Example: I like the picture--only, could you add a little zazz to it?

Zazzera: Hair on the back of a person's neck.
Example: Can you please come here and trim my zazzera?

Zealism: Zeal.ism (zeel�iz�m) n. the principles, practice, and tenets of the Zealist school of thought.
Example: Some Zealists practice Zealism.

zebra: A copycat, a person who copies your style or personality.
Example: Christina is a zebra ne plus ultra. I had that on yesterday. The nerve! She even asked where I bought it.

Zebra Logic: If you hear hooves, think horses not zebras.
Those guilty of zebra logic are constantly looking for the exception to the rule.
Example: Using her uncanny zebra logic, Jen suggested that the holes in her clothes were caused by my Martian death rays.

zeltonik: No matter how sad you are, you get a abrupt sense of total happiness, peace, calmness, and tranquility. Used only in the singular. Zeltonic is what you can take to make you zeltonik.
Example: I had the worst day ever, nothing went the way I wanted it to--but as a zeltonik, I know I'll feel much better soon.

zemanakal: Awesome.
Also see gnarlical, sick, rad, and gnarly.
Example: Tommy Z was so zemanakal.
His kickflip back tail on that hubba was zemanakal.

Zeng: Meaning good or exelent. Origin: Wanyes World
Example: Ex: How was last night? Zeng!

zentropic: The state of someone who has a shallow understanding of Zen, and uses it to excuse the fact that she does absolutely nothing, on the basis that she is in tune with the Tao.
Example: Jim smokes marijuana every day, and he sits at home contemplating the universe. He's so zentropic he hasn't left the house in months. OR He fixed me with his best calm pond look, the zentropic bastard.

Zeppster: An avid or devout fan of the band Led Zeppelin.
Example: Wally's a real zeppster.

Zero-two-early: Military slang. Refers to an activity scheduled for way too early in the morning.
Example: We're SPing at zero-two-early tomorrow, so I'll have to get back early.

zerovelopy: The act of inspecting a cash envelope that was sent to you via a drive-up bank teller--for the third time
after you already removed the right amount.
Kind of like dropping an envelope in a mail box and and double checking that it really,
really fell all the way down.

Example: The jerk in the Yugo held up the bank drive-through lane with zerovelopy.

zetadonic: Something strange, unexplainable--can also can describe a psychical stage where
fear and confusion are mixed.
Example: The noise from the graveyard was zetadonic.
The prophet had a zetadonic vision of the future events.

zhuzhi: Family filler word for any small electronic device--e.g., calculator or remote.
Example: Trying to ask for TV remote: Please hand me the zhuzhi.

zifflenook: telling someone you caught them checking someone out.
Example: zifflenook! said tom

ZIG: ALL YOUR BASE ARE BELONG TO US. What you say? For Great Justice. Launch all ZIG
Example: How are you gentlemen? All your base are belong to us! You have no chance to survive make your time. MOVE ZIG!

Zigg: A cigarette, corruption of german word Zigarette.
Example: Mike, can can I bum a zigg off you?

zigguraggerate: To wildly exaggerate.
Example: Oh, boy, the Mandelbrot really is God: that's no zigguraggeration.

Ziing: Zing with an extra letter added to give it extra zing.
Example: Animations may give your site ziing, but they can be a pain in the ass, too.

zilch: not a damn thing
Example: 1) Whats up? 2) Zilch

zilla: Suffix that denotes the biggest, baddest version of a thing.
Example: That new hummer is car-zilla

Zima Queen: Cheesey girls who often looked like they stepped out of a Friends episode. Prefer the taste of Zima. Often belong to a sorority.
Example: Yo Chaz, here come the Zima Queens.

zinc: the sink
Example: Just throw the dirty dishes in the zinc.

zing: A good verbal shot or insult, or retort to a stupid remark
Example: I really zinged him when he said that!

Zing: Zing is the thing that makes something even better than what it was before the zing was added.
Example: Zing is what spice is to a meatball--it just makes it that little bit better

zing zang zoom: 1. Immediate conversion of potential energy (verb).
2. Instant hope for sexual connection (verb).
3.follow-through on 2 - the best romance ever (noun)

(I don't know how you separate meanings and entries.)
Example: 1. They made the decision to move and zing zang zoom, goodbye Chicago.
2. She looked over and he felt the zing zang zoom from across the room.
3. Yeah but my first boyfriend...that was zing zang zoom

zip plus four: Since 1986 or so when a postal worker went berserk in Enid, OK, postal has meant berserk. Zip plus four is an escalation. Hyperbole for postal. If you use postal to mean berserk around USPS workers, you may get an intense reaction.
Example: Chris went zip plus four on us. Had to put him down with a tranquilizer dart.

zip-zero: Nothing = reward you can get for hard labor and loyalty.
Example: After 25 years of successfully supporting all, his reward was zip-zero and many libels
and slanders.

zippy: 1. Okay or perfect.
2. Quick or fast.
Example: 1. You say, Hey guys! They say, Sup man? You be like, Nothin' much, everything's zippy.
2. You say, Yeah, my Viper's in the shop. Once it gets out it should be more zippy.

zircon: A girl that's pretty enough to date but you can't get serious about, as in worthy of a cubic zirconia but not a diamond.
Example: Cheri's sweet, but that hyena laugh makes her a zircon.

zithel: To mess around with people, to trick, to confuse.
Example: Jenna planned to zithel with Meghan's head when she placed boxers on the side of her bed.

Zizz: N. A short sleep attack.
V. to take a nap without going to bed.
Example: Go take a zizz--you're not making sense.
I was up all night so I zizzed at the monitor at work.

Zizzy Ballooba: Extremely disorienting alcoholic drink.
Example: I have a terrible hangover. Had too many Zizzy Balloobas last night.

zofwiur: Pronounced zofwiur. Concocted by my friend Mike and me as we played Scrabble at 4 am. We had 7 letters, so we put them down and made zofwiur. Zofwiur is yet another replacement for words such as good, cool, sweet, and even dude. Zofwiur means something's really awesome, and it's an expression of surprise, happiness, or when you like something.
Example: Zofwiur, where's my car? OR Totally zofwiur.

Zoinks: Universal sound of surprise, as popularized by Shaggy.
Example: Zoinks! It's the one-legged zombie again!

zolaxed: A zone of relaxation where a person experiences complete harmony and peace within. Often accompanied by periods of either; 'thought-free', extremely calm, trance like states; or alternatively, deep emotional connection with other persons within the same zone.
Example: They blissed out in their hammocks, completely at peace with the world, enveloped by warmth and philosophy, sharing deep moments of emotional connection, feeling zolaxed by the harmony of the moment.

zombielicious: Something so good it turns you into a wide-eyed slab of enjoyment.
Example: Mike's party was zombielicious.

zombocom: A website, game, or movie that is all hype and no content.
Example: The movie _Tomb Raider_ was nothing but zombocom.

zone, the: The circumstance created when a green light changes to yellow and you can neither shome nor go through the light without feeling you have done something wrong.
Example: Why did you run that light?
I was in the zone. There was nothing I could do.

zone, zone out, zoned out: A way of floating out and not realizing passage of time or anything else around you. Can happen intentionally or unintentionally
Example: Unintentional: I don't know what happened after that. I just sorta zoned out.
Intentionally: I was really zonin' till my girlfriend came along and started yelling at me.

zoobaz: The term used for describing a European/Canadian film student w/a uniquely painted car.
Example: Hey Zoobaz, what shakes?

zoobulation: The joy felt from a visit to a zoo.
Example: His spirit was filled with zoobulation while visiting the San Diego Wildlife park.

zoodled: You've had way too much alcohol in a particular outing.
Example: She's puking-- must be zoodled.

zook: Regurgitate, puke, throw up.
Example: I think I'm gonna zook if I see any more synonyms for throw up.

zoolander: a guy who looks and dresses like a male model. Someone who wears lots of turtlenecks, pocketless clothesl. It's derived from a sketch Ben Stiller did for the VH1 Awareds in 96 where he was Derek Zoolander - male model.
Example: Hey zoolander, it's time for some fud.

zoom-zooms and wham-whams: Inadequate compensations for jobs well done--as opposed to, say, cash or promotions.
Example: Alice saved our butts with her Powerpoint presentation. Of course, she only got zoom-zooms and wham-whams for her efforts.

zoomout-moment: When you are suddenly exposed to the full complexity or size of something you thought you
knew a lot about, but obviously didn't--thus making you feel like an idiot.
Example: I thought I understood the storyline of the TV show, but then Colin exposed me to all the different episode strings, and I had a zoomout-moment at that point.

Zoop: Skeleton, bag of bones--what's in the closet.
Example: On Halloween, my two-year-old exclaimed, Mommy, mommy there is a zoop hanging there!

zooted: 1. To be incapacitated beyond the ability to function on any level.
2. To be disciplined, taken advantage of, or treated unfairly by an individual, group, or institution.
Example: 1. He was really zooted at the party last night.
2. Although I was about to put a coin in the meter, the officer zooted me anyway.
3. The judges zooted the Canadian skaters.

zorch: One who wears entirely too much makeup, especially eyeliner.
Example: That zorch used a putty knife to apply her makeup.

zot!: The sound used in smiting someone or something.
Example: *point left index finger at target*

Zounds: An expression used to convey amazement or wonder. Similar to Wow! Often used by Pinkey of _Pinkey and the Brain_.
Example: Zounds, Brain! That's brilliant!

zowie: What you say when you hit your thumb with a hammer really hard.
Example: Zowie! That hurt!

zows: To fake being amazed by someone, to mock in an evil way.
Example: John Hughes aced his calculus test? Zows, Matt, zows.

zrbrt: to place ones mouth, slightly open, against another persons body and blowing, making a raspberry sound.
Example: *pppbbbbttttt* Hey, you zrbrted me!

zug: A person who is fanatically obsessed with a geeky hobby to the point of being socially clueless--
poor hygeine, rude behavior, moronic sense of humor, arrogance despite obvious foolishness.
Common subcategories include comic book zugs, gaming zugs, Star Trek zugs
(trekkers, the people who are so into it they can't let themselves be called trekkies),
rennaizugs (idiots with sticks wearing sheets, socially clueless people who live at the Rennaissance festivals and
fairs), Rocky Horror zugs (way too late, way too lame),
Vampire zugs (fang tards), anime zugs, etc.
This is not a term for the general fans of these hobbies,
but for a specifically severe type of social retard.
To my knowledge this was originally a comic book or game shop insider term as early as the 80s,
but it has not been shared with the fan base,
instead being supplanted by the less derogatory and more gender-specific fanboy.
Example: We'd better get the subscribers comics out of the shipment before the
hordes of slobbering zugs come through the door.
That guy seems to think he's cool, but he's just a zug.
You should see how many toys he has in his living room.

zunkie: Person who takes her kids to see the pygmy elephants at the zoo a little too often.
Addicted to the zoo experience.
Example: In the school holidays, my grandmother becomes a zunkie.
We've seen the pygmy elephants five times in the past week.

zuphomeez: A greeting for addressing friends.
Example: Friends: Yo. Bob: Zuphomeez!

zuzzy: A word used to describe something really, really bad.
Example: Your clothes look really zuzzy.

Zwa: (exclam) Word used when you are completely caught unaware.
Example: A. Jack, we hit the Lotto! Jack: Zwa?

zyxatch: Concept. The word has no official meaning. It is merely the most horribly ofensive thing to say to someone. It's the type of word that in other languages and countries would get you kicked out.
Example: Chris was being such...such a *lowers voice* zyxatch. Why am I whispering? Everyone knows he's vermin.

zzz-mail: An email that is taking forever to send
Example: Damn b, this ain't email, this is zzz-mail

Zzzzolch: Verb, to laze around and barely do anything.
Example: I hope you're not planning to zzzzolch all day because you have homework!