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P.A.T.: Pitching a tent.
Example: Hey, look I'm P.A.T.

P.H.D.: ABRV.Pompous Headed Dweeb-usually used to describe well educated people who are somehow still dumb,but also now conceited as well
Example: Since Philip Graduated from Oxford he has bees such a P.H.D.

p2c2e: A process too complicated to explain. From Salman Rushdie's _Haroun and the Sea of Stories_.
Example: How the atom can be split using a toaster and a household drill? Well, I'm afraid that's a p2c2e.

p9zza: Pizza, as originated by a typo.
Example: Wow, I sure am hungry. Do you have any leftover p9zza in the fridge?

Pab: Poor Arse Bastard. Someone who is faced with the menial, boring, time-wasting, painful. or stupid in extreme doses.
Example: If you read human-baboon's entries, you're a PAB.

pachinko: Addictive. From the same-named Japanese gambling game, similar to a slot maching.
Example: Pseudodictionary.com is very pachinko. I can't shome visiting it.

pacific: precise
Example: John said he wanted to be very pacific on this one point

Pacific NorthWet: The states of Oregon and Washington, based on their seemingly perpetual state of rainy.
Example: I'm from Portland, in the Pacific NorthWet

pacify: Military lingo for securing a hostile area, usually by killing the hostiles therein.
Example: We pacified the landing zone and brought the choppers in.

Pack Totem: Tattoo used by all members of a gang or group.
Example: Yeah, our Pack Totem is a blue and purple skull. Reminds us who our friends are, ya know?

pack-a-hurdle: Large group of exceptionally stupid people.
Example: I feel like I'm trapped in a pack-a-hurdle.

packy: An alcohol distributor--package store.
Example: I went to the packy and picked up some vodka.

padapers: Kids' slippers that look boot-like. Made of corduroy with flannel lining.
Example: I am going to wear my padapers so my feet won't get cold!

padeep: The sound a frog makes.
Example: The padeep of the bullfrog kept me up all night.

pagesix: named after famous nyc gossip column from the New York Post. to mean: drunk, out of control party night. Completly out of the ordinary drunk/wasted. Column always discusses the crazy exploits of Celebs. If you were a celeb, and had one of those nights, you would be in PageSix.
Example: What a night last night, I had a pagesix.

pagonged: To reduce in count or get rid of one by one, as the Tagi tribe did to the Pagong in the first season of Survivor. A Survivor fan's word.
Example: Looks like Rodger'll be next to get pagonged.

Painfoil: The feeling of silver foil on a filling.
Example: Ow! That was painfoil.

painple: A zit that hurts but doesn't show yet.
Example: Gotta buy some Clearasil for my painple or I'm going to have a crater on my forehead in a couple of days.

paint the town red: Definition: To have a wild time; to enjoy oneself immensely.

Etymology: The origin of this phrase is unclear. Some scholars trace it back to ancient Rome, where soldiers would celebrate a victory by painting the walls of a town with blood from its defeated soldiers. Other scholars believe the phrase comes from the American frontier, where 'paint' referred to liquor and 'red' referred to pleasurable but illegal activities.
Example: Example: 1) We graduated! Let's paint the town red!
2) Lara and I painted the town red last night. I've never had so much fun before.

paint watcher: a person that sits there and stares at the wall with no concern
Example: you are a paint watcher bob

pajamaficate: the act of putting pajamas on kids when its bedtime also pajamafy, pajamafication
Example: Ok kids..time to pajamaficate

palais de poulet: KFC.
Example: A: Whats for dinner?
B: Let's hit palais de poulet.

palanka: word used when describing a strong feeling of dummy happiness. Can also be applied to a situation. The word comes from a contraction of Paul Anka (famous soft-cheese singer).
Example: A real cool palanka day

palare: Also spelt polaris, this is a theatrical language which is now out of date. Also associated with circus performers and gays (polari). It is common in the UK radio show Round the Horne in the 1960s and was used by the out of work actors Julian and Sandy.
Example: He knows all the palare doesn't he?

Paleomingus: An era shortly after the neoCharleston period when avante guarde jazz music was cooler than that before the Ice Age.
Example: That's just a Paleomingus disk, Jim, -Way out! my Bee-Bop Buddy!

palicip: Pa-LIS-ep. Licking one's own lips continually, even though they are chapped and licking them only makes them hurt worse.
Example: Nicky: Oww. my lips are so chapped!
Lauryn: Well, quit paliciping them!

palk: A geriatric, trundling motion, devoid of any other deliberation bar that of the need to get to B from A.
Example: Old Mrs Watts palked across the zebra crossing to fetch her pension.

palligator: A supposed friend who takes advantage of you.
Example: I no longer trust her; she's a palligator.

pally: Used either for someone who is more than an acquantiance but less than a friend or for people you don't know. Used like Sport. As in, Why don't you just call me Sport?
Example: Listen here, pally, I won't give you this orange for free. Not on your life.

Palm-Salsa: Hand sweat
Example: I've got serious Palm-Salsa going on here from my mouse

Palmer Eldritch moment: The apparent bending of reality, as happens frequently in the sci-fi classic
The Three Stigmata of Palmer Eldritch, by Philip K. Dick.
Example: Hey, I read the word 'adulation' in my book the exact moment you said it.
Wow, Palmer Eldritch moment.

palmify: Enter info into your favorite PDA.
Example: Mark forgot to palmify his girlfriend's birthday, now he is in the dog house.

palmpilot: Clueless, helpless, loser, etc.
Example: That guy is a Palmpilot.

Palooka: Sports Slang. An incompetent or easily defeated player, especially a prize fighter. [Coined by Jack Conway (1886-1928), American journalist.]
Example: I'll tell you what, he got knocked out in the 3rd round like he was a palooka.

Palookatheorem: A theorem developed during a fight.
Example: Rocky had a palookatheorem about letting the other guy keep hitting him in order to let him wear himself out.

palum-: Prefix. Meaning that the word being modified is taken to the extreme.
Example: Washing dishes for your occupation would make you palumpoor.

pandanous: Fairly average or boring.
Example: My weekend was pretty pandanous.

Panderise: Too study too hard, so that your eyes get black circles and your skin becomes pale from spending too much time indoors.
Example: Bob was very stressed during the exam period and he became panderised.

pandesicate: When a well funded, aggressively marketed and widely touted start-up
goes belly-up despite the silver spoon in its mouth. Also known as Kennedyfication.
Example: Oh! Looks like b2b4u.com just pandesicated. Their homepage is showing the sorry we burnt all our money message. Guess all that funding from wasn't enough.

Panesoterical: The state of mind where you beleive you are misunderstood by everybody on the planet.
Example: That Karen--she's really out there. She's so panesoterical nobody gets her.

panhassling: aggressive panhandling
Example: The guy on Haight Street started panhassling me, but I just walked away.

panic mechanic: A psychiatrist, psychologist, or other professional whose mission is to save people
from their own neuroses, issues, and insecurities.

Example: Mom's about to flip out. Call her panic mechanic.

panjandrously: This is a word used to describe how enormously hungry you are when the old
word hungry just won't do as it doesn't even come close to appreciating how hugely hungry
you are at the moment.
Example: When you have completed an enormous hike you might need to say, I'm PANJANDROUSLY hungry!

Pank: A word we used growing up in the Upper Penninsula of Michigan where we got lots of snow. Usually refers to packing down snow but can be used for dirt, leaves etc
Example: 1) I had a big snow pile in front of the door, but I panked it down to get out.

2) If the snow is too soft on the snowman, pank it down some more to make it harder.

panoramarse: All-encompassingly crap.
Example: You are the most panoramarse person I know. Stay away from me.

Panpapaphobocracy: Worldwide rule through fear of the Pope.
Example: Maybe what we need to get world back on track is a panpapaphobocracy.

pantabulous: Having Pantene-fabulous hair, very glossy and shiny.
Example: That girl's hair is so pantabulous I can't tell it's a weave.

pantload: (noun) disparaging term for a person because they are being un-fun/rude/stupid/unpleasant.
Example: Let's go, he's being a real pantload.

pants: load of old rubbish, horrible, crap, useless
Example: eg. that website is a pile of pants eg. the weather is completely pants today

pants: To do useless or pointless stuff, to kill time.
Example: A: What're you doing tonight? B: Oh nothing, just pantsing around. Why, got a plan?

pants: Derived from the term pull your pants up which is in turn derived from the Aussie use of arse to mean
pure luck.
Example: So this guy trips over but his racket hit the ball anyway and it went over the net in his favour.
I just looked at the tosser and yelled pants.

pants: friends, homies
Example: Hey, my pants, how are you?

pants: To pull down someone else's pants as a joke or method of humiliating them.
Example: I was just standing there and all of a sudden Steve pantsed me and everyone got a good look.

panzey: A singing effect where a note is whined.
Example: The opera singer had an interesting panzey

paper bag princess: What you are forced to be if you have no clean clothes left. Taken from the Robert Munsch children's book of the same name.
Example: If I don't do laundry tonight I'm gonna be a paper bag princess tomorrow.

paperwork: to go to the bathroom.
Example: I'll be right back. I have some paperwork to take care of.

paphib: A wooden slide used in children's playgrounds at elementary schools on the planet Xaxium Plessiter 12
Example: Sortika was frustrated with Lujlam because he wouldn't let her use the paphib; what a shavleffer!

pappapisshu: From the natives of the fictional Plunder Island, loosley translated it means ouch .
Example: When you cut your hand off you should yell, Pappapisshu.

Papster: Meaning father, dad, etc.
Example: Oh, papster, you are the greatest father on this good, green earth.

papyrus: Any document produced on paper--from the reedlike material used by Egyptian scribes.
Example: Email that memo to Bob; he doesn't do papyrus.
OR seen online: Email submissions (we don't take papyrus).

para-site: web site that insists on wrapping its own frameset around any other sites it links to
Example: www.lionhead.co.uk

parabelly: The apparent pot belly usually developed by paraplegics and quadriplegics,
after a few years of wheelchair use.
Example: It's hard to look fit and trim, with this parabelly stretching my waistband.

parackophobia: Fear of magazine racks.
Example: The library assistant's mental health was thoroughly undermined when she developed parackophobia.

paradoxymoron: A figure of speech that proposes a decision with two opposite choices that contradict each other.
Example: The choice between Coke and Pepsi was an paradoxymoron.

parageek: The person in the office who can solve 95% of your computer problems before you have to waste time going to MIS. Parageek is to true geek as paramedic is to doctor. Or as paralegal is to lawyer.
Example: MIS would have taken weeks to upgrade our version of MS-Office. Luckily, one of the secretaries is a parageek.

paragraphical: Text that is comprised of long paragraphs, as opposed to bullet points or independent sentences.
Example: Because many people are lazy readers, technical writers should avoid paragraphical writeups of crucial information in favor of short one- to two-sentence blocks.

parapapango!: Eureka!
Example: Parapapango! I've won the lottery without even buying a ticket.

parchezzi: slang for being ripped off or lied to.
Example: Don't parchezzi me, mate! I know what you're up to.

pard: Partner.
Example: Peeking across the field, I spotted a young rebel officer and his pards.

parenthesia: Used to refer to the condition of an individual who has an (arguably) pathological need
to constantly explain his or her viewpoint or actions, a parenthesiast.
Example: She turned to the talkative drunk who had just creamed her car and said, Look, spare me the parenthesia
... save your excuses for the judge.

parenthesizer: Someone who is prone to using parentheses far too often in his or her writing, often inturrupting the main point of the sentence before its conclusion.
Example: Jeff never finishes sentences in his email...he's a parenthesizer.

Parkay: This verb is an invitation to take a flying leap: to be specific, to spread Squeeze Parkay liberally on your forehead,
get a running start and jump directly up someone's posterior
--or into the lake, to use the old-fashioned saying.
Example: George, that's not an offer, that's an insult. Feel free to Parkay yourself and hit 280.

parking nazi: Parking meter enforcement officer.
Example: Damn parking nazi gave me a ticket this morning.

parkma: Parking karma--the ability to find a parking space in the busiest parking lot or city street.
Example: He's got parkma. Can you believe he found a parking spot right in front of the store during the Christmas holidays?

parlay: To chill and relax
Example: I'm going to parlay and listen to some screw tapes.

parmeslexia: The profound tendency to turn the lid the wrong way when attempting to
close a container of parmesan cheese.
Example: Even though I stare directly at the lid, my parmeslexia makes me turn it the wrong way.

parpy: For drink or food that makes your face pucker a little bit and surprises you in a delightful way, especially alcoholic drinks. Used to compliment a bartender.
Example: Johnny leaned back and exclaimed, Whoo, that's one parpy martini, Anton.

parson: Lincolnshire dialect for a sign post.
Example: Wheer are we now? Ah doan't know, lad, what does yon parson say?

Partial: Word used to describe a small accident to show they are a little crazy.
Example: Ex- Adam- Man, your baseball team can't even hit the ball! Matt- We're undefeated, are you partial?

Partridge: 1. Money.
2. Expensive.
Example: 1. Yo my man is pushin mad partridge lately. he must have a job or something.

2. Ten dollars for a movie is way too partridged out for me.

party head: A girl that you would get head from, if you could claim you were drunk.
Example: Bob: Steve, did you talk to the new girl? Steve: Yeah, she's party head.

parvenu: a person of obscure origin who has gained wealth or position . An upstart
Example: The man didn't seem at ease with the other guests and seemed intimidated by the opulent surroundings . I began to suspect that he may be a parvenu .

pas-de-jon: A switch in the type of beverage being consumed, usually alcoholic. I.e., the drinker changes from red to white wine or from tequila shots to Jager.
Example: We shouldn't have had that last pas-de-jon. Champagne, vodka, and scotch just don't sit well together.

pasapalabraphobia: The nagging, usually unreasonable fear that the network is going
to require you to change your password.
Example: My pasapalabraphobia always comes on the day before I go on vacation;
I'll have to change my password, but won't use it enough to remember it.

pash: Kiss passionately. Pash rash = chapped lips caused by incessant kissing. Possibly an Australian colloquialism.
Example: Once drunk, Brendan's inhibititions utterly escaped him,
and the last thing he remembered was pashing Amanda in the rain.

pashtastic: When you kiss someone and it's really good or when someone is
really good looking and sexually desirable.

Example: I cracked on to Britney Spears on the weekend. It was pashtastic.

pasquier: A multi-lingual and extremely intelligent secret service agent.
Example: Pasquiers could be watching you while secretly manipulating your environment for their purposes--anywhere, anytime.

pass me an oar: Used to indicate you are in the same boat with someone.
Example: Heather: I didn't get any sleep last night.
Kim: Pass me an oar.

pass the bone: knowledge transfer
Example: The boss is fixing to pass the bone

passenger's arm: A person (more likely male) who has a more tan right arm than left.
This is a sign that the person is often the passenger in a car.
May well indicate a have lack of independence and a bummer of freeloader rides.
Example: Girl 1: I think Alec is kind of cute...
Girl 2: Oh, no way! He's got passenger's arm!

Passerbu: Passerbu is an ammalgation of the English word Passerby and the Hokkien word Chiobu, which means good looking female.

Example: Did you catch a glimpse of that passerbu? Nice.

passimsy: Mixture of Passion and Whimsy. Something that excites and delights. Also a deep tickle.
Example: That movie is full of passimsy.

Passportism: The tendency for everyone's passport photo to look like that of a drug runner.
Example: I got pulled over again in customs for passportism.

passwerve: Tturning your head to look away while someone types her password
Example: Standing behind someone at a computer. Do I need to passwerve? No need. You've got root.

pasta-cooker: (Also spagetti-burner) An Italian-made, Ducati motorcycle.
Example: That red pasta-cooker of his is one of the most expensive motorcycles made.

pastafied: The state at which pasta is ready to eat. Not too hard not too soft.
Example: The pasta was very close to being pastafied, so Sue began to make the sauce.

pastapaunch: A food induced beer belly.
Example: Carlo's pastapaunch prevented him from squeezing behind the table to get to his seat.

paste: to be unnecessarily delicate with something. best said with additional s sounds. (originated at Seneca College in Toronto, in the graphic design class)
Example: Now paste it, carefully passssste it!

pasties: When your mouth and throat are really dry and the white stuff forms at the sides of your mouth,
usually happens in the morning or after breathing hard.
Example: I woke up today and had massive pasties!

pastry shop / pastry shopping: verb - when some (man) goes out specifically to pick up men or boys at less than classy places
Example: Rory turned his cell phone off - he's out pastry shopping and he doesn't want to be disturbed

PAT BOONE!: an answer to a trivia question, when you don't know the answer.
Example: question: who won the mvp in the 1972 super bowl? answer: PAT BOONE!

pat malone: Alone.

Example: I'm be at home pat malone tonight.

pathete: Someone who has raised pathetic to an artform.
Example: The French are a bunch of pathetes. (My original example was too restrictive.)

patheticism: The state of being pathetic.
Example: That plant has even fewer leaves than before and seems to have reached new heights of patheticism.

patheticity: Condition of being pathetic. Measure of how pathetic something is.
Example: She grinned wryly at the patheticity of his situation.

pathetidork: Pathetic dork. Someone whose only friends are online. She's played Dungeons and Dragons every day for at least seven years.
Can also be used as pathetisad. Made popular by the Drew Carey Show.
Example: Ryan hasn't left his house in two years. He's never kissed a girl. He's a pathetidork

pathetisad: Pathetic and sad put together, but more so.
Example: You are beyond pathetisad. You have been home all day and not got off that couch.

patooey: you say this word when something doesnt work put the way you wanted or when you recieve bad news
Example: Friend: I can't go snowboarding this weekend cuz I'm grounded.
Me: Patooey.

Patridiot: A person who rabidly patriotic to the point of idiocy. Any body whose sole reaction to 9/11/01 was buying and displaying an american flag on their SUV
Example: W's speech at ground zero really frothed-up all those patridiots.

Patriotically Correct: A variation of politically correct in which one displays sloganeering, nationalism,
blind obedience to authority, and suspicion of Arab-looking people or any criticism of foreign policy.
Example: Since September 11th, it's patriotically correct to shout down those who question the government.

pax: (Of TV journalist) To bully clumsily.
To hound an interviewee with vague, undirected agression, thus reducing the discussion to
a pantomime argument and eliciting unwarranted sympathy for even the most corrupt and
small-minded of politicians.
Example: Did you see the Foreign Secretary getting paxed last night?

pay-thet-eek: Very sad, while being totally rude.
Example: Bob is sooo sad, he's pay-thet-eek.

payam: Any action requiring physical exertion is impossible under almost all conditions.
Example: You're acting really payam when it comes to helping me with my computer.

payce: Alternate form of peace used in giving good tidings to a homey on departure. Alternate form: Payce ouuut brudda. In this form, the out is elongated for reasons that only an OG can understand. Peace out, yo, is also acceptable, but notice the lack of emphasis on the out. Yet again only an OG understands this.

PBS: Post Burrito Syndrome. Used to describe the onset of gastrointestinal discomfort immediately following
the consumption of a large burrito.
Usually used after a trip to the San Francisco Mission District.
Example: Oooooh, I've got PBS.

pc: Inferior method of computing. As opposed to the Apple Mac, iMac, etc.
Example: My damn PC crashed again! Wish I had bought a MAC!

PCB: Post-Confrontation Bravado
Example: The fellow mall-goer wasn't actin' too jiggy after I bumped into him. Instead, he cranked up his PCB meter to HI. I snickered as I walked away.

PD: To submit something to pseudodictionary.
Example: Geekgasm? That's a great word, I should PD it.

PDA: Public Display of Affection.
Example: Hey, no PDA's in the hall--get a room.

peace e-z: Basically the same as peace out.
It is shorter than typing peace easy.
Example: I'm leaving. Peace e-z.

peacekeeper: A governmental term that really means one who creates peace through war or killing.
Example: The peacekeepers in the Middle East have effectively shomeped terrorists in their tracks.

peaceoff: Used to wish someone would get away from you when you are finished with them.
Example: I have to go and shampoo my dog now. So peaceoff and I'll talk to you tomorrow.

peach: cute in a very special way
Example: that girl is a real peach

peach cobblers: Old people, generally used to describe a bunch of elderly people who are somewhere doing something that only old people would do.
Example: 1. We went to McDonalds to get some breakfast and it was filled with peach cobblers playing bingo.
2. Some of the beaches in Florida are filled with peach cobblers.

peaches: Used to describe a good situation.
Goes with everything
Example: How was your weekend?

peachy turtle: Used to replace hot, cute, the bomb--the best in all catogories, of a person.
Example: Hey, did you see him? *drool* What a Peachy Turtle!

peacocky: 1. Flashy. 2. Exhibiting excessive flair for the purposes of gaining praise and adulation.
Example: When around a pretty girl, he gets very peacocky, displaying all of his colorful feathers.

peakin': Massive or huge; monstrous.
Example: Look at the peakin' hips on that chick!

peanut-butter-jelly: 1. Makes no complete sense; is useless. 2. Using something to accomplish nothing.
Example: After getting free passes to Carowinds Theme Park,
Chum decided it was peanut-butter-jelly time.

pearler: Extraordinary or impressive in appearance or behaviour. Usually used as a compliment.
Example: Thats a pearler of a hat. You off to the races? OR That girl over there's got a pearler of a smile.

pearschloppen: 1. Pear crisp that isn't.
2. A baking victory defeated by a sudden and unexpected onset of moisturization.
3. The sound made by a soggy material falling on the floor.
Example: Her pear crisp looked more like pearschloppen.

pearshaped: when everything starts going wrong and there is no saving it

peas and cornbread: phr(pees.and.corn.breed)Pleading with someone after a long begging.
Example: Please...please...peas and cornbread?

PEBCAC: Acronym for, Problem Exist Between Chair And Computer.
Example: Computer Technicians find that 90 percent of all computer problems are some form of PEBCAC.

pebcak: Problem Exists Between Chair And Keyboard.
A computer user who is really too stupid to own one.
Used by techies to describe to other techies the true nature of the problem.
Example: The guy on line 3 thinks the problem is his screensaver, but I think it's just a PEBCAK.

PEBKAC: Problem Exists Between Keyboard and Chair.
Used by tech support when answering a stupid computer question.
Example: Your e-mail isn't working? Don't worry, we'll fix it--probably just a PEBKAC.

ped-x: Pedestrian crossing. Can be used as a noun or a verb.
Example: Hey, jaywalker, use the ped-x.

pedalphile: A lover of pedaled vehicles--such as bicycles. An avid bicyclist or bicycle collector.

pedentary: to live a lifestyle that requires walking.
Example: She lives a pedentary life.

pediddle: A car with one front headlight that has blown out or been smashed or does not work for some other reason.
Example: I got a ticket on my way over here because my car is a pediddle. The cops didn't believe me when I said I didn't know already.

Pedigraphy: The art of writing with your feet.
Example: I have used my pedigraphy skills in film and tv.
Pedigraphy is listed on my resume as a special skill.

pedigree: Certifiably good looking.
Example: Woof! That guy has pedigree written all over him.

Pedistrate: To walk. From the word pedestrian.
Example: Steve did not have a car or bike, so he decided to pedistrate to class intstead.

pedophobe: A person who fears children.
Example: The pedophobe shivered when he saw children playing outside.

Pedro Mendelbaum: Pedro Mendelbaum is a worldwide creative collective.
A group of filmmakers, pranksters, and lovers who have passions for chickens in cowboy hats.
The legend has it that Pedro Mendelbaum was an exiled Mexican Yeshiva student living in the
forests of Canada who received enlightenment from a glowing beaver.
Example: Oh, that insane thing I saw the other day that changed the creative landscape
and blew my mind? It had to be from those Pedro Mendelbaum guys.

peduncle: A car with a tail light that has blown out or been smashed or doesn't work for some other reason.
Example: There were four peduncles on the road between my house and yours. I guess nobody checks those things out.

peecey: A piece of bread
Example: I want a peecey, please.

peedeeque: Pretty Dumb Question. Sometimes Pretty Damn Quick.
Example: He asks more peedeeques than any man I ever heard.
You better make up your bed PDQ.

Peedy Gonzales: 1. People, especially women, who do not travel to the bathroom in a group but instead pee quickly, wash their hands, and return ruining everyone�s chance to talk behind their backs.
Example: I am the original Peddy Gonzales and amaze other women with my power to pee quickly and not check my makeup after. What the hell are they doing in the bathroom that requires a face check?

peekasso: A dog that is half Pekingnese and half Lhasa Apso. It is an abstract dog, very artistic. Specialty is cubism. Origin: Spain.

peelie-wallie: Scots slang, sick or drunk.
Example: I didn't come to school yesterday because I was feeling all peelie-wallie.

peep: Can be used in a variety of ways. 1. As a way to address someone.
2. As people in general.
Example: You peep, totally rock... OR Anyhow, the peeps were completely overreacting to the situation.

peepage: An unreservedly cool person, one who is not snobby or self-absorbed. Most likely a teenager.
Example: Chloe is a peepage. She's cool.

peeps: To share, as in little birds peeping to their parents to be fed.
Example: Do you want your own bowl or do you just want peeps?

peeve, peeved: An annoyance, to be annoyed.
Example: Shome peeving me, I'm trying to study.

peeweephobia: An intense fear of Pee Wee Herman.
Example: Peeweephobia kept me away from the television for years.

peezle: Like a computer newbie,
but can pertain to anyone who doesn't know how to do something most others know.
Example: She's a peezle she doesn't even know how to copy and paste.
OR I should have seen it, it's sooo obvious. Sheesh, what a peezle I am.
(Usually accompanied by slapping yourself in the forehead.)

pekpek: Exotic perfume.
Example: You're pekpek smells good.

pemsy: It's short for PMS-y.
The ladies out there know what I'm talking about; you feel crappy and you wanna crawl in a shell and die.
Example: Excuse my rude behavior; I'm feeling a little pemsy.

pencil beaver: A person who gnaws on a pencil for reasons such as boredom, anxiety, or intense thinking.
Example: Look at that pencil beaver. The pencil is gonna be gone in a couple minutes.

penguoid: Penguin-like. Penguine-like if a beguine is being danced.
Example: That guy in the tux is totally penguoid.

penistelum: The odd blade of grass left standing after mowing the lawn. {Clever enouogh to make it into the pd. Not to be attempted by amateurs.}
Example: The immaculate green lawn was spoiled by a solitary penistelum.

pennsyltucky: Any region of Pennsylvania that is not exceedingly close to one of the five key locations (Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Harrisburg, Allentown, and Scranton).
Example: Ed: Where's the campground you're staying at? Ted: Right in the middle of Pennsyltucky

pentameter: Similar to a centameter, but with five sides.
Example: The mayor's office decided that pentameters would be the standard unit of measure for all four-dimentional objects because
those hundred-sided centameters won't work.

pentropy: Tendency of nearly all ballpoint pens to vanish from your desk after 20 minutes when you are watching elsewhere. I was going to send you the damn check but...this damn pentropy...
Example: There's too much pentropy today at this office.
I was going to send you the damn check but...this damn pentropy....

pepperdinetemperment: Exclamation. Reflects an attitude of a meaningless sort of ennui, or a declaration to rid oneself of this ennui.
Example: A: This movie just got really good. B: I think it's cause we're stoned. A. Yeah, I think you're right. (pause) Together: Pepperdinetemperment! (Laughter)

pepperocrastination: The act of eating everything around the last piece of pepperoni on the
last piece of a pizza, then slowly savoring eating the remaining piece.
Example: This pizza requires, nay warrants, proper pepperocrastination.

peppier: That annoying waiter at a fancy restaurant whose sole
purpose seems to be walking around asking diners if they want ground pepper.

Example: There goes the peppier again. I wonder how much he gets paid for doing that.

peppler: Bits of food caught in your teeth.
Example: Do I have any pepplers? Said while showing your front teeth to the person addressed.

Pepsi: Fake Coca Cola
Example: A: I'll have a coke, please.
B: Sorry, we only have Pepsi.

perchaps: A variation of perhaps, a synonym for maybe.
Example: Perchaps Tina will rule the world.

Percinticulous: Being a real arrogant bastard about something petty, and doing it with a smile on your face, a swing in your step.
Example: I hate to be a percinticulous bastard, but you keep leaving the remote on the coffee table and not on the TV. Shome it, okay? Thanks.

percuburp: Percuburp is the sputtering sound the coffee pot makes when
it tries to send the last of the water through to brew.
Example: The coffee is ready, didn't you hear it percuburp?

percussive maintainence: The suprisingly successful technique of trying to fix something by hitting it.
Example: The TV wasn't working, but I did a bit of percussive maintainance on it and now it's fine.

Percussive Maintenance: The fine art of whacking the crap out of an electronic device to get it to work again

perdner: Combination of pretty near and damn near.

Example: I perdner lost control of my car.

perfeczide: To make perfect
Example: I perfeczide the car, so now it runs better than ever.

perfle: The tear-off strips of paper with holes in them on each side of the page used by pin-feed printers.
Example: Some of the perfle was in the waste basket by the printer,
some was hanging over the sides of the basket, but most was on the floor.

perflippity: Silly, effeminate behavour.
Example: The high school girls at the mall were annoying me with their perflippity.

perfory: The little strips of paper with holes, used to maintain alignment of paper in printers and billing machines.
Example: Tear off the perfory before you distribute the sheets.

perfucked: Perfectly fucked (up).
When a thing or situation has become as bad as possible, contrary to all expectations.
Murphy's law taken to an extreme.
Example: We've wrecked the car, it's raining, my wallet's gone, and Jane just went into labor.
This is totally perfucked.

perfumigate: to douse onesself with perfume or some other type of freshening spray in order to mask odors such as smoke, b.o., etc.
Example: I ate the sizzlin' platter of fajitas at Chili's and had to perfumigate before going back to the office.

perfused: 1. N. The state of being both perplexed and confused.
2. Adj. Expression of a confused state.
Example: JimBob looked perfused when it was explained to him that naked tractor riding was not a good idea.

pericoital dysnomia: n. During an intimate event, the act of addressing one's lover by a name other than her own.
Example: Julie wept as she handed him the divorce papers, which cited pericoital dysnomia as the grounds. It didn't help when he then hissed, You won't get one red cent from me, Stephanie.

perimenomancy: The art of predicting the future by waiting to see what happens.
Example: It's easy to criticise with the gift of perimenomancy.

periomma: Punctuation used to to separate sentences.
Example: That's not a semicolon, it's a periomma.

permafunk: An unpleasant, unmaskable, and tenaciously pernicious human odor, usually of bodily origin.
Example: He would have gladly offered to help with his roommate's laundry if it were not for the
permafunk which leapt from the hamper.

permagin: Someone who will stay a virgin forever, usually not by choice.
Example: I'll bet you that Brandon ends up being a permagin.

permagrin: 1. A state of being.
2. The appearance of a permanent state of grinning or smiling,
despite your circumstances or state of mind.
3 - often associated with intoxication.
Example: Mary must be extremely high> She has that permagrin going on.

Permahold: The act of being placed on hold for an indefinate amount of time (while listening to terriable hold music), wondering if you will ever be picked up.
Example: I called my insurance company today and I was left on permahold.

Permanti Style: Adding cole slaw and french fries to any kind of sandwich.

Originating from the Permanti Bros. restaurant in Pittsburgh, PA
Example: Just mind your own business. I'm making my sandwich Permanti Style today.

permatary: That quick-fix temporary repair job you did around the house 14 yrs. ago is still working? That's a permatary job.
Example: He was a jack-of-all-trades, but many of his repairs were done in permatary manner.

permavein: Someone who works out so much that she develops enlarged veins that show at all times.
Example: If you keep doing those pushups, you're going to become a permavein.

pernt: Pertinent information.
Example: We had to read through three paragraphs to get to the pernt.

perp walk: Marshals or sheriff's deputies escorting a prisoner--parading a prisoner in front of the media.
Example: The camera crews call it a perp walk.

The reason they love a good perp walk is because all they have to do is line up outside the courthouse, point and shoot while the Marshals hustle the guy, the perpetrator, out to that unmarked Crown Victoria they always have waiting down at the curb. If the cameramen are lucky, they get a shot of some jerk with cuffs on, a raincoat pulled up over his head, looking guilty as hell.

This is what the plaintiff's bar snarls and moans about when they say their clients are getting tried in the court of public opinion. My lawyer complained about it just like everybody else. Fact is though, when I did my perp walk down at the Richard B. Russell Federal Building in Atlanta, I was guilty. Fair's fair.

(Copyright 1995, Walter Sorrells, _Power of Attorney_)

Perry-factor: The degree to which a person, place or thing resembles Matthew Perry.
Example: Perry-factor HIGH... There is nobody more Matthew Perry than that guy!

persact: Both perfect and exact.
Example: You don't have to talk so persact!

persnackity: Nasty. Mostly used when describing teeth, skin, hair, or other areas of the body one is to keepneat and tidy.
Example: He was cute. Bbut did you see those persnackity teeth?

persona-non-cognita: A brainless or thoughtless individual.
Example: I see that guy every morning on the crowded, rush-hour train with his stuff spread all over the seat next to him; what a persona-non-cognita.

personalities: Any other word for breasts.
Example: I'm only after girls with nice personalities. Yeah, look at the personalities on her

personality-free: Someone who lacks charisma, character, a sense of humor, or one who is just plain dull or overly serious.
Example: The personality-free client responded to my joke with a blank stare.

personwidth: Adapted from the telecommunications term bandwidth meaning the amount of data a particular device or segment of a network can transfer or process at once. Personwidth is likewise the maximum amount of people needed to achieve a project, or describes why someone doesn't have sufficient time to complete a task.
Example: I don't think we have sufficient personwidth in this department to finish the project this year.

pertnear: Almost
Example: I pertnear made it to work on Monday.

perugal: To stare at someone for no particular reason
Example: Why are you perugalling at me?

perving: Acting in a nasty manner, being a pervert, annoying someone with your stupid remarks
Example: He was sooo perving, said Alex,He kept on making stupid innuendoes.

perzactify: To be perfectly exact.
Example: Her emotional state was perzactified by his thoughtless actions.

peshall: Undeniably, extraordinarily, extremely special. May be used only to refer to a person. Additional l's may be added to increase the said person's peshallness.
Example: I love you sooo much...you are sooo peshallllllll to me!

pessimal: Opposite of optimal, just as pessimist is the opposite of optimist.
Example: My father's choice of name for me was pessimal, said a man named Sue.

pessimum: The opposite of optimum; the worst example.
Example: I worked really hard, but it turned out to be the pessimum situation.

Pesticle: A guy who is being a girl for some action.
Example: That guy won't leave me alone. He is a real pesticle.

Pete Tong: UK rhyming slam for wrong, based on Radio 1 DJ, Pete Tong
Example: It's all gone a bit Pete Tong. Or, (shortened version), NSync at number 1? That's just a bit Pete, mate.

PeterGabrielizing: When recording artists take an abnormally long time to come out with a new release because they continually revise their material and have trouble finalizing their work. Such artists often announce release dates that get postponed several times in succession.
Example: Deceased director Stanley Kubrick shouldn't have spent so much time PeterGabrielizing with the production of AI - Artificial Intelligence. Now he's dead and Spielberg is getting all the credit.

petranoid: a portmanteau of the words paranoid and petrified describing the state of being too scared of what may happen to be able to move/do anything about it.
Example: If that girl in Scream weren't so petranoid, she might have lived to be in the sequel.

petranoid: Scared to be scared.
Example: The young man seemed to be petranoid.

Petro-strangulation: Choking from the fumes of the car in front of you when you have the misfortune to be following a vehicle that is billowing smoke.
Example: Teresa was suffering from petro-strangulation as she followed Jeremy's hopelessy out-of-tune 57 Chevy.

petroligarchy: Rule or government by a small group--leaders of the oil and petroleum industry. A collision of petroleum, or petrol, and oligarchy. (Variation: petroiligarchy.)
Example: Petroligarchy is a prevalent, but unrecognized form of government.

Petsgiving: The day after Thanksgiving.
Example: Thanksgiving is on Thursday, but many take off both Thursday and Friday. So what's the 2nd holiday? Why it's the day we give our little buddies Thanksgiving left-overs. It's Petsgiving Day.

petuny: Small girl. Word was born from an attempt at trying to say the words petite and puny at the same time
Example: Look at that girl, she is nice but a little thin. You could say she is petuney

peurile: puerile \PYOO-uhr-uhl; PYOOR-uhl\, adjective: Displaying or suggesting a lack of maturity; juvenile; childish.
Example: And, in one of the most puerile episodes of his adult career, he punishes his old schoolmates for being rich and vulgar by breaking into their houses to soak the labels off their boasted wine collections.--Thomas R. Edwards, Mordecai Richler Then and Now, (1) New York Times, June 22, 1980
Political argument is becoming a puerile cartoon about the moral...doing battle with the immoral. --George F. Will, The Costs of Moral Exhibitionism, (2) Washington Post, April 15, 2001. (3) Thank God Dana F has submitted a new word--attorniquette. So many of the other recent submittals have just been peurile.

pever: A condition resulting from high hormone levels, usually characterized by a feverish craziness and the illogical disregard for personal safety, leading to constant yearning for sex.
Example: Her pever lasted over 50 men. OR He got the pever and really did some stupid things.

pevroid: A dim-witted pesty person.
Example: Chris is a pevroid.

pew: Pew- If the Situation around you stinks, it is Pew.
Example: Mom/Dad: No, you Can't go to your friend's house. You: Oh, this is pew.

pez: Greeting such as: Hello, hi, etc.
Example: Paul said pez to his new friend Joe.

pezacrapp: An object that is useless or pointless.
Example: That new water-resistant sponge is a pezacrapp.

pfffff: Used to show disbelief, disdain, disregard, or mild disgust. Especially used in response to something deemed utterly ridiculous.
Example: A: Let's go see a movie tonight. B: Can't. Got no money. C: Pffff.

pffft: A guttural exclamation. Suggestive of disbelief or discounting what someone has said.
Example: She thinks her designs are cutting edge? Pffft. They look like recycled 80's advertisements to me.

pfft: A word used when you know someone is lying.
Example: So went out with him? PFFT.

pfizer: Uncool, pre-juvenile, wankish--a person embodying the foregoing.
Example: The birthday party was really pfizer. After all, it was in honor of a pfizer.

PFM: Pure Freaking Magic. Used by the computer elite when something is too cutting edge
to be understood even in their own circles. (Coined by the boys at maximum3d.com.)
Example: We understood the FSAA, but 8-layer single pass multi-texturing? That's just PFM.

PFO: Pissed, Fell Over. British hospital slang to explain injuries to a patient admitted while drunk,
Example: The PFOs start rolling in just before midnight.

phalam: A nincompoop, mundu.
Example: As soon as Chris opens his mouth you know he's a phalam.

phalangophile: Someone obsessed with flying people the bird.
Example: Jim was grooving on blue highway ambience when he was
accosted by a vehement phalangophile, who seemed disgusted by some imagined slight.

phallacy: A concept or situation which is wrong due to outdated patriarchy or male chauvinism.
Example: It is not true that women are bad drivers. That's a phallacy.

Phantom-of-the-water-cooler: A terminated employee who insists on sneaking back into a workplace and visiting with ex-employees.
Example: My boss had a strict policy on preventing Phantoms-of-the water-coolers at my worksite.

pharkarcarharssen: The feeling one gets when leaving a pub, intoxicated, during the day,
and stepping out into the bright summer sun.
Example: I'd spent all afternoon in the pub and stepped out into the bright July sun and t
his overwhelming wave of pharkarcarharssen swept over me.

pharlism: Tendency to grunt, squeek, or squeal at random and in a horrible fashion.
Example: Pigs tend to suffer from pharlism.

pharmaceuticab: 1: Taxi in which you get drunk in the back seat.
2: The cab you get into because you are too drunk to drive.
Example: You better have the bartender call you a pharmaceuticab.

pharmaceutitab: What's on the monthly statement from your pharmacist--or your drug dealer.
Example: When I pick up your prescriptions at the pool hall, I need to give Daniel some money. My pharmaceutitab's getting a little too high.

pharmarrhea: The dense, pseudo-medico-legal boilerplate that appears at the end of commercials or advertisements for prescription drugs, advising consumers of the risks. Always ends with the phrase Use only as directed.
Example: That might be just what I need for my low self-esteem, said John. I don't know, Julia fretted,
did you read any of the pharmarrhea? She pointed to one particular sentence of the tiny type: 44% of test subjects experienced spontaneous hair failure, compared with 7% who received a placebo.

phasisticated: The opposite of Sophisticated, to be used when a person is being idiotic.
Example: Oh, my God. Suzie is being so phasisticated. What an idiot.

phat: Great, awesome, the best, super-duper.
Example: I just purchased a phat new gigahertz laphome with built-in spa and tiki bar.

phat paper: Cash, moula, coin, currency of the rat race.
Example: Hey, nice site. Sorry I can't give you any phat paper.

Phatty Bom Batty: Quite possibly the coolest thing you've ever seen.
Example: Where did you get those phatty bom batty shoes?

phattybatter: Cool, phat.
Example: A. Did you see the movie? B. Yeah, it was phattybatter.

phb: Dilbert, short for pointy-haired boss. An idiot manager.
Example: My phb asked me if I could work overtime for the next two months. I died inside.

phenagle: To fool around or tinker with something. This is usually in an effort to try to fix something that is working but not working the way you WANT it to. In other words, NOT leaving well enough alone. As imagined, phenagling with something often results in breaking it.
Example: Hmmm...I think my TV reception could be better. Let me phenagle with the antenna a little...

phenomic: Of a word, the quality of being pleasant to say, or of being memorable in some way--especially a word which has been invented for this purpose.
Example: Sean: Schkurdle is rather phenomic, isn't it? ED. Not particularly.

philanthrobust: When throwing money and aid to a person, project, or country sadly fails.
Example: The elementary school lunch subsidies were a philanthrobust.

Philish: Used to describe something that bothers you to no end and makes you wish you had a gun to shoot them.
Example: That guy we saw yesterday--Lyphen?--what a philish turd!
I wish he just dropped dead on the spot! Not only was he rude, but he also smelled awful!

phillatio: Licking a stamp.
Example: Did you hear about Phil--the guy who performed phillatio on a stamp?

phillumeny: Collecting matcboxes.
Example: Phillumeny is a hot hobby.

philobeer: A lover of beer.
Example: The philobeer went mad becasue the bar had no beer.

philosification: the act of philosophy
Example: during his test, Bort used his philosification skills.

philosophize: the act of philosophy
Example: she asked him to philosophize whether the chair actually exists.

phipenky: (adj.) - fishy, messed up, weird.
Example: You have the same answers as Lauryn on your quiz... something is phipenky here.

phlalamascalang: Inappropriate music played before a rock gig by the venue;
inappropriateness varies proportionately to the lateness of the band.
Example: They Might Be Giants were late on stage in Houston,
and the endless samba music was driving the crowd up the wall.
Why not play some TMBG records, instead of this awful phlalamascalang?

phlarge: A generous act or person.
Example: Helping her with her homework was very phlarge of you!

phlargenbargen: Substitute for swear words.
Example: When you stub your toe:
Oh, phlargenbargen! My toe!
(really you can put this word anywhere you can put a swear word.)

phleeb: one lacking in moral character.
Example: I am nothing but a phleeb, and I don't care who knows it!

phleebe: To weasel your way to evade hard work. To use devious and cunning behaviour to acheive a goal.
Example: Scott used his cheat sheets to phleebe his way through an exam.

Phlophinay: A phlophinay has been commited when someone almost says or does a very stupid or ridiculous thing but catches herself before actually doing it--thus saving herself a bit of embarassment--only to immediately tell everyone about the stupid thing
she almost said or did.
Example: Cleo broke up with Tony because he almost called her by his ex-girlfriend's name and was foolish enough to then tell her about his near Freudian-slip. What a phlophinay on his part.

phobiphobia: The fear of having a fear. Phobophobia is fear of fear.
Example: Johnny has phobiphobia.

Phoned: describes someone who is slightly drunk and slightly stoned at the same time.
Example: I'm phoned.

phonesia: When you call someone and suddenly forget who exactly you were calling.
Example: Who's this? I'm sorry, I've just had a bit of phonesia.

phonetically rejected: Having someone see your name on the caller i.d. when the phone rings and choose to ignore your call.
Example: I tried to call my ex-girlfriend last night, but she has caller i.d., so I was phonetically rejected.

Phong: A strange mixture between jello and mayonaisse.
Example: Mike's mom made us phong sandwiches today.

Phonytail: The bit of hair grown longer by a balding man, so he can comb it over his bald patch.
Example: Grandpa, that sure is a long phonytail that you're growing there.

phooey boo: To show disappointment.
Example: Phooey boo on you, duck. You stole my piece of bread.

Phoolsy: When two fools run into each other and they fall down.
Example: Those two fools just phoolsied and it must have hurt a lot.

phoom: 1. Used to verbally express a rapid movement.
2. Used as a virtually meaningless intensive.3. Used in place of an expletive
Example: 1. Did you see that guy run by? He was, like...phoom!
2. Let's take it to the next level. Phoom!

3. Phoom you, Mom. I'm not cleaning my phooming room.

phoon: One who stands on one foot in a running-like pose for photos.
(v) To assume the phoon pose.
Example: She and her bridesmaids phooned for a great photo.

photios: Photios was the Greek god of leaving the lens-cap on.
Example: Why are all my holiday photios black?

photographical: Reference to photography.
Example: She is a great photographical artist.

photoshopically: In a manner requiring an image manipulation program, usually Adobe Photoshop.
Example: Doesn't matter about the red eye, we'll remove it photoshopically later.

photoshoplifting: swiping images from the web and appropriating them in your own work
Example: I photoshoplifted a fine piece of pixel-a woman in a blue-black hat.

photoshopped: an image that has been touched up or modified using an image editing program, esp. Adobe Photoshop
Example: Her 8x10 glossy looked much better after we photoshopped it.

Photoshopping: Taking an innocent picture and combining it with others to make people laugh
and perhaps think you are cool--as much as a tech can be anyway.
Example: Cheap shot. Photoshopping your dad's head onto a jackass is always going to make your mother laugh.

Photoslop: Lame or awful Photoshop work.
Example: He used Photoslop to make the logo.

Phozzle: The ball of fluff that builds up on phonograph needles.
Example: My records sounded muffled because of the phozzle that gathered under the stylus.

PHPHead: One who lives for the web scripting language PHP.
Example: Bob runs 18 websites about PHP. What a PHPHead!

phreak: One who is enthusiastic about telephones.
Someone who wants to learn about a telephone network.
Example: The telecom magazine featured a story written by a phreak.

phresh: Tight, new, neato.
Example: That new CD was mad phresh.

pht: 1. Used to express disgust or contempt for a comment--in a playful way.
2. Used as a substitute for any kind of good comeback.
Example: A. I completely understand quantum physics. B. Pht.

(b) Ex. virgio, you're very weird, man.

Phuff: To blow on hot food to cool it down before you eat it.
Example: I know the potatos are hot. Let Mommy phuff them for you.

phung: A threat blurted out for lack of a better word. Usually used by slow-thinking jocks, but also belligerently used at ballett practice.
Example: I'm going to phung you like you've never been phunged before.

phycodelic: Very cool, wonderful, or amazing; anything that is good by a great means.
Example: Betty, your presentation in science was simoly phycodelic.

PHYRE: stands for Port Hope Young Robotic Engineers, used often to describe the home team at the CanadaFirst Robotic Games
Example: PHYRE Rulz, Ticats suck!

physicality: Physical interactions with a significant other--kissing, cuddling, etc.
Example: Being single I miss the physicalities, but I don't want to be physical with just anybody.

PIAM: Pleasure Is All Mine.
Example: Bert: TYVM (Thank you very much.)
Ernie: PIAM (Pleasure is all mine.)

piccolute: A member of a musical group who does double duty on the piccolo and the flute.
Example: When the band's piccolo player quit, the first chair flute had to pick up the slack by becoming a piccolute.

Pickin' a fruit from the rando: Used when someone says something in conversation that has
nothing to do with what you are talking about.
Example: Where did that come from? You are totally pickin' a fruit from the random tree.

pickle-fingered: To make several typo's in a row.
Example: Thisd here thingsx a mess. Oops, sorry about that. I pickle-fingered.

pickleicious: Also spelled pick-a-licious. A nonce word meaning delicious. Used extensively by two-year-olds to describe how pickles taste.
Example: How does that pickle taste? It's pickleicious.

picklenose: Someone, usually a child, with poor nasal hygiene. From the novel _Blinsby_ by Adam Leslie and Peter Tunstall.
Example: Aren't you going out to play with Jamie? No, he's a picklenose.

Pickonable: One who is easy to pick on.
Example: Steve doesn't mind when I tease him. He's so pickonable.

pickuponable: Used to describe someone whose personality or lack thereof
invites practical jokes and other similar harassment.
Example: When Joey's got a hangover, he's too pickuponable to ignore.

pididdle: To creatively expend time and energy doing what appears to have no real-world
value to anyone (including yourself), and to have a helluva good time doing it.
Example: Are you doing anything right now?
Yes, I am. I'm pididdling my way through the real reasons dragons can fly despite being so large and heavy.

piece: Used instead of place to mean exactly the same thing.
Example: There were lots of people up in that piece.

piecer: Piece of junk.
Example: Look at my piecer in the driveway. It's rusted out.

pienthis: Pencil.
Example: You got a pienthis?

pier: Goodbye, seeya, etc.
Example: Mike quickly said pier to his friends as he drove away.

piff: To chuck something, to throw something.
Example: Piff a chicken through a taxi window for a real thrill.

piff: A substitute for any verb. Used in Australia in the 1980s (may still be).
Example: I piffed off early from work, piffed home, piffed on a dress, and piffed down to the pub.

piffle: A word, possibly derived from the North of England, (er, that's where I'm from, anyway *g*), that means nonsense or rubbish.
Example: mojobob: I'm a really groovy and fabulous person.

mini-mojobob: Piffle!

pig farmer: Comedy insult.
Example: You pig farmer.

pig latino: It is when you speak any Latin language with the pig latin phrasing.
Example: To mess around with the substitute teacher we all talked in pig latino the whole day.

pig-e-doodle: Noun. A guinea pig. Can be pronounced pig-e-doodle, or piggy-doodle. Synonyms: pid, dinea pid.
Example: Aww. Cute little pig-e-doodles.

piger: That mixed feeling of anger, annoyance, and jealousy when your sibling
opens a present that you really really want.
Example: I felt piger rising from my blood as my brother opened his new CD player.

pigfat: Equivalent to mild expletives like blast it, darn it, etc.
Example: Oh, pigfat! I'm in trouble.

piggle (with): Fiddle with. Colloquial British term.
Example: I know you've got a hole in your jumper, but please shome piggling with it.

piggutanucus: when you eat way too much...
Example: your such a piggytanucus...

Pikachu: Any very very annoying, redundant, or persistently aggravating person.
Example: God Pikachu, will you shut the hell up?!

pike: verb - New Zealand slang - to not turn up ( to a party, or whatever)
Example: Was Fred at the pub? No, he piked.

piker: A stock-brocker who does not meet his monthly quota or does bare minmum to get by.
An individual who has no monetary worth or cuts corners trying to save money.
Example: Matt. who cleans pools part time to make ends meet, is known as a piker to his more affluent peers.

pildew: The mysterious circle of moisture found on your pillow in the morning.
Example: I woke up in one massive puddle of pildew this morning.

pile out: To sit around and do nothing
Example: Yeah, there's nothing to do so we're all just piling out at Phil's house.

pill: Basketball.
Example: I'm open, pass me the pill.

pillock: Mild insult - an idiot in the nicest possible way
Example: When a friend says or does something stuid, you pillock is a gentle rebuke.

pilot: General derogatory term to describe another person.
Example: So now Chris is a friggin' pilot?

pilser: Teenage guy who attends punk, hardcore, etc. Thinks he is a badass in his father's car.
Usually is accompanied by girls.
Example: This show is overrun with pilsers.

Pim: Any male of questionable character: a man who is sketchy, shady, or slimy.
Derived from the french pronunciation of the word pimp.
Example: Chris is a prepostrous pim. Have you seen the way he ogles women on the subway?

pimp: when complimenting a person on their mastery of the subject matter. to freely explain and dish out the skills

Pimp: Slang for a headhunter, recruiter or account executive.
Example: These guys will have to talk to my pimp if they want to extend my contract

Pimp: A Cigarette Filled with Tobacco or anything else you can smoke.
Example: Yo, can I bum a Pimp from you, I'm Out.

pimp: Plug, promote.
Example: I'm just pimpin' my new CD.

pimp ninja: A very cool person who is not just pimptified, but also has the stealthy moves of a ninja.
Example: Nano and Jsteel are pimp ninjas. I hope they don't get kung fu on me because I am such a loser.

pimp-slap: Demeaning form of punishment. Administered by a warrior to a punk or would-be bully not worthy of an actual punch.
Example: Those guys where bothering us...until Bruce pimp-slapped the biggest one.

pimpasaurus: A person who works his mac like no other.
He gets all the hot females and leaves none for his friends.
Sometimes is disliked by other guys.
Example: Alex is the biggest pimpasaurus ever. He's got Serena, Jessica, Libby, and everyone else at school.

pimpistic engineering: A field of study at the Californian Universities by the beach.
The core course involves the studying of celestial bodies roaming on the beaches.
Example: Frank, who was very fond of women, majored in pimpistic engineering at the beach.

pimple on the ass of humanity: Insult used when nothing else can describe just how much of an ass someone is.
Example: Dammit, Todd, you're a pimple on the ass of humanity.... And you smell bad on home of that. Not to mention your stupid haircut.
And that you're fat. Or that your clothes look awful--well, they're actually a bit better since you got married again.

pimplets: Pre-acne bumps usually found on chin and forehead signalling the beginning of adolescence.
Example: Harvey won't come to the mall because he's afraid people will laugh at the pimplets all over his forehead.

pimpshway: An action, object or place that is really cool.
Example: Pimpshway car!

pimptastic: Excellent. Good enough for the best of the best pimps.
Example: That cashew was pimptastic.

pineapple, canary: Both are Australian for a fifty dollar note.
Example: You got a pineapple I could borrow?

Piney: A member of the white laboring class living in southern New Jersey USA -- often used disparagingly. Derived from the Pine Barrens of southern New Jersey. See redneck for southern United States equivalent.
Example: Did you see Joe's rusted out pickup truck? What a Piney!

piney: Thorny, sharp, prickly.
Example: Ouch, that hurts. The leaves on that bush are piney.

ping: To contact someone, usually briefly, regardless of medium.
Medium-specific alternatives such as call, email, IM, find, and call your cell are often too specific
when all you mean to say is I'll get in touch with you somehow.
Example: I'm not sure what I'm up to tonight, but I'll ping you before I go out.

Ping: Used randomly throughout a conversation to annoy people.
Example: So, I was walking in the park one day wh--
Excuse me?
You said something.
Ping! Huh?

ping test: A method or finding the gay man in the room. AKA: a gaydar sweep. [Many don't know it, but Gaydar is a
surname for several persons in the US.]
Example: Boobies jiggle is a good ping test, but I think clang, clang, clang went the trolley is more accurate.

pink squirrel: Very feminine gay man; named for the ulta sweet frou frou drink.
Example: In his low cut pants and belly shirt, Chris was a pink squirrel on the prowl.

pinked: V.) To push two objects together
Example: I pinked the sofa and the wall so that the gap was closed.

pinkerton: adj. The best something can be. After Pinkerton the weezer cd (argueably one of the best cd's ever)
Example: Shaq is in the pinkerton of his career.

pinktuation: Over-flowery adornment of handwriting--especially swirls, loops and smiley faces.
Example: I bet that Lawrence Llewelyn Bowen uses excessive pinktuation on his autographs.

pinny: Having pinworms.
Example: John's pinny, so stay away from him.

pino collido: it is the true form of evil, bottled and sold to customers at dairy queen.
Example: when my pouch of pino mix was accidently opened bad things started happening around my house. there are only 2 pouches left i have one of them. i will keep it from the hands of the foolish.

Pinocchiist: Someone especially unsettled by the well-documented unreality of the modern era, and
who therefore wants to be (a) real (boy).
Example: Call me a Pinocchiist, but if I spend another minute at this mall I might have an ontological crisis.

pious: (adj) Full of holes. Holy, pious.
Example: His socks are more pious than the pope's.

PIP: a PIP stands for a Pool in pool. an inflatable pool which you put inside your own pool, and you and your friends can just chill in the pip with all of your clothes on. it acts as a boat, but is much more comfortable.
Example: lets go pipping. as in, lets do the deed of sitting in a PIP.

pipin' cold: The reverse of pipin' hot, or very cold.
Example: It is so hot I could use a pipin' cold soda about now.

Pipots: One who acts in such a way that distinguishes himself
from the rest of the crowd. In other words one can
act dumb, stupid, funny, or just be unique enough that
he separates himself from the crowd.
Example: Chris was acting the big pipots last night.

Pirish: When someone tries to mimic an Irish accent, but it continually drifts between Irish and Pirate. Such as I'd like a pint, please, YAR!
Example: Your fake accent sounds a little Pirish to me.

Piscola: Alcohol drink made out of grapes and mixed with soda. The alcohol degree varies from 33 to 50 in most cases.
Example: Hey, bartender, one piscola please--and make it strong.

pish: To be drunk, to pour
Example: I was so pished, I never got home. The rain pished down on me.

piss: Australian slang for beer.
Example: A packet of smokes and six cold cans of piss.

pissed as a rat: So drunk you can't even function or even speak,
but amazingly say the words, I'm pissed as a rat.
Example: I'm pissed as a rat.

pisstivity: a state of mind, being cranky or upset
Example: Her husband coming home late had her in a real state of pisstivity.

pit shome: Quick trip to the bathroom.
Example: Hold up a second, ladies, DJ's gotta make a pit shome.

PITA: pain in the ass
Example: he's such a PITA.

Pitard: Derived from Austin, TX attorney David Pitard. Someone who behaves in an overly stupid manner
Example: Did you hear what Danny just said? What a pitard!

Pitbullate: From pit bull. Biting somebody with fury. Pitbullated: Ate up by a pit bull.
Example: Capitulate or I'll pitbullate you.

pittsborough: The zone of offense body odour around an individual.
Example: Whoa, I have now entered Pittsborough

Pittsburghese: A way of speaking that includes an accent and a whole vocabulary of slang words.
Mainly limited to western Pennsylvania.
It is considered a blue-collar way of speaking, and not something you would want to use in a job interview.

Example: you might want to shome using that Pittsburghese if you want to get a good job and move out of here

pity party: A gathering of two or more people in which those present share their miseries and feel sorry for each other.
Example: I just got a ding in my car, you broke your nail, and Mike just got an A- (instead of his usual A) on his exam. I guess we should just all get together and have a pity party.

pity whore: A person who always tries to get others to feel sorry for her.
Example: Steve is a total pity whore.
Always complaining to everyone how he has no car, no money, and no girlfriend.

Pitz an' a Pout: Meaning going out to eat after a night out.
pronounced (Pizza and a Poutine).
Example: Hey guido, what do you say we go out for a pitz an' a pout tonight.

piv: A name you call someone who's being annoying, stupid, funny, or weird.
Example: If someone repeatedly asks you, What are you wearing to the concert tonight? and you keep answering,
I don't know. But they still ramble on, then you can say, Get away from me, ya piv! And then walk away.

pixel-pushing: pixel-pushing is a term for a design that is very miniscule in detail. it typically involves manipulating images one pixel at a time.
Example: I'm just a low-down pixelpusher. (or) That site is pixel-pushing some tight designs.

pixeled: The state one is in after spending too much time in front of the computer.
Most common among gamers and programmers.
Example: Jack was so pixeled last night it was pathetic.

Pixelixian: So daft, so strange, that it or they would be worthy of appearing on Pixelix.
Example: Chris is pixelixian. He gets he protein by eating gerbils for breakfast, lunch, and dinner.

pixelmonkey: Someone who does menial graphics work, such as creating buttons for web pages.
Example: Look at Joe, doing another cut-out in photoshop. Pixelmonkey.

pixelortion: The distortion experienced by people with cheap webcams (or servers) when they move too fast.
Example: Jon (to Jane, over a cam): What did you just do? There was some massive pixelortion!
Jane: Stupid server.

Pixelsurgeon: One who operates on stray (often emotionally insecure and invariably wounded) little pixels.
Expertly and swiftly working with a deft and steady hand (unless it's late or there's a deadline involved)
to produce highly professional and exemplary digital design work.
And posting trendy links to ostensibly cutting edge web sites...and stuff.
Example: Man, is that Arber, Rich, and Rina from Pixelsurgeon? They're cutting edge, man! Cutting edge!

pizza: Code-word for beer. Use your imagination to associate the different kinds of beer with the different
kinds of pizza. Pepperoni = Busch, cheese = Pabst Blue Ribbon....
Example: Let's go drink some pizza.

Pizza Kid: a word that was coined to describe the 20 somethings that helped give birth to the internet fueled for the most part by pizza and Jolt cola
Example: Man do you believe that. That pizza kid has earned 5 millon dollars this year with his start up

pizza-envy: The covetousness you feel when the gluttonous person you bought a pizza with keeps selecting bigger pieces than you.
Example: Hey! Shome taking the bigger pieces of pizza! You're giving me a massive case of pizza envy.

pizzapyrodermis: (n) The condition that invariably results from burning your mouth whenever eating fresh pizza too rapidly. Also refers specifically to the small section of gum located between the home front two teeth that is particularly susceptable to this condition.
Example: The cold drink did nothing to reduce the pain in her pizzapyrodermis that resulted from devouring the pie in record time. Her doctor had concurred, she was sullering from acute pizzapyrodermis.

Pizzer: Pete-zer. A cheese pizza.
Example: Do you feel like pepperoni--or just a pizzer?

pizzout: Peace out--goodbye.
Example: Pizzout Mike!

PK: abbreviation for Preacher's Kid
Example: I used to date her... she was a PK!

pkirt: A skirt made from a pair of pants.
Example: These jeans didn't fit me anymore, so I made a pkirt out of them.

plabophile: Someone who loves plabo--plabo being a word waiting for a meaning.
Example: I love plabophiles.

placebian: A person who offers meaningless advice to people with an honest tone of voice,
so those victims go forth and take the advice...derived from placebo
Example: Charlie says to Latisha, in her time of woe after she's been dumped by her beloved, The time is right for plucking every hair from your body and replacing it with gravel or at least Ham gift tags. Charlie's advice shows his Placebian ways.

plageudorize: To copy or claim as one's own a pseudo word, similar to plagiarize. Plageudorism, the act of plageudorizing.
Example: Billy Beaver's wanton plageudorism did not go unnoticed by the the word's creator, E. Glenn.

plagiarhythm: When a band takes a good riff from another song and just uses it as if no one is going to notice.
Example: Every grunge band since Nirvana has engaged in flagrant and constant plagiarhythm.

plagueware: Software designed to allow millions of useless spam e-mails to be easily sent
in order to plague and aggravate millions of peaceful Internet users.
Example: They advertised 50 million e-mail addresses for $100 which includes the latest plagueware to easily deliver tons of spam to those addresses.

plahogany: Imitation wood car interiors made of plastic.
Example: Claudia loved the plastic wood, or plahogany, in the interior of her 2003 Corolla.

plaidiator: Plaid + gladiator. One who fights for the honor of his tartan.
Example: Dinna offend his clan; he's a fierce plaidiator.

plamf: A guy who puts another person's underwear on his head and inhales.
Example: He is a plamf!

plan B: an alternate plan of action, when your original plan starts to crash and burn
Example: Okay, let's get plan B into motion...

plank: 1. Large peice of knotty wood, not good for much. 2. Person with the same attributes.
Example: Chris is a plank. He's also dumber than a post.

plant: In the world of online dating, this is when someone, as a joke, puts in a picture of a gorgeous
woman or man to throw off the would-be seekers.
The goal is to collect as many emails as possible to promote something.
Example: That girl must be a plant.

plaspimko: word invented in the early 80's during the SF revival through cinema and literature. 'PLASPIMKO' was re-used by a firm which build plastic toy ufo's, very similar to large plastic Pim's biscuits. Later, in the 90's, a Jap. actress named Miki Plaspimko went famous in a Science Porn Fiction film called 'UNW' ('Unidentified Naked Women'). Nowadays, the word is randomly used to describe either 'another' SF blockbuster, or what we also call a 'bimbo'.

Plastic Much: refers to a person who puts on a facade while talking to you and turns their back and hates you.
Example: Johnnie says to Tina Yeah it was great seeing you again.
You To Johnnie, Tina says with little emotion. Johnnie to Emily, PLastic Much?

Platformization: The mystical creation of a business platform out of nothing more than thin air.
Example: The Finnish art of platformization originated in the early 20th century.

platitudypus: Someone who proffers numerous platitudes.
Example: Don't you hate it when that platitudypus spews those banalities.

platties: Very big shoes.
Example: See that girl in the line up for that very lame club...the one with the platties on? That's my mum..

play misty: To get upset and cry.
Example: Zack tried to break up with Chandra and she started to play misty on him.

Play-on: A person who acts like she is really into something, when in realitly, you know for a fact she's just acting--sometimes for attention or over jealousy.
Example: 1. Jen is flirting with Bobby--that is such a play-on.
Yesterday she told me how much she hated him.
2. Cathy is acting like she wants to hang out with us tonight--it's a play-on.

played: Exhausted. Short form of played out.
Example: I was played after that concert last night.

playing with knives: used to allude to the fact that the act you are about to do may be about as wise as 'playing with knives'
Example: - i wonder if i could make my car do flips in the air.. - i think you'd be better off playing with knives

pld: Good job.
Example: pld you = good job you, well done.

please lorrr!: A recently used slang when someone tries to rebute/retort another person being too arrogant, proud or just being lame.(very short form for Don't be Daft! for our local singlish).

please-e-asaur: A bratty little brother who never shomes asking for things.
Example: My little brother Jerad won't quit being a please-e-asuar.

pleather: This is ususally referred to the fake leather clothing that people wear and try to tell you that it as real leather...it's plastic 'leather'
Example: That jacket look like pleather.

pleauky: Extremely bad-tasting; not good, yucky. Word invented by little brother when we were children.
Example: That medicine tastes pleauky.

plebbi: A lowlife. Never a hip and popular guy or gal. Similar to a plebe at a military academy.
Example: If you want to get in good with me, try doing my washing and ironing, plebbi.

Plech: An exclamation of distaste.
Example: Oh, plech! I just spilled my cream soda all over my new pants.

pleh: Declaration of dismissal towards anyone who is whining about or wanting help for something within her control. For derivation, see SNL news story concerning Uncle Backwards being mugged.
Example: Your boss gave you too much to do and you're stressed out? Oh, pleh. Go whine to someone else.

plenigamy: Marriage of an individual to both a man and a woman.
Example: Plenigamy is the best of both worlds--you're married to a man and a woman.

Plenktrum: Largest member of the plankton family, plenktrum were orginally dried out and sold to guitar players.
Example: As he built to a crescendo his plenktrum flew across the strings.

plenonym: A person's full name, including middle name(s). Used by the addressed's mother to indicate the child is in severe trouble. Plenonymous, plenonymously.
Example: Darwin Herbert von Ribbentrop Smythe! Eva shouted, driven in her exasperation to use his plenonym. Get your ass in this house RIGHT NOW!

plentsch: A sufficient or more than sufficient amount.
Example: No worries, my friend; you've got plentsch cool to catch that lady's eye.

pleonastician: Someone who uses more words than needed to communicate an idea.
Example: Joe: You are such a stupid dumb-dumb-head. Nostradramus: Quiet, insolent pleonastician.

plepple: A type of brainteaser that requires thinking beyond the problem,
often involving a trick question or a misleading story.
Example: A riddle like How many animals did Moses take on the ark? is a plepple.

plevil: Evil, by way of pleather pants. A TV villain in leather pants is full-fledged evil,
but one in pleather implies faux evil or plevilness. Usually black pleather.
Example: On Buffy the Vampire Slayer, season 2, Angel was evil and wore black leather pants. In season 3, Faith was ambiguous. She wore black pleather as a sign of her plevilness.

Plexi: A person that immitates what another person does, coming from plexi glass, wannabe glass that's really plastic
Example: He is a plexi and is set out to be like you.

pliggy: Resembling a polygamist's wife in dress or grooming.
Usually means very long hair, no makeup, and severely modest clothing. (Utah slang)
Example: You really need to get a haircut. You're starting to look a little pliggy.

plinking: To fire a 22-caliber weapon at metal cans. Popular form of male recreation in the American South.

Example: Many good marksmen learned their shooting skills by plinking as kids.

Ploaf: Used for a culinary disaster. Can also be ploaved, ploafing, ploafer.
Example: Gee Billy, you sure did ploaf those french fries. They are really burnt.

plod: term for police (in/on a vehicle, originally british
Example: bollocks! The plod just flashed his cherries!

plogged: Plugged or clogged.
Example: That darn sink is plogged again.

ploister: to wander, meander, bum around
Example: we didn't have to be there till 6, so we ploistered around town for an hour.

PLOKTA: Acronym for 'Press Lots Of Keys To Abort'. Used heavily in the early days of computing.

plonk: To announce that you are ignoring someone electronically. From talk.bizarre on usenet, meaning the sound of an unruly newbie being added to a killfile.

Also plonker - one who deserves plonking.
Example: You're so fulla crap. I'm never reading another line of your drivel. PLONK!

plonticulate: to sit in one spot for long periods of time.
Example: i've got nothing to do this weekend. I think i'll plonticulate in front of the TV for a while.

plook: A Scottish zit.
Example: Look at the size of that plook on the end of your nose.

ploop: (n) The liquid that comes from the straw when you put your drink down too fast. (v) To create ploop.
Example: I put down my slushie so fast that I plooped a girl two rows ahead of me.

plork: Dutch abreviation of: very beautiful body, hideous face.
Example: Plorks are plentiful tonight.

plot-loss: Losing your train of thought. Getting sidetracked and forgetting where the story was going.
Example: Henry Rollins had some severe plot-loss during a story about Crispin Glover and hotel telephones.

plug and pray: when you add hardware to a Windows computer, the hope that it Windows recognizes it and it works
Example: The installation of the sound card includes a little plug and pray that Windows can find it

plug-inski: something that uses a template or formula, therefore minimizing the amount of brain-effort required for the task.
Example: Here's the new content, here's the template to use -- it's plug-inski.

plumber's crack: The term used to describe someone's ass-crack showing above his pants,
usually when bending down. Called plumber's crack due to the high amount of overweight plumbers in Australia who cannot get shorts to fit them.
Example: Hehe, get a look at his plumber's crack. His stubbies are wayyy too small.
(Stubbies are an Australian brand of shorts.)

plumduffin: Someone who acts unnaturally sweet to get something from you or take advantage of you.
Derived from the English naval pudding dish plum duff.
Alt.: figgydowdy.
Example: Trey: Your mom is chillin'.
Tyrone: Nah, she's just plumduffin cuz she's out of ciggies and doesn't want to go to the store.

plunketygeb: A word to say when you don't what to say.
Example: Oh, plunketygeb!

Pluntan: A fake suntan.
Example: Suntan cream will give you a pluntan.

plur: Peace. Love. Unity. Respect. (from the movie groove)
Example: When extending a kindness to someone in need, say plur. If they ask you what it means, spread the love!

Plurnesajumamerven: word which contains abreviated the names of the 8 planets of the solar system(Earth is missing).
Making referance to them in a work using this word it s easier than to ennumerate all of them.
Example: Plurnesajumamerven will suffer in the close future a radical change in the positional aspect.

plurp: Yet another nonsensical quasi-curse word. Often used in multiple forms, such as plurpitudinal, plurp off, or plurping ka-pwang.
Example: Plurp! My computer just crashed again!

plysu: A situation where, under repeated questioning, somebody's previous mental state changes
as a direct result of the questioning.
Example: A: Are you ok?
B: Yes, fine.
A: Are you sure?
B: Yes.
A: No, seriously, are you ok?
B: Yes.
A: Are you sure?
B: Dammit! Shome asking me. I've already told you.
A: Ah, you're not okay at all.
B: Look, it's just a plysu thing.

PMD: Paid (or Paying) My Dues.

Example: He said, Never again going to be another person�s slave, never again going to take abuse at
work or home��PMD!

PMDDSing: the combination of PMDD and PMS. it is worse than both separated!
Example: just don't even talk to that girl in the corner ripping her hair out, she's PMDDSing.

pneumaplasm: The invisible but perceptible field of influence that living things and humans have that can affect their surroundings.
Example: The pneumaplasm of John F. Kennedy was such that many sensed when he was present in the room without actually seeing him there.

po': A temporary state of non-debilitating poverty; anytime you're really watching your budget.
Example: When I was po' in college, my boyfriend paid for dinners. Now that he's unemployed and po', I pay.

po'fectionist: A writer poor in spelling and punctuation who refuses all editing.
Also poerfectionist, a writer (usually poet) who won't change a line because
that's the way I dreamed it.
Example: I hate grading his papers; he's such a po'fectionist that he ignores the comments.

Po-Leece: Police officers.
Example: The po-leece busted me for jaywalking--then the guy from Wal Mart ran up and told them I stole their shopping cart.

Po-Po: Another word for Police, Cops, Fuzz
Example: Look out, here comes the Po Po

pobcak: acronym - problem occuring between chair and keyboard. term often used by computer programmers when the end user has no idea what they are doing.
Example: the bug in the program is due to a pobcak.

pock: 1. Kind shorthand for I completely like and respect you, maybe even love you, but you must please leave me alone right now, no questions asked. Especially appropriate when the other person is visiting your turf -- your dorm room, office, etc.
2. To leave immediately after hearing a pock request, without bearing the speaker any ill will.
Example: (Your friend Bill is yakking while you're trying to finish your taxes.) You: Um, Bill? ...Pock. (Bill nods and walks out without feeling offended.)

pocket billiards: subtle rearrangement of male parts in a public place
Example: i was sitting awkwardly, in considerable discomfort. a quick game of pocket billiards soon solved the problem

pocket dragon: A cigarette lighter
Example: Hey, bud, I just bought some smokes. You got that pocket dragon?

Pocket Rocket: Often used to describe a tini little Japanese car or motorcycle that goes really really fast.
Example: You'll never afford a 'Vette, but for $15 grand you can get a nice pocket rocket.

Pod: A small nondescript car. So much so no one can tell or care the make and model.
Example: Q: What are you driveing these days? A: Ehh, a Pod.

podex equis est: What you say to someone who is being incredibly condescending or arrogant about her supposedly superior intelligence. Literally, You are a horse's ass.
Example: Well, Mr. Buckley, in the words of Horace, or was it Yoggi Berra?: podex equis est.

podie: The individual pads on the bottom of a non-human mammal's foot.
Example: Sled dogs wear booties to prevent the snow and ice from making their podies crack.

podoge: A place where they have dogs/
Example: I went to the podoge place, and it was so cool.

poetndidntknowitness: The annoying compulsion to rhyme without reason, which should be a crime in any season.
Example: Dan's poetndidntknowitness made me stare and wish I was not there.

pogey bait: U.S.M.C., World War I. Candy.
Example: Eat too much of that pogey bait and you are going to rot your teeth.

Pogged: To be over-full after eating.
Example: I was pogged after that meal.

poindexter: Nerd--from the Poindexter character in the nerd movies.
Example: Don't be jumping around like that--you look like a poindexter.

poing: An exclamation used upon seeing something particularly appealing and shiny, as in nice jewelry or new video games. Coined by Kiki of Sluggy Freelance.
Example: Poing! (upon having spotted an elusive PS2)

poing: The verb form, to poing. The action assumed upon seeing said shiny new thing. (See also the exclamation poing)
Example: Ever since FF9 came out, she's been poinging around like you wouldn't believe!

point of no rebel: the age at which cutting edge actors, rock musicians, film directors etc. begin to play establishment concerts, support wars, accept knighthoods. etc.
Example: By playing the Jubilee concert, Ray Davies had certainly reached The Point Of No Rebel. (Also Paul McCartney, Joe Cocker, Brian Wilson, and Steve Winwood).

pointful: Something that has an intelligent point to it, worth doing.
Example: Now that's a pointful idea.

pointy: Variation of sharp--to be well-attired or groomed.
Example: My three-year-old son always looks pointy right after a haircut.

pointy-haired one: Any person whose evilness is exceeded by only her density and disregard for the feelings of others.
Example: My boss is a pointy-haired one.

poison pie: Something revolting.
Example: That meal was poison pie.

poiter: Someone who hangs around but just won't go away, no matter how hard you try and get rid of them.
Example: Tried to get rid of Chris, but he just wouldn't leave. Jerk's a poiter.

pokeable: Attractive.
Example: Yeah, she's eminently pokeable.

poked: Defective or damaged in some way so as to make it inoperable
Example: Jeez, mate, I've blown the head-gasket on the Holden. It's poked.

Pokemon Sweater: Any sweater that is extremely bright colored and very ugly.
Example: My god! She's capturing Pokemon and making them into sweaters!

pokevoking: The act of provoking someone to anger through the use of excessive finger poking. Usually results in the pokevoker being smacked.
Example: Billy! Sit still and shome pokevoking your sister or she's gonna smack you and you'll deserve it.

polar: Way beyond cool.
Example: That was like, SO polar.

polarimorph: Noun -- an object that has moved from one (physical or mathematical) state to another and cannot return.
Example: The polarimorph emerged gracefully from the MD5 hash algorithm.

polibot: Political commentator who stays strictly party line, who never has a creative thought.
Example: I figure the shell script to generate that polibot's newspaper columns would run 50, maybe 60 lines max.

policit: A mode of behaviour occurring on the behalf of a retailer when dealing with a particularly bad consumer; disgust is being thinly veiled by overly contrived politeness. The seller is quite obviously making it clear that she is barely containing heself from going at said customer with an axe.
Example: No, I didn't misunderstand. We just don't sell sport books or give discounts for no reason, the bookseller said policitly.

politeician: A politician who specializes in speaking words everyone wants to hear.
Example: Clinton is a hella good politeician.

politically sound: A variation on political correctness, identified by writer Matthew Parris, who said that those on the right, like him, had their own version of PC.
Thus, people who were being PS would say Aids even when its use was incorrect,
they would say country pursuits instead of blood sports, and would always say chairman instead of chair
or chairperson.
Example: Whatever else she may be, conservative or liberal, this pseudodictionary editor will be politically sound.

Politrick: Political trick. First used in the song NO! by Soulfly.
Example: The local building codes say I have to heat a breezeway if I put one in.
It's just another politrick to slow down growth.

polkaman: A man who can't shome polkaing down with his bad self.
Example: Frankie Yankovic was a definite polkaman.

pollocking: The act of taking something that doesn't belong to you but no one else appears to be using
Example: I pollocked some fence rails from a pile in the woods that had been untouched for years.

Pollyfutile: A pointless bird (usually a parrot).
Example: I told you. Can't talk, can't fly. It's a pollyfutile.

polyAIMory: The practice of using AOL Instant Messanger with a wide variety of people, especially at the same time.
Example: After weeks of AIM conversations with Heather, I began also messaging Julia, who was also messaging Heather at the same time. We were a happy polyAIMorous threesome.

polyamory: Polygamy and polyandry united. The state of being in a meaningful relationship with more then one person at the same time.
Example: Many polyamory communities are represented on the Web.

polyfester: The smell of a lift full of business guys wearing polyester shirts in summer.
Example: Upon leaving a lift full of business guys in summer who are wearing polyester shirts you exclaim Boy, was that a bad polyfester.

polygriptic: 1. A toothless state in which a person must wear dentures.
2. A person who wears dentures.
Example: Though toothless, Grandfather Jones was polygriptic and never tired of taking
his dentures out to amaze and startle his grandchildren.

polylamour: A person who loves or is loved by more than one person.
Example: Sue is my primary polylamour and Judy is my secondary.

polypersonaphobia: The fear of being with large groups of people.
Example: She hates being in crowds. She's got polypersonaphobia.

polyrhythmic: Able to dance and enjoy more than one type of music.

Example: That girl can really dance! She must come from a polyrhythmic family.

polytesticular: Completely wrong. That is, a load of bollocks.
Example: That theory of yours is polytesticular.

pomple: A fuzzy ball used in decorations on clothes, crafts, shoes, or hair. Come in a variety of colors.
Example: Those pomples that Britney Spears wore in her hair her Baby One More Time video were very cute.

pompoose: A pompous way of saying pompous.
Example: Check Madonna's new accent--she is being so pompoose.

poncy: Effeminate behaviour.
Example: He was acting in a rather poncy manner.

Pone: Someone of little or no value; an irritant; a bothersome person you can do nothing about.
Example: That guy that keeps coming around and messing up my stuff ain't nothin' but a pone.

Pongta: A very very naughty guy who, most of the time uses slang and is obsessed with pornography. A playboy. Masculine word, not used around women.
Example: You're really pongta.

ponies: Six ounce bottles of beer.
Conceived by brewers as a means of keeping beer cold when taken outside in a cooler.
Example: If we are taking a cooler to the beach, make sure to pick up a twelve pack of ponies.

ponk: Someone who gets bullied by just about anyone.
Example: You're a ponk if you let her get away with thalking to you like that.

pontificatory: A word used to make someone sound smart
Example: Just think of the pontificatory activity that was poured into this magnificent masterpiece.

pony: A derogatory term often used in relation to a stylistically challenged object or person.
Example: Alex, your haircut looks well pony – did you wanna look like you're proper bent?

pooched: Finished.
Example: That cigarette is pooched.

poochiecat: A tough little street cat.
Example: The poochiecat crawled out of the dumpster with a drumstick in her mouth.

poochy: A small, but protruding belly. When a skinny person gets temporarily fat.
Example: Omigod! I ate so much that I've got a poochy!

poochycat: Atough little street cat.
Example: The poochycat crawled out of the dumpster with a drumstick in her mouth.

pood: A pissy mood.
Example: Shut up. Jeez, you're in a pood tonight.

poof (verb): To dissapear quickly without warning, esp. on the internet.
Example: I was talking to that guy, and he just went poof on me! I'm sorry I poofed, I had to get something to drink.

poofin: Lying.
Example: Shome poofin me.

poofkele: (from poof + the Yiddish affectionate dimunitive suffix construction -ele, comparable to Spanish -ita/-ito; pronounced POOF-kuh-luh) A fluffy, cuddly creature.
Example: Such a poofkele is my best friend's Samoyed!

poofteenth: a very small amount
Example: 'I missed by a poofteenth'

Poog: Those who can't tolerate more than 10 ml of alcohol, and if they do have more, they tend to puke.
Example: Joel just barfed all over John's flyscreen, and he only had a few sips of cougar. He's just another poog.

pooge: an evil, disrespectful, conniving and/or ungrateful person or thing.

Example: I can't believe you just did that to me, you pooge!

pooh berries: chiding, delightful nonsense; commerating frakenberries the delightful cereal with the wonderful marshmallow treats
Example: Your excuses for life are all pooh berries. Shome whining and start doing.

pooh-tooh: A child's one-piece sleeper with feet.
Example: In getting ready for bed, my little girl can zip up her pooh-tooh by herself.

pookie: A cute, yet desirable, boy or man you just want to cuddle. He's so sweet and adorable.
Example: Sean Connery's my favorite pookie... Too bad he's old enough to be my grandfather.

pookie: To vomit.
Example: Holds up small paper cup. If you're gonna pookie, pookie into this.

Poolay-hair: Another word for sex-hair, the state your hair is in when you wake up after a shag or two.
Example: Damn! How long have I been walking around with the poolay-hair? All morning, lucky you!

poolin: Angry, mad.
Example: See Chad at the party? He was poolin all nite.

Poomie: A Poor Homie. A homie who dresses up in fake and tattered clothing.
Example: Those Poomies are raiding the garbage bins again.

poon: To borrow with no intention of returning. Usually a small item, but not necessarily.
Example: I didn't have a pencil for the test, so I pooned one from the guy sitting next to me.

poon-tang: Male adjective. meaning very good, exciting or sexy. Usually refers to women, cars or even a situation.
Example: that girl, shes poon-tang mate

pooped: This means to be tired. Old sailing term describing the helmsman's condition after standing a watch
at the helm, which was located on the poop deck--a small deck at the rear or stern of an old sailing vessel.
Example: Boy, am I pooped today.

poor man's air fresheners: Newport cigarettes.
Example: Pick me up a pack o' poor man's air fresheners.

poosma: an individual who has no clue.
Example: I am not a poosma...

poot: Crap. Mild swear word.
Example: Poot! I banged my shin.

pooter: Short for computer
Example: Me: Heeeey, watcha doin'?
Claire: I'm on the pooter!

pootnik: Word used by the elderly to describe a younger person when the kid
does something that the older person finds unacceptable
Example: Don't do that, ya dern pootnik

pop: another word for soda

pop: meaning to attempt something
Example: You want this website done by 3am? I'll have a pop but I can't promise anything!

pop: British slang for champagne.
Example: We'll have another bottle of pop off the good Mottram and be off to the old-hundreth.
(from Brideshead Revisited by E. Waugh)

Pop a cod: To burst a testicle in a nasty crash.
Coined by Jer Wyatt after pro Welsh downhill mountain biker Steve Jones blew out a testicle when competing in the World Cup last year.
Example: Did you hear? Jonesy popped a cod in the States last week.

pop the stack: To revert back to previous homeic in a conversation that has wandered across many subjects.
Borrowed from computer science, similar in meaning to backlist.
Example: I told Joan about the interesting factoid I heard on the radio, we got to talking about about
other radio stations, then advertising, and then Gap. Then she popped the stack and asked me about what radio program I was listening to.

pop-a-squat: Have a seat, usually on the ground or floor.
Example: Hey, man, good to see you. Pop-a-squat, then grab a brewski.

Pop-diddilly-oppin': What's going On?
Example: Hey guys, what's popdiddillyoppin'?

popaganda: Pop culture as propaganda
Example: Punk Rock in the 70's & 80's was rebellious, but in the 90's it became commercial popaganda.

popalot: Po'pa'lot. In Russian popa is butt.
In English lot is much.

Example: My girlfriend has popalot.

pope-sex: To engage in sexual activity, but shome short of copulation.
Example: No, I haven't slept with her yet. We're still only having pope-sex.

pope-tastic: Something really cool--pope-worthy.
Example: That last show was pope-tastic.

popkin: Sandwich
Example: Let's grab a popkin.

poppies: Styrofoam peanuts.
Example: We just got a shipment of poppies in, so now we can send things out and they won't get broken.

poppysprut: Word taking the place of jibberish.
Example: Don't talk poppysprut to me.

popsych: Pop psychology. Used to describe trendy, but unproven psychological or psychiatric treatments or theories--usually culled from the pages of _Psychology Today_.
Example: That left brain/right brain stuff is all popsych.

poptard: A person who listens to pop punk.
Example: I would have enjoyed the show if it weren't for all the poptards.

populapage: A web page that is so popular that it is updated every five minutes.
Example: My site, gohereorillkillyou.com, is a waste of space, while my brother's page, eBay.com, is a populapage.

popullution: Pollution caused by excess population.
Example: The citizens of large cities suffer from the effects of popullution.

popupcloseaphobia: Being afraid of closing a pop up window, for fear that it may never pop up again.
Example: When a pop up window saying that I had won $5 popped up, I got popupcloseaphobia.

porcelain telephone: Receptacle of vomit, usually the toilet.
From the phrase, Calling Ralph and Hughie on the porcelain telephone.
Example: Q: How was the party?
A: Not good. I spent all night talking on the porcelain telephone.

porch monkey: A really lame/annoying person who is slightly out of step with the rest of the world.
Example: If your idea of a good party is sitting around with 3D glasses and staring at last year's SI swimsuit magazine while sipping an import, you are a major porch monkey.

Porchclimber: Cheap wine; or any wine that is consumed through the course of an entire evening.
Example: I saw Curtis drinking porchclimber last night, I wonder how he fared today?

porchpants: The pants you wear on a porch.
Example: Check out these porchpants. They have special padding on the back, so they're made for sitting on a porch

Porcudillo: A crazy animal created when a porcupine and an armidillo mated.
Example: I wonder if porcudillos can roll into a ball or defend themselves with spikes.

porg: Politically correct word for a short person, stands for person of restricted growth.
Example: His new girlfriend is a bit of a porg.

Porkify: 1. To turn into pork; the art or science of transforming a previously non-pork item into pork.
2. To make oneself satisfied and paralyzed.
Example: 1. After porkifying the apple, it was subsequently made of ham.
2. He was so porkified after dinner that he couldn't stand up.

porn hydra: A porn website that is nearly impossible to kill--
when you close one window, several others pop up in its place.
The only way to kill a porn hydra is to shut down your entire browser.
Example: Quick, get rid of the porn hydra before your boss comes over here!

pornhography: Explicit sexual literature or film depicting obese women engaging in acts of sexual debauchery.
Example: Hey, did you see Wayne's new girlfriend? She's so fat, she could be a pornhography star.

pornificate: The act of putting inanimate objects into pornographic positions.
Example: Someone came in and pornificated my Barbie collection while I was out at a Star Trek convention.

porno: A short public service or self-help video. Features low quality music and acting and a wardrobe that is noticeably out of style. Usually seen in high school, college, and government buildings
Example: I was in Consumer Economics today and we had to watch a porno on supply and demand.

pornobyte: a figure representing the sum total of all the world's bandwidth and computer memory devoted to depictions of hot teens, college girls, dripping wet cheerleaders, young hung farm boys, certain japanese terms for which no god-fearing human would want the translation, and exploited midgets. An exponentially expanding, vast number.
Example: Whoa, we've got a pornobyte of data to wade through this weekend to get that report ready

pornocracy: A system that is obscene or corrupted.
Example: Mandatory arbitration which caters to large corporate sponsors at the expense of legitimate consumer rights is a pornocracy, an obscene misuse of power by the system designed to enforce such rights.

pornocrat: A person in power who abuses his or her position of trust for selfish motivations.
Example: The judge was a pornocrat, always siding with the police even though many of the cases involved illegal procedures and physical abuse of suspects.

Pornorexia, pornorexic: Looking at porn long enough that one actually forgets to eat and
begins to lose weight. Anywhere from 12 hours to two-three days or more.
Example: He looks like he lost some weight. He's gone pornorexic.

pornpilferer: A guy that watches entirely too much porn, or goes to the store reads it and won't buy it.
Example: That pornpilferer Mitch still hasn't brought back _Debbie Does Dallas_.

porridge-wog: A Scot.
Example: Tony Blair *sounds* English, but he was born and educated in Scotland. He's just another porridge-wog Labour politician.

portanization: Relating the current city you live in to another city that has a port. I am from Davenport, IA, but I now live in Ames, IA; in order to portanize Ames, I would call it, A-port. I currently call Davenport D-port. This can be done with any city in order to make the city more important in the eye of the beholder.
Example: Jim is always portanizing cities to give them class. (A-port, D-port, KC-port... etc...)

poser: 1. Someone who goes to great lengths to appear to be something she is not, especially one who pretends to be a skater.
2. Something inadequate or inferior. (Second use coined by the mighty poser Brandon Bingham of Sacramento, CA.)
Example: She can't even stand on skates! Get the poser! OR Good, you didn't get the weak poser corn dogs.

poshie: Poshie = porridge, specifically proper Scottish Porridge--
made with oatmeal boiled for at least 2 hours, only salt added.
This is a NE Scotland (Aberdeenshire) term, invented by my grandfather.
Example: Yon poshie's affa het, ken! Awa' an pit sae mik onnit, min.

Posinegative: Indifferent
Example: I dont care. I feel posinegative

posmind: means a good feeling!
Example: That person gives me a severe posmind!

possibilitist: A unique person or entrepreneur who sees the impossible and makes it possible (or at least attempts to make it possible).
Example: Only a possibilitist would take tumbleweed and market it as exlusive furniture in the U.K.

possum jockey: A small-minded man with little vision or motivation.
Example: That possum jockey has cost me another client.

possuming: Playing possum, as in pretending to be asleep, when in fact, you are faking it.
Example: Is he really asleep, or just possuming so he doesnt have to listen to you?

post whore: Person who makes a habit of posting generally useless comments to online forums simply to get attention, pass time, or build post count.
Example: Have you been to the forums lately? The post whores have taken over.

postacridiction: 1. The highly overrated practice of saying I told you so.
Example: You and I both know that it was a bad idea, OK? One more postacridiction out of you and you can walk home.

postal: To have a lapse in sanity that may involve violence or firearms at a workplace. Derived from postal worker--someone who takes a semi-automatic machinegun to work after a bad week. {For a bit more on origins, see zip plus four. In nearby Tulsa, OK, Magoo's Billiards used the phrase go postal in a radio commercial. A result: A postal worker almost went postal--he called Magoo's ranting and raving about his objections to the use of the phrase go postal.}
Example: Don�t give any more work to David. He�s about to go postal. | I wouldn�t be surprised if Barry goes postal tomorrow.

Poster factor: A way to describe the size of a room, in terms of how many posters can be placed around the walls comfortably after furniture is in place.
Example: Laura's room is tiny--it's poster factor is six.

postlapsaria: The state of numbness you are in after the death of a loved one.
Example: After she died, he slipped into postlapsaria.

postspancinerate: To burn a bridge behind oneself.
Example: Looking back, I realize now that was a dream job. But the way I was postspancinerating at the end, they'd never take me back.

poto: Pointing Out The Obvious.

Example: I'm POTOing here, but your hair is on fire.

Pottering: 1. To discuss at length the Harry Potter phenomena--books, movie, or related paraphernalia.
2)to role-play or otherwise act in the spirit of said books.
Example: Q. Why were you up so late last night? A. Oh, I was just Pottering around with my sister.
She thinks Hagrid will die in the next book, but she's so wrong--it'll be Ginny for sure.

Potterotica: This word may have been coined by Neva Chonin,
who wrote about the trend of writing erotic stories based on the characters in the Harry Potter books
in the San Francisco Chronicle:
Pieces of Potter erotica (or is it Potterotica?) limning the sex lives of Hogwarts wizards and witches--
straight, gay or a bit of both--are proliferating like mushrooms in a dungeon, most of them creatively fast-forwarded to a time when all parties are safely over the age of consent.

Web site:
Example: Among the legion of Harry Potter fan sites is a growing number containing what can only be described as Potterotica.

potzer: An amateur chess player who vastly over estimates their own talents. Also, a city-park chess hustler.
Example: All of the chess players in New York's Washington Square are potzers.

Poultroscopy: The science of looking up poultry.
Example: He may be versed in the art of poultroscopy, but a doctor he aint.

pounce: To jump on playfully, forcefully hug in an excited manner
Example: Bryan pounced on Zannah!

pound: When two people make a fist turned on its side and each person taps the other persons fist one on home of the other. Used when someone does something good his/her friend would give him/her a pound.
Example: Yo! I heard you are got an A on that test. Give me a pound yo!

poutine: Canadian delicacy, made with french fries, gravy, and cheese curds.
Example: I'll get the poutine please, with extra gravy.

Poverted: Stricken or burdened by a poverty extreme enough to be considered twisted
Example: We grew up poor as hell in a very poverted neighborhood

Powee: Hot, spicey, tangy.
Example: This curry is powee.

power sleep: An idea invented by stoners that one can get more rest in a shorter amount of time if one concentrates extremely hard on going to sleep.
Example: It doesn't matter if it's 5 am. Just let me get some power sleep and Ill be good for work at 7.

powerchat: When you engage in a conversation with a friend or colleague with whom you share so many cultural
references that you can use shortcuts rather than explain stuff.
Analogous to computer power users, who use keyboard commands rather than menu commands for
complex and esoteric functions.
Example: Jill and I had a great powerchat the other day.

PowerPoint Poisoning (or PPP f: Nauseous state of mind and body induced by attending professional presentations. Can be fatal when exposed to the full range of bells'n'whistles. Milder doses induce resignation, lassitude and apathy.
Example: I'd better take the rest of the day off - that sales guy gave me a dose of PPP. Common in PR/Marketing circles.

PowerTrippin: when you tell someone exactly what you want and take control. usually used at the end of a sentence.
Example: I told that store I wanted a freebie and if I don't get it, someone is going to get told. power trippin

poxy: of sub-excellent quality
Example: Street Fighter was a poxy movie.

ppsshh: A word used to show disbelief, or to cover up confusion;
also used as a comeback when you can't think of a good one.
Example: That's not a word, John said. Ppsshh, that's what you think, I replied.

PR points: Punk rock points. Given when an act befitting a punk is committed.
When enough points are attained, the punk may move up another level and gain a sense of punker-than-thou superiority.
Example: That was the best band ever. Did you see that guy puke on stage? That's hella PR points.

pr0n (sometimes pron): Alternative spelling of porn. This word is used to bypass adult filters, which have since been configured to notice the word pr0n as well as the word porn. People still use it because it looks hip, which, translated, means it looks really stupid and uneducated.
Example: sum1 hook me up wit sum BRITNEY SPEARZ PR0N W00T W00T!

praddamouj: Pretty much.
Example: Bob: Do you like to eat crab dip? Jim: Praddamouj.

prairie-doggin': You work in a large office, open except for dividers separating work spaces. Somebody drops something or screams...and several people stand so they can pop their heads up over the partition to see what's happenin'. That's prairie-doggin'.
Example: How we gonna prairie dog if the get rid of the cubicles?

prairie-doggin': When you're desperate for a bathroom for defecation.
Example: I don't care how shady the next rest shome is, I'm prairie-doggin' so I'll take whatever they've got to offer.

Prang: Australian slang--To crash.
Example: I'll lend you my car, but don't prang it.

prangers: A dumb loser thief.
Example: I know you stole my PS2, you prangers!

prasling: Problem.
Example: No prasling, Ii will ge a job in my field.

praught: past tense of preach (cf. teach - taught)
Example: We had to wait in line at the cafeteria because the minister praught until 12:30.

prawly: the word probably while drunk.
Example: I think I might prawly should get a taxi cab.

Prawn: A girl with a great body but an ugly head. Used because with a prawn, or shrimp, you throw away the head and keep the body.
Example: She's a prawn. yeah i know, its a shame.

prawn: Version of pr0n, which itself is a version of porn used to defeat cybersitting software.
Note that a prawn is also a shrimp-like sea creature.
Example: This room smells like prawn.

prazactly: Cross between 'precisely' and 'exactly'.
Example: That's prazactly what I was thinking.

pre-ance: Rhymes with fiance--engaged-to-be-engaged.
Example: I love her, she's my pre-ance. We'll get married eventually. Anyway, that's what she thinks--works well for getting her in bed.

Pre-enactment: A dramatic re-enactment of something that is about to happen.
Example: Here's a pre-enactment of me hitting on that girl over there.

pre-V2, post-V2: A conservative or liberal Roman Catholic, respectively.
Stands for pre-Vatican II, post-Vatican II; the ideological dividing line in the Roman Catholic Church.
Example: They are such a pre-V2 family they still abstain from meat of Fridays.

pre2k: uncool, old school, out of date, before the year 2000
Example: coffee shops serving mocha and lattes are so pre2k.

precautious: Extra**2, really careful.
Example: As used in a TV report about going to the beach after fatal shark attack at Virginia Beach, VA:
We'll just have to be precautious is all.

preconnected: meaning is easy to get - make good dial up connection, high speed, lucky try.

predonistic: (adj) From �pre-ma-donna.
Rrelating to, or having primadonna characteristics or qualities;
acting snobby, stuck-up or having petty notions;
stick-up-your-ass frame of mind;
music diva distinctiveness;
obsession with material objects;
or relations with high and mighty egotistical MTV icons.
Example: The cheerleader walked by her old crowd of friends, sticking her nose up with a predonistic flare as she wrapped her arm around her new boyfriend. OR The pop star ignored the little girl asking for an autograph, predonistically waving her away.

preekend: Any day of the week in which you start your weekend partying activities, in preparation for the weekend.
Example: Dick: Let's go out to the club tonight and get sloshed!
Jane: I can't get drunk on a weekday night, I hafta work tomorrow.
Dick: Who cares, it's the preekend.

pref: UK rap/hip hop term, an abbreviated form of preferential treatment.
Example: When I play gigs, my manager makes sure I get the pref.

preffer: To blow on something until it is extinguished or blown away.
Example: He tried to get the sparks to light by blowing on them, but he preffered them instead.

preggo: Pregnant.
Example: Talk shows frequently feature episodes about guys who have gotten their relatives preggo.

pregnant chad: 1. a punch card hole with a depression, but not completely punched out. 2. a guy with a beer belly/ a beer belly
Example: He's cute, except for his pregnant chad.

pregnatism: the magnetic force that attracts female co-workers to rub the belly of a pregnant colleague.
Example: Sally radiated enough pregnatism to lure ten co-workers into orbit.

prehumous: Happening before one's death.
Example: Her manuscript was published prehumously; she was happy to have been so honored in her own time.

preject: To reject before a formal offer is made.
Example: I was about to ask her out but she prejected me with her talk about her boyfriend.

premature enterjaculation: Accidentallly hitting'enter on your keyboard (or send button) when using chat or instant message
before you've finished typing.
Example: Steve had a premature enterjaculation when messaging Tonya. His message said, Thanks for the piz.

premature submification: The verb pertaining to when you submit a form on a website before you've finished filling it out.
Example: Yeah, in IE, if you accidentally hit return when filling in fields, you are likely to experience premature submification. (Nothing to be self-conscious about though. Everyone experiences it at one time or another.)

preop: Short for preoperational--meaning has too little knowledge.
Example: Bob's a bit too preop for the job.

prepone: to reschedule a meeting or event for an earlier time
Example: Can we prepone the meeting from 7 to 6?

preposterity: Something ridiculous that will be remembered for a long time.
A combination of preposterous and posterity, in case you didn't figure out.
Example: The teacher's request that we do a 600 page paper by the next day would live on in preposterity.

Presact: Meaning precisely or exact
Example: I'm such a perfectionist, I need to make sure everything is presactly right.

prescrumptious: Anticipated delight
Example: I'm looking forward to that prescrumptious post prandial pecan pie.

presh: Appreciate.
1. Anything that one considers appreciated; e.g., I'd like to presh is like saying I'd like to enjoy.
(Cig, beer, a comfy seat, etc.)
2. The act of appreciating something. E.g., Don't bother me, I'm preshing. (Your girlfriend, a funny TV show, good music, anything.
3. To show appreciation: e.g., your friend buys you a shot at the bar, you say, Presh. This says that you appreciate the action performed by the other.
Example: Say you drive by a hot chick in the car or see one at the bar, you can point and say, Presh.
OR Instead of Thank you, just say, Presh.
There are hundreds of instances and circumstance that are acceptable uses of this pseudo-word.
Hope you can clarify my mangled definition. Thanks.

prestupnikim: Criminals. From Russian and Hebrew. Extensively used in Jerusalem in the early 80s. Invented by Alex Sadovsky.
Example: Dropped from school, hanging out only with prestupnikim ve-prestupnikot.

pretendinitis: A phony or faked injury or illness to gain attention

pretire: The process of announcing one's intention to retire from a job or position at a certain time in the future.
Example: Darrell Green pretired before the season started, but later changed his mind.

prettiful: Better than pretty, not quite beautiful.
Example: She was a lovely girl, with prettiful eyes.

prettyfied, prettified: To improve, fix, or make better.
Example: I've prettyfied this site by adding my word.

prettyful or purtyful: Pretty and beautiful.
Example: Your hair smells prettyful.

prezactly: Combines the best features of precisely and exactly.
Example: Prezactly what I was thinking, George!

Prime: A pet animal that is very intelligent.
Example: I told my prime to attack the half-orc barbarian.

primero: The ultimate parking space. The parking space as close to the door as possible,
not to be confused with first available spot
Example: Somebody's parked in primero, so now I have to walk.
Chris, get my cigarettes from my car. Oh, don't whine. I'm parked in primero.

Princess: What your boyfriend sarcastically calls you when he's annoyed with you.
Example: Princess, get away from me.

princess (the verb): To behave in a way that requires others to rescue and/or cater to you. Self-centered.
Example: When asked for a favor, her usual response was to princess out, claiming that her uncommonly strenuous life exempted her from helping others.

Princess Leia: From the character in Star Wars that can be subdued by three foot high teddy bears, but can strangle a 6'5 Storm Trooper with her bare hands when there's nobody around to rescue her. A person (usually female) who appears completely ineffective and useless until the pressure is on and then they turn into Rambo.
Example: Give the work to Princess Leia, but don't expect a single line of code before the due date.

princess parking: Getting a really really good parking space in any parking lot.
Example: There's a space there by the entrance. Sweet. Princess parking.

printer games: When the printer prints off every document BUT yours
Example: My paper was lost in the printer games

printit: when something is complete; always said as an exclamation. (originated at Seneca College in Toronto, in the graphic design class)
Example: homework's done, printit!

Prioritate: To have sent via Priority Mail.
Example: Hello, Postmaster! Please Prioritate this package for me.

prissy: Perfect, beautiful, nothing out of place--an anti-compliment.
Example: Emma is so prissy--look at her hair.

Privial Pursuit: The act of looking for a restroom in an unfamiliar mall, office building, etc.
Example: Would you care to join me in a privial pursuit? Looks like she's off on a privial pursuit.

prndl (perndle): The indicator on your steering wheel of gear shift that indicates what gear you are in. Derived from Park Reverse Neutral Drive Low
Example: She accidently threw the prndl into P and nearly went through the windshield.

pro-gear: adjective- used to describe shoddy bits that look flash (or are supposed to look flash). Originating from adverts claiming pro status for crap bits. Note that actual paid-price doesn't mean it's tip-top. OR great parts in the hands of someone incapable of proper use.
Example: 1)describing some sod's lowered civic- you: damn skippy that thing's flash
me:yup, its got all the pro-gear 2)describing a poser- jinkies, that kid's got all the pro-gear

probidently: A cross between the words probably and evidently.
Example: He said it was true, so it probidently must be.

probly: Probably--but without that annoying third syllable.
Example: Amy: You goin' to that party tonite? Dana:Probly.

probviously: Probably, obviously, or some combination of the two.
Example: A. Hmmm, I guess she's not gonna show up. B. Probviously.

procrapstination: Procrastination while relocating--specifically, avoiding packing when you realize how much crap you have and try to figure out how much of it you can leave behind.
Example: After much procrapstination, Chris decided it would not be necessary to take along his entire scrap metal collection

Procrastinitis: Condition in which employees or students are absent the day before an important project is due, inherently due to them putting the work off until the last possible minute.
Example: The student, stricken with Procrastinitis, remained home to finish the 4 page essay (the day before it was due).

procrasturbater: someone who gets their kicks from putting things off
Example: I am a master at procrastibating, I'll tell you all about it later!

Proctological introspection: An all-too-common means of coming to a decision or researching a fact. Pulling it out of your ass.
Example: Chris appears to get his statistics by extensive proctological introspection.

prodantism: A literature currency impregnated with strong impressionist elements with accent on
visions concerning the future.
Example: Ulrich in his writtings is an adept of the prodantism.

prodiginiferous: Extremely cool. More cool than prodiginous.
Example: Wow, your monkey servant is so prodiginiferous!

prodiginous: Very cool.
Example: Wow, your fro looks prodiginous!

production: Refers to a person acting more dramtic than they would in a show,
making the situation epic.
Example: After Tasha got up, she caused even more of a scene by throwing her purse on the ground,
punching her boyfriend, and stomping into a store. What she did was a production.

Profanisaurus: Online dictionary of words that would never be admitted by Pseudodictionary. Compiled by Roger Mellie (The Man On The Telly) from Viz Magazine.
Example: If your word is too rude for Pseudodictionary you might find it on Profanisaurus.

Professor Smarty-Pockets: One who always finds it necessary to correct everything someone says.
Coined by Rich Lowtax Kyanka.
Example: John: Toronto is a great city, no wonder it's the capital of Canada.
Jack: Actually, Ottawa is the capital of Canada.
John: Thank you, Professor Smarty-Pockets

programmer's hunch: A slight curvature of the back, caused by excessive hours spent coding.
Example: Sophie spent so much of her time coding for ACME Security that she began to develop a programmer's hunch.

proinactive: Being generally in favor of not being proactive. {You should also be proinactive about using constructions such as proactive.}
Example: Schlackel has good ideas--he just chooses not to act on them because he is proinactive.

prolly: Contraction of probably.
Example: I'll prolly use this word again today.

prolly bees: A mangling of probably because.
Example: A. Why did you do that? B. Prolly bees I was bored.

proly: Parolee.
Example: Q. Did Chris finish serving his time? A. No, he's a proly.

promissuseous: Issuing tickets, pink slips, etc. far more often than is justified by the circumstances.
A mangling of promiscuous, issue, and misuse.
Example: I can't believe it!
Over a hundred cars got ticketed during the festival.
Apparently, some traffic cop was feeling particularly promisuseous.

promote: (tr. v.) Euphemism for acquiring something, usually by nefarious means;
take possesion of by dubious ingenuity.
Established slang variant of the more common definition of promote--i.e., to advance in station, rank, or honor.
Example: I just might have to promote your new girlfriend.

pronghead: A person who has little prongs sticking out of the side of her head that prevent her from ever extricating her head from between her buttocks.
Example: She always hacks me off. What a pronghead!

ProNoblem: Mangling of no problem.
Example: Hey, I can pick you up at the airport, pronoblem.

pronoun-phobia: A condition whereby one involuntarily eliminates all pronouns from one's speech.
Example: Am so tired; must shome walking everywhere. Wonder if there's a cafe nearby where can shome for drink.

Pronunciate: To pronounce and enunciate your words correctly.

Example: Would you please pronunciate your words, Billy? I can't understand you.

pronuncification: When you are making fun of someone who mis-pronounces a word and then you botch the pronunciation yourself.
Example: Elizabeth: You need to pronuncificate that word. Carl: What?

proof battleships: When two sub-editors or designers mark things as a mistakes or bad style on each others'
proof pages purely as retaliation for marking something reasonable on theirs earlier.
Also known as proof jousting. Partly derived from calendar battleships--
two people exchanging salvos of dates in an attempt to agree a meeting,
either business or social.
Example: Honestly, I was playing proof battleships with Tom all day yesterday. What a waste of time.

propagucci: Any expensive campaign, promotional stunt, or advertisement designed to encourage the acceptance of a message or political agenda.
Example: Those commercials are a bunch of artless propagucci.

propery: A collective and alternative term for props. Used frequently in Dude Studios UK film-making.
Example: Please pass me that box of propery.

proproprofilephile: A person who is in favor of being in favor of filing profiles, of course!
Example: What's a proproprofilephile? Fuhgedaboudit!

props: respect, recognition
Example: Gotta give that girl props for her web site...

props: Props: Giving respect, thanks admiration to someone for their outstanding talents. Talents usually associated as worthy of nuf-props are usually related to the delicate arts of rap-music production, picking up and dating several women/ men at the same time, and or driving a vehicle worth more than a 4 scholarship at Harvard.

prospects: Word describing the amount or quality of the opposite sex at the party.
Example: There sure are a lot of good prospects here.

prostitot: A young girl dressed in hooker wear, a la Britney, Christina, etc.
Example: Look at that little girl's hoochy diva ensemble. Oooh, prostitot.

prostrate gland: Mispronunciation of prostate gland. (Prostrate means lying down.)
Example: Sippowicz: The doctor says I gotta get my prostrate gland removed.

protard: Someone who's been acting in an unaccustomed and slightly annoying or stupid manner. Playful term.
Example: Quit messin' around, protard. (From New Brunswick, Charleston Lake.)

proximate: you are called this when your best friend gives you the 'go' to date his ex
Example: To be my proximate, brave Lancelot, thou shalt have to search for the Holy Mascara.

prozactly: 1.adv. condition of not giving a ratsass about an unacceptable outcome or situation.
Example: Frozen dinners again tonight? That's prozactly what I wanted.

prozookinookie: An especialy good time.
Example: Sara and I shared a prozookinookie last night.

prube: non-macho
Example: Chris, ray, Sam and kerem are all prubes

prufrockery: an annoying propensity for indecision and lameness
Example: Carol's prufrockery over what slacks to pack caused her to miss her flight.

prunk: exclamation when mispronouncing or messing up the speaking of a word
Example: We need spaghubbub... oohh... prunk! speghetti!

pry: Probably or pretty.
Example: That girl is pry cute. I'll pry see you in a few hours.

That car is pry cool looking!

Psed: A short-hand version of pseudodictionary.
Example: Did you see my latest word in Psed?

pseud: Person who pretends to know much more than he/she does, in order to impress an audience
Example: Those philosophy majors are all such pseuds about Wittgenstein and such.

pseud'oh: The term used when you think of a word to submit to pseudodictionary.com, but soon discover that it actually *is* a word.
Example: Hey, I just thought of a good word we could send in to.... Oh, pseud'oh!

Pseudiction: The state of being addicted to submitting entries to Pseudodictionary.
Example: Xaphod: I was up until 3am last night submitting words
Kelly: Wow, talk about Pseudiction.

pseudictionaria: A disease that doesn't let you shome entering words at pseudodictionary.com.
Example: I'm sorry, Mrs.Vukasovich, your son has pseudictionaria.

pseudoaddress: A bogus email address. Can be provided by an anonymizer or by a service such as www.spammotel.com. Mail sent to your Spammotel address gets forwarded to an addres you provide--the senders know only your Spammotel address. If you start getting nuisance email, just close that particular Spammotel account. Any future email gets returned to the sender.
Example: With Spammotel, it's like checking into a motel room and using it for your snail mail address. If you start getting junk mail at your pseudoaddress, you just check out--and leave no forwarding address.

Pseudobatch: Submitting a whole lot of Pseudodictionary entries in the hope that some of them will be accepted.
Example: Terry: Ooh, Safrlte, that sounds like a good one... How about terlska and trofns?...
Yes, this will make a fine Pseudobatch.

pseudoctrinate, pseudoctrinati: Revising descriptions and examples to meet pseudodictionary.com's ever-changing and somewhat arbitrary site standards. The result may be better in the eyes of the editor, but worse in the eyes of the submitter. That is, the submitter may see his post as being thoroughly Americanised, and thus losing most of its appeal.
Example: Thought my post was amusing--until it got pseudoctrinated. Asshole editor!!!

pseudodate: A maybe date. Could be considered a real date or just hanging out together,
depending on how it goes.
Example: I'd have talked to him, if I hadn't been on a pseudodate with that loser, Chris.

pseudodict-a-phone: When Steve calls someone, at all hours of the night, to talk to them about an internet site.
Example: I would have got to sleep, but I got a pseudodict-a-phone.

pseudodicterrorist: One who spends way too much time browsing through pseudodictionary (often a pseudodork)
and e-mails words to friends and colleagues with the sole purpose being to annoy them.
Example: Dirty Sanchez: Look Duke, if you don't shome these wanton acts of pseudodicterrorism,
I am goin' to open up a serious can of whup-ass on your head. The Duke: So, block me.

pseudodictinquiry: An inquiry sent to the Pseudodictionary.
Example: Naomi realized she had forgotten to give credit where it was due for a word she submitted.
To avoid getting barbecued, she sent a pseudodictinquiry asking that her entry be edited.

pseudodiction: The use of words from the pseudodictionary in your writing to enhance the composition.
Example: Nice pseudodiction--it made your report very colloquial.

pseudodictionary: A place to discover new words or to bring new words into being.
Slim. What the heck's a moofie?
Bob. Search for it at pseudodictionary.

pseudodoctrinati: Persons whose made up words get added to the pseudodictionary.
Example: Should the pseudodictionary change its policy and opt for elitism rather than egalitarianism, then the pseudodoctrinati might become a subset of the literati.

pseudodork: Actually pretty much the same as dork, but specifically reserved for a person who goes around abusing words he got off this site. Mistakenly has high self-esteem, due only to his awareness of pseudodictionary.com.
Example: Quit trying to baffelgab me with that pseudodork talk of yours.

pseudojudo: The art of creating new words for the pseudodictionary.
Example: I fried my brain with pseudojudo thinking up new words for the pseudodictionary.

pseudoklepto: Someone who steals things with the intention of returning them later.
Example: Brian stole my pencil, then gave it back an hour later. He's a pseudoklepto.

pseudold-school: A new design, like the VW New Beetle, that is a modern take on something that was made back in the day.
Example: I just love your Powerpuff Girls pseudold-school ringer t-shirt.

pseudolebrity: Someone who only thinks she is famous.
Example: The Corner Bar band's lead singer acted like a pseudolebrity, waving to his fans.

pseudolosophy: The paradigm of philosophy in which the practicioner actually knows nothing of the sujbect.
The pretense that one knows or actually understands one or more important questions about life.
Example: He's not much of an intellectual, but at 6:00 he's all about some pseudolosophy.

pseudoneologists: People who do not put much effort in their construction of words for pseudodictionary.com.
Example: Virgio submitted the word pseudoneologist and is thus a pseudoneologist.

pseudonomenclature: The property possesed by a person whose name rhymes with a description of her personality.
Example: I know a person I don't like--Paul Blackhead, which is also his pseudonomenclature.

Phillip Anchors has a pseudonomenclature, also.

pseudonumb: How your brain feels after looking through this site for more than three hours at a time.
Example: Hey, Bill, what's another name for a pseudonym?
Dunno, Ben, I've been looking at this site for so long my mind's gone completely pseudonumb!

pseudopodophobia: Pseudopod, from the Greek pseudes (false) pod (foot).
Add to it phobia--an intense, irrational, unrealistic fear of an object, an event, or a feeling.
The result is a fear of false feet...in my case, fear of overly large feet - platform shoes. :-)
Example: Man, those shoes are causing my pseudopodophobia to act up again...keep her away from me!

pseudorigami: A term used in hindsight to rationalize a failed origami experiment as anything but worthless scrap.
Example: Kevin refused to admit failure as he presented his pseudorigami to his unimpressed friends.

pseudoroom: Of or pertaining to a virtual enclosure,
usually designated as a space for presenting digital media works.
Example: I downloaded numerous icons and fonts during my brief tenure in the pseudoroom,
and now I'm sorry to be leaving for the night.

pseudoselfpromotion: When somebody uses a website she [See her.] created (called pseudodictionary) to try and get people to vote
for a t-shirt she [See her.] designed.
Often followed by boring articles that attack President Bush and mentions (sic) there (sic)site.
Example: See right column, main page. [ED.
Beau failed to use his word in his example.
Despite that shortcoming, the word was added to the pseudodictionary.
We're way too cool to reject a word because it's critical of us.
Besides, we might see endless complaints about censorship if we rejected them.
C'mon, Beau.
Take another whack at us, if you dare. We can take it.] [Supposedly, when Franklin Delano Roosevelt
was President he got into an argument with the publisher William Randolph Hearst.
When their war of words was finally over, he was asked if he had learned anything.
He responded, I learned not to argue with people who buy their ink by the barrel.
Also attributed to Mark Twain as I never argue with people who buy their ink by the barrel
and Never pick fights with people who buy their ink by the barrel.
Added by Alan C. Page (NFL Hall of Famer and Associate Justice of the Minnesota Supreme Court)
in a 1998 keynote address or their paper by the ton.
See https://www.theregister.co.uk/content/6/17465.html for more.]

pseudovicar: Like a regular vicar, but one perfectly entitled to tell damaging lies.
Example: The old woman chased us off her property half way through the funeral. It wasn't till Tuesday we found out that it had been conducted by a pseudovicar. That explains everything.

pseudoworld: a false reality in society
Example: In a pseudoworld Sally sees the window as not broken, but everybody else sees that it is.

psketti: Children's phonetic spelling of spaghetti.
Example: More psketti, mum?

psqueer Right: An expression of indifference--nonsense to confuse the enemy.
Example: It's the end of the world ! Repent now you mortal sinner ! Before....
Psqueer right!

psshhh: Used as a response to a statement that is either derogatory or doesn't have to be said. Similar to 'Whatever'
Example: Statement: Hey, you girlfriend thinks that your not buying her enough presents. response: psshhh

pssst: This word has come up with the advent of Instant Messaging.
Pssst is the sound people make when they disagree with something someone said,
and want to express their disapproval with one easily said syllable.
This is the text version of that sound and has become a very useful word among my friends.
Example: Guy1: You know, the Detroit Lions aren' that bad.
Me: Pssst.

psuedocommunism: A form of fascism in which the private owners who normally benefit are replaced by a small group of elites, this is done under the guise of being called communism.
Example: The former Soviet Union and china are examples of psuedocommunism.

psychic e-mail: When you think I must call X and then X calls you at that moment.
You've obviously sent her a psychic e-mail.
Example: God, it was so weird. I was sending psychic e-mail all day.

Psychlic: Someone who sees visions of the future, over and over and over again.
Example: He was already tired of his life, having seen it many times before using his psychlic ability.

psychobabble: Any and all conditions, methods, treatments delivered by psychiatrists, psychologists, and other pseudo-sciences.
Example: 1. His continuous evaluation of me was nothing but psychobabble.
2. ADHD or ADD is nothing but a bunch of psychobabble.

psychofungalfreak: A psychologically damaged, fungus-infested, odd-ball freakish individual.
Example: I got the he-be-je-be's when that psychofungalfreak started following me around at the party.

psychoholic: (Adj) Psychic and psycho mixed. When two people are so closely linked that they finish each other's sentences or frequently say the same thing at the same time. Particularly applicable if what is said is bizarre.
Example: Hey, that's what I was going to say. We are psychoholic.

psychologize: To excuse what you did wrong by citing reasons for your bad behavior--usually something from your childhood.
Example: I can't believe she got off so easy. She psychologized that she shoplifted because her mother used to steal from her purse.

psychopawthic: The natural mental state of cats, especially obvious when they're racing around the house at home speed.
Example: Gave the cat some catnip, and now she's gone psychopawthic.

psychosclerosis: Hardening of the attitudes.
Example: My son, who never listens to reason and has no common sense, suffers from the pseudocondition of psychosclerosis.

psycredit: Credit of psychic ability sought by someone following an event, usually resulting from a trivial or minor ailment.
Example: Hey! I had a major headache all last week, and this week a piano fell on my sister! Do I get psycredit?

Psyence: The art and appreciation of buying, mixing, and making good hard acid trance and psytrance music.
Example: DJKitten was an expert in the field of psyence

pterabyte: A unit of data storage specifically optimized for describing quantities of data stored on media that can no longer be read, such as magnetic drums or mercury delay lines. It is equal to one byte.
Example: The only extant copy of the original PDP-8 assembler takes up 3,100% pterabytes of paper tape.

ptingga: A word describing any number of miscellenania, basically a thing or object.
Specific, yet oblique.
Example: I didn't eat the whole buffet,,but I had a few ptinggas.

publi: The plural of publix.
Example: New publi are opening all over the place.

pubwan: A public WAN (wide area network).
Example: I uploaded a photocopy of my fingerprint to pubwan.

puck bunny: Someone who plays hockey only cause they have a crush on a hockey player.
Usually a prep, but not always.
Example: All of those people who hang at the Pens Players forum are huge puck bunnies.

puck bunny: Girls that hang around jocks (see Jarheads).
Example: What is up with Jessie? Does she always hang out with those jarheads? When did she become such a puck bunny?

pucker factor: a very familiar and regularly used term among Air Force flyers since well before the Viet Nam war. It was one of the first slang terms I heard regularly when I went to flight school in 1973. "Pucker" relates to the tightening of the spincter muscle of the anus

puckie, pucky: The fasteners used to put a little girl's hair up in puppy dog tails.
Example: Where are the puckies for putting your hair up?

puddify: To turn into pudding like consistency. Or turning into pudding. Puddification.
Example: I've been up so late studying that my brain is starting to puddify.

puddkele: (from pudding + the Yiddish affectionate dimunitive suffix construction -ele, comparable to Spanish -ita/-ito; pronounced PUDD-kuh-luh) A round, cuddly creature.
Example: Such a puddkele is my 25-pound cat!

pudge: Extra fat that can be found on the stomach, thighs, backside, and sometimes the face.
Back formation from pudgy.
Example: I need to work off some of this pudge on my stomach.

pudgebucket: An obese child. A child who is exceptionally overweight due to excessive consumption of unhealthy foods and lack of exercise.
Example: While shopping at Wal-Mart, several pudgebuckets were badgering their mom for Happy Meals.

puedamate: Using a non-existant word in a game such as Boggle or Scrabble
in which actual words are required. Made up spelled backwards is puedam.
Example: William's puedamation was not only pathetic but also very annoying.

Puff: Whatever, wrong, pfffff!
Example: Puff. If that is what you think.

puff daddy: To take a preexisting project, such as a presentation, ad copy, or design, and even though it really doesn't need improving, you make a few changes and then pass it off as entirely your own work.
Example: I thought the ad looked fine but then she just had to go and puff daddy it up.

puffends: The epitome of cool. Also puffendesaton.
Example: Ms. Monson is puffendsaton.

puffer: A person who overstates or overrepresents their importance to the organization.
Example: He's such a puffer he had people believing he was the chief when he's just an ordinary beat-cop.

puffgut: Physical swelling of stomach after eating too much.
Example: After we went out to eat, I had a bad case of puffgut.

puggled: Scots slang: tired or exhausted.
Example: You coming dancing tonight? No, I'm puggled.

puh: For.
Example: I was looking puh carrots and it took me forever to find them.

puhhdicament: A situation of some type or another.
Usually a bad one, but not always.
A corruption of the word predicament.
Example: I just lost a thousand dollars in a game of cards. What a puhhdicament!
Or in the GOOD context:
I just won a thousand dollars in a game of cards. What a puhhdicament!

Pukamo: The combination of punk, ska and emo genres of music.
Example: Left Out Skippy is a good Pukamo band!

Pule: V. To vomit: N.The material vomited.
Example: Her remark was so upsetting I wanted to pule. The resultant pule made me want to pule all over again.

pull a Harry Mason: To rush into something without any regard for potential risks or danger.
Adapted from the video game Silent Hill.
Example: I pulled a Harry Mason today when I missed a shome sign and kept speeding on.
I ended up getting pulled over.

pull a Holden: Outright telling someone you're in love with him when he has no clue that you do. From Holden McNeil in the movie Chasing Amy.
Example: Even though she was my brother's girlfriend, I almost pulled a Holden last night when she giggled.

Pull a Homer: Do something dumb like fall, and then do something like find a dime on the floor because of your fall.
Example: After he fell, he found a dime he said I pulled a homer.

pull a huey: To make a U-turn while driving, especially in places where U-turns are expressly forbidden or just not appropriate.
Example: Damn, I missed the street... I'll just pull a huey up here...

pull a John Hughes: To pull a John Hughes is to be needlessly concerned about the results of a test everyone else knows you aced.

John was known to be extremely smart, but he was always saying after an exam, I know I got an F. Fellow students, in a sort of John Hughes Fan Club, had green sweat shirts (John must have had about forty, because he almost always wore one.) made up that had I know I got an F printed on them. Marshalltown, IA, circa 1981.
Example: I know I got an F. C'mon, Jack. You tryin' to pull a John Hughes? Everyone knows you didn't get a single answer wrong.

pull a train: Consensual sex between one woman and several men.
Example: The stripper agreed to pull a train with all of the guys at the bachelor party.

pulled a hammer: When you spend all of your money on stupid stuff like MC Hammer did.
Example: You bought that Rolex? Somebody just pulled a hammer.

Pulling a Goose: One man asks you to dance and his two buddies roll up behind you and attempt to ride your
wind shear all night long; any attempt to eject means a serious headblow and potential death.
See _Night at the Roxbury_ for this in practice in extreme terms.
Common side effects are being disturbed when brushing up against doorknobs;
getting a migraine when seeing polyester shirts in direct light;
and crying in shame when you think about dancing in public.
Addendum: Women are urged to wear closed-toed shoes as these are tricky maneuvers.
Example: She was extremely attractive. Several guys tried to pull a goose.

Pulling the trigger: An unsportsmanlike play usually seen in NHL hockey video games where the opposing player takes an involuntary pass from the goaltender and shamelessly
takes the shot while the goaltender is out of position, usually resulting in an easy goal.
Example: Not only is Mike Mark a C-Master (see C-Master), the only way he can score
goals is by swarming my goalie and pulling the trigger. That's weak.

pulltab: Instant win lottery ticket. The ticket is laminated and contains perforated windows that can be opened to reveal content.
Example: I opened my pulltab and won $100%.00 dollars.

Pulse Rifle: Very powerful gun from the TV show _Farscape_.
Example: That pulse tifle's gonna blow him away--big time.

pulu: something very rounded and smooth
Example: Many of the pebbles on that part of the beach are pulus

puma: a young girl at a bar who is aggressively seeking affection
Example: That puma was all over you.

pummelgate, pommelgate: The propagation of the incorrect spelling or definition of a word.
Example: Sophia pummelgates all the time.
Yesterday she came to the office trying to find out what pommelgate meant.
She insisted that was the correct spelling.
It turns out that the word she was looking for was promulgate, so we decided to give pommelgate, pummelgate life in her honor.

pumping gas: Doing something airheaded. {Story to come.}
Example: Interestingly enough, soon after my daughter pumped gas, we saw Derek Zoolander's model buddies pump gas, too.

pumpkin warrior: A heavily muscled body nazi.
Example: A: Check her out.
B: Yeah, shame about the pumpkin warrior she's hangin' with. A: Snubbed.

Pumpkinhead: noun, one who is addicted to the music group, Smashing Pumpkins.
Example: Wow, that guy has 55 Smashing Pumpkins cds. He must be a real Pumpkinhead!

punch: An exclamation used to indicate one's frustration; more narrowly, indicates one's desire to beat the ccrap out of something or someone.
Example: Would you like to take a survey? Punch.

punch buggy: 1. A volkswagon beetle, new or old.
2. A game where one punches a friend extremely hard when a beetle is spotted and yells
Punch buggy--(color of car)! The addititon of No Punchbacks is optional.
Example: Never drive past a Volkswagon dealership with Crystal in the car--she's killer at punch buggy!

pundant: Pundit, a self-proclaimed expert. (At least that's what I think people mean when they use it.)
Example: He is a political pundant.

pungent: Someone who is acting dumb or silly.
Example: Shome mooning the other cars. You're being a pungent.

punjabb: Someone who has said or done something stupid.
Example: I called my sister a punjabb because the pool ball bounced off the table after she hit it.

punk off: To brush someone off, to belittle.
Example: When I attempted to get a refund, I was punked off by the cashier.

punkette: A female rebel
Example: That girl is crazy! She's what you'd call a punkette!

punkus: used to describe a person who is acting obnoxious or annoying.
Example: can be used as a noun - Mike was being a punkus all day today, or as an adverb - Shome acting so punkus, Mike!

punkydoo: A cute young girl (child)
Example: She is such a punkydoo.

punt: (1) To put off work. (2) To avoid or abandon a situation.
Example: (1) I have a paper due tomorrow, but I'm punting it. (2) The meeting was getting boring, so I punted.

pupcrus: The residue that your puppy leaves on the window when she presses her nose on it.
Example: I have to clean the window now--it's covered in Bob's pupcrus.

pupcus: The slimy residue left by the touch of a dog's wet nose.
Example: The window that Spot looked out of while awaiting his master's return was covered pupcus.

puperflect: verb: to reflect or meditate upon something in a whimsical mannner, or to briefly think about a matter
Example: What my mother said about my hair did not stir me to puperflect about my bad hair cut.

Pupkiss: The small wet spot a dog leaves after pressing it's nose against a window.
Example: I just cleaned that window and already it's got a pupkiss.

pupkus: The moist residue left on a glass window after a dog has had his nose pressed against it.
Example: Can you let the dog in before he gets pupkus all over the door again?

purp: Purple bruise.
Example: The last time he saw her she had many love bites and love purps.

purple monkey dishwasher: 1) A word originated by The Simpsons when used in a grapevine. 2) A dishwasher yet to be created, but blueprints have been made somewhere. Bananas are its detergent. The monkey gives daily insight 6 days a week, except on it's day off.
Example: He wants you to see him at 4 by the purple monkey dishwasher.

purpleh: Purple in its evil form.
Example: Look at those purpleh sweatpants. My God, cover your eyes.

purplestorm: a bike that can't start its engine no matter how many times it have been repaired
Example: hey.. r u riding a purplestorm ??? time to change new bike.

purplier: Stating that something is more purple than something else..
Purpliest can be used as the superlative, for the most extreme amount of purple ever known to man.
Example: The outfit she is wearing is much purplier than the one she wore yesterday.

My friend has the purpliest room; even her microwave is purple!

purposelessness: Having no intent; being in a state without intention, no purpose.
Example: Having no ideas for the science fair, Bob had a feeling of purposelessness.

purrfect: Super perfect.
Example: Looks like she finally found her purrfect man; he supplies everything and she has all the fun.

purrific: A terrific thing that feels so good you can purr about it.
Example: Landing her millionaire was the most purrific event of her life.

purty: pleasant, beautiful
Example: Your perfume sure smells purty.

Pushing Tin: Drinking a lot of beer.
Example: He went out and got a case of beer last night and pushed tin all night by himself.

pushnah: An interjection used to express frustration, confusion, or anger,
each of which is expressed depending on the tone of voice used to say the word.
Example: What?! I don't understand. Pushnah!

puss-pup: A cheese filled hotdog.
Example: If you microwave a puss-pup you are bound to burn your tounge on the cheese.

Pusscalating: Sound of contentment similar to purring but more choppy--sounding like coffee being percolated.
Example: My calico was so happy she was pusscalating.

pussified: Terrified by women.
Example: Men are pussified by women's lib.

pussy-footing: To delicately and carefully (like a stalking cat) talk your way around a subject that may be controversial, or difficult to discuss.
Example: Sally pussyfooted around the issue of asking her boss for a raise.

pustacious: To be filled with pus.
Example: My big toe is infected, now it's all pustacious.

put away the shotgun: To get over something which is emotionally important to you and have it replaced by something new.
Example: bob: so are u still going out with jen? johnny: nah, i put away the shotgun and got me jane

put my name in: Used by a guy to alert his buddies of his interest in a given female.
Example: Mary is quite attractive. I may just have to put my name in.

puter: Short for computer.
Example: My puter crashed three times this week.

Putie: 1. Another name for a computer.
2. A woman's nickname.
Example: Please turn off the putie when you are done.

putitonmytabmom: Penny less teenager wanting to borrow funds for multiple emergency reasons and promising repayment.
Example: Could you lend me $20 and putitonmytabmom.

putrank: Putrid and rank. Something that is awfully smelly and disgusting to look at, at the same time.
Example: As I walked closer to the creek and realised it was full of raw sewage, it became clear how putrank it was.

putron: An illegibly written word.

variations: putronic, putronically

Entomology: A friend of mine once thought some now-forgotten word written on a chalkboard was putron. She even asked the teacher what putron meant.
Example: I cannot read the notes on the board. It's covered in putrons.

Doctors' handwriting is notoriously putronic.

putt-putt: A vehicle in bad condition but which still gets you there.
Example: My putt-putt has bad shocks and a bad paint job, but it still gets you down the road in one piece.

puttinin: Contributing to the cause.
Example: The zit cream costs $12.00. Let's split the cost. How much you puttinin?

pvedderphall: Feh-dur-fahl. Falling slowly or slowing one's fall.
Example: The best way to pvedderphall from 30,000 feet is to use a parachute.

pvyrebaal: (Pronounced: fireball) A fireball made up of blue or green flame.
Also used to describe flame used by necromancers and other evil wizards.
Example: The necromancer heated his cauldron with a well-cast pvyrebaal.

pwinkerhoff: I don't know, do you?
Example: Bobfred: What's the capital of Saskatchewan, Canada?
Georgemike: Pwinkerhoff.

pwnage: Ownage. The word own is often used in the gaming world. When people type quickly, they make more typos. Pwnage is one of them, because the O is right next to the P. Eventually, the habit turned into an actual statement used.

Definition: superiority; the aquisition of more skill/ability than other things/people.

Pronunciation: POE-nidge
Example: This is total pwnage. I pwned you.

pwned: Past tense. To have seized complete control over something or someone. To
render a victim completely helpless and at the absolute mercy of the victor.
It's origin comes from the word owned commonly used in hacker speak to
represent complete ownership of a hacked computer system or defacement of a
Website. The variation of spelling (from owned to pwned) is thought to have
occurred do typing errors in certain online games. On a computer keyboard
the letter p is close in proximity to the letter o , so pwned became a common misspelling. New online gamers seeing this misspelling simply adopted
it as the true word for owned.

Example: I pwned you when I took first place in the competition.

Variations: owned, ownz

Pwup: Plastic traffic cones. (They make a pwup sound when dropped on the ground.)
Example: When navigating the driver's test, you have to be careful not to run into any pwups.

pyrokleptic: The act of pocketing a lighter or book of matches
Example: That pyrokleptic stole my lighter!

pyrokleptomanic: Someone who steals disposable lighters, usually without knowing it--or claiming not to know it.
Example: My boyfriend is a pyrokleptomanic, is yours?

Pythonian Deductive Reasoning: A form of deductive reasoning patterned after the witch burning scene in
Monty Python and the Holy Grail.
Example: Using Pythonian Deductive Reasoning we can establish:
Since it's warmer in Boston than Phoenix, it's Winter.
Something is changing nature's patterns.
Witches practice in meddling in nature.
Therefore, witches are causing the warm weather in Boston.