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g: adj.(gee)Something that is cool or fun.
Example: Man...this game is g!

G to G: Good to Go. Implies that you are ready.
Example: I packed my bags, grabbed my ticket, and was G to G. OR Everybody in the car? All righty, we're G to G.

g': More or less a prefix word that can be inserted before any curse word to instantly turn it into a non-curse word, yet still show your general displeasure at the situation.
Example: G'bollocks.

g'd up from the feet up: Looking ganster from head to toe.
Example: With these clothes I'm g'd up from the feet up.

g'day: Australian slang for good day.
Example: G'day, mate. How's it going?

g-mail: email for gangsta's
Example: I just be chillin' and sending some g-mail, yo.

g-stache: The trademark moustache of a young male redneck. Thinner than a REAL moustache, this type is grown in a redneck's teen years before a thicker moustache is achievable.
Example: Billy Bob grew a very unsightly g-stache in his teenage years..

g-tard: a suburban white kid who pretends he's from the ghetto.
Example: he's all decked out in FUBU and nautica gear that his lawyer parents bought him... what a g-tard.

G.H.I.: Get Help Immediately
Example: You are such an imbecile, GHI!

G.O.L.L.A.S.G.O.P.: Giggling Out Loud Like A School Girl On Potatoes.
Example: I am soo GOLLASGOP.

G.O.M.E.R.: Get Out of My Emergency Room. Term used to identify an elderly patient who is too sick to cure and refuses to die,
causing the physician or nurse much wasted effort, time, and material for no good reason. Taken from _House of God_ by Samuel Shem. Also a derisive term for a nursing home patient so far gone with senility that that all he or she can do is sit in a chair or lie in a bed, be fed pureed food, defecate and gather bed sores.
Example: Doc, we gotta nuther Gomer in room number five.

g.u.o.: Acronym for Great Unlucky One. Originally based on a D&D character who spent his entire existence being either breathed on or sat on by dragons - is now used as an invisible scapegoat for any and all spurts of bad luck.
Example: Four finals in one day? Looks like the G.U.O. strikes again!

gabajillionaire: A person with so much money that...they just have a lot of money.
Example: Why should I try plan to become a millionaire in the future when I can become a gabajillionaire.

gabberduke: Gross, nasty, icky
Example: Madi's inability to online was so gabberduke it was pratically unbearable for her.

gabbo: Pointless acts of self-inflicted harm.
Example: That stunt was totally gabbo.

gabbo: A short and perhaps subliminal piece of advertising, causing much confusion over what was actually being advertised. Alluding to the show with the same name on The Simpsons.
Example: A: (Watching TV) What on earth was that?
B: I think it was a gabbo ad.

gaberate: To hang out and talk about anything at all with friends
Example: Did you and the guys hang out and gaberate last night?

gabwanaha: Good-looking women
Example: Check out the gabwanaha playing pool on ESPN.

gach: A sticky or unusual situation or someone who is rude. From the Spanish word gacho, sez JS. (Pronounced goch as in Gocha!')
{Also the Georgia Alliance for Community Hospitals.}
Example: After having been short-changed at the ticket office, he exclaimed: Man, that's gach.

gack: To attack, destroy, or otherwise damage. Often used in combative situations regarding enemy positions.
Example: We have to gack their artillery before advancing our tanks.
Hey! Don't gack my surfboard.

gadge: One who uses gadgets such as a mobile to phone to show off.
Example: My God! That awful ringing sound. Chris is nothing but a little gadge.

Gadgemetronical: Used in connection with electronical gadgets, gizmos, or other tools.
Usually of little to no practical use.
Example: A watch with a TV remote and garage door opener and that tells the time in 20 different zones is
only for a gadgemetronical fiend.

Gadzooks: Interjection showing surprise.
Example: Gadzooks! You really startled me.

gafarbawitz: Expletive. An old family word used around kids so that they don't repeat other four-letter words that adults tend to say.
Example: When Jacob had his toe crushed by the garage door, he yelled out: Gafarbawitz! That really hurt!

gaff off: A verb used in the USMC to deliberately blow someone off or to delay a task.
Example: Don't gaff off this report. It's due first thing tomorrow.

gaffer, gaff: Used in place of stupid or silly.
I believe this is a very loose translation of the dictionary definitions for foolish talk, humorous old man.
Anyone a bit silly became a gaffer, and, ergo, some silly thing or act was gaff. Popped up in SE Mass around 1984.
Example: Did you see that guy arguing for an hour over the lightsaber fights in _Star Wars_ and how in _Empire_ they cut through the railings, and in _Jedi_ they didn't? What a gaffer!
Have you ever see a thing called a Chick Tract? How utterly Gaff!

gaft: to steal something or someone
gaft, gafted, gafting...etc.
Example: I gafted that tomato from her stash, and threw at her face.

gag a maggot off a gutwagon: Something that stinks.
Example: His odor is so bad it would gag a maggot off a gutwagon.

gaggle: Washington DC expression; an informal news conference without television cameras.
Example: Presidential Press Secretary Ari Fletcher has instituted a 9 am daily gaggle in the White House Press Office.

gagswitch: The fleshy bit at the back of your throat that makes you go kyack! when you stick things too far into your mouth.
Example: Kyack! Nope I can't eat a carrot in one bite!

gah: Exclamation used as realization dawns that a disaster is about to or has just occurred.
Example: Gah! I forgot to backup up the code before I changed it!

gah roo: An interjection used in in place of what? or huh?
Example: Joe: Your epidermis is showing.
Jon: Gah roo?

gahcked: to be overly excited or adament about something
Example: they were all gahcked over the fact that they had won the football game

gairmmin: gairmmin is the opposite of the word awesome (used in a teenagers language)
if something is bad
Example: you got a bad mark in school. you think. 'GAIRMMIN, I SHOULD'VE STUDIED!'

Gaish: Describing a thing which is gay. Derived from gay-ish
Example: His hot pink belly shirt is so gaish.

gak: A subjective description of the feeling of the mucus that develops in the back of one's throat after drinking a glass of orange juice followed by brushing one's teeth.

Extra thick milkshakes can often produce the same results.
Example: Gak! I just can't sing right after breakfast.

galamble: (noun) A long speech about something you'd rather not listen to. Ususally you have no part in the conversation.
(verb) To give an excessively long boring speech.
Example: The teacher's galamble today was on the unrecursive enumerableness of Goedel's Theorem.

galded or gaulded: Refers to irritation where legs rub against each other, as in upper thighs.
Example: He had been working hard in the field all day and sweated profusely and became gaulded.

galumph: To gallop triumphantly. From Jabberwocky by Lewis Carroll
Example: He was so pleased with his efforts at the game, he galumphed the entire way home.

gamalian: One well-versed in using games to get what she wants. Not upfront.
Example: Jeez, did she have to get all gamalian on me. She could have said it straight.

gamasteron: Aa planet of a solar system whose existence is certain, but not identified exactly yet.
Example: There are a lot of gamasterons in our galaxy.
She is like a gamasteron in that you never know for sure where she is.

gamooks: rather unordinary persons with little awareness of the world around them.
Example: I don't want this sculpture to fall into the hands of just any gamooks, God knows what they'd do with it.

gamorgeous: Used to describe something that is to die for' beautiful...more than gorgeous and extremely glamourous.
Example: She was wearing a new dress that was absolutely gamorgeous.

gangsta: A real thug, livin' the streets the way that the hip-hop lifestyle would suggest.
Example: Chris is the only real gangsta I know.

gank: To attack without provocation, to lash out for no good reason.
Example: Jeez, I barely set foot in the place when Chris ganked me. I wuzn't gonna boost nothin' this time.

gank: A moment of public embarrassment.
Example: Someone trips walking into a pub--that's gank. Tripping coming out is different.

gank: To screw something up or have it fall short of expectations.
Example: 1. That basketball player really ganked his shot.
2. Wave Rally really ganks. The screenshots looked cool, but the game plays horribly.

Ganopulator: Like the boogey-man, only worse.
Example: The Ganopulator is a scary fictitious monster who eats everything from food scraps to dirty single socks--
and toes that hang out of the bed at night.

gant: Hungry, starving for food.
Example: I have not eaten anything all day, so I am gant.

gantt: Collective for project managers.
Example: The developer hid under the desk as a gantt of project managers, wild-eyed and slavering,
stalked the building.

gaper's delay: The traffic delay resulting from a roadside accident or similar spectacle. Derived from drivers' gaping behavior when driving near an accident. Heard on the air in Chicago.
Example: We've got a gaper's delay on the Eisenhower--a 40-foot tall puppuet is gesticulating madly at the drivers. That'll add half an hour to your drive today.

gapification: the act of dressing in, or in the style of, Gap clothes(sweaters/cargos/etc.)
Example: That guy in the sweater has really done some gapification

gaposis: a condition of having gaps between ones front teeth
Example: Her smile was not the best because she suffered from gaposis.

garage time: Used to decribe the time guys spend single after a breakup.
Example: I'm not really looking to get into a relationship now. I need some garage time.

garbage juice: 1. The liquid leaking from a torn garbage bag. Most commonly found on sidewalks in large cities.
2. A beverage which tastes awful.
Example: 1. Gross, I just stepped in puddle of garbage juice.
2. This martini's awful. It tastes like garbage juice.

garbage juice: Snapple-brand fruit punch.
Example: Get me whatever drink they've got in the store except for the garbage juice.

garbarator: Canadian term for garbage disposal.
Example: Kitchen features include microwave, dishwasher and in-sink garbarator.

garborator: The large Seuss-like riding vacuum cleaners found feasting on the sidewalks of downtown Chicago.
Example: The operator sat ahome the garborator guiding it away from pedestrians and toward select pieces of garbage.

garf: To disfigure an object; the result of such disfiguration.
Example: That would be a nice guitar except for that huge garf in the body.

garfunkel: To disappear mysteriously without a trace, like Art Garfunkel's career.
Example: A. Whatever happened to that kid down the street? B. I don't know. He must have garfunkeled.

Garg: Someone very unpopular and unwanted; a negative, unfriendly person; slang for Gargamel. (Credited to James Ruggieri.)
Example: He's always complaining, always trying to impress people... What a garg!

garganchuin: Huge, big, gigantic (anything of the large sort).
Example: Look at the elephant! Yeah...it's garganchuin!

gargontunous: really really big.
Example: That is the most gargontunous thing I have ever seen.

Garlacise: To have bad breath from garlic
Example: She is garlacising from eating that garlic bread.

garn: Australian phrase for hello used in the country.
Example: Garn.

garr: An expletive describing frustration, disappointment, upsettedness, etc. (Not to be confused with Yarr which is pirate slang for I begin every sentence with this word.
Yarr, I be a pirate. Yarr, hoist the sails, maties!)
Example: Garr...I lost my keys again.

garry-groundwork: Used to describe a male that is extremely 'nice' to girls and is usually friends with several girls at any given time. The phrase derives from the fact that the person is usually trying to lay the 'groundwork' for future romantic engagements or just a casual one-night stand. This person will often be found preying on other guy's troubled girlfriends or other girls in need of a 'nice' guy to talk to.

gas: Fun; hilarious--normally relating to something said or done by another person
Example: You're gas, wheezed Simon, laughing at his Pal's latest joke.

Gaschmackalickinous: A word used to describe the bizzare quality of lunch sandwiches which causes mid-afternoon gassiness. This word can also be used to describe a person suffering from said sandwich-related mid-afternoon gassiness.
Example: Sandwiches from that Deli are rather gaschmackalickinous.
Every time I go there on my lunch break, my coworkers suffer for it afterwards.

gastev: To place another in serious and grave risk of death through physical contact; to inflict serious injury on another through a pre-meditated collision of bodies.

Example: I really inflicted some gastev on that guy.

gastronomical: An excessively large amount of flatulence.
Example: You certainly seem to be gastronomical today.

gastroporn: Food, particularly desserts that are so good they are like sin in a dish.
Example: The cheesecake that bakery makes is pure gastroporn.

gat: A fully automatic carbine. Most often used in reference to an Uzi.
Example: Fluffy poodle wit a gat / Popped a cap inside da cat. Ghetto Petz by Zippy Von Zippy.

gat: Gun.
Example: Don't cross me. I've got my gat locked, loaded, and packed.

gattese, chatois, gat�s, koshk: The Italian, French, Spanish, and Russian words meaning the language spoken by cats.
Example: I passed a cat sanctuary in Rome one day and noticed the funny accents being meowed from one mangy cat to another. It was then that I realized these Roman cats were speaking gattese.

In the feline world, the cats who are generally considered the snobbiest and rudest of all are those who speak chatois.

Ryan's cat Bob is cramming lessons in gat�s because the new next door neighbors are Mexican immigrants whose two cats, Mar�a-Josefina and Carlita, are long-haired hotties.

Masha is from Moscow. Masha is a cat. Masha speaks koshkii. Masha likes borscht.

gattle: To wreck or destroy utterly, as with a Gatling gun. Humorous evolution of Gatling, from the machine gun of the same name.

Example: It's a good thing that big white no-name British boxer took a dive, 'cause it looked like Tyson was 'bout to gattle him.

gauche: Underwear.
Example: Make sure you wear clean gauche, in case you get in an accident.

gawping: Combination of gawking and gaping
Example: Did you see him gawping at those girls?

gaybob: A person who acts or is stupid.
Example: I never really realized how much of a gaybob you are.

gazillion: a large number
Example: I received a gazillion emails while on vacation.

Gazinda: A street whose name changes depending on how far along the street you are.
Example: If you had trouble finding the store it's because Benton street is a gazinda; you start down Lower Muscatine, and that goes into Kirkwood, which goes into Benton.

gazinta: One of the four fundamental operations in math.
Example: 2 gazinta 6 three times.

gazinta: a small plastic container such as those produced by RubberMaid or Tupperware or the type that come
filled with cottage cheese which are then used to store leftovers in the fridge. Stuff gazinta it.
Example: There's enough lasagne left for lunch tomorrow. Gimme a gazinta for it.

gazochstahagen: Used for any German verb, when talking to someone who does not know any German.
Example: When I was last in Stuttgart I bought a new gazochstahagen.

Gazoinks: A random number of years somewhere in the viscinity of 5 to 50.
Example: Boy, I haven't seen that in gazoinks!

gazorninplat: Something unknown, a thingy, a whatchamacall it of sorts.
Example: I cant finish this model, I lost the gazorninplat that came with it.

gazump: British. To offer more for a house than another has already offered and had accepted. In US, this is not allowed--in UK, it is
Example: I've been gazumped on the house I made an offer on.

gazute: Euphemism for the buttocks. (Sort of.)
Example: You've been a pain in my gazute all day.

gbobulin: A happy goblin who typically expresses her happiness by bobbing a lot.
Example: He was dancing like a gbobulin.

gear: Clothing.
Example: I'm going to NY Image to get some new gear.

gear-head: An individual assiduously devoted to cars and their engines.
Example: He's such a gear-head he keeps pinups of American muscle cars in his room.

Gearhead: Someone whos a big fan of the band Clutch
Example: That chicks got like a ton of Clutch cds..man shes a Gearhead

gedge: The white gunk found in the corner of your mouth after chewing gum and dancing all night.
Example: Wipe your mouth., then check your gedge.

gedunk: U.S.M.C., Korean War. A very small restaurant or snack bar.

Example: I'm hungry, let's shome by the gedunk for a beer and hotdog.

geedunk: Junk food, candy. A Navy expression. A debate has been raging over its orgin for decades.
Example: Where's Joe? He's at the store getting some geedunk.

geek: To be involved in highly technical or geek-like behavior as a social outlet or to have fun.
Example: Ken, I know the new computer is fun, but you have to shome geeking with your friends and come have a conversation with real people.

Geek out: To become very nervous, paranoid.
Example: After I took the test I started to geek out, because I thought I failed it.

Geek Speak: Describes terms used by ... well ... geeks. Usually specific to a genre the general public knows nothing about.
Example: These friends of mine play D&D, and are always talking in Geek Speak. They spend entire conversations discussing THAC0 and saying things like how about a celestial badger? and I choose to disbelieve!

geeked: when someone is all rattled about something
Example: Thank god the State survey is over everyone was so geeked acting.

geeked: Extremely happy or excited.
Example: I was totally geeked when I got my first car.

Geekend: A weekend spent engaged in geek-related activities.
Example: I've just bought a new computer, so it looks like it's going to be a long geekend.

Geeker: Someone who messes up something that is going well. Progresses to Double Geeker and eventually Deedledorfer if things go real bad.
Example: We were getting tons of work done until that geeker came along and geeked it all up.

geekgasm: A fit of intense geekly joy; happens when a geek runs into someone or something exceedingly geeky not seen every day
Example: Chris almost had a geekgasm when he saw the trailer for the new Star Wars movie.

geekin: Pursuit of geek happiness.
Example: Jer sat in front of his computer geekin while he waited for his girl to get home.

geekolater: A person whose sole purpose around the office is to translate between the tech gurus and the average guys.
Example: Hey, can somebody go grab the geekolater? I can't understand a word this guy is saying!

Geeta: To Leave
Example: Lets geeta. (As in Geeta hell out of here.)

geezer: A lad, in the purest sense of the word. Usually from london.
Likes women, beer, and football. Tends to be involved in suspect deals such as second-hand televisions.
Example: Look at John--he thinks he's a geezer.

geezerbird: London term for women without the girlie games-playing nonsense. Still feminine, but with lad-like directness.
Example: What's she like? Oh, she's cool, she's a geezerbird.

gemscape: The mind.
Example: Let me look into the gemscape and see if anything shines.

gen: The lowdown, the truth, the real stuff.
Example: He is telling you true gen.

Generation Dot X: alt. Dot X Generation, or Dot X'er.
A group of people graduated from college after the burst of the Dotcom bubble, with abundance of computer skills but no decent career opportunities to apply them to. A predicament reminiscent of the one faced by Generation X. Disappointed but happy that they did not make a Dotcom fool out of themselves. A general feeling of missed opportunities like they showed up to a party too late, only to see empty bowls of caviar and shrimp cocktails. Unlike the Dotcommers who were able to save enough money to move to Thailand to hibernate until the economy recovers, this group of college graduates have no choice but to accept jobs that are substantially below their expectations.
Example: Those Dot X'ers are paying off their student loans for their Media
Communications degrees by working at restaurants.

generational dissonance: The state of believing that one's generation is unique;
that one will avoid the errors made by predecessors in similar situations.
Example: He actually thought that 90s music would be around forever.
It was generational dissonance that kept him from seeing that it would clearly have the same sad
fate ten years from now as 80s music does today.

generica: the stores and strip malls you can see in any town in America. They all look the same (generic).
Example: When you see anything in a town that looks the same as in any other town in America you just comment generica

genericalize: To make something generic
Example: The site was too specific so the designer was asked to genericalize the design.

genericise: To write or design something in a way that is generic or to change something to become generic--especially

Example: We should try to genericise this bit of the software.

Genericus: Transformer kicked off of Cybertron after a risque run in with Optimus Prime in the shower after the game.
Forced in ignominy to roam the universe with the Gobots.
Example: What's wrong ,Genericus? Oh, nothing, other than living in exile from my home.

genetic cul de sac: A place showing signs of inbreeding.
Example: Going through New Jersey is like travelling through a genetic cul de sac.

Genetical: Genetic, thus making an incorrect word use correct. All teachers will buy it once you tell them you found the word in the pseudodictionary.
Example: Katie said that sneezing multiple times was genetical, because her father sneezes a bunch as well.

geni: The plural of genius.

(Kind of like the plural of cactus is cacti.)
Example: Your family sure is a bunch of geni.

geniac: Very clever, intelligent person who displays maniac-like behaviour when under the influence of alcohol.
Example: We watched the young computer whiz stumble out of the bar with his car keys in his hand.
There goes a real geniac.

geniosity: n. The quality or condition of being a genius.
Example: How the hell did you score a 98 in that Chem final? Geniosity.

geniosity: the quality or state of being a genius
Example: How the hell'd you get a 98 on that orgo chem final? Geniosity.

geniyical: Genius-like.
Example: That was truly geniyical.

genki: From the Japanese, meaning healthy, cheerful, and vibrant.
Example: She's always so genki, which is cool, but sometimes it gets on my freakin' nerves.

genuity: The act of being genuine.
Example: His genuity impressed me; he felt compassion and expressed that warmly.

geoflatus: The foul smell produced by oil refineries and pump jacks usually on a regular basis,
especially around West Texas.
Example: What is that noxious odor? Why, Mam, that's just good old geoflatus,
the smell of Mother Earth here in Odessa. The smell of money.

geographically undesirable: Someone you would like to date, but lives too far away.
Example: Nikki sure is hot, but she lives in the next state. That makes her geographically undesirable.

Geoja: Georgia.
Example: Jump in the van. We're gonna get some peaches from Geoja.

george: A Las Vegas gambling term used by dealers. Denotes some one who tips well. If the customer tips extremely well he would be a King George. A george will almost always get special favors and treatment from the house. The opposite of flea.
Example: Ben Affleck is george.

George Picketfences: A name for a person whose name you have forgotten.
Example: Hey, look! It's ummm, George Picketfences.

George, Mac: Generic name for someone whose name you do not know.
Example: Hey, George, will you let me get off the bus please?

Georgia'd: To be had; swindled, ganked, to get got.
Example: I gave this broad a hundred doller bill to get us some grub and was georgia'd for the whole wad.

Georgium Sidus: The original name put forward by Sir William Herscell, the discoverer of Uranus, for that planet.
Example: Ooh, look. See how bright Georgium Sidus is tonight.

geotrophisms: Ultra-fantastic visual images flashing through the mind's eye.
One may observe this occasionally just before going off to sleep.
Time may seem to become distored during this period of hyper-realistic visions.
Example: I experienced a really cool set of geotrophisms last night.
What a trip! I wish I could draw some of this stuff down.

gerb: (v) You let someone have a bite of your food. She doesn't clean the spoon. She leaves drool covered leftovers on the spoon.... Also, sloppy eaters in general.
Example: Mildred, you just gerbed on my spoon!

gerd: used to describe anything with a consistency between curd and goo.(gerdy)
Example: That oatmeal was gerd!

gerfasshed: Stymied seems to be a good fit for this word, coined by a Susan Gunther in a query she submitted to The Word Detective, copyright 1999 Evan Morris.
Example: Dear Word Detective: I am totally gerfasshed (just made that up in order to alliterate) by the word gridiron. When, why, how did it come into the language to mean football field? I have queried several football-player types who appear to know all there is to know about the game, and none of them knows why a gridiron is called a gridiron. -- Susan Gunther, via the internet.

Geri: A disappointingly small amount of something. From ex-Spice Girl Geri Halliwell
Example: I hoped to get a generous portion of the banoffe pie, but was only served with a geri.

germish: An unconscious combination of German and English that results from not thinking about where you are.
Example: And then I looked up in the Himmel to see if I could spy some stars or even some Sternschnuppen.... Oops! I'm speaking Germish.

germophobe: A person who is deathly afraid of getting sick.
Example: J gets nervous whenever he's around anyone who's sick. What a germophobe.

gert: Something weird or unusual. (Also a diminutive of Gertrude. My second cousin Gertrude, though, was called Gertie.)
Example: That cheese in the cafeteria smells gert.

Geschwint: I don't know if this word actually exists, but it sounds German and it sounds cool.
Example: Like when something has been running along real smooth ... you say It went Geschwint

gesolent: (n) boring, and dull.
Example: July 17 is Gesolent Day.

gestobulate: The act of making vicious gestures and hand motions towards inanimate objects. See voibulate.
Example: I gestobulated the computer because it was being too slow.

gesundt-height: Not to be confused with Gesundheit (which is often said after someone sneezes). Next time you sneeze and someone says that, answer back with: 28 inches. When they ask What? tell them 28 inches: the distance from the floor up to your geshundt
Example: My geshundt-height is 28 inches.

get in share: Cajunfor Get In There.
Example: Boudreaux told his alligator, Get in share.

get off the grass: Used to knock back something that isn't worth what it costs. This phrase comes from Helen from Canberra.
Example: Florist: Ms. Burns, that particular bunch of roses costs $300. Ms.Burns:Get off the grass!

get out of peach: A command conveying essentially the same instruction as shome what you're doing
Example: Tell Steve to get out of peach and help me out here in the stockroom.

get red: Variant of redass or case of the ass.
Example: 1. That guy made a pass at my wife while I was standing right there, so I had to get red with him.
2. He got red with me when I told him to find somebody else to work this weekend.

get small: Synonymous with Get out of the way; used primarily with dogs and children, or anything else likely to swarm around your feet and trip you as you are trying to, say, carry two armloads of groceries into the house
Example: Get small! George yelled at the dogs, who were crowding around his feet as he tried to carry two full wine glasses to the table.

get-down: Elapsed time from punchout time at work on Friday to church on Sunday.
Example: I axed my main man, Z, what was goin' down for the get-down?

Getokhyldte: (Pronounced: Get-oh-kaild) Used to describe a person under the age of 18 who dresses as if a lower-class citizen
Example: Look at that getokhyldte go, wearing his moldy shirt.

getting horizontal: An extremely relaxed position.
Example: Where's Mac? He's getting horizontal in front of the tube.

getting your lips beat: 1980s USAF slang.
Performing a superhuman task at incredible speed and just barely being able to keep up.
Example: I was getting my lips beat running messages for the Major.

gffa: Good From Far Away. Taken from the boys at my local Wendy's.
Used to describe a girl that you thought was good looking while she was at the back of the line, but looked horrid close up.
Can be use by girls for boys, too.
Example: Ewwwww! Sorry, guys, false alarm.
Definitely GFFA.

gfl: acronym meaning Gamer For Life
Example: The guy sits in front of his computer playing Counter-Strike day in and out. He's a hardcore gfl.

gfunk: Girlfriend.
Example: Get on with your life, Justin. Dump the gfunk tonight.

GG: Good Game.
Example: Hey, GG, wanna play again?

ghandi: A replacement for the word God used in vain.
Example: Good Ghandi! I can't believe he fragged them all.

ghe: What????--I don't understand.
Example: A. Hey, Jimmy, hoolinguyattamouth.
B. Ghe?????

ghee: Unexplainable, disgusting-looking substance. Often cheese-like, sticky, goopy, or strangely-colored.
Example: Ewww...I just stepped in some ghee! Have you got some rubber gloves and some bleach so I can clean it off?

ghetmo: More ghetto, ghetto-er if you will. Not quite the ghetto-ist, but more ghetto than ghetto, hence ghetmo.
Example: That movie was overly ghetmo.

Ghetrified: 1. To be extremely ghetto--that is, low-quality or lame.
2. Wearing clothing that makes one look silly or disreputable.
Example: 1. Check out the duct-tape all over that car. That is too ghetrified.
2. You need to lose that do-rag. You look totally ghetrified.

Ghettiste: (Get-ees-tay) An object that is very expensive but is really a piece of crap.
Example: That watch is so ghettiste.

ghetto: 1. Cheap, bad, inferior, half-assed. 2. An imitation.
Example: That was a wicked ghetto parking job, but we'll only be here for a few minutes.

Ghetto Blaster: radio, usually used when the radio is too loud
Example: Apparently my ghetto blaster is too loud for the nieghbors.

ghetto booty: Your closest buddies.
Example: Yay! Ghetto booty crew is here.

ghetto Fried Rice: Fried rice made with hot dogs or bacon and without veggies. Usually made by poor college students.
Example: After we got back from the bar, Debbie made us some ghetto fried rice.

ghetto lemonade: My friend coined this at a party...basically it is a mixed drink with really cheap ingredients, preferably one that is yellow in color like lemonade. A good example:a margarita on the rocks with just margarita mix and nasty no-name tequila.
Example: Why're you drinking that nasty ghetto lemonade? There's a whole case o' Mickey's in the cooler.

ghetto-fabulous: Ghetto fashion taken to a whole new level.
Example: J-Lo is rockin' that sparkly white bandana! She is ghetto-fabulous!

ghettohackeresse: When one messes up hacker slang and doesn't know it
Example: Look at Llama. He said L3ke instead of Lik3. He's speaking ghettehackeresse.

ghettolicious: Word used to describe females with the junk in the trunk.
Example: That J.Lo sure is ghettolicious.

ghettospeak: A dialect. Formerly spoken and understood only by those who actually lived in the ghetto, but now widely used and abused across the country--especially by wealthy, Caucasian teenagers who live nowhere near any sort of ghetto yet attempt to use the dialect.
Example: Would you quit talking ghettospeak and say something in English?

ghey: (gay): Don't be foolish, silly. Said gay.
Example: A: Wanta' go sky diving? B: Ghey.

ghmarsz: my buddy and i figured out how to spell the sound 'meh' just cause it has a silent r s and z the gha sound makes meh
Example: do you know what time it is? 'ghmarsz'

gholdenphish: A bizarre combination of ideas that in some way still works;
a collection of thoughts that still pertain to a particular goal though are seemingly unrelated.
Example: Between Ellie's mad commentary and Amanda's unique taste in music,
the radio show went on to be another successful gholdenphish.

ghost: Said when one is leaving a room or area.
Example: I've got nothing left to do here, let me throw a pound to y'all. Later, I'm ghost.

ghost out: To follow someone and have her be totally obvilious to your presence even when you try to be obvious
Example: My friends were talking about me, so I ghosted out and listened in.

ghost-employee: From Oklahoma politics: a state employee who gets paid although she never shows up for work,
one who got the job as a political favor or payoff.
Example: The Oklahoma State Health Department is notorious for its many ghost-employees.

ghostbait: A male individual who vanishes from the face of the earth, or seems to do so, since he spends all his time with his girlfriend and abandons his other friends.
Example: Ed: Bill is such ghostbait, I haven't seen him in weeks.
Ted: Yeah.

ghostbone: rare ; different
Example: All beings have a ghostbone holding onto their souls.

giakem: A mild, all-purpose, generic insult. Pronounced with a hard g.
Example: Aldous is an all-world giakem.

gianormous: Bigger than both giant and enormous. Larger than life.
Example: Look at the size of that guy's mullet, it's gianormous.

Giantism: To be obsessed by They Might Be Giants.
Example: Sarah's suffering from giantism at the moment.
She hasn't listened to anything but Mink Car for three weeks.

gib: Noun: Juicy chunks of flesh in a video game left after causing massive damage Verb: To deal massive amounts of damage to someone in a game and make them leave a bunch of gibs instead of a corpse
Example: He was already low on health and that rocket gibbed him.

gibben: Given.
Example: It's a gibben that politicians lie.

gibber: incoherent babbling. can be done vocally or by mashing your keys randomly on your keyboard while chatting.

Gibbermonkey: A person who is making no sense; someone who consistently makes no sense while speaking.
Example: Don't even bother asking him the time, he's a gibbermonkey.

gibble: Descriptive of an emotional state in which one's mind is scrabbling for some purchase on reality,
much like a hamster sliding into a glass bathtub.
From wibble-sclup (echoic? Terry Pratchett, _Men At Arms_) and gibber (verb, denoting the act of spouting panicked gibberish).

Example: A: How are you doing?
B: Eeble! Wib! Computer crashy no time help!
C: Oh, don't mind him--he's a little gibble about the essay due tomorrow.

Gibbon's Christmas: An outrageously wonderful time.
Example: That party was a Gibbon's Christmas.

gible: Dumbest person on earth.
Example: Harry: He tried to beat him up and lost. Tom: Oh, my God, he's a gible.

giblet: In a video game, the sub-chunks of fleshy chunks that an enemy is rendered into upon dealing the creature/player a massive amount of damage and subsequently gibbing their gibs.
Example: A bouncing grenade finished the job, making giblets of the poor newbie's gibs.

gibongous: Relating to or of humongous or gigantic. Unproportionally, ridiculously, or untruthfully oversized.
Example: Ned, I had this fish...it was gibongous...but, it got away.It must have been 60 or 70 cubits in length.

gibson: Hacker-speak for computer. In the movie _Hackers_, the gibson was the big mainframe computer. Gibson doesn't imply large computer system, just a computer in general.
Example: Hey, Adam! We just hacked that gibson.

gick: Interjection used in place of yuck or gross.
Example: Gick! I just stepped in gum.

giersch: To not show up. When someone tells her friends she'll meet somewhere at a specific time but then is a no-show either because she forgot or even more likely because she never intended to show up to start with.
Example: Halley's obviously giersched on us again. Halley's a giersch. (Noun)

gift: Dublin, Ireland, slang meaning great, brilliant, super
Example: That film was gift.

gifterang: The gift you give someone because you like it and hope she won't so she will give it back to you.
Example: The cordless drill my husband gave me for my birthday was definitely a gifterang.

gig: Party, gathering. Gigging=partying.
Example: Where's the gig tonight?

gigangic: Extra large. Story behind this was a chick who once desribed her boobs this way in front of me.
She was was loading her PA into her trunk (emo-accustic musician, just ended gig), and her boob got in the way.
She exclaimed to some younger girls who were next to me, Geez, don't you hate it when your boobs get in the way?
By comparison, they were glass-flat-chested, so they responded, No, we don't have big boobs.
She says, Oh. Well mine are, like, gigangic.

I was entertained by this for quite an inappropriatly long time... not in front of her, of course...

Just thought you'd like to know, even thought none of that could go on the site...
Example: Man, that is one gigangic cat that just walked by.

gigantalar: (adj) Bigger than anything else.
Example: The election was a gigantalar mistake.

gigantasized: Very big.
Example: The Washington Monument is gigantasized.

gigantomongous: Bigger than humongous
Example: That six-pound hamburger is gigantomongous!

giggersnort: Snorting sound, produced by laughing through the nose.
Often derisive laughter.
Example: Haha. That was so funny. (giggersnort)

gigglefest: Two co-workers sitting around laughing instead of working.

Created by Bonnie Lintick in 1995.
Example: It was one big gigglefest when Noelle and Gail got together.

gigglepalooza: A large collection of co-workers sitting around laughing instead of working.
Example: Judging from the noise coming from down the hall, gigglepalooza is back in town.

gigmungous: Combination of gigantic and humungous. Something that is extrememly BIG.
Example: The pyramids in Egypt are bigger than huge... they're gigmungous!

gigroncous: Bigger than ginormous. Quite big.
Example: The hangover after the college party was gigroncous.

Gigundo: Huge.
Example: I made myself a gigundo cheeseburger.

gihorrific: Large and especially frightening.
Example: The recent elections were gihorrific.

gihugeic: Much bigger than giant and huge put together.
Example: The sound of the audience applause was gihugeic. OR Jack's bean plant was gihugeic. It reached all the way into the clouds.

Gihugic: Incomprehensibly large
Example: I have a gihugic amount of work

gimme: The lust for more stuff.
Example: He bought the thing he didn't need just to satisfy his gimme.

gimmer: Fool or idiot.
Example: Outa my seat, gimmer.

gimmish: Irritating minutia, trivial nonsense, often used to minimize the importance of another's request or concern.
Example: Don't bother me with that gimmish right now.
I'll finish the quarterly report after I'm done with this game of Tetris.

gimongous: Extremely large; gigantically humongous.
Example: I have this gimongous fungus growing on my toe.

gimoungus: Gigantic and humoungous--that is, rather large.
Example: Alas! The sky is absoloutly gimoungus.

Gimp: A computer nerd that will not help a person with a computer related problem, other than to talk in techo-babble.
Example: I would asked John but he's a gimp.

gimpified: Messed up, not normal.
Example: Oh, my God! My hair is like, so gimpified today. OR Look at that boy over there.
Have you ever seen someone as gimpified as him?

gimpner: A score of ten or more on any indidvidual hole in golf.

No one ever puts down more then 10 anyway (named after Bill Buckner's effort in the 86' series)
Example: What did you get on the last hole?
Oh, just put me down for a gimpner.

Gimputer: An old, old, slow computer that can just about handle running one program at a time. Prone to system crashes and obscure application errors. Comes in a nice range of yellowed beige plastic.
Example: DAMMIT! My gimputer crashed again!

ginch: Pronounced with a hard g as in again.
(n) Synonym for story as in What's the story?
(v) Ginching--an all-encompassing term for having a good time.
(adj) Ginchy. Meaning really great.
Example: 1. What's the ginch, lads?
2.Basically I was ginching last night on the dance floor.
3.That meal was really ginchy.

gino: To screw someone, to cheat, to lie, to generally be a sleaze.
Example: Aw, that bastard really gino'd me good that time.

ginormous: Somewhere between gigantic and enormous. Especially handy when describing Jennifer Lopez' rear end.
Example: Did you see the J Lo rear end on that one chick. It was ginormous, too.

Gintestines: Refers to the upset nature of one's stomach after a night of hard drinking.
Example: Ooooh, my gintestines are killing me today.

giraffe: A person with a long neck, large protruding Adam's apple, and large sideburns.
Example: Did you see the giraffe with the sideburns?

giraffiti: Vandalism spray-painted very, very high up.
Example: The giraffiti at the home of the Golden Gate Bridge will simply have to remain there until fall.

girdle: A circle of girls found in malls and high school halls, usually obstructing passage.
Example: I ran into a girdle, so I was late for class.

Girk: never had a boyfriend/girlfriend
Example: Kyle is a girk.

Girl-goyle: Combination of girl and gargoyle. This is a girl of lower beauty. Often kept in a group of girls with higher beauty to make them feel better.
Example: Joe, you go for the girl-goyle and keep her busy.I'm going for the good-looking one.

girlchick: A term of endearment used by young women for each other.
Example: Heya, girlchick! How ya' doin'?

girleen: What you call a female acquaintance when you can't remember her name, and have no intention of learning it.
Example: Girleen, how are you?

git: A git is a person under the age of 16.
Example: You see that girl trying to pass for 20? Just a git.

gitch: Breif-style underwear for boys, ie: before the age where they learn to know them as 'breifs'. This is a common word throughout parts of Canada, and although 'gitch' can refer to numerous pairs of the underwear, 'gitchies' is the often-accepted plural form of the word.
Example: As was always the case, Christmas brought with it a new stock of socks and gitch for young Timmy.

Give it a Roast: To try something
Example: (Pulling the slot machine arm let's give it a roast!

give it laldi: Scots slang: making a fuss or a big noise.
Example: Hey, your Jimmy's giving it laldi out back.

Give it some V's: Another way of asking someone to turn the volume up.
Example: Joe: Hey, Jack, this album is cool, but could you give it some V's. I can't hear it.
Jack: No problem.

give-a-damn-dividend: I know this is four words joined together but if you say it right it can sound like one. It means I don't give a damn, of course, but if you add the dividend on the end it really rolls of the tongue. No one can take you seriously if you say this when you're angry.
Example: Look pal I don't give-a-damn-dividend about the size of your swimming pool! Just shut your face and get on with your work.

givener: the act of partying.
(giving her, gave her)
Example: we partied pretty hard last weekend, are we givener tonight?

giveupmanship: Pertaining to the act of dropping out of an activity in a particularly notable fashion
Example: And in a truly remarkable display of giveupmanship, after running only 200 metres of the circuit, Steve walked off towards a refreshment stand and bought himself some chips

Gizmodgery: A term for a small, useless, complicated man made device.

Example: The newest gizmodgery from Japan is the watch claculator and the earring cell phone.

giznizzel: A collective of goals or accomplishments that need to be addressed.
Example: What is all this giznizzel over here?

Gizza Gussie: Scots slang, a request for an orange segment.
Example: Gizza gussie y'orange, pal.

gizzlefumper: A person who tells long, pointless stories that are half off the subject.
Example: Megan is a gizzlefumper. Does anybody have any duct tape?

glacial: excruciatingly slow, inspired by the inch per year movement of glaciers

gladiacious: When one goes all out to defend himself.
It is intended as an affectionate term; an undaunted local hero facing an adverse and ignorant situation.
Example: Deb was so gladiacious when those jerks started trying to bring her down.

glah: An expression to use when you feel tired, frustrated, bored, confused--or all at the same time--or just because you want to say it.
Example: Hey Janey, how ya feeling?

glark: Figuring something out from the situation.
Example: The System III manuals are pretty poor, but you can generally glark the meaning from context.

glarsplanobular: Of gigantic size (comparable with a very large planet).
Example: Wow, that's huge! It's bigger than huge! It's...glarsplanobular!

glass girder: Any woman who, by actions, words, or thoughts, helps to support the Glass Ceiling.
Example: Sometimes I think the Oxygen channel was custom made for glass girders.

Glass Of Soda: Someone on whom you have a celebrity-like crush. May involve stalking and gushing about them constantly, or having stars in ones eyes while talking about them or drooling excessively in their presence. Originated on the message board of Life's So Rad (https://www.radcomics.com)
Example: She talks about Jack all the time, he's her Glass of Soda.

glayvin: From The Simpsons, used to lighten up tense situations, to show surprise. or just to sound like an idiot.
Example: Needs more garlic,Glayvin!

Gleary: Weather bad beyond gloomy, a mist of rain with a little sunshine trying to break thru.
Example: Yuck-- it's really gleary today!

gleeb: Of or pertaining to glee; to shine or exude happiness; derived from fans of the 60s group The Monkees (exact origin other than this unknown).
Example: She gleebed through all the hard years of her life and emerged successful.

gleebin: An expression of surprise or disgust, always used at the end of a sentence.
Can also be used as a nonsensical interjection.
Example: This coffee is hot, gleebin!

gleek: when spit comes out of ones mouth while speaking, yawning, etc.
Example: Damn you! You just gleeked all over me. Haha, I just gleeked on ya!

gleemite: Fossilised glob of toothpaste found in the bathroom

glenned: Australian slang--to be lazy or incompetent at handling a task.
Example: The dog was too glenned to get the ball.

glibido: All talk, no action.
Example: He demonstrated his glibido when he kept rambling about his screenplay, his work in progress. Turned out the screenplay was only two pages long.

glich? A computer error that happens over and over again. Child of the words glitch and cliche.
Example: That kernel32 error is getting to be such a glich?

glider fuel: Empty space or air. (Gliders don't need fuel, therefore glider fuel does not exist.)
Example: Guy over there doesn't seem all that bright. Nope, looks like he has got a head full of glider fuel.

glip: The squeak noise made in poorly ripped MP3s
Example: This song I downloaded from Napster has a lot of glips.

Glitch: The annoying things that a computer does like crash, lock up, etc.
Especially used to describe idosyncracies caused by program bugs and not viruses.
Example: My computer's got a glitch. It froze up again.

globalite: A person dedicated to and concerned with everything global.
Example: Mary the globalite wants us all to do more to help the earth.

Globular: Having the characteristic of a gelatinous glob.
Example: The dinner was unfortunately, globular.

Gloiven: An expression of suprise, mock horror. Can be used just as a spontaneous outburst.
Example: Gloiven! There's a spider in my hair.

glom: Of a thick and conglomerated nature, usually pertaining to food or something else
that makes a thwocking noise when you stir it. A sticky glob or wad. As a verb, to grab onto something.
Example: A glom of peanut butter fell on the floor. This can of oriental stir fry is glommy. I hate it when you stand in the kitchen glomming onto the food before dinner's ready.

glom: To put way too much of a condiment on a food item.
Example: I like my pancakes with just a little syrup. Don't glom!

glom on: to desperately attach yourself to something.
Example: He glommed on to the idea like it was his own.

glomp: Internet generic verb. Performed in adoration or love of the glompee, in a fanboy/fangirl manner.
Details of the glomp are left to the glompee's imagination.
Example: Nezu glomps Aspect as he enters.

Gloom: To turn down or otherwise dim a source of light.
Example: You know the movie is about to start when they gloom the lights.

gloopy: Super chunky.
Example: I despise peanut butter. It's so dang gloopy.

Glork: To spill something of a liquidy or semi liquid form (pudding, dip) on yourself.
Example: Oh geeze, I just glorked all over with that salsa.

glossaholic: people obsessed with chapstick, who put it on 100 times a day. They're constantly waxing their lips up. They even pass it around to other addicts like its a joint or something.
Example: See that guy over there smearing chapstick all over his lips for the 10th time in the past hour? thats a glossaholic!

glossy: Adjective used to describe something visually impressive or appealing. May be used in superlative form, ultraglossy.
Example: You check his new ride? Damn is it glossy! -or- That new shirt is so ultraglossy!

Gloucestahspeak: it is the offical name given to the way someone from gloucester, mass speaks. coined by carlson
Example: 1st person- i can't understand a thing that kid just said! carlson- that's because he was using gloucestahspeak

gloush: the action of getting soaked by a passing car hitting a large puddle
Example: i got completely 'gloushed' by that bus

Gluck: Good luck. Used by lazy people who can't be bothered with an extra syllable or by people who can't pronounce ood.
Example: Gluck. You're going to need it.

gluck-snort: 1. Something unidentifiable by any other word.
2. An unknown booger-ish thing on you.
Example: Sally, you have a gluck-snort hanging out of your nose again.

Glucker: The flap of skin that hangs down at the back of your throat. Another name for uvula.
Example: Man, my glucker sure got a workout when I gargled this morning.

glucklich: Happy or lucky state of mind. Nobody is sure which.
Example: Wow, that brick just missed your head. That's so glucklich.

glup: Generally likable underappreciated peon.
Example: Everyone liked Micheal in the mailroom, but the poor glup is definately not moving up anytime soon!

glutious maximus: A kind of Latin-based word used to describe the derriere.
Example: I'm just letting you know to cover my glutious maximus.

gluttonizer: what you call someone who eats too much too fast
Example: All she did at the party was gluttonize. Honestly, she didn't even take her hand out of the chip bowl.

gnarf: A petty, annoying person.
Example: God, what a gnarf that Chris is. Always whining about double hits.

Gnarlical: Gnarly combined with radical. Very awesomely cool.
Example: Alex, your new kicks are totally gnarlical.

gnashcar: A car being driven in an infuriating manner.
Example: And just try parking on the street. Even if there are ten spots,
you've gotta deal with every gnashcar in town to pull into one.

gnoid: A computer geek.
Example: You know you are a gnoid when you've sat in front of the computer until you can't close your eyes because they are dried out.

gnome: Anyone with horrid spelling who hangs out in forums or chat rooms and just says mindless garbage--
like a spammer but the gnome only posts one message with really bad spelling.
Example: Gnomes would say this in a video games forum. Duus anywun no the resipee for bluubari pi?

Gnomes: A hypothesis for a mysterious phenomenon, often prefixed by the object(s)/person(s) it affects.
Example: Coco, whose pants mysteriously come unzipped, has a bad case of the pants gnomes.

gnorn: Mope.
Example: Don't gnorn.

gnur: Lint found in the bottom of a pocket; often mixed with loose change.
Example: Searching for a quarter, I reached into my pocket and all I came up with was gnur.

go: Situation, event, happening, etc. Usually preceeded by What's the... Can also be G.O.
Example: What's the go for Friday night?
What's the G.O. on that order I placed?

go get em tiger: A way to describe getting a lot accomplished.
Example: Tomorrow is going to be a go get em tiger day. I am going to do laundry, go shopping...and I have a date!

Go Pfig: 1. When a computer has a General Protection Fault and closes down. Taken from the generic static discharge noise made from a computer forcibly shomeping.
Example: Aww crud! My computer just went Go Pfig!

Go(ing)-off: To get extremely angry.
Example: Did you hear Pete at that party? He was really going off that someone drank his beers.

go-fast gear: Car modifications which serve little purpose but to look flashy. Usually seen on a frat boy's fast and furious modified Honda. Derogatory term.
Example: He added a lot of go-fast gear to his puny little '88 Civic. Check out the go-fast light and the go-fast neon license plate.

goacheese: Similar to a goatee, the goacheese is the string of cheese that annoyingly droops from your chin while you eat cheese-covered foodstuffs, like a piece of pizza.
Example: As Boyd lifted the gooey enchilada to his mouth, a string of cheddar settled on his chin forming a magnificent goacheese.

goalmost: A hockey play-by-play term, meaning almost a goal. The announcer gets excited because he thinks his team just scored, then he realizes he was premature. The shot has hit the post, or the goalie makes the save.
He's announced the goal, now he recovers by trying to say almost.
Example: He shoots, and it's a goalmost.

goan: Used to tell someone to go and do something else.
Example: Hi, smee again. Goan play in the traffic.

goat eggs: a reaction to any highly unusual occurence
Example: He marveled at her sixth finger, Goat eggs!

goat rodeo: A complete fiasco, wate of time and energy.
Particularly a business situation with various people working on incompatible projects towards one goal.
Example: Without a file naming convention, this project is going to turn into a total goat rodeo.

goat's toes: Used when something happens that wasn't part of your plan, but isn't a major problem. Or, to say, Who cares?
Example: I got short-changed by a penny at Burger Box! Oh well, goat's toes.

Goat-Monkey: (capra simia) That of the species having the body, face and tail of a simian,
and the horns and hooves of a goat.
Example: We call this hooved horned primate a goat-monkey.

Goat-monkeys are native to few places, yet have been transported around the world.

goatswaggle: To be cheated.
Example: That carnie will goatswaggle you every chance she gets. Even when she makes change!

gobb: Guilty of being boring.
Example: He was gobb, so she traded him in for a line of men, who were also just as gobb to her.

gobbledegook: Conglomerate, often trash. Inconsequential, incomprehensible.
Example: Your essay was gobbledegook, almost as if you pasted it up randomly from invented words.

gobbler's knob: A high hill, usually the most prominent in an area.
Example: They live in the old mansion up on gobbler's knob.

goblimey: A word for a shock, or something you say whilst being bored, or could be used as a sigh.
Example: Goblimey,did you see that?

gobslu: many things, a plethora.
Example: I have a gobslu of things to get done today.

goby: Reverse salutations, goodbye, see you later. To be used when departing from presence.
Example: I'm going to go now, so, goby.

God Bless Captain Fear!: Expression of relief when you realise that something you
backed out of due to sheer cowardice turned out to be dangerous and ill-advised after all.
Example: Did you see that scaffolding collapse? God Bless Captain Fear! I didn't climb up it.

God Botherer: An excessively religious person.
Example: That Michael's a right God botherer.

God's telephone: Remember Saturday night when you were hanging over the big white telephone in the restroom crying Oh God, oh God!?
Example: A. (At a party) Mmmmbrrrsss . (Runs to the restroom.) B. I think God's telephone is ringing for him.

Godincidence: There is no coincidence. What happens is exactly what God plans, so it is a Godincidence.
Example: Your coming by to help me when I needed my flat tire fixed was a Godincidence.

godlike: Although it's not a word out of nowhere (heck, even KMFDM have a song by the title),
in this context it means really nifty, really cool.
Often used with the adverb inherently.
The line For in truth, you are godlike came from, I think, the Homeric hymns.
Example: I got the most godlike CD today.

godoodle: A golden retriever and standard poodle mix
Example: Henry, our dog, is a godoodle.

gog: Gift of god, miracle.
Example: Can be used seriously, or with humor: Jennifer is a gog.
Brad thinks he is a gog.

Gogettahedrong: A peculiar multi-facetted geometrical figure-of-speech, as used by professors of physics, etc.
Example: Gogetyahedrong, Jones. Also associated with Gogetyahedboyled in the USA.

goig: to strangle with a rope; to beat with a club or mallet.
Example: If you don't shut up, I swear to God I'll goig you!

goinable: Able to go in.
Example: That doesn't look too goinable.

going: Speaking or saying.
Example: Don't be going no when I'm telling you yes.

Going Outside: Leaving the state.
Example: I'm going outside for the weekend, maybe to New York.

going pro: To do an activity professionally, usually said sarcastically.
Example: John: Geez Marc, you sure are drinking a lot tonight! Marc: Yeah, I'm thinking of going pro.

going yard: Hitting one out of the park.
Example: Sosa went yard three times last night.

goink: greeting to other family members, exclamation at family event to register warm tidings
Example: goink, brothers and sisters

gointahellhome: What you say when you are leaving work for the day.
Example: It is 4:59 and I am gointahellhome.

goiven: generic curse word for use in overly civilized settings
Example: That goiven just ripped me off!

goku: A annoying, stupid person who thinks she is strong--when she isn't.
Example: Tera was being a goku when she said she could pick up a car. Maybe she could get picked up in a car--if the driver was stupid enough.

goldbrick: One who feigns injury or imparity for gain. A malingerer.
Example: That goldbricking SOB said he needed a ride to the store for ointment, but he bought a case of beer.

golddigger: This is when a girl hooks up with a man for money.
Example: I broke up with Julie because she was a golddigger.

Golden: relating to someting very old yet very good
Example: School House Rock is golden!

goldiness: Godliness. Origin: Someone close to me meant to say Godliness but said goldiness instead.
Example: Cleanliness is next to goldiness.

golfomercial: A television advertisement for golf equipment, or corporate financial or informational services.
Example: The big fad on the golfomercial scene these days seems to be knowledge management.

golk: One who does does not know his or her ethnic heritage or background.
Example: In his homeland, Adam was ashamed because he was a golk.

gollywonkered: Disheveled, crossways, crooked.
Example: That rug isn't square--the corners are all gollywonkered.

gomer: A stupid or inept person.
Example: That toll booth operator shortchanged me. What a gomer.

gomez: (n) One who is generally inept, but specifically aimed at those who pretend to know what they are doing and boast publicly of their faux prowess. They are transparent and everyone knows how limp they really are. Usual accompaniment is behind- the- back snickering and general merry-making at the expense of the gomez.
Example: Ricky is a champion gomez.

gonasyphaherpaloids: STD.
Example: I just came down with a nasty case of gonasyphaherpaloids.

gondersnatch: Person who unfailingly manages to become distracted or preoccupied by something trivial in the middle of doing something important. Especially one who also succeeds in getting himself injured while engaged in said inconsequential affairs.
Example: Would you quit being such a gondersnatch and get your eyes back on the road?

gone chunky: What happens to milk when it spoils.
Example: Pick up some milk, the moo juice has gone chunky.

Gone Crisco: Crisco=Fat in the Can.
To gain a copious amount of weight in the posterior region.
Usually applied to females, yet gender non-specific.
Example: I thought David was hot in high school, but he's gone crisco.

Gonichiwa: Hello, how are you?
Example: Gonichiwa.

gonk: A prize won at a fair or fete - typically a small furry toy.
Example: I won two gonks at the fair today.

gonna hump that: to like something immensly
Example: ooohh that car's is hot. I wanna hump that.

gonnata: a combination of the words 'gonna' and 'to' meaning going to.
Example: Have you taken the trash out yet? No, but I'm gonnata

goob: 1. Someone who is cheap or unfair. 2. Expression of frustration with a person who is cheap.
Example: 1. He uses that move over and over. What a goob!
2:What the goob? Awww, goob!

goobaal: dumb-headed
Example: You are the biggest goobaal I've ever come across in my entire life.

goober: a goober is someone who looks/ is a bit silly, not as harsh as stupid or dumb
Example: My father in lay looked like a bit of a goober at the wedding

goobrul: That icky bubble you get in the back of your throat sometimes that makes your voice sound all muffled and gross.
Example: Lauryn, you sound muffled. Do you have a goobrul?

good count: Affirmation, such as excellent or awesome. Used in the Canadian Altlantic provinces.
Example: Eh B'y, she's a good count! OR That pound of meat there is a good count for $2.

good from far, far from good: A phrase for describing those people you take the time to look at from a distance,
only to be disappointed when up close.
Example: She looks good from far, but far from good once you get closer.

goodfromfar: A person, usually of the opposite sex, who looks attractive at a distance, but appears much less appealing close-up.
Example: Chrissy was goodfromfar, but far from good.

goodzerodd: Possessing unusual DNA patterns.
Example: In Alaska, while hunting for eligible men, Sheryl discovered that the odds are good, but the goodzerodd.

Goof Troop: refering to a person or people that act or are particularly goofy or strange.
Example: You and your goof troop friends can leave if your going to act so dumb.

Goofenthal: Unknown brain reaction that causes excessive giddiness, giggle, laughing. Usally uncontrollable, and for no apparent reason
Example: Look at her laugh, she's all hopped up on goofenthal

goofnugget: (noun) - one who says or does stupid things without realizing it... (verb) - to do something stupid, foolish, or regretable
Example: (noun) What a goofnugget. (verb) If you're just gonna goofnugget around, I'm gonna leave.

google: 1. To do extensive WWW searches using the www.google.com search engine. 2. To cheat at trivia.
Example: In this game there will be no googling.

Google Eye: (n) a lazy eye
Example: 1) That old man had an awesome google eye. 2) Get off my land, you googly eyed bastard!

google'em: To run a background check on someone by putting their name into a search engine, like Google.com.
Example: If you get another weird email from that guy you should google'em.

Googled: Googled: to become an instant expert on a thing, person, company or idea in a few seconds by using the wonderful search engine Google. Often carried out in order to hide actual ignorance of the matter being googled.
Example: I was a bit dubious about what he was saying on the phone, so I googled him while he was talking and found that everything he said about syzygys was right on target.

googlewhacking: Finding a two-word search on google that returns exactly one match--and competitions resulting from this concept. Score is calculated by multiplying the number of pages returned by each of the words individually.
Example: Don't post your high scoring googlewhacks to the web.
Once google finds them, there will be at least two results from the search.

googley-moogleys: Any small gross, icky things.
Example: Get those googley-moogleys out of the corners of your eyes.

googly: when you fell grossed out and discusting
Example: He makes me googly

googoogajoob: Used when in extreme confusion, used to confuse other people.
Example: Did you know that the Product of the limits is the limit of the product?


goojy: Firm in consistency, but turning gooey.
Example: I nearly choked on that day-old sushi because the rice was no longer goojy.

gookamoonga: An exclamation of surprise, disbelief, or elation.
Example: Great gookamoonga! I can't believe that Dean Kamen's IT was just a silly scooter.

goombah: Someone who is not intelligent in the ways of daily human activity--social outcast or moron.
Example: I saw a man today wearing a red sneaker on his right foot and a combat boot on his left foot. He asked me if I had change for a dollar--because he needed to cross the street! What a goombah.

Goon-Hunt: Driving around late on a Friday or Saturday night yelling abuse at
strays and groupies.
Example: We went on a goon-hunt last night and saw many randoms.

goontripper: Pinhead.
Example: Geez, I just mailed all my bills without stamps...what a Goontripper!

gooponya: Gooponya is a noun that means the worst kind of gummy junk food, especially the kind women crave at certain times of the month like chocolate, creme-filled donuts, and chocolate chip cookie dough.
Example: I'm cranky, bloated and I can't eat pizz and chips-- I crave only gooponya!

gooray: Sarcastic exclamation of joy...not.
Example: It's time to clean your room. OR Oh, gooray!

goosebumpples: A cross between goose bumps and the pimples on your skin.
Example: You can tell that I'm cold by the goosebumpples on my arms.

gooses: More than one goose, makes sense with modern English.
Example: The gooses were waddling along the path.

gootalious: The word to describe the residue left in the bottom of a milk carton.
Example: The carton had gootalious dwelling upon the bottom.

Goowah!: Gross, nasty
Example: Goowah! What's that on her shoe?

gooz: good
Example: the salami was real gooz! ;)

goozle: Overabundance
Example: Bill Gates has a goozle of money.

goozle: southern slang for adams apple found in throat.
Example: He got hit in the goozle.

goppin', gopping: Ugly, with a face like a crushed turnip. Often caked in beige foundation in a futile attempt to hide it.
Example: Ugh, Diane. Your brother's plain goppin'.

gorange: A really disgusting beverage, like the stuff in the bottom of a beer can. Useful--it rhymes with orange.
Example: Yuck! Can't you walk around the gorange, not go through the middle.

gorch: A really old porch that is falling apart.
Example: Last week my uncle fell through the old gorch.

gorg: Anyone who works in a corporate IT department.
Usually large creatures with buggy eyes and surly attitudes. From the giant puppet on _Fraggle Rock_.
Example: If you can't get your sound card to work, call up one of the gorgs to help you.

gorgeousness and gorgeousity: (adj, n)A way to describe something that is visually perfect.
Example: The sunset was just gorgeousness and gorgeousity, filled with reds and purples.

gork: A person, typically male, exhibiting the worst character traits of both a geek and a dork.
Example: The guy who wrote that program must be a real gork.

GORKed: Unknown mental status or acronym for God Only Really Knows.
Example: That head trauma patient is way GORKed.

gorny: Horny as a goat.
Example: You like that guy? Don't you realize he's gorny.

gorow: Wrong.
Example: Is it true that the earth rotates around the moon? No, that is gorow.

Gorpy: Dorky/Stupid
Example: Oh my god...that kid's got such a gorpy haircut!

GORSE: Semi-violent basketball game played exactly like HORSE with one exception:
when you get a letter you also get punched by the other player.
Example: He proudly wore a black and blue bruise on his arm from yesterday's GORSE game.

gosu: Adj, to be very good at something, to be elite.
Example: The gosu Starcraft player was able to build a hundred hydralisks in less than seven minutes.

Got dandruff. Some of itches.: non-vulgar explitive that kinda resembles a vulgar explitive
Example: When you stub your toe and you are letting it out, but notice two 4 year olds staring at you. You then yell, Got dandruff! Some of it itches!

gotch: Children's slang for boys' underwear. Used regionally in Manitoba, Canada.
Example: Gordon's got new plaid gotch.

GOTCHA: Getting someone to look at your crotch or breast area by pointing at them.
Example: Any one who went to Milton Hershey knows what GOTCHA is.

gotcha moment: The moment when you are without any doubt completely bested by your opponent.
Made famous recently during the Microsoft antitrust trial.
Example: The gotcha moment came when Dubois silently laid the email evidence before a silent Bill Gates.

gotchyoffer: An offer, usually too good to be true, made on the internet--non-existent in reality.
Example: The free cellular phone turned out to be a gotchyoffer.

goth: Derived from Gothic.
Refers to an object that has a psycho, scary appearance.
If in referance to a person, the person will be dressed in black, and listen to grunge music--and may worship Satan.s.
Example: Ralph is out walking his pet alfafa bean. He sees a guy walking around wearing black robes, with long black hair.
Ralph: What a goth! Alfalfa bean: Yeah, I reckon.

Goth Points: The ratings by which a Goth is measured for her gothiness.
Example: Janet lost 10 Goth Points for smiling at the door guy at the club.

gothism: A belief, made especially popular in the late 20th century, that openness when dealing with depression contributes something valuable to the public.
Example: Trent Reznor was a forefather of gothism because his music was famous for dealing with issues relating to depression.

gothwalk: A form of dance popular among goths, also known as the two-step.
It consists of stepping two steps forward, and two back, repeatedly and slightly off the beat.
Swaying and hand movements optional.
Example: The Gothwalk is the simplest of the standard Gothic dances.

gotsta: Something you simply HAVE to do--whether you want to or not.
Example: I gotsta go to skool now, see ya.

goulie: A rock greater than one foot in diameter.
Example: Don't trip over that goulie.

govil: An action that is called both good and evil. E.g., one group calls an action good (for them) and another group calls the same action evil (for them). Many of the happenings around the world in everyday life can be described as govil.

ORIGIN OF WORD��.The word govil is formed from parts of the words God and Devil, and
also from parts of the words Good and Evil.

Example: His firing was a govil act. (Good for the boss, evil for him and his family.)

govvo: Youth allowance payments for students.
Example: Adam. I've got no money at all.
Ryan. Nah, I'm cashed up. Thank you govvo.

gozillion: The amount of money someone owes you for doing a favour which is not always in your own or his best interest. Actual amount somewhere near 2 to the 128th power.
Example: If I give you the answer, you owe me a gozillion dollars.

gozinta, gazinta: One of the four basic mathematical operations.
Example: 4 gozinta 12 3 times. 8 gozinta 80 10 times.

gozinter: Refers to the pot or jar into which all your odds and ends, spare change, etc. goes in ter. WWII Royal Air Force slang, still used by me today.
Example: A single paper clip? Just put it in the gozinter.

GPS: someone who really likes to give driving directions. (after Global Positioning System)
Example: She wants to know how to get here? Give her to John, he's the GPS.

Grab the shovel!: A phrase you say to someone you're with when the two (or more) of you are just about to be caught doing something you aren't supposed to be doing...knowing that you're gonna have to dig yourself out of it.
Example: Lauryn is copying Nicky's 100 point chem assignment as Mr. Pav walks in the room.
Nicky says: Lauryn, grab the shovel!

grabamoco: Tissue, handkerchief
Example: She blew her nose on the grabamoco and threw it on the table.

grabfidget: (v) To pick up small items and play with them in a pointless and annoying way.
Example: Shome grabfidgeting. Leave the stuff on the table alone.

grabilicious: Greedy, always takin' your stuff.
Example: Gloria was always takin' my makeup outa my purse an' usin' it without askin' because she's just grabilicious.

grabotologist: I'm not sure if this is a word. There is a quiz at work asking: What is a grabotologist? I can't find anything on the internet about it. Can someone please help.
Example: When he was younger, Norman Grabowski acted in movies, billed sometimes just as Grabowski. The earliest movie I remember seeing him in was _High School Confidential!_, and I think it was his first. (Norm wasn't the star--Mamie Van Doren was, no matter that she may not be listed first in the credits.) In the 1960s, Grabowski made several beach movies as well as some with Elvis Presley. He continued making films through the 1970s. His last feature film was _The Cannonball Run_, with Burt Reynolds, in 1981. www.imdb.com says this about him: In addition to being an actor, Grabowski is also known as an award-winning custom car designer. His hot rods and street rods are well known and respected in the industry and command home prices. Through a mutual friend, I met Norm Grabowski and learned that he's also a world-class woodcarver. You may find some of the movies Norm made referred to as B-Movies. Maybe some are, but Norm and his work get A-pluses all over the world. Norm, we wish you well. You're a hellacool guy.

So that's where your word comes from. Grabotology, the study of Norman Grabowski and his works.
A grabotologist is one who practices grabotology.

gradetwoyearold: A foolish person either acting two years old or acting like she's in grade two.
Example: That guy is a gradetwoyearold.

gradgrind: I don't know what it means. I found it in an article written by Peter Lubin and published 9 October 2000 in the Providence Journal. The name of the article was If America had been discovered for Genoa.
Example: Gradgrinds may dismiss all this as idle and unneccessary speculation.

gradoo: Anything disgustingly nasty, especially the accumulation of dust, food, etc.
that builds up on home of the refrigerator.
Example: Paul, I did the dishes, it's your turn to clean up the gradoo on the fridge.

Graduateof the school of the..: A term used to describe someone who says exactly what everyone and their brothers are thinking,
yet feels they are the only ones attuned to the knowledge.
Example: John Madden: Well, the quarterback either has to throw the ball or hand it off to avoid being sacked by the other team.
The World: This guy must be a graduate of the school of the bleedin' obvious. Perhaps even the professor.

gradumatate: To be graduated from college with little effort and flying colors. Usually with a communications or kinesiology degree.
Example: Bill screwed up the company payroll--again. But then again, he did gradumatate from college.

graf: Journalist slang for paragraph.
Example: The lede is nice, but by the third graf things start to slow down.
(from Ken Layne's warblog)

grahamazingly: Originally from Shome and Shop Chocolate Graham crackers,
to describe their combination of being filled with Grahamy goodness, and also amazingly good.
Can also used to describe anything beyond amazing.
Example: Those crackers are Grahamazingly good.

grammatized: grammatize: vb. -ed, -ing (var. grandpatize) 1) the act of becoming a grandmother 2)your twenty year old friends that start behaving like their old, blue-haired ladies
Example: Ex: 1. Sheila's daughter grammatized by having a baby girl.

EX: 2. After her 25th birthday, Heidi became grammatized-- going to bed early, crocheting, and adopting stray cats.

gramouflage: Speech or text that adheres to gramatical rules, or not, but conveys little or no meaning.
Example: The press secretary responded to the hostile question with gramouflage, leaving members of the press baffled.

grampage: When someone over the age of 40 starts killing people, etc.
Example: Did you hear about that 60-year-old grandfather from the Bronx? Went on a grampage and ran over four kids in a stolen taxi.

Grandamndidilyumious: Adjective: A word used to describe something (usually food) that surpases the meaning of delicious as if used by Don King.
Example: Boy, that sure was a grandamndidlyumious sandwich.

grandpaboy: noun - an immature man
Example: Eminem is being a real grandpaboy!

grannystick: Another word for a bridge in pool.
Example: You don't need the grannystick, that shot is totally reachable.

granola: an overage hippie, somebody lost in the '60s or '70s
Example: Oh yeah, there's a lot of granolas living up near Klamath Falls.

granola: A guy who is a real outdoorsy backpacker type. Sort of plain and naturalistic,
you may find him eating granola on the hike.
Example: You're really into that guy? He's so granola!

Grant: A fifty dollar bill.
Example: I would like two grants back from my hundred.

grape smuggler: A small bikini, thong, or speedo like swimsuit worn by a older, balding, hairy male.
Example: Look at that hairy back gorilla with a grape smuggler on.

Grape Written: Bristolian term for the country in which we live.
Example: I K Brunel designed a ship called the Grape Written.

grapple-grummit: the technical term for something that you forget the name of , or don't know what it's called.
Example: Would you pass me the GRAPPLE-GRUMMIT over there?No, no, the other one!

gratifaction: Gratifaction is a simple but rewarding hybrid, melding satisfaction and gratification into a much more useful and - to my mind - powerful word.
Example: The overwhelming sense of gratifaction I experience from a wilderness sunset is unsurpassed.

gratuitize: To ad a gratuity to a bill, usually for parties which exceed 6 members.
Example: Boss, I need to you gratuitize table twenty -- they asked for the check.

graunt: Great Aunt
Example: I love my Graunt!

Grave: Used to describe or forewarn of a no lie homeic; equivalent to serious, or I swear to God. More serious still: grandma grave.
Example: I saw a terrible accident on the freeway just now, and I think somebody was hurt really bad...grave.

gravitass: Taking oneself too seriously, when everyone else thinks you are an idiot. See the existing word gravitas.
Example: The posturing of most TV evangelists is a prime example of gravitass.

Gravity Test: When playing Hackie Sak and you toss the sack to someone to begin the round, and they were unaware you tossed it untill it hits the ground.
Example: Gravity test, yep gravity is on.

Gravity, Mean Old Mr.: Said in response to someone dropping something. Puts the blame for the event on this mythical character. The more clumsy or messy the thing dropped is, the funnier this phrase gets.
Example: Mean Old Mr, Gravity! Better get a mop for that.

Gravy: Cool, smooth
Example: It's all gravy''

grawdue: A mixture of grime, dirt, and residue.
Example: Every time he shaves he leaves a ring of grawdue in the bathroom sink.

gray-bar land: Where you are when you are waiting so long for your computer to finish something that it has to display a progress bar on the screen.
Example: I would like to install this freeware, but I am still in gray-bar land waiting for it to download.

graze: Process involving two or more people at a meal who devour with great zeal, gusto,
and relish every last morsel of food within arms-reach. From Raymond Carver's short story Cathedral.
Example: We really grazed that table. I can't believe we were all so starved.

grazer: Used to describe someone who is a vegetarian.
Example: Don't bother grillin' a burger for Cassie, she's a grazer.

gream, scroan: Groan-scream, scream-groan.

Used by (the F___in' great) author Spider Robinson.
Example: He scroaned in agony over the rotten pun. He greamed in pain as the children landed on his stomach.

grease: Used like smurfwas used in The Smurfs. Takes the place of a word one is too lazy to say, think of, or even know. Most often used to state that good looking women are around.
Example: 1. That's some grease walking in. 2. She's greasy. 3. Pass me that grease over there.

grease bomb: Originally a McD's Quarter Pounder with Cheese, but extended to any fast food burger
that has a massive slab of meat and relatively little bun, condiments, etc.
Example: You OK, Bob? I think the third grease bomb was a mistake.

greasy spoon: English cafe that serves an all-day breakfast, the greasier the better.
A good greasy spoon usually consists of two eggs, two sausages, two bacon, baked beans,
black pudding, chips and a cuppa or three.
Ramon's, a fantastic greasy spoon in Cardiff, Wales, adds to this with pink walls and photgraphs of kittens in wine glasses. This contrasts nicely with the sweaty-arsed builders who form its constituency.
Impressively, even the tea at Ramon's is greasy.
Example: I felt like death when I woke up this morning, but after going down to the greasy spoon with my housemates, I felt a lot better. Well, after I'd thrown the greasy spoon back up, actually.

great big head: When hair gets itself into a posture (usually over the course of sleep) that makes the person's head look uncharacteristically large.
Example: Look at Jill, she's got great big head.

great horned spoon: A large shovel used in gold mining during California's Gold rush during the 1850s.
Example: Mad used her great horned spoon to load the placer box while mining for gold.

greazy: someone has done you wrong
Example: if your hangin out with your friends and you all go out to eat and they run out leaving you to pay the bill, that's greazy.

greb, grunger, greebo: Someone who tends to be either a skate(board)er, BMXer, MTBer or similar extreme sporter. Generally wears baggy trousers with long (two feet or more) chains from belt loops to pocket, hoodies and suchlike. Usually likes rock and metal, but many are also into hip-hop these days.
can be an insult esp. from townies however grebs don't actually care what they are called
Example: This place is full of grebs. Look at all the skateboards.

Greco-Romanono: To combine a Latin or Greek word with a vulgate word creating a phrase which is meaningful
but (technically) wrong. Blood-Mobile should be Blood-Van or Sanguine-Mobile.
Example: The term blood-mobile is the most commonly used Greco-Romanono in the English language.

greeble: The action of adding small, useless, meaningless, space-filling detail to an image, graphic, or model to give the sense of size and realism.
Example: Snoop greebled his space fighter mesh to make it look more realistic.

greediot: Person whose brain is ruled primarily by avarice.
Example: The greediots in the RIAA have failed to see the long-term wisdom in devising a workable online music swapping scheme.

green-gray: A hipster, artist, or hippie who doesn't appear to shower. Approximates the color of her skin.
Example: That bar is full of green-grays. Let's go somewhere else.

green-neck, greenneck: Redneck hater.
Example: Shut up. Why? Just cause you're a green-neck.

greeting: Scottish slang, crying.
Example: Why are you greeting? I fell over and hurt my knee.

greetz: Short form of Greetings, a generic salutation used to begin an email or other non-personal communication.
Replaces Dear , especially when you don't know a) the name or b) whether or not they're dear.
Example: TO: PseudoDictionary.com
Could you please help? I am too lazy to write the word Greetings.

greige: The otherwise unexplicable color of office cubicles and walls. An unknown mixture of grey and beige.
Example: The new cubicles management ordered were a lovely shade of greige.

gremlin: Little kid that gets on you nerves.
Example: The gremlins are coming!

Grep: To search for something in background physical noise (ie, files, pile of unwashed clothes, desk detritus) compulsively for something that you know is there but can't remember where you put it.
For example, car keys, passport, prophylactic, security swipe card, underpants, cigarettes.

First seen in a breathless letter to Computer Business Review from a former Microsoft contractor spilling the beans on an adviser to M$ Chief Screaming Officer Steve Ballmer.
Example: So there I was in London Grepping for a cab, 'cos I was late for a meeting...

Gretchen: (n, adj) Used for a female who is constantly in bitch mode. Nagging, yelling, dominating, etc.
Example: Get off your Gretchen, sis. I'm tired of hearing you yell about nothing.

gretchen: Gretchen (noun)Refers to any person outside of your circle of friends who basically you dont like for any reason at all.
Gretch (adj.)displaying unattractive qualities that would never be seen amongst your friends.
Gretchlet (noun)child gretchen.
Example: 'did you see what she was wearing? what a gretchen'
'he didn't even say thankyou, how gretch!'
'that little gretchlet just pulled my hair!'

grfrk: Pronounced 'gur-firk' When someone says something stupid you say this.
Example: Pam, Pass me the peanuts, I mean ashtray Mel, ok. grfrk.

gribney: anything annoying that sticks to something you don't want it to.
Example: I was shredding paper and now I have these gribneys all over my sweater. or The cats ripped open a package and now there are foam gribneys all over the carpet.

griddy: Describes a dull and predictable (albeit easily-navigable) layout of streets.
Example: I loved New York, but it was so griddy. I missed finding unexpected little pathways.

gridluck: One's good fortune in finding a viable alternate route around a traffic mess.
Example: Due to the expert map-reading and navigational skills of his wife,
Gerald's gridluck held throughout his trip from Washington to New York.

grill: One's face.
Example: Hey! Get outta my grill.

grill: To go out to a bar or restaurant that contains the word grill in its name.
Example: Let's grill, gril--I mean girl!

grill-monkey: A low-level fast food restaurant employee whose primary job is to run the grill,
but also used to run errands.
Example: Guy on the assembly table: We're out of quarter meat. Where's my grill-monkey?
Manager: Oh, I sent him to get shake mix out of the walk-in.

griller: This word has several different meanings. Any person asking too many questions,
anyone giving you the evil eye because she is jealous of you,
any child with something on her face.
Example: I had to shome talking to that chick, too many grillers at the end of the bar. OR
He wasn't sharing, so I took the little griller's crayons away.

grillion: Incalcuably large number, more than a google. From Douglas Adams.
Example: King: How many killed in the battle? Lieutenant: A grillion, mahlud.

grimble: 1.Any movie in which, no matter how important the man's job
(shomeping an assasination, saving the universe, generally preserving life),
his wife does nothing but gripe about how it's breaking the family up and that he missed little
Jimmy's birthday again.
2. The act of a movie woman griping in this way.
Example: Sissy Spacek did nothing but grimble all the way through the movie _JFK_.

Grimwade's Syndrome: Robophobia (q.v.), from Doctor Who story The Robots Of Death.
Example: Yikes! This guy's got Grimwade's Syndrome all right.

grinch: To take, use, or otherwise assume control of another's belongings.
Example: 1. Don't grinch my french fries. Get your own. 2. If you try to grinch my boyfriend, I'll scratch your eyes out.
3. You grinched my CDs last week and I want them back.

grindage: food
Example: Brah, I am starving. We have to scrape up some grindage soon or I am gonna die.

Grinder: New England slang for a Submarine Sandwich. Pronounced Grindah. Confuses the hell out of Canadians.
Example: Let's go get a Grinder before the movie.

gringo: Commonly used by Mexicans refering to Americans.
Example: That gringo is crossing the border into Mexico.

grinnies: When you just can't help but smile all day, you have this condition
Example: When I thought about getting my word published, it gave me a case of the grinnies.

grinny: Chipmunk, used in western Pennsylvania.
Example: Hey, ya wanna go grinny huntin' this weekend? They're great in rodent stew.

grip: Money, cash.
Example: I'm broke. Ain't got no grip.

grip-load: A lot of something.
Example: Ernie, there's a grip-load of people here.

gripper: An obviously too tight piece of clothing.
Example: Come on, that`s a bit of gripper. We don`t want to see that.

grippery: Used to describe a non-skid surface. The opposite of slippery.
Example: Stair steps should have a grippery surface.

Gription: The gripping of a tire to a road surface.
Example: The car slid off the road due to the poor gription of the tires.

gription: Rubbery soles of shoes that do not slip.
Example: Joe fell on the slippery floor because his shoes have no gription.

griswald: a tourist (from the Vacation movies, said dismissively by native Floridians)
Example: Could those griswalds wear any more cameras?

grit: a person who takes no interest in personal hygiene

grit: Cigarette
Example: I need a grit. Got a light?

grit newspaperboy: From the ads in the back of old comic books--where you could deliver _The Grit_ newspaper, and if you sold enough subscriptions you could win a vast array of crappy prizes. Someone who lacks talent or potential.
Example: Someday, my manager could grow up to be a grit newspaperboy.

gritball: An unrefined or dirty person typically from a poor or southern background. Trailer-trash. Also may be said as g-ball
Example: This wrestling event is just crawling with gritballs.

grixxle, grixxxle, ....: Being in a state of complete and utter disgust for yourself, those around you, and life in general.
The numbers of Xs the word is spelled with indicates the degree of grixxled-ness. The more Xs, the more hate for life).
Example: Today, Abbe crashed her car, spilled food on her favorite shirt, and slept through class. She's super grixxxled. {I.e., she's grixxxxxxxxxxled.}

grocered: The quality and quanity of one's food items.
Example: Because he'd just returned from the store, Bill was incredibly well grocered.

Grocery Getter: Car slang. Describes a nondescript car, generally bought by mothers and used primarily to get groceries.
Example: I think Mom's Toyota is a great car, but it's just a grocery getter--it has no style.

grody: Very vulgar or disgusting.
Example: Thats grody!

grogolific: To drink copious amounts of alcohol. A combination of grog, a term used in days of yore for an alchoholic beverage,
and prolific.
Example: I have such a hangover this morning. Last night was extremely grogolific.

grok: To understand deeply. From _Stranger in a Strange Land_, by Robert A. Heinlein
Example: Do you grok the new process?

grom: To grin. Common typo for grin. Regular verb.
Example: Bob always groms when he's plotting hix next prank.

gromish: A non-swear word. From an acting technique for crowd scenes. (Actors are given words to repeat to create the rumble of mob noises. Often phrases like apples and oranges, cheese and crackers, or in this case gromish, gromish, nater, gromish.
Example: Oh, gromish, I forgot to pick up the dry cleaning.

Gronk: Someone who changes the channel on the TV too fast
Example: Don't be such a gronk!

groobilees: Germs, bacteria, and nasty critters. All that is bad and lurking on unwashed hands
Example: That trash can lid has groobilees all over it. Make sure you wash your hands after touching it.

groobles: Anonymous black floaties found in consumable beverages, particularly tea.
They are always there, and they are impossible to remove or identify.
Example: Aww...what are these groobles in my cuppa?

Groomio: A very nerdy, yet sometimes cool guy.
Example: Oh, that kid, he's such a groomio, I've never seen anyone hack into a computer so fast.

groomology: Science of grooming for the purpose of maintaining hygiene and beauty of a living creature.
Example: The groomology of the show dog and pet dog may differ as far as beauty, but hygiene importance is the same for both.

Groon: A hybrid verb combining groove and groan = To find oneself involuntarily humming along to the muzak in a lift, supermarket etc.
Example: Grooning to the muzak from a speaker in a shoe rack.. (from Cat Food by King Crimson 1971

groovalistic: Adj./ Used to describe someone,or something,that chracterizes/embodies grooviness.
Example: That Austin Powers, he is one groovalistic cat, baby!

groove-tastic: An occasion so great it makes you want to jump up and dance.
Example: Wow this new video game sure is groove-tastic!

groovetastic: Intense or extreme grooviness, an expression of joy, eternally being stuck in the 70s.
Example: That is one groovetastic lava lamp.

GrooveyTuesday: (ga-roo-vee-toos-deh) Similar to Cool Beans. This is used as an exclamation of happiness. Use instead of wow! or great!.
Example: I don't have to go to work today! GrooveyTuesday!

groovissimo: Extremely groovy
Example: That is one groovissimo song!

grossomundo: Disgusting.
Example: Yuk, you just puked all over me. That's grossomundo.

grouch-potato: Someone who likes to sit in front of the TV a lot, objecting to things.
Example: This is the thing I've been saying, he began, in a grouch-potatoey kind of way.

Groundation: Being Grounded or Restricted
Example: I cant go out and play tonight, Im on groundation.

Grounded: To lose an internet connection for unknown reasons
Example: Dang, my comp's grounded again! Darn free ISP's.

grouse: Australian slang. Cool, great, very good.
Example: That band is grouse--it rocks!

grovel sauce: You pour it on humble pie.
Example: I'll eat some humble pie, with some grovel sauce please.

growing up without permission: We all get to a certain age when we start doing things without asking permission.
Example: My seven-year-old is finally growing up without permission.
Yesterday, he spilled milk on the carpet, and he used six towels to clean it up.

growls: British expression: what you have when you are very hungry.
Example: I havn't eaten since last night and have a nasty case of the growls.

GRP moment: GRP is short for the much-needed phrase, Get a real problem. Useful when addressing or describing people or situations in which insignificant issues are being blown out of proportion. For example, when my fourth and fifth grade students complain about other students budging (Hey, is that an official word?) them in line, I tell them that it sounds like a GRP moment, because we are all going to the same place no matter where we are in the line.
Example: After the school principal spent twenty minutes describing the problems with the pop machines in the staff lounge,
several teachers suggested she might be having a GRP moment.

grr: Someone is very sexy or did something very sexy.
Example: Grr, baby, very grr.

grrrness: Indicates very strong frustration. Whatever happened makes you want to scream and thrash wildly, but you say grrrness instead.
Example: My term paper is due tomorrow and I haven't even started. Grrrness!

grubalicious: A food that is one's favorite.
Example: For me, tacos are grubalicious.

grubbley: Waking up and feeling dirty, usually physically rather than metaphorically.
Example: When I woke up in between a midget and the boy down the street, I felt all grubley.

gruck: Combination of gross and yuck with an extra emphatic tone of one of the best four-letter words.
Example: Sputum is gruck!

grufty: Dirty, filthy, messy, untidy.
Example: Mother to child, Tidy up your room, it's well grufty.

grum: gum found on the ground
Example: That guy just ate grum! Nasty!

grumb: A person who spoils fun
Example: Annie: How about we go to the carnival? Jake: How about we don't?
Annie: Oh, Jake, you're just a grumb.

grummage: rummaging for grub, most often with someone else, at their house.
Example: After leaving the party last night, jake and i grummaged at his parents' house.

grump: An anatomical word describing the space between your eyebrows that scrunches when you are irritated.
Example: Rogi is going to have a temper tantrum. His grump is huge!

grumpalicious: Someone who is grumpy.
Example: If you don't shome making that face at me Mr. Grumpalicious, I won't make you any dinner.

grumpasaurus: The state of being miserable and grumpy in every conceivable fashion.
Example: How's my new baby today? In a word, a grumpasaurus.

grumplestiltskin: Grumplestilskin is a label to be applied to a person who is extremely grumpy or has a short temper.
Example: Kevin became such a grumplestiltskin when he lost at Monoploy.

grunch: A person who is grumbly and grumpy at once.
Example: Don't be such a grunch today.

gruncle: great uncle
Example: I saw my gruncle yesterday.

grundiful: Being both great and wonderful
Example: The day was warm, and not a cloud in the sky. It was grundiful

grundle: Great bundle, tons and tons.
Example: There are a grundle of words in this dictionary.

grungin: The green growth that appears on old pennies.
Example: Gimme another penny-this one's covered in grungin.

grungry: The state of being grumpy because one has become hungry.
Example: Sorry, I snapped...I must be getting grungry.

grunk: Verbal expression of absolute confusion or incomprehension

grunkle: The remnant stain produced from intimate moments on your sheets.
Example: No way am I sleeping on your bed - I saw that huge grunkle spot on your sheets

gruntbuggly: A very lousy feeling.
Example: I had a lot of fun at the party, but in the morning I was feeling totally gruntbuggly.

gruntled: opp of disgruntled. To be content. A state of contentment. Happy or pleased.

gruv: Paste of dirt, crumbs, water, and Mr. Clean resulting from insufficient sweeping before mopping.
Example: Frank stepped into a big puddle of gruv where the mopwater had been dumped out.
Adv: gruvly. I can't use this mop, it's all gruvly.

gruvular: (Beyond groovy, new age groovy, better than groovy.
Example: That new car of yours is really gruvular.

GTFO: Get The Fuck Out of here.
Example: Hurry up. We've got to GTFO before the boss gives us another blivet.

GTG: Got To Go
Example: GTG to town.

guamie: An old man who hangs around public transport wearing new old clothes, carrying a sports bag, newspapers, maybe a flask of coffee, an unusual hat--not necessarily homeless but isn't in a hurry to get anywhere.
Example: Ever since my aunty died my uncle has turned into a complete guamie.

gub: Gross ugly bug OR gross ugly belly.
Example: Look at that guy's gub! Ahh, there's a gub in my soup!

Gubbed: A term used to describe a situation where someone has been totally done over.
Derived from the legendry MP Tony Gubber.
Example: For example after a particularly hard night out you might say, I got totally gubbed over last night!

gubbins: Used as a synonym for something when you can't remember the right word.
Example: Hey, where'd you put the..um..you know..er..the erm...the gubbins?

GUBBY: Goodbye, good night, I love you, I'm sorry, I want to make up, etc.
Example: After a fight and an awkward silence just say to your loved one, Gubby.

GUD: Stands for Geographically UnDesirable.
Example: I met this really nice looking girl at the mall, but since she lives an hour away she is definitely a GUD.

guede: A person with a penchant for dressing up as a Girl Guide.
Example: His neighbour, Mr.Noone was a harmless guede who kept to himself--although he did enjoy watching the Boy Scout Parade, all dolled up in his smart blue uniform.

guelph: the last sound a dying dog makes -- also a town in Ontario
Example: after horking up the pork chop bone the dog went guelph and that was the last of it.

guesstimate: somewhere between guess and estimate
Example: guesstimate how many peas are in this jar

guest/guesting: To borrow someone else's computer to go online.
Or: The phenomenon of being mistaken for someone else simply because you happen to have Instant Messenger while using her computer.
Example: I sent a really erotic instant message to my boyfriend, only to find out his 13-year old brother was guesting.

Guestimate: An estimation based on inconclusive information or limited experince.
Example: I'm not really a pokemon collector but I'd guestimate that Chraziard card goes for $50.

guff: Things you feel you need to take with you when you go out, but end up just taking up space: wallet, mobile phone, keys, gum, etc.
Example: Can I put my guff in your bag?

guff: Food, cleaning supplies, appliances, rooms, etc. that are common to everyone who lives in a (usually co-op) house. Also used as a verb or adjective. Non-guff refers to private property.
Example: Noun: The coat closet is filling up with guff; someone ought to donate all that crap. Adjective: Is that soymilk guff, or did someone just not put their name on them? If it's not, it shouldn't be in the guff refrigerator. Verb: Jon's mom sent him a huge tin of peanut brittle, but he guffed it because it was disgusting.

guh: A word meaning that you're not happy with something.
Example: Guh. I've got to get up at 6am tomorrow for school.

guido: White boy. Like a white ni#^$r.
Example: Sup' my guido.

guidovision: Illegal cable hook up--a great deal of the channels come in solarized (like a negative).
Example: Ramona refuses to give up her guidovision because she likes to watch Kids in the Hall solarized.

Guilt Monster: The inner demon in us all that when awoken makes us regret something bad we've recently done.
Usually seen the day after the Booze Monster.
Example: Last night was fun, but today the Guilt Monster's got a hold of me.

guilt trip: Feeling guilty over something insignificant or over something you had no control over.
Example: Her mum had put her on a guilt trip over her armed robbery of the bank, but really, what was the big deal?

guisigoo-hocktooey: The stuff you cough up when you have a cold
Example: I've been hacking up guisigoo-hocktooeys all day.

guiskers: Excess that hangs from guitars after re-stringing
Example: Dwayne's guiskers swayed violently as he trashed out the new song.

Gully: (adj) Usu. seen in phrase Keep it Gully, designating a state of affairs where things have been maintained in a positive, productive, and down-to-earth condition--like in Fern Gully when they were living in the rainforest they had to keep it raw.
Example: Hey, are you going to go start a fight wiht that guy and not make a lot of money?
Not a chance. I'm keeping it Gully.

Gum Band: Rubber band.
Example: Hey, Donnie, you better gum band those cards back together when you're done.
I don't want them all over the car.

Gumba: A tall person with a really small head.

gumbie: A fool, one who is deficient in judgment, sense, or understanding
Example: Chris demonstrated once again that he is a gumbie.

Gumby: A very flexible person. From the cartoon character. Especially used to describe women capable of performing outrageous acts on the dance floor.
Example: The girls at Cagney's are all Gumby.

Gumby(s): Ticket inspectors on public transport.
Example: Had to step quick to get away from the gumbys today or I would have got a $100 fine.

gummedovers: The little bits of food that get stuck between your teeth that you spend long periods of time to work out with your tongue only to chew them thoroughly...again...before swallowing them.
Example: I had beef jerky gummedovers for about five minutes this afternoon.

gump: to succeed at something by means of dumb luck alone
Example: I had no idea what I was talking about, but I gumped my way through the interview and got the job

gun: used to describe someone who is really good at something, or is doing well at something ie. going off. Based on the principle that a gun goes off.
Example: That guy is an absolute gun! Mate, he's gunning it

gun-fu: A word to describe hyper-kinetic action movies where characters leap into the air with a pair of hand guns,
firing with acrobatic grace.
This type of cinema was made popular by John Woo's Hong Kong films such as _A Better Tommorow_,
_The Killer_, and _Hard Boiled_.
Example: Chow Yun Fat is a master of gun-fu.

gunch: verb; to ball up a piece of paper; usually used in conjunction with crinkle
Example: She gunched and crinckled the bills in total disgust.

gunjy: Distasteful, annoying, dirty.
Example: That gunjy man keeps asking me for my phone number.

Gunk: Another name for margarine, based on the fact it's a bunch of chemicals.
Example: Pass the gunk.

gunkulator: Anything that initiates a process through which a clean thing becomes dirty
Example: If you throw someone in the mud, you are a gunkulator.

gunner's daughter: A name for a particular type of punishment on a ship. Involves leather straps soaked in oil.
Example: You'll get the gunner's daughter for that if he catches you.

Gunnish: Something of supreme worth or admiration
Example: Dave to Tony after Tony just did something quite awesome, Tony, you are gunnish.

gunny: Over the home, army fatigued, stud muffin.
Example: Wha's with the gunny over there?

gunny bag: adj. broken, no longer functional, worn out
Example: His '62 XKE was a fine ride until the clutch went gunny bag on him.

gunnypuvy: the cavity of a turkey
Example: At Thanksgiving, I stuff the gunnypuvy of my turkey.

gunsle: A person that is an idiot, stupid, smartaleck, jerk, mean, ungrateful, arrogant, self centered.
Example: That guy is a real gunsle.

Gurp: To click in a horrible manner. Especially used in relation to a body part.
Example: My knee just gurped.

gusp: A strange, groping, grasping, gasping, gurgling action that one performs when one is utterly surprised beyond any
capacity for rational thought.
Example: See that guy gusping? The restaraunt just told him he could have a glass of water for free.

gustatize: to imagine what something would taste like, especially an untried combination of two or more flavors; analagous to visualize and audiolize
Example: Before inventing a new recipe, Claire gustatized how it would taste and fine-tuned the list of ingredients.

gut course: A required, but easy undergraduate core-requirement.
Example: Everyone has to take European History 101--it's a gut course--but it's so easy nobody sweats it.

Gutenberg: Someone, usually an older person, who insists on printing everything rather than reading it online.
Example: I can't believe you printed that entire article--you're such a Gutenberg.

Gutfullofspareparts: Pregnant, with child.
Example: Blimey, said Tom. Guess what! My Missus has got a gutfullofspareparts.

Gutfully: Descriptive of the movement of a large belly when the diaphragm is spasming.
Example: That joke made me laugh most gutfully.

GUTI: My entry for the pseudodictionary would be guti (pronounced goo'-tee). It is an acronym for Get Used To It. Whenever you have to learn to do something no matter how much you don't want to do it, you just have to quit griping and guti! Being a teacher, this word comes in handy a lot during the school day.
Example: You must learn to write sentences using active voice. Guti! Use passive voice and you automatically get an F. (Mr. Kennard, you're invited to write your own example. The automatic F business was something my son's English teacher came up with. I thought it was a boneheaded restriction. Found your entry at https://www.techtv.com/tlkbck/comment/0,24009,3375491-515590,00.html?netsection_id=2100114.)

gutter punk: a modern young hobo traveller usually sporting a backpack, dreaded hair, and patches.
Example: It seems like there are a lot of gutter punks in this city.

Guy: Used commonly to refer to another person to get their attention. A generic nickname.
Example: Yo Guy, gimme a smoke.

guy/girl bounce: serial dating with no time in between to learn whatever you were supposed to from the last relationship.
Example: sounds like she just needs to figure out who she really is and spend some time concentrating on becoming comfortable with that cause the guy bounce is usually representative of just the opposite.

Guychick: Describes a person who does not appear to be male or female. Pronounced like the words guy and chick put together but must be said very fast.
Example: What the heck is that person? I guess it's a Guychick.

Guyjantic: Gigantic.
Example: The project was going smoothly until Jake made a guyjantic error.

guype: Junk, garbage, trash, or leftovers.
Example: Would you believe this place is built entirely from guype? It looks like new.

Gwangi: Inexpensive or low quality. From the title of the 1969 dinosaur/wild west film Valley of the Gwangi.
Example: Dad likes to save money by buying Gwangi brand plastic bags instead of Ziplock.

gwank: The act of ripping someone's arms off, and bludgeoning her with her own arms.
Example: You best get that chipmunk off my rutabaga, 'fore I gwank you.

gwankalowe: A gwank and bangalowe put together. The act of ripping someone's arm off, and hitting him in the twins with it.
Example: I sure feel bad for Willie. He not only failed the test, the teacher gave him a gwankalowe for doing so poorly.

gweet: To leave the area for food or sustenance.
Example: I am really hungry. Let's gweet!

gwess: Verb or noun, the word that you would use to make fun of someone
Example: You stupid son of a gwess

GWF: Goober With Firewall. An uninformed user of a personal firewall who inundates admins with complaints about normal network traffic detected by his firewall. {Don't remember where I found this.}
Example: Just another GWF. Cripes, I wish these idiots would quit wasting our time and theirs with these complaints.

gyah: Iterjection. (1) An exclamation of surprise or 2) a synonym for sighing.
Example: (1) Gyah! I can't believe I have a 10 page paper due tomorrow!
(2) Gyah. I just don't feel like doing the laundry right now.

GYK: Similar to the interjections used in the old Batman show: Pow! Wam! etc.
Example: GYK! That looked like it hurt.

Gym: The State Penitentiary. Criminals go in, come out bigger and meaner.
Example: Mike is going to the gym, for 5 to 10.

gym pig: someone who spends too much time in the gym usually out of vanity
Example: i just wanna be in shape, not a buffed out gym pig.

gymteacherly: Acting in an evil or sadistic manner.
Example: My mean gym teacher was especially gymteacherly this morning.

gzunder: The kitchen utensil more commonly known as the flipper, called gzunder becuause it goes under something.
Example: Pass me the gzunder so I can flip the pankakes.

Gzzt: due to disdain for use of the word like, gzzt is used as a replacement. it denotes the brief short in your brain at the moment of using it.
Example: So She gzzt, 'yeah, are you talking to me?' and he gzzt 'yeah, my friend thinks you are gzzt, cute.'