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Q-Tip: An elderly white-haired person
Example: No wonder traffic is so slow, look at that Q-tip driving

qariot: (Pronounced: cha-ree-ot) A vehicle used on sidewalks.
Example: Get your qariots off of my sidewalk, said the man to the boy as he pushed away the tricycles.

QBN: Quark By Numbers--being asked to design a page from a template
so restrictive you're reduced to just filling boxes.
Example: That page is just pure QBN.

Qereijan: (Pronounced: Cheh-ree-yan) A word used to describe a person with monkey-like behavior. Usually very intelligent and tends to like to play computer games.
Example: George is a qereijan, he plays EverQuest every day and likes to eat bananas.

Qiken: (pronounced: chi-ken) Originated from the animal chicken, but used to describe chicken cooked in an Asian style.
Example: Yum yum! That's some nice qiken teriyaki.

Qirish: (chai-rish) Person of Chinese and Irish decent.
Example: Joe is Qirish--his mother is Chinese and his father is Irish.

QT: 1)Quality Time. 2)as part of the phrase on the QT, off the record or in confidence
Example: Did I tell you? Amber Lynn and I have been enjoying a LOT of QT lately... but if Holmes finds he'll kill me so keep it on the QT okay?

quack: An action beyond description.
Example: Did anyone just see that quack?

quackabash: Kwok*uh*bash. Messed up. Like, the aztek...it's odd. The only word to explain is...quackabash.
Example: The Pontiac Aztek is quackabash.

quadrupedicure: Caring for the feet (or paws) of four-footed creatures.
Example: My cat is in dire need of a quadrupedicure.

quag: problem, gripe
Example: What's HIS quag?

quagged: To obsess about something--mentally caught in the quagmire.
Example: Mary was really quagged yesterday about her car breaking down.

quake up: Used in place of wake up.
Example: Quake up and lets go.

qualidill: A quadrillion quadrillions.
Example: The universe is said to be four qualidills across.

qualit�ts: An object of excessive greatness or downright marvelous.
Example: It was rather qualit�ts.

quandrizing: The act of being in or thinking up a quandary.
Example: He quandrized for many hours over the problem.

Quangaroo: A small marsupial, run by committee.
Example: No wonder our approach confused it, it's a quangaroo.

quango: Pronounced kwango. Used to describe something good. Current use in British army.
Example: That car is quango.

quantity of suck times 1.5: Term used to describe something that sucks-and-a-half.
Example: That new project they assigned us is quantity of suck times 1.5.

quarterwit: Someone who is less intelligent that a halfwit.
Example: Paul could probably do worse than the quarterwit.

quasiex: Tissue (such as Kleenex) used to either wipe up the tears or sweat that results from becoming reinvolved with someone you used to date and either having to deal with the pain of again realizing it was not right or the stress of having to extricate yourself...again.
Example: You're going out with her again? You'll have to stock up on the quasiex.

quasimodo: To walk with an extreme limp.
Example: I had knee surgery and once they let me put weight on it again, I had to quasimodo it everywhere I went.

quasipology: Pretending to apologize to someone, but in reality only justifying the actions you should be apologizing for.
Example: After the meeting, Dave came up to me and started to say he was sorry for shafting my project and lying to the manager about it. But then he just quasipologized instead and said he's had problems like this before, so he has reason to be paranoid and he has to take preemptive measures because I might've done something wrong later. For about five seconds, I thought he'd actually apologized.

quatang: It is the substance in the mouth, particularly the back of the throat that is usually spat out in the morning after a lot of smoking the previous night.
Example: When I awoke I couldn't talk until I got the quatang out of my mouth.

quaylote: A stupid remark that is as quoteworthy as one of Dan Quayle's remarks.
Example: I stand by all the misstatements that I've made, is quaylote of Dan Quayle.

quazzle: stylish
Example: That man thats dancing sure has quazzle.

que ongo: The Spanish Slang form of What's up?
Example: �Que ongo amigo?

queeby: Preposterously dorky in deed or act; so nerdy as to be painfully embarrasing even in recollection.
Example: I walked into his office and there he was talking to himself in a fake lordly English accent .He's so queeby.

Queed: Descriptive word for a person who is not a desirable date due to lack of social interaction
capabilities and personal hygiene.
Example: Are you serious? Me, go out with him? Ugh! He's such a queed.

Queef: Something that squirts out, usually a bit nasty.
Example: Ugh, I hate those little packets of ketchup you get at MickyDee's. The last one queefed all over me.

Queego: saying, Could we go (insert place)
Example: hey, queego dairy queen?

queen bean: Someone who is very pale and fat. From a _Ren and Stimpy_ episode. What is that ugly white slab in my can of beans?
Example: I suggested Bob go to the beach with me, but the queen bean turned me down.

queerball: Someone who just isn't quite right.
Example: Why's he doing that? Beats me, must be some kind of queerball.

queerdo, quierdo: Freakishly strange person.
Example: Chris stuck a banana up his nose--trying to be a queerdo, I guess.

queery: A question to ascertain one's sexual orientation.
Example: John disliked being asked a queery--he didn't feel it should matter.

queltt: The lowest point on your body that your pants can sag without falling off or needing a belt.
Example: Derrick's queltt was a full 9 inches lower than Tim's queltt was, despite the fact that they are the same height.

quenace: (rhymes with Dennis)literal-time lag between when the surface of a body of water is first seen to darken and when the wind finally reaches you.
metaphorical-any brief timelag.
Example: There was a slow quenace and then the boat began to rock.

Quenchville: Like a restful, relaxing spot under a shade tree, with a refreshing glass of ice tea. :-)
Example: In the summertime, the maple trees and the lawn chair sure do make for Quenchville.

Questrogen: The search for the perfect woman
Example: He is on a never-ending Questrogen.

quick goat thinking: The process of ultra-fast problem solving in a dire situation. Others cannot comprehend how you achieved the results.
Example: I used my quick goat thinking when my car wouldn't start. I bypassed the key start and used a screwdriver to short out the terminals on my starter.

quiddy: Etymology: Drunken attempt to say cute and pretty at the same time.
1. Describing an attractive young woman who, if not wearing a sundress, could nonetheless tastefully succeed in doing so.
2. A woman possessing said qualities.
Example: It was the first genuine spring day of the year, and the arboretum was teeming with quiddies.

(Contributor's note: An alternate etymology cites Latin roots, attributed to Antony saying of Cleopatra:
Quiddima maxima est. However, this is considered apocryphal in most scholarly circles.

quidjibo: A word that Bart Simpson invented during a game of scrabble.
Example: Look at my monkey. It's of the quidjibo variety.

quiet: Broke. Having no money. See also jing
Example: Hey, would you spot me some jing...I'm quiet

quig: n. a slur that can be used to describe anyone merely by changing the adjective that preceeded it. (The word itself has no meaning, it's definition is found in it's modifiers.)
Example: -that filthy quig!
-What did you say, you dirty rotten quig?
-Where'd that sissy quig go?

Quijiua: Used when something is very good or great.
Example: That new album that's out is off da Quijiua.

quildebrise: The stains left by biros above home pockets of shirts of schoolchildren, railway employees, and scruuffy shopkeepers.
Example: The boy's shirt was covered in quildebrise and the remains of a hastily eaten beetroot sandwich.

quimper: It's what happens when the word quiver gets frisky with with the word whimper.
Example: Pete quimpered when she said, Shut up and take me now. [ED. I don't get it. Take her where? To the recently released Spiderman movie?]

quintetessential: (adj) A descriptive word for the Phil Lesh Quintet
Example: The band is quintetessential.

quitterbitchin: Bitchin. Either very cool or very bad.
Example: That card trick was quitterbitchin.

Quitters: A pair of socks that won't stay up due to worn-out elastic.
Example: I've been pulling up these lousy quitters all day long!

quiztory: the recording of a quiz night victory
Example: WOW,What a win by table number 8, this will surely go down in quiztory as the greatest win ever

quiztory: the recording of a quiz night victory
Example: WOW,What a win by table number 8, this will surely go down in quiztory as the greatest win ever

quo: Merchandise; or stuff that you buy.
Originates from the Latin quid pro quo which translates as this for that, or, in modern British usage,
money for stuff.
Example: I'm going to the shopping mall for some quo today; want to join me?

quone: To desperately want something.
Example: I quone a date with Carmen Electra.

quoteworthy: quote + noteworthy = quoteworthy. That is, something worthy of being quoted. (You'll find this in Chambers and other fine dictionaries.)
Example: Sir Winston Churchill made many quoteworthy statements. One: Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.

qwerty: (adj., origin unknown; not original) So tired that one's face drops onto the keyboard, typing qwerty.
Example: After pulling three all-nighters in a row, the web designer knew that no amount of caffeine would save her from becoming qwerty.