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V: Visitor, tourist. Made popular by the 80s sci-fi mini-series by the same name.
Example: To the person driving slowly ahead of you, Come on, V, quit sight-seeing and drive.

V. Pelefo - Adj. Pelefo'd - N.: V. When the corner of a peice of paper, or material glued to a surface, peals upwards and curls off the paper.
Adj - Pelefo'd - the paper has pealed and folded upwards.
Noun - Pelefodian - A type of person that can't resist but to pick at the corner of a paper and pelefo it.
Example: V - That paper looks as if it is going to pelefo some time soon.
Adj. That basketball card has all pelefo'd, i am not going to buy that.
N. Your a pelefodian, you can' help yourself, you just have to pick at it hey.

vache: Sitting around doing nothing much in particular, kinda like chewing your cud.
Example: What are you doing tonight? Eh, I'm going home to vache.

vaclempt: To appear extremely distraught. The act of expressing anguish over a particular situation.
Example: Sarah failed her psychology exam and she looks pretty vaclempt.

vacuucoffophobia: Occurs while vacuuming. Fear of tripping over the cord and hitting your head on the corner of the coffee table.
Example: Sharon claimed her severe case of vacuucoffophobia accounted for her house looking like a pigsty.

vacuums: Synonym for sucks, but less severe. So, basically its bad, but not THAT bad.
Example: Sort of like: I hate math, so my math mid-term sucks. History mid-term merely vacuums.

Vaderant: (adj) Someone who is cruel, heartless and has no concern for competition or life.
Example: Bill Gates is a vaderant person.

Vaderist: Someone who embodies the beliefs of Darth Vader of Star Wars.
Example: The kid down the road is a Vaderist.

vagenda: The catalogue of expectations a woman has of a man.
Example: Bob would have liked to have watched the football game on Thanksgiving Day
but that was not on Chrissy's vagenda.

vaguery: A collection of vague, unimportant or unconnected social events.
This term especially refers to oblig,atory or nonsense conversations and other interactions.
Example: I downloaded a 4mb virus fix for him on a 1kb/sec connection (split between 15 office staff)
and other vaguery.

vah: Can be any part of speech. Used especially when you can't remember a specific word. (See also: crombie, nik, sappa.)
Example: Get me the vah.... No, the other one--over there in the corner.

valet bank: a very high income level, possibly the highest tax bracket before filthly fuckin' rich. it originated when i learned how much valets can make working 4 days a week in las vegas (which is way more than what most people i know make working 5 days a week).
Example: dude, if i made valet bank i could play at the high roller blackjack tables every night!

valid: Cool.
Example: That movie was valid.

valleycide: The killing off of the San Fernando Valley secession movement by Los Angeles power structure
Example: Mayor Hahn has raised $5 million for valleycide.

valuejet: 1. To miserably fail.
2. A state of total disaster that ends in miserable failure.
Example: Before I came to work here, I worked for an internet company that did a valuejet.

vanderwahled: The position of a chair not being pushed in under a table.
Example: The cafeteria was a mess, the kindergartners had left all of their chairs vanderwahled. We had to go back and push them back in.

Vanilla: Plain, boring, lacking excitement.
Example: A) How was your date last night?
B) Totally vanilla, I was home by 9:30.

vanity sitcom: As per vanity publishing, a comedic television series starring an actor whose fame is on the wane. The actor and character they play will have similar names and the show will be named after them. Shows with multiple main characters are not vanity sitcoms. Geena and Bette are vanity sitcoms, Seinfeld is not.
Example: After Winona Ryder's latest escapades, there's nothing left for her but a vanity sitcom on the Fox network in 2003.

vantastically annoying: Beyond all realms of being annoying, super or uber annoying
Example: Our cashier today was vantastically annoying.

vape: syn. vaporize. Used to imply total destruction of something (often files on a computer).
Example: Erm, Steve? We -did- make some backups of all that important data, didn't we? I think I just vaped it...

vapomix: For cold sufferers, an easy to eat and digest cereal laced ever so delicately with Vick's.
Example: This chicken soup isn't helping my cold, honey. Make me some Vapomix.

vapormeme: Something that everyone talks about, but doesn't actually exist. (Cf: Similar to software that seems to never get here--vaporware.)
Example: The weblog community was abuzz with the notion of writing weblogger slash fiction, but in the end it was just another vapormeme.

vaporware: An advertised product that never actually comes to be. Especially in a catalog, under the header coming soon.
Example: The catalog showed this amazing new thingy, but it's six months later and there's still no such thingy.
Alas, more vaporware from Thingy, Inc.

vark: An anteater that runs away from fights.
v. To run from trouble.
Example: This big grasshopper arrived and he just varked.

VBAddicism: One who is addicted to the programming language Visual Basic.
Example: John has VBAddicism. He lost his job from being overly active in Visual Basic.

vealboy, vealgirl: A derisive title given to the gullible or easily picked on.
Example: Vealboy still wears his pants backwards like he's an early-90's kid rapper. Didn't the wedgie teach him anything?

Veep: Washington DC expression, the Vice-President.
Example: Since 9-11 no really knows where the Veep is at any given time.

veg: to relax, to chill out
Example: i'm going to veg out for the afternoon...

Vegemate: An Australian pal who sends you supplies of Vegemite when you are overseas.
Example: Hey, Barry, can you be my Vegemate when I go to Sweden?

vegie: An annoying thirteen-year old, especially those in grade 8.
Example: These damn vegies are everywhere. Its impossible to move.

vehemenent: The comparative (or even superlative) form of the adjective vehement,
accented on the second syllable.
Used as an intensifier, often in especially eloquent barroom discussions after several rounds.
Example: Hey! Calm down. I didn't mean anything by it. You don't have to get all vehemenent about it.

vehicellular: Relating to the use of a cell phone in a car
Example: The police ruled it a vehicellular homicide.

velox: newspaper slang for a picture of a picture.
Example: the frontpage of today's newspaper contains a velox.

Velveeta (also Velveitre): One who eats cheese sucks up to superiors for recognition. Also takes credit for someone else's results.
Example: He's gone Velveeta again, eating more cheese to impress the Captain.

velvis: Elvis Presley painting done on velvet.
Example: Love your velvis decorations.

venerable.: Cool!
Example: That's venerable.

venting: To release all your anger or to tell someone all your problems.
Example: I had to vent my problems at you.

verb: To use a noun as a verb.
Example: I like to verb words.

verbaceous: 1. Action-packed .
2. Using gobs of action verbs (reserved usage for snooty writing groups).
Example: Even Train! can be verbaceous if it's the last thing your character ever screams.

verbicide: An act of word destruction; i. e., a word ceases to exist or loses meaning due to the act
of an inividual. For example, some would consider the act of verbing to be verbicidal.
Example: Valley girls haved used the word like so inappropriately for so long that I would
like to charge them with verbicide.

verbing: The act of transforming a regular noun into a non-existent verb form.
Example: Our manager said we should work on price-pointing and gold-tagging tonight. Oh, I see she's been verbing again.

verbology: The study, science, or practice of creating new words.
Example: I decided to utilize my verbology skills, so I logged on to pseudodictionary.com.

Vernacular of the Vacuous: Vocabulary used in the practice of pretending like you do not know how to do
Generally designed to have a more capable person present take over the entire project.
Can be used to great effect around control freaks.
i.e. �I don�t have a head for numbers.?br>
�Which end of the hammer do you use??br>

Example: It was easier to do all of Kelly�s homework than to listen to her vernacular of the vacuous
about math being hard.

verschnergen: a thingummy-bob, a whatsit, a little thingy.
Example: When you roll over a menu item, a verschnurgen pops out, so ya know where ya are!

verse vica: Like vice versa, only the other way around. (See visa versa, too.)
Example: Should we eat first and then shop, or verse vica?

version: Used for a person who frequently distorts the truth and reality in order to sound cool.
It's almost as though he makes his own version of events.
Example: J. Chris reckons he downed a bottle of vodka last night.
R. Yeah, he truly is a version, isn't he.

Versioned: Reffers to a task that one was doing to their satsifaction on the computer. After a software upgrade, they can no longer perform the task to their satisfaction. They have been versioned
Example: I was printing my widget reports just fine until I got versioned. Now my noun has become a verb.

vertexulate: the rate at which an androgenous person visually changes from appearing feminine to masculine in a continous cycle
Example: my friend vertexulates at such a high rate in a bar, people of both sexes will buy her drinks.

vertically challenged: a short person
Example: She's so vertically challenged she uses a step-stool to get in and out of her car.

veter: When you get better, then worse, then better, then worse, then better....
Example: I hate going through veter.

vexeleration: Excessive gunning of a car engine by a motorist who has just gotten out from behind a slow or otherwise annoying driver, chiefly as a message to the offending slowpoke.
Example: Mabel cheerfully went about her errands in her 1965 Rambler. She was oblivious to the tuned-up Hondas roaring by, vexelerators pressed to the floor.

vexsome: someone superficially appealing but ultimately a major problem for anyone who gets to know the person, i.e. initially winsome but ultimately vexatious
Example: Many powerful people you meet in a new job turn out to be vexsome

Vhialthe: (vee-all-the) n. (Spotspeak) Vhialthe is the greatest possible typo for chocolate.
Example: Spot likes vhialthe in great quantities.

viagravate: 1. To annoy with too much desire for sex.
2. To annoy in extreme fashion.
Example: That guy at the bar was so drunk last night that all he could do was viagravate me.

Vibe: A collective feeling of euphoric goodwill commonly experienced at social events, particularly after-hours clubs and raves.
Example: There was a really good vibe at that party last night

victa: Someone who deliberately cuts in on someone else's territory when she knows she shouldn't.
(As in Victa lawnmowers. I don't know if these are only in Australia.)-
Example: When Pete saw Chris getting friendly with Pete's new girlfriend he knew the
rumours of Chris being a victa were true.

victoly: When you have won, you have achieved victoly.
Not to be confused with victory, victoly is traditionally repeated by all those surrounding you.
Example: Victoly! I have finished redesigning my website.

video game eye: When you have been playing a computer game too long and can still see it playing in front of your eyes even after you shome. Will often cause involuntary eye movements in an attempt to dodge imaginary foes.
Example: You'd better drive--I have serious video game eye.

vidiot: A child of any age who spends all of his or her time sitting in front of a monitor playing video games.
Example: Davideo was a vidiot!

viewbicle: (n) Cubicle with a view.
Example: Bob got the corner viewbicle.

viewie: A very attractive girl who is present, a viewable female, pleasing to the eye
Example: You just missed a viewie walking by.

viewstalgia: Thinking things looked better in the past, or a desire to see things from the past.
Example: Bob realized when he saw her again that his idea of her being cute was just a severe case of viewstalgia.

VIFI: Acronym: Very Important Food Item.
Example: Pizza is a VIFI.

viking full: Extremely satiated after a large meal.
Example: After three servings of turkey, I'm not just full, I'm Viking full.

vikings: Nickname for Vicodin, a pain reliever containing Hydrocodone (related to codeine),
a narcotic analgesic, and Acetaminophen, a less potent pain reliever that increases the effects of hydrocodone.

Example: My doctor gave me some vikings for pain after my wisdom teeth were extracted.

vilifrying: An insult so spectacularly appropriate and true that the subject is rendered speechless, usually resulting in the mouth opening and closing repeatedly, like a fish gasping for air.
Example: When she said to James, How could you possibly catch the foul ball when you have no arms, Stumpy? James was so vilifryed, he almost fainted.

village: An incredibly stupid person. The village idiot.
Created by Lawrence Russo in 1978.
Example: I hate it when Byron drinks, he acts like such a village.

Village: Amatueurish, of a lower standard that one is used to--as in village cricket.
Example: You've made a village job of that, it's falling apart.

Village Green: The local environmental activist.
Example: Oh, him? He's the village green. He tends the village square.

Village Square: The local jerk.
Example: Oh, him? He's the village square. He hangs out on the village green.

Vino Collapso: Any inexpensive wine consumed in copious amounts.

vinylocity: The unknown force that moves the shower curtain towards the shower stream,
regardless of the weight or material of the curtain.
Example: I kept feeling the curtain touching me in the shower, I thought it was static, but realized that it was simply vinylocity.

virtile: The ability to reproduce in quantity.
Example: My friend Mike is really virtile. He just had triplets.

virus writer: Someone who creates computer viruses in order to enhance the need for antivirus software.
Example: He worked for HyperDyne, makers of the antivirus software Magi-kleen, as a virus writer.

visa versa: Having your visa revoked and being forced to leave a country. From E_B_A's misspelling of vice versa at nightsomatic.
Example: If foreigners in any country commit serious crimes in that country, the minimum they should deal with is visa versa. This also applies to evangelicals or missionaries or humanitarian workers. If it's a serious crime to proselytize in a country, sensible law and order considerations demand that you be subject to serious punishment for your actions. For the government of such a country to do otherwise invites chaos. While we might prefer that the governments of such countries be overthrown, until they are, we can expect punishment or banishment for criminal acts as a proper government response.

viscotiatious: Perpetually inclined to cause irritation and annoyance.
Example: Ever since the trepanation, Kenny has been downright viscotiatious toward me.

Vishnu's hands: The official list of nuclear devices that are known missing, unretrievable, or stolen.

origin: Vishnu is trying to persuade the Prince that he should do his duty and to impress the Prince, takes on his multi-armed form and says, Now, I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.
Example: The list of Vishnu's hands grows every year.

visiting my grandma: Doing something illegal.
Example: I had to watch out for the cops because I'd just been visiting my grandma.

vitamin B: Australian slang for Victoria Bitter, a popular brand of beer. Also known as VB.
Example: Hey Mick, pass me another vitamin B.

vitamin g: Gasoline.
Example: I need to go get some vitamin g before I can mow the lawn.

vitamin k: Random healthiness found in food items when you don't know exactly what else they contain that is good for you.
Example: Eat these cashews, they're full of vitamin k.

Vittle: Visible thong line. Vittle for short. A headsup to look at someone's rear. Can also be used derisively.
Variant: Tender vittles. When the thong rises above the pant line over the hip.
Example: Check out the vittle on her. She is hot.
I can't believe she showed vittle at her niece's christening. How tacky.
Quit showing tender vittle, you look like a lap dancer.

vivid-lividity: More than just anger. When your head is bursting with anger in bright colours.
Example: If I'd just put on a clean pair of socks and then stepped in a puddle of water in the bathroom, I would experience vivid-lividity.

vixen: a hot fox, referring to an attractive female that may do harm
Example: The vixen made me wait with torture

vobijug: it is a male or female who tries to stand out from the crowd by purposely acting different, which usually leads to a trend they create.
Example: That hairstyle was created by the vobijug over there.

vocabulaic: visually and audibly beautiful, eloquent, and/or gratifying vocubulary usage
Example: 'his discourse proved vocabulaic with his tenacity towards aesthetic words and phrases...'

vocular: To describe someone who is cordially talkative and for whom conversing is very easy and comes naturally.
Example: My sister Margaret is really vocular today.

Vodai: Dumb, stupid. Used by many in Bangladesh.
Example: You're getting more Vodai day by day.

vodka and milk: The bad mixed drink to which all other drinks are compared to determine their vileness.
Example: I was screwing around with whiskey and random juices that I found in the fridge, and here's what I made. It's not good, but it's not vodka and milk either.

Vodrot: Condition resulting from drinking excessively with more than 2two people.

Adj.: Fuzzy or unclear

Example: 1. After last night's festivities the group was suffering from vodrot.
2. The wipeout gave him a severe case of vodrot vision.

voibulate: VOY-byou-late. To mutter vicious remarks at an inanimate object. See gestobulate.
Example: The computer was being really slow, so I voibulated it.

voice-jail: Another word for voice-mail. Especially applicable to phone systems that don't offer the ability to get a real live person on the other end of the call.
Example: I called Jim at his office this afternoon, but he must've gone home already, 'cause I got thrown into voice-jail.

Vokuhila: (German, noun) Mullet, bi-level hairstyle. Billy Ray Cyrus, Vo-Vor-Front, Ku-Kurz-Short,
Hi-Hinter-Back, La-Lang-Long.
Example: Check out the Vokuhila on Billy Ray. That is the hairstyle of the gods.

Volumptuous: Large and sexy woman. Like voluptuous, only more so.
Example: Manet generally used volumptuous women as models for his paintings.

What a volumptuous vision you are, my dear!

Voluntold: When someone else volunteers you for something. Its an order disquised as a suggestion.
Example: Ive been voluntold to shovel the driveway.

vomic: The act of vomiting because you are so disgusted.
Example: Senior guys dating freshman girls makes me want to vomic.

vomick: To vomit through the nose (often used by pediatricians).
Example: The little girl was so sick, she was vomicking.

vomitose: In the state of vomiting.
Example: Jerry's had 14 beers, and now he's vomitose.

vomitov cocktail: A highly noxious combination of substances, ingested, partially digested,
expelled in a highly forceful manner.
Example: (Quoted verbatim from some guy in the pub.)
So after we went to this bloody Mexican restaurant we went to the local bar, I
had three tequila shots, four or five beers and then half a bottle of Irish Cream at a mate's house
afterwards. I get home and me girlfriend cops a Vomitov Cocktail in the face.

vomitraumatic: Something that is very traumatic, to the point that it may cause you to vomit.
Example: _Hannibal_ was a very vomitraumatic movie for me.

vomituous: The feeling of sickness, or wanting to throw up.
Example: This sea cruise is making me vomituous.

von trapp: When you break out into song in a public place. from The Sound of Music.
Example: Doug pulled a von trapp in Burger King, causing the customers to cover their ears.

von trapp family: a large number of something, usually children
Example: Did you see that? They had a Von Trapp family of kids in that car!

vonic: vodka & tonic
Example: A: Sir...I think you've had enough to drink.
B: Gaaah! Vonic!

voobigs: A contagious disease which disintegrates only arms and legs leaving the torso.
Example: I'm sorry miss, but Ii couldn't do my homework because of a case of voobigs.

vordee hats: Things that guys wish they were wearing when they were having a Happy Birthday (P.S. ?It's felt hat with flashing lights on it.)
Example: Veijfer, catching sight of Jodekka's lovely Spral's-dress was filled with custard (or joy) and simply couldn't help but wish he hadn't lost his previous vordee hat�Jodekka had something more abstiferous in mind.

vortext: when you think you are entering text into a field that's not selected; typing text into an non-existent space
Example: thought i entered the URL, but it was vortext.

voxel: Out of fashion.
Example: You're glasses are so voxel they're saying, I met you in 1989.

vpl: Visible Panty Line.
Example: Hey, check out the VPL on her.

vuja de: That weird feeling that you don't EVER want to be in this place again.
Example: When the cops busted the party and took us all downtown, I went through some serious vuja de!

Vulgocity: The violently rapid speed in which the vulgarity of a situation reaches its climax.
Example: He spewed those words with such vulgocity, the natural reaction of the crowd was to gasp in horror.

vulmon: A person waiting for another to die so that he can get to the money or property; a vulture of
money; a money-vulture.

ORIGIN of WORD: Combination of parts of the words vulture, and money.

Example: I must be dying, because the vulmons are gathering and already fighting over who
gets my money and stuff.

Vultch: That which a vulture does.

To loiter around impatiently expecting something.
Example: Quit vultching, I'll be through in a minute.

vunrable: When one could not be bothered to pronounce the word vulnerable.
Example: That cow's vunrable with no weapons to protect herself from the wolves. Give her a bow and arrow.

vurp: Vomit-burp, that special burp accompanied by a meal or last night's beverages.
Example: I had Mexican for lunch which means I can expect to vurp anytime now.

vvb: Very, Very Back. The cargo area of a station wagon.
Example: Car's full. Looks like you're going to have to ride with the dogs in the VVB.