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b: Alternative used in place of a friend's name.
Example: What's up b?

b'cept: Bersept. But except--joined. Thanks to Natalie for this word.
Example: I was going to go to the beach b'cept the forecast called for rain.

b'oh: a term derived from a specific simpsons episode, it is literally used in failure to remember the word d'oh. Common usage occurs when schooling selfappointed simpso-philes, overquoters or just to be different. used in same context as d'oh.
Example: A) did you see that simspsons episode last night?
B) b'oh. no, i forget to get work off last night.

b'shower: That annoying cross between a bathtub and a shower. Why can't it make up its mind?
Example: I hate the b'shower--the floor is always so slippery that I'm afraid I'll fall and break my hip.

b'wamber: But remember.
Example: Older sibling to younger sibling, I'm going out with my friends. See you later.
Younger sibling, B'wamber, Mum said you had to take me with you.

B-list: A list containing those who did not quite make the home list, which is the A-list
Example: The term B-list makes the B-list.
{Makes sense when appended to its own quotation makes sense when appended to its own quotation.

B-team: Inferior group. A sarcastic way to tell people they suck.
Example: I'm singularly unimpressed. That wasn't amazing. You should be on the A-team.

b.i.t.: Bitch In Training. Preteen or teenage female with way too much attitude.
Example: God, my kid sister has become a B.I.T. since she turned thirteen.

Ba: An explosive form of goodbye, when in a hurry, and wishing to have the last word. (There is no come-back to Ba.)
Example: eg.See ya. See ya. I've got to go. Yep, see ya. BA!

baa: Bad. Not good.
Example: Baa, no more tofu.

babble fish: A fish that translates any spoken language into a language that the person possessing the fish can understand.
Example: To understand the Vogons, you'll have to have a babble fish in your ear. (For those who think this should be spelled babelfish or babel fish or BabelFish or Babel Fish--guti. Douglas Adams (who died May 11, 2001) would probably have appreciated the whimsy of randomly using alternative spellings.)

babblescent: A pre-teen or adolescent based on the characteristic behaviors of such young people--they are always talking.
Example: In my 8th grade class, the babblescents could not settle down.
They continued talking and giggling long after the bell rang.

babbling ram: A verbal technique used to suppress opposition by using forceful, senseless babbling.
Example: Eric never answered my question, but after his babbling ram, I wasn't curious anymore.

babe ratio: The ratio of babes to total women present in any gathering, expressed as a percentage. If two women are there, and only one is a babe, the babe ratio is 50.
Example: The babe ratio at the mall is approaching 99 today.

babelicious: Physically attractive to a high degree.
Example: Jeff noted that the new girl, Jessica, was babelicious.

Babu: No. From the Central African language of Hausa.
Example: Q: Would you like some toad eye soup? A: Babu.

bacachopam: General term for red meat or livestock used for red meat (ie. ham, pork, beef; pigs, cows).
Example: Enough with the greenery, let's have at the bacachopam.

back: Bar room slang for a chaser.
Example: I'll have whisky neat with a beer back.

back button panic: The spasmodic, uncoordinated movements you make when you're surfing porn on the Net and you realise that somebody is standing behind you and can see what you're doing...
Example: I'd've managed to click out of weirdogirl.com before Mom saw anything if it hadn't been for back button panic.

back drill: Anything really boring.
Example: Camping out waiting for tickets must have been a back drill.

back spackle: The dirt, mud, and other gunk that accumulates on the back of your shirt or jacket when you ride a bike on a wet or muddy surface.
Example: Joe kicked up a lot of back spackle when he rode his mountain bike through the muddy puddle.

back-asswards: doing something in the most ridiculously wrong order.
Example: No one would give Stu any critical projects because he does everything back-asswards.

backatcha: A reply to a sent message.
Example: Backatcha. Thanks so much for sending that bad news.

backblog: (n,v) Overflow of incidents you intend to write about on your weblog/diary.
Example: I've been meaning to write about my last five dates, but I have to work through my backblog.

backbruiser: a paticularly uncomfotable chair. A chair with a hard back.
Example: The backbruisers in the school make it very hard to sleep through class.

Backlist: To back to an earlier part of a conversation and repeat that part.
Example: Hey, backlist for a minute. What about Jenny?

backne: Acne on one's back and shoulders.
Example: Ewww! Ben's backne was so gross!

backognize: To recognize from behind; to correctly identify someone, having only seen her back.
Example: I backognized Richard Simmons on Broadway the other day.

backseatwards: The direction you face when you sit in a station wagon's very back seat.
Example: Aww, Ma, you know I get nauseated when I sit backseatwards.

bacne: (BAK-nee) Acne covering a person's back
Example: She should not be wearing that shirt with her bacne.

bacon bit: Derogatory term for a security guard.
Example: The mall bacon bits are too afraid of the gangs to try to shome them.

bacon cruiser: Police car.
Example: Don't speed through that section of the highway. There's usually a bacon cruiser under the bridge.

baconhammer: A Canadian--from the fact that Canadian bacon is really just ham.
Example: Generally, nobody has a problem with baconhammers, but people like Celine Dion are an exception.

Bad: Extremely good, awesome.
Example: That's one bad car you've got there.

bad hair day: A day when everything goes wrong--except for the hair on the left of your part.
Example: I had a nightmare last night that I was Don King. I think I'm in for a bad hair day.

bad larry: Impresive.
Example: That's one bad larry of a website.

Look at the size of that bad Larry! It's like an orange on a toothpick.

bad wheel: Injured or sore foot or ankle
Example: You look like you're limping a little. Bad wheel?

bad-lib: Changing what was going to be a curse word into an acceptable word right before saying it.
Example: Realizing she was in church when she stubbed her toe, Susan quickly bad-libbed and said Oh, sugar.

badakalistical: Having qualities beyond the usual adjectives, possessing qualities of multiple positive adjectives.
Example: The preview shots of the Matrix sequel in Cinefantastique are badakalistical.

badass: Something or someone that is just too good for their own good.
Example: I wouldn't wanna mess with badass Chuck Norris

baddo: An exclamation of surprise or joy, derived at age 6 from playground banter during the height of the word bad meaning good...circa 1982.
Example: I can pop a wheelie--it's baddo!

Obi-Wan has a blue lightsaber, that's baddo!

badge: (v) To be an off-duty police officer and flash one's badge to get out of a traffic ticket.
Example: I got pulled over last night, but I just badged 'em and got off.

badify: To take something that is already terribly bad and make it worse.
Example: I have been badified by The Angel of Death.

badillectomy: Removing the bad from the pseudodictionary.
Not necessarily bad words, but also bad spellings, grammar, punctuation, and so forth.
Not bowdlerizing the pd--but getting rid of lame, trashy, and unentertaining words that don't meet the guidelines;
duplicates; already existing words; words with no explanatory examples; and words with a description that has nothing to do with the example given.
Example: Time to go through the pseudodictionary and perform a badillectomy.

baditude: Bad attitude.
Example: The new guy has a baditude.

baditude: A good attitude. Composed of bad in the sense of good, plus the -itude part of attitude.
Example: I don't care what anyone says, I love your baditude.

With that baditude, she'll do fine here.

badookadunk: A phat ass.
Example: James: Mark, look at that badookadunk. Mark: You're right. She's got a nice ass.

badoonka: Longish drum roll played on high-tuned tom-toms,
usually at the beginning of a bombastic bridge in a Heavy Metal or Adult Contemporary Song.
Example: Bert: Ernie, do you remember the notation for scoring a badoonka?

badow: Usually used in excitement. When you win something such as a bet.
Example: (Josh just proved Tony wrong) Josh: Badow!

bafflegab: Meaningless talk, often meant to impress the ignorant or conceal the truth.
Example: His sales-pitch was pure bafflegab.

bafflegarb: This is the english wording politicians use to smear over an important issue. They BAFFLE us with GARBAGE!
Example: use your own examples. You can find them coming out of their mouths daily.

Bag: A slightly promiscuous person, one still endearing in a nasty sort of way.
Example: No doubt about it, Tracy is definitely bag.

Bag Fries: The french fries that fall out of the individual containers, and collect at the bottom of the larger bag.
Example: A: I call bag fries!
B: No way, I drove here, and driver always gets bag fries. It's a rule common to all civilized nations.

bag of spanners: really ugly
Example: She has a face like a bag of spanners

bagel-logic: (noun) circular logic with a big hole in the middle
a.k.a donut logic
Example: Emanuel Kant is an expert in the use of bagel-logic.

bageling: The act of eating a bagel OR something really really cool.
Example: Those shoes are bageling.

bagels: Used instead of cursing.
Example: 1. Holy bagels!
2. Oh, my bagels.

baggapple: Used when you stub your toe or hurt yourself. Scream this in place of a curse word.
Example: Baggapple, I just hurt my finger hammering.

bagmata: The red marks you get on the palms of your hands from carrying heavy plastic bags.
Example: I carried these heavy bags of groceries all the way out to the car. Now I've got bagmata.

bah: a word used to describe when something is bad
Example: Bah! My hair looks horrible today!

bahoozle: Jerk, fool, moron-- an irritating person
Example: That bahoozle just took my parking space.

bailski: 1) to leave somewhere you dont want to be 2) to take a major fall
Example: 1) guys this is boring lets bailski 2) Oh man he took a harsh bailski

baint: The worst most vile, gross thing you can possibly imagine.
Example: Ugh...did you see that?That was baint.

bairn: Scottish expression: a small child.
Example: I havn't been back to Scotland since I was but a wee bairn.

bait shop: 1. A place or gathering where there are many people to whom you are physically attracted.
However, you will only be thwarted in all attempts to convince any of these people into a physical
relationship. Consequently you will return home alone and fantasize about the people.
2. A strip club or a Hooter's restaurant.
Example: Dianne: Lets go to that beach with all of the hot guys.
Mary: That's just a bait shop, all those guys are gay.

Billy: That sorority PapaMikeSierra is having a party!
Jack: Unless you are a frat-boy with a Porsche, it's a bait shop.

baja: (v) Going over hills or dunes of sand at high speeds.
Example: That car is baja-ing like crazy.

baka: (adj) Stupid, idiotic, foolish. (n) A stupid or foolish person. From the Japanese baka, or foolish. Used mainly for comedic effect.
Example: My little brother is a baka.

baking donuts: To go out and make money.
Going to work.
Earn your living with a job.
Taken from Mark Leyner's novel _Et Tu Babe_
Example: Q: What you doing tonight?
A: Bakin' donuts.

bald hair day: A day when nothing goes at all, except your hair. See bad hair day.
Example: I've been tearing my hair out all week--and now I am having a bald hair day.

Baldwin: A really good looking guy.
Example: The new guy in my math class is a Baldwin!

ball-breaker: (adj) Pushy, irritating, or just plain bothersome. Said especially of a female boss.
Example: My boss is really being a ball-breaker today.

Baller: 1) One who is at the home of his/her game. 2) A person who has a lot of money or material possesions
Example: Look at the ride he drove up in, he's a baller!

Ballhitow: Used in golf when someone is hit in the head by a golf ball by another player.
Example: I was golfing yesterday, and I got ballhitow!

balling: Walking quickly with no intention of shomeping to chat.
Example: Look at him balling down the hall like he's got some place to go.

ballitician: An adjective used to describe a person who is half baller and half politician.
Or a person who can make nice with the ladies but also has some right ideas. See: Bill Clinton.
Example: That guy is neck deep in ladies and still has the time to kick it with his peeps. What a ballitician.

balljazz: The odourous sticky brown crap picked off the rollers when you've finally decided that it's high time to clean your mouse cos you can't click straight. Although its chemical makeup remains a mystery despite billions of dollars being poured into analysis in Silicon Valley, it is believed to be non-toxic and edible.
Example: Christ, I've got anough balljazz here to stuff a pillow!

balloon-head: someone with an overinflated ego, a fat head
Example: hey balloon-head, Noah built the ark, not Moses

balloonistic: Ego over-inflated to the point of becoming airborne.
Example: When Bill Gates defied congress, he really went balloonistic.

ballpark accurate: More or less accurate, plus or minus quite a few standard deviations.
Example: It will affect a million customers-- but that's only ballpark accurate.

balls: It's an old wives' tale that testicles can be used to measure hot temperatures to within a few degrees. Hot as balls is around 100 degrees Fahrenheit; hotter than balls is anything hotter. (See witch's tit.)
Example: South Carolina in the summer is hotter than balls.

balls out: At maximum possible speed. Derived from operation of a mechanical governor on a steam engine, where a shaft spun two opposing balls. When maximum speed was set, the balls rotated in their greatest radius.
Example: We're so late on delivering on the Hiphip Project we need to go balls out--so we'll start with an all-nighter. [ED. Any idea of the etymology of balls to the wall, which means essentially the same.]

balls to the wall: At full speed. Early jet-age expression referring to the bakelite balls on the home of a aircraft throttle. To push the same towards the firewall of the aircraft and go at maximum speed.
Example: We needed to make up time on the red-eye to LAX so we went balls to the wall from Phoenix onwards.

bally: You can place it almost anywhere in a sentence for emphasis.
Example: That movie was abso-bally-loutely amazing! OR That leaf is bally weird!

balmuto: Old.
Example: Of course that Rembrandt is balmuto. He's been dead for centuries!

BAM!: a word used to excite someone or throw them off guard. comes from the TV show In Living Color.
Example: Check out this demo tape and ...BAM! We got it going on!

bambosol: like when you go somewhere and you did not have fun are was weak its bambosol
Example: that party we went to was bambosol

bamming: Amazing, increadible, highly interesting and different from the rest.
Example: Did you see that bamming painting?

bamshmer: An inside term to refer to attractive girls without being obvious.
It was originally derived from people trying to say the word pussy as distorted as humanly possible,
and that was the one that was so far removed it made people laugh.
Example: There's some good bamshmer over there.

ban: To get hit really hard, especially by a car, train, or other vehicle.
Example: Flyers center Eric Lindros got banned by New Jersey defenseman Scott Stevens
and he didn't recover for nearly six months.

banalysis: Combinaton of the words banal and analysis. Banalysis is explanation of the obvious, ususally in a manner of presumed importance. For example, if someone tells you stocks are rising because investors are buying, that's banalysis.
Example: Cory's going to present some more banalysis at the meeting on Tuesday.

BANANA: Build Absolutely Nothing Anywhere Near Anybody, which is much stronger than NIMBY (Not In My Back Yard). I first saw this in an article in _The Economist_. The piece was about California and its electricity supply problems, and included the pertinent observation that no new power stations were being planned there, let alone built. The reason? Its citizens and lobby groups have prevented such developments.
Example: California has become a BANANA state.

banana fritters: Slang for frustrated, comes from my friend's saying frustitated
and me for some reason thinking banana fritters every time she said it.
Example: I'm getting really Banana frittered

bananectomy: The careful removal with a knife of the dark spots on a banana to make it edible.
Example: Hold on, I'll get you the banana! Just have to perform a quick bananectomy here.

bananna: crazy people... people that act strangely or are just down right stupid funny
Example: (Kyle just said the dumbest thing ever) Kyle! You're such a bananna!

banano-second: A very short time frame, as in the length of time it takes for bananas to go from ripe to rotten.
Example: Your computer will be cutting edge for about a banano-second.

bance: A contraction of being and since.
Example: Bance you're going to the store, bring me back a candy bar.

banchitive: Adj. from the noun, banchilitarianism
(also coined by my Dad, Larry Fitzgerald)
which describes someone who believes in or practices being contradictory;
so it means, being argumentative, contrary, or contradictory; also, one who whines or complains often.
Example: Oh, Louise, don't be so banchitive.

band-aid gruck: The grey-black sticky residue that forms around the perimeter of a band-aid that's been stuck to the skin for too long.
Band-aid gruck often lingers after the band-aid has been removed, and it indicates where the band-aid once resided.
Example: I have band-aid gruck on my knee because I left the band-aid on so long. It'll take days for it to wear off.

bandwidth: a person's ability to take on additional work
Example: sorry Bob, I can't do that for you - no bandwidth

Bandwidth Junkie: 1. A person who is so concerned about getting her illegal mp3's a whole 30 seconds faster that she
will cancel all other downloaders. 2. Someone who becomes irritable about upload or download times because
she has been desensitized from 56k modem speed.
Example: 2 kb/s isn't that bad. Shome being a bandwidth junkie.

bang: To make a turn, usually in a car, especially in Boston.
Example: Bang a left up here by the Star Market.

banga: Someone that is down, hip, and with it.
Example: K: He was such a banga! M: I agree, he was pretty cool.

bangalowe: Australian slang for receiving a 'shot to the twins.
Example: Krikey! That croc just swung its tail and gave me a good 'ol fashioned bangalowe.

banger: (n) A kiss.
Example: Gimme a banger.

banger: British expression: a sausage.
Example: Bangers and mash is my favorite British meal.

bangin': Very kewl or good
Example: That shirt is bangin'.

banging like an 8-0-8: Sexy in every sense of the word. It's been used in Beastie Boy and Beck songs. Just plain 8-0-8 can be used, too.
Example: She's looking like a hot date, selling lots of real estate, feeling like jail bait, banging like an 8-0-8.... Beck, Hollywood Freaks.

banglers: Those jingly metal bracelets that bounce noisily on the keyboard and
desk when attempting to write and type but are extremely fashionable.
Example: My banglers won't shome wacking into the spacebar!

bangry: A state of mind just slightly past angry when you begin to bang things.
Example: The other night at the pub I got bangry when the bartender cut me off.

banishio: Say this when you are throwing something.
Example: He threw the ball and said banishio.

bank: Money, usually in large quantities.
Example: Ryan is setting himself up for a home invasion. Word's on the street that he has a bank in his apartment.

bankruptikated: An adjective to desribe a person so undesirable that the only comparison that does her
justice is to the present economic status of Russia.
Example: Did you see Fitzwelda rollin' in them stretch pants? She was so bankruptikated.

Bannock slap: A full open handed slap, as in the kind used to knead bread
Example: Be good Rupert, or mamma'll give you a bannock slap.

bansh: To move with considerable speed and destructiveness. (From my stepbrother Garrett, supposedly originating in Salinas, CA.)
Example: 1. In Crazy Taxi (?Sega 1999, 2000) the only way to get any considerable amount of money is to bansh around everywhere.
2. That night, Garrett went banshing around in the fields behind his house. His car got stuck.

banurpulate: The only reason this word exists is that it sounds like what it means: to change, rearrange, fiddle with, alter with the (vague) hope of correcting a problem.
Example: Can't get the VCR to work, eh? Lemme see that remote, I'll just banurpulate the channel settings a bit.

BAPS: Blame Allocation and Persecution System.
Also known as configuration managemenent/traceability strategy.
Refers to a method of looking up who caused a particular problem and providing evidence with
which to humiliate said person(s).
Example: Chris said he never touched the printing code, but according to BAPS he broke it on the 24th.

Bapticostal: A person with mixed religous backgrounds, specifically of Baptist and Pentecostal origins.
Example: In the black church We got the Baptists, we got the Pentecostals then you have the Bapticostals!

bar wallet: The proliferation of one dollar bills that is the usual result of a night out on the town.
Example: I'll get the tip. I've got plenty of ones--bar wallet from last night.

barbarian method: To fix an imperfection of mechanical nature using brute force--i.e., a hammer. See the tool.
Example: We were surprised at his speed repairing the car using the barbarian method.

barbecue: (n) 1. Toilet paper. The honest-to-God's truth: Earlier today my wife and I were driving around. I needed to shome by a branch of our bank to make a deposit. I said, I'll go to the bank at Wal-Mart.... I need to pick up some barbecue. She gave me a puzzled look and asked, Barbecue? I said, I have no idea why I said 'barbecue.' I meant to say 'toilet paper.' I must have just read a sign that said 'barbecue.' Oh well, I'll just add 'barbecue' to the pseudodictionary today and give it the meaning 'toilet paper.' Then what I said makes sense.
2. (n) A non sequitur. (v) To barbecue is to produce a non sequitur orally or in writing.
Example: You submit a word to the pseudodictionary. After receiving your email notification from Paul and Garret that your word has been added, you click on the link to surf to the site, you're filled with anticipation--you know the thrill you'll experience when you see your word...your description!...your example!!...in an online dictionary!!! You think, ohmigod! i'll be famous! (Many of the pseudodoctrinati think in lower case. Paul McFedries of www.logophilia.com might refer to them as shiftless thinkers.) Then, 'Ello, this isn't the example I submitted! It's been pseudoctrinated!! Asshole editor!!! You then send an email, asking the editor why he changed what you wrote--perhaps even *demanding* that he tell you why he changed your artful use of language. A response you might get follows the ////////// below. Other ways the editor may use barbecue: (1) Barbecue. This is the editor's shorthand response for I don't know. My brain must have left the building before I did. (2) Barbecue? The always polite Damned if I know why I changed it. Did your brain perhaps leave the building before you did? I know that happens to me the BFOer I get. Are you sure you wrote what you think you did? OR (appearing in your entry when it's added) Is this what you meant to say? It looks to me as if it may be a non sequitur. (3) Flame the editor? Barbecue! will mean something like Fuck you...and the horse you rode in on or Go set *yourself* on fire. That is to say, in no uncertain terms, the editor is not going to antagonize his wife and get into arguments with her about his wasting his time arguing with you. He's far too wily for that. Also too BFO. ////////// I don't know why I had difficulty understanding it. Everything else you sent in was very clear. Maybe your original example had a barbecue in it? OR Did you barbecue your description? Your example?

Barbofski: Huge mustaches or people that wear them.
Example: You know the stocker over at K-Mart? You know, that dude with the barbofski and worn-out leather jacket.

bard: Something bad, or not good.
Example: _Dawson's Creek_ is bard.

barf lies: When you have overindulged in alcoholic beverages and, between conversations with the white queen, you tell yourself or anyone else who will listen that you'll never do this again. Word derived from my clever insertion of a space into barflies.
Example: Ed: I thought you said you'd never drink whiskey again. Ted: No, that was just barf lies.

barfogenic: That which causes one to regurgitate--sickening, nauseating.

Example: A movie about murder can be detailed and even graphic without being barfogenic.

barfulous: adj., Said of something that would make someone barf (or be violently sick).
Example: 1. The girls living next door to me thought that the flattened squirrel in our road was truly barfulous.

2. Alice: Look! I've got tapeworms!
Bob: Barfulous.

bargainista: A really great bargain.
Example: The turquoise and black holstein print jacket from the 12 Dollar Store was a bargainista.

bargle: (v) To nearly vomit, but not quite; halfway between burping and barfing.
(n) The substance one nearly vomits.
Example: That little hole-in-the-wall seemed like a good place for lunch, but now I'm bargling. Their bargle doesn't even remind me of lunch. It's the nastiest bargle I've ever bargled.

bargle nawdle zouss: Singing, which is especially hard to do with marbles in one's mouth. From Weird Al's Smells Like Nirvana.
Example: It's hard to bargle nawdle zouss with all these marbles in my mouth.

bark second: when a vehicle barks its tires when shifting from first to second gear.

Barkie Bag: Doggie bag that you bring home from a restaurant for your pooch or some other animal.
Example: I brought a barkie bag home for Roscoe.

Barkscaping: Using barkdust everywhere in a yard to avoid maintenance or visual interest.
Example: The barkscaping around the building drains it of all character.

barley pop: A beer.
Example: Hey, son, throw me another barley pop.

Barnesology: Living the good life; the art or science of getting by on as little work or effort as possible.

Example: Getting the free upgrade to the big chair on the flight was the ultimate in Barnesology.

barney: A totally plain ordinary or otherwise unremarkable male.
Example: I don't know where she meets these barneys!

barney: Fight. British English colloquialism.
Example: Let's get out of here - I don't want to get dragged into a barney with them.

Barney: To be in trouble
Example: If we get caught, we're in serious Barney.

Barney: A police officer or police cruiser, from Barney Fife of _The Andy Griffith Show_.
Example: Slow down, I see a Barney up ahead.

barney fifedom: In a large organization, a small department run in an authoritarian fashion by an incompetent manager.
Example: It's a pain to get internet access, because that's Kevin's barney fifedom, and you know what a stickler for rules he is.

Barney it down: To simplify an explanation, as if to be understandable to Barney's audience. Generally involves removing any technical details.
Example: (1). I explained the difference between switches and hubs to the V.P. of Finance, but I had to Barney it down quite a bit.
(2) Harry Koenig Barnied down his report, starting out with A diode is a very simple and interesting device.

barophylos: A person whose greatest pleasure is to spend time in local pubs and bars.
Example: Robert is a real barophylos.

baroquish: Gaudy, distastefully ornate.
Example: She has a baroquish sense of style.

Barouga: Used when one is bored, either in general or of the homeic being discussed. A prompt to move on to something more exciting.
Example: Bert: And then I went into my room.
Ernie: Barouga.

Person one: oh, okay, next homeic.

barred: to be rejected in a conversation, to make a fool of yourself in aconversation.
Example: jane barred herself
you just got barred

barrelassin: driving or moving really fast in a vehicle
Example: Jillian was in such a hurry, that she was barrelassin down Bayshore Boulevard.

barried: Drunk.
Example: We were barried

Barry: Rhyming slang for a bad day. Taken from 'famous' Aussie singer Barry Crocker. Barry Crocker - shocker
Example: How's your day been?
I'm having a Barry

base: (adj) Something good. Use base instead of cool.
Example: A: Just got the new Radiohead album. B. Base.

Basement: base�ment (bas'mnt) ADJ. 1.Substandard or unacceptable. 2.Lame; Not cool or funny. 3.Simple minded or foolish.
Example: The food and service at the restaurant was so basement the group decided to eat and leave without paying.

bashment: Happening event; very hot party.
Example: I went to Tony's bashment last night.

basho'changeo: Weight loss course.
Example: You have tried every other course, so now you should take the Homer Simpson's basho'changeo course.

basic b flat: Average guy or girl.
Example: Did you see that guy? What guy? Exactly, basic b flat.

Basingstoke!: Calm down. Chill out. From the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta Ruddigore. Basingstoke! was an agreed-upon code word used on Mad Margaret whenever she was on the verge of going postal.

Example: Basingstoke!

bass-ackward: Reversed order, ass-backward.
Example: No, that isn't right. You have it all bass-ackward!

bassackwards: Totally screwed up; completely inept; botched beyond belief.
A variant of the expression back-asswards.
Example: No, no, no! As usual you've got the whole thing bassackwards.

Basserific: As wonderful as a bass (yes, we mean fish here), better than bass, describing bass, really really spiffy.
Example: My new car is basserific.

bast: Bastard. Often said with an accent.
Example: Jeff, you're a bast.

bastage: A word used in a sympathetic way.
Example: Bob.My girlfriend just ditched me.
Slim. Bastage.

bastages: Replacement for bastards, best said with a southern twang.
Example: They disconnected my cable. Those bastages.

Bastard Hat: An invisible device that has an overall negative effect on the wearer, turning her into a bastard.
Example: What's the matter with them today? Dunno, they must be wearing the Bastard Hat.

basting my wheels: Pushing my limits.
Example: I'm warning you not to do it again; you're basting my wheels.

basting my wheels!: Annoying me, getting close to the edge. A warning that I am about to blow my home.
Example: I'm warning you, don't do it again. You're basting my wheels!

batata: A word commonly substituted for potato' in the midwest.
Example: S'good for ya. Got batatas in it.

bathroomy: Adjective describing someone who seems to use the restroom much more than the average person.
Example: We have to wait for you again? You are the bathroomiest person I know.

Batman: Taken from the first modern Batman movie (Keaton, Nicholson),
the word comes from an early scene where Batman, on a roofhome, introduces himself to a low-life.
It's the name you use when things are getting weird and you need to be someone else.
Like when you're pulled over for speeding.
When the officer approaches just say, I'm Batman.
Example: Boss: I've got an assignment for you to work on this weekend.
You: I'm Batman.

batos loco: Crazy bastard, completely wild.
Example: Chris is batos loco.

batos loco: Vato Loco = crazy guy in Spanish and refers to a gang member. There is no such slang word as batos unless you were referring to more than one vato. V and 'B are often confused in Spanish; varrio instead of 'barrio.
Example: Los vatos locos viven en las calles toda el pinche dia. The crazy guys stay in the streets all day.

batsurfaced: Having the surface covered with bats.
Example: She wheeled the old, batsurfaced, wooden spaceship around to face the wind.

battle: Short for battle buddy, another soldier who is by your side and guarding your back.
Also a friend who helps you out when needed.
Example: Thanks for stalling her while I got away, battle.
I don't know what I'd have done if I'd seen that psycho again.

baud: Superior, excellent, outstanding.
Example: Getting free beers at the bar is always baud.

bawa: Bottled water.
'Wa' came originally from some half-remembered scene in a movie about Helen Keller,
where she stuck her hand under a running faucet and uttered her first word: WwwaaAAaaaaAAAAhh!
'Bawa' was coined to differentiate between bottled water and plain ole water--which is, of course, 'tapwa'.
Example: Thirsty? We've got ice tea, tang, or bawa.

bayag: Brave, bravery, guts.
Example: A hundred-thirty pounds soaking wet, if he's that. And he stood up to that 5th degree black belt mongloid! Man's got bayag.

Bayside moment: When a situation happens that makes you feel like you stepped into the lame but great Saturday _Saved by the Bell_.
Example: When Laura and Jodie were acting serious about fighting over the same guy, they were having a Bayside moment.

bazeebas: Breakaway pants.
Example: I best drop my bazeebas!

bazeel: Lack of credibility; unable to be helped; beyond repair; hopeless; messed up.
Example: This customer I have wants to buy a car but his credit is bazeeled.

Bazillion: An exaggeration of a number so large that it could never really be counted to.
Example: I would have made it here sooner honey, but there were a bazillion cars on the road and they were all goin really slow.

BBC poison mill: The BBC's out-dated insistence that all new comedy writers go through the route of writing for any number of their lame homeical comedy shows--thus poisoning them, and ensuring that when they finally get their own show, it will be filled with lame homeical gags in place of genuine comic invention.
Example: I'll bet you anything Lee & Herring went through the BBC poison mill.

bbommp: This is the sound a forehead makes as it strikes the wall.
Example: Whats so funny? You just hit the wall with your forehead; bbommp!

BBQ: Used for any lame excuse.
Example: What's your BBQ this time?

bbuioys: When a salesperson walks with you everywhere in the store so she can sell something small like batteries.
Example: That guy was bbuioys me and I only got batteries.

be U timus: absolulety beautiful

great job!
Example: Holy cow! That girl is be U timus!

be'ins: Pronounced beans. To ask someone that's just about to sit down, but hasn't quite, to do something for you.
Example: Sue be'insed Rob when she said Seeing as you're up, will you take my plate to the kitchen?
just before he sat down.

beacon: A person who stands out from the crowd for some reason, normally humorous.
May be used for physical appearance, or as a result of a comic or foolish act.
Example: When are white guys going to learn? A shaved head on them is nothing but a beacon--unless they're Yul Brynner.

Beaking: What a chicken does when it makes that clucking sound. Alt spelling : Beeking
Example: Can you please explain why that chicken is beaking? Because it wants to get to the other side?

beaky: Good. Early-90s UK slang, confined to about two people.
Example: The gig last night was beaky

beamage: The path that the laser of anything takes.
Example: Move that piece of paper from infront of the TV, it's in my beamage.

beamancoke: Jim Beam and coke.
Example: Can you get me a beamancoke from the bar.

beans: whatever
Example: What movie should we go see tonight? Beans

Bear: A roommate who goes out of your room only to go to class or use the bathroom. A very anti-social person.
Example: James' roommate Steve is a bear. He just stays in the room all the time, never participating in anything.

beardbecue: The facial adornment often seen after a hurried or enthusiastic eating of barbecued foods, characterized by barbecue sauce around the mouth and cheek areas.
Example: Grant gave a wide smile, exhibiting his post-ribs beardbecue with boyish pride.

beast: An exclamation to show your appreciation of something.
Example: Aw, beast!

beastfriend: A beastfriend is a really heinous looking girl who hangs out with a really goodlooking girl.
Usually, no article is used. Look at Beastfriend, not Look at the Beastfriend.
Example: I was going over to talk to Pamela, but beastfriend was there and ruined it.

Beasts of burdens: Those thing that interfere with your daily lives that cause you stress and anxiety.
Your fears and doubts and the things you regret and don't know how to let go of!
The things which take control of or have a direct impact on your lives.

Example: The beast of burdens have me swimming in circles.

I don't know what beast of burden has me thinking this way?

He sure has a beast of burden on his back!

beasty: A slang term for huge or massive.
Example: Wow, that guy's hair is beasty.

beat: Boring, uninteresting.
Example: Ed: Hey, want to go to the glue museum?
Ted: No way, that place is beat.

beat it: Get out of here, leave me alone, take a hike, no way....
Example: Q: Hey Dad, can you lend me some cash?
A: Beat it, son.

beatdown: An ass-kicking.
Example: Keep talking smack and you'll find yourself on the wrong end of a beatdown.

beats the devil: when any plan or idea seems to work perfectly with no flaw then it's termedbeats the devil.

beautifuller: More beautiful.
Example: That girl is beautifuller than the one beside her.

beautimus: beautiful
Example: Oh yes...that song is beautimus!

Beautimus: A combination of beautiful and humorous.
Example: It's not easy finding examples of the proper use of this word, since it means something that's both beautiful and humorous at the same time. The best example I can think of is Dean Martin's version of the song, Tiny Bubbles. It's a beautiful song and his version is very funny.

beavage: When a woman wears a low cut blouse and you can see her breasts, it's called cleavage.
When someone similarly exposes her butt cheeks or butt crack, it's called beavage.
Example: Check out her beavage. Definitely needs some toning before she wears those shorts again.

bebahama: Bitch behind my back.
Example: Bec is a bebahama.

beberate: Verb - To repeatedly insult with verbal comments or physical gestures. To flog repeatedly and violently.
Example: Don't force me to beberate you!

Beclam: 1. To shut up.
2. To become a clam.
Example: 1. When the teacher asked Alison to be quiet, she obliged, and beclammed.
2. The wizard waved his wand, and exclaimed, I will beclam thee and stew thee in my metal pot .

bedbeard: When your beard is all mushed up from sleeping on it.
Example: Sure looks goofy with that bedbeard.

bedcrumbs: Pieces of crackers and so forth that end up in your bed when you let people eat food in your room.
Example: I couldn't get to sleep for two hours last night because I kept on getting scratched by bedcrumbs.

bedeckled: Sparklingly ornamented
Example: Everyone at the soiree was bedeckled in finery.

bedhead: The way your hair looks after sleeping on it, with the mushy parts and the other parts sticking up.
Example: I have a bad case of bedhead.

bednaw: Better not, should not do something
Example: Bednaw make me come over there.

bedtool: a person who's known for sleeping around.
Example: that guy's sucha bedtool.

bee: To throw frisbee.
Example: Hey, ya wanna bee? Sure, let's bee!

beealzabup: Mean, nasty, evil. (Cf. Beelzebub)
Example: Why didn't you help that old lady across the street? You're so beealzabup.

beeblely: A word used to describe razor stubble.
Example: If my wife doesn't shave her legs everyday they become beebley.

beech: When you want to call someone a bitch but not mean it.
Example: Beech! Why you take my soda!

beechwood-aged-breath: Breath that reeks of beer, The King of Beers.
Example: Unfortunately, I kissed her. She was sportin' some beechwood-aged-breath.

Beef: to have anger with someone or something
Example: Patrick has beef with Michael.

beefcake school: Gym for pumping iron (weightlifting).
Example: Look at the muscles on that guy. I bet he goes to beefcake school

beefy: Anything thats cool, tasty, fun, etc.
Example: I'm so thirsty, this water is beefy.

beek, beeked, the beek: angry, pissed off, synonym for case of the redass.
Believed to be originated by AF instructor pilots.
Example: Gerry's got the beek because he has to show up for a 5:30 takeoff on Saturday.
Paul is beeked bad about his girlfriend cheating on him.
Mike's got a raging case of the beek after his student tried to kill him during spin training today.

beelzebug: Satan in the form of a mosquito or fly that gets into your bedroom at 3 in the morning
and cannot be killed.

Example: Last night there was this little beezlebug in my room that drove me crazy.

beemer: A BMW vehicle.
Example: Nice beemer.

beenzed: Having gone through or worked in the dot com explosion, and subsequently dumped out of it.
Example: Jean, Peter, and Jorge worked for a dot-gone. They got beenzed.

beep-beep machine: an ATM machine
Example: Mary waited patiently in the car while her mother went to get money from the beep-beep machine.

beepilepsy: The spastic jerking that happens when someone's pager has been set on vibrate
Example: Suddenly two people in the room appeared to suddenly clutch at themselves in a spasm
of beepilepsy and then ran to the nearest telephone.

Beer fairy: Malevolant dwarf that takes all your money, all your fags, and then clubs you repeatedly.
Example: How are you feeling this morning?
The beer fairy paid a visit. I feel like death.
Jolly good. Fancy a greasy spoon at Ramon's?

beer fairy: Aa person who comes around and homes off everyone's drink with beer. A person who frees other people of the chores of walking (or other forms of transportation which require effort) to the beer source and of beerless crowd navigation.
Example: In the middle of our conversation, the beer fairy appeared and filled our glasses with beer.

Beer garden: A bar, or any other place that serves alcohol. Used in Western PA.
Example: I'll meet you at the new beer garden on 1st Street and we can have a cold one.
I was the designated driver when we left the beer garden last night, because I was the only one drinking soda.

beer jacket: The condition of feeling warmer due to drinking.
Example: It's cold out, but the walk back should be okay since I'll have my beer jacket on.

beer nurse: The guy at each party who holds the same bottle of beer all night and doesn't even finish it.
Example: John swears he's trashed, but he's only been at the keg once. What a beernurse.

beer o'clock: Quitting time on Friday.
Example: Look at the time, it's beer o'clock.

Beer scooter: How you must have got back from the pub last night, because there's no way you can remember
anything between kicking out time and waking up this morning, haven fallen asleep, fully clothed,
in your chips.
Also descriptive of the walk of a very drunk person.
Example: You were a bit plastered last night. It took us ages to get a cab. How'd you get back?
I took the beer scooter.

That might explain why you've still got a bit of kebab meat stuck to your eyebrow.

Beer-thirty: The time after any hard work or physical exertion.
Example: Woo! Now that we rebuilt that engine, it's beer-thirty.

beeranda: An outdoor deck used primarily for consuming adult beverages.
Example: It's a beautiful day to grab a six-pack and listen to some tunes on the beeranda.

beerd: Beer, created by my 5-year-old--perhaps because I drip the suds down my face when I'm drinking?
Example: Is that beerd, Daddy?

beereft: Without beer.
Example: I need to get to a bar because I'm beereft.

beereived: When you have finished your beer.
Example: I'm beereived. Please get me another.

beergoggles: The state of intoxication that makes all women look attractive.
Example: She's normally about a 2, but with beergoggles on she's a 10.

beermonkey: The beermonkey is the mysterious creature who is to blame for the rough
state you find yourself in after a heavy night out.
Example: That blasted beermonkey; he's taken all my money and given me a tremendous headache.

beertelescope: As in beergoggles, but for particularly short women.
Example: Jeez, I needed my beertelescope for that one.

Beeter: A Farmer who farms beets
Example: John had been a beeter all his life. Frankly, he didn't know how to do anything else.

beeth: Plural of booth; multiple semi-enclosed spaces.

Example: There were twelve telephone beeth in a row by the street.

beezer: A person who gives ostentatious kisses in public with an eye to being seen at it.
Example: She always makes kiss kiss in the club, whether she knows the person at all. A complete beezer.

Beezoid: An annoying person; one who is being a pest.
Example: That guy at the ticket counter was a complete beezoid.

befugaling, befugaled: Befuddled.
Example: Her behavior is thoroughly befugaling.

Befungled: Having a large infestation of fungus.
Example: Tthat tree's all befungled, don't climb it.

begator: A female alligator. Used as a description of someone or as a curse.
Example: That begator is very large. OR Begator! Begator this!

begs the question: Traditionally, this meant that the speaker was assuming that which was to be proved; it now is used to mean raises the question, or the following question is begging to be asked.
Example: The fact that Jack recently has been spending so much time with Jill begs the question: Is he in love with her?

Being Alec: Saying mundane things in as intellectual a way as possible.
Example: You know... you could have circumvented that traffic light had you only the foresight to turn left three blocks prior
Thanks Alec

being simmed: Doing insane and ridiculous stuff and blaming it on possesion by an evil computer--derived from game: The Sims.
Example: After trying to lift a store security camera: I swear, it wasn't me. I was being simmed!

bejesus: According to Random House, it's used as a mild oath expressing dismay, anger, or the like. However, I don't think it's so mild.
Example: You scared the bejesus out of me!

bejiggery: For an exclamation of complete surprise, bafflement, and disbelief.
Example: What the bejiggery is THAT?

belligerati: (buh.LIJ.uh.rat.eye) n. Writers and other members of the intelligentsia who advocate war or imperialism.
Posted on May 31, 2002 by Paul McFedries, the Word Spy.

Example: How the war fevers raged in those days after Sept. 11. The nation's syndicated belligerati were beside themselves. Columnist Michael Kelly flayed the unconscionable pacifists as pro-terrorist and evil. Charles Krauthammer argued for bombing an enemy city, anywhere.
�Michael Powell, An Eminence With No Shades of Gray, The Washington Post, May 5, 2002

bellijournalism: The form of aggressive, bullying journalism
(yelling, name calling, badgering, impatience, rudeness, frequent interruptions, biased)
practiced by some on such news network as CNN (Hardball) and CNBC (America Now).
Example: The TV host's interview with the Vice President was nothing more than senseless bellijournalism.

bellish: 1. Uniquely paranormal; removed from the ordinary
2. Related to the nationally syndicated radio show Coast to Coast AM
Example: Jane: My mother was snatched up by aliens last night
John: Wow, that's bellish.

Belly Sandwich: Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwich.
Example: Would you like a belly sandwich for lunch?

beltrasm: A techno music orgasm.
Example: I had a Beltrasm last Saturday night.

beltway bandit: Any of the hundreds of defense contractors that dot the capital beltway around
Washington in search of lucrative government contracts.
Example: The beltway bandits primarily hire retired military officers and milk them for their contacts inside the military.

beltway-insider: Washington DC expression, a person with access to political influence.
Refers to the Capital Beltway circling DC.
Example: He's been a beltway-insider for so long he has vast influence in both parties.

bemeh: 1. Whatever.
2. I don't know.
Example: Chris: So what are we gonna do today?
Paul: Bemeh.

ben the hoose: Scots slang, the next room.
Example: Are you coming ben the hoose?

benjamins: One hundred dollar bills.
Example: Give me some benjamins.

bennies: Weekend or summer vacation invaders from the north to the South Jersey shore area, the equivalent of the Mason-Dixon Line being the Alfred E. Driscoll Bridge separating Woodbridge from the Raritan Toll Booths on the Garden State Parkway. They are characterized by their often garish behavior and attire. see also: weekend warriors
Example: Praise the Lord, there go the bennies!

bennies: Derived from the first letters of Brooklyn, Elizabeth, Newark, and New York.
Example: The bennies head south in droves every Friday night.

Bent: Angry, bothered, and generally ticked off at something trival. When truly upset, it can be combined with the word mighty to become the variant mighty bent. Possibly derived from the old saying bent out of shape.
Example: While I was in the bathroom at work, someone stole my pen right from my cube. Man, I'm Bent.
I'm mighty bent. Some guy just hit my car door with his. Can you believe that?

bent: Crooked.
Example: Anyone who knows him knows Chris is bent.

bent: Damaged by collision, in motorcyclist lingo. Severely damaged is way bent.
Example: Dude hit a tree and his bike is bent, man.

bent dick: Peyronie's Disease.
Example: According to the press during the Monica Lewinsky days, President Clinton had bent dick.

bent over: When something completely fails, crashes, or doesn't work as intended.
Almost always computer-related. Especially with Win98.
Example: After a crash: I tried to run Photoshop and Excel at the same time, and the whole thing just bent over.

Benzito: Mercedes Benz.
Example: Where's my benzito?

Berk Bastardly: Having its origin in the evil cartoon sub-genius Dirk Dastardly, it has now come to represent every lecherous man at a bar who but for want would be twirling a waxed mustache while staring down your blouse
and offering you a cocktail and had he one he would give said mustache an extra tug when saying cock (tug) tail (tug tug). Incidentally, if he has a wing man, which he often does, the wing man is known as Putley,
who doesn't say a lot but between cigarettes lets out an asmathtic laugh.
Example: Quick barkeep, fill me up; Berk Bastradly and Putley are headed this way.

berko: Crazy, off the planet, completely ballistic.
Example: Marcia went berko when she found that Jan had taken her hairclips.

Bertrand-Russell: A name attriubted to all forms of made up quotation, and information by philosphy student.
Example: Which was why monkeys are made of jam, said Bertrand-Russell.

bescruff: When you have a bad day and you feel like you should be home in bed.
Example: I'm very bescruffed today

bessn't: Contraction of best not.
Example: Joseph, you bessn't be getting syrup on your clean pants.

Bestest: When best fails to express the desperate need to emphasize the acme of perfection--generally used when one is panic-stricken, especially in conversation with one's wife.
Example: Of course, dear, the dinner was the bestest you have ever made.
(Notice the panic and irony.)

beta axe sumbudy: A statement used to let someone know they need to back off
Example: You beta axe sumbudy before you mess wit' me.

betheme (verb): The act of taking a perfectly fine place (usually a public place such as a bar) and redesigning it with whatever theme some marketing department currently claims is fashionable
Example: The Sun used to be a really good bar until it was bethemed and wound up as Biddy O'Mulligans

Betty: A hot looking female. From Betty Page, the 50s pinup model.
Example: I met a couple of Betties today at the beach.

beveraging: To partake in a beverage; to drink something.
Example: What will you be beveraging this evening?

beverond: The ring that is left by a cup of coffee or tea on a table.
Example: On lifting the mug of cocoa Jonas found a large beverond on his prized antique coffee table.

BFE: (n.) a place out in the middle of nowhere. Acronym for Bum-F*ing-Egypt.
Example: Why does the party have to be held at her house? She lives out in BFE!

BFO, BFU: Bald, fat, and old. Bald, fat, and ugly.
Example: The new pseudoctionary editor is BFO.

bhoudtah: Specifically applies to the very slow and elaborate rituals of the elderly, esp. when they cause delay for those who need to get somewhere fast. Also can be used as a noun regarding nick-nacks and similar useless paraphernalia, akin to
Example: That bhoudtah old lady driver's caddy almost ran me off the road.

BI: short for bad influence. Can be used as a noun or a verb.
Example: Get away from you BI! I need to study for my finals. Quit BI-ing me, I said!

bi-clap: Of TV discussion show audience: to vigorously (even wrathfully) clap two opposite viewpoints one after the other, without apparently realising the contradiction.
Example: A tremenous bi-clap issued from the benches. They clearly wanted blood, and didn't mind whose.

bi-taskal: Able to carry out two tasks simultaneously.
Example: If you can successfully write and listen at the same time, you are bi-taskal.

biatch: Use in polite company in place of bitch. Pronounced bee-itch.
Example: See that biatch over there? She dumped me last week.

bibble: to amble along unawares
Example: John went out for a bimble

bibe: Someone who gives off a bisexual vibration or bi vibe.
Example: I definitely got a bibe from her.

Biblebrock: Type of candy served during church.
Example: Would you pass the biblebrock?

bibliodrape: n. person who leaves opened books, face-down in various places of their home or office.
Example: Had he not been such a confirmed bibliodrape, Edgar might have found Trish's goodbye note a few weeks earlier, and tried to win her back from that oh so tidy Randolph.

biccup: A mixture between a burp and a hiccup.
Example: What the hell was that noise you just made? Did you just biccup?

Bicne: The small spots of ink that accumulate on one's fingers during prolonged use of ballpoint pens.
Example: After that essay test, my fingers had Bicne all over them.

bicubilous: Working in two cubicles at the same job; sometimes a second cubicle is an honor or a mark of status.
Example: My bicubilous son works on the first and second floors.

bicurious: Said of someone who claims to be homosexual and does have definite interest in the subject,
but has not made any effort to have a homosexual relationship.
Example: She says she thinks she's a lesbian, but I know she's dated a lot of men.
She's probably just bicurious.

bicycle boy: A man no woman needs.
Follows from A women needs a man like a fish needs a bicycle.
Example: Am I dating Todd? No way, Todd's a bicycle boy.

bicycling: Mistaken.
Example: Am I right, or am I bicycling?

biddely bop: Goodbye.
Example: A: Well, I'll talk to you later then.
B: All right. Biddely bop.

biddy: A girl who works at a fast food restauraunt. (Originally girls who worked at Burger King.) Also see biddy for old woman.
Example: Hey, John, you shoulda seen the biddy workin' cash last night at McDs.

bidgeon: Bitchin'--for younger users.
Example: Chuck's new video game is bidgeon!

biff: To screw something up.
Example: You biffed that one, Ollie.

biff: To be smacked with something, and it looks quite painful to onlookers. Could have come from comic books.
Example: He was accidentally biffed in the head with a baseball. Ouch!

big ally mcdeal: Used in place of big deal, from the tv show Mission Hill.
Example: I went rioting today but it was no big ally mcdeal.

big ass: Used when referring to anything over-sized or unusual (can be used when referring to parts of the human anatomy, but rarely mentioned when talking about an actual ass)
Example: Those are 'big ass' boots, or I have a 'big ass' headache

big brain (or big head): Used when someone says something obvious or something ingenious, depending on if you like them or not.
Example: Oh, look at the big brain on Chris.

big love: Many uses. A signing off

A feeling of great admiration.

Example: See you later mate, big love.

Ive got big love for him/her

Big ol': A red-neck term used to describe something very large.
Example: Hey Bubba, that's one big ol' cab you got there in that there truck of yers!

big time, bigtime: A modifier or stand-alone connoting very in relation to involvement, success, failure, desire, etc. Definitely, most assuredly.
Example: A. Did you get the stuff? B. Bigtime.

big ups: n. - kudos or congratulations, lauditory thanks.
Example: Big ups to my peeps who helped me put together this record!

Biggette: someone not so smart or quick to understand.
Example: Why dont you shome acting like a biggette.

biggie: Blanket
Example: I can't find biggie-- oh, it's on the clothes line.

biggit: A person who is arrogant and or stuck up. A snob.
Example: That biggit landlord of mine keeps jacking up the rent.

Bigity-Bam: Used to describe something good that happens very quickly and out of the blue. From the movie Mall Rats.
Example: I put a dollar into the slot machine, and Bigity-Bam. I won $100.

bigmongous: Big. So big that it's bigger than it should be, even.
Example: A bigmongous tumour? No, no, that's just my head.

bigpimpin: Looking or dressing like a pimp--overly flashy clothing, jewerly....
Example: Did ya see Larry in his new purple BMW? Bigpimpin. Herb's yellow leather pants with the green trim are bigpimpin.

bigworder: A person who incoherently uses big words just to impress people.
Example: When Chris was a reporter for the school paper, he came off as just another bigworder.

bihydrolergical: The fear of drinking after a person other than yourself.
Example: Q: Can I have a sip of your coke?
A: No, I am bihydrolergical.

Bikey McWinter: Anyone who rides their bike in the winter.
Example: Hey look at that Bikey McWinter over there trying to ride on the snow.

bilf: (n, adj, etc.) 1. The word around which the entire solar system revolves--according to me, Sven.
2. A universal word (works for any language), created specifically for the lazy or ignorant.
3. the word written vertically in blue librarians tape upon Sven's wall.
Also bilfage, bilfent, biltant ,bilfental, bilfold, or with any other suffix you desire.
Example: 1. Tu queres acer mi Bilf?
2. Ahhhhhh! Bilf! That hurt!
3. I accidentally bilfed when I was boarding the other day.

Bill: Refering to any member of the male gender.
Example: Hey Bill, come here

bill: An amount of money, approximately one hundred dollars.
Can be used in any denomination from 1 to 10, cannot be used to describe amounts in excess of $1000.
Example: How much was my new TV? Four bills.

billcheapman: A frugal person who is intent on minimizing his bills. Someone who is known for his cheap and thrifty ways, and who takes great steps to reduce his bills to ensure he doesn�t run out of money.
Example: Jeff�s turning into a real billcheapman the way he never goes on vacations.

billy-bob: when you can't think of the word
Example: Can you hand me that billy-bob

billy-no-mates: someone who has no friends
Example: Ended up sitting in on Friday night - felt like a right Billy-No-Mates!

bimbicide: the killing of blonde, slutty and/or intellectually challenged minor characters in teen slasher films.

bimble: To hang around in a boat park with your mates pretending to fix your boat. Essential props for bimbling include a pop-rivet gun, some gaffa tape and a few tins of beer.
Example: Person 1: Have you seen Olly? Person 2: He's down the boat-park having a bimble with Robert and the other guys.

bimbob: Male equivalent of bimbo; i.e., a very good-looking, charming, or otherwise attractive young man--not valued for his intellectual prowess.
Example: Heads turned as she entered the room with an entourage of stunning bimbobs.

Binary Paradigm: An instance where there are only two possibilities,
often said in response to someone talking around the question.
Example: It's a binary paradigm; we hire her or we don't.

binebate: What TV news people imagine a debate is. A binebate is a binary debate, a technique for exploring reality based on the assumption that for any issue there exist only two (opposing) opinions.
Example: Did you see the debate on Newsnight about X? Nah, what's the point. They only know how to binebate.

Bing Bing: Use bing bing when you would usually use bling bling, but bing bing is better because it is a much more effective conversation starter.
Example: That suave guy was completely bing bing (or bingin'), I wish I had gotten his number!

bingo arm: flabby skin under the bicep/tricep area.
Example: did you see the bingo arm on that old lady when she won last night??

bingobango: As good as done. No problem.
Example: Boss: Hey, I need that report for tomorrow.
You: Bingobango.

bingowings: Large flaps of skin on the upper arms of old ladies. Especially old ladies who play Bingo and wear sleeveless shirts.
Example: I need to go to the gym. I swear, I've done so little exercise and so much eating lately, I'm developing bingowings.

bink: All-purpose word: sound effect, a verb, a swear word, something dirty, a space filler,
pretty much anything except an adverb.
Example: Bink! OR I bink you! OR Oops, I touched your bink.

binky: How a domesticated rabbit expresses joy:
a high vertical jump in the air, often with a twist at the apex of the jump.
Example: Our rabbit was so happy with her new feed she would binky all afternoon.

Bintwit: Having the mental abilities of a less than satisfactory female partner. Commonly the female partner is assumed to be blonde, but not attractive enough to be a bimbo.
Used among groups of males to humiliate a specific member, where this member of the group's partner is considered to be unacceptable.
Example: You're such a bintwit. Well, that was a bintwitted thing to do.

Bio-Fam: Short form for Biological Family.Used when you're talking about more than one family. Meaning if your adopted and you're not talking about your adoptive parents your talking about you Bio-fam
Example: Roseanne: Which family are you taking about?
James:Gezz! I'm talking about my Bio-fam! Get with the program!

biochrome: Living color. bio = life, bio = life chrome =

Example: This program is brought to you in biochrome.

bionovel: A piece of writing written about people who the author personally knew and believed to be worthy enough to be recorded in a story. The author may not know the whole of their history and may speculate when needed to make connections. It is based on real people, but it's not all truth. This is for the W. Somerset Maugham, author of Razor's Edge, who didn't know exactly how to call his book.
Example: Hey, the butler in this bionovel sounds like my uncle!

biophantasmology: The study of spiritual or metaphysical life.
Example: Joe decided to do a study on the mechanical elves from the DMT realm for his biophantasmology class.

Bip: 80s slang for cool.
Example: AJ is so bip.

bip (2): 1. To hit, slam, etc. 2. To pack in basketball.
Example: 1. Shut up before I bip you!
2. He was standing right over him and went, bip!

bird food: What health nuts and vegetarians eat to gain protein: nuts, oats, soy and seeds, etc.
Example: Angela: Instead of a beef hamburger, try a garden-burger. It's got nuts and oats and is healthier for you. Brent: I don't like bird food.

bird-acide: A clean window.
Example: The bird-acide already killed three bluejays and one robin today.

birdie bacon: when the worms that crawl out on the sidewalk during a rainstorm get stuck there and are fried by the sun.
Example: Shirley hates walking to school after a storm because she hates stepping on birdie bacon.

birdie nest: When you go fishing and your line jumbles up in a big ball.
Example: I got a birdie nest over here! Unc Sam, I need more line!

birdie-num-nums: Tasty treats of any nature.
Example: Want to go get some birdie-num-nums? I am starving!

birth-control glasses: large, bulky, ugly eyeglass frames. Used to describe standard issue basic training glasses in the US Army

birthaversary: Used when one spouse's birthday falls on the couple's anniversary.
Example: Happy Birthaversary to you.... (We have a lot in our family...same tune as Happy Birthday.)

biscaine: To play too much or to talk nonsense to someone.
Example: You need to give me my money while you biscainein.

biscuit: One who is cute.
Example: Wow, did you see that guy sitting across from us? He was a real biscuit.

biscuit-mouth: The unpleasant condition caused by eating too many biscuits (especially Ginger Nuts) in one sitting.
Example: Quick, I need tea to treat this biscuit-mouth!

Bishop's Collar: Term originally used to indicate the exact half-inch of foam at home of a newly poured Guinness. Could also be used to indicate dismay at the large amount of foam at the home of a newly poured American beer.
Example: What a rip-off. Look at the size of that bishop's collar the bartender gave you--that's at least 30% less beer--we should go kick his ass.

bishtacular: Awsome, cool, the best.
Example: Today sure was bishtacular! I scored major with this hot chick!

bisocial: Able to hang out with both men and women.
Example: Carla invited him to her baby shower; he must be bisocial.

bisted: Combination of bit and busted
Example: We got bisted by the cops last night.

bitch: Demeaning term. To be someone's bitch is to be taken advantage of.
Example: 1. Don't let him treat you like that. You're not his bitch. 2. I'm not your bitch.

bitch boy: Someone who is acting inappropriately in a social setting. Also describes someone generally disliked.
Example: That bitch boy over there with the busted nose was trying to roll up on my girl. Guess how he got the busted nose.

Bitch Fuel: Common vernacular describing the assortment of alco-pops and vodka-and-something-based bottled drinks. Cheap and high in alcohol.
Example: Damn, she's getting through the bitch fuel at light speed. or More bitch fuel, darlin'?

bitch-sized: Puny, small, miniscule.
Example: After wrecking his Z28, Jerry felt foolish driving a Toyota with its bitch-sized four cylinder.

bitchcakes: Describing a mad state, often involving rapid violent action or futile pacing or anger.
Example: The teacher catches me swiping candy from her jar just as she comes back into the room
and next thing you know she's gone bitchcakes.

bitched-out: 1. Unable to perform certain actions expected of oneself 2. To yell and curse at someone, demean, demoralize
Example: 1. Mark bitched-out. After a couple of brews he was unable to attend to the nuddies at the nudie bar. 2. John bitched-out his co-worker about his poor work performance and overall lack of effort.

bitchelugger: Someone who mooches in a whiny and mean way.
Example: He was using his high-pitched voice just for a cookie. That punk is a bitchelugger.

bitchology: The act of bitching taken to such a high level it could be considered a science.
Example: What's the matter with Steve? I didn't know he had a degree in bitchology.

bitchslap: From the stereotype of a pimp's demeaning and abusive treatment of his prostitutes, whom he refers to as his bitches. Those who use the term typically see themselves as being superior and as being in a situation that calls for them to mete out harsh, abrupt, and abusive treatment for what they perceive as stupid or disrespectful behavior--or simply when they think such treatment is needed to remind someone of her inferior status.
Example: You talk back to me one more time, and I'll bitchslap you.

Biter: Someone who steals a saying or move from someone else.
Example: You're a biter--I made up that dance move.

bitspit: Bunch of words generated by electronic text device. Usually used in digital correspondence.
(First seen years ago on hotwired.com, Jargon Watch.)
Example: He wrote me this huge email. I have never seen such bitspit.

bitter barn: Where we are when we are in a bitter mood.
Example: I need to get out of the bitter barn and have some fun.

Bizarro: To describe something odd or unusual
NB:usually said in a dumb cheerleader voice
Example: Oh my God,did you see the way Alice was acting today.It was,like,totally bizarro.

bizatch: Stupid and irresponsible.
Example: She's a bizatch.

biznatch: A guy who is a source of annoyance. Also can be used in a playful manner between male friends.
Example: You know, Jim is being such a biznatch. OR Hey! what's happening, biznatch?

Biznical: It happened accidently when trying to elucidate the business (biz) and technical (nical)requirements being addressed in a proposal. I accidently combined the two words into biznical. Funnily enough the audience understood and appreciated my thrifty use of language - it demonstrated a respect for their precious time!
Example: The following analogies fully address the biznical requirements identified through the consulting effort, and appear in order of importance in the scope of works under section.....

Biznitch: 1. For use when either bitch is inappropriate or when one wants to feign an urban vernacular.
2. Business.
Example: 1. That homework you gave us for the weekend was a real biznitch, Professor Hall.
2. Mind your own biznitch, biznitch.

Bizounce: To leave.
Example: Hey, I gotta bizounce now, yo.

bizurdity: General expression of weirdness in person or thing.
A person not incapable of growing huge batwings and screeching like a servant of doom.
Or someone just a little different.
Example: That new guy in accounts is bizurdity.

bizzomb: Da bomb.
Example: That shirt is bizzomb.

Bjarnism: A translated phrase that makes little sense in English.
Example: When I went to Japan, I saw so many bjarnisms.

blabler: Someone who talks a lot.
Example: Mom, I need to use the phone and Lance won't get off.!
I know, he's a blabler.

blabuloma: Other people's screaming and ill-behaved children in public places.
Example: It's usually a nice restaurant, but tonight, blabuloma ruined our dinner.

blaccuum: A person or thing with the inexplicable ability to suck the blackness out of any situation.
Example: Dylan Little (who can be found at www.xanderspalace.net) is a complete and utter blaccuum
in speech and mannerisms.

black magic: Body putty consisting of a cream hardener and putty-like mixture. Used in Ohio for vehicle body repair.
Example: I'm going to use black magic on that rusted section of fender.

Black Man's Rage: Abbreviated BMR.
?Not a derogatory term; ascribed simply to a person of color in an angered or irritated state.
Example: That big guy over there has a serious case of BMR.
I'm afraid he's going to hurt somebody.

blade: (n,v) Backstabber, backstab. (adj) Two-faced. Currently used in Canadian Army.
Example: I can't believe he did that with your girl. What a blade. He really bladed you.

bladow: Blah daugh. An exclamation used to emphasize a statement made by another.
Example: Steve: Damn, she looks good. Josh: Bladow!

blag: Take, get, buy, etc.
Example: Go to the grocery store and blag me some Oreos.

blahriffic: Intrinsically mundane or mediocre, but nevertheless presented
as if it is exciting or superior.
Example: Don's birthday party was simply blahriffic.

blahzee-blahzee: Used when relating to another person non-essential talk or events that took place at some other time.
Most likely derived as a mispronunciation of blase, but with the spirit of that word kept intact.

Example: So, I say to him, like, how was your date and what did you do?
And he says to me, Well, you know, we went to bar, had some drinks, blahzee-blahzee, talked about, you know, music, movies, blahzee-blahzee, and she says, like, blahzee-blahzee, and it was a great evening.
So I say, Glad to hear it.

blairio: Compliment or insult depending on tone of voice.
Example: Oh, blairio!

blam: A verb used to describe sudden, loud, dramatic entry into a party scene, perhaps uninvited, by someone intoxicated.
Example: We blammed into The Ripcord at 2:30 that morning, hootin' and hollerin'.

blam sammy: An exeptionally good sandwich or a woman who is particularly attractive to you.
Example: Sheila was a definitely a blam sammy in her younger days.

Blame bob englingbeth: A phrase from a little know fable where everyone blames Bob Englingberth..
Example: We'll just have to blame Bob Englingberth.

blamestorming: Like brainstorming, only with malice - the process of a group of people (usually in a work context) deciding who is going to be allocated with the responsibility for a particular disaster (usually without fair basis)
Example: after the nuclear power plant blew up, the team naturally did some urgent blamestorming and before the day was over, were able to report to the CEO that it was Frank's mistake that caused the meltdown.

Blamethrower: Someone who refuses to accept personal responsibility for anything.
Example: Did you hear about the blamethrower who sued a burger chain because he was fat?

blandiose: A person, place, idea, or thing that exhibits extraordinarily mundane qualities.
Example: His blandiose plan for the city included free pens for the homeless.

blandwich: Bland sandwich, lacking flavor and texture, and which you eat at your desk...on an uninspiring Tuesday
Example: A. What's for lunch? B. I've got a blandwich again. It's Tuesday, isn't it?

blarg: Used to express anger, irritation, contempt, or disappointment
Example: Blarg! This stupid computer is s...l...o...w.

blargh: just argh with bl in front of it. Sentence: Blargh! I can't believe I know the lyrics to this NSYNC song!

BLARGO!: Word used to fill an uneasy void in a conversation. A quick escape route from a conversation.
Example: Ben: Isn't she good looking? I'd like to date her. Ted: Thats my mum! Ben: Er...um...BLARGO!

Blarp: An action committed following a burp in order to avoid getting slapped in the head.
Example: Upon hearing the loudest belch of the night, David gave Gary five seconds to blarp before lunging for him.

Blaspafalibility: The ability to fail terribly or be beaten by an opponent.
Example: James was not invincible against the ninja. He had blaspafalibility.

blasted: To get in serious trouble.
Example: I'm gonna be late for work again this week; I'm gonna get blasted!

blastissimo: It means playing too loudly on an instrument.

Example: Let's not play blastissimo, boys and girls.

blastov: A Russian rocket launch.
Example: The successful blastov called for vodka all around.

blat: Damn. Used to express dissatisfaction. Not to be confused with the Russian term.
Example: Whadda ya mean you scratched my car? Blat!

blatulent: Describes the sounds made by French horns, instruments which are constantly out of tune, and speak with uncontrollable intensity and volume. Inspired by the blatty initial sound made as horn players play a note and try to correct the hideous resulting sound while it is sustained.
Example: The blatulent horns ruined the concert yet again.

blatzted: To get drunk on cheap beer, especially Blatz brand.
Example: We went fishing up near Sheboygan and just got blatzted in the boat.

blaze: (v)to leave in a hurry.
Example: I gotta' blaze.

bleating heart: (noun phrase) An intensely visceral yearning or hankering for.
The expression is a portmanteau derived from bleeding heart (of bleeding heart dove)
and bleating (pleading sound of an ewe). Works especially well in conjunction with I love ewe.
(Bleating may also be used on its own in verbal form.)
Example: (noun form) Don't toy with my bleating heart.
(verb form) I will bleat for her all my life.

(varient abstract nominal form) Man, I'm bleat.

Bleckh: How you feel when there is nothing really wrong with you that a doctor would be able to identify--
but still an awful, yucky feeling in the pit of your stomach.
Example: I don't think I really need to go to the hospital or anything. I just feel bleckh.

bleeble: when someone who really should not hear you swear, does. Such as your grandparents, boss or a teacher
Example: Ed was severly punished for his bleeble.

bleeding: 1980s USAF slang. Being so tired on a night shift, you feel like you are bleeding to death.
Example: Last night I drank fourteen cups of coffee and was still bleeding.

Bleeding Edge: Newer than new; far ahead of the cutting edge.
Example: This guy is always on the bleeding edge of technology.

Bleepilepsy: From Douglas Coupland's MicroSerfs: the twitching reaction of a group of people disturbed the the sound of a pager or mobile phone going off. Usually results in frenzied hunting through handbags, pockets, rucksacks, etc.
Especially frenzied when a phone goes off in a theatre.
Example: The meeting collapsed into chaos as Fred's mobile went off. Everyone went into bleepilepsy until they realised they had better taste than to use the Nokia standard ringtone.

blerp: Sound effect.
Example: I think this coffee maker is broken; it just went blerp at me.

bletcherous: Odious; awful.
Alternate: blecherous.
Example: Hold your nose before looking at this code; it's bletcherous.

blew a wheel: Fell or slipped.
Example: Did you see him? He almost blew a wheel.

bliar: Beautiful liar.
Example: People will believe a bliar over a man; bliars have found they can do about anything they want.

blibula: A blibula is a place on a dog where if you scratch him, it will make him scratch himself.
Example: I marvel at the way no dog can resist scratching
itself when someone scratches its blibula.

bliggety: Blah, mundane, boring.
Example: She is very bliggety

This website is very bliggety

This job is VERY bliggety

blind wheels: The shoes you wear when going out to get wasted. They will somehow get you home when you're blind drunk.
Example: Q. You were wasted last night. How did you get home? A. On my blind wheels, mate, on my blind wheels.
A: The taxi's here, mate. B: OK, let me just fetch my blind wheels.

Blindman's Holiday: Inexplicably eerie UK rural slang for twilight.
Example: Get them sheep in, lad. Blindman's Holiday'll soon be'pon us.

blindthrust: Absent-mindedly placing an object down or handing it to someone who isn't aware of your intent.
Example: While preoccupied in conversation at a party, the woman blindthrusted her empty glass to a server who was no longer standing near her.

bling: Money. Derived from the sound of a cash register opening.
Example: Q: You gonna buy those shoes today?
A: Can't, got no bling.

bling: Bling is Diamonds, derived from Rapper Lil?Wayne, as in the song �Bling Bling? the sound of light gleaming off of diamonds?like old cartoons or commercials. Bling!
Example: You can see my pinky ring from a mile, bling bling.

bling bling: Super fly ultra dumb fresh.
Example: Just went to prate.com and it was bling bling.

Bling Bling: Gangsta jewelry .
Example: I'm all thugged up. Check out my bling bling.

bling-bling: Adjective meaning the newest or the latest.
Example: Your watch is bling-bling. I wish I had one like it.

blingin': To be excelling at the highest level. Popularized by Los Angeles Lakers center Shaquille O'Neal.
The bling root refers to the glint of light reflecting off his NBA championship ring.
Example: Shaq's really blingin' in the lane tonight.

blingo: A person commonly wearing an excess of jewelry, or bling-bling.
Example: That blingo is wearing so many silver chains that her weight is affecting her posture.

blink: To do something so effortlessly that it seems to be magic or miraculous.
(Barbara Eden, _I Dream of Jeanie_.)
Example: B. Hey, where'd that ice cream come from? A. I blinked it.

blinker cluelessness: Forgetting to turn off your turn signal after making a turn, thus annoying drivers behind you for several miles--
because of the chain reaction and having to slow down so they don't rear-end the car ahead.
Also can happen when you accidentally bump the turn signal while reaching for something on the dashboard.
Example: Dad, you've got blinker cluelessness _again_.

Blinker fluid: The apparent fluid that is missing when certain people take to the wheel..
Example: Yeah, nice turn signal, buddy! Ya outta blinkah fluid?

Blinkies: Little blinking lights on a piece of technical equipment to make it look cooler.
First seen in Star Trek TNG scripts for the prop guys (PICARD walks in, and picks up a piece of with....)
Example: There are so many blinkies on my new in dash Pioneer CD player, it looks like a Christmas tree.

blinky: Of questionable freshness or ediblity.
Example: Suzie: Hey, let's make some lattes? Bobby: I dunno, the milk's a bit blinky. Sniff-test it first.

Blinner: Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner All eaten at once.
Example: Would you care to join me for blinner tomorrow around 2:45?

blippin: this word can be an adjective also the word blip can be a noun its means awesome or cool
Example: The party was blippin

blisses: only in combination with flugs (see flugs) blisses is blowing kisses, for when in hurry or far away
Example: flugs and blisses all the way to you!

blivet: Ten pounds of crap in a 5-pound bag. Australian military slang. Useless, unnecessary, annoying. A distasteful job. www.blivet.com.
Example: That jerk of a boss just dumped another blivet on me.

blivet: A person on a golf course who is discourteous.
Example: The blivet playing behind us kept driving his ball into our group.

blivit: A piece that doesn't seem to belong, a chunk of something unknown on almost anything. (www.blivit.org/oldsite/whats_a.htm, www.blivet.com.)
Example: As we were trimming the chicken, we removed the blivits.

blivit: a: someone who is just as tall lying down (back to belly) as they are standing up (head to toe)
b: someone whose size makes it faster to go over them than around them
Example: Did you see that blivit walking through the mall?
Yeah, he couldn't fit through the door at Belk's.

blizonk: Sshock or alarm.
Example: You ate the whole pizza!? Blizonk!

blobstacle: the huge person invariably sitting in the aisle seat of your row at the theater, stadium, arena, etc. who literally blocks passage to and from all other seats in the row.
Example: I wanted to go to the concession stand for popcorn, but it wasn't worth the effort to navigate the blobstacle.

bloetry: Poetry written for the sole purpose of a school assignment;
shallow, meaningless, and two-dimensional poetry.
Example: Hey, Lauryn, lemme read your poem for Creative Writing. Don't bother--it's bloetry.

blog: A journal that's kept on the internet, most likely for public viewing. Can also be called a web journal and derived from the term weblog or blogger. It originated from the popular application called blogger that allows people to easily and freely update their blogs without having to hard-code the sites.
Example: I haven't updated my blog today; my thousands of readers will be upset.

Blogache: The feeling a blogger gets when she's blogged too much and needs a rest, but still feels the urge to update her weblog.
Example: I've spent so much time blogging over the past few weeks that I've now got blogache, although I feel like I still need to update my site.

blogary: Contraction: weblog + diary. Some weblog (blog) owners assume they have to choose between a personal diaryand the more general blog. Most people want to do both, hence blogary.
Example: In my blogary I can make personal notes and log websites, too.

blogflogging: Shamelessly promoting one's own personal website or blog.
Example: Talk about blogflogging. Did you see that Bill's added his personal URL to the company's front page?

blogfodder: Any discovery or idea that makes for good content in a weblog entry.
Example: Pseudodictionary makes good blogfodder.

blogophile: A person who is obsessed with reading blogs.
Example: Timmy's opinions are being formed by his daily consumption of blog.
He needs our help; he's becoming a blogophile.

Blogtroversial: A contraction of blog and controversial. Essentially, a post or other action taken by a blogger that causes a commotion amongst bloggers.
Example: Joe's post is very blogtroversial--everyone's talking about it.

blomage: The method by which holes are made in cheese--using a narrow tube to blow air into cheese, thereby creating holes
Example: While the Swiss cheese was still soft, Eric used his blomage tool to add some decorative holes.

blonde-day: A day when an otherwise intelligent person is tricked or does something foolish.
Example: I fell for her scheme because I was having a blonde-day due to overwork and distractions.

blonde-lectual: what a slow blonde person would say to someone calling them stupid.
Example: Shuttup Kiri, I'm a blond-lectual. In case you dont know, that means I'm clever. So there.

blonde-moment: a blank facial expression
Example: When I asked him what today's date is, he just gave me a blond-moment.

Blonde-out: Used when a person says or does something which gives the impression that she has the same intelligence level as a blonde cheerleader. Blond-out for males.
Example: Amber had a blonde-out yesterday when she used white-out on our monitor on a spelling mistake she made in Word.

blondefinger: The unfortunate tendency of the less-than-diligent typist to put her finger(s) on the wrong key(s).
Example: No thanks, Gramma, I'll just fook it up. Ooops! Blondefinger. I mean, I'll just look it up.

blondefounded: To be speechless due to lack of intelligence.
Example: I was so overcome by the wit and thougtful structure of that speech I was blondefounded.

Bloodnut: A person with excessive red- or ginger-coloured hair.
Example: Q: Do you think her hair colour's natural.
A. Sure, she's a bloodnut.

bloodsport: Something that is very dangerous, taken from the movie with the same name.

Example: You better not flip that 8 stair, it's too bloodsport.

bloody sunset: A sunset that occurs shortly after rain and the sky has cleared just enough to see a sunset.
The sky is all one colour and the earth is bathed in a glow--especially red or orange.
Example: Shortly after the storm cleared up, a bloody sunset could be seen all over the city.

bloomable: Possible.
Example: That idea could be bloomable.

blorf: A person who's idea of exercise is taking the beer bottles back to the store in exchange for fresh brew. Generally overweight and shapeless. He/she can be winded tying up a pair of shoes.
Example: We invited Jeff to go mountain biking with us but he's too much of a blorf to get off the couch.

blosinct: Antonym for succinct. Marked by bloated, vague expression with many wasted words.
Example: AB sure doesn't say much. His writing is blosinct.

blough: Like plow or plough a field.
An expression used in reference to something exciting or unexpected.
Example: I was walking along, and BLOUGH!, up walks this beautiful woman. OR
I was going for a 360, and BLOUGH!, right on my head.

blow chunks: To throw up.

Example: Chris did it again. Drank too much and blew chunks all over the floor last night.

Blow Your Buffer: Used amongst the computer guys. To lose your train of thought, or when someone is talking so much she won't let you get a word in, and then you lose your train of thought.
Example: Great, you totally threw me off, and now I blew my buffer

Blow-Baggin: to not tell the truth on a certain matter, lying to one under extreme circumstances
Example: A. I won the lottery the other day, Dustin.
D.No way. You're blow-baggin'.

blowback: The unintented fallout due to the often ugly business of espionage work.
Example: The decision to hold many home-level Al-Queda officials in Egypt and Jordan
is a clear effort of the part of the CIA to minimize blowback.
By holding them in a foreign nation the prisoners are not protected by American
civil liberties and interrogation can be much more creative.
Modern interrogation techniques bear little resemblance to the knuckle-busting
nonsense portrayed in Hollywood action movies but, nevertheless,
would violate many rights normally extended to Americans.

Blower: Telephone.
Example: I haven't spoken to him in ages, so I'd best get on the blower to him.

blowin' the corncob: when someone is talking about when they were young, the good ol' days
Example: There goes Grandpa blowin' the corncob again.

Blowing Chunks: Throwing up, puking, up-chucking.
Example: Veronica felt sick so she's in the bathroom blowing chunks.

blowout: Being so tired (due to stress, fatique, a broken heart, whatever) that one cannot even be grammatically correct.
Therefore, instead of being blown out, one is simply blow out.
Makes more sense in a way, seeing as how stating it most of the time indicates that one is still in that state.
Example: I am so blow out, it's crazy.

Bloxes: The little circle covering an X symbols at the end of each cell in a table in MS Word. The singular is Blox.
Example: I recognize that this is a table from the bloxes, so shut up.

bludgeonist: One who beats someone with extremely heavy blows.
Example: He hits like a bludgeonist.

blue falcon: Someone who is willing to harm her buddies for profit or personal advancement.
Almost exclusively military slang.
Example: I can't believe he would blue falcon you like that, telling the commander about your drinking just so he could get the slot.

blue hairs: Old people, especially women.
Example: A: Sorry I was late, but the left lane was filled with nothing but blue hairs going 40.
B: How do you get 100 blue hairs to swear at the same time? Yell BINGO!

blue jeans: Police officers.
Example: I was caught by the blue jeans.

blue q-tip: The color many older women color their hair to cover the gray.
Example: The blue q-tip's head was just barely visble above the steering wheel.

blue-blood: Expression used by Americans to refer to Englishmen. Dates back to at least the middle ages when the aristocracy rarely, if ever, went out of doors. The result was a transparent, alabaster complexion which made the veins beneath the skin appear prominent
and blue.
Example: Most Americans think the actor Chrishomeher Plummer is a blue-blood when, in fact, he's a Canadian.

blue-dog: A conservative Democrat who tends to vote with the Republican party. Also known as blue-dog Democrats.
Example: The blue-dogs are such foreign policy conservatives
they can always be counted on to vote with the Republicans on defence issues.

blue-hair: Used to describe annoying old people. Like those who haggle for ten minutes at the checkout counter because the price rang up five cents more than what the item was advertised for; or those out for a Sunday drive on WEDNESDAY who cruise at 20 mph below the speed limit.
Example: That's it . . . I'm going around this blue-hair.

blueser: One who is profoundly unhappy about life or is constantly singing a sad song to the world.
Example: The team was full of sullen bluesers, skulking off the field after losing a close game that was supposed to be just for fun.

bluger: A person or other living thing that engages in the activity of doing nothing but totally non-productive, useless, generally selfish tasks.
Example: The bluger sat on the porch all day drinking beer.

blumber: Something gross, nasty--not pleasant looking.
Example: The boy's Two-month-old sandwich looked blumber.

blundered: To be totally exhausted to a point when one lies on the floor, spread-eagled.
Example: She was so tired, she fell flat on the floor, blundered.

blunderwear: Underwear that has marks.
Example: After seeing that roller coaster, I got blunderwear.

Blur like sotong: Used to denote someone who dosen't understand a thing that's going on. Sotong is the malay word for squid. Often used in Singapore.
Example: Aiiyah, this is the third time I've told him this and he still doesn't understand. Blur like Sotong.

Blurday: Denotes a non-specific day of the week. Used when time and events get going too fast to keep them straight in your mind, such as when under enormous pressure at work or at home.
Example: I saw a movie last Tuesday...or was it Wednesday? Oh, it was some blurday last week.

blurgh: A one word sentence that connotes a general feeling of discontent.
Example: Blurgh.

blurp: any pasta and cheese dish made from scratch that makes a plopping sound when it hits the dish
Example: I made blurp for dinner tonight

blurple: Color that is a mixture of many colors, but is not black. Unknown, unnamed color.
Example: After coloring and recoloring her hair, it was now blurple.

blyth: Outrageously cool, above and beyond the normal variations of cool...such as ultracool,supercool, and mega cool.
Example: The most blyth thing ive done in my life was tandem base jump naked off of Angel Falls.

BMW: Burly Mountain Woman
Example: Look at that chick. She's a BMW.

BNC: Someone who wears bad-scented cologne.
Example: Wow, that guy next to you is a BNC.

boardpeck: To type, usually to type on a computer keyboard.
Example: Last night, I was boardpecking until dawn.

boarf: (adj, n) Related to a state of boredom that occurs when one lives in a cowtown, in the middle of nowhere, east nothing,
and have nothing to do--ever...at all. Boarfoam.
Example: After watching Nelly the brown cow chew her cud for the last three hours, Bobby-Jo became aware she was boarf.
After three straight weeks of counting flies on his great aunt's back, Jimmy felt the boarfom setting in.

boat: A large automobile, especially an older luxury model.
Example: I couldn't imagine having to parallel park a boat like that...but my Suburban's a piece of cake.

boatswain: Pronounced bosun. Originally the person responsible for discipline on a ship. Now the position of one who works with line or rope, still a very common position in the navies of most countries.
Sailors were considered to be the originators of many knots still in use today.
A boatswain's assistant is known as a boatswain's mate.
Example: A keen boatswain will be able to show you how to tie a sheet bend, a Spanish bowline, a carrick bend, and many other kinds of knots if you ask him.

Bob: A term of endearment for two very close heterosexual men.
The Bob relationship must be monogamous, i.e., there must be only one Bob in your life.
Both men must call each other Bob often, especially in short phone conversations.
Example: Bob.
Bob. Location, Bob? On the way, there in five. Later. Soon, Bob.

Bob's your uncle: Added to the end of sentences a bit like and that's it!
Example: You just pop the bread into the toaster, wait for it to pop up, take it out and put jam on it, and Bob's your uncle!

bobaline: A trampoline.
Example: We set up the bobaline so that we could jump on it from the roof of the house.

bobaphat: Great, wonderful, phat, uber-phat or just plain bomb-diggity - but only when said by the whitest of white boys in a geek-humor context.
Example: Yo, did you see the biddies on the new Sims Hot Date game, gee? That game looks bobaphat, homes.

bobby: Bye, bye.
Example: B. See ya, Dave! A. Bobby!

bobcat: a word used for a middle aged woman who attends university pubs in search of a young male to hit on, see also cougar
Example: That bobcat just bough me adrink and asked me to dance.

BobCat: A True Bob Dylan Fan! Every body knows this!
Example: All the BobCats gather round on rmd.music.bobdylan and share boots or thoughts or trivia or opinions but with a love you cannot find in any other reverent crowd!

BOBFOC: BOBFOC can be translated as follows : Body Off Baywatch, Face Off Crimewatch (UK Crime series).
Many variations on this theme.
Example: Christina is most assuredly BOBFOC.

Bobo: A term used to address a person, generally condescendingly or hinting that the other person is somehow inferior to or a lackey to yourself.
Example: James to Billy-Bob Jethro, C'mon Bobo, let's get to work.

bobulant: One who tends to bob around a lot.
Example: My, Jill is quite bobulant today.

bodge: To cobble something together, made from bits and pieces, derived from scrap, etc.--from the
TV series Junkyard Wars.
Example: I hit the speed bump and broke the axle on my Honda, so I bodged a new one from some two-by-fours, some duct tape, a tractor pin and my dad's golf clubs.

Bodgieman: Someone who can fix anything, given the right amount of inappropriate materi�l and sufficient amounts of boundless enthusiasm. Balanced only by stunning incompetence.
Example: Alice: Looks like the asbetos nozzle on my favourite flamethrower has broken off.
Bob: Never mind, I'll call on bodgieman. Chuck! Over here.
Chuck: Hmm. I'll cellotape it back together. No problem.
All: Bodgieman can fix anything with cellotape.

bodging: The act of shoving a square peg in a round hole with brute force and ignorance.
Example: Bill was bodging when he spun his wheels around for an hour trying to get his car out of the mud.

body nazi: A self-obsessed workout king or queen.
Example: Where's the neck on that body nazi?

boff: A dismissive one word response uttered under one's breath, usually accompannied by a hand gesture.
Example: A simple boff was the driver's only response to the old man's running to catch the already late bus.

boffinoclastic rage: The fury of an expert.
Example: I only suggested that the effects of Verner's Law could be studied in Gothic verbs, but he flew into a boffinoclastic rage--apparently the sound change is obscured by analogical levelling.

BOFH: Bastard Operator From Hell.
This term is an older internet favorite, from the long running series of humor articles credited to and
copyrighted by Simon Travaglia.
The first known BOFH post appears in the google usenet archive and is dated June 1992 and can
be seen here .
Basically, a computer support person with no desire to actually help users,
but simply to make his own existence as easy as possible.
For current articles, see _The Register_.
Example: User: I need some more free space in my home directory.
BOFH: (deletes existing files) Allrighty. Just freed up some room for you.
User: Ok, goodbye. Hey, where are my old files?

bogan: Person of questionable upbringing.
Example: That guy is a bogan. Imagine wearing acid-washed jeans and moccasins to this resaurant.

bogart: if you hog something
Example: I didnt bogart my girlfriend so that later on I could pass her around like everyone else

Bogay: When something is not cool at all.
Example: I lost the bet? That's bogay!

bogger: When you go to say that something bothers you or bugs you and it all smushes into one word
Example: I hate bad drivers. They really bogger me.

boggified: To become completely confused and lost--as if stuck in a swamp or bog.
Example: I can't even begin to work on my report. I'm totally boggified.

boggin: disgusting, smells like fish.
Example: this fish tastes boggin.

bogginhood: A stocking cap.
Example: It's cold outside so you better grab a bogginhood.

bogo: Buy One, Get One free. Aka half-price
Example: Cases of Mt. Dew are bogo at the store this week.

bogosity: Degree of bogusness in any given statement or situation
Example: Counsellor, your statements contain a very high degree of bogosity.

or: God! this party is high on the bogosity level!

BOGSAT: Bunch Of Guys Sitting Around a Table. Acronym first heard from MIT professor Edward Tufte as a description of the way things usually get done in a large corporation.
Example: So you wanna change the vacation policy, huh? Hope you're ready for some serious BOGSAT.

boguscides: A person who goes out of his way to expose the absurdities or inanities of his colleagues' utterances, manifest belief systems, or philosophico-political stances.
Example: Let's get away from this boguscide so we can spout some intellectualized postmodern bullshit.

boh: Similar to 'D'oh!' (and pronounced similarly). Signifying regret or dissapointment.
Example: Boh, I can't afford to go come to see you this weekend.

Bohica!: Exclamatory. U.S. Military Acronym for Bend Over Here It Comes Again. Best used when expecting to deal a familiar unpleasantness.
Example: Bohica! Look's like there are going to be some more layoffs.

bohunk: Picture a guy not too bright, very good looking otherwise. Could be more good looking if he didn't
roll his shirt sleeves up so high and wear his pants so tight.
Example: If you come across this type, you've just met a bohunk.

Boi: a word to describe a cool guy
Example: Yo that kid there is a strong boi!

bojanglin': People who are being annoying, rude, or loud. Can be a verb or adjective.
Example: I hate riding the subway during rush hour because everyone is so bojanglin'.

Boka: OK.
Example: Well, after I beat him up, he bought me a beer. After that it was all boka.

boke: To vomit forcefully.
Example: After drinking a quart of whiskey and a six-pack of beer, the partier boked all over the hotel room floor.

boke: To expel beverage from one's nose in response to something shocking or funny. Also known as snarfing.
Example: Omigod, I just boked my dew.

Bokn: BOK-en. An exclamation or sound emitted when somebody is struck with any random object.
This includes hands, pink salmon, and garbage trucks.
Example: Bo hit Hank on the head, and everybody head the very audible Bokn.

boldatize: To make something bold.
Example: That statement needs emphasis. Can you boldatize it?

bolo: (adj) Big, bulky, thick.
Example: Did you see the size of that guy? He's bolo!

bolt: to leave in the fastest means possible
Example: I'm late, so I must bolt.

bolt-the-door: An object or place that is particularly shabby or rundown.
Can be accuratley used in place of ghetto.
Etymology: From the movie _Finding Forrester_ in which the characer played by Sean Connery utters the line,
Bolt the door if you're coming in.)
Example: I don't think we should take John's car. That thing is really bolt-the-door;
it'll probably break down after 10 miles.

boltium: Used to describe a substance or act that is electrifying. From lightning bolt + -ium,
the suffix used frequently when naming new elements.
Example: The sex we had last night was like boltium, boasted Chris.

boltongeist: An object of blame whenever an item inexplicably disappears. Named after the ghost of Michael Bolton's mullet-cut.
Example: Hey, my Britney Spears doll has inexplicably disappeared! Damn that boltongeist!

bomb: the best that ever was, the greatest
Example: This new restaurant is the bomb!

bomb: Prolific graffiti.
Example: I'm getting smoked by that other writer. He's been bombing every train this week.

bomb.com: something or someone is extra-cool
Example: Your new skateboard is the bomb.com!

bombdiggity: (n) Completely cool.
Example: The new roller coaster is a bombdiggity ride.

bombilogophile: A lover of buzzwords.
Like the boss in Dilbert cartoons and the bosses in many real corporations who
believe that using trendy words makes up for their lack of anything new or interesting to say.
From the latin bombus (buzzing), logos (word), and philios (love).
Example: When Chris suggested that we leverage new paradigms to enable synergy,
I realised he was a true bombilogophile.

bombout: Equivalent to a computer freeze-up or crash.
Example: That bombout trashed all my changes since I last saved!

bomo: (noun or adjective) Major letdown, a disappointment, something that is bad
Example: My test score was a bomo. Bomo that your girlfriend dissed your homie.

bona fide: Of unquestionable status
Example: He is bona fide. (As used in _Oh. Brother, Where Art Thou?

Bonap: Bon appetit.
Example: At lunch: Bonap

Bone Taco: A punch in the face. Can also be used as an interjection to mean bogus, lame, that guy deserves a punch in the face, etc.
Example: That guy's finna get a bone taco if he doesn't shut up about my rash. I told him it's not contagious... Well, not very...

Dude, look at that guy wearing a fish hat on a tuesday... Bone taco...

bone-all-shatter: Especially attractive--in a way that makes merely attractive people look plain.
Example: I have seen some hot chicas before, but this girl was bone-all-shatter.

boned: Completly screwed, a hopeless situation. Made popular by the TV show Futurama.
Example: How big is he? - 300lbs. - I'm boned.

bonehead: Hard-headed individual who acts in a manner to lead a casual observer to believe there is solid bone under the hair and no brains.
Example: Licking that cold pipe was a real boneheaded move.

boneless: Coolest; the best.
Example: You gotta see _The Count of Monte Cristo_.
When the count makes his first public appearance, he has what may be the ultimate boneless entrance ever seen in a movie.

bones: Dollars.
Example: Hold up--I'm outta bones. I gotta shome at the bank.

boneye: A rare condition which occurs when one is poked in the eye by a
skull while crawling around under an old house.
Example: Larry got a serious boneye while looking under that 19th century farmhouse.

bong: really good or nice,
Example: your friend is really bong

bonggasious: Extravagant, extraordinary.
Example: Mike hosted a bonggasious birthday party Saturday night.

bongoleering: As a verb: to do something completely insane just for the hell of it (e.g., streaking or skydiving).
As an adjective: something utterly fantastic or thrilling.
Example: I'm in the mood for bongoleering. Watch this.
OR Did you go to that BonJovi concert in the Millenium Stadium? It was bongoleering.

bonk: A web page not displaying properly.
Example: I gave it to the techie and now it's all gone bonk.

bonk: To physically deteriorate in a sporting event to the point where you might need to quit.
Example: Halfway through the triathlon I bonked.

bonking: A term widely used by people with juvenile diabetes (yours truly included)
to describe a hypoglycemic reaction to an insulin overdose.
Example: I was bonking so severely I couldn't even remember what day it was.

bonkyized: 1. To offer random stream of consciousness posting to a flame war. 2. To be surreal. 3. To offer pop culture reference to comment when no comment is forthcoming. 4. My feet smell.
Example: I was getting my point across before you came in and bonkyized it with your Pee Wee Herman reference.

bonnet: Attractive women.
Example: There was a lot of random bonnet at the party.

bonoboism: A doctrine advocating that society should be based on the social behaviour of the bonobo (pygmy chimpanzee, pan paniscus). Characterised by egalitarianism, matriarchy, relative vegetarianism, pacifism, and eating lots of fresh fruit.
Example: The bonoboism movement will be the new social trend of the 21st Century, despite opposition from conservatives.

bonus: Means that something is exceptional or things go your way.
Example: Bonus. I just found a quarter. OR This car runs bonus.

Bonza Beauty Mate: Usually said as one word. It's another famous okkerism (Australian slang) meaning, Great mate!
Also simply means Thank you for your kind advice and I shall follow through with your proposal.
Example: Hey, Boof, the esky's full o' long necks (beer). You'll have ta put them in the tub (bath).
And the reply comes, You bonzabeautymate!

boo: To look at something or to contact someone.
Example: Give me a boo after work and we'll decide where we're going tonight. OR Take a boo at this magazine article.

boo: Girlfriend or female aquaintance.
Example: Where's your boo? You're always with her.

boobydooby: Wow! Completely awe inspiring!
Example: (Jack finds beanstalk.) Boobydooby!

booch: 1. When taking a bath with someone else, the act of sliding past to the other side of the tub.
One who commits this act is booching and is called a boocher. 2. If a sibling is snuggling with a parent, squeezing in between the sibling and the parent.
Example: Hey, no booching.

boocoodle: A lot, many, perhaps from the French, boocoo (or, perhaps from the French beaucoup, too)
Southern use.
Example: I found a boocoodle of web dictionaries, but none listed this word.

boodge: Old station wagons, particularly Falcons, that burn almost as much oil as petrol, and smell like a worn clutch.
Example: Oh ,phew, that car in front is the biggest boodge!

boof: A tiny, almost imperceptible burp. A bigger burp may be referred to as a boof galoof.
Example: Oops! Excuse me, I boofed.

boof: Stupid, moronic.
Example: Some of my coworkers are a bunch of boofs that can't do anything right.

boof: Reference to a puff of hair in the back of the head--short for a bouffant hairstyle or partial bouffant hairstyle.
Example: The woman I saw on the street had a boof on her head.

boof boof: Rexdale slang, such as bling, bling or bap, bap. A mentally deficient dog's woof woof.
Example: Your dog is boofing up a storm. What's wrong with it?

boof nut: Substitute for loser.
Example: You're such a boof nut.

Boofa: A loveseat. From the movie _The Family Dog_. After the family discovers that the thieves have made off with all their stuff the little girl exclaims Da boofa, day stow da boofa, referring to the stolen sofa or loveseat.
Example: I'll meet you at the boofa for a little lovin'!

boofaloo: A person, place, or thing which causes undue discomfort or annoyance.
Example: I have a really bad toothache. Those boofaloos at the dentist office probed my cavity too long.

Boofin': Describing a terrible smell.
Example: Her breath was boofin'.

boofus: Name applied to people who act or do something stupid. (Like doofus.)
Example: You are such a boofus. How could you spend 100% bucks at a strip bar?

Boog: Street dweller, usually homeless but looking to snatch personal belongings from you.
Example: That guy came out of the club drunk and a boog stole his cell phone.

booger: Nasal mucus.
Example: The real reason I didn't get the job was a booger hangin outta' my nose during the interview.

booger, boogerhead: A sarcastic yet loving term of endearment for a child.
Used when a child has done something naughty but funny.
Example: Do you know what that little boogerhead did today?
He cut the fur off the cat's tail!

boogerhead: An extremely annoying and often pompous and deceptive fellow. {In my experience, always used mildly or jokingly.}
Example: If you saw the way Chris treats Alex, you'd agree that he's a certified boogerhead.

boogle: adjective meaning go or to go
Example: 'lets boogle!' as in 'lets go'

boogly: 1. Expletive. Used when one has come to the harsh realization, that things have not gone as planned.
2. Something that it is covered in any bodily fluid(s).

Example: 1. Ah, boogly!
2. Don't touch it, it's boogly.

booha-ish: Being in the state of Booha.
Example: Such as, Fred is being very Booha-ish today instead of, Fred is being very cool today.

booje-whack: A word generally meaning something negative.
Example: That guy impounded your car? Oh, totally booje-whack.

book: To leave. (Likely in reference to the Hawaii Five-O catch-phrase, Book 'em, Dano
Example: Got class in ten -- gotta book.

bookalachi: Party, excitement, astounded, surprise.
Example: Let's bookalachi!

bookmarkable: Indication of worthwhileness of bookmarking a website.
Example: A quick scan indicates that your site is bookmarkable.

booky: (adj) Extremely nerdy and annoying. (n) One who is extremely nerdy and annoying.
Example: Some believe that Bill Gates is a creative genius, but I consider him booky.

boolie: A unusual look on someone's face, usually an innocent one. Sometimes the look is a permanent one.
She looks a boolie means that her expression is a little strange.
Example: She looks a boolie.

boom: A term for dessert after you've had a big meal. You have no room left, but you've gotta go boom.
Example: That open-face turkey sandwich was all I need, but I definitely saved room for boom.

boom-shaka-laka: 1. Joyous celebrational phrase.
2. Super slam dunk.
Example: I just scored 2 points! Boom-shaka-laka!

boomer: United States Navy. A submarine capable of launching nuclear missles.
Example: The size of America's fleet of boomers has not significantly changed since the fall of the Soviet Union.

boomerangers: Gen-X aged persons who return home to live with their parents after being unable to make
their way in life. A super-slacker.
Example: He got his degree and worked full-time for awhile but
just decided life was easier as a boomeranger and now lives with his folks.

Boomitsdabomb: Something has been completed successfully.
Example: Boomitsdabomb, I'm finally done with this.

boomshanker: An expression of appreciation or approval

Example: Boomshanker! said Doug after witnessing the DJ's superb scratching skills.

boomstick: Term often used to describe a shotgun in first-person shooter video games.
Example: The soldier finished off the zombie with two slugs from his boomstick.

Boonanimal: Describes an unattractive animal
Example: Thats an ugly boonanimal

Boondoggin': Off roadin'.
Example: Let's take the bronco boondoggin'.

boondoggle: verb, meaning to be engaged in a time-wasting task that looks like work (usually while at work). Emailing is an extremely common form of boondoggling.
Example: I am not boondoggling, I am doing legitimate research for my project.

Boonie Chicken: n. A theoretical creature found in parts of North America which are considered to be extremely rural. Boonie Chickens are thought to have originated as free-range chickens during late 1800s. Boonie chickens, unlike domesticated or even wild chickens, had to develop a mean streak in order to survive in the rugged untamed wilderness. Colonial creatures, they hunt in packs and, unlike conventional chickens, have sophisticated fighting methods and an uncanny knowledge of human technology (born from close ties to humanity in their origin).
They are known to come in Greater and Lesser varieties.
Example: Help, help, I'm being attacked by a boonie chicken.

boonies: The boondocks, the rural areas.
Example: Here come those hicks from the boonies.

boonies: Formula 1 slang. Anywhere off the track but still part of the circuit: where drivers end up when they leave the track.
Example: And that's Pedro De La Rosa in the boonies.

boonkie or boonky: The backside or rump area.
Example: Get off your boonky and help me in the kitchen, please.

boont: Cool, awesome, great
Example: That music they were playing was boont.

boop: When a cat kisses you by nudging your nose with its own.
Example: My cat Leroy just booped me three times.

boosah (boos-ah): Boos-ah. To say something is excellent or to show that you did something good yourself.
Origin: Carnarvon, WA, as far as I'm aware.
Example: 1. Wow, that... um... roast potato was boosah.
2. Boosah! (When you've just whipped someone in Mortal Kombat 4, usually in combination with a hand gesture of your choice.)

boot: To go fast--not carelessly, but purposefully--either on foot or in a vehicle; to hurry, to shove.
Example: The drugstore was only open until 9:00 and it was 8:45--I'd have to boot it on my bicycle to get there before it closed.

boot-'n'-toot: An adverse gastric event, as during a bout of stomach flu, in which the afflicted is simultaneously vomiting and passing gas.
Example: I'll never eat there again.
The sushi tasted fresh, but it was boot-'n'-toot all night for your long-suffering narrator.

boot-leged: Kicked.
Example: Ouch! You just boot-leged me in the shin.

bootjam: when your pants get hung up on the back of your boot or shoe
Example: When you wear your hiking boots with those straight leg blue jeans you always have boot jam.

bootleg: not right or not true
Example: What she said was so bootleg

bootlegged: Cheap, undesirable, broken, wrong, or a situation as unjust or unfair.
Example: This cheap binder which broke so inconveniently and spread my papers
all across the parking lot is a bootlegged piece of trash.

bootrific: Being ultra-fly on the streets.
Example: I knew this totally bootrific gal who was an art major at the university.

boots: Formula 1 slang for the wheels and tyres of a racing car.
Example: And that's Olivier Panis in to change his boots.

Bootswiggles: A small, dancing waffle with a very high-pitched voice.
Example: Hi! I'm Bootswiggles, the dancing waffle!

Bootsy: Used to describe something or someone that sucks. Can also be used as Boots. Origin: Fresno, CA
Example: My job's bootsy. | She was pretty boots.

bootwalk: The fine art of walking around a highly populated area searching for attractive women, and then complimenting them in the following form: Nice boots. Whether or not they are actually wearing boots is completely irrelevant.
Example: Bert and Jeff are off on a bootwalk again.

booty: adjective that describes sonething that is not attractive; ugly..
Example: Yo, don't feel bad that she dumped you... that girl is booty anyway; That car is booty.

booty blocker: an item of clothing (usually a long sleeve shirt or a sweater) that covers one's bottom, when you are feeling insecure about it's size.
Example: these jeans are tight in the bottom, can i borrow a sweater, so that i can use it as a booty blocker

bootylicious: Used to describe how very fine someone looks. Also can be used to note the extremely favorable flavor of a food item.
Example: Did you see that girl over there by the pool?... She was bootylicious. OR That lobster tail was the best ever, quite bootylicious.

Boourns: Means that something is bad or unenjoyable.
Example: Boourns to that stuff

Booya Gran'ma: Said when you have defeated an enemy or opponent.
Example: I won that tennis match! Booya Gran'ma!

booyah: to be used after you have done something better than someone else, won a bet, or beat someone at a game.
Example: After you proved your friend wrong,Oh yeah! Booyah!

Booze Monster: 1. Somebody who loves to get severely drunk.
2. The dormant inner demon in us all, which when awakened causes us to drink until we pass out.
Example: 1. Did you see that Booze Monster at the party last night?
2. I better slow down. If I have one more beer, I'm going to wake up the Booze Monster.

boozeheimer's: When a bartender doesn't know how to make the drink you requested
Example: The girl at Maguire's has serious boozeheimer's.
I asked for a martini and she gave me a margarita.

boozy: A state of inebriation.
Example: Why so boozy you?

bopbar: Popsicles, icepops .
Example: I need to get some bopbars at the store.

bops: To take a short journey

Example: I'll bops down to your house for a beer.

borality: The ethical conduct between bores
Example: When Max recounted two consecutive fishing trips I think I spoke for all when I reminded him of the borality of the situation.

borange: The color between brown and orange. It rhymes with orange.
Example: She was wearing a borange shirt as she walked into the concert.

borax: Congratulations! The o must be emphasised and dragged out. Booo-rax!
Example: You scored with that hot chick from math class? Booo-rax!

Bore Hunting: Indicates being bored with current task and, as no *interesting* work is available,
I must seek another boring task just to break the monotony.
Example: I've been sweeping for hours. I'm going bore hunting--maybe they need someone to wipe down the walls.

boredly: To do something in a bored fashion.
Example: Well, it amused me while I was boredly looking over the contact sheet.

boregasm: A sudden eruption of (hyper)activity after an amount of time sitting around doing nothing, being bored.
Often accompanied by yelling and screaming.
Example: If I have to sit here much longer, I'm going to have a boregasm.

borejoysy: If you are a spoil-sport, you are borejoysy
Example: I dont want to go to the barn dance, I'm feeling rather borejoysy

borg (ed): the act of gaining weight, or a description for a rather obese individual.
Example: I borged those cheese frys at lunch. or my god, look at that borg!

Borgamy: A polyamourous family, a group marriage. From the Borg of Star Trek, who assimilate everyone.
(orig. IRC family)
Example: Did she get a new partner? Yeah, they added to the borgamy

Bork: To use a toilet plunger. Originating from the sound made when one uses a toilet plunger.
Example: My little sister flushed her teddy bear down the toilet and I had to spend an hour borking to unclog it.

borked: Broken, defunct, not working, screwed, dysfunctional, buggered, shafted, nackered, duff.
Also written b0rked.
Example: Unf, my Windows machine is totally borked. It bluescreens immediately on boot.

borken: Broken, busted.
Example: I don't hear a dial tone. I think the phone's borken.

borken, bjorken: In computer programming, an adjective which describes code that is so buggy that even the error messages are failing.
From an apocryphal story about a misspelled user alert window which read,
'User should not get here, this code is borken.
Example: Software Quality Assurance guy to Clumsy Programmer: Your new code isnt just failing in a few places-- this time it is totally borken.

Borlacci: Australian white boy who loves himself and wears his headwear backwards,dresses himself in DADA or homie brands because he thinks it makes him looks cool.

also known to pretend to take speed
Example: isnt that boy such a borlacci?

bornography: excessively graphic photos or videos of the birthing process
Example: I was anxious to see the new baby, but knowing Chris's obsession with his video camera, I was afraid of being subjected to a lot of bornography when I came to visit.

borometer (bore-AH-met-ur): noun. The person whose job it is to decide when an Oscar winner has talked long enough and is boring the audience. Usually signals wrap-it-up music. May be applied to other situations in which a host feels obligated to keep things flowing. Not to be confused with barometer, the weather instrument.
Example: Oh God, now she's thanking her stylist! Why doesn't the borometer step in and make her shut up already?

Boron: A annoying person who is boring and talented at being a moron.
Example: Phil's a boron--he really bothers me. Think he took lessons?

borrigiball: A game that involves two small soccer nets, a bone shaped tennis ball thingie--the borrigiball, and two players.
Played on a court about 15 meters long with the nets at either end and about five meters wide.
Guard your net, so that the other person doesn't score.
You score by getting the borrigiball in the net (five points) or catching the opposition's borrigiball
on the full (one points) or after one bounce (one point). The game is over once one's score has reached 37. all credit goes to marcus cheunga and his housemates for inventing the game.
Example: Are you coming over my place on the weekend for the borrigiball tournament?

borrow: commonly used instead of the word lend by people not aware of their mistake
Example: Could you borrow me five bucks until Friday?

Borry War: Food fight with projectiles such as rotten perishables, packed lunches, dairy products, and the like.
Example: We had a borry war during lunch yesterday.

bosch: Excellent, cool, fly.
Example: That new Diesel Boy album is full-on bosch.

bosh: Awesome or great.
Example: That dress looks bosh.

boss: A term used to describe something that is really cool. Sweet.
Example: You're going to the concert? That's super boss.

bosscary: Something so boss (brilliant, great, fantastic) that it is scary. Or your level of excitement from said something actually scares you.
Example: Oh my! Is that Kylie? Oh, this is too bosscary, uhuhuhuhuh!

Bosshole: Immediate Supervisor that everyone hates.
Example: The bosshole made me work all night on this project!

bossong: Small town guy who moves to the big city, marries above the perfect girl, and has a perfect life without ever trying
Example: After college he bossonged and no one has heard from him since.

boston rain: Really heavy, pouring rain. I'm talking rain so heavy you have to swim through it, and streets turning into raging rivers.
Example: I got caught in that boston rain last night; think I've got pneumonia now.

bot: To borrow, but with no real intention of returning (Australian).
Example: I'm all out of smokes. Can I bot a ciggy off you?

botard: Used to describe someone who is naive, but through the fault of him or herself. Applies to mentally sane individuals who should have no excuse for appearing stupid under obvious circumstances.
Example: You are a botard for sticking your hand in a pot of boiling water just to taste the uncooked pasta.

Botch: A complete and total failure, usually leading to undesired results.

The epitome of screwups.
Example: Don't botch the moonshine like you did last time - remember? When you poisoned half the town?

botched: Screwed it up, messed it up.
Example: You really botched that one.

botha: Shortened and condensed form of Both of these nuts Usually used to answer a stupid or rhetorical question. Used to set up the person for the punchline.
Example: Who was that on the phone? Botha. Botha? Botha dees nuts.

botheration: (int) Used to express anger, annoyance, irritation, contempt, or disappointment. (Standard usage.)
Example: Oh, botheration! Why me!

bottomless: (n) Prolonged stay at a restaurant during which you take advantage of free drink refills (from bottomless Coke).
Example: It's hot and I'm really thirsty. Let's for a bottomless at Burger King.

Bottomout: Bad potholes on the freeyway and roads.
Example: I hit a bottomout on the freeyway and blew a tire.

Bottoms: The last swig of beer from a bottle, usually foul tasting.
Example: Ya, I'm done my beer. There's only bottoms left.

bouch: bouch: a cross between a bed and a couch
bouch(er): a person who frequents the bouch often
Example: You should have seen me laying on that bouch. I'm such a boucher.

boughten: Something that was bought (ie, past tense of bought).
Example: That item was boughten for you to use now, or having boughten it, you don't have to buy it again.

boughtn, boughten: Alternative past tense of buy.
Example: I haven't boughtn a hard drive yet.

bougie: French for candle. Can be used to replace most words. A substitution for thing.
Good for semi-bilingual people
Example: Where's I put the bougie?

Boujean Armada: The term for anyone so mod or hip that they're almost a parody of herself.
Derived from the word bourgeois, and the fact that there are about a million of them.
Enough to form an armada.
Example: Ed: He acted like I didn't even exist.
Ted: What do you expect from someone in the Boojean Armada?

bounce: said after a person has decided to leave
Example: let's bounce

bound: Sad or a rude comment.

Example: I found her calling me idiotic was bound.

Bourash: Another word for underarm rash.
Example: Man the bourash is killing me at the moment.

bourgeoisify: To turn into a member of the bourgeoisie.
Example: The proper education bourgeoisifies people because it ensures the betterment of one's life,
connoting our gradual transformation into the new generation of the bourgeoisie.

boutsta: About to.
A more abbreviated, gangster style.
Example: I'm boutsta get that chick's number. You want it,too?

bouvilexia: The uncontrollable urge, when riding in a car, to roll down the window and yell moo to any cows you see.
Example: As we drove along the countryside, my father got a severe case of bouvilexia while driving and almost hit a tree.

bov: A mild oath, especially referring to anything tedious or boring. Originally anything bovine in nature.
Example: The Bov Room--unofficial name of the band practice room at Orem High School in Orem, Utah.

bovertime: Working until the cows come home.
Example: Nix on clubbing tonight; I'm putting in a little bovertime.

bovilism: The inexplicable urge to say moo when you see a cow.
Example: As they drove past the pasture, the kids succumbed to bovilism and moo'd at the cows they saw.

bovine scatology: A polite way of saying that something or someone if full of bullshit,
made famous by General Norman Schwarzkopf during the Gulf War in reference to a reporter's typically wrong assumptions.
Example: Anyone that thinks Saddam would voluntarily leave Kuwait without military force is practicing the art of bovine scatology.

boviscopophobia: A morbid fear of being seen as bovine. From David Foster Wallace's A Supposedly Fun Thing I'll Never Do Again.

Example: It was the boviscopophobia that kept him away from Disney World.

bovlexia: The uncontrolable urge too moo whenever you see a cow.
Example: When we driving past a farm, Evan always moos. We're pretty sure he has bovlexia.

bovoclast: One who is willing to shatter sacred cows. More at iconoclast.
Example: We've always done it that way. Why does that stupid bovoclast think we need to change it?

bowerbirditis: The habit of collecting gaudy or showy items, or the acting, or dressing in a showy or
exhibitionist manner.

Example: That woman must have bowerbirditis, which explains her collection of weird men, her
showy exhibitionist clothes, and her gaudy jewelry.

bowl: Brittish slang--to puke.
Example: I drank twenty-three glasses of Scotch at the bar last night and ended up bowling in the men's room.

bows: Short for elbows.
Example: Wash those bows, Chris.

box: An electronic device used to control another device.
Usually named after a color.
The color represents the color of the first box made, or the first one that someone was caught with.
Usually fraudulent.
Example: I have one of those illegal red boxes that allows me to make 'free' calls from a pay phone.
My mother has a black box attached to her cable television which allows her to get channels illegally--without paying.
Do you know that a blue box could control the entire public switched telephone netork?

box cheese: Cheese that has dripped off the pizza into the box it arrived in, hardened, and remains stuck there.
Immortalized one particularly altered college evening by Mr. Mike Greene.
Example: Mike runs into the room, interrupting an impromptu munchie fest, the empty pizza box on the floor.
Empty but for the BOX CHEESE, Mike yells, diving for the box with a plastic fork.

boxing: Using an electronic device to control another electronic device. Usualy fraudulent.
Example: The cable company busted Chris for black boxing.

The telco arrested 2 teens the otherday for blue boxing.

boy look: The way a boy looks for lost items ineffectively (opposite of girl look).
Example: Jack: I've been searching for my keys for an hour--where have you put them?
Jill: You must have been having a boy look--they're right there on the coffee table in front of you.

boy-clean: A level of cleanliness that is not quite clean, but shows at least a modest attempt to remove dust, dirt, and hair. Not girl-clean, which is just plain clean.
Example: I love my boyfriend's apartment--but he only keeps it boy-clean, so I can't walk around barefoot in it.

boyed up: To make something (especially a tart box) look even tackier than usual in pursuit of transient performance benefits.
Boyed up cars (usually Vauxhall Corsi in the UK) are used to cruise slowly down the high street of towns in the UK. Sound track usually provided by ridiculously large stereo playing something loud and thumpy.
Typical boying up ploys include: fat exhaust pipe (limiting performance to less than 50 mph), go-faster stripes, whale tail wings for extra down force at speed in excess of Vauxhall Corsa capabilities, fluffy dice, resprays.
Example: Darren had boyed up his mum's Corsa for the night by sticking bin liners over the inside windows, giving the effect of smoked glass. Unfortunately, it also caused him to back into a lamp post.

boyfriend: 1. The clingy, unattractive, and annoying guy friend that you inexpicably are forced to spend exorbitant
amounts of time with (usually alone). If you weren't single, you would spend this time with your real
significant other. But you are single, so you don't want to be rude, and you don't really have an excuse to not hang out with him.
So you are constantly scrambling for excuses to not see him but never seem to be able to come up with
anything believable, so you give in and let him come over to watch a movie.
2. The odd, unattractive, out of place strange male you spot with your girlfriend,
then playfully confront her to admit she is dating him.
Example: 1. Can you please come over on Saturday? my boyfriend is coming over and I will pull my hair out if I have to spend more than five minutes alone with him.
2. See that guy with the eyepatch and the hump on his back? That's your boyfriend.

boygirl: Pertaining to stereotypically ideal heterosexual relationships between young people.
Example: Dawson's Creek is just another boygirl show.

boyschool block: Affliction which affects pupils and ex-pupils of all-boys schools.
Usually manifests itself in an inability to communicate with or relate to
women of a similar age group.
Example: Jack had a crush on Susie, but boyschool block prevented him from talking to her.

Boz: A zit so big it should have a name--Boz (Big 'ol zit)
Example: I gotta major Boz, I'm not leaving the house tonight.

bozine: The kinds of results that bozos produce. (Bovine is cow-related, asinine is dumb-ass-related; so why not bozine?)
Example: The tech editor's doing a computer global search-and-replace making ALL it's into its in our 400-page document was totally bozine.

bozone: A mental state characterized by obtuse, foolish, or absurd thinking and behavior -- in other words resembling that of a clown. Generally found as part of the phrase in the bozone. Compare with in the ozone.
Example: It took me until lunch to realize I wasn't wearing any pants; my head was really in the bozone.

bracey: A beautiful, trendy, sweet girl who has braces.
Example: Michelle is my favorite bracey.

brachiate: To belch.
Example: Hey! No brachiating in the locker room!

bracklackdinack: The all encompassing meal of the day. Whereas brunch is a combination of breakfast and lunch,
bracklackdinack is the one meal which consists of breakfast, snack, lunch, snack, dinner, and finally, another snack.
Rarely meant to be intentionally achieved, bracklackdinack is often the result of only eating one meal during the course
of a busy day. However, one may very well make a conscious decision to have bracklackdinack--but why?
Example: Without realizing what lay ahead of them, they sat down to bracklackdinack, never to eat another bite for the rest of that day.

braf: Falls somewhere between driving on the road and offroading. Basically, driving on grass, dirt, gravel, or mud.
Example: There's a big mud puddle between us and the road. Let's braf it.

Brah: generalized name for a male acquaintance
Example: See ya later, brah

brain debt: Like oxygen debt, preventing exercise when you have sprinted too hard and depleted the oxygen in your blood to the point that you MUST recover it - if you concentrate too hard for too long or try to handle too many problems at once you get into brain debt and start losing it.
Example: Sorry, I got that wrong, the brain debt caught up with me

brain dump: Snippets of pop culture - advertising copy, jingles, TV theme songs - that come out of a person's mouth periodically after a lifetime of overexposure to television.
Example: Dollar values are doubled, home five answers on the board... oops, sorry honey, brain dump.

brain fade: When you start doing or saying something and can't remember why.
Example: I walked into the kitchen, but had a brain fade and had no idea why I was there!

brain fertilizer: literary e-zine material
Example: deadmule really knows how to work with brain fertilizer

brain hamster: The hamster that runs on the wheel in your brain making thought possible.
Example: I feel so stupid today. My brain hamster must be dead.

brain-cramp: To suddenly forget whatever you were going to say in the middle of a sentence.
Example: We really need to ... ummmm... er... brain-cramp!

brain-freeze: That uncomfortable feeling you get at the back of your nasal passages
when you consume too much too fast of something cold.
Example: I had that milkshake so fast that I got a brain-freeze.

brainbag: Someone who is really smart.
Example: I don't know who came up with that fantastic idea, but whoever it was is a serious brainbag.

braincramp: When someone is trying to explain something and you just don't get it. Sometimes making your head hurts.
Example: The professor's lecture today was such a braincramp.

brains made of cake: To describe someone who's unbelievably stupid.
Example: I had to have brains made of cake to go out with that conceited clod.

brainsucker: A person or job that exhausts one's mental energy.
Example: This problem is a brainsucker.
My boss is a brainsucker.

brainual: Brain useability.
Example: I'm sorry. It was a brainual thing.

brainyip: A person or group that got romped by another person or group
Example: Thev Taliban sure got brainyipped when they lost that city to the N.A.

brakke: A person who is incompetent at her profession, but thinks she isn't incompetent.
Example: My guidance counselor is a brakke; she gave me transcripts from 3 years ago.

brandbreeding: In marketing and advertising the term brand building is very often used. It's also clear to everybody what it means.
In the context of online marketing it sounds very strange. Online marketing is more chaotic, more unpredictable than
offline. The process runs more like a natural growth of an organic substance. As brand owners or brand consultants
you have to be very humble: you cannot build, you must breed.
Influence the external and internal circumstances in order to facilitate the auto-development of rich brands
within the hearts and minds of consumers.
Example: Amazon.com did a very good job of brandbreeding: they became a strong brand by using all kinds of digital tools
to communicate their strengths and also to let their loyal customers do that.

brang: Past tense of bring. (Typically thought of as Southern-speak.)
Example: I brang you up some pretty new cheeseclothes, mawma! You had better put thems back from wheres you brang-sum!

brass in pocket: To have plenty of money. To be wealthy.
Example: He's got enough brass in pocket to buy a fleet of Ferraris.

brass monkey: British slang for very cold weather, short for colder than a brass monkey's tit. {Hmmm. And here I thought it was Colder than a witch's tit and Colder than the balls on a brass monkey.}
Example: How cold is it? It's brass monkey.

brass-and-ferns: Of or pertaining to a tavern or eatery which, through changes in management, decor, or menu, has attracted a decidedly more upscale clientele--but at the cost of its former charm, warmth, and ambience.
Example: I leave town for six months, come back and find I can't get a decent slice anymore. Pug's Pizza is now Chez Pierre, and there's a line around the block with a velvet rope. I never thought THEY'd go all brass-and-ferns on me.

brassic: To be without money, or at least cash. No idea about the origin, would love to know though.
Example: Can't down go the pub tonight lads, I'm brassic.

brat-wagon: A minivan.
Example: Load the kids into the brat-wagon and take them to soccer practice, please.

bratha: A close male friend.
Example: Hey, bratha, what's up?

Bratling: 1. A child about to be babysat at your inconveinience 2. A child known to be naughty 3. Little brother
Example: I can't believe I have to babysit the bratlings tonight. OR Just LOOK at her child! What a bratling.

bravuconian: Someone who is brave enough to do stupid (ridiculous) things.
Example: Look what this bravuconian put on her bedroom wall.

bray: Essentially a substitute for cool!, okay, I understand, awesome!,
and almost any other affirmative, positive one- or two-word response.
Example: That movie was so bray.

brazy: Used to describe a wild person or group. A combination of brazen and crazy?
Example: Those Scottish soccer hooligans are brazy.

BRB: Be Right Back
Example: I'll BRB.

bread-bowl: Taking a heinous head-first dive into a deep bed of snow while snowboarding, skiing, or snowshoeing.
Example: Jimmy bread-bowled after failing to adequately negotiate a random distribution of moguls.

break yourself: To try really hard, but fail.
Always used in the imperative, nearly always followed by bitch regardless of the
sex of the person being addressed.
Example: As Ed's victory in a game of Tekken seemed most assured, he was heard to say,
Break yourself, bitch to Todd.

breakcicle: Occurs when an employee, forced to smoke out in the wintery cold on her break, invariably comes in all huddled and straight-legged, so as not to brush her legs against her icy cold pants or skirt.
Example: They both came back in, teeth chattering, and looking like breakcicles.

breakshome: A rest taken for a short time during travel
Example: We took a breakshome in San Diego while driving to Tijuana.

Breastacula: A name for a woman well-endowed with breasts.
Example: I put the new AquaBra on under my sweater. Suddenly, I was Breastacula.

breastaurant: A bar or restaurant with scantily-clad waitresses.
Example: Hooters is the most popular breastaurant in the world.

breasticle: Male breasts.
Example: That guy's breasticles are larger than mine!

breckle: 1. To unknowingly overwhelm with annoying banter or actions. 2. Bad breather.
Example: The football fans breckled the elderly couple next to them with drunken howls and cheerful song.

breeder: Heterosexual.
Example: Some of my best friends are breeders.

breeze: Lincolnshire, UK, dialect: a fuss or disturbance.
Example: There's a breeze going on in the next street.

brewbque: 1. Bar-b-que sauce made with beer. 2. Outdoor festival or party featuring beer and bar-b-que.
Example: Since we were bored we decided to have a brewbque in the backyard.
We made brewbque chicken and slow-cooked brewbque beef.

brewing a stew: where one is on the brink of having to use the washroom facilities.
Example: After drinking her 3rd coffee, Gladys felt like she was brewing a stew and hoped there was a washroom within reach.

brewski: a hot drink, usually tea or coffee.
Example: Hey, you wanna brewski?

brick: Used to describe someone who cancels pre-arranged plans without informing the other party. Their decision to cancel plans was either pre-meditated intent or total disregard for the other person/persons involved.
Example: (1)-Phil Bambino threw a brick at me last night. (2)- I got bricked hard by Cavoli the other day.

brick: a cell phone that is too heavy or large to carry in a pant or shirt pocket.
Example: I'm tired of carrying this brick all day.

brick: To fail terribly, or the failure itself.
Example: I tried to cook chicken, but I bricked and burned the house down by accident.
OR I tried to cook chicken, but I burned the house down by accident; it was a real brick.

brick: Really cold.
Example: I tried to wear a T-shirt today, but it was brick out and I had to get a sweatshirt

brick: Tough, rough, and hard (Why it's good: All of a bricks characteristics fit the meaning.)
Example: That trick was brick. I couldn't have pulled it off.

brickhead: A person so devoid of logic, you want to scream.
Example: Chris is a complete brickhead. I had to explain my proposal to him eighteen times.

bricks: Housing projects, commonly used as the name for Newark, New Jersey.
Example: My house is in the bricks.

brickteacher: A teacher who knows the whole class will fail at the task she is about to assign, but does it anyway.
Example: My gym teacher is a real brickteacher. The class failed, but she doesn't care.

bricy: To be lazy or nonfunctioning.
Example: The whole team was quite bricy today at the game.

Bridgeadoon: A means of crossing a river that can only be used extremely infrequently.
Example: The millenium bridge, when first unveiled, was show to be a bridgeadoon.

brighted: What the sun does to you when it shines brightly in your face.
Example: I couldn't see the ball to catch it because the sun brighted me in the eyes.

brilled: to get shined up, or cleaned up, dressed.
Example: Robby got all brilled up for his interview.

brinacapacious: Very wide and open, particularly appropriate around salt water.
Example: James felt lonely in the brinacapacious sea.

brinner: Breakfast and dinner, similar to brunch but more masculine so that real men can use it in everyday conversation.
Brinner is usually eaten after a night out whereby it's too late for breakfast when you get out of bed but too
early for dinner. The solution is simple: brinner
Example: Come on, guys. Let's go for brinner. I'm starving.

brip: BRRRRRRR. Used when someone is extremely cold.
Example: Brip! It's 10 below in my house and I'm freezing.

brisk: Extremely cool.
Example: That movie was brisk.

britfaced: The state of being extremely sloppily drunk, as perfected and exemplified by residents of Great Britain, perhaps as a result of being forced to finish their drinks by closing time.
Example: Todd and Rebecca were good and britfaced, but hoped they weren't quite as sloppy as some of the inebriated suits they encountered on the way home.

British: Wimp.
Example: Don't be a British.

Britneyatonic: Being so sick of hearing anything related to Britney Spears that you become catatonic.
Example: After hearing Hit Me Baby One More Time for the 13th time that day, Kevin became Britneyatonic.

Britneys: Synthetically enhanced breasts.
Example: Nah, Pamela Anderson's aren't natural, they're Britneys, too.

Britspears: Fake, unreal.

Example: Those diamonds are so britspears.

bro'dy: Bro or just someone you're talking directly to.
Example: Wassup, bro'dy?

broady: A burnt out surfer, with outrageous clothing, such as Jeff Spicoli.
Example: My friend here surfs all day and smokes himself blind. He's a classic broady.

brochureware: The incredibly useful advertising material that accompanies digital media,
often found on interactive Audio CDs, Iomega ZipDisks, and certain not-quite-so-freeware programs.
Example: I installed BearShare, and God, it also put on like a ton of brochureware that won't shome bothering me.

brockway: Something that plays or has cool music.
Example: Like this CD is sooooo brockway, Becky.

Brody: (n) Police officer. From Roy Scheider as the police officer in _Jaws_.
Example: Slow down, there's a Brody over there

broface: what one calls a good friend. A knee-jerk reaction to people who call you bro when they really are not your friend; an acquaintance would never call you broface. Pronounced bro - face.
Example: Hey broface, want do go for coffee tomorrow?

broke: the perfection of ugliness.
Example: Ed: Oh Lord, that girl is busted!
Ted: No bro, she's broke.

broken: 1. Gaming theory term to refer to any rule, operator, or card that unbalances the game, or breaks the game.
2. Anything that is too incredible to be true.
Example: 1. A rule allowing a player to simultaneously play two Xs in tic-tac-toe would be broken.
2. These courtside tickets for the Lakers are completely broken.

Broken Arrow: An officially documented nuclear weapon accident.

It's also a bad movie.
Example: In 1990 alone three broken arrows were recorded.

Brolic: To be muscular. built.
Example: Look at her arms, she's brolic.

bronco: Cool or kickin'.
Example: I love Luke's corduroy suit. It's so bronco.

Bronze: From the movie Mad Max. A cop.
Example: Hey, Bronze, I'll be bailed out in 20 minutes!

brooke: Naked, especially naked in an unusual setting or at the wrong time.
Example: So I walked out of my room, completely brooke, and my math teacher was standing there.

brorange(br-or-n-J): crazy and stupid person
Example: she/he is brorange

broster: To miss a gimme.
Example: He was standing with the ball three feet in front of a wide open net, but he brostered it.

brotch: Macho, show-off. Someone who thinks he's cool, but really isn't.
Example: Check out the brotch hitting on Marcy. What a loser!

brown: (adj) Inexperienced and utterly incompetent. Worse than green.
Example: She added fuser oil to the toner and then the copier caught on fire. She's as brown as any new hire we've ever had.

Brown: Just plain good.
Example: I saw Ween last night. They played a pretty brown show.

bruck: to be broken or not working properly.
Example: my monitor it completely brucked up. it's currently only outputting shades of red.

bruiser: A tough guy. One who has a limited vocabulary and would beat you up for skateboarding or going to college. Likely to have had a mullet in the 80's and nowadays would love eminem. Names usually are Billy, Jimmy, Johnny, Terry, Mikey, and Paddy.

Example: Was downtown and got into a fight with a bruiser. Needless to say, I was beat up.

brummel: To wrestle oin a playful manner
Example: Dane and Chris were brummeling after an argument over whether the basketball had been in or out.

brunification: To overindulge in detail, thought, and expression--
resulting in a situation that is difficult to grasp and wrap one's head around.
Comes from the common social understanding that blondes may not be as quick as brunettes.
Example: The passage the teacher read from the book was difficult to understand due to its brunification.
So a student stood up and asked, Perhaps if it was a little less brunified it would seem
incredibly simple?

Bruntile: Smelling completely and utterly putrid.
Example: My God, Joel's aftershave is bruntile.

brutally: short: brudally.
Used to emphasize something.
Example: That maths test was brudally easy.

Brutterinking: Combination of utter and brink.
The collective energy produced by LSD results in the drawing of focus by certain objects or people.
This focus gains its own power, until the entire group is laughing or
producing some other outpouring of tension. This is a brutterinking.
It is also brutterinking in the verb form. To brutterink.
Example: Someone pointed out the tree in the shape of a fractal,
until the entire group began to brutterink,
eventually breaking up into laughter and looking each other in the eye for
emotional affirmation.

bther: A bit under the weather. All washed out, drained, phsically exhausted.
Example: I'm feeling bther today.

bubbilybaby: A chubby and cute baby; a round and adorable person.
Example: She's such a bubbilybaby with her dimples.

bubble: Your personal space, the small area that is around you.
Example: Your in my bubble, pal.

bubble (verb): To completely zone out of a group conversation and engage in one-on-one conversation with a date or significant other while the group conversation continues.
Example: Davin and Elyse bubbled while the group continued debating the existence of true love.

bubblegasm: When one blows a bubble (with bubble gum or a wand...doesn't matter) and it is really satisfying and really great.
Example: Wow! That bubble I just blew was so good, it was almost bubblegasmic.

bubblegum: Used to negatively descibe trendy pop items (songs, clothes, etc.) that are just too happy, shallow, and myopic. Something Old Navy or Gap might sell--lots of plastic and bright colors.
Also describes someone who closely follows these trends, superficial and narrow-minded.
Example: I liked the Matchbox20 song, but it was bubblegum. That bright lime green tech vest is so bubblegum, I want to puke.

bubblehead: U.S. Naval Term. Any naval crewman of a submarine.
In common use in today�s U.S. Navy, this informal term derives from the common
(but usually fanciful) image of air bubbles rising from submerged vessels.
It is one of three terms that very generally classifies a sailor into one of the three
levels on which the Navy operates and fights: below the sea (bubbleheads), on the sea (skimmers),
and above the sea (airdales).
Example: One retired navy veteran speaking to another, who was in submarines: So what did you do in the Navy?
In reply, �I was a bubblehead.?(i.e., �I was in submarines.?

bubbler: (n) Water fountain.
Example: I'm going to get a drink at the bubbler.

bubbler: Water fountain. This has been submitted and is in the dictionary, but I would add that, as far as I know, this is another Rhode Island-only term, like cabinet.
Example: Get a drink of water at the bubbler.

bubblesaurus: Llarge ball of wet soap, usually in a Harry Potter book, or the Lord of the Rings movie.
Example: The bubblesaurus was as painful as warts.

bubblesstocity: The state of a carbonated drink that has gone flat.
Example: I left the soda in the refrigerator until it had reached the state of total bubblesstocity.

bubbling: UK slang, crying.
Example: is James bubbling again? What a big baby.

bubonic: (1) Bad meaning bad.
(2) Bad meaning good. So good, in fact, it makes you almost sick.
Example: (1)
Person 1: What movie did you see tonight?
Person 2: A Low Down Dirty Shame with Keenen Ivory Wayans. That movie was utterly bubonic, and I just realized that I'll never get those two hours of my life back.

Person 1: What movie did you see tonight?
Person 2: Purple Rain, with Prince. That flick is mad bubonic! Especially the outfits, and when he starts singing in the restaurant, and...

bucephalus: The absolute pinnacle of cool or awesome. OR Alexander the Breat's war horse.
Example: You just fell off that 40-story building and landed on your feet! That was bucephalus.

buck: 1. A hundred of anything (i.e. degrees, pounds) 2. an hour
Example: 1. I lost fifteen pounds, and now I'm at a buck-ninety. It feels like a buck-O-five outside. 2.I'll be back in a buck and a half.

buck minus: Extremely cold conditions, esp. air temperature. Var: buck negativ.
Example: Ever been to Yellowknife at Christmas? It's buck minus up there.

buck-buck: A cat.
Example: The pet store had a buck-buck sale on Tuesday.

Bucket o' Lube: Anything extremely enjoyable.
Example: Thanks for inviting me to that party last night. It was a bucket o' lube.

buckethead: A person, usually a man who has an unusually larger head then most.
Example: I cant see the movie for that guy's buckethead.

buckwheat: Used to describe a person who has done something really stupid.
Example: Look at Chris stuffing peanuts up his nose! What a buckwheat!

buckwheaten: As a verb: to talk funnily
As as adjective: something that sticks straight up or spits and lisps.
Example: I just can't shome buckwheaten this afternoon.
That guy's hair is buckwheaten.

budda: A cross between brother and buddy.
Example: Hey, Budda.
What's up Budda?
You're gay Budda!

Buddha: an exclamation of frustration, disgust, or disappointment
Example: Buddha! I left my John Denver CD at the VFW!

buddy system: When you pick a person to talk to all of the girls who are with the girl you are hitting on. Keeps the friend(s) occupied while you make your moves.
Example: Bob was the unfortunate soul who was picked in the buddy system. He had to talk to that girl's dorky friend for two hours.

Buddy X: Place-holder for a person's name, used in story-telling
Example: ...so then Buddy X says, 'But what will I tell the penguins?'

budget: Cheap-looking.
Example: You didn't miss anything. The office party last night was at some bowling alley. Strictly budget.

budmilloorsilob: Used to refer to cheap, crappy American rice-and-corn megabrews.
From: Budwiser, Miller, Coors, Michelob.
Example: I plan to kick off the party with a six-pack of Sam Adams,
then I'm going to maintain the buzz with budmilloorsilob 'cuz it's cheap,
and by that time I can't taste the difference anyway.

buff: To clean, erase, or remove from existence.
Usually in reference to graffiti and murals that have been erased.
Originated and commonly used by graffiti writers world-wide - first mentioned in association with NYCity trains being chemically cleaned (buffed).
Example: I went around at night writing my tag all over mid-town, but by the weekend, they were mostly buffed.

Buff: U.S. Air Force acronym for Big Ugly Fat Fellas. Slang for a B52 bomber.
Example: The BUFFs may be ugly, but they have proven to be one of the most enduring weapons in the wing.

buffersly: Butterfly.
Example: Look Mum, there's a buffersly.

buffet complex: The desire to have everything, and active pursuit of that desire. Otherwise known as never-contentment and having your cake and eating it too.
Example: Jesus, does it really matter that you got nine A's instead of ten? You and your buffet complex.

Buffymode: When you or someone looks like DUH, or when you're not concentrating.
Example: He asked me something, but I was in total BUFFYMODE.

Buficionado: Die-hard fan of _Buffy the Vampire Slayer_, on a par with Star Trek's Trekkers and Trekkies.
Example: Jackie's such a Buficionado she'd sleep outside the store to get her season two DVD set.

bug an eye: To spy, or deliberately see something, especially when someone is curious.
Example: There is always someone bugging an eye on my PC monitor here at work.

bug-hunting: insane, crazy, nuts.
Example: That noise is about to drive me bug-hunting!

bugdust: Administrative or bureaucatic detail with absolutely no value.
Example: Jim considered his daily work reports nothing but bugdust to keep his managers happy.

Buggerdy: The quality of being glitchy (buggy) or annoying. Can also be buggerdied.
Example: That buggerdy computer's screwin' up all the time.

buggeroff: An annoying person who doesn't go away when asked to.
Example: I wish that buggeroff would leave me alone

buggin: Buh-gin. 1. The state of an overworked, underpaid techie. 2. A fast traveling bug.
Example: 1. I just got off this weak call and I'm buggin.
2. Check that roly poly out, he's mega buggin.

buggin, buggin out: Freaking out.
Example: The Giants' play in the Super Bowl had me absolutely buggin! Can you believe 'em? OR This is too much stress for me, I'm buggin out.

bugly, boogly: Butt ugly. Boogly spelling submitted by gulamhust@netscape.net.
Example: Milton's new girlfriend is bugly.

buh: poor, unfavorable-- usually used for description, but can be used in virtually any form
Example: The morning traffic jam was a buh part of life for Chris.

Buhmwa: The proper way of pronouncing the name of the German car company BMW.
Example: Dad spends most of his time cleaning the Buhmwa.

building a watch: An act which requires a great deal of precision.
Used in engineering and building trades, usually in the negative.
Example: Pete: Hey, Joe, how long is that two-by-four?
Joe: Why Pete, that two-by-four is 15 feet, 6 and 37 sixty-fourths inches long.
Pete: Easy, Joe, we're not building a watch here.

bukah: Expression used when excited.
Example: Bukah, I can't believe that happened.

bukowski: Someone who is belligerent or drunk.
Example: Check out the bukowski at the end of the bar.

buku: Huge, big, alot, much, etc. (Sometimes beaucoup.)
Example: She owns buku clothes and has a huge closet to go with them.

bulbutous: (adj) Very big and round.
Example: Say, Eunice, take a look at that bulbutous cow.

Bulk coope: Something that's really bad.
Example: That song is bulk coope.

bulldick: A long spike that is tied to a rope, much like a tent spike,
to help secure tall light fixtures on an outdoor film location.
Example: It was so windy that we needed to use two bulldicks on each light stand so they wouldn't sway.

bullet-catcher: U.S. Secret Service jargon for a person assigned to the Executive Protection Unit
(as opposed to counterfeit investigation).
Example: He's been a bullet-catcher for the Commander-in-
Chief for the last 8 months.

Bullets: Commonly used for a exclamation after something bad happens.
Example: Bullets! I left my airplane tickets at home.

bullpen: The need for an afternoon coffee, due to tiredness.
Example: TMass states, My starting pitcher is petering out, so I'm going to warm up the bullpen. (Warming up = brew a pot.) BLip. Yup it's 3:15. I need to hit the bullpen, too.

bullshit bingo: 1. Presentation or monologue full of meaningless acronyms and buzzwords presented so fast
(or by someone not interested in audience interaction)
that listeners are left gasping at the sheer idiocy of the speaker and
the density of words designed to alienate or puzzle them.
2. Game played at long meetings likely to be larded with buzzwords.
Players have bingo sheets full of buzzwords.
The winner must shout bingo at the home of her lungs.
Example: My God, that PowerPoint presentation was pure bullshit bingo.

bullymatic immunity: Special legal rights enjoyed by trade unionists to menace and intimidate anyone who tries to cross a picket line.
Example: The police didn't charge the picket foreman with assault because he had bullymatic immunity.

Bum: To ask for something from someone, especialy cigarettes.
Example: Hey, man, can I bum a cigarette?

bum monkey: An extemely annoying person.
Example: Shome being such a bum monkey.

bumbalola: A disproportionately large posterior on a woman.
Example: J. Lo got back now, but if she ever shomes working out she'll have a bumbalola.

bumbrella: A super mangled umbrella, usually found in the gutter on a rainy day.
Example: Check out his bumbrella. It's seen better days.

bumchum: A good friend. Someone with whom you can discuss any subject matter without fear of judgement.
Example: Jeff thought Emily was a great person. He could see them becoming bumchums over time.

bumfuzzled: Bewildered, confused; used to refer to something you don't understand and have no explanation for.
Example: I talked to a couple of my friends who have flying services, and they're just bumfuzzled, said Jimmy Ervin... (actual quote from an AP news item, found here https://www.salon.com/news/wire/2001/10/23/cropduster/index.html)

bumhummer: the safety grooves along the highwat intended to awaken sleeping drivers who stray too close to the shoulder. also see: nodstrips
Example: i like to drive down the bumhummer.

bumkas: A person who's lazy. Your butt.
Example: Wake up! It's 2pm, you bumkas! OR Get off your lazy bumkas and do these dishes!

bummies: pjs, pajamas, sleepwear
Example: I took a bath and put my bummies on or I wore my bummies all day.

bummy rumper: Track suit bottoms.
Example: When you go to the gym you will have to wear your bummy rumpers or shorts. They are also quiet comfortable for wearing indoors.

Bumper Kisser: A tail-gater, someone who follows too close to your car.
Example: Look at that bumper kisser up ahead. He's going to cause an accident.

bumpin: (adj) Active, partying, etc. Derived from the word bumping.
Example: Bruce, the clubs are bumpin tonight.

bumptition: Tremendous bass as opposed to treble.
Example: My vehicle has good bumptition.

bumpy ride: riding down wooden steps on a sled made of blankets and stuffed animals
Example: Okay. Everybody get out of the way. Another bumpy ride is coming down.

bundle-icious: Endearment for a small, sweet child; combination of bundle and delicious.
Example: You are such a bundle-icious one.

bundledupedness: A medical noun
Example: In winter Canadian children, be-toqued, thermos-toting, scarves securely knotted at their throats,
and lost in their overwhelming parkas, suffer from chronic bundledupedness.

Bung: This word is used in the same manner as, throw or chuck. Essentially means to put something somewhere.
Example: A. What do you want me to do with this? B. Just bung it over there

bungalow bar: A very plain and low key social spot.
Example: Roger held his party at a bungalow bar and left as soon as they came.

bungee boss: A middle manager who is put in charge of a corporate department, changes all departmental procedures, and is transferred out in a couple of months. From Dilbert, circa 1994.
Example: We still haven't recovered from our LAST bungee boss.

Bunk: Describes something as unfair or rude.
Example: They stiffed me 8 hours of overtime! That's bunk!

bunk: Stupid, gay, dumb.
Example: Having to do homework is so bunk.

bunk: The sound made by your head hitting the upper berth when you sit up in the lower berth of a kid-size bunk bed.
Example: I felt, more than heard, the bunk of Dave's head hitting the slats beneath me
when he forgot where he was and tried to get up.

bunkie: Someone you share a bunkbed with.
Example: At camp my bunkie was Pete.

bunkus: Untrue, just a rumor, urban legend.
Example: That stolen kidney story is bunkus. It never really happened to anyone.

bunty: adjective describing one who is ineffectual but in a cute kind of way, sillily obnoxious.
Example: He was just being bunty when he called me that.

bupkis: Nothing, nada, zilch, zippo.
Example: I lost all my money in the stockmarket so now I have bupkis.

buraco: A burrito and a taco in one edible creation.

Example: Let's cook up some buracos.

burf: Those icky burps when a tiny little bit of icky tasting puke/bile/spit comes up. See snurf.
Example: I ate a medium pizza by myself. The burf that followed tasted horrendous.

burgerarian: A person whose diet consists primarily or wholly of hamburgers. More broadly, one whose diet consists of food from fast-food outlets.
Example: We can't do Chinese food. Don't you know Phil is a strict burgerarian?

Burgerdonald's: A generic name for all fast food restaurants when you can't remember the one you were at, or if you have no general preference.
Example: Where do you want to go for dinner? Eh, Burgerdonald's, doesn't matter to me. OR We heard this song the last time we were at Burgerdonald's.

burgle(r): Originally intoxication-speak for a late-night, greasy, fast food hamburger.
Its use is now being widely adopted to refer to hamburgers purchased at any time or place.

1. burgle - n. single hamburger.

2. burgler - n.pl. one who pursues burgles. a mulltitude of burgles. the concept of multiplicity and burgles. also refers to the general state of burgleness.
Example: A. I'm drunk and hungry. Let's get a burgle and fries. B. Cool, I'm gonna get a double-burgler with cheese.

burkup: a simultaneous burp and hiccup

Example: example- excuse me, I burkupped

burn: Insult of mammoth proportions.
Example: Ewwwwww! Razor-face? That was a burn.

burn: To get cheated or otherwise humiliated.
Example: I won that bet, but I got burned by the guy I made it with, so I can't pay you back right now.

burn: A copy, usually bootlegged software, movies, or music; but can refer to anything that can be duplicated.
Example: Mark: I just got that new Command & Conquer game. Glenn: Could you give me a burn?

burn the tambourines: Let's put a shome to this rah-rah approach. We ned to get down to business and do something.
Example: Burn the tambourines; we need a serious solution to the productivity slump we've been experiencing.

burn-bag: U.S. Government expression: The bag into which classified, shredded documents are placed for burning.
Example: Get that into the burn-bag and have it torched immediately.

burn-in: The particular silicon smell you get when you turn on a brand new computer for the first time.
Example: Check out my new computer. Mmmm, I can still smell the burn-in.

burnage: Used to measure the extremity of a burn.
A burn about someone's clothes, minor burnage.
A burn about someone's mother or sister or grandmother or dog, medium burnage.
Lastly, a burn involving someone's mother, sister, grandmother, and dog, extreme burnage.
Example: You'd better watch your back.
Yeah, well you'd better stay off yours! The latter is seriously extreme burnage.

burnch: Told ya so. You're wrong, I told you you were, and you didn't believe me.
Example: Burnch. See, she was with him last night at the movies. Why would I lie to you?

burned, burnt: To get shot down or humbled in a very blatant way.
Example: When that chick pushed Chris away when he tried to dance with her, he got seriously burnt.

burner: A technically and stylistically well-executed complicated construction of interlocking letters in graffiti.
Generally done in bright colors.
Example: That burner is def.

burr, brrr: The degree of discomfort to a person once it is determined that he or she is cold.
Example: Burr. It must be 20 below burr out here.

bursty: (adj) Materials that arrive at their destinations in largequantities at sporadic intervals.
Example: Cash flow at my company can be bursty.


Packets arriving at this computer are usually bursty, so you have to account for a large buffer size.

burt: A unibrow, word derived from the Sesame Street character.
Example: Roman Cechmanek, the Flyers goaltender, has a Burt.

bushenheigen: A German word for persons who hugs tree's frequently.
Example: They're just a bunch of bushenheigen hippies.

bushwah: Rubbish, bollocks, not feasible, etc.
Example: Your cat ate my dog? BUSHWAH!

business: 1. Used to describe illegal activities, or activities that you prefer to be kept secret from others.
Has a vague and sinister Mafia-esque ring to it.
2. Interchangeable with virtually any noun; can be used as an antonym for stuff.
Example: 1. I've got to get going. I have some business to take care of.
2. Hurry up and get your business out of the car.

Business Class: Refers to a woman with a large ass.
The explanation of the phrase is that her ass would be too big to fit in coach.
Example: Check out that girl. She's business class.

buss: A derivative of the word bust. Used in place of any verb.
Example: Buss me them shades, daddy-o. Hey, when you get a chance can you buss me a beer from the
fridge? Buss me that can of Vienna Sausages there, pard.

busse-factor: Humidity with respect to the over-all volume of one's hair.
Example: Once Bill and Jimmy finally reached the summit of 30,000 feet, their hair was still visible to the
onlookers below, due to the consistently high busse-factor.

Bussey: The manner in which one's hair mysteriously violates all laws of logic and reason.
Most prominent in middle-aged German men and 18-year-old musicians.
Example: While playing the guitar, the young virtuoso's bussey hair shook with great gusto and fervor.

bust a move: To attack, as in hand to hand combat, especially with the expectation that it will be a quick, decisive blow.
Example: Don't make me bust a move on you!

bust out: 1. To retrieve something that you have. 2. To apply something (skills, etc). 3. To play music.
Example: 1. I need to bust out the Windows 98 CD. (but NEVER, e.g., I need to go to the store and bust out some milk) 2. I shall bust out my mad HTML skillz. 3. Let me bust out the new Rage CD.

bust rhymes: To rap from the home of your head, also known as freestyling
Example: We were all bored so Chris starting to bust rhymes.

bust up in(to): Phrase used to mean enter.
Example: I can't wait to bust up into the club

bustacated: A description of something that is broken, and demolished.
Example: That truck is totally bustacated!

bustatious: A good looking woman. From The Ladies Man, SNL.
Example: If I don't get me a bustatious woman soon, I'm going to do something I'll regret.

busted: Caught red-handed.
Caught in a photograph with a stupid expression on her face.
Example: Damn, I look busted in that picture.
OR You are sooo busted. _American Beauty_

busted: Extremely ugly, as if smashed in face with a lead pipe.
Example: Did you see Yasmeen Bleeth's mugshot when she was arrested for cocaine posession?
She looked so busted.

busted can of bizkits: A person with fat rolls protruding from her clothes.
Example: Look at that busted can of bizkits!

buster: One who inappropriately relays private information to a public party. (v) To bust.
Example: I can't believe she busted you and told Mike that you have a crush on him.

busticate: To break. Something that is busticated is something that is broken.
Example: Be careful when you flash the bios. You could busticate your motherboard.

busyhands: a person (usually male) who shows his love for his friends by letting his hands roam over his friend's body without permission. Often excused by drunkeness or feeling affectionate.
Example: Tim has particularly busyhands today.

But I'm a tactical genius...: Used (ironically) when a stunning and
incredible plan falls apart because you goofed up on something stupid.
Example: Bob: All righty, I'll run down the hall drawing thier fire whilst you guys cover me.
*starts running, trips on shoe lace is hit by umpteen paintballs*
Bob: But... But I'm a tactical genius, this can't happen to me.

but.: This is a submission and a question. The submission is: �but.?There is a long-accepted use of a terminal but... in English. Thus, He said, 'Yes, but....' to mean a thought the listener can complete or the like. My question is not about that use of but. The but I am interested in does not leave any room for the listener to complete anything. It stands on its own as a fact or opinion or sentiment of the speaker. I've encountered the expression mostly in British detective shows and in British novels. For example, from Reginald Hill's Dalziel/Pascoe novel _On Beulah Height_: Mebbe. Not a daughter, but. They just had the one. Mary. It nigh on pushed the father over the edge, losing her. (Copyright 1998 by Reginald Hill, paperback, Dell Books, September 1999, p. 40.)
This use of but usually has the but at the end of the sentence and is not followed by an ellipsis.
My question: I would like to
1. know if this is Yorkshire slang or an accepted Yorkshire way of speaking.
2. (if available) locate some references (both of its use as above in Hill's novel and any commentary on this use of but.).
Doug Haden
California, USA
[Ed. The editor sent Mr. Haden a response June 17, but the response seems to have stuck in the editor's outbox.]
Example: More Reginald Hill examples, all from Hill, Reginald. Pictures of Perfection, ?1994 Reginald Hill. Dell Books/Random House?
p. 70: �You�ll have a piece of cold pie, but??br>p. 82: Doesn�t like him, but, thought Wield.
p. 84: �His wife seems a nice lady, but,?prompted Wield.
p. 138: �It doesn�t have any flowers around it, but,?said Wield.

Butabi: The last name of the guys from _Night at the Robury_.
Any male having the characteristics of the typical night club dancing loser.
The majority wear, but are not limited to wearing, tight velvet shirts with zippers, spiked and frosted hair; and
may have hoop ear rings and shiny black wingtip shoes.
Any bar that typically caters to the afformentioned crowd of guys, not a bar but a club.
Example: Aren't you looking butabi tonight--are you ready to dance? (sarcastically) OR I hate going to The Drink. It's so butabi. OR
That place is butabi. (Very versatile.)

butafugo: A person's bottom, esp when associated with latin dancing
Example: That long mambo made my butafugo sore.

Butanol: To be used in place of beautiful.
Example: It's a butanol day!

butcept: Combination of but and except.
Example: I wanted to go to dinner and a movie, butcept there wasn't time for both.

butch up: Something a woman needs to do to keep up with a group of physically fit people, when she herself is not physcially fit.
Example: To a woman who is lagging behind her group of friends kayaking: Hey Lisa, why are you way back there? Butch up!

butt fuzz: The unexplicable fuzz that sometimes forms on your chair, usually from sitting for 8 hours a day.
Example: Jerry's butt fuzz is getting out of hand, he should get out more.

butt munch: To be used when someone screws up or does something really stupid.
Example: Why did you do that? You're such a butt munch.

butt rock: A term for a type of music--the musicians in the band have long hair and ripped jeans
with cheeks exposed. Usually from the 80s heavy metal era.
Example: You listen to butt rock don't you?

butt rush: The short time used to smoke cigarettes between classes or work breaks. Also used as a noun to describe an outdoor location to smoke.
Example: Hey, I'll meet you at butt rush.

buttarcticold: Extreme cold weather. Used especially if you forgot to wear warm enough clothing.
Example: It is buttarcticold out here. I knew I should have worn something warmer.

buttcrack of dawn: Also butt-crack of dawn. A very early hour of the morning.
Example: I had to wake up at the buttcrack of dawn to take the SATs.

butte: To experience excessive lag on Internet Relay Chat due to poor adsl service in Butte, Montana.
Example: I can never keep up with a conversation because I keep getting butted.

Butter Eater: An unwanted houseguest, especially one who eats your food. Sopecifically, my friend's roommate's boyfriend. He's over at their house ALL the time and since my friend's roommate doesn't eat butter, he eats all of my friend's butter. He also doesn't replace it.
Example: Your roommate's boyfriend is such a butter eater.

butterbum: A very lucky person. It's a translation from the Dutch expression met z'n gat in de boter vallen--to fall with his bum in the butter. into English.
Example: Frank's a butterbum. He has a super sucr?girl.

butterface: A really ugly girl with a nice body. Everything's good...but her face.
Example: I thought I saw my future ex-wife today, but it turned out she was a butterface.

buttergunder: Toast crumbs or other such foreign matter that finds its way into the butter or margarine container.
Example: If you don't keep your knife clean, you'll end up with a tub full of buttergunder.

butterlicious: Food item having a large quantity of butter or buttery flavor. (Does not include butter substitutes.)
Example: Get me a napkin. This popcorn is mad butterlicious.

butternugg: Gross goo mix of sweat and cheap hair styling products.
Example: Why is my head dripping with butternugg?

butters: Physically undesirable, repellent. Derived from butt-ugly.
Example: What's Dave's new missus like--hot? No, mate, absolutely butters.

buttfly: Person who is acting especially oblivious or stupid.
Example: Hey, buttfly, what are you doing with my car keys?

butthurt: Hurt and angry.
Example: I forgot my girlfriend's birthday last week and she's been butthurt about it ever since.

buttish: A person or thing that is annoying, irritating, inferior, etc.
Example: Those guys that you hang out with are so buttish. This is the most buttish restaraunt I've ever seen.

buttnugget: Any old, unrepairable item.
Example: Q: Can you fix this tire off my John Deere? A: No, that buttnugget is shot.

button box: The infra red remote control for any one of many different types of electrical home entertainment appliances.
Example: Pass the button box so I can see what's on the other channels.

button masher: Someone whose success at video games comes from hitting the buttons as quickly as possible, or a video game that requires no skills other than hitting buttons at random. See twitch gamer.
Example: That game was too easy and pointless...just another button masher.

button pisser: Someone who takes things to the extreme. Originally used to describe Civil War reenactors who would get the proper tarnish on their brass buttons by soaking them in urine. Antonym: farby
Example: There are an awful lot of button pissers at this Star Trek convention.

butty: A spoof on Betty--an attractive female with an expansive derriere.
Example: Overheard at the reunion: Wow, did you see Jane? Back in the day she was a real Betty; but two kids later, she's more of a butty.

buy-ologist: A buying consultant.
Example: Her expertise in buy-ology makes her a buy-ologist.

buyopia: A condition that allows one to overlook either the shipping costs or tax on an item just purchased.
Example: Honey, those three 99 cent CDs costs us $10.00. Didn't Doc warn you about buyopia?

Buzzkill: Everything is going great...and then something sours the mood, and atmosphere.
Example: Does your roommate always have to be the buzzkill of the party.

buzzup: To add more slang or buzzwords to a piece of writing, usually derogatory.

Used most often in marketing communications writing.
Example: The stupid client wants me to buzzup this brochure to make it more appealing to teens.
The jerk wants to add the word dude to every third sentence.
Doesn't even realize teenagers us dude every second sentence.

bvvrds: Bothered.
Example: Oh, I can't be bvvrds even speaking properly anymore.

Bwahahaha: to laugh evilly
Example: she just bwahahaed at me

byesigh: The sigh of a woman saying bye; woman who sigh = saying bye.
Example: A woman who sighs while making love is giving her partner the byesigh, which is another way
of her saying she is bored, and therefore?.goodbye.

byhandual: Not right- or left-handed, has no dominant hand. Ambidextrous.
Example: Leonardo DaVinci was byhandual.

byriad: One hundred million. In other words, ten to the eighth power. Ten byriads make a billion.
Example: I got twenty-eight byriads on the new pinball game.

BZ!: Stands for Bravo Zulu. Naval term meaning Good Job,Excellent Work, or Congratulations.
Example: BZ to new Chief Petty Officer Megan Sweetnloving22.

bzlog: To bzlog is add some link to bzoing's weblog.
Example: I have bzlogged your truly nice dictionary.

bzoing: A bzoing happens when a person in a chatroom drops a private sentence publicly when it was supposed to be read only by one person.
Example: Maria: Paul, just give me back my panties.
Voodoo: Bzoing?

bzzt: bzzt-(verb) the sound of someone's last brain cell frying out.
Example: You see some one doing something very stupid, and you say bzzt!

bzzt: Exclamation meaning essentially,This place is lame and boring and we should leave now. Used for everything from shops to clubs to parties. It is most often and most effectively used by itself among friends or associates who are familiar with it so that others will remain unclear to its meaning.
Example: Bzzt.