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K: When used as a verb, to have a longing or desire for something or someone. When used as a noun, a person
or thing to be desired. Originates from Getting one's K from bananas, K being potassium in this case.
Example: Gee, Donald, I have been K-ing that box of chocolates all day. Do you think I could partake of one?

k'i (k'ive): Contraction for can i? or can i have? Usually phrased as a question.
Example: K'i go to the zoo? K'ive a donut, Mommy?

K-rad: 1000 points of rad, something most excellent.
The K for 1000 prefix can be used with almost any word: K-cool, K-groovy....
Example: That's totally K-rad!

k.o.: To fall asleep, comes from knock out.
Example: I'm working tommorow guys, I'm gonna have to k.o.

ka kaw: An exclamation of approval.
A friend of mine meant to say good call whilst not sober and it came out as ka kaw.
Example: Mike: I think we should move this little party of ours to a location more conducive to male-female interaction.
Jay: Ka kaw.

ka-ching (or ca-ching): Onamahomeoeia. Sound a cash register makes. Used tfor something worth a lot of money.
Example: Are you feelin' all ka-ching? (As used on UPN's Dark Angel.)

kabash: Killed, brought to and end, finished.
Example: The project was finally kabash, and all were relieved.

Kabillion: A number that goes beyond any countable number, just to be dramatic about the sheer magnitude of something.
Example: I would personally love to drive a Jaguar, which is doable, seeing as it only costs a kabillion dollars.

Kablamo: Kablamo is basically used to respong positively to something, to say that something is really good or super cool or amazing or something like that.
Example: That band is so kablamo, you need to check them out.

kablingy: Money, usually a lot (see The Simpsons)
Example: What are you going to do with all that kablingy?

kaboofa: (n) Pronounced ka-boo-fah. Ne plus ultra: good looking, sexy, suave, and erudite.
Example: Hey, Tom! Kaboofa!

kabudge: A sound effect for (or the act of) smashing into something.
Example: Did you see that guy get kabudged by that Mack truck?

kafuctous: Chaotic, out-of-control, FUBAR.
Example: The traffic on the 405 freeway was kafuctous, so we took surface streets instead.

kafuffle: Chaotic situation; fuss; sometimes an argument.
Example: John's being 20 minutes late caused a big kafuffle at home.

kafwibbit: A general word for when you have nothing to say.
Example: Opa: Are you okay, Kitty?
Kitty: Kafwibbit.

kagilliaton: a number so unimaginable
it has to be this word
Example: There must be a kagilliaton words in the unabridged dictionary

kahooga: Extremely babyish crying.
Example: She kahoogaed loud and long when her dog died.

Kai': A blending of the words of can and I.
Example: Kai' see the magazine after you?

kajillion: Large amount; very many.
Example: I got a kajillion mosquito bites at that party.

kajunga: Something huge and really cool.
Example: That party was kajunga.

kalendradee: A very stunning, well-spoken, talented woman who has captured the hearts of many.
Example: He wishes to take his kalendradee on a cruise.

kamasensor: mean the heart,which is transforming romantic,weak feelings into strong love sentiments.
Example: Your kamasensor is very sensible.

kamasutraesque: Anything which is overly sexual. Anything too kinky.
Example: The erotic pictures on the wall gave the room a kamasutraesque air.

kamu: Kiss And Make Up, the general term for making amends with someone.
Example: Nathan and Ryan got into a fight, but they're best friends again now that they've kamu.

kamur: Bore.
Example: Danny is a big kamur.

kangakazi: kangakazi (n) - a kangaroo that waits until a passing vehicle is guaranteed to hit it before attempting to hop across the road.
Example: my car was attacked by a kangakazi causing severe damage to the front end

Kano: When a girl shoots a guy down, or puts him in the friend zone, she is Kano. From Mortal Kombat, where Kano's finishing move is to rip your heart out.)
Example: 1. How'd it go with Jenny? 2. She was Kano. Says she just wants to be friends with me.

kanushki: Drat.
Example: Kanushki! How could anyone be so harsh?

kanutched: tangled
Example: The fishing line was kanutched on the bottom of the boat.

karatesize: Attacking someone in a martial-arts-influenced manner.
Example: Stand back or I'll be forced to karatesize you.

Karmageddon: It's like, when everybody is sending off all these really bad vibes, right? And then, like, the earth explodes and it's like, a serious bummer. (From the Washington Post Style Invitational, 1999)

Example: Chris is sure to bring about Karmageddon, if nothing else.

Karmatical: Attribute of something influenced by karma.
Example: He refrained from killing her for karmatical reasons.

karoshi: Working so hard you die of exhaustion.
Example: I feel sorry for Matt. Worked so hard to make the deadline he had a heart attack. Downright karoshi.

Katie Gun: A figurative weapon used by holding two fingers against ones head and pretending to pull the trigger in a effort to end ones strife. Red heads actually believe this works, lucky for them they dont know what a real gun is made out of.
Example: I am under a lot of stress. So by all means why dont you use a katie gun

kattyangle: opposite angle to a kittycorner, going from one corner diagnaly to another corner
Example: The stream goes kattyangle through my property.

katungus: Ass.
Example: Getting an F in history is a real pain in the katungus.

Kaw-Tay: Alien species in Star Wars Universe to be Introduced in Episode II
Example: Tiff here is a Kaw-Tay. Watch out, he bites.

kawaii: Japanese for cute. Used excessively by otaku to describe things they find to be cute.
Example: My Ryo Ohki plushie is so kawaii!

Kaycee: Used when someone has pulled a hoax on a large, unsuspecting crowd. Why a Kaycee? A woman fooled tons of people on the Internet by pretending to be a young girl, Kaycee, who suffered from leukemia. This went on for a long time. Finally, Debbie killed Kaycee. People who felt they were Kaycee's friends were really sad, but some of the curious did a bit of digging and found out that Kaycee never existed.

Example: A fellow calling himself GeorgeousGuy hoaxed readers of an online list by stalking himself and then posting sightings. Someone reporting the GorgeousGuy story posted, GorgeousGuy was really a Kaycee. https://www.metafilter.com/comments.mefi/8939

Kazaam: Very, very etxremely ridiculously stupid.
Example: Ernie, that movie was kazaam.

kazook: Another word for very, very cool.
Example: Me: We should go put on Cradle of Filth, make nachos and snort coffee.
Claire: Kazook.

keanu: An idiot. A simpleton.
Example: I met this guy last night. He was a total keanu.

keck: Drumming in an unorganized fashion (chiefly in drum and bugle corps).
Kecking can take place on any available surface including but not limited to:
a drum, a practice pad, a table home, the back of a chair, your own knee, someone else's
head, a pot, the floor, a basketball hoop, the ceiling of a bus, the floor of a bus, the bus driver.
Example: Snares, quit kecking while the horn line tunes.

keefilicious: Means totally awesome, cool, or groovy.
Example: Going to that party was a keefilicious idea.

keeper of the speed: a motorist who makes it their personal mission to drive below the posted speed limit at all times, thereby ruining the commute of those motorists stuck behind
Example: I would have been here on time, but I got stuck behind a keeper of the speed doing 30 in a 45 zone.

keesh: 1. Keesh. To chill out or lounge about lazily generally doing nothing, or to sleep.
2. Keeshy. A tired feeling.
3. Keeshed. Dead, sleeping, or tired.
Example: 1. There was nothing to do on that particular day, so we just decided to keesh at my house.
2. When we got home late at night we were all feeling keeshy.
3. It was a sad day when my dog keeshed. 4. We decided to keesh at some guy's house, but it was pretty boring and it didn't take
long before we were all feeling keeshy and eventually keeshed.

keester: To take without appropriate authorization.
Example: Who keestered my flips (sandals)?

kegerator: A domestic refrigerator that is modifed to chill only kegs of beer.
Example: To keep lots of beer cold, every bachelor should modify his fridge into a kegerator.

Kehee: Slang from the Kikuyu tribe in Kenya.
Literal translation: an uncircumcised boy (circumcision marks adulthood in the Kikuyu culture).
Modern meaning like saying a man is a sniveling little baby, but ten times as worse.
Do not use this word in Kenya unless you want to start a fight.
Used in America to befuddle your adversary when he says something lame.
Example: He saw a cop and ran away. But he got caught, started crying, and ratted us out big time. He's nothing but a Kehee!

keirmahndi: A style of footbagging where a person delays the footbag on one's chest and
then walks quickly to a person and thrusts his chest forward,
thus hitting the other person with the footbag.
Example: During a game of net, Joe tried to use keirmahndi against Jason, but failed.

kellogulation: What happens to your cornflakes if you leave them in milk for too long.
Example: Darn, I shouldn't have stayed in the bathroom that long. Now my breakfast had keloggulated.

kelsay: To kick ass.
Example: I'll kelsay you to death.

Keniffilin Valve: An auto shop version of the economics class word Widgit. A fictional automotive part.
Example: Imagine how much money GM saves by replacing say, a metal Keniffilin Valve with a plastic one on all thier cars.

Kenneth: A relic from the 80's metal scene. Long hair, excessive tattoes and an uncanny ability to play air guitar are the identifying characteristics.
Example: I went to the concert and the place was full of kenneths. Synonyms: Zinik, Skurik

Kentucky Waterfall: A mullet.
Example: That's one mighty sweet Kentucky Waterfall.

kep: 1. Pet name for a male friend. 2. Pet name for a tomboyish female friend.
Example: Aw, Kep, you shouldn't have brought me lunch.

kepias: Extremely spicy food.
Example: I'm so hungry I could even eat kepias all night.

keppo: 1. Pet name for a female friend. 2. Insult for an adrogynous male.
Example: 1. Keppo, c'mon! You've been doing your makeup for an hour.
2. Look what Joe's wearing. Keppo!

kerbloffle: A silly mistake caused by confusion or disorientation. Originates from a misunderstanding of the name of The Simpson's character Ms. Crabapple. See keruffle.
Example: I kerboffled and hung up on my boss.

kerbopulled: Out of sorts, to be thrown off by something or someone.
Example: I was kerbopulled by all the work they wanted me to do at one time.

Kerching: Yorkshire slang meaning to punch (and potentialy make unconcious).
Example: Watch it or you'll get a kerching in your face.

kerfuffle: A confusing mess (noun); becoming disorganized (verb).
Example: The Mideast is a perpetual kerfuffle.

kerfuffled: Puzzled, perplexed, confused.
Example: I'm kerfuffled. I could have sworn I put my keys right here on this table.

keroserene: The state of being peaceful while on fire.
Example: That Barbarian's fire resistance was so high that he was able to stand in a burning pyre and remain totally keroserene.

kerploppilibbit: Means Go away, Leave me alone. Use when pesky little brothers are launching an invasion of your room.
Example: Brother: Heee Heee Heee! I am in the enemy sister's room!

kershmugina: 1. Nonsense phrase in the tradition of the early Batman and Robin--how Robin would never say Holy cow but some weird thing.

2. Replacement term for a curse word where it's not appropriate...usu. in surprise
Example: Holy Kershmugina! That's way too much to pay for a candy bar, Batman.

ketchagulation: That goopy stuff that forms around the home of a bottle of ketchup.
Example: Oh, God, LeRoy, you got ketchagulation on your shirtsleeve again.

kevork: To send to the hereafter with the aid of a morbid technology

Example: She believes that is the enemy of art, and must be kevorked.

kevvers: A incredibly easy bro to pick on or play pranks on.
Example: My bro is a kevvers, so it's just to easy to trick him.

kew: Personal pronoun. Use by those reared in South Alabama--and other parts of the South.
Example: Why, thanKEW.

kewl: Really great and/or excellent.
Example: When Frank heard about the N'Beens concert tickets his buddies had bought for him, he thought, Cool.But when he heard they were front row seats, he thought, Kewl!

kewlies: A different way of saying cool.

Example: Hey, look at this shirt.

Oh, kewlies!

kewlio: Really**4 great.
Example: The new video game I bought is kewlio.

key: Key is simply a word you use instead of cool, dope, sweet, awesome, etc.
Example: The new ruler of Neptine is key. he has a key butt!

keyster: To vaudevillians this word meant suitcase, but the meaning changed to mean one's posterior.
I can see why and how it changed, but have never been able to confirm it. [Didn't the vaudevillians spell it keester or keister?]
My friend was 90yrs. old and corrected me on its use and meaning.
Example: He fell on his keyster. He sat on his keyster.

keystone chatter: Drunk talk.
Example: I can't believe Amy's talking about breaking up with Charles.
Not to worry, that's just keystone chatter.

Ki-Ki or Kit Kat: An abbreviation for kitty cat (used mainly by my family)
Example: When talking to my cat, I might say,Where ki-ki ball?

KIAP: Know It All Pest. Pronounced with a long i and AP as in apple. Used primarily for annoying people who drone on an on about a subject that they know very little about. Can be used for a person who is expert on a subject that nobody cares about.
Example: John is the biggest baseball KIAP on earth! Won't he ever shut up?

Kiasu: A word literally translated into scared of losing.
It is used in Singapore English and has its roots in Hokkien,
one of the dialects used by the Chinese in Singapore.
Example: Why are you buying so many textbooks for the upcoming test? You're really kiasu.

kiboshilator: The individual who is putting an end to anything or situation.
Example: As the kiboshilator, I terminate without preduice.

kiboze: To search the internet for mentions of your own name.
Example: He found my post about him in alt.is.too. He must have been kibozing.

kick: Much like short for kick ass.
Example: His new kicks are really kick.

kick can: Verb pharase expressing that something is extremely awesome.
Example: That kicks can.

kick in: To hand over.
Example: Kick in some dishwasher detergent so I can run the wash.

kick it: To hang out, or stay somwhere.
Example: C'mon, let's go kick it at my pad. Don't go kicking it at his pad, its boring there.

Kick it (any word) style: To do something in the manner of something, or to resemble something.
Example: Ed: I was kickin' it vomit style last night! Ted: Well, you shouldn'ta been kickin' it turpentine style, fool.

kick it in the ass: Hurry up, move faster.
Example: Nicky: Ok, I'm almost finished writing my paper.
Lauryn: Kick it in the ass so we can go eat!

kick it through: To express feelings, usually anger.
Example: I was angry at her for teasing me, but I kicked it through my art and I feel better. OR
He burned me bad, but it's OK now because I kicked it through my guitar.

Kick it up a few notches: Similar to bringing your game up to a whole new level, this phrase indicates increased productivity or expectations
Example: Now that I got a job I better kick it up a few notches to stay employed.

Kick Rocks: To leave or to have someone leave quickly.
Example: If you eat that third burrito, I'll really have to kick rocks.

kick-ass: Someone who has submitted a word to the pseudodictionary.
Example: Jen kicks ass. I wish I was kick-ass, too.

Kickassocity: Collective term for ablities involving beating people up while looking cool.
Example: That ckick in the Matrix had severe kickassocity!

kickcellent: a combination of kick-ass and excellent that means wow, that is really damned good
Example: You got front row tickets to the Metallica concert? Kickcellent!

kicked him or her to the curb: To break-off a relationship with someone. Usually implying that you lived together.
Example: She was a horrible girlfriend so he kicked her to the curb.

kickin' back: relaxing, derived from laying back in an easy chair. Actually an old expression that I came up with in the '70's
Example: I'm just kickin back & enjoying life.

Kicks: Shoes.
Example: Check out my new Kicks.

Kiddo: a word for a peer
Example: Hey kiddo whats up?

kidlets: A southern slang to describe young children.
Example: Howdy, kidlets. This is your ol' pal Huckelberry Hound. (HH is the true originator of this word.)

kids: A term of endearment for one's close group of friends.
Example: So, are all the Kids going to be there? What up, Kids?!

kiel: an intense and powerful love, the love that makes ordinary people do great things. Accent on the 2nd syllable.
Example: an ordinary-looking girl, but her love was so intense you could see the glow of kiel around her.

Kiel? Key-L-A. It is simply a substitute for hello, howdy, 'sup, etc.
Example: Kiel? How's your day?

Kife: Something that is insufficient or unpleasurable.
Example: This cereal is kife

kifed: when something is stolen
Example: somebody kifed the last doughnut

kill the noise: Be quiet.
Example: Kill the noise. I'm trying to sleep.

killer: adj. - Particularly vibrant and exciting.
Example: That chess game was killer! I was sweating!

killitwithastick: Aggressive response to anything that is causing frustration or is just plain not working. Basically Kill it with a stick strung together.
Example: This stupid server's booted me five times already! Killitwithastick!

Kilostupid: A unit of measurement used to measure utterly moronic actions.
Example: A man is kicked by a buffalo while going for a closeup camera shot: That was about eight kilostupids moronic, Chris. Wanta try again?

kina: kind of
Example: yea me kina busy..

kinda: meaning kind of.somewhat, not entirely
Example: That girl wasn't gorgeous but she was kinda good-looking.

Kindergarten Nap Head: Hair that has been particularly mussed up during sleep.
Reference to little kids hair after they wake up from naps.
Example: John woke up with a severe case of kindergarten nap head after falling asleep in the library. We all laughed.

kindernetzi: One who believes in and advocates the notion that all public net content should be family friendly.
Specifically, one who believes that the realities of sex and drugs need to be kept hidden from kids for as long as possible.
Example: When content submitted by users to a site like H2G2 is censored by the kindernetzi,
it is truly a disservice to the free flow of infotainment.

Kindred Idiocracy: Kindred: A group of related persons. Idiocracy: Being really stupid. Kindred Idiocracy being a mixture of the two, usually a large group of people believing stupid crap.
Example: Person 1: I keep getting dumb forwards about getting my Hotmail account frozen. I'm getting it from every moron on my list.

Person 2: Yeah, it's total Kindred Idiocracy.

kinetic: Adjective, usually describing an entertainment or social event that is high-energy,
extremely stimulating, and spontaneous.
Example: P-Diddy's kinetic party on South Beach lasted until 6 in the morning.

King Fecalis: The opposite of King Midas, everything King Fecalis touches turns to feces.
Example: Don't let Robert near the servers, he's King Fecalis.

king, prince: Musical jargon. The major key of a tune. A major is King Alfred, B major King Bob, C King Charles, D King David, E King Edward, and G King George. Minor keys are princes.
Example: The next tune is a reel in King Alfred, going to King David in the B part.

kinkalicious: Kinky, but also implying that the object looks good enough to eat and would taste delicious.
Example: 1. My, my, Amy. You look kinkalicious in that dress. 2. Kinkalicious! (In response to something you didn't hear but probably should have paid attention to.)

kinked: Refering to a sexual situation or conversation; used to express feelings of how the homeic is kinky
Example: That boy is kinked! she exclaimed.

Kinnokami: English arrangement of the Japanese words meaning Golden God. Basically, a person that is really cool.
Example: My favorite celebrities are kinokamies.

Kip: A short sleep, like a nap.
Example: I'm stuffed, so I'm going to have a kip.

Kipple: Kipple is a word coined by the sci-fi writer Philip K. Dick.
It refers to the sinister type of rubbish which simply builds up without any human intervention.
Example: Hey, look at the Kipple in this place.
Kipple breeds Kipple.

kirk: (v.) 1) to speak pompously and for effect, especially if that effect is lost on everyone but the speaker. 2) to pause at odd intervals while speaking. Also 'kirked', 'kirking'. For the ficticiously loquacious captain of the same name.
Example: Don't... interuptmewhen... I'm... tryingto... speak!, he kirked.

kirker: Noun form of the verb to kirk. One who speaks pompously for effect or pauses in speech at counter-intuitive intervals.
Example: My old boss was a kirker, so we couldn't even tell when to nod when we tried to pretend that we understood him.

kirking: To speak... in... a halting manner.
Example: As long as...I'm...captain of this ship,...you'll...listen to me.

kirkir: Some shady happenings, something that one would push under the carpet.
Example: Rohit is always talking about Geetha, I guess there is some kirkir between them.

kisape: Kih-sah'-pee. A badly dubbed Japanese movie.
Example: Did you see _Prince of Space_? Just kisape.

kisarhardgidentpare: (Pronounciation: kee-sahr-har-jee-dent-pah-rey)
One who is of above-average intelligence and has curly hair.
Example: Wow, Adam and Jason are smart aren't they?
Yes, they're kisarhardgidentpares.

kismis: Disgusting and smelly, or a place that is extremely muddy and smelly.
Example: The pitch they are playing on is kismis. OR I hate that kismis rubbish dump.

KISS: Keep It Simple Stupid.
Example: KISS. We all need simplicity in our lives.

kiss: keep it simple, stupid

kisseltoe: Combination of mistletoe and kissing--the whole purpose of mistletoe.
Example: Come over here and stand under the kisseltoe.

Kit-bomb: kit-bomb (n) A person who, despite every and all preparation will inevitably have his or her project
end in disaster (from Cdn Army Kit-bomb: an item of issued kit that falls apart).
Example: Even though Sarah had both the best intentions and the finest schooling available, she was doomed to failure from the start: she was a Kit-bomb

kitten: To be startled by something while consuming food or beverage, causing you to spit out particles of the consumable. Made popular by kitten of alt.callahans
Example: That joke was so good, I kittened my soda all over the screen

kitty litter: Formula 1 slang for the gravel traps designed to slow down errant racing cars in the event of an accident.
Example: And that's Frentzen off into the kitty litter.

Kittyangle: An angle you get going from one corner diagonally to another corner.
Example: Draw a line from the lower left corner of a rectangle to the upper right corner, and you have more than one kittyangle to measure.

kittywompus: Utter chaos, as if a kitten has run through the room or a situation.
Example: The wind left her hair kittywompus.

kkkrap: Hate literature.
Example: I cannot believe the kkkrap that these folks from the DNC keep leaving on my doorstep.

klaex: Kley-e-x. A thing that's easy to do.
Example: It was a klaex to beat Chris in a computer game.

klausercycle: A BMW motorcycle.
Example: You can't beat those Bavarian-made klausercycles for reliability.

kleptomistic: Hoping to find something good to shoplift. (Note: Shoplifiting is illegal.)
Example: Pat was kleptomistic going to Wal Mart. Thought she might find some new Nikes.

klick: One kilometer, slang from the Vietnam war.
Example: We're about five klicks upriver.

klingons: Disgustingly lovey-dovey sweethearts, the kind who fawn over each other in public.
Example: Why don'cha get a room, ya klingons?

klogger: someone or something that causes a path to be impassible
Example: That guy blocking this one-lane bridge is a real klogger.

kluge, kludge: Something that looks like a pile of junk but actually has a purpose. Used mostly in building models, all the junky bits on spacecraft such as the Millenium Falcon.
Example: Didja see Max's Honda?? He covered it in re-bar...it's totally kluged.

Klyzub: A indusputable lie
Example: That kid just pulled a klyzub.

knacker bag: A canvas bag for holding nails and other miscelaneous items;
used mainly by carpenters.
Example: Pass us the knacker bag, mate. I need to bung a few nails into this before the scaffolding falls down.

knackered: tired, worn out
Example: I just flew in from L.A. and boy are my arms knackered.

knap: A session of sexual activities.
Example: Last night we went back to her place and knapped. She's quite a knapper.

knasty: Pronounced with the k. Means something especially nasty and awful, usually smells.
Example: That is one knasty piece of roadkill!

knat: Past tense of knit. Saves paper and ink.
Example: She knat that sweater for me when I was a child.

Kneebow: Knee. More often means the inside of the knee.
Example: Thorsten was trying to pull a Fakie Double No-Can and his skateboard hit his kneebow.

kneepit: The underside (back) of the knee. Similar to armpit.
Example: Sometimes when I cross my legs, my kneepit gets sweaty.

kneuter valve: A fictitious mechanical part present in every mechanical device that always is the
cause of a breakdown or malfunction.
Example: Mr. Drury, we've found the problem with your car.
You have a faulty Kneuter Valve that we'll have to replace.

knick knocks: Female's underpants.
Example: I swear, mate, her knick knocks were mingin'.

knifty (k-nifty): Better than nifty, pretty darn cool!
Example: Wow, look at her shoes! Those are knifty!

Knioy (KUH-noy): Used when throwing something, especially at someone (The word yoink backwards, the opposite of yoink)
Example: (throws socks at his friend) Knioy!

knob: Used to describe someone of low social standing or someone of limited intelligence.
Example: Tracy, is that your de facto doing burnouts in the carpark over there? Jeez, that guy is a total knob--I don't know why you left Wayne for him.

knob: To fiddle, adjust, or tweak something, even if you do not understand what you are doing.
Example: Since the repair bill would exceed the value of this old tape recorder, I will open it and knob with the adjustments inside to see if I can make it sound better.

knobby: Odd, involved, or unorthodox method of solving a problem.
Example: My solution to your problem is knobby, but if you don't mind going through several steps, you can repair your unit though no orthodox repair method is published.

knobjockey: An incredibly stupid person
Example: It's broken, ya knobjockey.

knobule: Small raised portion of grass in a lawn, felt rather than seen. (Attrib: A. Cozzani in a moment of frustration at tripping over one.)
Example: My butt hurts from sitting on this knobule. We just have to flatten this knobule and we'll have a perfect lawn.

knock boots: To have sexual intercourse.
Example: We hooked up. But we didn't knock boots or anything.

knock out: Going to sleep
Example: I'm tired, had a long day. I'm going to knock out.

knockoverable: being in a place where something is easily knocked over
Example: The cup on the table is lookin' a little knockoverable.

knod: The knowing, desperately agreeing, eager-to-please sort of nod (often accompanied by yes and that's right) used by panelists on a discussion programme when listening to a member of the audience mouth off some deranged nonsense that is the exact opposite of what the panelist has just said.
Example: He knodded compulsively, a frantic look creeping into his eyes.

knotsmanship: Able to tie a wide variety of knots even when they are not necessary.
Example: Bob, you didn't have to use a half hitch to tie the boat to the dock.
It was a good display of knotsmanship, though.

knuckle brother: a person who is always willing to fight for you; a true friend
Example: Tim always has my back. He's a true knuckle brother.

knuckle-dragger: Naval Term. A colloquialism referring to sailors who are in the Machinists Mate rating (job category). More generally, it may be used to refer to members of any naval rating who work in mechanical jobs. In very common use in the U.S. Navy today, the origin of the term is based on the assumption that those of lower intelligence will chose these jobs, and therefore are analogous to the apes who drag their knuckles while walking. The term is no longer taken to be seriously offensive.
Example: First sailor: So what rating is Jones? Second sailor, replying, He's a 2nd Class knuckle-dragger. (Meaning that Jones is a Machinists Mate 2nd Class)

Knuckling: Snowboarding. Taken from skiers calling snowboarders knuckle-draggers.
Example: You goin' knuckling?

koalastarbang: Generic term for a porn star.
Example: Ooooh, that girl is just too koalastarbang.

Kobayashi Maru: From the Star Trek movies. To beat or avoid a no-win scenario by cheating. Also refers to a really nasty kludge or patch that breaks the rules of good programming.
Example: Yeah, the project's on schedule...i just pulled a Kobayashi Maru on the due dates Yeah he pulled a Kobayashi on the network problem, he just swapped out all of the hardware. She pulled a Maru on that buggered sockets API. She just wrote her own TCP stacks in the application

Kodak Courage: An inflated sense of ability and courage caused by someone snapping pictures of you partaking in a dangerous activity, generally reserved for snowboarding or skiing.
Example: Nick got some Kodak Courage in the park and broke his arm in three places.

kodak moment: someone doing something so stupid, you wish you could have caught it on film.

koern: (n) Musical slang to exclaim a particularly inventive or unusual performance.
Example: He really wailed the hell out of that solo. It was koern.

kojak: from snowboarding - wimping out on a difficult slope, thus going down the hill slowly using one edge of the board. Shaving the mountain.
Example: Those moguls were way too much for me- I kojaked it down that run...

kojak: Finding a parking place right in front of the building you're going to even in a very busy, populous, congested city.
Example: Claire never has to hunt for parking. She always manages to pull a kojak and park right in front.

kools: Cool.
Example: I dig those cheerleaders' high kicks. Kools.

koote: A being that is abnormal, lives and does things in a dirty and disgusting environment
Example: The space travelers landed on a planet that had a lot of kootes on it.
They wondered how something could live so different than things on earth.

KOS: Kill On Sight. Used by players of EverQuest. Also used for someone you always have problems with immediately.
Example: I hope you didn't invite Brian. Me and him are KOS.

kosher: Cool, with the flow, nice, OK.
Example: That insult was not kosher. OR Wow, you pulled off that move! That's dosher.

kotlu: A synonymn for spoonerism, slip of tongue.
Example: Have you heard the latest kotlu from Shiv? He told me,Ram, wake me after 10 minutes if Iam awake.

kottke: Comes from the guitarist Leo Kottke,
who often uses unusual guitar tunings.
To get kottkied is to pick up your friend's guitar in hopes of impressing the
crowd but you find it is retuned to some absurd string combination,
making you look like a talentless hack-fool.

Alternatively, it could mean a situation in which someone throws a curve-ball into your comfy familiar logic.
Example: Hey, Waldo, can I jam on your axe? Oh, you kottkied me.

kouse: Keyboard mouse.
Example: The kouse in the middle of your keyboard is very sensitive and must be used with care

Kovie: snuggling with a loved one while watching a movie.
Example: ok I am a loser, and a sell out sorry guys... I must kovie with my girlfriend

koyak: From the Malay word to tear. Botched up, broken, failed.

Can be used to describe a foiled or failed plan.
Example: So, how's your girl?
Koyak, man. She fall for some bugger with the new VW. Says our relationship can't really work.

Kramer: To whip into a room like Cosmo Kramer from Seinfeld. Someone may do this intentionally to drive you nuts, bursting into rooms all the time, but they usually don't realize the power of the moment.
Example: Nancy Kramered into my office for the last time! She'll be mighty surprised when I lock my door.

krangus: Cumulative dirt on a surface, particularly food and food preparation mess in kitchens.
Example: There's krangus all over the inside of the microwave because Steve never cleans it after he makes grilled cheese.

krank: uncool
Example: Those shoes are so krank!

kraut: an extreme of temperature
Example: it's cold as kraut

krelbow, crelbow: The wrinkly, concave part of one's arm opposite the elbow. (From my friend Cameron and supposedly originating in Lancaster, CA.)
Addendum. My brother Greg was reading a book in which he happened upon the real name of the krelbow: anticubital fossa. Anticubital pretty much just means opposite the elbow but I don't know what the hell a fossa is.
Example: Ow. I slept funny on my arm and now my krelbow hurts.

krisman: When cleaning up after a party, a krisman is a half cup or bottle of beer.

The name derives from the guy who used to get a beer from the keg, drink a little of it, put it down, and lose it. Then he would get a new full beer.
Example: I hate cleaning up the krisman's when I'm hung over.

kro: A fine chick.
Example: Thats one fine kro.

krod: Reverse of dork--a joking, really-doesn't-mean-anything kind of insult.
Example: You're a krod! That's the kroddiest picture I've ever seen!

kroker: A person who sings well, sounds good, and enjoys singing karaoke.

Example: I love to hear Jessica sing; she's a true kroker. There are so few.

kron: Can be used to describe anything that is bad or not good.
Example: This cheese is kron because Jeeves left it in the sun.

krunk: used in place of the word crap ( a Conan O'Brien word)
Example: Katie , you are so full of krunk right now ..or ...this pizza taste like krunk !

krunk: Let loose, get hicked up.
Example: I bet you won't get krunk.

kryser: It means remote control
Example: Get me the kryser so I can change the channel, hurry.

kthx: Okay, thanks.
Example: A. Hey, can you send me that file? Kthx.

Kumbaya(h): From the song: someone's cryin' Lord, kumbaya,
Oh, Lord, kumbaya... Literally, Come by here, Lord.
Used in this context as the quality of taking something very much to heart.
here, something is needed.
Example: George didn't think much of the sermon but Randy was all kumbaya about it.

kuperosis: 1. The act of writing down one's dreams.
2. The act of using one's dreams in one's fiction, relatively unchanged.
3. The act of turning into copper (oneself), in a dream.
4. The act of becoming a wooden mannequin man, in a dream.
(The word kuperosis is itself from a dream.)
Example: I have two journals. A regular one and a kuperosis diary.

kushy: Used when describing a short person esp. a short, cute girl (not meant offensively). Or can be used to describe someone very ditzy.
Example: 1. I can't believe you're in advanced classes, you can act real kushy sometimes.
2. Come over here, kushy. I want to see if you've grown any.

kwality: When a product is of poor quality. Dodgy in appearance or make.
Example: That Supersun DVD player looks home kwality.

Also spoken as (to make the difference apparnet):
That Supersun DVD player is quality with a capital 'K'

kwijibo: A big hairless ape, similar in appearance to Homer Simpson.
Example: You're acting like a kwijibo.

ky00t: (adj) Pronounced kai-yoot. Adorable, cute, overall fluffy. Used either as a adjective or an interjection.
Example: Aww! That stuffed teddy bear is sooooo ky00t!

kyfe: Bad, of poor quality.
Example: That movie was kyfe.

Kyle, Kyle Pinto: Jesus Christ.
Example: You slam your hand in a door and yell Kyle! Kyle Pinto! That hurt!

kynee: an adjective used to describe the silly state you get into when you stay up very late and end up laughing at everything.
Example: We were so kynee that even Conan O'brien made us laugh til milk came out our nose.

kyoot: Extremely cute. Can be used in its elongated form: kyoooooot! Pronounced KIH yute.
Example: Awww, that widdle puppy is ever so KYooooooooot!