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j slash k, Becky: When jokingly speaking you can use j slash k to tell the person you are kidding.
Example: Your turn to pay. J slash k, Becky.

J'Cadian: A person of Jamacian decent born in Canada.
Example: Lisa: Are you Jamacian?
Fitzroy: No, I'm actually J'Cadian.

J-Lo: Butt.
Example: I've got a huge J-Lo from eating all of these doughnuts.

J.J. McTitty's: Referring to how a woman with large breasts got them.

Example: She must have visited J.J. McTitty's. Her hooters are bloody huge!

j/v: (adj) One who is not ready for a serious relationship. (Ref: Junior Varsity.)
Example: Nate won't admit that we've ever been on a date. He is so j/v.

jabartism: (int) Exclamation of joy, referring to a good thing that has happened.
Example: Jabartism! I just got promoted.

jabbaent: (adj) Idle, inactive, lazy, slothful or sluggish. From Jabba the Hutt of the Star Wars movie series.
Example: That jabbaent six-year-old should do some work in the real world.

jabbaist: (n) Someone who has become one with the couch. From Jabba the Hutt of the Star Wars movie series.
Example: Get off the couch and shome being such a jabbaist, yelled her mother.

jabber: To talk endlessly about nothing.
Example: My mom came over last night and jabbered for about 2 hours!

jabitzer (tm): A pool (pocket billiards) term. The foul committed when the cue ball is struck twice. Specifically when that first little touch is followed by a reflexive jab at the cue ball. This is a portmanteau word--that is, a word carrying two meanings. The stroke is a jabitzer; the cueist is also a jabitzer. This invented word won a $25 prize for best new word of the week--partly because its creator wrote I think it's a transitive verb. Didn't look like a verb to me.
Example: That was a jabitzer, DeWayne. Ball in hand.

jabooblescube: A type of lolly that is both sugary and jelly-like at the same time.
The word originated as an attempt to describe onomahomeoeiacally the taste of them!
Example: On the way to Sydney, can we shome at the corner shop and get some jabooblescubes?

jacentary: Just as sedentary comes from the Latin word for to sit, jacentary is comes from the Latin word for to lie down, taking the concept a step further.

Example: She says she lives a sedentary lifestyle? Jacentary, I'd say.

jack: jack - money, cash,
Example: To buy that car would take some major jack.

Jack Palance: Jack Palance (Verb)- To accidentally inhale sharply through both the nose and mouth at the end of a statement, a la actor Jack Palance. This is due either to an oncoming burp or hiccup,or other change of internal pressure.
Example: So yesterday I fell off of the toilet.(gasp)...Wow, I just Jack Palanced at the end of that sentence

Jack(ie) Horner: A busybody, from the nursery rhyme--one who has to have a thumb in every one else's pie;
also one who horns in.
Example: Watch what you say in front of her--she's a compulsive Jackie Horner.

Jack-o-Lapple: A fruit carved to look like a Jack-O-Lantern.
Example: Ms. Alavi has a Jack-O-Lapple in her room.

jackalope: Someone who is acting without common sense, a dumb person.
(Also Lepus-temperamentalus, the dreaded pygmy-deer killer-rabitt cross. See https://www.sudftw.com/jackcon.htm)
Example: What a jackalope! He's hitting on Matt's girl right in front of Matt. And Matt is huge!

jackassery: Acting like a complete jackass.
Example: Derek was displaying some quality jackassery in the bar last night.

jacked: Wholly unacceptable. Used to describe a practical joke or act of revenge that has gone too far.
Example: You set his mom on fire? That's hecka jacked.

jacked: Quite strong, muscular.
Example: Did you see that bouncer, he was jacked.

jacked: Malfunctioning, not operating properly, or just plain screwed up.
Example: Yea, that computer's always crashing; it's totally jacked.

jackerwhad: To make askew.
Example: I bumped into a door and my glasses were all jackerwhad on my face.

jackfucker: Someone whose action indicate she possesses the heinous attributes of both a jackass and a motherfucker.
Example: You're directly behind a woman in line at a fast food drive-through who is sorting through her purse, letting other people get in front of her, and drastically increasing your wait. She then drives off without ordering. Jackfucker!

jackleg: Someone who is a wannabe or who
appears to be a fraudulent in her representation of herself.
Example: Be wary of jackleg preachers trying to take money from unsuspecting Christians.

jacknine: Jacknine is a conjunction of the terms jackass and asinine. Meaning that some one or something is both jackass and asinine. Can also be used to descibe a situation.
Example: Chris, you are jacknine! Shome driving like a maniac!
This whole day was jacknine--first my alarm didn't go off, then I was fired, and on home of it all my wife left me.
Screw it, my alarm didn't go off, but my wife did! And just because she caught me in bed with Charlene.

jackoff, jerkoff: Someone who does nothing productive. A procrastinator or a 45 year-old living in a parent's basement.
Sometimes hyphenated.
Example: I wish you'd get a job. You're such a jackoff.

jackol: n., (jak-ol) a loud kiss. (smack!)
Example: Hello honey. I'm home! can you give me a jackol?

jackrod: Someone whose jackassedness is extremely, unforgivably pronounced.
Example: Our Hero: What do you mean I can't enter Canada with my cat today?
Border Guard: To secure the safety of our citizens, live animals must be quarantined for a period before entry.
Our Hero: Stupid Canuck, I'm entering, anyway.
Border Guard: Only to the turnaround up ahead. Go any farther and you'll be arrested, jackrod.

jackson: To change in color gradually; to mutate, or to desexualize .
Example: After hiding from the sun and misusing chemicals for years, I had finally jacksoned myself.

Jackson Pollock: To vomit profusely--due to the resemblance to the work of abstract artist Jackson Pollock.
Example: I drank a fifth of tequila, and then Jackson Pollock'd all over the rug.

jackson-five: A u-turn.
Example: Pull a jackson five up here and then take a left.

Jacksons: Twenty dollar bills.
Example: I paid for the clothes with some Jacksons.

jactaid: Substance found crusted on one's lips upon awakening after a night of drooling.
Example: He had so much jactaid on his face that morning, it looked as if a slug had slithered out of his mouth.

jacudi: Butt.
Example: My jacudi doesn't fit in these pants.

jadoo: A figure of speech used when asking someone what they did in any situation.....another words...what did you do?
Example: Hey Al, jadoo last night.

JAFO: Just Another Fucking Observer. Paramedic term for all those student ride-alongs who just want to watch.
Example: Tom and Kurt couldn't figure out why the new JAFO kept showing up for *their* shift.

jagger: The prickly thorns on certain types of shrubbery
Example: How many times have I told you to stay out of the jagger bushes because they tear your clothes.

Jagger: To throw a wild, flamboyant, violent-looking tantrum. Possibly while dancing.

Refers to the dances steps (ex. The Rooster) that Mick Jagger from The Rolling Stones used to do.
Example: Paul: Hey look at Albert over there on the dance floor.
Rich: Yeah, he is freakin' out Jagger-style.

jairce: The smell of rain on the wind
Example: You are to me jairce and the wind rising.

Jake: To be used when you see a completely gorgeous guy. Comes from Molly Rigwald's be-all-end-all crush in _Sixteen Candles_.
Example: He's the dreamiest thing I've ever seen. He's a Jake if ever there was one.

jake: Completely and utterly boring or lame.
Example: This movie's jake. Let's get out of here.

jake brake: emergency break on a car
Example: You gonna pull the jake brake to shome us?

Jaked: to be ripped off by someone without paybacks
Example: That ho must have jaked my wallet while I was asleep!

jakes: Police.
Example: Watch out for the jakes.

jakey: To fix something in a lazy or sloppy manner, rigging something
Example: Using duct tape combined with coat hangers to fix anything is extremely jakey

Jalexy: In reference to a vast ammount of space.
Example: Texas is one big jalexy.

jam: To depart or leave.
Example: Its getting late, I gotta jam soon.

jam (1): To cancel pre-arranged plans close to or at the very moment the event is to occur. Other known usages of the verb include (2. jam, v) to attempt to play instruments in a band-like fashion when few if none of the performers actually possess any musical ability whatsoever. This practice is indigenous to the parental garage. Continuous Jamming (1. 2.) activity may result in loss of friends and loss of hearing.

jam (the): can be used to ways, as an adjective and a verb.
Example: this song is my jam this song jams

jam ass: To move with considerable speed. (From my stepbrother Garrett, who most likely does come from Salinas, CA. So does the word.)
Example: A. You should have seen us. We were jamming ass the whole way here.
B. If you visit Paramount's Great America in Santa Clara, be sure to ask all the ride operators, Does this ride jam ass?
Especially the ones on foreign exchange from other countries.

jamass: Someone who isn't up to partying
Example: A. Let's go to the bar tonight. B.Naw. A. Jeez, you're a jamass tonight.

jamdealie: Another word to use as substitution for something for which you can not remember the name.
Usually used after other generic words have already been used.
Example: So once you have the thingie talking to the doohickie,
you need to get them talking to the jamdealie over here.

James: A person who continually lies even if she knows the person she is lying to knows she is lying.
Example: You James!

james blonde: someone acting stupid
Example: He paid $100% for a PDA without e-mail! What a James Blonde move!

jamjams: Pajamas.
Example: Come here Bart and put on your jamjams.

jamm-sandwich: Two pieces of bread jammed together after you discovered you were out of lunchmeat.
Example: My two course meal was a jamm-sandwich.

jamoke: Another word meaning idiot.
Example: Look at that jamoke--he tripped over his own feet.

jamp: past tense of the word jump
Example: Last week me and the boys jamp gopher mounds out beyond the cornfeilds.

jampacted: (adj) Combines the senses of jammed and compacted.
Example: We finally had to leave because it was gettin' jampacted.

jander: A word used to refer to marijuana.
Example: Let go smoke some jander.

jandle: To leave or finish with something, especially when your interest in the thing or peson has dwindled.
Example: This party is getting boring, let's give it the jandle.

That egg is rotten, you had bettter give it the jandle.

janglefish, jinglefish: To surf the Internet for online music.
Example: Do you janglefish?

Get hooked up with janglefish.

jank: Unlikely occurrence derived form incredible amounts of luck.
Example: Hitting on a 19 to make 21 was pure jank.


jankie: Something that is either put together very poorly and could fall apart at any time. Something that is a pile of junk
Example: 1. Steve's car is jankie.
2. That house we went into is so jankie I could have cut my leg off just getting in the door.
3. That is one big jankie job you did on that bike you put together

jankout: To actively create trouble, turmoil, thoughtfulness, or depression.
Example: The melancholy episode of _Dawson's Creek_ gave me a jankout.

Janky: unsuitable, inadequate, not matching up to set standards, cheap
Example: The girl was wearing a janky outfit from Wet Seal.

janky: Intensely repellent or unpleasant (esp. a person); disgusting in the extreme.
Example: That girl you hooked up with last night was janky.

janta: People in general, acquaintances
Example: I was at the party around 9ish, but janta came around 11.

japaneseum: Anything small, electronic, and Japanese. (Not to be confused with the element japanesium.)
Example: Sony makes great japaneseum.

Japes: similar to joke
Example: just japesing or you're having a japes

Jar: (Jar) v. To silence someone so completely they cannot come up with a retort.
Example: Hah! I jarred you.

Jarch: Adjective describing something that is a bluish-green color.
Example: On rainy days, the tree has a jarchish color to it.

jargodleygook: Any number of words of phrases used by internet scam artists (such as hucksters bilking venture capitalists) to make the online product or service they are selling or promoting sound more technically important and necessary than it really is or ever could be.
Example: So this product has an on-time demand for real user interface capabilities enmeshed with superior networking spaciality.
Just spare me all that jargodleygook, son, and tell me when this is going to start making money.

jargon: Word or sentence that doesn't make sense.
Example: Shut it! You are talking jargon!

Jargon Shock: If someone wants you to anwser a technical question, and you don't really want to anwser, you spew technical jargon
at her until she gives up and goes away.
Example: Dumb person: How do we install an operating system?
Tech guy: To accomplish that we'd have to take down the server, flash the CMOS, pull the Level 2 Cache,
Zap the P-RAM, and defrag all the hard drives on IDE busses one and two.
Dumb guy: Ahh! Jargon shock! Run away. Run away.

jarhead: *Jock or male athlete, usually in high school and on the football team. Tend to get drunk and the only thing they can talk about IS football.
Example: Did you see that fight in the caf? Jon and Mike are such jarheads.

jarjarred: To take something perfectly acceptable as is, and add to it something unnecessary and annoying.
(adjective) Jarjarred: Having annoying, superfluous features.
Example: Microsoft Word 2000 is so jarjarred up I can't write a simple memo anymore.
I really hope George Lucas doesn't jarjar up his next Star Wars movie.

Jark: Anything that is super amazingly cool, in an unusual, offbeat sort of way is jark.
Example: That guy CAM is jark.

jark: A mystical half-jar, half-shark creature--very friendly and crazy.
Example: That man's head resembles a jark.

Jasmine's business: The backyard. When our dog Jasmine is put out, she's told to go do her business. Thus two-year-old Alec thought the backyard was called Jasmine's business.
Example: Dina: Alec, where's your daddy? Alec: Jasmine's business.

jason: Derogatory term. Can be used in name-calling, insult, or other.
Example: John is being a jason.

Jason's Ireland: A midget with the ability to jump abnormally high or portray extreme strength is termed as having reached Jason's Ireland status.
Example: Minime just pole vaulted 40 feet high. He's gotta have made Jason's Ireland.

jaundiced monkey: Extreme liar, expects you to believe totally bizarre stuff.
Example: You saw a talking dog? You're a jaundiced monkey.

Java-ed: A verb that mean you're hyper from drinking too much coffee
Example: Sorry I can't sit still, I just got java-ed at starbucks

javules: the tiny granules of coffee bean at the bottom of the cup when you finish your cup of coffee
Example: In a desperate attempt to wake up before his early morning meeting, Boris consumed every drop of the espresso, even to the point of forcing his tongue deep inside the cup in order to savor every single javule.

jawba: A non-physical matter that is responsible for a most rancid smell, a smell that transcends the English language.
Example: Your feet smell like freaking jawba.

jawjacking: To talk. Used by Marine Corps Drill Instructors in boot camp.
Example: Quit jawjacking, girls.

jawn: A person, a place, or a thing. Generic word.
Example: Did you see the back on that jawn?...It was off the hook.

Jawn Blazey: An exceedingly attractive human female.
Example: Yo, that Jawn Blazey was checkin' your skillz.

jawsome: Contraction of just awsome.
Example: You won that singing award. Jawsome!

jaxomlotus: (adj) Carrying a very strong scent of lotus blossoms, or male pheromones.
Example: His suit was unusally jaxomlotus, causing her to gasp for air.

Jaysus jumppin' on a pogo stic: Say this instead of jeez or jesus or anything like that.
Example: Jaysus jumppin' on a pogo stick! That looked like it hurt!

jazz: stuff
Example: '...and all that jazz'

jazzed: Excited. Happy.
Example: I'm certainly jazzed about going to the beach next week.

jazztalc: Talking slurred and losing your balance after consuming a little too much alcohol.
Example: He`s acting a little funny--must have been at the jazztalc.

jazzuall: Jazzuall is having a sense of style and sophistication while still remaining thoroughly comfortable.
Example: We went to Betatone's martini bar to soak in some of the jazzuall atmosphere...and to get loaded.

JBUG: Just Between Us Girls. Indicates highly confidential discussion or information.
Example: Listen, this is strictly JBUG. It goes no farther.

JCR: Jenny Craig Reject. Overweight. Used to avoid hurting feelings of those within earshot.
Example: This party is full of JCRs, let's get outa here.

Jean Genies: A young adult feminist.
Example: I'm protesting with the Jean Genies this weekend.

jean-o-liptus: the too-tight disease that smiles at you...vertically of course, more prevalent in the 80's

Example: Check out the stonewash jean-o-liptus, poor thing.
(Please! It's not camel toe, it's a disease people.)

jeanius: Someone who is a fashion expert when it comes to jeans.
Example: My mom is a jeanius.

jeaporsy: A variation on the word jeapordy: such as to be in a bad state of affairs or in danger.
Example: We suddenly found ourselves in a state of jeaporsy.

Jebus: Used to replace the word Jesus. Originally from the Simpsons.
Example: Sweet Jebus! That's a funny looking car, or If your up there please save me Jebus

jed: a very regional Canadian dialect of the saying of the letter j (jay) as in z=zed

jedi: Describes a trick of extreme skill, or slickness. From Jedi mind trick.
Example: The way you pulled that tailslide off the helicopter blade was truly jedi.

jeebs: Basically a synonym for teeth, or the act of biting someone or something.
History: Originated as part of a cat's name (Mr. Jeebers) and it somehow evolved or mutated into a word that desrcibes teeth or biting.

Example: That ice cream made my jeebs hurt. When he tossed me that quarter it hit me right in the jeebs. I can't wait to jeeb into that pizza.

Jeepers Cripes!: A term used in disbelief.
Example: Jeepers cripes! How much salt did you put on this popcorn?

jeet: compressed form of Did you eat?
Example: Jeet yet? We're set to go.

jeet?: one word question about eating
Example: Hey Bill, jeet? Bill: Naw, I'm not hungry.

jeet?(jooeet?): Have you eaten yet?
This is new england speak. W
e try to say an entire sentence in one word. Another example would be lesgo.
Short for Let's leave this place.
Example: We're all meeting at the wildwood steakhouse--jeet? OR
We are leaving for the movies in ten minutes--jooeet, you wanna go?

jeetyet: Did you eat yet?
Example: (You're with a friend)...I'm kinda hungry, jeetyet?

jeevus: Jesus.
Example: Jeevus, what is wrong with you?

jello: A material possession that designates someone as particularly wealthy and sophisticated; also, the state of being particularly wealthy and sophisticated. Gelatin was discovered in Victorian times, but only the most wealthy Victorians could afford it. They were actually more interested in crafting it into elaborate molds than in eating it; the more elaborate the mold, the more sophisticated the Victorian.
Example: Wow, Sarah, that outfit is really jello!

jelloboy or jellogirl: Person of small mental prowess. Stalks the internet in search of chat boards
where he tries to drag people in to pointless arguments. His contributions serve only as examples of his low mental capacity. Also know as a Troll.
Example: I was having a rational argument online today until this stupid jelloboy reared his ugly head.

jellybaby: A small, chewy candy available in many fruity flavors. Extremely useful for getting out of bad situations. This candy is only carried by time-travelers.
Example: (To a supervillain): I see fifty years of hibernation hasn't cured your megalomania. Have a jellybaby.

jen-debt: 1. Any sum of money owed to you that will most likely never be paid.
2. A personal loan which is paid back so slowly, you may forget about it (which, of course, is the hope of the person who owes it to you).
Example: 1. Jim: Did Mark ever pay back that $50 you loaned him? Dan: Oh, hell no. It a jen-debt now. I'll never see that money.
2. Dave owes me 400 bucks, but he's only paid me $3 a week for the last 4 months. The jerk has made it a jen-debt.

jenga: To make a precarious and unnecessary stack or pile.
Example: Rather than replace the bag and take the full one out, Andy and his roommates once again jenga'd the trash.

jennavator: A wild willing girl, incapable of blushing or being sexually offended. A friend to all willing to experiment. Sorta' like Jenna Jameson?
Example: That girl is a real jennavator.

jerichoholic: Hardcore Chris Jericho fan.
Example: Q. Do you like Benoit?
A. No, I'm a big jerichoholic.

Jerk (pull) your chain: To tease or needle someone just to get a reaction from her. (ED. Common slang usage.)
Example: Don't take him seriously, he's just jerking your chain, trying to get you angry.

Jerkfoot: Word used to replace a profanity in an expression of pain or when you do something wrong.
Example: Ah, Jerkfoot!. I just hit my thumb with the hammer.

jerkier: More than a jerk.
Example: You are more jerkier than I am.

jerkin': Cool, neato, groovy, etc.
Example: Jackie, your orange shoes are...jerkin'!

jerknoise: Conversation between two people that those nearby find to be annoying and jerk-like.
Example: The jerknoise was unbelievable as they elbowed each other getting to the bargain bins.

jerkoholic: Someone addicted to behaving like a jerk.
Example: Chris doesn't need to be drinking so much. He's already a jerkoholic.

jerkosaurus, jerkosaur: (n) A jerk of immense proportions. Submitted for Alec by his grandfather--since Alec is only three years old and doesn't type that well yet. Probably came from TV, but has been heard coming only from Alec.
Example: He's the tyrannosaurus rex of jerks; he's a jerkosaurus.

jerkwater: A combination of jerk and backwater. Used to describe someone or something that is stupid and jerky.
Example: I gotta get out of this jerkwater town.

Used at: https://www.myentireass.com/forum/1021016933,78386,.shtml

Jerky: A person who drives too slow, or uses her brakes too much due to tailgating.
Example: Hey, jerky, why don't you get off my bumper a bit.

Jerry Fargos: The long, wispy hairs on the back of your neck .
Example: I don't need a haircut, I really just need to get rid of the Jerry Fargos.

jerry springer mosiac: When a picture is pixelated to censor it. From www.exploitationnow.com issue 7.17.2000S
Example: That movie was garbage. It had Jerry Springer mosaics in all the good scenes.

Jerrytown: Deadheads who don't have anything to do anymore and show up at other band's concerts--and do their little whirling fish disease dance.
Example: Great concerts--until the Jerrytown started showing up. People, get some rhythm.

jersey cow: chow - food
Example: I'm starving, I need to get me some jersey cow.

Jerusalem Cruisers: Any old looking sandal (such as Birkenstocks) that look like they might have been worn by Jesus
Example: Hey, you shouldn't step in puddles with your Jerusalem cruisers

jesan: Term for rabid right-wing Christians, commonly applied to those whose wardrobe consists exclusively of
WWJD apparel and whose vehicles are plastered with Jesus-fish.
Example: Looks like the jesans hardcore pamphletted my Merkur XR4TI again.
Guess they didn't like the atheist vanity plates.

jesus: a verb used to describe the act of doing something so effortlessly that it seems to be a miracle. used most effectively when the jesuser has no idea how it worked so well. see blink.
Example: how'd you get here so fast through that traffic? i jesussed myself here.

Jesus-sneakers: sandals or flip-flops.
Example: Hey, who said that you could borrow my Jesus-sneakers?

jet: To leave quickly.
Example: OK, time to jet.

Jetset Netpet: An incrowd rich guy or girl that you meet on the internet.
Example: I don't want a netpet; if I did, he'd have to be a jetset netpet.

jetto: Extremely cheap, tacky, or half-assed. Worse than ghetto and ghetmo.
Example: Ames is the ultimate jetto store.

jewbilation: 1. The thrill a Jew feels upon finding out a favorite celebrity is Jewish.
2. The thrill a Jew feels upon finding other cool thingss about Jews in the public eye.
Example: I experienced jewbilation when I discovered Billy Joel was Jewish.

Jewbu: A Jewish Buddhist
Example: Did you see the Jewbu in the shrine room today? (I'm Jewish and got my MA in Buddhist Studies, so I heard the term alot) by the way, it's not derogatory.

jewfro: An afro on a jewish person. very popular with jewish ultimate frisbee players.
Example: Half of their team was sporting a jewfro.

jewish holiday: Days off (usually from school) when there is no real reason we know of to have a free day.
Example: Tomorrow we don't have classes. I'm not sure why. Probably some Jewish holiday.

Jezzarizer: A procrastinator that likes to manipulate friends into the evil world of lies. Don't be fooled by their use of big words, they do this to hypnotise you into believing they know so much, when really they know so little.

JF Hair, Head: Just fucked hair. The front is perfect but the back is a rat's nest.
Example: Q. Aren't you going to comb your hair? It's looks like JF Hair?
A. Why bother? Who looks at the back of my head?

jibba: Awesome; sweet; excellent.
Example: Those M&M's were jibba.

Jibba Jabba: Some talk so damn much you just want slap them. This was mainly used by Mr.T.
Example: She needs to shut up talking all that Jibba Jabba.

jibba-jabba: Excessive conversation.
Example: That fool has got to shome that jibba-jabba!

jick: refers to any substance that is worthless, such as rotten food
Example: Get that filthy jick out of this house right now!

jig: To cooperate. | To function properly, as in a piece of equipment or a computer.
Example: My computer wouldn't jig and save my manuscript, so I've got to type it all over again.

Jigger: From the latin Do-Jigger Inserted when you can't remember a word.
Example: Hand me that Jigger.

Jiggerypokery: Jiggerypokery is when you are trying to insert something into
a hole or something and you have to kind of tweak it to get it to fit.
It never works the same way twice.
Example: Just put pin A in that hole. Hmm...it doesn't fit right. Oh well, a little jiggerypokery and it will go
in just fine.

Jiggusiming: to eat or drink quickly
Example: Whoa, shes jiggusiming that foot long.

jimjam: a person who is self loving and unaware of the finer things in life
Example: jimjam is empty

jimmy-arm: To thrash violently in your sleep. Usually involves whacking your significant other with an elbow.
Example: That chick jimmy-armed me all night.

jimmy-hoffa-conversion: When something is handed off or given and magically vanishes without a trace.
Named after Jimmy Raxasena & Jared Hoffa in a track relay.
Also refers to Jimmy Hoffa. (Penn. fame)
Example: They pulled a jimmy-hoffa, muttered Assistant Coach Brisco.

Jing: Money. So named for the sound change makes in your pocket. If you are out of jing, you are quiet
Example: Let's hit the ATM so I can grab some jing

Jing: Used in place of the word hippie.
Example: Who's the jing down the block?

Jinglish: A person born in England of Jamaican decent.
Example: Thorald: Are you Jamaican?
Peta-Gae: No, I'm actually Jinglish.

jingophobia: A morbid fear of ostentatious displays of patriotism.
Example: He had a jingophobic reaction to the President's speech.

jings: An exclamation of surprise. Originates from Oor Wullie as chronicled in the Sunday Post (Uk)
Example: Jings, would you look at the size of that.

Jings!: Scottish expression of surprise.
Example: Jings! It's you again!

Jinky: Expression of suprise--like wow, geez, dang.
Example: Big Scary Monster: Boo!
You: Jinky!

jipes: Combination of old classics jeepers! and yikes! updated for today's modern world.
Best used followed by an exclamation mark and accompanied with a gasp.
Example: A: The Taliban have declared war on Australia! B: Jipes!

jipp: a term for sayin you got ripped off or a bad deal
Example: Man that cabbie jipped me for 5 bucks

jiraw: Sounds like Ira. Being so extremely tired that your jaw tires
of holding the weight of your mouth up.
Usually indicated by a slack-jawed look and a tounge sticking out.
Example: I hadn't slept in 3 days. I was jiraw.

jirkus: A situation which can be compared to a circus full of performing jerks.
Example: Jane: Let's go hang out at Jerry's place.
Algernon: I don't want to go to Jerry's. It's a jirkus.

jitty: A pathway that goes between two houses and joins two roads. Would tend to be used as a
shortcut between the two roads. Similar to an alley, but predominantly residential.
Example: Take the jitty--it's quicker than going round on the roads.

jive turkey: One who sees herself as much cooler than she actually is.
Often used as an insult. Or just calling someone crazy.
Example: Did you see what he was wearing. He's a jive turkey.
Hey, jive turkey, nice move.

Jiz-tasta-mablasta-ma-rang: Means that nothing on this earth could possibly compare to this item, or sensation, or person...etc.
Example: WHOA! that was jiz-tasta-mablasta-ma-rang! Do it again!

jizmoglobin: An unidentified liquid substance that appears to have organic as
well as possible alien or arcane properties.
Example: What's that crazy blue glowing slime stuff on your hand? Ewww, jizmoglobin.

jizz: Word that can be used to describe any emotion.
Example: I'm feeling quited jizzed at the moment.

jobacle: An unfortunate situation.
Example: He tripped and fell down the stairs--it was quite a jobacle.

jobber: Someone who has a low level of skill in a given area.
Example: That jobber just dropped a perfect pass.

jobbernowl: A stupid fellow. A blockhead. Not a neologism, but a good word nonetheless. The website given sends out a newsletter; this cool word was in a recent one.
Example: Only a jobbernowl would quote from the World Wide Words newsletter without reproducing the copyright notice...and the paragraph granting permission to reproduce...and also getting prior permission for quoting online on a web page. Wonder if anyone's ever screwed up on that one?

jobbie: Used for something you can't remember a name for. Can mean anything you want it to.
Example: Can you place that jobbie right over there?

jock blocking: When somebody is completly acting like someone else's shadow and not leaving that person alone.
Example: I was trying to talk to Daenelle yesterday, but Janysha was jock blocking her.

jocker: A really bad situation.
Example: I'm in a bit of a jocker here. I'm a week late on the rent and payday's not till Friday.

jockfrost: Condition brought about from driving with a cold drink between your legs. Results in one very chilly nether area.
Example: This Mt. Dew gave me a bad case of jockfrost on the way over here.

jockney: A scotsman who has lived in London for a long time
Example: Billy came to London from Glasgow in the seventies, by the nineties, he was a genuine jockney

jockular: To behave in a brutish fashion. A little more macho than one would desire.
Example: Josh is so jockular. He is constantly mauling girls in the cafeteria.

Jocuronomous: Utterly and totally ridiculous and unbelieveable.
Example: My 300-pound cousin's claim to the figure skating championship of any arena is totally jocuronomous.

joe: A fat belly. Sometimes used for a person where everything else is relatively thin. Comes from mother kangaroos who carry a baby joey in their stomach pouch.
Example: Harold's joe is getting bigger.

joe boo: any dim witted person or groups of such people
Example: Quantum Physics isn't something just any Joe boo is going to understand. Check out Joe Boo over there trying to change his tire with a toothpick.

joejob: Originally a deception undertaken by someone named Joe; however, the word is now receiving more common usage for all deceptions. Joejobbed: To be deceived by someone named Joe.
Example: Let's charge her for a new Pentium but sell her a 286. She'll never know she was joejobbed.

joey: A pretty girl.
Example: That Samantha sure is a joey.

john alex: a person with two first names for their name
Example: Tom Fred is an example of a john alex.

John Blaze: To leave with great speed and urgency. Usually used when one has forgotten an important appointment or date.
Example: Sweet mother Mary, look at the time! I need to John Blaze if I'm going to make it in time to see Shep.

john deere: To cut someone's grass, steal someone's girlfriend.
Example: That john deere's taking my girl out tonight.

John Woo moment: (n) Dangerous situation where everything seems to move in slow motion. Seconds seem to last 10s of seconds.
Example: I had a John Woo moment as the car spun out of control.

johnandyoko: When two people are so in love that you'd think that they are one person. This is how John Lennon and Yoko Ono were.
Example: Jesus, Sally and Jon have spent the last two months not letting each other of sight. It's full johnandyoko, y'know?

johnny: Youth allowance payments for university students.
All welfare payments to needy students are said to be courtesy of johnny--John Howard,
Prime Minister of Australia.
Example: Adam. Got any coin to go to the casino with?
Ryan. Yep, johnny came in yesterday, you beauty.

Johnny Cashew: Someone who is a rabid fan of classic country music, especially Johnny Cash and his contemporaries. (Implies that one is nuts about Johnny Cash) Especially applicable to punk rock kids who love Mr. Cash.
Example: Josh just bought Live at Fulsom Prison on vinyl, he's such a Johnny Cashew.

johnny on the dildo: someone who always speaks in sexual innuendos
Example: None of the girls like Chris because he's so johnny on the dildo.

Johnny Po-po: Pronounced as in Edgar Allen Poe. Also, just Po-po. A policeman. Suzie Po-po is a police woman.
Example: You'd better shome speeding. Johnny Po-po is waiting around this curve.

Johnny-no-stars: A man of substandard intelligence, i.e. the typical adolescent who works in a burger bar.
The no-stars comes from the badges displaying stars the staff at fast-food restaurants wear which show their level of training.
Example: Did you see what Johnny-no-stars did on the last calculus test? How did he get in the class? Must have been some affirmative action sort of thing for the less intelligent.

join the club: Me too. Used used when referring to something negative. Best if spoken in a semi-sarcastic tone.
Example: A. I'm so tired today. B. Join the club.

join the cult!: Convincing someone to do something
Example: Go to class and join the cult!

jojojinkinjamer('s): You (your).
Example: Let's go to jojojinkinjamer's house.

joker: One who canot be taken seriously and is often a slacker. Friendly insult.
Example: I can't believe that joker ditched us like that.

Jones's Mullet: Any guy who drives a large-engined 80s car, listens to Motley Crue or the _Rocky_ theme, thinks he knows what women want, and has a mullet over a foot in length.
Example: Look at that guy in the '86 Camaro, Jones's Mullet all the way.

jonesin: to yearn for something, a craving
Example: I am jonesin for a cigarette.

jooch: A large and ungainly individual--such as Manute Bol or Shaquille O'Neal.
Example: Although I'd been tall all my life, I was nothing compared to the jooches on the college basketball team.

Jook: Verb meaning to decieve or set a trap for. Can also be used as noun with appropriate suffix.
Example: He jooked Chris out on the play. He gave him the jook'ems.

jorgin: (v) To take someone to lunch, etc.--then, at the last possible minute, tell them you don't have any money and they'll have to buy.
Example: Mary asked me to lunch today, and I'm sure she's jorgin me again. She does it at least three times a week. Oh, well, that's what friends are for--to take advantage of.

jork: A dork and a joke at the same time.
Example: You're a jork.

Jorts: Jean shorts, not including cutoffs.
Example: Since it was so hot out, Justin decided to wear a pair of jorts instead of jeans.

josh: To joke.
Example: I'm just joshin ya!

jot: Pertaining to anything bad, pathetic, cheesy, or lame.
Example: That _Pearl Harbor_ film was so jot.

Jota: An expression of joy or relief
Example: Jota! My wife's baby is actually mine.

jourdiaire: To adjust one's coat or jacket collar. Possibly from the French actor Louis Jordan when he was suave.
Example: He should really jourdiaire his jacket. He looks like a slob.

jourdiare: To adjust one's coat or jacket collar.
Example: Excuse me, you need to jourdiare.

journalism: the belief that what you think is true becomes true once your write it down
Example: His research paper received an A+ and it's all journalism.

Journicle: A contraction of journal article, used most when stressed and unable to speak coherently.
Example: We need to get some journicles from the library.

Joust: Playful fighting or sparring.
Example: They are not really angry. They are just jousting with each other.

joust: To attempt, have a go at, to do or do not.
Example: Let's 'ave a joust at that, Bob.

Joute: One who behaves inappropriately or is so grossly insensitive to his or her environment as to say or do stupid things.

Other derivatives: Joutness - Capacity to be a Joute, or Joute act after the fact.

Joutineo - Periperal joute act resulting from prime (Joute) act

Jouterria - Collection of Joute acts.

Joute Salitzi - One who can only perfom Joute acts and nothing but Joute Acts -- One who is certain to behave in a Joute fashion. King of the Joutes.
Example: During his speech at the synagogue, Craig again demonstrated his tendency to be a joute by remarking on the good qualities and benefits provided by Adolph Hitler.

Joysey: An abbr. of NEW JERSEY
Example: Later, I'm off to JOYSEY.

jpsoftco: Term for some company that makes generic, poor quality software.
Example: The Compaq came with Windows and some games from jpsoftco.

jsssk: Just Kidding. Usually follows an insult made in jest towards a friend or something stupid that one may say.
Example: Ernie: (to Bert) You are such a loser. Jssk.OR Ernie: I am the greatest basketball player ever. Jssk.

jub: Used when reading a word or phrase that cannot be usally spoken in any language, especially in comic books with phrases such as!?!
Example: We have to find the orb-!?(spoken as jub)

jubberlator: One that jubberlates, as:
An electronic or mechanical device for the performance of physics jubberlation.
A person who operates such a machine or otherwise makes jubberlations.
A set of mental tables used to aid in jubberlations.

Example: 1: An expert at jubberlation or at operating jubberlation machines--reckoner, figurer, estimator, jubberlator.
2: A small machine for mathematical jubberlations--jubberlating machine.

jubblies: Beautifully rounded breasts. Not perfect or fantastic, but nice.
Example: She has lovely jubblies.

jubiss: to figure as in suspect
Example: When Joe called in sick this morning, I jubissed that he just wanted a mental health day.

judas priest: Euphemism for Jesus Christ.
Example: Judas Priest, this stupid computer is slow.

juggalo: 1.a carny term for jugglers, a combination of juggler and gigolo. 2.a fan of the Insane Clown Posse, but more someone who has his own style and doesn't care what people think of him/her.
Example: That juggalo just smacked that traffic cop in the face!

juhybun: 1. A large rodent.
2. Sticky buns.
3. Bad vibes.
Example: 1. Scottley was attacked by a rabid juhybun.
2. I squeezed the juhybuns to see if they were ready to eat.
3. Get your juhybuns away from me!

juice: Energy.
Example: I'm all outa juice. I need a break.

juice: gossip
Example: Tell me the juice on him.

Juice code: Unintelligible, neologic, gibberish, absurd piece of computer program.
Example: That's real Juice code! or That code is juicy!

juice-chicken: A term of affection for a spouse or significant other.
Example: Yo, Brady, your juice-chicken called again.

juice-isimo: 1. The juiciest 2. Delicious. (From a Spanish-language Starburst ad campaign in Southern California.) See Dulce-electrico.
Example: That Minute Maid lemonade is juice-isimo.

juiced: Adjective used to describe the condition of feeling better after taking medication.
Implies the notion that the subject is now ready to to go out,
whereas subject previously did not feel up to it.
Example: I felt like crap, but I had some Theraflu and now I'm juiced.

juicewell: A great resource of creative juice, something that will keep you inspired for a while.
Example: I just saw a juicewell. Gotta go home and create somethin'.

jujifruitfulness: An overwhelming artificial flavour
Example: After eating that box of candy, I was overwhelmed by jujifruitfulness.

Juju: A general feeling or vibe, usually negative (bad juju). Can be used in reference to karma, etc.
Example: I'm getting some bad juju from that cop. I think he's going to arrest me.
I'm not surprised I broke my arm; I've still got some bad juju from that time I hacked pseudodictionary.com.

juke: To twitch uncontrolably. Akin to a seizure without the tongue swallowing. A juke will usually begin in the thumb of one hand and often occurs wile face down on the floor.
Example: Cleatus didnt pull the 720 so he layed on the ramp and started to juke.

JUKEY: something that is goofy
Example: This deal is jukey.

Julember: Used when someone wants to pin you down to a particular date when something will be completed and you don't want to give an exact date. It is surprising how often people don't notice right away they've been bamboozled.
Example: Your new home should be ready to move into, some time in late Julember.

julyonaise: old mayonaise way past expiration date
Example: Phew! This mayonaise is julyonaise.

Jumanji: This word is an accidental bastardization of too much, often exclaimed when playing pool after one has overdone the speed or spin of a shot
Example: I can win the game with this shot...JUMANJI! I should have used less spin

jumanjiized: Very over-grown or jungle-like.
Example: Our neighbor's lawn is so full of weeds it's jumanjiized.

jumongo: Code word for expressing the fact that you can't talk about something now because a person that it
might offend is within earshot and you can talk about it later.
Example: Yeah, Mike, do you have any....Whoa, jumongo.--(Mike knows that you are not asking him
because your mom just walked in)

jump the shark: The precise moment when you know a tv show, rock band, or actor has gone downhill.
Example: The Brady Bunch jumped the shark the day Cousin Oliver joined the cast.

Jumping someone elses train: Copying someone elses style, or just agreeing with what they say and believe to fit in.
Example: What a jerk. Tom started wearing his hat backwards like John, just so he would like him. He is jumping John's train.

jungle juice: A collection of all the alchohol you can get mixed into a jug when you can't get enough of one certain kind.
Example: We ran out of hooch, so Ernie and I made up a batch of jungle juice to go around.

junioritis: The sleep-deprived, zombie-like disease of a high-school junior who has overdosed on AP or honors classes and extracurriculars.
A person with junioritis exhibits characteristic tendencies such as caffeine dependence, poor posture, a bleak social life, and basic hatred for anyone without homework. Used as a noun or occasionally as an expletive, if said with enthusiasm.
Example: I was up until three this morning writing an argumentative essay and studying for an AP history exam.
I've got horrible junioritis.
OR Junioritis! Who the heck drank all the Pepsi?

junk: Used to describe anything in this world bad. The opposite of Jiz-tasta-mablasta-ma-rang..
Example: That was junk.

junk in the trunk: A large bottom, especially when the person attached otherwise attractive.
Example: She is pretty cute, but she's got a lot of junk in the trunk after eating dorm food all year

junt: A word popularized by 3-6 mafia to mean an item or thing.
Example: Hell no, not at all. Y'all the type that make me throw my junt into the wall.

junts: 1. A collection of juices. As in, I am going to go to the store to buy more junts.
2. Groceries, in general. As in, I am going to go to the store to buy more junts.
Example: Shoot, we're out of junts. Well, I guess I am going to go to the store to buy more junts.

jurz: your's
Example: it's jurz

justafriend: A person that someone is obviously dating,
which is obvious to every single person in the world except said victim, er, person.
Example: So, you hanging out with Kristen tonight? Nope, her justafriend is taking her to dinner and movies.

Justified: People acting or dressing or singing like Justin Timberlake of 'NSync.
Example: Did you see that girl in the baby blue bandana? She's justified.

juu: You.
Example: Juu smell like fresh plastic.