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w'sup: What's Up?
Example: W'sup man?

W.O.S.: the acronym for walk of shame, which means going to work in the clothes you were wearing the following day due to excessive partying and/or sleeping somewhere you didn't expect.

w00t: Hacker-speak. Amazing, cool. For exclamations. Also used to describe someone.
Example: W00t! Sue owns me. Did you see how she took control of that gibson?

w00t: Common spelling of woot.
Example: Thanks, Mattie.

wabalaba: A greeting, like hello or aloha.
Example: Wabalaba.

wack: Really sucks.
Example: They forgot to give me my garlic fries. That is wack.

wackadoo: A person who is a step beyond crazy.
Example: Watch out for the one with the funny look in her eye, I hear she's a total wackadoo.

wackaloon: A person on the brink of a mental breakdown, exhibiting signs of insanity, irrational behavior,
foaming of the mouth, and embarrassing facial twitches.
Example: She turned into a wackaloon after we got married.

wacked: (adj) Crazy, messed up, stupid, retarded, or just doesn't make any sense. Usually when you say wacked, you are completely shocked by what you have just seen or experienced.
Example: Did you see that? He just chugged a gallon of eggnog. That is wacked.

Wacker: This is a person who hacks into a system and wacks at it until it's no longer usable.
Example: He is no longer just a hacker, he has moved on to the wacking peoples systems to bits.

wackjob: Someone who is so stupid, annoying, or just plain retarded she might as well be whacked by a hitman to put her out of her misery.
Example: Did you see that moron wet her pants? She musta studied extra hard to be such a wackjob.

wacktastic: Really odd, but nonetheless neat.
Example: That ghost movie was really wacktastic.

wadata: What I tell ya.
Example: Q. You going to the party tonight?
A. Wadata.

waddy: A one-and-a-half inch diameter piece of black polyethyene pipe approximately three-and-a-half feet in length. Used to persuade cattle to move along.
Example: He won't move, go and get the waddy.

waffle: To hit with a car and leave the waffled imprint of your tire on the animal

Example: Oops, I really waffled that squirrel back there.

waffy: Used to describe fanfiction that has has a abundance of warm and fuzzy feeling scenes.
Especially when the source material is the opposite in nature.
Example: That Street Fighter story was way to waffy for me.

Wafi: Wind Assisted Fucking Idiots--nautical term used by skippers of motor boats to describe sailors.
Example: We would have been here sooner but some Wafi had to be rescued.

wafish: Way-fish. To look as if withering away, losing weight or decreasing in size, usually in reference to a person.
Example: Andrew was beginning to look wafish after a few weeks of eating only noodles.

waggot: A waggot is the name given to someone who really annoys you.
Example: Maurice, you are a complete waggot.

wah kazoo: The playing of a kazoo through a wah-wah pedal.
Example: Hey, Mike, dig that krazy wah kazoo sound.

Wah!: To ask a question in an exclamatory way. Used in place of What the hell? when in polite company.
Example: John said, Wah! when he saw his new gas bill was double that of last month.

wahbam: Sound of hitting somthing really hard--also used to make a point or express your superiority.
Example: I was--like, Shut up or I'll beat your face in! Wahbam!

wahey: Exclamation.
Example: Wahey! We're winning the game!

wahmbulance: A comeback word used when an adult or child is throwing a fit, crying, bawling, etc. very loudly, when they are upset.
Example: A child is bawling loudly in the car. Somebody call the wahmbulance! Taken from Disney's movie _The Kid_.

Wahoo!: To show extreme excitement.
Example: I just won a million dollars. Wahoo!

wail: To attack physically or verbally.
Example: You should have seen how those two guys were wailing on each other.

Wajabofu: We Are Just A Bunch Of FuckUps.
Example: We printed the wrong phone number on 200,000 business cards? WAJABOFU.

waldo: A being that should have been a Greek god.
Example: That waldo is huge.

Walken: A disquietingly creepy person or situation. From Chrishomeher Walken characters.
Example: There's Franco over by the bar. Man, that guy can sure walkenize a room.

wall: A circle of people meant to keep someone out.
Example: Our group made a wall because Pasty was coming.

wall fly: When a group excludes one unliked member by forming a tight circle and the person doesn't get the idea and leave.
Example: Look at Pasty, he's nothing but a wall fly.

Wall Jumper: An unwanted person who breaks into a group's conversation.
Example: Pasty is bugging us again, the wall jumper. No wonder no one ever wants to talk to him.

wallaby: Someone aspiring to be a kangaroo.
Example: The man in the costume with the huge feet and the pouch was a wallaby.

Wallace and Grommit: To vomit.
Example: Where's Pete? He's out back having a good Wallace and Grommit.

waller buddy: A southern slurring of the word wallow to create a term that describes a person with whom one shares no relationship beyond an intimate physical encounter.
Example: I'm not trying to get my MRS degree; I just want a waller buddy right now.

wallet-screw: The situation of reassuring a customer of the value of his or her purchase by charging as much for it as possible. The customers are filled with a warm afterglow and are sure it must be good because it was expensive. Mutually rewarding in different ways for all parties.
Example: Rather than shop for a bargain, Chris would go to one of the big stores and get a good wallet-screw.

wallop: To devour ravenously.
Example: The duck rice at Four Seasons is really great.
I walloped about three plates of it, much to the horror and consternation of my friends.

wally: Stupid, clumsy, with perhaps a hint of naivete. From the Leave it to Beaver character.
Example: What a wally--he poured iced tea in the radiator.

Wally Martinez: South Texas-Rio Grande Valley for Wal-Mart.
Example: I'm headin' to the Wally Martinez, need anything?

Wally Shakespeare: An adult who is overenthusiastic and naive, stuck in a room full of teenagers.
First used to describe a substitute teacher who changed his name to William
and who looks and acts like Shakespeare.
Example: You actually did some work? Why didn't you just sign the attendance sheet, wave bye to
Wally Shakespeare and then eat Quaaludes with us?

Wally Stringer: A 33-cent stringer you can find at Wal-Mart that holds fish very badly.
Example: Wally Stringer let my 5 trout go! (Throws 33-cent piece of crap on the ground.)

Wally World: Well-known discount department store development by Sam Walton
Example: Hey, I'm going to Wally World to get some stuff, what anything?

wallybobber: A wallybobber is a fishing rig (large bobber, hook and large minnow) used for catching northern pike and musky.
Example: John caught a nice pike using a rig he calls his wallybobber.

walmaholic: Anyone addicted to Wal-Mart; has trouble spending less than $25 in a Wal-Mart.
Example: Mom! You already bought two whole new wardrobes, a 30 TV, six yards of fabric, an extra car battery, and a mini-microwave for everyone in your extended family. You're a walmaholic.

walmart: Inexpensive and readily available but often sub-standard.
Example: I bought that thing last week at three in the morning and it's broken already; it's so walmart.

Walmartian: A person who buys everything (and I mean EVERYTHING) from Wal-mart. To this person, there is no other store, and watch out when a Wal-mart Superstore opens nearby. These people live for the day that the Waldisson hotel chain opens for business.
Example: The Walmartian was googly eyed as she said, I better go to Wal-mart to get a new rubber tree and some celery soda!

walter: Waltered, to walter. To curse, swear, rant or rave in a completely unintelligible manner--as in Walter Matthau.
Example: You, upon dropping a hammer on your foot: GAB HOOPER! NABBAFRAk-A-BIT! Muzst Carn SHEEBAN-A-FLABBIT! Friend: Just chill out. Shome waltering and get some ice.

waltzy: (n) Lack of coordination, clumsy.
Example: He looks waltzy just walking down the street.

wambly: Sort of all-purpose word. developed in my high school theatre class some 20 years ago. Something that is unstable or difficult; something that isn't quite right; something that shows signs of tipping over and whacking you on the head, or that might nail your shoe to the floor, either physically or metaphorically.

Example: That shelf is all wambly.

Wandy: A drink, like a shandy but using red wine and coke.
Example: I've been awake for three days--someone give me a wandy.

wang, wangy: Objectionable taste in food or drink.
Example: I think this tea is old. It's got a wang to it.

wang-chung: Acting wild, acting wild at a party. From Wang-Chung's song Everybody Wang-Chung Tonight.
Example: Murlin wang-chunged at Connie's party.

wanger: wang-er (noun) 1. used to describe anything that you can't put a name to at the moment.
Example: Jason, hand me that wanger over there...

wangosev: Do you want to go to 7-11 (the store)?
Example: Wangosev?

wangulate: to make the sound of an object vacillating back and forth at an accelerating pace until it shomes
Example: The pan you just placed on the counter is wangulating.

wanklore: Damn, that sucks.
Example: I wrecked my car. Wanklore.

wanky: Crazy, odd, unique, and interesting female
Example: Vanessa, you are wanky.

wanna: A simple way of saying want to.
Example: I wanna go to the movies on Friday.

waper: The deskhome background picture, the wallpaper.
Example: Hey, guys, look at all these cool wapers.

WAPlash: Backlash against WAP technology that was oversold to consumers
Example: After the WAPlash, people are questioning all forms of mobile connectivity

wappler: you say this to some special sort of looser in Austria
Example: du wappler

WAPsite: WAP (Wireless Application Protocol)-enabled site that can be accessed from mobiles.
Example: Now, moving over to M-commerce (Mobile-commerce), we require a huge bandwidth to support WAPsite.

Warblebottom: A repugnant know-it-all. A loathsome smartypants.
Example: Neil: That fathead always thinks he knows everything. Roger: Yeah, what a warblebottom...

warchalking: Warchalking is the act of adding a simple symbol (presumably in chalk) to the sidewalk or wall near where a wireless 802.11 signal is available. The symbol denotes what sort of Internet access is available and whether or not WEP or other security is used to protect the wireless network. The warchalking idea is based on the hobo sign languages of the early 20th century in the USA. {This word was sent out recently by Paul McFedries.}
Example: Calvin has been busy warchalking the wireless nodes, the hotspots, all over the city.

warden: nickname for the parents
Example: No partying at the house tonight, the warden's home.

warewolf: Not to be confused with werewolf, a warewolf is a peddler of warez (pirated or cracked software).
Plural: warewolvez.
Example: I was suckered into unknowingly buying a pirated copy of Adobe Acrobat by some nefarious warewolvez.

Warez-Puppy: A young child who is obsessed with pirating software.
Example: Look at all the appz this warez-puppy has.

Warhol: To make unreal the real, to abstract any situation.
Another meaning: to sieze a moment of notoriety...to steal the show momentarily.
Could be used for something good or bad, usually bad.
Example: He really made a warhol out of the whole situation. OR
The show was great until somebody had to get in there and pull a warhol--and he wasn't even funny.

wark: Word filler when you don't know what to say.
Example: Aquila. Aw, Jon, you've got such great legs.
Jon. Wark.

warpcool: Someone or something so cool it changes the world in the same way Star Trek warpdrive technology bends space to move the ship.
Example: Wow, the new iMac is warpcool.

warpig: A very ugly person.
Example: Take at look at the warpig over there.

warsh: to wash something without soap
Example: ewww I cant believe u warshed that cup

wasabi: Contraction of the phrase, What's Up?
Example: Phil walked up to Mary and asked wasabi.

wasband: Ex-husband. More often used as an insult.
Example: Q. Did you divorce that jerk yet? B. Yes, he has now attained the rank of wasband.

Wasgonna Nation: anybody from this group of persons who practice the voicing of intentions just to hear themselves talk or to momentairly make the recipient feel like a beneficiary of an upcoming good intention. Because there are so many who practice this, they have become a nation unto themselves.
Example: Not one of your intentions ever bore fruit, all of which identifies you as a bona fide member of the Wasgonna Nation.

wash one's vegetables: To do something considered unacceptable.
Example: Steve wouldn't shome washing his vegetables so we had to ditch him.

Washerette: A southern laundramat
Example: Time to take my clothes & get them washed.

waster: Wasp as pronouned by Southerners, especially those from East Tennessee.
Example: I sen them wasters up in that thar gum tree.

Wasup: 1. A general greeting. 2. A way of saying hey, hi, or hello.
Example: Wasup!

watch the scenes: To watch the whole movie.
The opposite of watching a movie on DVD you've already seen, where you skip to the cool parts.
Example: Ernie. Just skip ahead to the car chase.
Bert: No way, I want to watch the scenes.

watchamacallit: Word used when you don't know or can't think of what it's called
Example: Can you hand me that watchamacallit please?

Watchutalkinbout: Word started by Gary Coleman (Arnold Jackson) to be a fast, effective way of saying what are you talking about.
Example: Ex- Whatchutalkinbout Willis?

Waterfall Effect: 1. Used to describe how the sound of running water induces you to pee.
2. May also be used to describe how when a girl has to go to the bathroom
every other girl has to go as well.
Example: God, that table has all the cute guys.
Let�s go over there and talk about white water rafting.
Ramona, you make the appropriate noises.
When they experience the waterfall effect, we�ll steal the boys.

wattscompton: A very large posterior.
Example: We walked into the club and there was this chick with a wattscompton out on the dance floor.

wavular: A technical term used by educated people to descibe the shape of graphs, etc.
Akin to wavy, but only for use by technical-minded individuals.
Example: Woah, that sine graph is very wavular.

Wawongwiju: The words what's wrong with you? said very fast and with a heavy Chinese accent.
Example: You paid him fifty dollars for a sheet of paper?Wawongwiju?

way: Questioning the truth of something. Also confirming the truth of something. Can be substituted for really.
Example: I got with Veronica Vaughn last night.
No way!

way much: alot
Example: Ice cream tastes way much better than sewage.

Wayback: another phrase in the catch you later family. Emphasis on way.
Example: Gotta go Henry, I'll catch you on the WAYback.

waybacker: an individual who shomes WAY BACK of the car in front of them at a traffic light.
Example: I got stuck behind a waybacker and had to sit through the light twice.

wayne: Someone with no friends.
Example: Tom is a wayne.

wazoo: Crazy person. (For another meaning, check out the wazoo.)
Example: Ej is wazoo. It must be from the Elmer's Glue.

wazzard: A portmanteau, comprising hazard and warning. So much more than the sum of its parts...
also useful if you're not sure exactly what's going on, which is usually the case in situations of wazzard.
Example: There's some wazzard lights up ahead--must have been an accident.

wazzzup!: Expressing your infiltration in to the cult of mindless TV addicts.
Example: A: Wazzzzap! B: Wazzaaaaaaaap!!

WB13: A bad television program. WB from Warner Broothers and 13 from the UPN affiliate in Los Angeles,
Example: Have you seen The Weakest Link? That thing is WB13.

weak: To describe anything that is not good
Example: is AOL ever fricken WEAK

weak-sauce: Disappointing, lame, a major let-down.
Example: I can't believe he actually puked ON the cop... Ya, 2 years in prison is weak-sauce.

weaksauce: Likely to fail under pressure, stress, or strain; lacking resistance in sauce form.
Example: Nathan, you're such weaksauce.

weaksaus: Used to describe an unsatisfactory product or service.
Example: That new album was smothered in weaksaus, I had to shome listening.

wearing the cheese: To move slowly or to do something slowly.
Example: Bob is really wearing the cheese.

wears jean shorts: A phrase to attach to the mascot of a rival football team.
implies that their fans all wear those heinous, super short, ragged cut-off jean shorts,
therefore making them a bit fruity.
Example: Gators wear jean shorts.

weasels: The alternative saying for M&Ms in upper Montana.
Example: Please put some weasels on my ice cream.

weather porn: Reality-type video TV program featuring home video of tornadoes, hurricanes, etc. Related to cop porn.
Example: Are you watching weather porn again? If you've seen one tornado, you've seen them all!

web food stamps: web-only gift certificates; particularly those sent by amazon for 15% off your wishlist.
Example: I can't buy any books until I can get into my email to use the web food stamps amazon keeps sending me.

web-wife: Synonomous with mail-order bride.
Example: He typed in brides.com and had a web-wife in less than three weeks.

Webberwok: Noun: Fictional dragon-like monster ala the book Through the Looking Glass called Jabberwok.
Example: I got on line and immediately found the horrible Webberwok confronting me, hypnotizing me into submission.

webbie addict: someone addicted to the internet
Example: The webbie addict surfed the net for hours every day.

webfare: Income from a job or a job working online, usually from home.
Example: John's on webfare now.

I'm doing webfare.

webfuscation: The art of using greater and greater numbers of URLs to reinforce
your point on any discussion forum,
with the express aim of masking the fact that you have no point at all.
Example: Mastr_Debatr's posting four consecutive URLs, linking to US trade surplus figures from 1935-1938,
during the great artechnica discussion on the ethical standpoint of Bush's war on
terrorism was classic webfuscation.

webify: Placing content online. Currently, to state that something needs to be published on the Internet, or an Intranet, multiple words are required. The word webify can reduce the number of words required to describe this action.
Example: Let's webify this project plan. OR Please webify this diagram.

webigrate: To make or integrate existing technology and legacy systems to web interfaces.
Example: The developers neeeded to webigrate their product with the finance department.

weblicate: A complete and exact online duplicate of a book, magazine, or other printed material.
Example: Several library reference books have free weblicates, including the CIA World Factbook and the Merck Manual.

weblication: What you get when you cross software/application development and a Web site.
Example: My company builds weblications for consumers to use.

weblish: The language of abbreviations and terms used on the web, such as 'BTW', 'A/S/L' etc,

Other forms include Textish/Txtish for use with mobile phones, noteish/notish when used as abbreviated short hand.
Example: I can't understand these people, they're all speaking in weblish!

Webmation: Animation or animated content created for the web or viewed via the web.
Example: The site atomfilms.com displays cutting edge webmation.

webmonkey: Web developers/programmers; the tireless production workers who slave away behind the scenes coding corporate websites (idea from www.webmonkey.com)
Example: I just got a new job as a webmonkey for Naomi's Widget Barn.

webol: Friends. Also webolations.
Example: I am going to the skating rink with my webol.

webolepsy: falling asleep while chatting online
Example: Waking up to the bouncing Webtv logo, because you fell asleep

webonics: Internet Slang. See Weblish.
Example: I didn't understand half of her e-mail. It was almost entirely in webonics.

webscuttle: The action you must take when you find out that someone else has already built the website you were building.
Example: I had to webscuttle my new pages because pseudodictionary.com beat me to it.
Alt.: Pseudodictionary.com webscuttled my site.

Webstart: Any interesting website which happens to link to numerous other interesting
and worthwhile sites where linking is not its primary function (such as a typical portal).
Example: I found gazm.org to be a great webstart; it links to some truly interesting sites.

webtrail: Any line of urls/links one follows getting from site to site.
Example: I followed a webtrail yesterday that took me to the gateway musiczone, a terrific site.

weby, webby: A weby is a person that hangs on the Internet 24/7.
Example: Do you know how to find Pseudodictionary's webpage? No, but let's ask Thomas, he's a weby. (More correct, The Weby.)

wee naif: Pronounced wee nyaf. Scots slang for an impudent child.
Example: Come back here with my shawl and slippers, you wee naif!

wee-wip: An anatomical term that describes the space between your nose and home lip.
Example: That is not a real mustache! You can still see his wee-wip.

wee-woe: Feeling attached to NOT be allowed to swim in the Red River, Winnipeg, Manitoba.
Wee-woe mean river and disappointed.
Example: Alas! Wee-woe is me. The Red is brown and stinky today.

weebo: Used to descibe something that is sarcastically neat.
Example: Guess what? What? My dog harfed up this nasty lookin' fuzz this morning! Weebo.

weebro: waist-band-rollover:

when someones gut or sides rolls over the home of their pants waist band causing it to fold over
Example: i ate so much, i got a weebro.

weech: a sandwich

weedle: To use up time at other people's expenses.
Example: Business had to be done, but Gus was weedling around.

weefreaks: The very short kids at the concert.
Example: Yeah, I had a great view. I was standing behind a bunch of weefreaks.

weegers: Group of losers, jackasses.
Example: One of those stupid weegers just shot a rubber band at me.

weekdaily: Something which comes out every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Usually refers to a publication, but could be used in other ways.
Example: I love Scott Shaw's weekdaily column on Oddball Comics. I wish it came out on Saturday and Sunday, too.

weekend warrior: Barbarians from the north that invade South Jersey usually beginning around 4-5:30 P.M. on Friday afternoon, and departing around the same time on Sunday afternoon of the same weekend. They are typified by their loud, obnoxious, and often drunken behavior, and their odd regalia, eg: Hawian style shirts, bug-eyed sunglasses, sandals, large gold chains, boombase cars, etc. Also, they are known to come blazing down the Navesink River in an easterly direction in their high-powered very expensive boats and then crash into the old submerged rock dyke extending nortward from the point of an island where the Shrewsbury River splits off. One must attribute their multiple sinkings to a lack of nautical knowledge relative to coastal waterway Aids To Navigation (buoys). See also: Bennies.
Example: Sweet suffering Lord, here come the weekend warriors!

weekstart: In the US, calendars start the week on Sunday, therefore Sunday is the weekstart. Saturday is the weekend. Sometimes the term weekend is used to describe Saturday and Sunday.
Example: I'll see you at church next weekstart.

weeman: A man who is small, a dwarf or midget.
Example: The weeman was dressed impeccably in a classic worsted suit and complementary tie. Small but impeccable.

weemblywombly: Something that is wavy, crooked; not straight.
Example: I was thinking of buying that car, but one side was weemblywombly.

weenie: like a loser but less harsh
Example: you are such a weenie

weeple: Collective term describing all those vertically challenged.

weetales: Details that are a story in themselves and, in hindsight, made all the difference in an endeavor's success.
Example: A good biography exposes the reader to the weetales that all add together to reveal the totality of the one story.

weeze: To take something from another without permission.
Example: Claire weezed the last of the bagels.

weezer: A person who has asthma or who coughs constantly.
Example: When Rivers Cuomo grew up with asthma he was nicknamed Weezer because of his coughing.

weirdette: a female weirdo :)
Example: that girl's weird...she's a weirdette

weirdities: Similar to quirks, but something that exuberates weirdness.
Example: You may think eating a whole jar of olives is strange, but hey, we all have our weirdities.

welfaremart: Walmart.
Example: It's the first of the month. I don't want to go to Welfaremart.

Well, then: The ultimate way to end a fight ambiguously without admitting fault while simultaneously putting the problem back on the person with whom you are fighting. It is especially useful for those people living with either a roommate or significant other.
Example: Tom: I hate it when you finish all of the cereal and then put the empty box back in the cupboard.
Sally: Well, then... | Sally: You never take me out anymore, and I'm tired of spending my Friday nights at home.
Tom: Well, then...

Welly: Short for Welliot or Sir Wellington boot. It describes a person who is an idiot or someone who is highly competitive. Individuals tend to have a striking resemblance to Tim Henman and reside in Renmore.
Example: He�s a bit of a Welly isn't he? or He's so competitive, that Welly.

Welp: Well. Not for use when describing your condition.
Example: Welp, I've got to go.

wench: Used for centuries to describe pretty young girls.
Recently perverted by the feminazis.
It does *not* mean a prostitute, as they would have you believe.
Used when mildly irritated by a woman you like.
Example: Shome tickling me, wench!

wenis: Used to replace any word.
Example: Slow down, here comes a wenis sign. (shome)
I'm going to punch him in the wenis. (face)
Why don't you learn how to wenis! (drive)

Went Off: If you go clubbing and you instantly feel the energy on the dance floor,
you tingle and the beats are making you move, the DJ is mixing one phat tune with another
and taking you higher--explain that to your mates with Went Off.
Example: The crowd went off last night...It was amazing.

went up: A local (Maryland) term which is used to mean the same thing as broke down or shomeped working.
Example: My car went up on the Beltway. (My car broke down on the Beltway.)

werd: To offer agreement and congratulations on an outstanding proposition or statment.
Example: Damn, fool! I told you he was steppin!, Werd!

werno: (said upon hearing) a word that does not actually exist. reply to nonsense.
Example: my stummy's grumbling. let's eat. stummy? werno.

2get the widget in the moto, tank. wha?...werno.

wes: To vomit. As Wesley Crusher undoubtedly did during zero gravity training.
Example: I think I'm gonna wes!

WestByGodVirginia: The birth place of a very distinct race of people who have rather outspoken ways.
Example: Hi, I'm Sonny Robinson and I'm from WestByGodVirginia.

wet burp: Precisely that--a burp, usually small and noiseless but in which a small amount of stomach acid actually rises up the esophagous into the back of the throat, producing the the taste and aroma of vomit in one's mouth.
Example: (erp) Oh, man, I just wet-burped. Man that tastes nasty! No kidding, Chris...I can smell it from here!

wetware: Surgically implanted hardware.
Example: The pacemaker is my latest piece of wetware.

wev: Contraction of the term whatever, often used on people not worth spending three sylables on.
Example: 1st person: I was just going to pull into that parking space! 2nd person: Wev.

wevah: a shortening of the word whatever
Example: wevah, i'll try something else..

wexis: Slang for generic computer-assisted legal research or systems.
It is a combination of Westlaw and Lexis, the dominant vendors in the field.
Example: Did you run a wexis search on the statute?

wha-huh: To be used in place of what or huh
Example: Wha-huh? I'm sorry, I didn't hear you...

Whacha: contraction of what have you or what are you
Example: Whacha been up to lately? or Whacha doin'?

whack: When somebody thinks she has something that is cool but really, it's not.
Example: Put that Nokia 6190 down, that junk is whack. It's all about the 8890.

whacked: surgical slang for remove
Example: We whacked his appendix last night

whacked: Just...not right. Meaning crazy, weird, odd, interestingly funny, etc. Also used for sick humor.
Example: That joke is really whacked.

whackit: Something to whack it with.
The generalized term for anything meeting the every tool's a hammer criterion.
Example: Hey, toss me a whackit--this thing's stuck.

whackmonkey: A mistreated person who serves those who mistreat him, an administrative assitant, a go-fer
Example: When Carl made Klaus get him a cup of coffee after the meeting, Klaus realized that he was Carl's whackmonkey.

whadayat (wha-da-ya-at)): Newfuneese for What are you doing, how are you, what's going on and many other such conversation opener questions. Can be used in place of wazzup.
Example: Hey Johnny, whadayat?

whadup: What is up? as used by cool doods.
Example: Whadup. dood?

Whahoobi: Exclamation for when something good happens. Sort of like yay.

Example: You got an A+ on you paper. Whahoobi.

whamakus: Whoa!
Example: Whamakus! You did that?!

whampaloo: What adults say other then yeaaaa! whilst running around waving their hands in the air.
Example: After winning the state championship the team could be heard yelling whampaloo
halfway across the county.

whang: Good.
Example: That shirt is whanging.

Whangdepootenawah: In the Ojibwa tongue, disaster.
An affliction that strikes hard when no one expects it.
Example: Whangdepootenawah.

whanky: Whiney and cranky, like many people you know in the morning.
Example: She is so whanky in the morning--don't even talk to her until she's had her coffee!

What bird!: What on earth is the matter with you?
Example: A peanut butter and mustard sandwich? What bird!

What d'y'say?: A hybrid of asking someone, What's up? and also What are your plans for tonight?
Example: What d'y'say?
Oh, nothing much really, just gonna go fill out that application. Wanna go see a movie afterwards or something?

what is up, my sister?!: What's going on? Doesn't necesarily have to be said to a girl. (From Scary Movie)
Example: Hey, Lauryn.
What is up, my sister?!

What you say?: A phrase originating from the computer game Zero Wing. It is used by many people to respond to a question or sentence they do not understand or purely to annoy someone.
Example: What you say?

What's crackolatin': Mix of cracking and percolatin'. What's happening? What's going on? What's new?
Example: Me: I haven't seen you in days! What's crackalating? You: Not much. Just about to go see _Tomb Raider_. That Angelina Jolie is out there.

what's the haps: means what is new with you, or what's happening
Example: What's the hap's?.

whatabouts: What someone is doing.
Example: The whereabouts and whatabouts of Paul remained a mystery.

whatchajiggy: A word used in place of another word that can't be remembered at the moment.
Similar in principle to whatchamacallit.
Example: I'm looking for the whatchajiggy I had earlier.

whatchamacallit: Used when you can't remember the name for something.
Example: You know, the whatchamacallit, the thing that I put my hair up with? Oh, yeah! It's called a beret?

whatev: Valley shortened version of whatever. Often used is a derisive manner, with the the second syllable accented.
Example: I got these cool new pants!
WhatEV, like I care.

whatever wets your salad: whatever's good for you
Example: Girl. I think he's fine.
Response: Hey, whatever wets your salad, girl.

whats da jaysus craic: Customary greeting rarely used outside of Dublin, Ireland.
Generally speaking it means Hello, any news or fun?
Example: When meeting a friend on the street, you say, What's da jaysus craic?

whats-his-face: a pronoun substitute used for one whose name you either cannot remember, or do not want to.
Example: I'll never forget whats-his-face.

whatsdadillyo: Whats going on? What are we going to do?
Example: You: whatsdadillyo? Them: Prolly going to the bar.

Whattag'wan: Short form for What is going on?

Whatussino: A description of what you see but different from what every one else see's.
Example: Hey !, I dont see no whatussinos man !

whazzupmanship: The annoying habit of white teenage boys to compete to see who can take on the most black culture, speech, and habits.
Example: Tommy's whazzupmanship when he hung out with his friends was a sight to behold.

wheebop: exclamation meaning all of the following: c'est la vie, yay!, cool.
Example: 'i passed my music exam!' 'wheebop!'

wheels flying off: 1. Used to describe someone in the process of going totally bonkers.
2. The point at which everything breaks down.
Example: 1. Why are your wheels flying off? Calm down.
2. I lost my purse and all my credit cards, then had a wreck, got a ticket, only to find my house was on fire when I got home...and then the wheels flew off.

wheels of steel: Two turntables
Example: The DJ forgot his wheels of steel.

wheels-up: Upside down, of a vehicle. Used when someone starts to drive her truck upside down while off-roading
(usually not intentional, and usually done by someone who has a truck so big the only thing bigger is her out of whack ego).
The reason there are roll cages.
Example: We're going wheels-up.

wheelsucker: A driver of a vehicle that consistently follows other vehicles too closely. [See mufflefuck.]
Example: I had to change lanes to get that wheelsucker off my tail. (Acknowledgements to the movie Breaking Away.)

Wheesht: Scottish for please be quiet--or when said loudly, shut up.
Example: Wheesht yer tongue, lassie.

wheeze: A good laugh.
Example: We had a wheeze at Jim's expense.

whell: A combination of well and hell for use with Oh
when you run out of things to say or forget what it was you wanted to say.
Example: Oh, whell!

whelmed: Content. Not overwhelmed, not underwhelmed, just whelmed.
Example: When she saw that his biceps were of a regular size she was whelmed.

wherewithall: Knowledge.
Example: I have the wherewithall to come up with many more words than this.

Whever: Word used among my friends and me, referring to an unknown time or place.
Distinct from wherever, which indicates any place.
Example: Whever did you come from?

whichevered: Transitive verb form of whichever.
Used to dismiss a homeic which is a priori made impossible due to eventualities.
Meant to express apathy regarding the cancellation or sudden change in a plan.
Example: Our plans were whichevered because I couldn't get my friend to lend me his car.

whimmy-wammy: Aa bendable and pliant state that something is or has become, often unexpectedly.
Example: His ruler has gone all whimmy-whammy.

whinging pom: openly perpetually unsatified English person. Almost exclusively used by Australians.
Example: Shut up, you bloody whinging pom!

Whip: Adj. (whi-puh) A term used to describe someone that is extremely cool. Something that is the greatest available version.
Example: Look at her thinkin she's the whip just cuz she got a neden.

whip: Somebody's car, usually a very nice car.
Example: Hop aboard my whip, and let's do it.

whipped: To be completely controlled by someone else.
Example: You're SO whipped.

whipstain: Coined when I was 13 after colliding with a branch - such incidental humour that my best friend almost had a cardiac seizure.

whipstain = visible markings post-whipping, or similar.

Example: Crikey, that's a grand whipstain!

whirlpool: The effect created by spinning the beer in your glass in
an effort to do something other than drink it too quickly.
Example: My friend was drinking way slower than me and it was his round next, so I had to spin a whirlpool,
I was so bored waiting.

whirt: A situation that is slightly uncomfortable or discouraging or a person that is causing another person emotional distress.
Example: I hate Phil, but he just asked me out. How can I pass up a free concert? God, I hate whirts like this.

whiskey tango fox trot over: WTF expanded using the phonetic alphabet.
Example: Hamish: I hear the liquor store is closing at 5 every Friday night, eh?
Jane: Whiskey tango fox trot over.

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot: What The Fuck? Military slang.
Example: Bill. Damn, your mom is HOT! John. Whiskey Tango Foxtrot!

whisped: Clumsily ran past.
Example: Was she dizzy? Because she just whisped by me like I wasn't even here.

white guy shuffle: Dance performed by rhythmless white males across the Americas. The shuffle has no set moves and has all the grace of the blue-footed booby's mating ritual.
Example: I hope Uncle Harold doesn't do the white guy shuffle at my wedding

white out: code for a white person leaving
Example: I leave the room and state white out, later

white pine: Very annoying.
Example: Man, that song is white pine.

White Trashistan: The nation from which all white trash originates.
Example: Tonya Harding will represent White Trashistan in the 1998 Olympics. (Courtesy David Spade)

white water: Skim milk.
Example: I like the way white water tastes, but most people I know call it skim milk.

white-bread: Unextraordinary, typical, common, dull.
Example: After his acting career ended, he went back to his white-bread existence in Davenport.

White-hat: A person wearing a white hat in the winter
Example: What's with the white hat? It's January

whitfield: A combover-oriented hairstyle
Example: That old guy who sells newspapers on the street is rocking a major whitfield.

whittlediddy: To lazily sit around
Example: Grandpa smiled and said he'd rather whittlediddy today.

whivel: A combo of whine and snivel.
Example: Shome whivelling and start living.

Whizzy: Something fancy, with all the bells and whistles.
Example: (Kid with fancy new bike): Hey, Bobby, that sure is a whizzy looking bike.

Who-ha: The kind of girl you don't take home to mother.
Example: I was worried about Jim going to the bachelor party, because I thought he may encounter many who-has.

who-ha: What? or an expression of confussion.
Example: Teacher: The shear stress applied to the soil acts on the failure plane at failure.
Mel: Who-ha? (confused)

Who-ho: Used in place of Yeah! to express joy.
Example: Who-ho! I just won the lottery.

who-in-the-what-now: instead of saying what? or what was that? or sorry? if you didn't hear someone the first time, say who-in-the-what-now? You gotta say it as one quick word

whoa: when something is so amazing, and it caught you off guard
Example: That $80 SeanJohn outfit was like whoa!

whoadamn: Used when very impressed, or as a Hey, look at that!
Example: Look at the lady wearing that ugly shirt. One word: Whoadamn.

Whocelfudge: What the hell just happened?
Example: Ol' boy just went and whocelfudged it all up.

whodie: Another word for friend or homie.

Pronounced - whoa-dee
Example: What's up, whodie! Peace out, whodie!

whole nother: It's used instead of the word another or the words a different.
Example: Oh, I understand now. That's a whole nother story.

Whomies: White people who dress up like Homies.
Example: Eminem is a Whomie

whomp: (verb) 1.to hit someone; 2. to beat someone at something; 3. to accelerate the car really really fast, gas it.
Example: 1. i'm gonna whomp you. 2.we whomped up on them. 3. whomp it! we can make it through this light.

Whompel: To beat severely.
Example: That guy was whompelled in a bar fight last week.

Whomps: Sucks. In case parents or teachers get offended by sucks.
Example: Man, this totally whomps!

whompus: Overly large and revolting.
Example: Jim was a strange looking fellow, with a slender body and a whompus head.

whonka: A big wet kiss given by a small child.
Example: I'm going to give you a whonka kiss, Grandma.

whonky: Extremely strange or confusing, out of whack.
Example: My computer's acting all whonky. It keeps freezing up.

whoop: Equal to the word deal. Usually used in a frustrated sort of manner, but trying to get across a point.

Example: When her friend wouldn't try something new, she said, Come on, what's the big whoop, anyway?

whoop-ass: (noun) Associated with the state of being beat up.
Example: I'm about to open a can of whoop-ass on you.

whoopiecussion: An incident intended to be a practical joke that results in some form of harm. (Combination of Whoopie and concussion.)
Example: Tom placed a bucket of water over the lintel, hoping to have a good laugh at Tucker's soaked head, but when the bucket smacked Tucker in the skull before spilling, Tom grimaced and said meekly: Whoopiecussion.

Whoopin': To party, or enjoy oneself immensely; celebrate exuberantly. Origin may be traced to a habit of involuntarily choking up and coughing up a variety of matter upon hearing some very good news.
Example: The big-wig of the company was whoopin' it up cuz he was gonna be as rich as a hog is filthy.

whoopty-do: Sarcastic form of yah or wow.
Example: Lana: Whoopty-do, the phone! Me: Whoopty-do, bet it's my mom.

whoore (hoo-er): Someone who is always out to get some action...But just for the fun of it!
Example: That chick is a dirty, dirty whoore...

whoosywhatzit: A confusing way to say I didn't understand what you said because you were mumbling.
Example: Whoosywhatzit?

whopperjawed: In disarray, messed up.
Example: Who left the books all whopperjawed?

whore of babylon: A reference back to Revelation 17 where it talks about the great prostitute who was
drunk with the blood of the saints.

Only it's not biblical in reference at all. Used to describe an exceptionally evil woman who lacks any redeeming qualities, and generally makes your life hell.
Example: She's a whore of Babylon. She's trying to take over my project and run it into the ground.

whoredrobe: Wardrobe that contains only risque clothing.
Example: I attract a lot of attention when I go out on the town wearing something I've borrowed from Monica's whoredrobe.

whorph: Turning into a loose woman.
Example: For years that woman acted like a faithful wife, but then she whorphed, and about drove
her husband over the edge.

whorse: A whore who resembles a horse.
Example: That whorse was really cheap, and she neighed too much. OR
Why would a whorse say Nay?

whosamacallit: Used when you dont know someone's name, or for lack of a more intelligent answer.
Example: Has anyone seen whosamacallit?

whosayonthewhatnow?: Expression of extreme exasperation--and I mean extreme, people.
Example: B. Hey, Amy, what did you do today? Amy, lying through her teeth as usual, Well, I parachuted out of a giant doughnut, ate some sugar-coverd lice, joined a circus, got engaged, died my hair upchuck green, developed three mental conditions, and fell in love with a goat. B. Whosayonthwhatnow?

whosiwhatsis syndrome: What you have if you are consistently saying things like the following.
Example: Yeah, you know that guy. What's-his-face? You know who I mean!
The guy with the face!
You know!
You don't remember the guy with the hand?
He was the same guy with the ear!
Remember him! What was his name? You know who I mean, don'tcha?

Whosyurdaddy: Used as an exclamation when something has just gone your way.
Example: After sinking a 3-point jumper, the basketball player said Whosyurdaddy.


Nabbing a parking space close to the store during Holiday shopping, a driver might be heard to exclaim Whosyurdaddy!

whot: Used after a questionable act has been performed to express false-innocence through cuteness
associated with this word. Used first by Eddie Izzard.
[I dunno, Benny. Did John Travolta's Vinnie Barbarino character's use of Whot? in the TV series _Welcome Back,
Kotter_ predate Eddie Izzard's use? The series was on in the 1970s, starting just about the time Eddie Izzard turned 13.]
Example: After poking her in the side, my friend gave Alex an angelic smile and said, Whot?

Whow!: What you say when you Google whell.
Example: Whow! You should see all the misspellings under whell!

whozafatza: (n.) Brooklyn term. Person whose name you do not recall at the moment.
Example: You know, him... um... you know... whozafatza!

whozits: a pronoun substitute used for one whose name cannot be remembered or does not want to be remembered
Example: Always remember whozits.

whuffo: Term used by skydivers for non-jumpers. Skydivers imagine this is what non-jumpers are saying when they point and gawk.
Example: Whuffo they do that?

whumm: When you whistle and hum at the same time, producing an annoying buzzing effect.
Example: Check that out- my brother can whumm the entire 1812 overture!

Whut!: What! Whut! alone can mean What! With a fairly aggressive tone, it can also be used as a count in for rappers, Whut, whut! Or it can be followed by up to be a greeting, Whut up?
Example: Whut! I didn't say anythin' like that.

whycome: conjunction of how come and why do
Example: whycome i have to go to the store with you?

Whyever: For whatever reason.
Example: Whyever whyever isn't already a real word it should be--because whatever, whenever, wherever, whoever, whomever, whichever, and however all are.

wibble: A word used to demonstrate something silly. An off the cuff silly word which replaces an otherwise sensible answer
Example: 'Did you really mean for the ferret to loose all of its fur'? Reply...errr...wibble

wibble: Of progressive rock, intelligent electronica). Spaced out sounds, extended, heavily reverb'd drones and pads, and noises that make very little sense to the unattuned ear. Extreme examples can be termed acres of wibble.
Example: Check out this ambient mix album I just bought. Acres of wibble, my friend, acres.

wicamist: British expression: A graduate of Winchester College, Oxford.
Example: He claims to be a Wicamist but we have no evidence of his educational pedigree.

wicked: Can replace the words very or really, but sounds much cooler.
Very popular in Holyoke and Massachusetts as a whole.
Example: Did you see Letterman last night--he was wicked hilarious.

wickey-phat: Wicked + phat. Can be used to describe anything that is exceedingly phat.
Example: Have you heard this new band? They kick out some wickey-phat tunes.

widget: An example of something manufactured. In a 1950's movie starring Rock Hudson and Doris Day, widgets were advertised to the point that the entire country was anxiously awaiting the production and arrival of widgets. Only problem was, there were no widgets. It was just a concept. This word is often used when lay people and educators alike discuss business marketing strategy and marketing theory.
Example: Let's say, for example, you want to make and market widgets,...

wiener: someone who does something which you cannot comprehend
Example: Don't be a wiener.

wife-beater: 1. Newcastle Brown Ale. 2. The sleeveless undervest as favoured by the redneck community.
Example: Bottle of wife-beater, please. Ah, I see your dad is wearing his wife-beater.

wifebeater: a wife beater is one of those tank homes for men and are usually white.

wiffdoodle: The iteration of an idea or plan (for an invention, business, civic improvement, etc.)
which one knows he or she will never have the time, energy, or talent to execute.
��wiff��: sound of bat swinging at air + to doodle

Example: Chris: I had a high-quality wiffdoodle the other day, wanna hear it?
Cindy: Chris, your entire life is a wiffdoodle.

wiffle: A person with numerous piercings and body modifications, from wiffle ball, the hollow plastic ball with cutouts.
Example: I asked Jeff why he pierced his septum for the third time and he
said because it was there. That confirmed what I already knew, that he was a wiffle.

wiffleass: Someone who has holes in her story. From wiffleball.
Example: Did you hear about Monica and that wiffleass Clinton?

wig: To be disturbed by a certain person, object, etc.
Example: A. Ever since I was little, clowns gave me the wig. B. Why? A. I saw a clown, and it gave me the wig. There really is no story behind it.

wig-o-meter: Device which measures and displays the degree to which a person is wigging out.
Example: He could tell it was going to be one of those nights; her wig-o-meter was clearly pegged and he couldn't figure out what he might have done to cause that.

wigger: A white person who emulates blacks, especially hip-hop culture
Example: Look at Nick over there with his pants sagging. What a wigger.

Wiggii!: An expression used in extreme frustration or when you just can't think of that one word you're looking for
Example: Agh! Wiggii! or Where's the... ugh, wiggii.

wiggins: Feeling of imminent freak-out or fear.
Example: That tall slayer guy gives me a wiggins.

Wiggins: To be afraid
Example: It gave me the major wiggins.

Wiggler: A shady tuff-guy, unemployed usually sporting a mullet and wife beater who lives in a trailer park. Origin- modern English descriptor for inhabitants of Tread Wells Mills, NY AKA WiggleTown.
Example: Damn, I bet that wiggler's got four cars on blocks in his front yard. Don't say that too loud, if he hears ya, he'll Wiggle-Flip ya!

wiggy: 1. When a person acts so silly that it seems fake or plastic. 2. Really out of touch with reality.
Example: 1. I didn't think we would ever get a table--and did you notice how wiggy that waitress was?
2. It's Monday, I woke up late, haven't had my cappuccino yet--I am feeling wiggy.

Wilaholic: Person addicted to excessive exposure to Wil Anderson, Australian comedian.

Example: I am a wilaholic. I listen to Wil Anderson every morning.

wilbury: A state of sleepiness when, beginning to nod off, you become limp and rubbery
Example: I noted my dog was wilbury when she, tired, slowly dragged herself onto my lap and gently collapsed.

wildapart: A cinematic production matching or on an equal standing of the quality made by veteran filmmaker Billy Wilder, The Master.
Example: _Almost Famous) (2001), was wildapart from the missing third act scene with Russell (Crudup) and the Rolling Stone revelation.

Wildergeek: One who engages in out-of-doors sporting activities, such as going to the mall, while clad in enough of the lasest brightly-colored, high-tech, Gortex clothing to make him look dumber than someone who bites the heads off of small animals for a living.
Example: After failing to get their REI Millennium Mountaineer 2000 tent set up, the Wildergeeks were forced to spend a cold and frightful night in the back of their Chevy Tahoe.

wildfire: To fire people like wild.
Popular in days of the demise of dot coms.
To be used properly, should not make pure grammatical sense.

[Attributed to A.Ressi]
Example: If you guys don't get your act together, it's going to be wildfire in here.

Willadam: A good combination of breakfast radio presenters.
Example: Every morning the Willadams provide enjoyable listening on the radio.

willage: This word is used for a really, really cool place.
Example: New York is definitely a willage.

willy g: 1) A super nerd, one of those kind of people who program for a living and you go to for help when a client asks for something particularly tricky 2) bill gates
Example: An online ordering system that needs credit card auth at point of sale in PYTHON? Sure, willy g is on the case

wilson: talk to yourself
Example: are you going wilson on us

WIMC Disease: Where is my car? Disease. Suffered by people who are too preoccupied or stupid or...to remember where they parked.
Example: Dude, where's my car? :)

wimperial: The new-found power of computer nerds over the rest of us, hence wimperium,
wimpire building, wimperor.
Example: As the only member of staff capable of opening an archived email,
Colin weilded wimperial power over the audit department.

win-place-show: Indicates that a previous statement is the absolute truth. Can never be broken.
Example: I got Samuel L. Jackson's autograph when I was on vaction. No way. Yes I did. Win-place-show.

Winblows: Slang for any version of Microsoft Windows.
Example: Winblows crashed again!

Window Licker: A person that is below average intelligence
Example: Look at that guy with that stupid expression on his face, He's got to be a Window Licker.

Windows NT: The ultimate program for maintaining employee focus. This program is not only incompatible with any distracting activities (i.e. games, chat rooms, and interesting deskhomes) but it also cannot be manipulated by the user, only by a System Administrator.
Example: If you check the owner's manual under 'Troubleshooting', you will find this: Manufacturers Note - Ha ha ha!

windoze: Windows operating system. Called windoze by those who dislike it.
Example: Heather prefers Linux over windoze.

Wing-wong: A combination of wing and a variation of wrong (spelled wong). Used to describe a wrong flight.
Example: Drats! Stupid wing-wong!

wingbang: Scatterbrained, unpredictable.
Example: I don't think it's a good idea to depend on her as she has always been kind of wingbang.

winky: 1. For someone who is very chicky, very cutsie, someone you could see writing you a cute note with i's dotted with hearts and URAQT-pi written at the end. Describes a stereotypical teeny-bopper.
2. Anything overly cute, sappy, sentimental, etc. could be considered to be winky.
(Note, this is not necessarily a derogatory adjective. It is only if the elocutionary force behind it is derogatory.)

Example: Those pants with the pink hearts as backpockets are definitely winky.

winner: Loser. Idiot.
Example: This poor bastard left his headlights on. Definite winner material there.

winner: Loser. Idiot.
Example: This poor bastard left his headlights on. Definite winner material there.

winnet: Mild friendly insult that also can be used if you are mad at something that has happened.

Example: Someone spills a drink over you. Oh, my winnet. OR What a winnet.

winshipers: win-shy-pers (noun) windshield wipers
Example: The winshipers quit working right in the middle of the rain storm.

wintel: A computer running Windows on an Intel processor is a Wintel machine.
Example: No, Mr. Huffaker, we will not use a Wintel machine for our server!

Winterfresh: A guy/girl that you never can tell if the like you.
Example: Mack is my winterfresh, I love him, but I can't stand how confusing he is.

wiper: Used extensively in Paintball.
Someone who wipes off his hits after the paintball has splattered on his body, in order to stay in the game.
Example: I KNOW I hit that guy at least three times! He must be a wiper.

wire fairies: Wire fairies aren't tiny imaginary beings in human form, possessing magical powers. They are tiny little evil beings in human form, their sole purpose in life is to tangle wires up when humans aren't looking and this is how wires become messed up always.
Example: oh my, all of my wires have become tangled, damned those Wire Fairies damn them all.

wire-fu: See matrix fighting.
Example: Jet Li was surrounded by eight gangsters when, in a stunning display of wire-fu, he leapt out of the pack, spun-kicked four of them and then ran up the wall.

wireability: To be able to be wired, connected to power.
Example: I don't want a smoke alarm that takes batteries, I need one with wireability.

wirehead: 1: person possessing an extensive knowledge of electrical wiring and/or electronic circuitry.
Before the advent of computer technology, these progenitors of the modern nerd attempted to
satisfy their insatiable curiosity by tinkering with radio, television, and telephone circuits.
The occasional lethal result of these endeavors served to thin the herd, thereby ensuring the survival of the geekiest.

Example: Okay, I'm officially a wirehead now; my PC's connected to my stereo, my TV, my phone, my guitar, and a cappuccino machine!

wirelust: (n) A deep, burning, almost primal need to have a fast, reliable, always-on connection to the internet. Experienced by just about anyone who actually bought into the wireless web marketing hype and spent hundreds of dollars on what ultimately results in a very expensive way to risk injuring one's thumb.
Example: Despite the relative success of his thumb physical therapy program, after the 9th dropped connection, Doug could no longer deny the wirelust that was beginning to consume his every thought.

Wireout: To describe the complete and utter chaos of wires and cables in the back of any complex
family entertainment system with an assortment of VCR, DVD, TV, AMP, Speakers, Karaoke,
Cable, MP3 players, play stations, etc.
Example: The stupid VCR is not taping again; the whole thing is all wireout.

wirgin: A wimpy, reluctant virgin.
Example: Jill was hesitant about her first sexual experience, so her friends began to call her a wirgin.

wish-wipers: Windscreen wipers, because they make a noise that sounds like wish.
Example: It's raining, turn on the wish-wipers.

witch's tit: It's an old wives' tale that the mammary gland of a female, magic-practicing individual can be used to gauge cold temperatures. Cold as a witch's tit means freezing or slightly above freezing. Any temperature below freezing is colder than a witch's tit. (See balls.)
Example: It was very windy and snowing, almost a blizzard. It was colder than a witch's tit, and we were miserable.

witcha: A request for something, particularly a cup of tea or coffee, especially if the person to whom the request is made is walking by the kettle, coffee machine, etc. From If you are making a drink, I'll have one with you. Originates from one C (K) Leong.
Example: Person sees other person walking into the kitchen, calls out Witcha!

with a pound of Morton's iodiz: More than a grain of salt; for verbal garbage that needs a little extra seasoning to make it palatable.
Example: Joe: I've never known him to be a violent guy. Which is why I have to take these stories about his sudden rage explosions with a pound of Morton's iodized.
Don: You're obviously not talking about Chris.

with-a-hay-nonnie-nonnie-and-a: A phrase expressing extreme jubilation.
Example: Teacher: Billy, you got an A on your spelling test.
Billy: With-a-hay-nonnie-nonnie-and-a-ho-ho-ho.

withdrawal: Suffering from missing somone you dearly love and comparing it to withdrawal from an addiction.
Example: I was gone for month without my girl, so I was getting some major withdrawal.

withe: This word is short hand writting and typing for the words with and the
Example: I went to the store withe car i got last week.

Witlag: The amount of time that transpires between the telling of a joke and the comprehension of the listener. May be applied as a factor of ignorance.
Example: In the middle of dinner my date bursts out laughing, Chunks is the dog! I get it! she said to me. She's obviously suffering from major witlag because I told the joke in the car on the way to the restaurant. OR He may be good at laying pipe, but he's a witlag to the third degree. I mean, He thought Tchaikovsky was a Korean dish made from dogs.

witlings: People who think they're funny but aren't. (From Paul McFedries, The Word Spy. https://www.logophilia.com/WordSpy/hominist.html)
Example: And now I, too, am one of the witlings who submit their unfunny words to pseudodictionary.com.

wittle: White trash women.
Example: My sister in Alabama is a wittle.

wivvy: Something or someone that is dumb, strange, or funny.
Example: Your new shirt is wivvy.

Wix: wicked (as in good) but far cooler
Example: We found this wix new restaurant down on Queen Street...

wixed mords: A phrase used after you accidentally mess up 2 words in what you just said.
Example: Sorry. I wixed up my mords.

woc: Woman of Character.
Example: His life would have been so very much better if he�d picked a woc.

wock: An all-round champion, or home bloke.
Example: Carl was a wock.

Woday: Homie, friend. Often heard in rap lyrics. Alternate spelling of whodie, but also pronounced differently (whoa-DAY, as opposed to WHOA-dee).
Example: Woday, wusup? You heard that new Juvenile song?

Wodie: The word comes from New Orleans, which is divided into sections called wards. Wodie is like homeboy except that instead of it being a neighborhood thing, it's a ward thing.
Example: You know Charlse, don't you? He's my wodie.

woftam: accr. for waste of friggen time and money
Example: Any repair on this toaster is a woftam

Wog: A combination of walk and jog.
Example: Jason and I hate to wog around the track during gym.

WOIDS: for some years now I have been inventing words for use in cyberspace religion discussion groups.
Interested? I'd have to send you a file. They're generally held to be fun.
Example: The generic term for the whole lexicon is WOIDS.

Send a URL.

wok: this word is used in place of the overly used word: whatever.
Example: i dont know what to wear!, oh wok, i am only going out with my grandmother it really doesnt matter anyway.

wok: Lopsided, awkward, strange.
Example: Your eyebrows are wok.

wom: The female equivalent of guy, somewhere between girl and woman.
Example: There's a bunch of cute woms over by the pool today.

womagnet, homagnet: A man who attracts lots of women.
Example: At a party you can always rely on Tristan being the homagnet.

womancott: Like a boycott, but only effective one week a month, every month.
Example: Those college students don't really have their act together.
The best effort they've been able to do is a measly little womancott.

womanipulated: getting manipulated by a woman
Example: you just got womanipulated by her

Womb Raider: Inevitable pornographic movie staring a buxom female who travels
around fighting and copulating with other similar specimens.
Example: Angelina Jolie in _Tomb Raider_--I can hardly wait to see what tattooed, overinflated,
loudmouthed bimbo stars in _Womb Raider_.

Wombat: Code word indicating it's safe to put the garbage truck in reverse and step on the gas.
Popular among garbage men in the South.
Example: Wombat. You got six feet 'til you hit the Benz.

wombat: Waste Of Money Brains And Time.
Example: Any time spent with Chis is strictly a WOMBAT.

womble: To gamble on a woman.

Example: He should have known not to marry her, because over half of those who womble lose--the odds
were not in his favor.

Wombsical: Nostalgia for old TV programmes.
Example: Unfortunately, the dinner party got entangled in a wombsical discussion.

womenopause: The loss of male sexual drive and function later in life.
Example: Cute blondes no longer had the same effect on Sean after he went through womenopause in his nineties.

womf: A meaningless expression used by a speaker who can't or won't decide on a word to express his emotional state.
Example: It's 3 pm already. When are you getting out of bed? Womf. OK. I'll go watch TV or something for a while, then.

What do you wanna do? Womf. C'mon, we can't just sit here all day.

womps: A bad or unfavorable situation, when something goes wrong.
Example: This is womps.

wonce: To win once and once only.
Example: John Doe finally wonce a tennis match and retired.

wonder-tard: 1. One who acts exceedingly stupid and surpasses the idiocy for which one might just be called a retard.
2. Someone that has the drooling potentiality of a block of wood (see also: pocket lint).
Example: Yes, Chris's beyond stupid; he's a wonder-tard.

wonderbad: The opposite of good, great, fantastic, and wonderful.
Example: The banana pie was so gross it was wonderbad.

wonderiffic: Extremely wonderful and terrific.
Example: Ice cream is wonderiffic.

wonderific fantasgreat: Really**2 wonderful, terrific, great, and fantastic
Example: Anna Begins by Counting Crows is Wonderific Fantasgreat.

wonderlust: Sexual desire based on curiosity rather than passion.
Example: Andrew? He's seriously hot for Rollergirl, but with Bjork it's just wonderlust.

wonderment: Miracle, something out of the ordinary, extraordinary, unbelievable, cool, awesome, neat.
Example: Saw a guy person rip a 4 thick phonebook apart. It was a wonderment.

wondermous: Beyond wonderful and fabulous put together.
Example: I won the lottery today and it feels wondermous.

wonderwoman: A girl who is studk on herself. [Can't remember how to spell the other word myself.]
Example: Sarah thinks she is really wonderwoman.

wong: You would call somebody a wong if that person was really annoying, snobby, or any type where you would like to insult the person.
Example: Chris is a wong.

wongull (ed): (v, adj) What has happened to your clothing when it has been stretched for some reason.
Example: The last time I let you borrow my shirt, it got all wongulled.

wonk: To cut a person's bangs so short that they appear far younger and more alarmed than they actually are.
Example: My friend was giving me a haircut and she totally wonked it.

wonkwards: 1. To travel diagonally
2. An object which is crooked
Example: 1. I walked wonkwards along the path as it twisted like a snake.
2. The leaning tower of Pisa is wonkwards.

wonky: messed-up, gone wrong, esp. in reference to technology.
Example: the server went all wonky & i couldn't get my email.

wontsom: Describing desire or questioning need.
Example: I wontsom cream in my coffee.

Do you wontsom cream in your coffee?

woo: great, yes!, abbreviation of woohoo, usually typed with an exclamation mark symbolising something good.
Example: person 1: i love you!
person 2: woo! i love you too!

woo-ee diaper: Really dirty diapers that make you say, Woo-ee!
Example: Momma, the baby has a woo-ee diaper!

woo-la: The point at when a person is up in the middle of the night and cannot think right/is all giggily about everything.
Example: Yeah..we were sitting up about 3am..I don't remember what she said because I was all woo-la

woobie: (n) A fleece jacket or shirt. (adj) Used to describe an item made of fleece.
Example: Mary is wearing a lovely orange woobie today. I bet it's warm.

That woobie purse is cute!

Woobie: A favorite blanket, usually very soft and cuddly.
Example: Megan refused to go to sleep until she had her woobie wrapped around her.

woobie: An old stuffed animal or plush toy used as a dog toy.
Example: Spot tore the stuffing out of his woobie.

woobly: problematic, odd, or of questionable stability.
Example: when i compiled and ran it, mr program went all woobly and started spitting out data locations interspersed with random ascii characters.

wood-pusher: A professional chess player.
Example: Bobby Fisher was the greatest American wood-pusher ever.

wood-shampoo: N.Y.P.D. To beat an unruly suspect about the head a shoulders with a policeman's baton.
Example: He took a swing at me when I was cuffing him, so I gave him a wood-shampoo.

wooden kimono: A coffin. Also, wooden coat.
Example: They fit the dead man with a wooden kimono.

woodkicker: One who kicks a plank of wood, a skateboarder.
Example: Woodkickers are more extreme than fruitbooters.

wooftie: 1. Ugly, doglike 2. Feeling ugly and doglike.
Example: 1. I think I'm coming down with the flu. I'm feelin' all wooftie.
2. She looks so wooftie I can't believe he likes her.

woofy: acronym for Well Off Older Folks
Example: ie, conversation with sales help in a garden shop: Do you have any more of those cute special-edition gnomes? No, those woofies driving off in the silver caddy bought us out!

woogie: A dog that makes a strange yowling noise, especially when it yawns. From doggie and Wookie from Star Wars. {The Chris Elliott character from _There's Something About Mary_--wasn't his name Woogie?}
Example: I thought the next door neighbors had a walrus living with them until I saw them walking their woogie.

Woogie-Woo: A word used to give something ordinary a magic quality, or in place of big deal.
Example: How'd you know that? (smile) Woogie-Woo? OR
Did you see my penny collection? Woogie-Woo. No one really cares.

woohoo: A word with multiple meanings. meanings are given by tone or the way it is pronounced
1)happiness or excitement when said fast and loudly.
2)sarcastic happiness or excitement when said slow
these are the classics there are many other uses
Example: WOOHOO! I got 2 dollars off a cup of Starbucks frapaccino.

Woohooters: Interjection. Used to express joy on your way to Hooters for some chicken.
Example: Woohooters, I can't wait to get some hot wings.

woojy: An adjective used to mock the child-like behaviour or whining of another person. Can be emphasised by using twice and tickling in a baby like fashion.
Example: Ow, i just hurt my pancreas Aww, woojy woojy

wooling: To beat up or wrestle, usually in a playful, non-violent manner; typically involves tickling and headlocks.
Example: If you don't settle down, I'll have to come over there and lay a wooling on you!

woop: #NAME?
Example: boy: i just got home. girl: woop!

Woop woop: Aussie word. In the middle of nowhere.
Example: Where'd I get that? Oh, woop woop.

woosh/wooshed: something which is particularly fast or to describe an amazing experience
Example: woosh! what a shot that was.

woot: to be used as an exclamation, for example yay
Example: I bought you a pony WOOT!

wooza: Weird loser--used jokingly around friends.
Example: Shome being a wooza. When you stick cheeze up your nose I fear for your furure.

wope: Past tense of the word wipe.
Example: I wope down the table after dinner.

woperchild: Politically correct term for women. Etymology: Women contains the word men, which is sexist. Thus, Wo(person) a word that expresses equality. However, it was noted that person contains the word son and is thus sexist. So I created Wo(per(child)).
Example: Shut up and go bake me a pie, woperchild.

wopnin: What's happening?
Example: Hey, wopnin?

wopperjawed: To be in a state of disarray, or shambles.
Example: After the accident, his car was completely wopperjawed.

word: I agree
Example: Somebody says something. You say,word.

word foundry: A person or group which comes up with new words on an almost industrial basis.
Analogous to Korean semiconductor chip foundries.
Example: Heh, that Alan Morrison is a real word foundry! ;-)

word of mouse: The way news and rumors spread across the internet via message boards and IRC servers. (Someone coined this along time ago...just did not see it listed and thought it should be.)
Example: If word of mouth and work of mouth don't do it for you, try word of mouse and work of mouse.

word on the street: The rumor or the consensus.
Example: Ed: The word on the street is that you hate Mexican food.
Ted: What street is that word on? It's totally wrong.

Word to you and your mothers!: A totally hip and cool way to say sup, homies?
Thought up by everybody's favorite Olympic gold medalist, Kurt Angle.
Example: When Kurt was lost in New York City and needed directions
to where he needed to be, he saw two homies.
To get their attention he exclaimed, Sup to you and your mothers!

word up: Spawned before Wassup? and with the same meaning.
Example: Michael: Word up? Shaun: Not much.

word'em up: 1.Give praise to. 2.Be thankful for

word-hole: Mouth area where words come out.
Example: Shut your word-hole.

word-nerd: using word without knowing the definiton
Example: that word nerd doen't know what he's talking about

word-to-yer-motha: Phrase used by the whitest of white in so-called rap, Vanilla Ice.
Example: Yo! Word-to-yer-motha! (Making a fist and pressing it to the camera.)

wordchuck: someone that wastes time by thinking up useless words and submitting them to psuedodictionary
Example: How many words could a wordchuck chuck if a wordchuck could chuck words?

wordhumping: (1) The process of fixating on a specific, isolated word when one is speaking to you, interrupting the conversation, repeating the word obsessively for minutes/hours/days (in any and every context) until it renedered almost meaningless, then discarding it until it has some useful purpose again (i.e. in an actual sentence.)

(2) Taking a word out of context and enjoying it simply for the sound.

Example: Example 1

Person 1: So my great-great-great aunt had the bubonic plague and...
Person 2: (wordhumping) Wait, shome. You said, 'bubonic.'
Person 1: Yeah, and so...
Person 2: Bubonic. Bubonic. Boo. Bonic. Boo-bonic.
Person 2: (next week, on the phone to Person 3) Oh my god, I was at that party the other night and it was so damn bubonic...

Example 2:


wordify: modifying the interent html text into a word document for handier use by using the explorer edit with microsoft word icon
Example: If you wordify the text, we wil be able to work on it easier

wordisbawn: when someone comes up with a new idea or news, this is what he/she'll say.
Example: Yo, I just came up from L.A. and there was mad shots goin' down, wordisbawn.

wordism: A made up word or phrase.
Example: This site contains a lot of wordisms.

wordjitsu: A verbal battle requiring quick wits and a whole lotta sass.
Example: After some wordjitsu, I managed to get my evil stepmother to allow me to go to the ball. Little did she know my life was about to change forever....

wordporn: The genre of literature written for the purpose of tittilation.
Example: My grandmother's collection of wordporn is so extensive that she owns every paperback
Fabio ever appeared on.

wordsmith: Someone who is good at using words, especially in written communication.
Example: You should have that letter checked by a wordsmith before you send it. Here, let me help.

work of mouth (tm): An actual typographical error for word of mouth. Phrase has been around since 1976 and is now a trademark. Forget about word of mouth--this is the real way you let people know about you, your products, and your services.
Example: Want some more customers or visitors to your site? Try work of mouth.

work the biscuit: This phrase was originally used in the context of a guy hitting on a girl or vice-versa.
Since it's conception, however, the phrase has been extended to include many other forms
of action not necessarily related to dating rituals.
Example: Check out Dave talking to Kelly. He's really working the biscuit.

workbench: Code word used by experienced men, usually when women are present, to describe a well-used bed.
Example: After I take her out for a few drinks, I'll take her to the workbench.

Working Blue: Originally used to describe the act of a stand-up comic that was composed entirely or excessively of sexual material. More expansively, describes overuse of foul language or discussion of sexual or taboo subjects.
Example: �Andrew Dice Clay has painted his career into a corner because of his habit of working blue.?
OR �I had a bunch of friends over at my house and my mom got upset because we were working blue.?

workshopped: Description for somebody who attended one or usually more workshops.
Example: Three times workshopped.

worktribe: A social group comprised of persons who associate with one-another while performing separate jobs or activities.
Example: The afternoon worktribes from the office building next door filled the restaurant.

world serious: A collection of baseball games, generally played in October,
often viewed by aficionados in a light similar to religious ritual.
Term first coined in the 1950s by the inimitable Walt Kelly, cartoonist, humorist,
and linguist extraordinaire.
(We have met the enemy and he is us.)
Example: 2001 was the first year the World Serious lasted into November.

worrymindit: Preceded by the word don't, it means not to be concerned if something can't be done.
Example: My three-year-old daughter said, Dad, don't worrymindit if we can't go to the movies today.

worthwhility: Worthwhile-ness.
Example: I sincerely doubt the worthwhility of the exercise.

wossname: What's his name. Can be applied to either sex.

Example: I got the bucket off wossname.

wotcha: colloquial English for 'Hello'
Example: Wotcha, how are you today?

would you like some cheese: A snappy retort to be used against someone who keeps
interrupting in an annoying way.

Example: Them: Oh, can't we just shome here? My feet are getting all hot and I think
I'm getting blisters.
You: Aw, look at the poor little baby? Would he like some cheese with his whine?

wounded soldier: A partially-finished can or bottle of beer that can still be consumed.
Example: Ed: I can't find any more beer anywhere. Ted: Here, take this wounded soldier off me.

wowie zowie: A term used when one wants to seem sarcastically happy, taken from a Mothers of Invention song.
Example: Hey Cathy, I just bought a set of encyclopedias!
Wowie zowie.

wowsers: Dizty version of wow.
Example: You got new shoes? Wowsers!

woxymoron: An active, actual oxymoron.
Example: That lady selling smokes while dragging her oxygen machine is a woxymoron.

wrage: A woman�s rage. The almost indescribable anger exhibited by a woman when she is caught in adultery,
theft, etc.
Example: Her wrage was so great she busted out all the windows and doors of his house, and then
took everything of value.

wrank: used in decribing an unpleasant taste or stench usually from people food or or objects
Example: Jesus murphy she smelt wrank. that food was total wrank.

wrape: The process whereby a woman falsely accuses a spouse, boyfriend, or lover of domestic or sexual abuse in order to obtain possession orcontrol of a child, property, or money?or to destroy the man. The wrathful rape of a man. A common practice of the hysterical personality type.
ORIGIN OF WORD: Combining parts of the words wrathful and rape.

Example: She said she was going to wrape him until he had nothing left, including sanity.

wrarble: A warped marble.
Example: Check out this wrarble.

wras: Through physical or psychological means, imposing one's will on another; the violation of another physically or mentally, through threats or actions.

Example: The wras she suffered at his hands was so extreme it made her teeth bleed.

wreck one's shop: To defeat devastatingly.
Example: I wrecked Bill's shop today on the basketball court.

wrinkle ranch: A name used in place of nursing home, senior citizen estates, and so forth.
Example: Damn, is she getting old... It's about time to move Grandma to the wrinkle ranch.

wrinklies: old people (plural)
Example: Hey, the wrinklies are coming over for tea - boil some water.

wrinkular: skin that is overly wrinkled
Example: did you see the back of my elbows - they've gone completely wrinkular!

write-only: Unreadable or indecipherable. Something of sufficient complexity that it is incomprehensible. Often applied to someone else's style of writing software.
Example: I've spent an hour trying to figure out what your freaking write-only PERL script does: lean to use some comments for a change!

writer: A practitionar of graffiti.
Example: The local writers in this area united as one and formed the 893 UNIT.

wronf: The state of being incorrect, not wrong but not right.
Example: I was not wronf, just slightly mistaken.

Wrong way to eat a reese's (c): A phrase said when some one makes either a very big mistake, or any mistake one would think impossible. Comes from the Reese's (c) ad slogan there's no wrong way to eat a reese's (c)
Example: I spilled wine on my date's dress, and then almost set her on fire Whoa! Wrong way to eat a reese's (c)

wrunkled: A face aged by life.
Example: If you're lucky, you'll live long enough to get a very wrunkled face.

wtf: Acronym for demanding a logical answer to something confusing or absurd.
Example: Bungie jump out of an airplane...wtf were you thinking?

WTG: Way To Go.
Example: WTG Bill, that was a great demonstration.

WTMI: Way too much information.
Example: You and your husband are no longer physically involved? OK! WTMI!

wubbering: The peculiar quavering certain singers experience whilst singing high-frequency lyrics,
resulting in the distortion of certain syllables.
Derived from Wubbering, wubbering heights.
Can also occur when one is crying and speech is in the form of a wobbly sob--think blubbering.
Example: She was really wubbering a hell of a lot after she got smacked in the face by that door.

wubsmeed: Imbercile, fool, moron, etc.
Example: Are you a complete wubsmeed?

wuccas: Commonly used Australian slang. Abbreviation for the spoonerism wucking furries.
Example: Bruce: Thanks for the lift. Mick: No wuccas, mate.

wudelphreignjyuur: Wood-elf ranger.
Someone who is extremely knowledgable about wildlife and lives in a woodland area.
Example: The hermit who produces herbal medicines in the mountains is a wudelphreignjur

wug: A completely sporadic combination of walking, running, and jogging. Most often demonstrated by particularly obese people on a treadmill.
Example: I'm permanently scarred from seeing some plus size model wuggin' it at the gym today in spandex.

wuh-wuh-wuh: WWW when spoken in an internet address. Much easier than saying double-you double-you double-you.
Example: The pseudodictionary is located on the web at wuh-wuh-wuh dot pseudodictionary dot com.

wumzif: What happens if.
Example: Wumzif we can't get home in time to let the dogs out?

wunch: A collective noun for a group of bank employees.

Example: This is a Spoonerism: They are all a wunch of bankers.

wuppie: web yuppie

Wurr: A soft sound of contentment, sounding like a cross between a purr and a sigh.
Example: Stephanie wurred dreamily when she found out she could adopt the kitten.

Wuss: One who freaks out at even the smallest bit of unpleasantness.
Example: That guy's a complete Wuss.

wuss-rock: music that males (mostly boy-bands) make that's very sappy and cheesy in nature. it's usually listened to by teenaged girls, who think there are males out there that actually talk like that.

wuttling: Extraction and disposing of the essence and replacing it with something else.
Example: Another example of wuttling: you know the animutations,
where they interpret the Japanese words into English? That's wuttling.

wuzzle: To Mix. From elementary school CAT tests. (see younker)
Example: Wuzzle means to mix.

wwwzipitdotcom!: Shut your mouth!
Example: Hey! Wwwzipitdotcom! You are being rude!

Wyrm: From the Olde Engish word for serpent or dragon. (See root words of worm in the dictionary) (See Silkwyrm.)
Example: Any SciFi Fan knows that the words Dragon and Wyrm are synonyms.

WYSAWYG: Pronounced why-za-wig. What You See Ain't What You Get! The opposite of WYSIWYG.
Example: I hate WYSAWYG websites. I like such user loving sites such as pseudodictionary.com.