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d'oh!: Literally a contraction of Duh... Oh! made famous by Homer Simpson. Used to denote anything from surprise to being caught, to forgetting something, etc.
Example: Homer, did you remember our anniversary? Homer - D'OH!

d'you: The cool way of saying do you.
Example: D'you think I'm cool?

D.F.S. (Dinny fink sae): Dinny fink sae (or 'I don't think so') to disagree or indicate that a person may be 'Talking bollocks for Scotland'.
Example: An example of its use: Macaulay: Yeah, I pulled this really good looking burd at the weekend Jonny: Dinny fink sae.

D.O.J., D.O.D., etc.: The various U.S. Government cabinet-level departments.
Department of Justice, Department of Defence, etc.
Example: Ashcroft narrowly missed being rejected as D.O.J. head because of his right-wing alliances.

Da Burgh: Ghetto slang for Pittsburgh, Pennsylavnia.
Example: Wanna go down to Da Burgh to watch Lemieux and the Penguins?

Da-J.I.C: Just in Case
Example: Q:Why you bringin your gat? A:For da JIC

da-poss-e: Describing a person's followers or special group.
Example: Da-poss-e of Jesus was the Twelve Disciples.

dab: Give your friends a form of a handshake by hitting one fist on home of the other and then alternating.
Example: Give ya girl some dab, phool.

daddy-look: (v.) The act of searching for something in a half hearted manner. A habitual token or cursory glance most often used when looking for articles of a child's clothing.
Example: Daddy says he can't find your shoes? Did he look or did he daddy-look?

Dadnasticate: To procrastinate, but feel kinda bad about doing it.
Example: If only I had started sooner. But, blast it, I've been dadnasticating all week.

Dag: A term of many uses, it can be used for anger, humor, or to say, something is sweet :)
Example: Dag! (s)he's HOT!, Dag yo, thats messed up, Dag!

dag nasty: unbelievably nasty, utterly repulsive
Example: That snail and worm soup was dag nasty.

daggit: A corrupted version of damn it or dang it
Example: Daggit, my computer crashed again.

daggy: Superlatively lame, in a downmarket way.
To be precise: something that's half dorky, half ghetto.
Australian derivation, most endearingly uttered in a Japanese accent.
Example: I hate daggy stupid surferboy shop in Shibuya, ne. Nobody there surf. Ne?

daint: don't
Example: I daint want to do the dishes

Daisy-Dukes: Extremely tight, short-shorts worn by young women in the American South.
Example: A classic example of a pair of Daisy-Dukes can be seen on any of the Dallas Cowboy cheerleaders.

Dali: A distorted sense of perspective or reality, usually brought on by alcohol.
The concept that your surroundings are no longer solid.
Example: After ten pints of Stella, everything seemed a bit Dali.

dammit: Useful for substituting swear words when talking about someone
Example: yeah, i mean dammitjonny.. what is he playin at??

Dammitol: Psuedo-pharmacological sounding word used to express frustration.
Example: Oh, dammitol, I have to go back to the hardware store to buy a different size of pipe.

damn clipy: A phrase usually uttered when one first opens one of the newer versions of Microsoft Word. Or, a phrase uttered when someone forgets to turn off the Office Assistant, and does something that the program feels you could do more easily with a little help.
Example: What would you like to do? Damn clipy. ::hide Office Assistant::
Do you want to save the changes? Damn clipy.

damn skippy: A quick response to a statement that you agree with.

damn-a-rama: an all-purpose term of exasperation; usually uttered in frustration or extreme fatigue, sometimes both
Example: Tax time coming again? Damn-a-rama! And I'm stuck with the long form...

damnaged: that which is not only damaged, but is damaged beyond repair. Generally used to describe something in writing.
Example: This has been damnaged.

damnder: (adj)more than damned, but less than damndest
Example: Can't think of a damned one (or a damnder one).

dance nazi: A person who goes around correcting dancers at a ceili, those who are just enjoying themselves recreationally.
Example: A. Get you self into step.
B. Oh, get off, you dance nazi.

dance-apella: A dance performed without music. Usually absent-mindedly, or to burn off excess energy.
Example: We were all standing in the hall outside the conference room waiting for the prior meeting to let out. It was taking forever! To entertain myself I put on a little dance-apella for my fellow attendees.

danceterbation: a dance performered alone usually while wearing boots and hat and timed to music containing lyrics that include the words watermelon or tractor.
Example: Clyde got really turned on watching Bessie and Lurlene danceterbate to to that new Ricky Van Shelton song.

Dancing Toad: From the classic Warner Brothers cartoon One Froggy Evening, featuring a dancing
and singing Michigan J. Frog that just croaks when anyone other than its agent is present.

Describes an application which runs fine when the development team are running it, but crashes when demoed to clients.
Example: I thought the program was robust enough to beta, but it turned out to be a dancing toad.

dandy: Nifty; spiffy; good; great; coolio; sunshiny; etc.
Example: Have a dandy day.

Danem-gonit-chaheck: Expletive that combines Daggonit and Damn it all to heck. Used to add a touch of light humor to an otherwise undesirable situation.
Example: Danem-gonit-chaheck! Where the hell are we now?

Dangerou: A dangerou is a carnivorous and ferocious marsupial now only found in captivity.
Example: Sharon saw the sign on the cage, Warning: these animals are dangerous, and backed off.

Danglish: words/grammar combining danish and english

Danielle: A woman who is extremely caring, loving, and sexy.
Example: Neil: My girlfriend Christina is almost the Danielle I've been looking for. I feel like I don't deserve her. John: Obviously, you don't.

dank: when refering to something really cool or nice
Example: damn...that new girl suzy is dank

dankurtis: a feeling of overwhelming curiosity and sponteniety
Example: Matt is so dankurtis. He went sky diving, bungee jumping, and hiking all in one day without planning.

danky: Not too great, not too bad. In the middle.
Example: I'm feeling danky today.

danky sore: Used by a teenager--assumed meaning is canker sore.
Example: Last time I ate a grapefruit, it gave me a danky sore.

danny: A danny is a finger puppet. The derivation is from the movie The Shining, when little Danny speaks to his finger and says in a satanic voice- Danny isn't here right now, Mrs. Torrance. Danny is appropriate to be used for all types of finger puppets.
Example: I bought the cutest little danny today, a caterpillar.

daps: trainers, sneakers, plimsolls or gym shoes by another name.
Example: Kate looked dazzling wearing her new daps.

DaQ: To be a complete idiot.
Example: How did you fail that easy test, you DaQ?

darishnafrod: Synonym for FUBAR, except much, much more so.
Example: Those drinks were too strong, Jester is seriously darishnafrod.
He can't shome puking. OR My car got hit yesterday, it's darishnafrod.

Darius: (chiefly Brit.) v. To unwittingly embarrass oneself whilst trying to 'make an impression', especially on national TV.
Example: Britney dariused herself at the karaoke yet again last night.

dark rainbow: Unlike a dark cloud, there is no silver lining. Just layer upon layer of variegated gloom and doom.
Example: When I asked the group did your parents ever say to you Don't cry or I'll give you something to cry about, our resident dark rainbow began to talk about growing up in a closet and being fed by a straw through the key hole.

dark side, unleash the: To will strike down with great vengeance and furious anger. Unleashees usually include call centers, and untrained computer shop staff.
Example: PCBigShop has sold me another dodgy printer... i'm going down there to unleash the dark side on them

dark-thirty: Half an hour after sunset. Not to be confused with O-dark-thirty.
Example: The newspaper said the fireworks would start at about dark-thirty.

darking: (n) Starting to get dark out.
Example: Hey, Mom, is it darking yet?

darktime: Time when it's dark.
Example: It's getting late, it's almost darktime.

darn tootin': Agreeing with strongly.

Example: Do you want to go to the mall tonight? Darn Tootin!

darn tootin`: damn right - usually say with a pug smile on your face; said to be stupid.
Also used as an answer after some one says something really dumb
Example: hey! Did you know that cows have utters?

darrick: a hot guy
Example: Check him out, he's a darrick.

Darryl: Somebody that is just a complete dork, lacks common sense. Not gender specific, it's a state of mind.
Example: Look at that Darryl. He has on plaid pants with a Hawaiian shirt. Wonder where his brother Darryl is?

darsh: Cool or with it.

Example: That band is so cool, said Jimmy. That lead singer is really darsh.

darwin: To do something so stupid it gets you killed.
Example: He lit a match to see if there was any gas in his car's tank--darwined immediately when the car exploded.

dashenka: Moscow slang for darling.

Example: You are just my little dashenka

Dast: Asking a question with a dare.
Example: Dast I take the last beer?

data-dink: A computer expert.
Example: Call the data-dinks, the system has crashed again.

Dataface: The face of data as expressed in a graphical user interface. Shorthand for an interface to a database.
Example: With the system having grown to over 200 tables, building an easy to navigate dataface became even more critical!

datle-learnya: To become more learned
Example: Did you stack your bike? Datle-learnya. You won't do that again.

Daughter of Aphrodite: A female who is particularly beautiful; especially a young woman.
Example: Sarah Michelle Gellar is a daughter of Aphrodite.

dauncey: Strange, odd, or just plain not cute.
Example: See the dauncey blouse she's wearing?

davism: an action intended to confuse someone so as to derive ammusement at their confusion. Called a davism after the dave project that searched out and lists these confusionisms.
Example: I'll have black coffee with milk please. (an example of a davism from www.obscurity.org.uk/obscurity/dave/)

Davros: A foot-propelled roll across the office floor on a chair with casters. From Davros, the half-human, half-Dalek villain of _Doctor Who_.
Example: I davrossed across the office to change the CD.

dawg: A salutation teenage boys use with each other--inappropriate if used otherwise.
Example: John: Hey, Dawg, what's up? Dawg (Lee, in this case): Nothin', J-man.

dawn patrol: Programmers who remain at their terminals throughout the night,
working right into the next business day.
Example: I'm exhausted. I was on dawn patrol last night.

Dawsons Creek Moment: A Moment that is so sappy, romantic and/or cheesy that it belongs on Teeny-Booper-TV with bad pop music ballads playing in the background.
Example: Me and Heather had a Dawson's Creek moment last night.

daymare: A nightmare that is lived out in the light of day; a bad dream come true.
Example: His daymare about her turned out to be far worse than any nightmare he could dream up.

dbc: Don't Be Cheap. Exclamation used when someone is being cheap...and you want to tell her not to be, but don't feel like spelling it out to them. Instead you use this acronym that she is clueless over and she wonders what you mean.
Example: Situation: Chris drank your last beer and won't even offer to buy more when you mention that you are out of it.
You: Ahh, I'm out of beer.
Chris: That sucks.
You: DBC!

DBS: Dumb Bitch Syndrome.
Example: Your mom stole my liquor, she must suffer from DBS.

De-friend: To shome being friends with someone.
Example: I had to de-friend Billy because he was a criminal.

de-hottify: To go from extremely attractive, hot, and sexy to...to RoseAnne--largely through gaining weight.
Example: I was a babe in high school, but I thoroughly de-hottified when I had my baby.

de-nudulating: putting clothes on.
Example: (On the phone)...could you hold the line? I'm just de-nudulating myself...

dead presidents: Money, in bills.
Example: The bank holds a lot of dead presidents.

dead-cat bounce: Wallstreet expression describing the phenomenon of a stock bottoming out to near-nil and then recovering with a sharp buying spree from bargin hunters. The notion being that even a dead-cat will bounce if dropped from a high enough point.
Example: Enron stocks continue to experience a dead-cat bounce long after financial pundits considered the conglomerate a moribound interest.

deafacacatated: Hearing loss caused by verbal bullshit.
Example: After five minutes of Chris's opening remarks, Carol became deafacacatated.

Dealy: A word used in place of somthing you cant remember.Used in an episode of The Simpsons
Example: Marge, wheres that metal dealy you use to dig food??

dealy: word used to describe something in which the name is unknown. describes objects best. the smaller the object, the better.
Example: while putting together something...pass me that little dealy.

death polka: The leftover electrical impulses in the body after death cause the arms and legs to flail about.
Most often seen in gruesome action flicks.
Example: I watched in horror as Ramon's body did the death polka.

death rattle: smoker's cough

death-: Prefix used before food item to imply that the item is spicy to the degree that you are unable to eat it
Example: My roommate cooked me up a death-omelet and I thought it was a real waste of food.

deathstyle: Like a lifestyle, but with a focus on the potential negative consequences of a pattern of behaviour.
Example: I used to be a smoker, but then I decided I needed a change of deathstyle.

deboed: To take with authority.
Example: Jonathan just deboed Jason's watch.

debubbletize: To pop all the air bubbles in your bubble wrap.
Example: I can no longer enjoy this peice of bubble wrap--it's already been debubbletized.

debute: a combination of debate and dispute together.
Example: While in a deep discussion with a friend I yelled,That's it, I'm not going to debute this with you anymore! We laughed and that's how it came to be.

decakilonym: The name for the ten-thousandth element in any list.
Example: My word was selected as the decakilonym for the pseudodictionary.

decap: To remove the capitalization of a proper name, usually a product, indicating that it's ubiquitous.
Example: Watch as I decap the internet and world wide web. There, I did it.

decapacitated: Incapable of action due to lack of a functioning head.
Example: Susan's headache left her decapacitated.

decar: To get out of a car, like deplane which is an actual word.
Example: We have shomeped, you may now decar. [Would you please get out of decar?]

deceivious: Both deceitful and devious.
Example: I didn't trust him after seeing his deceivious smile.

Deceptacon: A person suspected of being a liar, or untruthful.
Example: Don't trust Jimmy. I think he might be a Deceptacon.

decepticon: (From the Transformers TV show) Someone who looks good from behind (or in poor lighting) but horrid when they turn around.
Example: On TV, Calista Flockheart looks pretty good, but in person she looks like Golem from The Hobbit! Serious decepticon.

decievery: Decieving (sic) someone so you can steal his ideas or property.
Example: She committed a major act of decievery when she asked to take a look at his screenplay, and then produced something similar.

Deck-chair: n. A private schoolboy or schoolgirl forced to wear, under the rules of their 'school uniform policy', a multi-coloured, vertically striped blazer - a design not unlike that often found adorning the canvas of traditional wooden deck-chairs.
Example: The Richmond train was crammed full with rowdy deck-chairs this morning.

Deckerating: Like decorating but the early bit of the process involving nice big power tools.
Example: When Janet came in from work the bedroom was full of holes, plaster, sawdust and beer bottles.
John had been deckerating again.

decrapulated: A combination of the words decrepit, dilapidated, and crap.
Example: That house is decrapulated.

decroded: Decayed + corroded. My wife uses this word as if it were already in the dictionary.
Example: I found the hammer you lost in the yard last year. It was all decroded.

decruitment: Retrenchment, layoffs, downsizing, outplacement.
Example: I was headhunted for the agency three years ago, and then this week, suddenly, I was decruited.

decrustification: The art of getting to know someone better. Getting past the surface of some issue.
Example: You have to decrustify someone in order to really know if you can trust them.

dedryhated: The right pronunciation for dehydrated, same meaning
Example: I drank too much gin last night, now I feel very dedryhated.

deece: From decent: cool, good, etc. Noun. deecenox: goodness, coolness, derived from as deeceness.
Example: Gray thinks she's deece, but she's lame. She lacks deecenox.

deeferdee: D for D. Dressed for Drinks. A state of dress for woman.
When a woman is dressed rather sluttily for a night on the town.
Example: Did you see how tight her skirt was? She's deeferdee.

deeluck: Combination: delicious and yuck. For the taste of something that appears delicious but tastes yucky.
Example: My two-year-old daughter has three descriptions for food: delicious, yuck, and deeluck.

deepdish: When someone is looking perplexed or overwhelmed by some problem
we say, What's his deepdish all about?
Example: He is acting so strange, it makes you wonder what his deepdish is all about.

deeznuts: Quickcomeback to any comment made to you. Used similarly to yourmom.
Example: Erica: Hey, nice pants. Mike: Uh, yeah...deeznuts.

Defective Shake-N-Bake: One whose face 'peels' due to dryness or high acid acne medication.
Example: Look at Defective Shake-N-Bake over there.

defenestrate: To throw someone or something out of a window.
Example: If this computer crashes one more time, I'm defenestrating the piece of junk. | Okay, but when you say you 'defenestrated' your PC, do you mean that you threw it out your window, or that you wiped your entire operating system off your hard drive? From https://www.funwords.com/library/d.htm#defenes

defenestratocast: To throw a guitar through a window.
Example: The music video's director made sure to defenestratocast in slow motion for maximum effect.

deficky: Offensive, disgusting. Combination of definitely and icky.
Example: Nicky: Yum.. peanut-butter-and-green-olive sandwich.
Lauryn: Nicky, that's deficky.

definately: Definitely. Added for those who don't use a spelling checker.
Example: There's definately a caterpillar in the pudding down there.

definotion: The loosely formed conceptualization of a word's meaning.
Example: My mind could only tentatively come up with a vague definotion of the word antidisestablishmentarianism.

Definotly: Defin-ot-ly. Definitely not, with a passion.
Example: Q. Wanna go to the jazz club tonight?
A. Definotly.

deflufferate: To remove the fluff from an article of clothing
Example: It is important to deflufferate your jacket before going for the job interview.

defongerate: To extract bad smells from a facility.
Example: It took quite an effort to defongerate after Chris visited.

defunkify: fix something that is broken or that is acting funky. taken from the word defunct and funky
Example: Will you please format that hard drive and defunkify my computer!
I have to take a shower and defunkify from my day working in the garden.

degraditated: Completely and utterly debased to the lowest point of human dignity.
Example: After being put in stocks for indecent exposure, the man felt degraditated as the town threw rotten vegatables at him.

degunkulator: Anything that initiates a process through which a dirty thing becomes clean.
Example: A car wash is a great example of a degunkulator.

dehermitize: When a person comes out of self-imposed isolation and engages in social activities.
Example: Thanks for asking me to join you. I guess I can dehermitize myself for today.

deicification: Removing ice from something.
Example: Please perform some deicification on the car.

deja reve: The feeling you've had this dream before. Often illusory, I suspect.
Example: I experienced a curious sense of deja reve.

deja-booboo: The inexorable feeling that you've made this mistake before.
Example: John's hanging out with a blonde again--I'm getting a strong sense of deja-booboo.

Deja-moo: The feeling you've seen that cow somewhere before.
Example: Driving past Farmer Bill's field, I had a real feeling of deja-moo.

dejuno, djuno: Did you know?
Example: Dejuno that Katie was running with scissors?

delecto: USed to decribe an object or act that is positive in every which way.
Example: That hotdog was so good, it was delecto.

delete yourself: To go away or leave.
Example: Melissa, you are really starting to annoy me. Would you please just delete yourself?

deletionial: Refusal to comply with or satisfy the fact that
yes, all those pages that you just typed have just been eaten by the evil computer
monster that makes everything shome just as you click the save button.
Example: Just before I could save my 10-page American Literature paper, my computer froze up.
I went into deletionial and wasted an hour looking for it on my computer.

delic: 1. Describes things found at, or related to, a delicatessen.
2. An unpleasant psychological arousal directly related to a change in luncheon-meat conditions.
Example: 1. The mayor's lunch included meats, cheeses, and other delic treats.
2. The mayor becomes quite delic when the ham is overcooked, but nothing compares to the time when some dry pastrami sent him into a delic frenzy.

delicatessian: Exceptionally delicious junk food.
Example: That pizza was a delicatessian delight.

delictation: Neglect. Comes from the legal term delict meaning negligence.
Example: And now, for your delictation and indifference: the latest Pokemon movie.

delinquinate: To contribute to one's delinquency.
Example: By telling Sarah not to do her homework and to go out and party, Madeleine delinquinated her.

delle: A German acronym: Durch einfach liegen lassen erledigt. In English: solved by simply not handling. Leave the e-mail with the notification of a problem in your in-box.
Sooner or later the submittor will send another one stating that the problem has been solved in the meanwhile, or at least changed.
Example: No, I did not yet look into this dynamic TCP/IP addressing problem: it'll turn out to be a delle.

demanize: To demonize a man so badly that it results in verbal castration.
Example: She demanized him for many years to try to cover up and justify her many sinful actions.

demapped: (adj.) the state of having been assasinated;
to have been figuratively taken off the map. Always used in the past tense.
Example: The shopkeeper was found demapped behind the counter.

demoliated: When the ultimate, massive, final, non-reversible destruction of something occurs;
a cross between demolish and exfoliate.
Example: When you drop a plate of food on the driveway and as you turn to go back inside the house to get something to try and rescue some of the food, your friend drives over it with the car as she is picking you up. The food and plate have been demoliated.

demon: Person who is an absolute legend.
Example: Larry. I got us front row tickets for the concert.
Harry. You demon.

demons of stupidity: Mythical entities responsible for illogical bureacracy, paradoxical regulations, hard-to-use software, and all problems that wouldn't exist if anyone in charge had thought about them at all.
Coined by Scott Adams in Dilbert.
Example: The bank charges me a fee for each electronic transaction I make--even though I'm saving them money by not going into the bank to be served by a teller. I guess they've been possessed by the demons of stupidity.

demonstraction: demo with flashy presentation style that masks product shortcomings
Example: The input was so cool, we forgot to ask where the data went in that demonstraction!

Dempo: In music, taking a song or a part of a song down tempo, or slower. (See Umpo)
Example: Until we get the rythm down, let's take it dempo.

dench: A person who acts like a tosser, acts studidly.
Example: Shome acting like a dench.

deniro jockey: A female who always expects the male to pay, whether he is her boyfriend or not. Originally from Vancouver CA, but supplanted to Sydney Aust
Example: I'm broke, my deniro jockey has worn me/my wallet out

denos: the male phenomenon of having chest hairs poking out of the neck of your shirt.
Example: That guy would have been cute, if he didn't have such a denos. (or if he wasn't doing the denos)

dental: (adj) Describes a situation that is like pulling teeth--painful, annoying.
Example: Going to the DMV is dental.

deokay: To reject or reverse approval of an action after permission has previously been given;
to reverse a prior permission = to change the rules, usually without notification.

Example: He did as he had done in the past, but she deokayed it, acted angry, and then used his action as the
basis for her betrayal, rejection, and desertion. She then acted like it was all his fault.

depictioneer: A person who spends her time writing and illustrating use-case sceenarios for software development.
Example: This part of the spec was done by Betty, our staff depictioneer.

deplenish: To subtract from, to take away from the whole, to decrease.
Example: Reading books by certain prolific authors may actually deplenish your knowledge.

deposse: To break up one's posse for good. Also depossession.
Example: When everyone went off to college, we had to deposse.

deprecipitate: Snow shovelling or removing the precipitation.
Example: It snowed havily so I needed to deprecipitate my parcetorium. (Latin term for driveway.)

dept: Describing word for a guy, especially when he's looking his best.
Example: You're looking dept tonight, Jimmy--you shouldnt have any trouble meeting some new girls.

Deputamatic: Authoritative; feels sovereign.
Example: James felt deputamatic toward the little kids.

Der: Can be used in two different situations. One, as a substitute for no kidding when responding to an obvious statement. (eg. Today is Saturday? Der!) Two, to express exasperation over a situation. (eg. You mean I have to get up at 9:00? Der!)
Example: Statement: You know, if you add two and two, you get four. Response: Der!

Der Fuhrer: Any person who physically resembles Adolf Hitler.
Example: Who wears short shorts? Der Fuhrer wears short shorts.

derder: A cardboard tube that used to be inside a roll of toilet paper, paper towels, or wrapping paper.
Called a derder because kids of all ages inevitably hold the tube to their mouth and say der der der
and make other nonsensical sounds.
Example: Hand me that big derder.
I need it to mail this poster to my friend.

derect: To tear down; the opposite of the verb to erect.
Example: As soon as we derect the tent, we can head out.

derflamminloggin: This is my husband's name for those pseudo-logs that you can burn in the fireplace.
Example: Honey, it's kind of cold out. Do you want to burn derflamminloggin in the fireplace tonight?

derstand: To not comprehend, to be confused--opposite of understand.
Example: Sorry, I derstand you. Please repeat the question.

des: to be desperate for someone or something, to really like and want it
Example: Damn Donna des's for Ray Lee across the street.

describitory: Superfluously painting a verbal picture
Example: The describitory to define a baseball as a spherical orb composed of a processed rubber ball
the size of a ping-pong ball, encased in tightly wound string, and covered in two pieces of bleached
cowhide expertly fitted together and stitched with finely woven red thread, tested for hardness and

Desk Jockey: Someone who does nothing all day but sit behind a desk.
Often used to describe someone in a cool, manly type profession (Air Force, Mountain Climbing) but who
doesn't actually do anything cool or manly, just preens about as if he actually has a life.
Example: Chris keeps going on and on about fighter jets, but he's just a desk jockey. The only thing he ever really flew is off the handle.

desouled: stripped of one's soul, trust, emotions, etc.--like heartbroken, but worse.
Example: He was completely desouled when she left him.

despediate: (des-PEE-dee-ate) To take leave or dismiss oneself from a conversation, meeting, etc. From the Spanish, despedirse.
Example: Maria heard me coming down the hall and quickly despediated herself from the telephone. I have to go now, she said, I have to drive my friend to the airport.

desperadoo: The kind of hair style in which a long (desperate) ponytail is coupled with no hair home.
You will see this sort clinging to the hair that will grow while the home is losing more and more hair.
An extension of the slang doo describing hair styles. A variation of doo.
Example: What's with the desperadoo, Chris? You could always make a hairpiece from that ponytail and start all over again.

Despicion: The feeling toward something despised.
Example: I hold Windows in despicion.

dessert pocket: Humorously used to refer to that part of the stomach reserved for dessert.
Especially well developed in teenagers, this allows a person eating a large,
group meal such as Christmas dinner to be full on meat or vegetables,
but perfectly capable of eating multiple servings of cake or pie.
Example: (Everyone is sitting and commenting about how full they are. Dessert is announced.)
Someone (often a grandchild): Some pie sounds good to me.
More senior family member: You have quite a dessert pocket there.

destinated: Amateur radio operator signifying that he's reached his destination.
Example: I'm destinated; I'll talk with you when I'm on the move again.

destinesia: reaching a destination and forgetting why you went there
Example: he/she suffers from destinesia

destinkify, destinkifier: To shower, or, in noun form, the shower. See rainbox.
Example: You reek. Go destinkify.

destructions: The instructions for any mechanical device or unassembled product that, when followed step-by-step, will either render the item useless or cause serious injury.
Example: Okay, here's the Destructions, it should be no problem to put this bicycle together.

detritest, detritester: To pick up candy, food, cigarettes, etc. off the street and check for damage (usually before consuming). Someone who acts thusly.
Example: There was this hot dog in the bin. I mean, it only looked about a day old, so I picked it up and detritested it. Tasted great!

deuce: To poke someone in the eye with two fingers.
Example: Sometimes I wear a special face mask so that I can't be deuced.

deuce-and-a-quarter: Reflects the number 225.
Example: That will cost you a deuce-and-a-quarter. Back in the day I drove a deuce-and-a-quarter.

Devil-Billy: A proper noun used to describe someone who is acting in an outrageous or devious manner.
Example: You replaced the vanilla ice cream with lard? You're the Devil-Billy.

devon: means BALD, having no or little hair

Example: e.g. look at that devon head (pointing at gramps with no hair)

or what devon feet you have (no hair on feet when have hairy legs)

Dewdney Trunk Road: Used in conversatation with someone who knows the Vancouver Lower Mainland. An expression of cool, wow, awesome or apocalyptic. Sometimes this describes an outdoor drinking binge.
Example: Whoa! Dewdney Trunk Road.
Oh, man, I got a headache--we did 3 days on Dewdney Trunk Road .

dewey: A person for whom a bicycle is primary transportation due to the loss of her driver's license for illegal substance use.
Homonym for DUI--Driving Under the Influence.
Example: There goes a real dewey on that bike. I heard the cops got her for drunken driving twice.

Dexlexia: A condition that causes the transposition of letters in words while typing.
Example: My figners hvae dexlexia today, so forgive my spleling.

dexterfreebish: Ssnobbish, stuck up.
Example: Some rich kids are dexterfreebishes.

dez: Short for derelict. It can be used many ways to describe a bum on the street or a friend slow on the uptake.
Example: Look at that drunken old dez on the corner.

dharma situation: Participating in any activity that you would otherwise avoid like the plague simply because it will give you a chance to ogle members of the opposite sex. Can be used by male or female. From Jenna Elfman's character on the execrable show _Dharma and Greg_.
Example: Yes, I watch _Baywatch_ every week, but it's purely for the dharma situation.
OR The only reason I'm at this party is for the dharma situation.

dhinchak: Adjective used when you see really weird clothing on nice people.
Example: Remember Smita's dhinchak tiger skirt?

dhl: to send something via courier
Example: I dhl'd the package to you yesterday.

DHR: also, Demon Hell Ride. a very, very rough time, as would be experienced during a schitzophrenic episode. Origin: the music of Wesley Willis, which is inspired by his own schizophrenic episodes
Example: The phone hasn't shomeped ringing all day. I didn't even get time to take my lunch. I'm on a major DHR, today.

Dhr: When someone does something stupid or a remark is not liked.
Example: Well, I have the best car money can buy....Response: Dhr.

dhud: A lazy person.
Example: A dhud like Mac can never succeed in life.

diagonalistics: Ability to form a diagonal line.
Example: That line is curvy. You need to work on your diagonalistics.

diagonized: the dread of having an illness diagnosed
Example: I hate being diagonized by the doctor.

dialectic: Extremely interested in other dialects and picks up on them quickly.
Example: Leigh is clearly dialectic. Whenever she hears a new slang term, she immediately and seamlessly incorporates it into her existing vocabulary.

diaper diva: Pre-teens who really like NSYNC and the Backstreet boys, and try to dress like Britney Spears.
Example: Eww! Christina's a diaper diva. She just turned 11, and she's wearing a tube home.

Diatricationalism: The belief that all vacation and free time is pointless.
Example: James had diatricationalism for BMX and cliff jumping that summer.

dibble: a little bit of something, as in food or drink
Example: How big of a piece of cake do you want? Just a dibble.

dibbley-doofus: Non-specific technological artifact. Used by engineers to indicate components that they cannot remember the names of. Usually acompanied by vigorous hand waving and violent gesticulation.
Example: While Chris was holding the spring clip he gestured to the bench and asked Mike to pass the dibley-doofus. Unfortunately, Mike passed him a thingy instead.

dibbs: A set of clothing, often with accessories.
Example: Hey, Lauryn! Nice dibbs.

Dick Dictator: The female equivalent of being pussy whipped.
Example: I'd ask Jane but she's so Dick Dictated she'd never go with us.

dicked: Cheated.
Example: You got dicked out of that deal.

dickens: Unit to measure pain. Derived from the phrase, Hurts like the dickens.
Example: When I cut my finger, I experienced about 23 kilo-dickens of pain.

dicknotized: The state of sexual/emotional limbo that the average teenage girl enters when she finds her first real male sexual partner, thereby causing her to skip school, neglect her academics, drop friends, etc.
Example: I don't know if this is too sexually explicit or not, but...I am a HS English teacher, and this word came up in a class discussion about a student we hadn't seen in months. A fellow classmate of this young lady informed me that the missing student had gotten together with Jeremy, and she is all dicknotized now. You won't see her again.

dictionary: This is where all words are found.
Example: Can't find that word in the dictionary? Try the pseudodictionary, mate.

did I hear a niner in there?: A reply for when somebody is attempting to lie, but falters horribly. From _Tommy Boy_.
Example: Yeah, sorry I didn't call, but I smashed...my...brand new...Porsche into...a...light-post.
Did I hear a niner in there?

did it great: A question about something that took place in the recent past; did it go well?
Example: Ed: I just had a job interview. Ted: Did it great?

did you get my invitation: Refers to a pending invitation to bite one's lower posterior
in response to a perceived insult or as a childish retort.
Example: You're an idiot.
Did you get my invitation?

diddly: Nothing.
Example: It don't mean diddly to me.

diddly squat: Don't mean nothin'. Actually, it does mean nothing.
Example: I din't get diddly squat from that class.

diddly-Widdle: A direction when all other directions just wont do.
Example: Just go right, then make a left. Now, all ya got to do is...diddly-widdle on Oak and you're there.

diddums: Mocking diminutive, used when someone is being overly whiny.
Example: A: I just broke a nail! B: Awww, poor diddums.

didilate: To lie about the time of day when asked, especially in a manner that would cause the requester to panic about being late for some important event.
Example: I don't have my watch. What time is it, John?
It's half past nine.
Oh my god! Are you serious?! I'm late for my final exam!
Settle down! I'm didilating, it's really fifteen after eight.
Whew! I hate you, John.

didiot: (did-ee-it) a stupid person, often used between friends...
Example: Jayme: Bah! Marsha, you can be such a didiot!

didoes: Cute animal antics, such as rolling by a frisky, friendly feline. Possible Scottish origin.
Example: The tabby kitten did didoes on the floor as her belly was scratched.

die aria: A solo sung in an opera while the singer dies a tragic death.
Example: The soprano performed a moving die aria at the end of _Madame Butterfly_.

diehardcore: In the world of fandom there are diehards and hardcore people.
But if you are above both of that then you are a diehardcore.
Example: Johny was a real diehardcore fan of that baseball team.

diesel: Tough, unshomepable.
Example: Shaq is a diesel. He can mow through any defense.

dieseldo: Right item.
Example: Selection of the closest item to which one is looking for. Dieseldo, thanks.

dieselfitter: Clothing inspector in a garment factory.
Example: Holding up a pair of undergarment checking for size, passes inspection, says: Dieselfitter!
(These'll fit her!)

difirenta: No value; no attantion; no care.
Example: It is absolutly difirenta to me.

difted: Different, strange, a little weird in the head.
Example: A lot of the guys at school stay away from the punkers, just 'cause they're difted.

digga: A crash or faceplant. Take a or have a digga. Diggaed: A bad state. Diggaman: Person in bad state.
Example: A. What happened to your knee? B. I took a digga.

How are you feeling?

digger: A guy doing the groundwork with the laidez.
Example: That guy has been talking to Felicity all night. What a digger.

diggidy-swizz: a way to say something was truly cool, great, or exciting.
Example: Man, did you see that girl? She was the diggidy-swizz!


I've heard lots of good jam bands, but Phish is truly the diggidy-swizz!

diggle: A male doorshome made from coiled metal with a plastic cap.
The diggle prevents the doorknob from making a hole in the drywall.
The diggle makes the sound digg-ull, digg-ull, digg-ull when sprung.
Example: Mom, this is a boy house. There is a diggle behing every door.

digicaterponysaurus: A generic name for a digital-based service which remains nameless due to incompetence. A digital service with no future.
Example: That new media company is most definitely a Digicaterponysaurus.

digilliterate: 1. Offensive term for people who are not able to operate computers or program VCRs.
2. Uneducated: having an inadequate education in or knowledge of a computers,
or none at all; digitally illiterate

3. making many language mistakes: full of or making many basic errors in the use of improper coding.

noun (plural digi�lit�er�ates)
offensive term: an offensive term for somebody who lacks education and knowledge, especially somebody who cannot read or write code

[15th century. From Latin illiterat(t)us , literally not lettered, from lit(t)eratus lettered, learned (see literate ).]

digi�lit�er�ate�ly adverb
digi�lit�er�ate�ness noun

Example: The schmuck the boss hired to fix this program is a complete digilliterate.

My mother-in-law is a digilliterate. She couldn't program a freakin' toaster!

digiphernalia: Digitally enabled paraphernalia.

Example: One can just imagine what ridiculous digiphernalia these people will be presenting at Comdex next year.

digital: To either love or hate something or someone. A binary state. No shades of gray.
Example: The reviews were digital. The movie's either really, really good or really, really bad. I want to know which.

digital ganglia: The mess of wires, cables, and cords that hang from the back of your average computer workstation.
Example: My attempt at locating the other end of the USB cable amongst the digital ganglia behind my computer ultimately proved futile.

digital issue: An issue on which you are either for or against, love or hate, but not anywhere in between.
Opposite is an analogue issue where degrees of support are possible. Really should be binary issue from the analogy with 1/0, but that's very 20th Century, while digital/analogue is more contemporary.
Example: Don't you think whether you like Philip Glass is a digital issue?
I mean, you either love his music or it drives you mad.

digital room: The part of the brain where bland items are stored, but where they are not analyzable
by humor, emotion, human, or aesthetic sensibilities.
Example: Maybe girls will like me more if I get a really cool website. -/- Sounds like that idea has been floating around in your digital room for a little too long.

Digital Smog: The overabundance of misinformation and erroneous data on the internet that gets in the way of the viable and supportable information you require.
Example: I was not able to find accurate information on the subject due to the digital smog.

dike: To crudely isolate or remove a component from a piece of machinery or electronic equipment.
Example: Look, if that stupid blown fuse is what you think's causing Project Ducky to explode, dike it out!

dilbry: Idiot, foolish. Australian slang.
Example: You broke it! well, your're a dilbry aren' you.
Hey dilbry! It's here. Have you got eyes or what?
Where is it? Dilbry over there lost it !
If you think the police won't catch you then, you're a bloody dilbry.

dillatation: The medical condition of seeing unusually large pickles everywhere.
Example: Due to dillation, he was refused reentry into the delicatessen.

dillerize: to take apart something that functions perfectly, add or subtract parts, and make it not work anymore. Whole process usually takes several months and makes people mad.
Example: I wanted to watch a movie I rented, but Andy dillerized the VCR and I can't.

dillery: Collection of foolish people or group of things that defy sense or logic.
Can also be used to describe a mistake in judgement.
Example: Tell all the dillery they need to get back to work. Please shome the dillery.

DILLIGAD: Do I Look Like I Give A Damn
Example: Q. Honey, do you think I look better in the red dress or the blue dress? Honey:DILLIGAD!

dilligaf: who cares
Example: I dont dillagif if i passs this course or not.

dilligaff: Short for Do I look like I care? When someone tells you something you are uninterested in, instead of saying I don't care,
just say dilligaff.
Example: Joe: Nice weather today. Mary: Dilligaff!

Dillio: Deal.
Example: What's the dillio? Why are you doing that?

dillish: this is what my daughter called dill pickle relish when she was about 2, so we all call it that now.
Example: I want some dillish on my hot dog.

dilly: Variation of the word deal.
Example: So what's the dilly with Jane; she looks awfully glum.

dillyicious: Even better than delicious.
Example: Mom, your pecan pie is dillyicious.

dillyun: home, best, awesome, rocking, radge, home banana, fantastic, supremely excellent.
Example: Which models would you rate dillyun?

dimbo: A mix of bimbo and dumbo
Example: That blonde is such a dimbo. I can't believe she forgot the lid on the coffee cup again.

Dime Bar!: Early '90s UK slang, said to someone slow on the uptake.
Comes from a TV advert. Used in the same context as Duuuuh! or McFly!
Example: Hey, why are you wearing your coat? Are you going outside? Dime bar!

Dime Sister: Describes any person that is shallow, ditzy, or airheaded.
Example: Some of those cheerleaders are sure dime sisters.

Dimepiece: An attractive woman. The dime refers to a perfect 10.
Example: Mary has a pretty face and curves in all the right places. She's definitely a dimepiece.

dimlop: Describes one who is dizzy, dippy, thick, or just generally not all there.
A dimlop usually inadvertently provides a certain amount of entertainment to onlookers.
Example: No, you dimlop, you can't do that with elves.

dimp: A person who insults you in a cheap department store by asking, Do you work here?

Dine 'n' Dash: Di�ne n dash (dine n dash) v. 1. Eat and leave without paying. Eat and run.
Example: The food and service at the restaurant was so bad the group decided to dine and dash.

dinfast: The meal eaten late at night that is a combination of a late dinner and an early breakfast.
Example: That was a delicious dinfast.

ding: Southern Americana, short for ding-a-ling, describing a person who is pretty much out to lunch all the time,
living in his own little world, maybe not stupid, but might as well be.
Example: He's a real ding.

Dingit: A way to say Dangit from Canada
Example: Dingit, my took fell into the igloo

Dingleberry: Mild friendly insult. Literal translation: Those little balls of lint that accumulate at the end of body hair.
Example: Shome playing that N'Sync song you Dingleberry!

Dingus: A person whom is of very low intelligence, or annoying.
Example: Mike is a dingus.

DINK: Dual Income-No Kids. Often phrased as DINK couple
Example: A doctor and a lawyer make a good DINK couple.

dink: Australian slang. To give someone a lift on the handle-bars of your bicycle.
Example: Kid 1: Let's go down to the beach! Kid 2: I can't, my bike's broken. Kid 1: No worries, I'll dink you!

dink: Submarine slang. Contraction of delinquent.
Adjective: Failure to complete qualification requirements in the expected time.
noun: A person who is delinquent in qualifications.
Example: You're dink! No movies, no cards, and no sleep until you're qualified!

dinkin: Used to describe the act of wasting time or goofing off instead of being productive.
Example: The chemistry teacher noticed that instead of working on their lab project, two of his female students
were busy melting the tips of their eyeliner pencils with the bunsen burners.
He promptly admonished them saying, Girls! Would you quit dinkin around and get to work, PLEASE!?

Dinkum Thinkum: Sharp Thinker. From The Moon is a Harsh Mistress by Robert A. Heinlein.
Example: Mike was a fair Dinkum Thinkum, sharpest computer you'll ever meet.

dinno: didnt know
Example: i dino u were a prissy!

Dinny fink sae, DFS: I don't think so. To disagree or indicate that a person may be Talking bollocks for Scotland.
Example: Macaulay: Yeah, I pulled this really good looking burd at the weekend.
Jonny: Dinny fink sae.

dint: Did not.
Example: You stole my candy!
No I dint!

dip: to eavesdrop on someone's conversation
Example: Hey, quit dipping, I wasn't talking to you.

dip: to leave somewhere quickly, to make a speedy return.
Example: I'm about to dip to the store and get gallon of milk.

diplomates: Couples who marry for political or financial gain.
Example: Bill and Hillary are the quintessential diplomates.

dipstick: Idiot, moron, stupid person.
Example: He knew the ice on the lake was only an inch thick. But the dipstick walked on it and fell through, anyway!

dir-nastic: Adj. a combination of the words 'dirty' and 'nasty,' employed to express ones profound or extreme disgust for something
Example: That is one dir-nastic auto

directional: Has no meaning but looks good when used by posers
Example: This report is realistic, timely and directional in its approach.

directionally challenged: For one who gets lost easily, no matter how small the space.
Example: I thought you said you knew this mall inside and out. What are you, directionally challenged?

dirtaly: the state of being dirty
Example: the cloths were very dirtaly, only washing them will make them clean again.

dirte: Deertay. Another more powerful and cooler way of saying dirty.
Example: Jhonny! Quit looking at that dirte magazine. It's ruining your ability to spell.

dirtt: Typo for dirty. Same pronunciation and meaning. Results from hitting a key with the left forefinger rather than the right forefinger.
Example: The emperor in _Amadeus_ said Too many notes. I say, Too many dirtt words.

dirty: When something or someone is getting on your nerves or bothers you.
Example: 1. Julie dirty won't leave me alone.2. I sat for a dirty hour waiting on the F train.

dirty dog: another name for Greyhound bus line. Origin 1: grey = dirty + hound = dog; Origin 2: Greyhound busses aren't the cleanest or nicest way to travel.
Example: I can't afford a train or plane ticket, so I have to take the dirty dog.

dirty-bird-meal: Any chicken-related burger. Extra points for getting a McDonalds' employee to serve you the right meal using the term.
Example: I'll have a Big Mac and a dirty-bird meal with fries and a coke.

dirty-laundry: Someone or something that feels naughty or over eager towards the opposite sex.
Example: Jenny felt irritated by that dirty-laundry for trying to pick her up in a Waffle House.

disaffected: Shows no emotion or feeling when something bad or scary happens.
Example: I was 3 inches away from getting hit by a truck crossing the street last night and other than getting a sudden hydrinalin rush out of it I was disaffected by it.

disassembleation: The process of manufacturing or building something for the sole purpose of taking it apart again.
Example: We will increase profits and productivity by decreasing the amount of disassembleation
scheduled for this month.

disastrophy: an unexpected event that has a serious, immediate, negative impact on ones life.
Example: ex.1 When the comet hit the village, it was total disastrophy. ex.2 Since his wife left him, John thinks his life has been a complete disastrophy

discaboobliated: Being flustered or confused.

Example: Having that beautiful girl come up and talk to me left me all discaboobliated.

dischinect: When you hang up on someone because your chin hits the disconnect button. Usually occurs when the phone is wedged between your ear and shoulder.
Example: Sorry, didn't mean to hang up on ya--we were dischinected.

disco Leg: The shaking or jiggling of a single leg absentmindedly or obsessively when nervous.
Usually consists of moving one knee up and down by bouncing the leg on the ball of one foot when in the sitting position.
Also descriptive of decrepit or infected livestock.

Example: Jethro, I think one of your dairy cows might have BSE (Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy)--
it's got a clear case of disco leg.

disco nap: Going to sleep one or two hours before a big night of clubbing.
Example: I must take a disco nap before heading out to see Richie Hawtin spin tonight.

discolicious: Combination of disco and delicious used to describe something that is retro, yet cool.
Can anything be both retro and cool?
Example: Wow, did you see that guy's spandex suit? It was discolicious.

discom-bebop-ulation: The need to turn down the car radio when you are lost
Example: We are not lost - turn down the radio so I can find our way

discombluberated: Confused; confounded; unable to concentrate; totally at a loss; without a clue.
Example: She had so many things on her mind and was so busy, she became totally discombluberated.

discombobulate: (diss-com-bob-you-lay-ted) Verb: To mess up, destroy, re-arrange, shuffle, or otherwise cause to be in a state of disarray.
Example: My car is all discombobulated. I need to get a new one.

discombobulated: Totally oblivious to the present due to severe confusement from any source.
Example: After babysitting five children who were anything but angels, the woman discovered her house was on fire, lost her purse, and credit card, causing her to become utterly discombobulated when a typical thought process was required.

disconfect: v. To sterilize a piece of confection (lollypop) you dropped on the floor by blowing on it, assuming this will 'remove' all the germs.
Example: After dropping my lollipop, I quickly disconfected it before shoving it back into my mouth.

discopone: Discopone originates from a misheard lyric in the Madonna song Ray of Light.
The lyric is actually I feel like I just got home, but many hear it as I feel like a discopone.
A Madonna fan and literary scholar looked up pone in the OED to find that it is an archaic form of
poon. Said scholar interpreted the word to mean a woman who enjoys an active social life,
resists sexual objectification, yet is powerfully confident in her own sexuality.
An influential group of women on the eastern seaboard of the U.S. uses it with pride to
describe themselves. Madonna herself is called the Mother Pone.
Example: You want the discopone? You can't handle the discopone.

discussment: A heated discussion that borders on being an argument.
Example: They're having a heated discussment about politics.

disemboobily: A state of utter confusion, usually caused by interaction with an animal.
Example: I was struck disemboobily by the bumblebees flying around.

Disenable: The crippiling of a software feature, as an indirect result of adding another software feature.
Example: I installed a new codec that works fine for MPEG4, but it disenabled MPEG3 playback.

disenfreelanced: Combines disenfranchised and freelance to describe the mood and status of many people in various branches of the media industries at the moment--laid off, disenchanted, and forced into part-time or freelance work.
Example: John doesn't work on that magazine anymore--he's disenfreelanced now.

disfragmentor: A person who recreates a story or scenario using personal journals and other sources..
Example: The disfragmentor used interviews with elder family members to write a family history.

disfunktional: A feeling of confusion and disorientation, normally in the morning after a long night.
Example: Shome being so disfunktional.

disgroostifying: Very disgusting, often in a humorous way. Synonyms include disgroostificating and disgustifying.
Example: When you burp like that, it's absolutely disgroostifying.

disgussed: (verb, past tense) had an unpleasant discussion
Example: We disgussed the slipping schedule earlier today.

disgustipate: A word to show extreme disgust.
Example: Get away, you disgustipate me. OR That expired milk is disgustipating.

Disgustipating: When something is both shocking and disgusting aswell.
Example: When the baby blew that dog's head clean off, that was disgustipating.
Now, let's go sip some hot coca, and play a game of pictionary.

disgusto: The manner in which a person pretending disgust might tell a story with great relish.
Example: ...and then she rolled off the table,
staggered to her feet,
the chocolate sauce was dribbling down her blouse,
and she tried to remove the groom's shirt, he said with disgusto.

disguys: To hide or disguise one�s sickness, injury, or other malady in order to avoid attacks,
while down and weakened and stressed, by bosses, wives, children, etc.; to fake
wellness, mostly a guy trait = why men don�t go to doctors much.

Example: He had to disguys so that the vultures around him, waiting to rip him off and tear him to
pieces, did not know of his plight, so he could survive to fight another day.

Dish: Date
Example: I've got a dish with a fish fish= good looking guy.. (see fish)

dislipsia: the tendency to reverse or invert the spoken language
Example: you've got that ACK-BASSWARDS.

disnacular: Very childish; unable to accept the reality of what the world really is.
Example: Don't be so disnacular--we need you to be mature about this.

Disnomic: Inabillty to remember names.
Example: I'm disnomic, I remember faces but not names.

disorientatedness: Being disoriented.
Example: This whole disorientatedness is so confusing.

Dispangular: Anywhere.
Example: I think this survey is totally dispangular.

dispoclog: Having all of the dishes in the sink with the garbage disposal.
Example: I can't throw away this roasted spinach because we have a dispoglog in the kitchen.

Disposable Pretense: phrase meaning a ruse or feigned excuse calculated to obtain what is truly desired. Delightfully multi-purpose, for if what seemed desirable really isn't, the pretense can be enjoyed. If the true purpose is to be obtained without need for the Pretense, it can be easily disposed of.
Example: Hey, why don't we get together and, erm, work on that project Friday night? Erm, my place? 9pm?

disqualmed: To feel misgivings, out of sorts and confused.
Example: When I saw my dad in my mom's new bra, I felt disqualmed.

Disthespia: The inability to remember what actor played what part.

Ditch: Finish, shome doing, leave.
Example: This sucks, let's ditch.

ditto: to agree with something another's said or instead of repeating another's already said
Example: Jesse: That band blows! Katie: Ditto. Jesse: Later. Katie: ditto

ditzerqueen, ditzqueen: The lead girl in a group of ditzes. Ditzes are not very smart and never make decisions on their own.
Example: See the tall blonde one? She's the ditzerqueen!

diva living: High-end living on a budget--fashion clothing for bargain prices. Can also be used as a term for a fabulous attitude.
Example: My new outfit is diva living!

divalicious: Larger than life bitch diva.
Example: No longer the country girl, the big bad city had turned her divalicious.

Diverse: One who is in the minority, especially ethnically, even if that person taken alone is comprised of only one ethnicity
Example: Enrique is diverse; Ebonee is diverse; John is not.

Django kill: A particularly nasty accident with the tomato ketchup; anything which looks gory but isn't.
Example: That squashed fruit on the road is a Django Kill.

DJfreeloader: a person who has unjustifiably built up his own self image, while still relying on others to do anything for them
Example: Awww that guy can't do anything, he's djfreeloader

djou: Did you. Occasionally do you?
Example: Djou already wash the car?

dl: Short for down low, meaning secret.
Example: Keep Wally's surprise party on the dl.

DMY: Short for Don't Mess Yourself. Used when someone overreacts
Example: DMY, Rich. It was an accident.

DNF: Does Not Finish or Did Not Finish. Used whenever several people are trying to do the same job at the same time and everyone else finishes ahead of one person.
Example: We were all trying to cook omelets and Bill DNFed.

do me a solid: used in reference to asking a favor
Example: Yo, do me a solid and pass me that eraser.

Do what ?: This is a term used by rednecks when one is attempting to have you repeat what you've said?
Example: Tom to Bubba, Hey Bubba what time is it? Bubba replies Do what now?

do'h: All purpose exclamation as popularized by Homer Simpson
Example: Hey, Homer, should your car be towed away like that? Do'h!

Do'h: (Make famous by Homer Simpson.) Used to show regret upon doing a stupid act or forgetting something.
Example: Homer, did you remember to wear pants? Do'h!

doable: Able to be done. See non-doable.

Example: Since non-doable was already listed in pseudodictionary.com, Rebecca thought submitting its opposite for inclusion in the dictionary was doable.

doag: A cigarette.
Example: I was having a nicotene fit, so I asked my friend if I could bum a doag from his pack of Marlboros, not having any of my own.

dobber: Someone who is acting dumb, stupid, silly. Lifted from a TV show.
Example: Quit being such a dobber.

dobbler: A person of limited social ability.
Example: Bob from Accounting is a real dobbler.

dobo: A name for someone who does something idiotic.
Example: Great move, dobo.

doctor: One who has acted in an especially stupid manner, usually resulting in personal harm. A person with a PhD in stupid.
Example: I was driving and wasn't payin' attention--fiddling with my cd--and I rear-ended a police car. I felt like such a doctor.

dode: 1. The last half-swallow of beer at the bottom of the mug. 2. Can also be used as a verb to describe a person.
Example: 1. I'm all out of cash and all I've got left in my beer is the dode. 2. Chris is hitting on Danielle again. He's a dode.

dodobber: A name for anything you don't know the name for.
Example: While putting together the computer desk, I couldn't figure out where the little oblong dodobber went.

doflicky: The same as thingamabob or doohickey. Something for which you've forgotten or cannot remember the name.
Example: Please hand me that doflicky over there next to that thingamabob.

dog: a close, trusted friend- man's best friend.
Example: Tony and Lester Joe are my dogs- I'd trust them with anything.

dog: adjective used to describe things that are gross, ugly, stinky, bad, etc
Example: this tastes like dog or it smells like dog in here or she looks like dog

dog breath: what you have in the morning after a night of drinking a ton of beer smokin a pack of ciggs and whatever else
Example: Dont kiss me you pig get some clothes on and get rid of that dog breath

dogfood: A verb from the high tech industry. Meaning to use what you are selling. From old TV commercials where a celebrity would endorse Alpo: This is Lorne Greene. I feed my own dogs Alpo!
Example: Bill Gates uses Microsoft Word. He has to show the world he's dogfooding.

dognose: Dyslexic atheist's version of God knows.
Example: A. Where's Johnny? B. Dognose. Probably in the pub.

dogs: feet
Example: It feels so good to let my dogs out (of my shoes).

DOHAB: Someone who's stupid or lacking in common sense. Dropped on Head at Birth.
Example: Don't mind Fred, he's a DOHAB.

dohickey: Otherwise known as the thingamajigger, whatchamacallit or that thing that I don't know the name of.
Example: Hey, Bob, what's that little dohickey do?

dohser: Adapted from user - technology industry jargon for customer and the frequent utterance of Homer Simpson, doh, meaning I just did/thought/said something stupid. Hence, a dumb user is a dohser.
Example: (pron. DO-zer) And then the dohser said, I didn't realise the drink holder on my PC would also play CD-ROMs!

doi: A response to any statement of the obvious.
Example: STATEMENT: Wow that accident must have hurt. RESPONSE: doi!

Doike: To move your body in a certain way to produce a bad way of playing certain sports.
Example: Kiri doiked her shoulder around which prevented her from scoring points in basketball.

doing stuff: To do amazingly well at something.
Pinball slang from Ohio State, taken from the kid's usual answer to the question
What have you been doing?
Example: He got the high score on that machine--he's really doing stuff now.

doink: Someone lacking sufficiant cranial capacity. A moron, idiot etc.
Example: That doink just ate all the food and drank all the beer for the party tonight.

dole: Slang for unemployment.
Example: I'll never be able to work again--I've been so spoiled living on the dole.

Dolled Up: Dressing up, embellishing.
Example: A: I sold the car as soon as I dolled it up a little.
B: I'm going to this big club tonight and I need to get all dolled up.

dolphin clicking: When two people of similar interests can talk in a language that is not common.
Example: I'm really glad you two met; you seem to be dolphin clicking.

dolt: Arcane word used by aficionados of Dungeons & Dragons to describe a stupid person.
Example: You can't microwave a metal spoon, you dolt!

domainopause: (n) The condition of really, really wanting to register that swank or supposedly-clever domain name,
but holding off or not being able to because it just isn't practical or affordable.
Example: Hell, I almost lent my roommate the 30 bucks to register hoosierdaddy.com so I wouldn't have to listen to him bemoaning his domainopause all month. I didn't because I know he'd never pay me back.

dome: your head, above the face.
Example: John just got mugged! They slapped a lead pipe against his dome!

don't implode: An exhortation not to lose structural stability in an emotional or melodramatic fashion.
Example: When saying goodbye to friends for the evening, Don't implode.

don't sleep on...: It means don't underestimate something or someone.
Example: Hey, don't sleep on MAX DUGAN RETURNS. It's a classic.

Don't-ask: A word to describe a situation or feeling that is generally unpleasant and, well, you just don't want to talk about it.
Example: JaneDoe. So, John, I hear you spilled coffee all over your boss's dress.
JohnDoe. Don't-ask.

donc: French for so. Used when someone says something really obvious or you don't know where she's
heading next with what she's saying.
Example: A. I'm going to go diving with some big, chunky ochomeuses tomorrow.
B. Donc?

doneanddone: finished this, finished that.

dontalistic: The state of being embraced with passion and excitement.
Example: The play was filled with dontalistic.

donucular: Cylindrical or hemi-spherical.
Example: That bowl is really donucular. So is that tire.

donut: To drive your car in a tight circle.
Example: Hang on, I'm gonna pull a donut!

doo-di-doo: A cardboard tube from the middle of a roll of paper towels that is used as a trumpet.
Example: What instrument does Greg play? All he can handle is the doo-di-doo.

doobery-sprocket: something or someone you can't remember the name of.
Example: Oh, look over there it's erm... doobery-sprocket

doobrey: generic noun for something whose name you can't remember, or just can't be bothered using.
Example: If it doesn't fit just whack it with the doobrey.

dood: Same as dude, only way cooler.

Example: Dood, whadup?

doodletext: Text without meaning.
Example: Often found in newspaper, magazines, and government papers.

doodlism: An abstract art form in which a bored student draws randomly in his notebook,
accidentally creating an interesting image.
Example: Math class has inspired many works of doodlism.

doof: Someone silly or funny.
Example: Chris thinks he's funny, but he's the wrong kind of doof.

doof: Australian slang for a rave party--refers to noise of bass.
Example: You going to the doof out in the bush?

dooficious: Adjectival form of doofus. Adverbial form = dooficiously.
Example: It is redundant to say that a dooficious doofus is waiting dooficiously in the dungeon.

dooflinky: (doo-fling-kee) A word used for any noun that is not a person.
Example: Bring me that dooflinky! or: Turn the dooflinky off!

Dooflotchy: Can mean anything meant to mean something one says. Use it anywhere for anything.
Example: You stupid Dooflotchy!

This Dooflotchy's giving me a rash.

doognoobit: Interjection used to express anger, irritation, or disappointment.
Example: Doognoobit! I forgot my pen in my locker!

doohickey: wet stuff that forms on your hickey early in the morning.
Example: Say, what's that doohickey?

dooley: an object that,while you know what you're speaking about you can't remember it's proper name,therefore it is up to the other person to figure it out and take appropriate action
Example: The dooley on the car isn't working,you know the thing that keeps it from rusting.

Dooley: A person who tries to look or act cool but really comes off like a moron.
Example: Check out Dooley over there acting like a moron.

Dooly: Usually used as the dooly. Means the same thing as the down low i.e., keep it quiet, don't tell anyone
Example: Tom and Jane broke up, but it's a secret, so keep it on the dooly and don't tell anyone.

doom sickness: Nausea from excessive playing of 1st person POV computer games.
Example: It doesn't feel like 9 o'clock, maybe because I'm normally suffering from Doom Sickness by now.

doomaflop: Word used in place of a multiple syllable word that you can't remember or do not understand
(First heard this word when a friend was telling about his new computer.)
Example: Jason: My new computer has 650 doomaflops and a cd-rom.

doomafloppy: Worthless, limpy piece of thing.
Example: That dead worm is nothing but a doomafloppy.

doomey: Derived betwixtfrom doom and gloomy.
Example: Being cash-poor at the end of the month, makes for a doomey rent day.

dooododoo: A ditty sung when you have nothing to say, or bored.
Example: Are you bored because you just sang your dooododoo song?

doordyslexic: A condition where a person is unable to follow directions for opening a door-- i.e., when a person tries to push open a door when a sign clearly says pull.
Example: I just tried to push open the door, when on the handle it said pull. I'm such a doordyslexic!

doork: when you approach a store, and the door says exit only - the person who tries to go through these doors anyway
Example: the doork couldn't understand why he couldn't enter the store through the exit

dootdoot: Expression of boredom, usually to break the silence.
Example: In an effort to get you to talk, Drew would mumble, Dootdoot.

doover: Miscellaneous item, usually one you can't remember the name of.
Substitute for thingo. Can be extended to dooverlakie.
Example: I left the thingo on the doover.

dooverlarkey: Alternative spelling & pronunciation of dooverlackie, for a more relaxed flavour.
Example: Hand me that pointy dooverlarkey so I can get this screw out, would you?

doovy: adjective: good, interesting. particularly if useful
Example: i like my new stereo, it's a pretty doovy piece of kit

dope off da heezy: Very cool and outrageous. It can also be used as a mockery of something.
Example: Yo dawg, that's dope off da heezy!

Dopeler Effect: The tendency of stupid ideas to seem smarter when they come at you in rapid succession. (From the Washington Post Style Invitational, 1999)

Example: Only after I got out of that meeting did realize that it was just the presentation's Dopeler Effect that caused me to like the idea: a motel for chickens, adjoining all you can eat feedhouse, and KFC franchise right next door.

dord: A non-existent word entered in the second edition of Webster's New International Dictionary by mistake (that I feel sorry for and wish to submit it back into a dictionary).
Example: [see https://members.aol.com/gulfhigh2/words1.html for information]

doris: A parking spot right out front of where you want to be
Example: I'd thought I'd have to park miles away, but I jagged a doris.

dork-style: When you're sitting at a table by yourself in a restaurant or cafeteria--
because it makes you feel like a dork with no one else sitting with you.
Example: Ed: I'm back. Ted: Good, I was getting tired of rocking it dork-style.

dorkana, dorkano: Female form of the word dork.
As in the possible Spanish form.
Dorkano for males.
Used meaning stupid (in a funny way) or just not thinking.
This is not a mean term, but rather a term to jokingly make fun of someone and
bring attention to her action that caused her to look so goofy.
Example: Sally couldn't believe what a dorkano her friend was when he licked the ice
cream store sign's large ice cream cone.

dorkasaurus: Someone who is so intensely dorky, the word dork alone will not do her justice. See jerkosaurus.
Example: Check out the pocket protector on that dorkasaurus. (See pocket protector at ridleypearson.)

dorkified: Something that has been made dorky.
Example: My brother got dorkified when he turned thirteen.

dorkify: Used as a transitive verb:to debase or make nerdy or unweildy or any other negative connotation.
Example: You know, you dorkify everything you touch. Nice blouse, nice skirt--but stripes and plaids don't match. Change something.

dorkis maximus: A person who attempts to do the right thing (save the trees) but ends up tripping over a log, inhabited by rabid squirrels, who then rampage out biting all the birds and the bees in the forest, thus producing rabid honey that is fed to infants under three
years old which causes a horrible decline in the human population.
As everyone turns to said Dorkis as she falls face-flat into a mud puddle with mud guppies jumping all over her.
Example: Sherry, dubbed Dorkis Maximus, always tries to do the right thing but somehow fails, causing more problems than she fixed; we love her anyway.

dorko: Less offensive form of jackass.
Example: Hey, dorko. Watch where you're going.

dorkus amorkus: Someone beyond being a dork.
Example: Sup, dorkus amorkus?

dorkus ficus: A dork, nerd.
Example: Quit being such a dorkus ficus.

dorkus malorkus: a huge dork.
Example: hey you idiot! it's not dorkus amorkus, you dorkus malorkus!

Dorm food: Food in name only, this material is manufactured from wool and garbanzo beans and delivered to dorm cafeterias the world over. Its only useful function is that you get money from your parents by claiming you will buy and eat it. Don't.
Example: This lentil pie your mom made is dorm food. Let's go get anything else and eat that instead.

dorniker: Large stone or rock. A dorniker is a large stone that hinders your work in the field, work such as plowing or
disking. It's not in any dictionary and seems to be a local term, not a made-up word on my part.
Maybe someone has heard of it.
Example: Rats, broke my blade on a dorniker again.

dorsajar: Unfinished feeling you are left with when you go to do something, get distracted, and temporarily forget what it was you were going to do. Similar to deja vu. From the car alert prompt The door is ajar.
Example: I was running late so I put the wine in the freezer to chill, but then when the guests arrived, I totally forgot to take it out.
Half listening to the conversation with lingering dorsajar , I kept double-checking the nibbles.
It was only when the wine exploded an hour later that I remembered.

dorsography: Use of a fingertip to write an invisible message on a recipient's back.
Example: What he remembered most was how ticklish Svetlana's dorsography made him. In the short time they spent together, he came to love if not understand the Cyrillic alphabet.

dosh: dollars + cash = dosh
Example: I'm taking you out tonight, as I'm flush with dosh.

doss: Easy, a pushover, useless, crappy.
Example: This is one doss example.

doss: to inform on someone a little, but not as much as a dossier
Example: Don't doss on me!

dot gone: unsuccessful internet company
Example: pets.com

dot prom: A company party usually at a start up that celebrates nothing in particular.
It is neither tied to a holiday nor to a milestone of the company.
Dot proms are either held in the office after-hours complete with cheap decorations
(like the gymnasium for a public school prom) or a ballroom is rented out and there is a more elaborate theme
(like a private school prom).
Example: We had stayed late every night at the office this week so we didn't want to stay late again for another lame dot prom.

dot-bum: The fallout from a dot-bomb; a laid-off web designer.
Example: What's Adam doing these days? Well, ever since Pets.com imploded, he's been a dot-bum.

dot-com boyfriend/girlfriend: A sexual or romantic partner who requires a high level of investment,
on which you will never see any return.
Example: I just finished putting my dot-com boyfriend through medical school.

dot-communism: 1. A totalitarian system of enterprise where a single authoritarian body controls the production of
lame web-based products, software, services, or goods.
2. A system or theory that advocates the elimination of a private life,
an actual IPO date, and long term financial security.
Example: After two unproductive years of disappointment and disrespect at placeofemployment.com, John realized he had become a victim of dot-communism. So he quit.

dot-communism: The belief that all services provided over the Internet should be free of charge.
Example: Ed. Have you seen Pseudodictionary.com?
Ted. Yeah, it rocks. Someone's got a serious case of dot-communism for sure.

dotbomb: A dotcom that went under.
Example: What ever happened to that website? Is it now a dotbomb?

Double Bagger: A member of the opposite sex with an attractive body but a face so ugly that one should put a bag over one's own head just in case the bag on the other person's head should fall off.
Example: Guy 1: Suzie has a terrific; but, good God, what an ugly face. Guy 2: Yeah, she's a double bagger.

double d-nial: State of a woman with surgically-enhanced breasts who claims they are natural.
Example: Britney Spears is in serious Double D-nial.

double digit: Not particularly intelligent, as in only two digits in her IQ.
Example: She was so double digit, she couldn't finish middle school.

double E: DwEEb, gEEk.
Example: Chris is a double e extraordinaire.

double nod, the: The double nod is a true sign of a dork or loser.
As a common casual greeting one gives a nod to the other person.
But when one gives two quick nods instead of one, she is branded for life.
Throughout my own, and my friends?experience this has been proven true.
Sometimes it may happen by accident, but if repeated it is solid proof.
Try it, it just doesn�t look right either.
Talk to the people who do it, you�ll see what I mean.
Example: Person 1: Chris gave me the double nod today. Person 2: LOL. Nearby girl: That confirms it. Chris is a dork.

double sawbuck: Twenty dollar bill.
Example: Zak owes me a double saw buck.

double word score: Implying that the fruits of your endeavours have doubled,
or at least greatly increased. From Scrabble.
Example: Wow, I got paid extra last week. Double word score.

double yolked arsehole: To do a double-yolked arsehole is to slip and fall in a spectacular manner.
Example: I did a double-yolked arsehole off the steps last night and broke my arm
AND spilled my drink.

double-dip: To dip ones partialy-eaten, already dipped carrot or chip into said dip again;
depositing your germs into said dip.
Example: Ew. Don't double-dip--I don't want your germs!

double-klicked: A definition for a person who wishes to retaliate against another.
To insult or to strike back twice, quickly. A verbal retort to threaten someone humorously or maliciously.
Sexual connotation of twice in one night.
Kissed twice.
Put down.
Example: Better be careful or you'll get double-klicked. OR
Thomas got double-klicked by his wife the other night--caught with some girlfriend and threw him out. OR
I mean, she was so beautiful, I wanted to double klick her lips--like, right now.

doubleplus: A prefix meaning really or very. Can be used with un for emphasis on the negative.
Example: You can sleep on the sofa, it's doublepluscomfortable. OR
Q: How are you? A: Doubleplusungood. I just broke up with Sam.

dough-nut: One crazy about money.
Example: You�ll never satisfy her, she�s a dough-nut.

doughter: Someone who always stretches the truth.
Example: Oh, Jennifer told you that? Don't believe it, she's a doughter.

Dougie: Dressed to impress. As in Doug E. Fresh. Fresh dressed like a million bucks.
Example: You know I have to get dougie before I go to the club.

Dove: A name for a $10 dollar bill
Example: yo, can i borrow 2 doves

down: To be on acceptable terms.
Example: Ed: Do you know Bill?
Ted: Yeah, I'm down with him.

down smack: Equivalent to down pat.
Example: I got this game down smack.

Downalator: A down escalator.
Example: I'm lost in this store. Where's the downalator? (Upalator, too.)

downher: A person who deserts her partner when he is down (from illness or financial, political,
or job pressures); one who will not stick by his partner when she gets into trouble.
Example: He did not know she was a downher until he got buried with problems, and she took off
with as much as she could steal.

downslaught: Downpour + onslaught. A torrential rain.
Example: I can't believe the Christmas lights stayed up with that downslaught we had last night.

Downtown Chapstick: A term used to describe the ointment needed to be applied prior to dealing with a kiss ass.
Example: Hey Mike, her comes Gordon. He's still trying to get the promotion for that new job opening you better put on the downtown chapstick or you'll chafe.

downtown foldies: Money.
Example: Q. You want to go to the bar tonight? A. I can't. I don't have any downtown foldies.

Downy: Someone who does something stupid that is worth giving her some kind of recognition.
Example: You're such a downy when you send the skyride cabin uplocked and open with people inside.
You would think by the 12th time you would learn.

dr pepper: Texas Coca Cola.
Example: Do you want a coke? Yeah. What kind? Dr Pepper.

Dr. Schmokter: THE physician of choice for men everywhere.
Example: Honey, that looks really bad. Why don't you go see a doctor?
Doctor, Schmokter.

dracophiliac: Someone with a Dragon fetish.
Example: I love dragons so much I've become a dracophiliac.

drag racing: amusing canine pass time whereby a seated dog scoots himself across the carpet with a guilty, knowing look on his face.
Example: No, the beige carpet wasn't striped - until Snot discovered drag racing!

dramangst: A condition of petty negativity compounded by egocentric,
adolescent controversy between parties where no justified source of animosity exists.
Example: C'mon, you guys, cool the dramangst. You know you're just trying to find something to argue about.

Dramastic: a combination between dramatic and drastic

Dramastic: To be Dramatic in a Neanderthalic or Ice-agion manner.
Example: The wooly mammoth dramastically broke through the wall.

drank: A word used to make the distinction between an alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverage.
A drank is an alcoholic beverage. Pronunce with urban flavor.
Example: Nicole: We should go get a drink right now.
Aviss: Are you crazy, this early?
Nicole: No, a drink not a drank.

drasual: Dressy casual. The way to dress for an event.
Example: What should you wear? It'll be drasual.

drawkcab: to do something in reverse, aka backward
Example: I tried to follow the directions, but I got them all drawkcab.

dre: (adj) From Doctor Dre. Good, but in a street sort of way. Also to keep it real.
Example: These new trousers keep it dre.

dre: alternative way of saying der or duh. Coined by my sister's friend who thinks the word der is overused.
Example: I forgot to put gas in my car and got stranded on the highway. Dre...

dreadline: A dreaded deadline.
Example: We're going to be busy night and day to meet this dreadline -- if we can make it at all.

Dreadmill: Derivative of treadmill. Torturous workout contraption that allows you to walk or run five miles and go absolutely nowhere.
Example: As Odysseus was drawn to the song of the Sirens,I was rendered defenseless when that third piece of cheesecake called to me, though I knew I'd have to pay with an extra hour on the dreadmill.

dredger: Something or someone that is tedious or boring.
Example: People shomeped hanging out with Greg because listening to his long stories about statistics was a real dredger.

dreich: Often used to describe Scotland's weather on a grey,damp or wet, miserable day.
Can also apply to a boring person, speech, sermon, etc, and is thus siimilar to drab.
Pronounced dreech.....(ch as in Loch).
Example: Think I'll stay indoors & watch the footie(football)--it's a bit dreich outdoors.

dressed in black label: To be drunk at a funeral
Example: I can't belive Jimmy showed up dressed in Black Label. That little punk!

Dribble Doll, Sloppy Sally: Girls who squat rather than sit on a public toilet and urinate all over the seat.
Example: The appropriate punishment for a Dribble Doll is to force her to sit in her own urine for an hour and then remove all further bathroom privileges.

Dribble Dude: 1. Men who are incapable of hitting the yawning hole of a urinal.
2. Men who don�t shake off the last drop well enough.

Example: Aim for the hole, not the lid; be an adult and not a dribble dude.

drifty: Word is short for brain adrift. This was Navy slang in the early 1970s and meant someone whose mind was not anchored. An drifting ship can end up anywhere and there was no telling where a drifting mind could go to or what such a person might say or do..
Example: Bill sure is acting drifty today, he doesn't seem to know what planet he is on.

Dringle: food stuck in one's braces after eating.
Example: Uh-oh, here comes Brad! Kelly, quick! Check me for dringle!

drink-link: A modern term for a cashpoint machine (ATM).
Example: On the way to the pub I'd better visit a drink-link.

drinkish: To be somewhat drunk, or buzzed.
Example: We went to the party and got drinkish enough to kiss each other publicly.

drismal: drizzly and dismal combined
Example: It is a drismal day.

drive Geiger: n. The sound that a hard drive makes when being accessed by the computer. Originates from the fact that accessing a hard drive usually sounds like a Geiger counter near a radioactive substance.
Example: When I opened up the file, the drive Geiger from my computer was so loud that I was afraid I'd broken something.

drive-by: A short, unscheduled meeting in a person's office/cubicle to discuss one issue.
Example: I did a drive-by on Bill to ask him for those numbers.

Drive-up Braile: The directions designated for blind bank customers at the drive through ATM machine.
Example: While on the go in between recording sessions, Stevie Wonder likes to take advantage of the drive through ATM where he can use the Drive-up Braile

drivelspeak: Random babbling without saying something of substance.
Eloquent sounding soundbites without actually stating position on a subject.
Lack of a comprehensible substance in a conversation
Example: 95% of the soundbites coming from Washington are nothing but drivelspeak.

drivia: (n) Especially trifling and insignificant or inessential information.
Example: Knowing Lou Diamond Phillips' filmography would be the quintessence of drivia.

Drizzerable: A weather condition. Miserable due to drizzle.
Example: It's been just drizzerable outside all week, so I've been working on my monitor tan.

drizzle: Of, or relating to reduced mental capabilities; foolish, ignorant ideas.
Especially effective when used in conjunction with brainstorm.
Example: The closest Gunther ever came to a brainstorm was a light drizzle.

droddle: the remnants of am abandoned drink, consisting of melted ice and diluted alcohol.
Example: I'd been nursing my Manhattan for hours but, as I couldn't afford another one, I was reduced to sipping the droddle.

drok: Dork.
Example: I think Chris's a drok.

Drongo: A dense or stupid person
Example: You drongo!

drooble: When a baby is releasing more spit than a dribble but not so much that he is drooling. This is usually a permanent waking state of the teething baby.
Example: Eeew! The baby droobled all over my shoulder!

Drookit: Scottish slang for soaked through.
Example: Dinna bring the bairn in here, she's drookit.

drooly: A slang word for excessively cute/
Example: The mass of girls waiting outside in the rain for three hours at the premiere of _Lord of the Rings_ were there because they thought Orlando Bloom and all the other guys were completely drooly.

drop: To deliver a quick and decisive beating.
Example: Some guy was talking trash on my car so I dropped him.

drop a body: To murder someone.
Example: If his crew keeps coming around, I may have to drop a body.

drop kicked: This is the feeling one feels, when she realises that a word she attempted to enter into
the Pseudodictionary has been rejected. And hence, not posted on the internet site.
Example: Sam tried to enter a word into the Pseudodictionary; however it was rejected. He has been drop kicked.

drop sack: A downpour or snowstorm. Mass amounts of precipitation.
Example: I can't get out tonight. It's dropping sack outside.

drop science: To share knowledge.
Example: I go to school so my teachers can drop science.

drop syndrome: An illness where you drop whatever you're holding for no apparent reason.
Becomes a syndrome when it happens repeatedly.
Example: Travis dropped his Dew again. He's got a bad case of drop syndrome.

Drop The Ball: To let somebody down or to fail in an assignment, project, etc.
Example: Simon really dropped the ball for that customer.

dropcat: a feline used by spelunkers and cavers to determine the depth of a chasm. see:yowler
Example: a dropcat is only accurate till it hits the first outcrop.

dropsee: A disease, malady, character flaw, or habit that prevents various people from keeping their pants on--
that prompts people to drop their pants--and expose themselves.
Example: His ex-wife had a severe case of dropsee.

DRT: Dead Right There--someone or something that has expired, does not work or is simply dead.
Example: Hey, is that brain matter? Yup, he's DRT.

drug: Past tense of drag.
Example: I didn't want to come but she drug me here.

Drunkish: The language of drunkland
first seen in Truth by Terry Pratchett.
Example: Boy, Pete had had a few last night he sure was talking drunkish

Drunkland: Like Brigadoon this mythical country appears sporadically, usually between 2 and 4 am on Saturday night. It's populated by men who scream, hit on anything in a skirt or a kilt, and girls who twirl and twitter. And, suddenly everyone sounds like they have an accent.
Example: Ello dahlin' bet ya can't guess where I'm from?

Mmmm Drunkland?

drupple: The puddle of drool that you wake up with when you fall asleep at school or work.

Example: Hey, you got drupple all over your chin and the teacher's looking right at you.

druz: A feeling of lethargy, sleepiness, and general drabness.
Example: I'm feeling really druz today

dry baulk: A feeling of nausea. An urge to vomit, but checked by a dry gagging or choking of the throat.
Example: The smell was bad enough enough to give you the dry baulk.

Dryad: A dryad is a naiad, or water nymph, with a towel. A naiad is inclined to be wet, whereas, once she has dried off, she becomes a dryad.

dt: A convenient excuse for typos in an instant message conversation
Example: Did you see the eggs on that chick? Oops, DT, I meant legs.

dub: 20 rim (wheel), usually on a luxury car.
Example: That Lexus GS is rollin' on dubs!

dub-dueces: A set of 22 inch rims on a car.
Example: That boy Mookie was riding in a Escalade seated on dub-dueces.

dubbum; gubbum: My one-year old nephew's name for snack food.
Example: Dubbum is a good snack. Gubbum is a great snack.

dubdavision: A housing development named after flora or fauna that doesn't exist there anymore.
Example: The Redwood Hollow dubdavision was the last place in Florida you'd actually find a big tree.

dubiance: That quality which marks one so absolutely unattractive that the very ideas of attractive and unattractive
become unhinged and lose any specific meaning.
In short, the state where one's powerful, radically destabilizing ugliness creates a fatal rupture in the
possible certitude of any value judgment.
Compound of dubious and Jacques Derrida's Differance.
Example: Oh, my God! What was...that?
(Vomiting) Something caught in the undecideable play...of dubiance! (Vomits again)

dubilicous: Weird, wacked out, odd, cool.
Example: Did you hear that song? It was dubilicous.

dubious: Someone who appears to be attractive from a distance but as she approaches you, she turns ugly.
Example: That girl is attractive.
I agree that she seems quite foxy, but we mustn't forget that she might be...dubious.

duck: The extra treat for those who sit through the entire showing of credits at the end of a movie,
the first notable example of which followed the movie _Young Doctors In Love_ where the duck which had been seen sporadically throughout the movie made its final appearance.
Example: The duck at the end of _A Bug's Life_ showing out-takes of the film's making was hilarious.

duck butter: Generic for any thick lubricant, esp. in the semiconductor equipment industry: vacuum grease.
Example: The seal still leaks? Open it up, put a little more duck butter on the O-ring, and try pumping it down again.

Duck Squeezer: An envirnomentalist. From Neal Town Stephenson's novel _Zodiac_.
Example: Ah, shome being such a duck squeezer and help me pour this sugar in the fuel tank of that bulldozer over there.

Duck-turd: Slang for a cigar.
Example: Hey Jeff, give me a puff of that duck-turd.

duckarse: To wet the end of a cigarette, or joint, with saliva, and thus make it difficult to smoke.
Example: That wanker duckarsed my cigarette!

duckbills: People who duck paying their bills.
Example: We are not the duckbills who left Magoo's without paying our tabs.

Ducketts: Another term for money.
Example: Can you hook me up with some ducketts till I get paid.

dude man: Used when you want to say something serious in the middle of a light conversation.
Example: Dude man, I forgot to tell you I landed that job I wanted.

dudeage: A lot of guys; an activity.
Example: Check out that dudeage! OR Let's go cruisin' for some dudeage.

dudeaphobia: The ever-increasing fear the editor has that he will receive yet another entry or description with the salutation Dude. Other fears relate to is such a and dawg and other overuses and abuses: it's for its; your for you're--and a plethora of misspellings.
Who's teaching these days? Who's learning?
He has been known by many names: the Prince of Lies, the Director, Lucifer, Belial, and once, at a party, some obnoxious drunk kept calling him 'Dude.'. -Stig's Inferno.

Example: Wait, I can't breathe. It must be another dudeaphobia attack.

dudette: The femine name for dude. One who is hip, nad, or cool.
Used in a greeting sentence. Related words or phases: That is whack!; Wassup, Dude?; Dude; and Sweetness!
Example: Check that dudette out--man, is she hip.

dudical: Variation of radical (cool) Pronounced DOOD-i-kul
Example: Saved By The Bell is dudical.

duds: Clothing.
Example: With those duds, Alec is clearly one hip cat.

dudus: 1. A person who is pretty cool, better than a dude.
2. More than one dude.
3. Anything charactaristic of someone who is a dudus.
Example: 1. You know, the boys from The Living End are dudus.
2. Hey you dudus, get over here.
3. That The Living End tour of America was pretty dudus.

Due South: Where perfectly promising TV shows head when they start introducing gimmicky sub-plots about ghostly fathers, etc.
Example: I enjoyed the first few episodes, but it's rapidly heading Due South now.

Dueg: Pet, puppy, not a dog, smart critter, lovable family member, sweet pawed one, human like pet, king or queen of the sofa.

Example: Torrie's not a dog, she's a dueg.

duh moment: Generally used immediately after asking a question and realizing the answer all by yourself.
Example: That was so obvious! Guess I just had a bit of a duh moment.

duh-woo: To make a remark in ignorance, feigned ignorance, or insensitivity.
Example: He duh-wooed in an unintelligble manner.

dui decimal: Meaningful law enforcement classification regarding a person's intoxication.
Typically the numeric value of the first two digits to the right of the decimal point of a breath analysis.
Example: I was arrested for driving with a dui decimal of .12!

dulce-electrico: 1. Electrifyingly sweet 2. Delicious.
(From a Spanish-language Sour Skittles ad campaign in Southern California.) See juice-isimo.
Example: That Minute Maid lemonade is dulce-electrico.

Dumasian: Any sort of wrongful imprisonment where one is forced to eat bugs and crumbs and that sort of thing. Ala Alexandar Dumas' 'Count of Monte Cristo'
Example: His Dumasian situation looked bleak until he remembered he had a pick axe and a file.

dumb: 1. A good amount. 2. Slow, slug-like reaction to one's natural environment, thereby lacking common sense and improvisation skills.
Example: 1. When Nancy's CDs finally mature, she gonna have dumb chedda for a brotha.
2. She said that she doesn't grind at clubs and you walked away? Ethan, you're so dumb. That, in all likelihood, means that she grinds at her place.

dumbage: Adjective (dumb) needs a rest. Let's go with a noun.
Example: Not backing up your hard drive is dumbage.

dumbass: Someone who frequently makes very boneheaded decisions, usually resulting in an amusingly embarrasing ending.
Example: What a dumbass! Insulted the big guy's girlfriend,
the guy kicks his ass, then the chick kicked his ass!

dumbquick: A person who, in his or her haste, has done something dumb.
Example: Oh, you left your keys in the car? What a dumbquick? Did you leave the engine running, too?

dumilicious: Applied to a guilty pleasure. A term that compliments while also acknowledging lack of merit. Sometimes spelled dumbilicious.
Example: John loved The Phantom Menace even though he knew it was a lousy movie. It was truly dumilicious.

Dumo: Someone behaving in a unintelligent manner.
Example: Chris is not only a bully, he's also a dumo!
He tries to show how tough he is by beating up on people who are smaller than he is and have no interest in fighting.
He thinks that makes him tough? How stupid can he be? It just shows that he's an extremely poor sport and a bully.
No way would he ever take on another third-degree black belt who was his own age and bigger and stronger and faster.
Well, hehe, I guess that'd just show that he was dumo, too. He's hopeless.

dumpster diver: Someone who looks around in dumpsters for hidden treasure.
Example: I used to think that most homeless people were just dumpster divers.

dumpster with sand: Essentially, an insignificant life.
Example: Ed: What ever happened to Bill? Ted: He ended up in the dumpster with sand.

Dunch: a meal which occurs between lunch and dinner. The meal usually between the hours of 2 & 4 and replaces the need to have dinner.
Example: I ate too much at dunch and am not hungry for any supper.

dundidit: Describing an action performed.
Example: Billy go an warsh yur face
AAHH, Mah, I already dundidit

dunett: To descibe that you have performed a task.
Example: Mum, I've already dunett.

dungeon: When two men are forced by circumstances to sleep in the same bed in a non-homosexual situation.
Example: Chris and I had to go dungeon style when there were four of us in a two-bed hotel room.

Dungeon Mooch: To borrow something from your friends with the understood implication that you will not give it back.
Example: I dungeon-mooched all of Eric's figures last year.

dungwhoppery: The level of an individual's coolness among others.
Example: His dungwhoppery reigned supreme.

Dunk Egg: A fried egg that is 'sunnyside up' so you can dunk your toast in the yolk.
Example: I'll have a dunk egg for breakfast

dunt: Scots slang, to bump, especially the head.
Example: Did you enjoy your football match? No, I got a dunt on the head.

dupa: What you call someone you care about who has just done something increadibly stupid.
Example: You are such a dupa! You just ran that shome sign back there and a car was coming!

dupotous: Imaginary disease created by my sister Vicki, to get out of various social functions. No specific symptoms, just whatever Vicki can fake most easily.
Example: I can't go to her house because I have dupotous.

DUQ: Dumb User Question. A tech-support term for an incredibly stupid question.
Example: Hey, boss! We've got a DUQ on line two.

dur-hey: another way of saying duh, from Mystery Science Theater 3000.

durbish: Mixture of debris and garbage--not really debris and not really garbage.
Example: 1. Look at all of this durbish floating in the water. 2. Your room is full of durbish.

durn: Like darn, but with a gangster twist.
Example: Ah durn, I lost my slippers.

durp: A quiet, playful sound used to exrpess boredness or silliness.
Example: The person durped for no apparent reason.

durr: said when someone misunderstands what u are trying to say and you then tell them in moron terms what you meant

durry: Australian for a cigarette.
Example: I'm going outside to smoke a durry.

dury: To divide something up, to work in your favor.
Example: When the bill came Tom durried it up.

dussimo: Very bad.
Example: Any Britney Spears song is dussimo.

This pizza is totally dussimo!

dust: A saying to let others know that you are leaving or leaving them behind.
Example: Christian was leaving so he said Dust to all his friends to let them know that he was leaving them behind but would see them later.

dustbunny: A person, typically an executive, who can't be pinned down on an issue.
Example: Clinton was a real dustbunny during his deposition.

Dustify: To speak very quickly and using words that may or may not exist
Example: All he could do was go on and on about clubberin and the muthaship. I swear, all he did was dustify at me.

dustydiamond: A uncontrollable Hot Wheels collector--there is no helping them.
Example: That guy has a problem; he's a real dustydiamond.

Dut: A car alarm remote control, usually on a keychain. Can be a noun or verb. Dut is repeated when used as a noun.
Example: 1. Hey, the Corolla is locked. Toss me the dut dut.
2. Can you dut the car? My hands are full.

dutch: Attractive. Also Dutchess or Grand Dutchess.
Example: Yo, that chick was dutch!
Yes, I agree, she was a Grand Dutchess.

dwasshole: A driver who does not wave at you when you drive by each other. You can be a dwasshole only in rural areas where passing someone is infrequent and you always wave to oncoming cars. If the non-waver is not a local, or is from the city, or is a tourist, she is not a dwasshole because she doesn't know any better.
Example: There is a really stubborn local guy I've seen who must be a dwasshole. He doesn't have the kindness
to greet locals, not even a wave from his car when he drives by you.

DWAStard: Derogatory term for a member of the Doctor Who Appreciation Society.
Example: The convention was okay, except it was full of DWAStards

dwaver: A driver who waves at you when she passes in the opposite direction. In rural areas where passing someone is infrequent, it is considered rude if she doesn't. You assume the driver must be a tourist, city person, or non-local. If not, see dwasshole.
Example: You are much more likely to encounter a dwaver in the country than in the city.

dweebweeder: Use only when nerd, geek, dweeb, and dork just don't cut it.
For those whose pocket protector affinity just can't be expressed with the words your teachers taught you.
Example: Did you see the test scores? Adam was the only one who got 100%. That dweebweeder makes the rest of us look bad.

Dweezil: To name one's child inappropriately, usually referring to rock musicians.
From Dweezil and Moon Unit Zappa, the children of Frank. See also Rolan Bolan and Zowie Bowie.
Example: It's such a cute child, don't Dweezil it!

dwelve: To dwell and delve into
Example: They don't dwelve too much on the subject of empathy, do they?

Dwidly: A name for any object, particularly when you can't think of the actual name of the object.
Example: Hand me that dwidly over there. Where'd my dwidly go?
We'll have to get her some dwidlies to go with her new coloring books.

dwim: Do what I mean.

a command in computing used when you wish your code to function as you would expect, rather than as you have written
Example: I need to use the dwim command here.

dwin: Gorgeous, handsome, sexy, god-like, attractive.
Example: Girl sees a boy she finds attractive: Mmm...mmm...mmm... He sure is dwin.

dwinmetry: Perfect physique, perfectly symmetrical. (See dwin.)
Example: He works out for an hour five times a week. You don't see that kind of dwinmetry very often.

dylsexic: A word that you use to after you say something backwards.
Example: I'm sorry, I'm dylsexic.

dymantic: Dynamic, romantic, sexy, bombshell, and otherwise utterly gorgeous.
Example: Oh, that dress is so dymantic! OR I'm feeling absolutely dymantic today.

dynamassage: Vigorous health facilitating massage therapy developed by yours truly.
Example: I don't give regular massages. I give relaxing, rejuvenating dynamassages.

dynamicity: Stellar fabulousness.
Example: We were awed by Stella's dynamicity as she glided through the club.

dynamictivity: Used to describe how something could use some or additional dynamic features.
Example: Your site could use a bit more dynamictivity.

dyno: Rockclimbing move where you leap from the wall to get a higher hold without using your feet.
Example: That was a sick dyno, Jess.

dysaudia: The unfortunate tendency to hear things as the or as a twist of their intended message.
Example: When an employee says I've got three weeks recuperative therapy before I can work the floor, the supervisor hears Three days to recuperate and I'll take my three weeks leave now, please

dysfronifat: To feel as though you and your family are suffering from a disease found only in chickens.
Example: I dysfronifat, doctor.

dyslaphsia: the notion that one's own jokes are funny

dyslex: Verb, back-formation of noun dyslexia. To switch the order of items accidentally.
Example: Sorry I'm late. I dyslexed your address and wrote down 12 West 14th Street instead of 14 West 12th Street.

dyslumina: The light-switch equivalent of dyslexia.
Example: Since Kat invariably reaches for the wrong light switch, she suffers from dyslumina.

dysluminaxy: A guy who suffers from dyslumina --which see.
Example: Since Tom invariably reaches for the wrong light switch, he is a dysluminaxy.

dysphonia: A behaviorial condition marked by the inability to use a telephone properly. In advanced cases, sufferers are unable to use the telephone at all.
Example: He told me he'd call but he didn't-- an obvious case of dysphonia

dystypia: Typing equivalent of dylexia. Getting the letters in the wrong order, usually committed by two-fingered typists.
Example: For the umpteenth time, I slipped into dystypia, typing teh instead of the.

dzzzz: What? Used when not paying attention.
Example: A. HR, did you take those CDs? HR. Dzzzz?