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L16 (Louis XVI): To go L16 is to become haughty and precious in the glow of your own ego--a dandy or popinjay.
Example: Beaufort answered a few Jeopardy questions right and quickly got L16 on the other contestants.

l33t syndrome: A common disease that infects children, usually male, between the ages of 13 and 17.
Symptoms include a propensity to use numbers and misspellings (as well as mispunctuation)
in place of proper 'net English, a terrible need to prove oneself, and many other annoying habits that only script kiddies and l33t h4x0R boys (and girls) have.
Example: My learned colleague would have presented a compelling argument,
had he remembered to keep his l33t syndrome symptoms down.
As it is, he sounds like a prat more than an intellectual.

L7: Square.
Example: You turned her down? You are sooooo L7.

L8r: An abbreviated form of See you later, or Talk to you later usually found toward the end of an email.
Example: Nice website, guys! Good job. L8r

la de freaking da: This term is a response to be used when somebody tells you some insignificant piece of information that you couldn't care less about.
Example: Paul - Hey, did you hear that Iggy Pop has a new album out?
Me - La de freaking da.

la esquela: Pronounced la es-KWAY-la.
Said after somebody just got made fun of.
From the Spanish the school. La esquela'd--got made fun of.
Example: If Dan has big ears, and Tom said to him: Your ears are bigger than Dumbo's!
then somebody could say La esquela! OR if Tom said: Lauryn, you're an idiot,
then Lauryn could say I just got la esquela'd.

labatyd: Life's A Bitch And Then Ya Die Usually in response to whining complaints.
Example: A. Can you believe it? He only gave me a 3% raise!
B. Yeah, yeah, labatyd.

label whore: A label whore is someone who only wears brand name clothes, with the name of the brand usually placed somewhere for all to see. A walking advertisement for a clothing store or brand.
Example: Look at that spaz wearing all Abercrombie--what a label whore.

Labrachow: A Labrachow is a dog that is a cross between a Labrador Retriever and a Chow.
Example: My dog Dexter is a very sweet and lovable Labrachow.

labrat: A system administrator, webmaster or programmer who virtually lives in a corporate computer laboratory. Distinguishable from average humans by one or more of the following traits: ghastly pallor (see screentan), dependence on caffeine-rich beverages and snack foods, inability to remember the names of close family members, intolerance for AOL users and a curiously extensive knowledge of government security agencies and firewall software.
Etymology: probably derived from ancient Geek

Example: Trying to supervise labrats is like trying to herd cats.

labrawhatsahoosa: A mongrel--a dog that is part everything, but all of nothing.
Example: What sort of dog is that? Is it a labrawhatsahoosa?

lachrymology: the science of crying as a therapy
Example: Tool seemed to make up the theory of lachrymology.

lachrymotormouth: One who can't shome talking about her troubles. A nonshome whiner.
Example: I had to get away from that lachrymotormouth. He moaned the blues for 45 minutes straight.

lack-a-nookie: No sex for a long time.
Example: She's grumpy because she's suffering from lack-a-nookie.

lackavation: State where you are so hungry you don't know what to do.
Example: I haven't eaten in two days, I think I might die from lackavation.

lacktion: Lack of action with a situation.
Example: I am very upset with my boss's lacktion on resolving this issue.

lacrosstitute: Young women and girls who hang around lacrosse arenas and fields
trying to get picked up by lacrosse players.
Example: The girls at the game last night were lacrosstitutes.

lactard: A lactose intolerent person
Example: I can't drink milk--I'm such a lactard!

lactomangulate: (v) To mangle the open here side of the milk carton so badly that you have to resort to the other side.
Example: Dammit, Erle, you sure lactomangulated that one.

lady marmalade: Cool, beautiful, impressive.
Example: Madi's new belt was very lady marmalade.

Laerio: An unidentified and unpleasant liquid or gooey substance.
Example: Eeww! You sat in laerio.

lagged up: Used to describe a person who is a slow thinker, or exceptionally dumb.
Example: The members of that debate team are lagged up, so this should be no problmem.

Lagger: One who lags behind and keeps you waiting for her.
Example: 1. Nelson said he'd call but he never did. What a lagger.
2. We waited for Maria for an hour--she's such a lagger.

laid-out: To be completely physically out of commission either by result of a flu-vaccination gone awry or an after school beating.

laid-up: Being so busy with obligations that you cannot be reached.
Example: I was laid-up with studying this weekend so I couldn't return your call.

laidez: Easy to pick up--laid easily.
Example: Check out those laidez in the short skirt.

lambasted: Confused, bewildered, surprised.
Example: Katie was lambasted when Stephanie told her that her boyfriend punched her in the nose. Even though it was an accident. {Katie lambasted the boyfriend for hitting Stephanie, then lambasted Stephanie for taking it and looking for ways to excuse his behavior.} {If your boyfriend hits you, dump him. Then report him to the authorities for assault and battery. If it had been an accident, he wouldn't have been making a fist.}

lambineighting: A new type of self-contradicting joke.
Example: When I found Dimetrodon's obituary, it wasn't on the obituaries page. It was entitled Every Lamb in Eight and had a picture of a baby lamb. In fact, it didn't even mention Dimetrodon.

lame: Cheap.
Example: I think you like laming around.

lame-inator: That person at a party or any other social gathering who is the first person to say no to a zany idea or want to go home.
Example: John, I can't believe you, of all people, are being such a lame-inator. It's only midnight.

lamenoxious: Lame and obnoxious.
Example: Why are you always using these words you found on Pseudodictionary that
none of the rest of us have ever heard of? That's lamenoxious.

lamer: Someone in a strategy, combat, or other style of multiplayer competitve game who uses tactics which are either unskilled, particularly cowardly, or ludicrously easy to pull off (compared to their effectiveness). That is, someone who is being cheap or lame in a game.
Example: (adj) What a lamer strategy. (n) That guy's such a lamer.

lamina: A hybrid between lameness and stamina.
Example: You sat through a two hour meeting on team spirit; not falling asleep must have taken some lamina.

Lamo: Someone who is really lame.
Example: Ryan Schieve is a total Lamo!

LAN(S): Local Area Network, a place where people meet and bring their computers with them, to link the computers and and share files and play games.
Example: You going to the LANS in Christchurch this weekend? I'm gonna play Tony Hawks Skateboarding 3 with some people.

land yacht: An extremely large car, especially from the 70s.
Example: The '73 Cadillac is a land yacht.

landlard: The fathead landlord
who won't fix the heat.
Example: My apartment is freezing and the landlard won't fix the heat.

landline: A good old phone line, with actual copper cables. Or a phone that's attached to such a line.
Example: I can't hear a thing you're saying. Hold on, lemme call you from a landline.

lando: (v) To betray. Inspired by that snake-in-the-grass Lando Calrissian.
Example: Can you believe the way Jesse stole my girl? He landoed me.

landscraper: Same meaning as landscaper but obviously more descriptive and understandable.
Example: We hired an excellent landscraper to redo our yard.

landscraping: Last bit of detail work done to a new lawn before seeding.
Example: My backyard is almost ready to seed and fertilize, just needs a bit more landscraping.

landshark: People with malevolent intentions who are on the scam for the opposite sex.
Example: The landsharks quickly began to circle their prey.

langers: To be drunk.
Example: After drinking 10 pints of guinness, I was langers drunk

Laption: The actions associated with a lapdance.
Example: Tonight I am going to go out and get some laption!

lapvermin: Those index card-sized pieces of advertising fluff that fall into your lap when you're trying to read a zine.
Example: Cripes, Margaret. How many lapvermin can they put in one friggin' issue of Oprah?

larb: To butter excessively.
Example: If you're making me toast, please don't larb it like you did last time.

lardicious: Something containing, or having vast quantities of lard.
Example: Edmond, that man is absolutley lardicious. He should lay of the crisco if you know what I'm saying.

large: One thousand, particularly dollars.
Example: That shipment of Beanie Babies will cost you forty large.

larkhead: Stupid, idiot, fool.
Example: Larkhead, GET!

LARP: an abbreviation meaning Live Action Role Playing, also used as a noun to refer to the activity itself
Example: We were at the LARP until almost 3 AM last Saturday.

Larry: Left turn.
Example: Hey, the party's up here. Hang a Larry into that parking lot.

LART: Lamer Attitude (Re)adjustment Tool, anything from a wooden bat to a low electrical current.
Example: If you don't shome tripping my sister, I'll beat you with my LART.

laser it: Hurry up!
Example: If you dont laser it, stoop, we won't make it to the party.

lastard: Those people who leave a tiny bit of milk in the bag just to annoy you and make
you fill it up again. Lactose+bastard.
Example: Where'd all the milk go? I bet it was Bill, that lastard.

lastday: Used by my grandson instead of yesterday as he seem to understand that concept better.
Example: I went swimming lastday. Can I go again today?

lastel: To describe something that will last a long time, or a sport participant with no talent.
Example: 1. Don't sweat it. That thing's lastel.
2. He'll never make it, he's way too lastel.

lastertimeago: My daughter, Sarah, made this up when she was about 2-1/2. She couldn't seem to get last time or a long time ago or yesterday so she created this awesome word.
Example: Do you remember lastertimeago when we saw Grandma?

late: See you later. Usually reserved for bro's and surfer-types.
Example: I'll be by in the morning to pick up my board--late!

Latin lover: Someone or something that you love in a cute, kinda fake way (does not have to have latin roots)
Example: I know! He's so awesome...He's my latin lover!

latron: Lateron. Used when parting ways.
Example: Catcha latron, Mary.

latron dutrex: Later on, dude. Plural, Dutreces.
Example: See you later. Latron, Dutrex.

Laundry Event Horizon: The state after which there is no longer any way to avoid doing laundry.
Example: Jockeys are already inside out, t-shirt backwards and inside out,
laundry pile has crept out into the hallway. I've just passed the Laundry Event Horizon.

lavote: to ignore someone in a rude manner
Example: oh...just lavote him,and he'll leave you alone

LAWKI: (pron. LAW-kee.) Acronym from Life As We Know It.
Example: Are hydrocarbons a requirement of LAWKI,or could such life be silicon-based?

lawt: Bye, see you later, etc.--especially when making a hasty retreat. Rhymes with fought.
Example: Hey, do you remember that party Eric threw last year?
Oh yeah, that was the one I woke up afterwards next to your sis...lawt!

Lax: to relax, kick back, chill out
Example: I'm gonna go and lax for a while

LAXADATED: Relaxed, laid back, lazy.
Example: I'm so laxadated I can't even bother to punctuate this sentence properly. I hope the editor does it for me. [ED. She did.]

lay down the law: Take control of a situation, occasionally through use of physical force.
Example: Back in high school, whenver a fight broke out, the principal would show up and lay down the law.

Lazearchy: A system of government whereby the world ruled by laziness.
Example: World peace would be easy in a lazearchy; everybody would be too lazy to fight.
The solution to all our problems lies in laziness, as long as we're too lazy to look for it anywhere else.

lazy ketchup: The ketchup in restaurants that is hesitant to leave its bottle.
Example: I'd have returned from my lunch break sooner, if it weren't for that lazy ketchup.

LBD: Lesbian By Default. A physically unattractive woman with no other options than lesbianism.
Example: She hasn't had a date in a while. I'm thinking she'll be LBD by New Year's Eve.

LBM: Little Bitch Man, used to describe a particularly meek and sheepish male
Example: Watch yourself LBM. You're entering a world of hurt.

leaker: a person who is incompetent. Someone who always seems to make mistakes. A loser
Example: That Joe, what a leaker. He can never do anything right. This word seems to come from the Wisconsin/Minnesota area

Learjet lefties: Politically liberal rich persons who criticise the capitalist system that they themselves exploit to accumulate their wealth.
Example: Did you hear how those Learjet lefties Ted Turner and Bono who want to write off Third World debt?

learning computers: College students who do nothing but learn, i.e. are only concerned with getting a good job.
They don't have any fun.
Northwestern students are a good example of this.
It's also a good thing to yell out the window at people.
It comes from _Terminator 2_. Arnold says it in the movie.
Example: Man, these guys don't do anything for fun.
Yeah, what a bunch of learning computers.

leather hat band: Emphasizing extremly snug fitting garments.
Example: I think I've put on weight--this shirt is tighter than a leather hat band.

leaverright: anything found that is worthless
Example: I picked up this worthless rock and decided to leaverright where I found it.

lectursize: An exposition of a given homeic combined with a hands on exercise and presented to an audience or class.
Example: The lecturcize on typography would have been more effective if we'd been asked to compare semi-sans serif faces in additon to the sans serif.

lede: Journalist slang for lead--i.e., the first sentence of a news story.
Example: The lede is nice, but by the third graf things start to slow down.

Source: Ken Layne's warblog.

ledge: short for legend
Example: Commentator, He shoots, he scores. What a ledge.

Lee Marvin, marvin: Starvin'--only related when you're very hungry for food.
Example: I'm Lee Marvin, gotta get me some food.

leech: Someone who does little or no work, yet claims responsibility for the final product.
To do little or no work and claim responsibility for the final product.
Example: That leech stole my science grade. OR That guy leeched an A off me.

leeismic: Following all the religions at once.
Example: D'you think Lee's leeismic.

leet: Internet slang for elite
Example: That's a leet toaster you got.

left: Not right. Mentally off balance. Not stupid, not insane, not eccentric--just...not...quite...right.
The example is pretty much a conversation that took place one night at the Billiards Palace.
Example: Fowler. Chris is left.
Jim. No, he's right over there, playing pool.
Fowler. I mean he's not right mentally.
Jim. Oh, left? His suitcase is packed? Now, see this guy playing Danny? Five on the five, ten on the nine? Even up.
If he's not left, he's sure wearing his hat. Must have come in from Vinita.
Fowler. You got it.

Left: To become extremely dissappointed, upset, or angry with someone or about something. As in to be the opposite of right.
Example: You wrecked Sarah's car! She's gonna go left!

Left Handed: Doing something in a strange way.
Example: I figured out a left-handed way of fixing my CD player. I bought another one just like it at the store, then put my broken one in the box and returned it the next day (We've all done it, but we're not proud of it.)

Left Handed Screwdriver: A thing we used to make freshmen go down and ask for from the machine shop to test their stupidity. Used now to describe a new product that performs the same basic function as the old product, but has a useless marketing feature.
Example: Wow, the new Ziploc bags have a yellow and blue zip stripe...sounds like nothing more than a left handed screwdriver. (Well actually, there is a function: the stripe turns green so you can tell the bag is sealed. Not a biggie, but it's useful.)

leg fingers: Toes.
Example: Grab my slippers, would you? My leg fingers are colder than a mofo.

legaleyes: to see the meaning of a legal matter
Example: He was able to legaleyes the contract on the cell phone.

legger: A downpour or rainstorm that makes you run for shelter
Example: It's a real legger out there. I'm drenched.

Leghumper: One who tends to be cutesy, or overly playful.
Example: Why won't that leghumper shome making up overly cute words?

legitmatic: Existing independent of doubt or debate.
Example: He suggested I kill her, but it wasn't a legitmatic option.

legless: In response to an aussie saying she was tanked and legless collection of her golden globe. Quite simply, she was admitting she was slighly intoxicated, but having fun. See also: tanked
Example: Maaaaaaaaaate, I'm legless, hey!

lemming: The act of blindly or heedlessly repeating the actions or words of another.
Example: As a result of consuming a six-pack of beer each and lemming a Monday night broadcast of World Championship Wrestling - Eddie, Dwayne, Jerry, and Harold all ended up in the emergency room's trauma unit.

lemmingly: Acting like a lemming, or acting before thinking.
Example: I lemmingly wrapped my car around a telephone pole.

lemon: Used to describe any fanwork which is written solely to describe various sexual activities. Noted for their use of extreme hyperbole and atrocious grammar and spelling.
Example: Glad Mom wasn't in the room when I was reading that lemon; otherwise, she'd never let me on the internet again.

lemon curry: Said out of nowhere as a response to something else, seemingly out of nowhere.
Example: A:Credit card. B:Lemon curry.

Lemon Shimmae (and/or) Kiwi Sh: Usually used together, describing two really hot cute amazing godess girls.
Example: Hey, Matt, look over to the left. Kiwi ShnazZ and Lemon Shimmae headed our way!

lempcke: Doing something stupid for a tiny reward or no reward at all. A person doing a stupid act
Example: A. I'll give you a nickel to suck my toe. B. No, I'm not doing a lempcke. OR
Hey, that's a good stunt for a reality-based TV show. You could make a fool of yourself in front of millions.
Then everyone would know what a lempcke you are.

leng (lenged, lenging): To snack or munch.
Example: All you did all day was watch TV and leng.

Lennon moment: Describing a reaction to a situation, be it violent, creative, etc.
Example: He said something that was so stupid I had to get him back with something that would make him cry.
It was a real Lennon moment.

leo: Lower Earth Orbit. When someone blows her home, she is said to go LEO.
Example: When I told Bob I'd kissed his girl, he went LEO.

lepine: Characteristic of or resembling a rabbit. Fast or timid.
Example: The way she was sampling at the snacks was more lepine than graceful.

leptic: Someone who posesses an extreme lack of competence at any task whatsoever.
Example: Keith, you leptic, next time turn the saw *off* before you try to clean the blade.

leroy: A sneeze that refuses to come out.
Example: I was trying to answer his questions but I was stuck with leroy and I couldn't talk.

lerpy: Used to describe a really tall, skinny guy who tends to look geeky and walks like Shaggy from Scooby Doo.
Example: That guy sure is lerpy.

let gunch: Get lunch.
Example: I'm hungry. Shall we let gunch?

let the smoke out: To make something smoke by accident, usually damaging it.
Most often used when in reference to electronics or automotive work.
Example: If you install your own sound system without following the directions, there's
a good chance you'll let the smoke out.

Lete: A. An Athlete.
B. Someone from an elite class.
Example: The letes are in the gym right now, so we can't use it.

letheft: Legalized theft.
Example: In over half the cases, marriage can be said to be letheft.

Level 10: Describing something as excessive.
Example: Her Christmas decorations are Level 10. She's got about 3 million lights on her house.

lewising: to be paralysed by the amount of things that need to be done RIGHT NOW, resulting in one standing the middle of the room spinning and waving ones hands in the air
Example: I just had so many places to be this afternoon, I just stood in the kitchen lewising

lewtz: money cash
Example: i am goin to the bank to get some lewtz

LeX-Bizkits: An exclusive club of girls selected by none other than Lex.
These girls are the best and the brightest (but most commonly the closest).
Example: Oh, how I wish I were a LeX-Bizkit.

lexdysia: a reflexive word meaning dyslexia
Example: I must have lexdysia - I keep scrambling my ablesyllas.

lexicoignorapathy: The psychological condition of ignoring a word that exists in the lexicon
or the vernacular of a given language in order to satisfy prudence, style,
or current political correctness.
Example: Ignoring the existence of many words in the English language is pure lexicoignorapathy.

lexiconophiliac: Person who bleeds words when cut. Person who speaks so long that the words seem to run down the front of her blouse like blood from a nosebleed.
Example: The author is a lexiconophiliac. He spoke at such length about his newest book that I thought I saw words dribble from his mouth like saliva from a wino.

lexidespontia: The feeling of profound depression upon discovering that your submission was not, in fact,
the ten-thousandth entry into the pseudodictionary. (See decakilonym.)
Example: Despite my superb submission, my entry was not selected as the ten-thousandth entry
and therein lies the taproot of my lexidespontia. [It was, indeed, a fine entry. (The editor likes lexidespontia. even more.)
It just came in about five or ten words early.]

lexifabricography: the art of desperately inventing a word to substitute for one that you can't think of right now.
Example: The good folks at Pseudodictionary.com are at the forefront of the scholarly pursuit of lexifabricography.

leximaven: Someone who loves words, from lexi (word) and maven (knowledgeable about something).
Example: Leximavens beware, pseudodictionary is addictive.

liatur: Derived from music guru: a person who listens to al ot of TripleJ, a non-commercial radio station in Australia, or a person who makes a sweet song (not pop or hip hop).
Example: That liatur never gets off his fat arse.

lick tide: n. The residual moisture left on one's face after an extremely wet, more like sloppy, kiss.
Example: The blissful moment vanished as she realized she had left Pat's face awash with her lick tide.

Lickasourus: A large dog that can't shome licking people.
Example: The lickasourus just got me.

lickety-split: Rapidly; fast.
Example: You get in there and clean your room lickety-split.

licking hamster: when something is really cool, this is what teenagers in iceland say.

life's got momentum: Momentum is the measure of the quantity of motion, a pushing strength.

Therefore, the phrase means that life is basically pushing against you, forcing you into unpleasant or undesirable situations.
Example: Sally. So, can you come to the party tonight?
Jenny. I can't. I have a huge history test to study for, a science project to finish,
and an essay to write. I want to come, but life's got momentum.

liftgift: A cloud of flatus left behind in an elevator, invariably by the person(s) who most recently departed said conveyance.
Example: Liftgift! the spy gasped, wasting valuable air by talking aloud for dramatic effect even though he was alone. It had to have been the cryptographer from Alpha Section who had just gotten off. The ceiling hatch was his only chance.

liggit: Light.
Example: Turn off the light!

Lightnining: Continuous bolts of lightning coming from above... LOOK OUT!
Example: I wouldn't go outside if I were you. It's Lightnining out there.

Like: used to imply metaphor. Currently greatly over- and mis-used. See also
Example: Well, she was like 'yeah, are you talking to me?' and he was like 'yeah, my friend thinks you are like, cute.'

like an ape to an empty shirt: When someone just seems to take to something,
getting on smoothly, fitting in perfectly, and having the time of her life
--yet in fact she is completely messing up the job.

Example: Jane took to her new job like an ape to an empty shirt.
It was her favourite job yet, but the company shut down within
a week due to her imcompetence.

likenahate: (Like-na-hate) liking someone, but being unable to be friends with them because of a gaping character flaw you don't like.
Example: If Mike was not such a snob, I would shome liknahating him.

lil' Texan: Word used to describe someone with reference to possibly the worst WWF wrestler of all time, the Texas tornado.
Confined to Liverpool, England.
Example: Get away from me, you lil' Texan.

limberated: Liberated, free from the power, or hold, of sex.

Example: Once he was limberated, he was able to do many things he wanted, and became acutely aware of the
many meaningless aspects of life.

limbic: to go limbic means to get so angry or scared that you lose all capacity for reason; the primitive limbic part of your brain is in control
Example: When that stupid boss stood over me and kept nagging me to hurry, I went limbic and yelled at him to leave me alone.

limble: A self-attaching articulated arm: limb+nimble. Such as the new Canadarm on the International Space Station.
Example: Like an inchworm, the limble reached out and attached itself to a solar panel freeing the other end to perform a new task.

limbonius: (adj) Having to do with being in limbo
Example: Jo was stuck in a limbonius attitude all day.

Limey: An Australian hundred dollar bill
Example: The first time in my life I get a bloody limey and it turns out to be counterfeit.

limousine liberals: Left-leaning rich persons who criticise the capitalist system that they themselves used to accumulate their wealth.
Example: Did you hear about those limousine liberals Ted Turner and Bono who want to write off Third World debt?

limpbizkorn: a generic term for testosterone rock bands.
Example: damn, why does the radio play so much limpbizkorn?

line of champions: The line of students called down on the morning announcements in front of the disiplinary office.
Example: As I was going to the office for a message, I had to pass the line of champions.

linflantification: The action of trying to identify who is singing a They Might Be Giants song, John Linnell or John Flansberg.
Example: This constant linflantification is distracting me from effectively kneeing you ninjas in the groin. Shome it.

lingual-vanitalist: Using foreign words in an
attempt to impress or show off one's intellect--when in actuallity it makes one look like a fool.
Example: When Betty had recited the American national anthem in French, it
was clear she was a lingual-vanitalist.

linguistician: One who is annoyingly erudite and pedantic,
though not always right, about word use.
Example: Archibald held forth on lose versus loose for an hour, proving himself a veritable linguistician.

linguistigimp: a person who uses the wrong word, misspeaks, and/or otherwise trips over his tongue
Example: I believe in the sacred bondage of marriage, proclaimed the linguistigimp.

link farm: A person who can consistently produce, almost instantaneously, a URL related to any current homeic of
discussion; used especially during chat to make aware to the link farm himself,
that perhaps he spends way too much time on the internet.
Example: And: Did you ever see the Goonies?
Nad: Ooh yeah, look... www.slothloveschunk.com.
And: uh... thanks, link farm

linkful: Having or manifesting links. Inspiring the use of links. A web page is linkful if it contains many useful links.
Example: UseTheSource.com's stories are useful because they are so linkful.

linkology: The physical or logical connections of data communications networks. Shows links to physical nodes.
Example: This linkology report shows all the nodes in our network.

linkrot: Dead links on a poorly updated web site.
Example: I went to your web site, and nine out of ten links were dead! Your web site has too much linkrot.

linkslut: Someone who does anything to get someone else to link to them

linkwanderer: 1. A person who wanders through the net by clicking on random links.
2. The act of wandering through links.
Example: She must have a lot of time on her hands if she finds that many different kinds of
links in a given day. She's a real linkwanderer.

linner: A meal between lunch and dinner.
Example: Would you like to go out for linner?

linsey: A beautiful girl you can't go out with because she is related to you.
Example: ex.Ex. My cousin Inga is a real linsey! Too bad.

lint-picker: An anoyingly detail-oriented person.
Example: We were not able to get the proposal in on time because Dave was
being such a lint-picker about the format.

linx: Linx is new word from link. It is linx la when connect net, media, equipment etc. now and call.

Example: korealinx =all korea site link

lip rippler: a louder than average burp, inspired by watching Barney on the Simpson's

lipfudge: A flavored, glossy pomade used to moisturize and add a shine to lips,
like the Lip Smacker glosses beloved by teen schoolgirls in the 80s.
Example: A tube of raspberry lipfudge just rolled out of my purse.

lipjockey: Someone who tramples over a conversation with constant interruptions.
Example: Sally: Shome inter-
Jim: I know where you're coming from. Sally: Shome it, you lipjockey.

liquidsunshine: Rain in the middle of winter in Oregon
Example: Right now outside its liquidsunshine, so don't forget the umbrella.

liquidtrash: One trying to act like she knows more than she really does. In other words, trying to prove a point.
Example: That guy talks too much. He's just liquidtrash

liquory: 1: After drinking enough alcohol that you become tipsy or happy. 2: Also to describe someone that is tipsy, drunk, or that you find attractive.
Example: 1: Ooh! I'm starting to feel liquory after only two beers. 2: Damn he's so fine, he's liquory.

lisky: Linguistically frisky.
Example: His spirited narrative provided the crowd a lisky romp into a bed of enticing prose.

list: A small number of actors or actresses who you would go to see in a movie, regardless of what it was about, just because they're enjoyable to look at.
Example: Ed: I watched Alien Resurrection last night. Ted: Why? Ed: Because Winona Ryder is on my list.

literally: Metaphorically.
Example: He hit that ball literally out of town.

little bittle: A variation of little bit.
Example: I'll see you in a little bittle.

little m: 1. The area defined by the ventral surface of the nose, so named because the nostrils and the flesh between suggest the letter m.
2. A distinctive marking seen primarily in tabby cats, centered directly above the eyes and suggesting the letter m.
Example: 1. She smiled and James was transfixed--her big blue eyes, her dimples, her little m.
2. Just before Raider could jump up and bring down the whole Christmas tree,
I grabbed the water pistol and nailed him right on his little m.

Livation: Liquid that really quenches your thirst.
Example: I need to get some livation, quick like, before I dehydrate.

living large: Doing extremely well.
Example: John is living large after his record sold a million copies.

lizard king: Someone who has great power and influence, yet has the personality of a dead rodent.
Example: I hate talking to my boss; he's such a lizard king.

lizarding at midnight: Sneaking out of the house. Doesn't necessarily have to be at midnight.
Example: Nicky: Hey, Lauryn, will you be out tonight?
Lauryn: Yeah, I'm lizarding at midnight.

llama: Really nice person.
Example: My aunt's a llama if there ever was one.

Lloydy: Meaning very stupid, after Lloyd Christmas, Jim Carrey's dim-bulb character in the movie _Dumb and Dumber_.
Example: Forgetting to put the city and state in the address on the envelope was a very Lloydy thing to do

lo fi: Opposite of hi-fi; something shameful, stupid, or of cheap quality.
Example: The music they were playing at the bar last night was lo fi. OR She was right to leave--he was being lo fi.

load rage: Getting angry at slow downloads. Equivalent to road rage for the internet.
Example: This modem connection is giving me load rage.

load up: to get prepared
Example: I'm going to load up and go to Florida tomorrow.

load-glitch: Describes the personal experience that occurs at the point in time where one realises
all loads are conveniently corresponding with the same timeframe after a long drought.
Preferably the loads conflict in the worst possible way.
For example, high bill, birthday and dinner-date loads, which together leave the �glitched?
person completely broke and begging for the next week.
Load-glitches are largely unavoidable since their pre-emptive deprivation
mechanism dictates an extreme balancing vortex-action,
drawing the glitched individuals in so strongly that they only notice the glitch when it's too late.
Example: Excuse me, I'm having a load-glitch,

lobster: Australian for a twenty dollar note.
Example: He tipped me a lobster. God love those Yanks.

loc: A local .
Example: I think that loc was hitting on you.

lochrity: The condition of having many lakes.
Example: Landlocked areas can have successful marine industries due to their lochrity.

lock: short for locker.
Example: Your lock is awesome!

lockdown: What happened to high-security U.S. agencies like the C.I.A. on September 11.
All employees in, no one out, everyone works.
Example: The Agency doesn't go to lockdown frequently; it usually takes a major crisis.

locked Up, locks: A variant of messed up or screwed up
Computer geek slang to describe a situation similar to a computer's locking up.
Example: A. Hey, did you just see that guy wearing the Carmine Miranda hat?!? B. ...Yaaa, that's locked up!

You're really going to paint your house salmon pink? That just locks, utterly.

Locket-Lace: A precious and wealthy gift given to a stranger (usually a poor one) from someone who does not wish to be known to that stranger.
Example: It was hard for the poor man to believe that a locket-lace of such value would be given to him

locust: An annoying customer at a retail store (who always seem to appear in swarms).
Example: As soon as we opened up this morning, we were overrun with locusts.

log-cabin Republican: A conservative Republican who also hapens to be gay.
This group has been moderately successful at softening the hard line anti-gay
perception of the Republican party.
Example: The log-cabin Republicans have been pushing the party to eliminate their
anti-gay rhetoric for years.

logey: To be sluggish, and a hooligan. The state of being groggy after a long night.
Example: I'm logey today. I was drinking till five in the morning.

Loggedoff: A Russian composer of nature pieces written in his dacha deep in the forest.
Example: Loggedoff's symphony A Fallen Tree was a little choppy.

logicfuzzy: When a concept is beyond normal comprehension or description it isn't fuzzy logic. Rather it is logicfuzzy. Akin to much like the word Duh meaning stupid.
Example: That thought is just logicfuzzy.

loke: (v) To do something absolutely stupid, without connection to what you should be doing. We (the inner ring of friends) started using this word after we got to London.
Example: You're sitting on the tube, and all of the sudden you get a blank look in your eyes, as if staring at someone who's not there. You're loking. (From a Norwegian expression I don't know.}

Loke: A word that fills the gap between like and love.
Example: I loke you, baby.

lolalam: Acronym for Love Only Lasts As Long As (the) Money.
Example: You can describe her lifestyle as lolalam.

lollibanger: A four cylinder engine for cheerleaders that aren't capable of excessively long and high jumps.
Example: When no one was looking she quickly got her lollibanger ready.

lolly: Laughing loudly when checking your non-work-related emails at work. It appears to others you are laughing for no apparent reason.

Example: Sorry guys, didn't mean to lolly like that, but this email is just....

loma loma: Happy feelings toward a person, another way of saying I Love You.
Example: Loma loma, Jean.

LOMBARD: Loads of money but a real dork. Acronym for a nouveau riche individual with little common sense.

Example: He's a Lombard.

long back: adjective used to describe a female with a lack of posterior plumpness......
Example: damn..that chick was kinda cute..but she had a long back...

longetivity: 1. Lifespan. 2. To live a long life. 3. To continue to be alive.
Example: 1. The care the boy gave his dog increased his pet's longetivity.
2. The dog's longetivity was due to his owner's loving care.
3. Fido's longetivity insures that those bitches will never be lonely.

longfinger: To have an idea or suggestion rejected.
Example: You've been given the longfinger on that one.

longks: Cross between long and yonks, meaning a very veery long time.
Example: Jeez, them Sheila's takin longks in the ladies room.

longline: To take a very long and grueling trip. The meaning is derived from the name for the long distance phone companies' lines (long lines, which are either copper or fiberoptic) that stretch quite lenghty distances, usually continuously from coast to coast,
or within the continent outside of the US (to Canada or Mexico).
Example: Jim's gonna be gone for the next couple of days, he's got to longline it to San Francisco to Boston by car.

longs: Long pants, but used in a form like shorts.
Example: My legs are cold. I'm going to change out of my shorts and into my longs.

longtalk, longtalking: The act of using a lot more words than necessary to get something said. Commonly heard when politicians speak or when parents scold children.
Example: Mom: Go to your room. I mean it. At the present moment! Billy: Mom, why not just say Now, instead of using longtalk? Mom: Don't you backtalk me, William Jefferson Clinton. | Politicians, as a matter of habit, frequently use longtalk day in and day out in conjunction with obfuscation and polysyllabic words to make it possible for them to dilly dally around about where they stand on controversial issues that may be the subject of debates or other arguments among the voting public who may or may not show up at the polls on election day....

lood: Rhymes with good. Ugly or scary. Easily be turned into a title or name--instead of calling someone by her name, call her lood.
Example: The chick wearing the black raincoat is lood.

loogan: an idiot, someone of low intelligence or un-cool characterisics
Example: Why do you have to be such a loogan when you're on the phone with your girlfriend?

looie: Looie is a directional term for automobile (or other vehicle) conversation. Same first letter as left.
Example: Ford Prefect took the controls and hung a looie at Alpha Centuri.

lookatme-mobile: Any flashy car.
Example: I'm sick and tired of seeing mid-life crisis guys driving lookatme-mobiles.

looker: Someone who looks up skirts
Example: Lora, close your legs! Here comes the looker!

lookit: Shortened Look at that
Example: Lookit! There goes Mary and Bob!

Looky Lou: Someone who nosey, who looks in to see what you are doing. Always looking over people's shoulders.
Example: An accident happened on my street and all the Looky Lou's shomeped to see what was happening.

Loop: Means of saying goodbye while at the same time saying you'll be back later.
That is, you'll be looping back.
Example: I need to go home for dinner, loop.

loose: Tight or cool, but everyone is so annoyed with those words.
Example: Look at that guy skydiving Yeah, it's so loose. I really want to skydive. Just do it.

loots: Money, the plural is preferred in all cases.
Example: You want to go out to eat?
Nah, I ain't got no loots.

lop: One who is un-atheletic and uncoordinated.
More so when the subject is goofy looking and may attempt athletics unsuccessfully.
Example: No, that's the other Alec. This one's a lop.

loped: Very tired or weary.
Example: Sarah was loped from working so hard in school.

lopohisbobo: A term to desribe a dancing hobo.
Example: Look over there in the alley. There's a lopohisbobo.

loser-lint: The little latex scraps that you get and leave behind if you carelessly scratch a scratch-and-lose lottery ticket.
Example: The kitchen table of the unemployed dotcom worker was covered with loser-lint.

loserfied: Pertaining to being a loser or a hopeless person.
Example: Selling that nice car was totally loserfied.

Lost Angeles: Los Angeles.
Example: She wanted to be a movie star, but wound up waiting tables instead in Lost Angeles.

lost fries: the fries at the bottom of a fast-food bag.

lothariette: Female equivalent of Lothario.
Example: Look at that little lothariette, that's the 6th guy she's hit on in the last ten minutes.

lotioness: The state of having squeezed out too much hand lotion.
Example: The sample bottle left Jane lotioness.

lotr: Lord Of The Rings.
Example: I just bought lotr today.

Lotusize: Converting any raw data or information into a Lotus or other spread sheet. . Synonym: excelit.
Example: Take all that financial data and lotusize it.

lounge lizard: 1. An extremely cool person.
2. A lazy, yet still cool, person.
3. A laid-back person.
4. See the _Cassel's Dictionary of Slang for older and less flattering meanings.
Example: What's up lounge lizard?

LOVE: Lusting Over Virtually Everyone
Example: She had a bad case of LOVE, and about drove several people crazy.

Love Muffin: 1. Any of the members of the musical group The Love Muffins.
2. An extremely attractive teenage male.
Example: Oh, my God! Shy love muffin is here.
Quick, get the signs.
We love you, Shy.

lovercast: dreary, overcast weather outside that makes lovers want to stay in and snuggle with each other with inside.
Example: I predict lovercast weather with the impending clouds and rain.

loveship: Love as a combination of friendship, comradeship and commitment.
Can run to ground, find itself in heavy storms and resurface, damaged,
be taken to safer places to be repaired.
Example: Our loveship has seen heavy weather, but we are back in the peaceful shallows now. Let's please take care we don't shipwreck!

low rent: Cheap, tacky.
Example: When John showed up in his low rent baby blue polyester tuxedo with flame stitching I knew our romance was over.

low-budg: as in low-budget, anything done cheaply and/or crappily, could be used to describe a person where appropriate
Example: These paper placemats are so low-budg. or The actor in that Pepsi ad was so low-budg.

lowdriff: Area of body between the midriff and the pubes.
Example: Britney's new hipsters showed her lowdriff to full advantage

lower-brained: An affliction of females who think only their genitalia and not their brains.
Example: The boys excused her insensitive and rude comments because they knew how lower-brained she was.

lub: Piece of unswallowed food that is unknowingly lodged between someone's teeth.
Example: Before I take the photo, you should get rid of that lub.

lubon: Noun : lew'-bahn. Any number of a certain breed of motorists who, when sitting at an intersection and obviously having you in their field of vision, wait until you are 25 feet or less from said intersection to pull out in front of you.
Example: Whatta lubon!

luchismo: Adherence to a struggle for its own sake, rather than for the ostensible goal.
(Spanish lucha `struggle')
Example: Though no longer a socialist, she kept going to the same protest rallies out of luchismo, looking for some new cause to march for.

lucineia: A nice and beautiful girl who likes to make dictionaries.
Example: She has a lucineia temper; she is always asking me about dictionaries

luckaly: Luck that is not really luck at all.
Example: I have spare socks with me, luckaly. (If I brought socks with me, then there is no luck involved.)

lucky amendmentation: When a teacher pulls out names for people to present projects. If you are not picked, you watch for flaws in their papers. Then you go home and amend your paper to be more perfect. It is sort of a composite of all the papers, but with all the errors weeded out. By this process, the last presenter should get a perfect score.
Example: Except for lucky amendmentation, I would have gotten a D. But I saw my errors, went home, fixed them, and then got an A+.

lude: The item, performance, behaviour or thing that occurs between the prelude and the postlude.
Example: I enjoyed the lude this evening.

ludi: Ludi means awesome.
Example: That website was so ludi.

ludsey: Snuggly.
Example: I love these ludsey slippers. Bunnies are ludsey. Where's my ludsey blanket?

ludwaar: (pronounced LOOD-wahr) - jackass, moron, idiot.
Example: Oops, I forgot your sweatshirt in my car. Way to go, ludwaar.

Ludwig: One who makes over-endeavors to seem unusual and quixotic.
Example: Josh came to work wearing a tie-dyed serape with the cover of _Through the Looking Glass_ stapled to it.
He's too overtly a Ludwig.

Lukecold: The opposite of lukewarm--closer to cold than warm, but not *really* cold.
Example: Hey, is the beer still cold? Nah, it's kinda lukecold.

lully: Lovely, great.
Example: A: Do you like my new haircut? B: Oh yeah, it's lully.

lummox: A person (usually male) of tall and lanky appearance.
Example: I remember him, he was quite a lummox.

lump: German for bad guy--not related with lumpi., as dogs are sometimes called.
Example: This man is a lump.

lunachick: A freakin' crazed brazen hussie.
Example: Take off the Saran Wrap and step away from tha KindaKare you wacked lunachick.

lunarversary: The monthly recurrence of the numeral in the calendar marking a notable event.
Example: My wife and I are celebrating our 100th wedding lunarversary.

lunatech: A computer tech who favors working at night so much he is more likely to receive a tan from his monitor.
Example: A. What are you doing getting up at 2PM? B. I didn't go to bed until 6AM.
A. You are such a lunatech.

lunawebber: someone who is online the most in the evening or nighttime hours
Example: My sister, being a lunawebber, keeps me up all night while I'm trying to sleep.

lunch radius: The physical proximity of good lunch spots to one's place of work,
typically referring the variety of decent lunches one can cycle without feeling gastronomically repititious.
Example: Hey, Roger, got a new job. Good money, great lunch radius.

lunchbag: Workplace term for a boring or unqualified executive recruit who needs to be taken to lunch or otherwise entertained as part of the interview process.
Example: HR said the new guy was cool, but halfway through my fries could I tell he was a lunchbag.

lunchbag letdown: The disappointment experienced at the moment you inspect or experience something, a
fter having saved its inspection for just the right time, only to find it's not what you'd hoped for.
Example: I finally got up the nerve to ask her out, and when she smiled, I discovered she had bad teeth.
It was another lunchbag letdown.

lung butter: The nastiness that you hack up in the morning shower after smoking a carton of cigarettes at the bars the night before.
Can also be used for productive cough.
Example: I started coughing and ended up horking up a hell of a lot of lung butter.

lung cookie: The mucous you cough up after a night of partying; has the texture and apperance of an oatmeal cookie
Example: Jesus, if you cough up a lung cookie into the sink at least rinse it down the drain.

Lung Snacks: Another word for cigarettes, since their like snacks for your lungs...
Example: e.g. I can't walk up a flight of stairs anymore.. better cut back on the lung snacks

Lunger: Large wad of spit.
Example: As in he choked up a big lunger.

lunker: An impressively large specimen. Generally associated with ice fishing.
Example: Carl, thats a real lunker you caught there.

Lunky: A cross between lanky (tall and ungainly) and unco (short for uncoordinated).
Example: Have you seen my older brother? He's terribly lunky.

lunner: The meal eaten in midafternoon that is a combination of a late lunch and and early dinner.
Analagous to brunch.
Example: That was a scrumptious lunner.

luposlipophobia: Fear of being chased by wolves around a freshly waxed kitchen floor, while wearing only socks on your feet.
Example: Matt wouldn't go to the kitchen without his shoes, because he suffered from luposlipophobia.

lupper: A combination of lunch and supper.
When you skip lunch because you are busy or out and about and then get ravenous and eat after
2pm such a big meal that you aren't hungry again and so skip supper.
Example: I was so busy working I didn't have time for lunch but I ate a huge lupper at around 3:30.

Lurgy: Li-er-gh-ee. A mysterious and deep rooted illness generally affecting breathing, but given to any fictional disease that persists for more then a few days.
Example: I called in to work sick today, told them I had the lurgy.

lurker: A person who lurks.
Example: Look at that lurker in the corner.

lurp: Ramshackle
Example: The chair was somewhat lurp.

lurvacious: Said of an attractive, endearing, lovely person. Or of a desirable, delicious object.
Example: 1. Did you see that lurvacious doll at Burger King?
2. Oh, lurvacious pink glitter lipgloss. Gotta have it.

lurve: When you don't love someone because you can't or you like them way beyond like.
Example: Look at that guy-- I just lurve him.

luser: a play on words to mean looser, its looser and user combined, used by sysops.
Example: I delete all of that lusers data from the network server, he should have backed it up.

lustify: To extremely enjoy or like something.
Example: I lustify that movie, it was great

Lustworthy: Warranting lust; desirable.
Example: That is the most lustworthy woman I've seen all night.

luzh: Loves. I'm pretty sure I stole this from my sister, Lindsay.
Its usage is for talking to domestic animals originally.
It has since been generalized.
Example: Original use: Mama luzh ya!
Generalized use: I luzh this thing!

lvoe: Love.
Example: I kinda lvoe you.

LWACs: Losers without a cause. People with no sense of purpose or belonging.
Example: You submitted a word like that to the pseudodictionary? You are a true LWAC.

lying and a half: Lying so pathetically obviously that it's almost not worth discussing.
Example: He told you he got a new Porsche?! Ugh...he's lying and a half!

Lynchian: 1. Refering to the work of David Lynch.
2. Having a disturbing and unsettling quality as portrayed in works of David Lynch.
Example: 1. _Twin Peaks_ is a typical example of a Lynchian voyage into the unknown.
2. Check out that guy--he is just so Lycnhian...Let's cross the to the other sidewalk now.

lynchian: When a film or real life displays the characteristics of a David Lynch film: weird sex,
dwarves, and dream-reality.
Oddly, generally used to describe David Lynch films, but most effective when refelcting actuality.
Example: How was your trip to New York? It was...well, Lynchian.

lysdexia: Spelling something in a bass-ackwards way.
Example: Sorry, I must have lysdexia today. I can't spell aynthing.

Lysdexic: A person who is affected by dyslexia
Example: Durng my presentation to the board I kept mixing up my words, I must be Lysdexic.