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n'uch: Nno such.
Example: There's n'uch things as dragons.

n00b: A newcomer or novice--newbie.
Example: That n00b didn't know what he was doing; all the experienced players laughed at him.

nachtwesay: (V) To erase a thought from memory. Used by itself, with a waving hand motion over the eyes.
Example: Ahhh, nachtwesay!

nada lotta: A whole lot of nothing.
Example: What did you think of your blinda date? Nada lotta.

Nader: A dangerously designed car or thing.
Example: A: Do you remember the Suzuki Samurai's that would flip over all the time?
I used to see those Naders with the bumper stickers upside down...
so you could read them when they flipped over!
B: We redesigned the C5 Corvette extensively. We didn't want to make it a Nader.

Nader: a fat turkey or farm animal looking person.

Nadgered: To be tired, knackered. (Especially used in rural parts of Southern England)
Example: I've had a hard day at work and I'm totally nadgered.

Nadmit: No admittance.
Example: I'd go to the movie, but it's nadmit for people under 18.

naff: (adj) Lame, stupid, dumb, idiotic.
Example: What was he thinking? That was a naff thing to do!

nail: Hairstyle featuring an abrupt transition from longish hair on home to much shorter hair on the sides.
Example: See that kid over there? The one with the blue t-shirt and the nail?

nail: Cigarette--short version of coffin nail--slang from the '20s to '40s and later.
Example: Can I bum a nail from you? I'll go buy us a pack in a little bit.

nake: Wearing almost no clothing, to be sparsely clothed.
Example: Luckily my girlfriend and I were only nake when my mom walked in.

naked: To be embarrassed. [ED. John must have noticed how much how embarrassed looks like bare-assed.
Example: I spilled my drink on the floor in front my friends and felt pretty naked.

nakieisha: A queen.
Example: The nakeisha is on her way to the dance.

Name TV: Internet domain name that is either really great or really stupid.
Example: You own pseudodictionary.com? NameTV, baby, NameTV.

namedrop: v. - To casually mention the name of a high status person within a conversation, in order to gain the respect of the listener. (also namedropping, or n. - namedropper)
Example: I feel so intimidated at these Hollywood parties! Everyone I meet is namedropping all over the place!

nameen: short for you know what i mean?
Example: When I say jump, you say how high. nameen?

Namestorm: To brainstorm names for a company or product.

Example: Ok, we're going to have a serious namestorm right now.
[see wildfire]

Namethattuneism: Remembering a few key lines of a song, but not enough to determine the title or describe the song to anyone else
Example: Lionel: argh, if i could only remember that song
Jenny: what song?
Lionel: it goes something like: i can't see me loving nobod but you.. do do dee doo...
Jenny: sorry, no idea, sounds like a bad case of Namethattuneism

nanatechnology: the effect of design completion by banana gas - usually manifested as ripening, but in this case applied to slightly broken things kept in a drawer for months in the hope that they will work again when you take them out next year sometime. Batteries and floppy disks are examples of things you'd put in a drawer instead of throwing away when they don't work.
Example: *** note - this is cut 'n' pasted from my 'Healing Drawers' submission to halfbakery. jutta suggested I stick it here for posteriority. ***

Most of us who are into technology in the slightest have probably gone down the road of pretending this idea is baked.
Most of us have put broken items, flat batteries, non-working floppy discs etc. into a certain drawer we have. Where, along with all the other mixed up items, coaxial ethernet cards, pocket lasers that never get used, business cards, ancient CD-Roms and whatever else, miraculously the battery emerges many months later with a few minutes of life / the floppy is readable for long enough to rescue.
Goodness knows how this actually works - scientists currently think that it works by a kind of encoding based around the order and constituency of socks that have passed through the vortex, powered by a sort of cold fusion dissemination, using ball point pens as fuel. Or something.
Well, why not have an actual drawer with actual analytical powers, and hopefully the next step - resurrection powers. This could be achieved using nanatechnology. This is a form of technology that uses banana gas, to form catalytic actions based on the eventual outcome of the planned pattern of progress and design in an item.
Usually, this manifests itself in ripening - here, in our healing drawer however, it results in things 'getting better' in such a way that we all magically hope it would in any ordinary passive drawer.
That it does in ordinary drawers, to some extent, could be explained by the likelihood that you, or someone in your street, has had some bananas around at some point during the object's hibernation in your drawer.

nancy neuter: Uptight, prissy person.
Not willing to try anything new.
Example: To someone who is afraid to do something, eat something, or see something new,
you say, Don't be such a nancy neuter.

Nanologicaltancature: A language consisting of short, small words.
Example: James spoke in nanologicaltancature to the kids.

nanotized: An extreme reduction in the physical size of an object.
Example: Over the years the transistor has been nanotized.

nape: From Vietnam War GIs. To napalm, to use napalm, to completely obliterate something or someone. A shutout or totally wasting your opponents in a death match.
Example: The Padres lost 27-0. They got naped.

naplash: The violent muscle contraction that often occurs as you transition between sleep and wakefulness. Applicable to all such tics and twitches, but especially to jerks of the head after nodding off in a car or plane.
Example: I enjoy watching other people on planes suffer from naplash.

Napnesia: A feeling of profound disorientation after awakening from a daytime nap.
Example: After I woke up, my napnesia was so bad I couldn't remember the day of the week or if it was morning or afternoon.

napster: (v) 1. To abruptly cut off a song just before the end. 2. To interrupt
Example: 1. It's a song, but it's napsterred at the last second. 2. Don't napster me! I have something important to say.

napster guilt: buying a cd that you already have in MP3 format already because you feel like a chump for ripping off musicians
Example: I have napster-guilt so I bought the new Radiohead album anyway.

napster snob: One who sets Maximum simultaneous outbound transfers per user in Napster to zero, thereby not allowing anybody to download his MP3s.
Example: Jim has some great MP3s on his hard drive. Lotta good it does anyone else--he's napster snob.

Napsterbation: Spending hours downloading songs you don't even like, because you can
Example: In 3 hours of napsterbation, I got the complete works of the Partridge Family

napsturbation: Using Napster when offline, to avoid sharing files
Example: Bob wasn't online according to my hotlist, so I assumed he was napsturbating.

napule: A brief nap, usually in the afternoon, often including a dog or two and your sweetheart. Also, during the week when one should be working.
Example: Wanna take a napule? I need a napule. That was the best napule in a long time.

napulous: (adj.) Feeling like one could take a nap.
Example: Listening to a boring lecture after eating a heavy lunch left him feeling particularly napulous.

narapoia: That uneasy feeling that you are unintentionally following someone.
Example: I drove my usual route home and there was a car in front of me the whole way.
I got such a bad case of narapoia, that I kept going past my house until it was safe.

Narc: One who tattles, the act of tattling.
Example: That tool just Narc-ed me out!

narc: To fall asleep suddenly, specifically from the lack of sleep. Often used in the context of college.
Derived from narcolepsy.
Example: Your couch is so comfortable, I could narc out right here.

narcosleepy: A feeling of being so intensely tired that one is convinced one is suffering from narcolepsy.
Example: I know it's early, but I'm truly narcosleepy right now.

narf: A word usually said after laughing after one of your own jokes. From _Pinky and the Brain_.
Example: So I said, Tell me about it! HA HA HA! Narf!

narf: A stupid, bumbling person.
Example: Andrea I have too many narfs in your life.

narf: Snarf. To shovel food into one's mouth very fast and messily.
Example: Quit narfing your food, Chris. You look like a pig.

nargle: A nargle is one of those really annoying, cloying people who makes you want to tear your hair out.
Example: Roseanne is a nargle to end all nargles.

narkit/fair narkit: Scottish slang. Narkit = angry. Fair narkit = pretty darn angry.
Example: Your wee laddie made me fair narkit.

narkmaster: A person who is in a bad mood.
Example: John: `Where's Sarah?' Kevin:`She was being such a narkmaster that I left without her.'

narky potato: stupid or irritating person.
Example: nobody likes a narky potato

narraty: Usually preceded by that's my... A proclamation of one's sincerity; an affirmation.
Example: Are you serious? That's my narraty, dog.

narrowgulleted: a person born with only a thin passage in their throat
Example: Martha was too narrowgulleted to eat large sandwiches

narsty: Extremely nasty.
Example: Whew, that smell is narsty.

narvey: A hairy bastard, often large and ogre-like as well.
Example: Dave, you're a bloody narvey!

nasa: Your significant other.
Example: I can't hang out with the guys tonight, I have to go see nasa.

nasadal: No ass at all.
Example: That chick has nasadal. Help is on the way with science.

nasodenial: The delusion shared by televised baseball players and motorists shomeped in traffic that no one can see them publicly picking their noses.
Example: Ugh, the director groaned. Camera two, pan away. That outfielder is in serious nasodenial.

nast: Generic noun for anything nasty. Similar in texture to mung.
Example: The drain was clogged,so I augered out a ton of vile nast and it works fine now.

Nasta: Pasta that is eaten with corn chips.
Example: At first I thought it was pasta, then I thought it was nachos, now I realise it was nasta.

nastified: A combination of nasty and putrefied. Extremely disgusting to the point of being repulsive.
Example: Check out the mold on those dishes. That's nastified.

Natch: Naturally. To clarify something that pretty obviously fits and doesn't require any more than a one word response.
Example: A. So we're going to Tomb Raider FOR SURE! Opening night, right? B. Natch.

nation: Used by CDN Bobsled wannabe's to describe an effort so good that the performer should be on the national team.
Example: Paula set a track record last night. She was nation.

naughties: To describe the current decade.
Example: Great music from the eighties, nineties and the naughties.

naughty: not behaviour, describes an item, usually clothes, meaning ugly or looking bad.
Example: Those shoes are naughty.

navel-fluff: The lint that collects within the belly-button cavity.

Note: This word is unknown to people with outies (where the belly-button protudes out, not in).
Example: Look at all my navel-fluff. I could make a jumper out of that.

naven: an idiot, a jerk, ala Steve Martin's character Naven Johnson in The Jerk
Example: You've never parallel parked before in your life, have you? What a naven.

Naw: Naw means no. Just plain no.
Example: John said Naw I don't want to go to the lake.

nay: A condescending way to say hell no.
Example: Frat Dork: Will you go with me to the fraternity semi-formal?
Cool Girl: Umm, nay. Do I look like hang out with people who buy their friends?

nazi: Any person who feels that they must deprive you of something just because they want to
or that they own an extremely popular soup shop.
Example: That damn soup nazi told me No soup fer you! Come back, tree years!

nazi gambit: The rhetorical habit of being unable to disagree with anyone without accusing them of being Nazis.
Example: Professor David Pense is a dab hand at the old Nazi Gambit.

Nazi-Stache: The mustache style that Hitler had. The little press-on one.
Example: He's got a Nazi-stache. Must be the next Hitler

nazza: Not really.
Example: Do you want to get some food?

NBA: Nice Big Arse. When a chick has a really nice backside.
Example: Jacqueline has a NBA.

NBC: Nobody Cares.
Example: So she took you to the cleaners and also trashed your reputation? Don�t you get it? NBC.

ne: nay
Almost like huh? only used when no one is/has said anything to you, and its said, not only to tell them you don't understand, but that you want their attention
Example: ne! I'm over here! Whats going on

neanderthilic: One who is like a neanderthal; an ill mannered
person;a large, clumsy individual.
Example: His neanderthilic behavior was threatening to ruin the party.

nearest and dearest: Your absolute best buddy in the whole wide world.
Example: You are my nearest and dearest.

nearn: A dork, someone you think can't get a clue, dimwit.
Example: Bill, you are such a nearn.

neat: Bar room slang for straight up.
Example: I'll have a whisky neat with a beer back.

neatolicious: The extreme form of neat or neato.
Example: I'll pick ya up at 8. Neatolicious.

neck drapery: Used to describe the layer of fatty tissue built up under the jaw--synonymous with double-chin or wattle.
Example: I think my boyfriend's neck drapery is causing him to snore.

neck joey: A built-up layer of fat under a person's jaw that makes a person to appear have a double chin.
The joey part of this word is derived from a kangaroos pouch, known as a joey-pouche.
Example: David, who was so skinny he was called stick-boy in high school, now sported a neck joey,
a result of countless pitchers of Milwaukee's best and BIG M Subs.

neckbeard: Short curly hair growing on the back of your neck.
Example: Can you shave my neckbeard for me? I am beginning to look like a furry beast.

Necrocosm: 1. A dead system or world 2. Vision that is no longer subject to life.
Example: After nuclear winter, Earth was reduced to a necrocosm.

nectar of the clods: Coffee, expecially the first cup in the morning.
Example: Ahhh, morning coffee, nectar of the clods.

ned: A low form of human, usually male and sporting Fila or Kappa colours.
Example: Guy staring at you aggressively, making it clear he wants to harm you physically? That'll be a Ned.

neddy: A foolish person, particularly somebody who is useless with technology.
Thanks to Mrs C Williams, Bishop of Llandaff High School.
Example: If any old neddy walked in here she wouldn't know a piggin' thing about AN-THRO-PO-METRICS.

nedogodemophobiac: Someone who can and does talk a lot, but when giving a presentation collapses into total speechlessness.
Example: Ryan is a nedogodemophobiac. He completely bombed on his speech.

Needing a Taco: The state of being in which a person is taking him- or herself wayyyyy too seriously. Most commonly used in the context of love and romance. (Taken from the South Park cd Chef Aid in which Chef gives Meatloaf a taco because he gets carried away singing about Meredith Baxter-Birney.)
Example: Now that is a man in dire need of a taco!

NeedlessMarkup: An apt description of the department store Neiman Marcus.
Example: 1: You paid ninety bucks for that shirt? 2: What do you expect? It's from NeedlessMarkup.

needlister: A person who makes lists for no appparent reason.
Example: Bob is a needlister--he just made a list of all the people in the phone book with his last name.

negligeent: Describes a condition in which you absentmindedly answer the door in your nightie.
Example: I can't believe I was so negligeent that I answered the door for the FedEx guy wearing my naughty nightie.

negs: short form of negative
Example: Do buffalo have wings? Negs!

neh?: 1. Don't you think? Used to question the wisdom or veracity of something.
2. Right?
Used to ask if a bit of information is right.

Originally Japanese slang. Always used at the end of a sentence, like the French n'est-ce pas?
Example: 1. Eating three baskets of French fries in an hour is a little much, neh?
2. Utah is south of Idaho, neh? I always get the big states out west confused.

Neil: Can be one of two things. To be extremely insane, or to do something incredibly embarrassing.
Example: 1. Richard was being a Neil last night--he said he worked in a fish factory.
2. Tom Green does a Neil every day.

Nekedwork(ing): Pronounced: (rapidly) Neck-Ed-Working. This word should be substituted in casual/business conversations about Networking. If asked what you said, insist you merely said networking.
Example: We need to add another port to the Nekedwork.

nelly: It's like coolio
Example: That shirt is nelly!

nematoad: 1. An elusive pond animal that was always being sought after in the television show _Doug_. (A nematode in the show?)
2. To describe someone who does something in such a ridiculous or excessive manner that it is quite humorous.
Example: Whenever I try to sell my used CDs to the record store, the guy who works there inspects them like a nematoad. He whips out a magnifying glass to look for scratches.

nen-em m's: How a 4-year old describes candy-coated chocolate candies.
Example: Daddy, Katy took the rest of my nen-em m's and I know cuz she got's them in her mouth now.
Make her give me back my nen-em m's!.

neo maxi zoom dweebe: An extended version for the word moron.
Example: That guy Chris is a neo maxi zoom dweebe.

neonazifem: Woman involved in the feminist movement.
Usually wearing combat boots and having short hair.
Something along those lines.
Example: Ooh, noooooh, How did I end up involved in a conversation about shaving with this neonazifem.?

neotrad: Short for neo-traditionalist. One who tries to embody anachronistic behaviours or appearance.
Example: Where are all these neotrads coming from; there isn't a retro shop in this town.

nerbie: Someone who is book smart, but street dumb
Example: Chris is such a nerbie.

nerd-e-bonics: computer speak or technical talk used by nerds that normal non-nerd people don't understand.

nerdbox: computer
Example: Spending time on the nerdbox

nerdcake: A smart but soft person.
Example: Sean shouldn't be such a nerdcake because people will continue to take advantage of him.

nerding out: Having a sudden attack of abnormally high nerdy or geeky feelings and impulses.
Example: I walked into the computer lab and immediately started nerding out -- I must have drank three gallons of Tang and sat there programming for eight hours.

nerdlinger: Someone who does something slightly nerdish, while being otherwise cool.
Example: A: Yeah, I went to a LAN the other night.
B: Oh, nerdlinger.

nerdlode: Matter formed when an IT department spontaneously congeals.
This usually happens when the department is left to its own devices
for more than 5 years with the same infrastructure and technologies.
Managers (and cleaners) abandon and forget the area before it finally goes critical.Occasionally Lode Raiders break into a nerdload to extract valuable Star Wars collectibles and Lara Croft memorabilia.

Example: Pizza boxes crunched as he forced open the door.
He sniffed the air: rarely washed t-shirts, disappointment, and that strange minestrone soup smell.
His canary fainted. This was pure nerdlode.

nerdly: Nerdy, but in a respectable and admirable way.
Example: Adam's really great in science. He's a real nerdly guy.

nerdvana: The infinite bliss of technical perfection.
Example: On configuring the final router, I reached nerdvana.

nerf: In motor racing, when one car bumps another without it being severe enough to be called a crash.
Example: ...and that was Villeneuve nerfing Frentzen off the track.

nerf: When something that was not intended (and being used as an exploit) in a computer game
is edited in a patch it, (the exploit) is said to be nerfed.
Example: The golden gun in James Bond needs to be nerfed.

NERFAR: Acronym: Not Emotionally Ready For A Relationship.
Example: Sam wouldn't go out with Jane. Said he didn't have the time. Personally, I think he's just NERFAR.

Nergh: An annoyed or discontented sound
Example: Nergh, I hate geometry...

nertz: The tiny slivers of rubber left on paper after erasing.
Example: I tried to be neat, but there were nertz all over my paper.

Nes: Neither yes nor no, a one word answer to get you out of trouble.
Example: Have you been throwing berries at cars, Jon?

nespa: Is that not so?--challenging the other person to contradict you.
Example: Yeah? Well, YOU were the one who wanted us to come here in the first place. Nespa?

ness: to be used in place of coolness or wickedness
Example: When finding out he had won $100 in the football pool, Scott said ness!

ness: Used in place of any noun. Comes in handy when it becomes impossible to identify what you desire.
Example: Hey, can you hand me the thing between the stuff and the ness? Thanks.

net-yocks: The jokes that are sent by email.
Example: Most of the net-yocks that arrive from friends are pretty corny, but a few contain real kernels of truth.

netcafe: An establishment that provides a non-library study
and play environment with access to computers, internet resources, and food services.
Example: I am going down to the netcafe to study.
Let's go down to the netcafe and surf the internet.

netlag: Suffered by many people attempting to access the same website that uses an underclassed server,
a description of a slow internet connection.
Example: Sorry I could not get the file for you sooner, I was suffering from netlag.

Netscape-thing: The word that an Internet-Explorer-only using HTML programming geek uses to try and disguise his sloppy non-cross-browser programming skills. Usually said with an air of indignance.
Example: Um, well, no - that table won't look right to you - it's a Netscape-thing. Now, if you look at it in Internet Explorer...

netscapegoat: (n) Something that can be blamed for faults with or from the internet.
Example: Bill is using the server as a netscapegoat instead of his poor skills with computers.

netutient: Miserable.
Example: What a netutient day. There's no blue sky anywhere

network nazi: Term referring to IT support personnel, typically working for a large corporation, who impose arbitrary production-inhibiting rules about what software and hardware is allowed on the company LAN.
Example: The network nazis took out my CD-ROM drive because it was non-standard

neur: Verbal shrug of indifference.
Example: Me: What do you want to do today? You: Neur.

Neuticle: Term used for a prosthetic testicle.
Example: When the doctors removed Duke's cancerous testicle, they put in a neuticle as ballast.

neutron: (adj) describes something extremely impressive. Origin - since the neutron bomb is the most destructive bomb, describing something as neutron means that it is more impressive than something that is just the bomb.
Example: I went to see the Ween concert last night. It was neutron!

neven: Not even.
Example: I don't neven like it.

neville: Someone of no note. From Australian slang Neville Nobody.
Example: You think you're good, but you're just a neville.

newbie: Beginner, new kid on the block, player new to a computer game, etc.
Example: We knew he was a newbie because he typed in all caps.

newbie influx: A net occurrence which happens after Christmas--when people have recieved their new computer, complete with ISP CD).
Most noticeable in chat rooms were they often crash and burn.
Example: Beware of confused and desperate IMs, newbie influx in effect.

newce: Collective noun for nephews and nieces.
Example: This year I can't afford to buy Christmas presents for all of my newce.

newgart: A complete jerk, uninvolved distant moron.
Example: I could tell he was a newgart when I first herd him speak.

newjack: Cool.
Example: Those shoes you got are newjack.

news syllogism: Adding 2 and 2 to get 5. The unique logical process by which all news stories derive their conclusion.
Example: A news syllogism: Kids who watch more TV before the age of two commit more crime in their teens.
Some TV programmes depict crime. Watching TV crime causes real crime. [ED. Please provide an email address.]

nexialist: One who knows absolutely nothing about anything, but posts hyperlinks to data that support whatever his position of the day is.
Example: Uh oh, looks like we have another nexialist on the newsgroup.

NEXTHETIS: mean the superior level of the poetical inspiration,a sort of extasy,but even deeper,where is realized a perfect harmony between soul,body and spirit.

Example: Paul falled in nexthetis,and his creations are wonderfulls.By writting day by day a poem,just in this way is possible to acquire nexthetis.

nexting: The act of blindly clicking the Next buttons on software installation dialogs.
Example: I'm nexting through the dialogs. I hope it installs right.

NFBSK: Not For British School Kids. Used to replaces swear words on the snopes message boards (www.snopes2.com/message)
Example: I heard that if you NFBSK an apple pie, you can seriously scald your NFBSK.

NGE: Acronym for Not (or Never) Good Enough.
Example: No matter how hard he worked it was always NGE, and he was thought of as NGE, so he
shomeped trying to please others.

Ni: A word describing pleasant feelings twoards the previous subject matter in a conversation or otherwise.
Example: So i said rectum? I totaled the guy! Hahaha! Ahhh...ni.

Niarcky Buolstey: Combination of the names Nick Nolte and Gary Busey. It refers to the common mortal shell both of these thespians inhabit. Don't let them fool you.
Example: Niarcky Buolstey has been doing a lot of non-regulation movies lately, what ever happened to quality flicks like _Under Siege_ and _48 Hours_?

nibling: Gender-neutral term for niece or nephew
Example: My sister's three daughters and her son are my four niblings.

Nibs: The little things on the ends of shoelaces.
Example: The nibs on my laces make it easier to lace up my shoes.

nickel: This word is used when someone very stupid thinks they know what they are talking about. They are called nickels because their input is worth about 5 cents!
Example: Will you listen to the nonsense spweing out of Cutulio's mouth, well, thats cause he's a damn Nickel

nickel in the can: Five years in jail.

Example: Keeping mouthing off to the judge and you're going to get a nickel in the can.

nickel ninety-five: A very small amount of money, or a low salary from a job.
Example: I've been working my tail off for the last two years, and I'm still only making a nickel ninety-five.

NiCMO: Non-Committal Making Out
Example: Bert: I saw you kissing that guy at the party. Is he your boyfriend? Ernie: No, it was just NiCMO.

nicotime: The years added to someone's appearance because of a long smoking habit.
Example: Her ID says she's 27 but she looks 40 because of nicotime.

nif: To be great, nifty.
Example: Matt's a very nif driver.

nifters: It means something is really neat, or its really awesome (like nifty)
Example: When the girl saw the awesome shirt, she thought it was very nifters.

nifto: (adj) nifty, cool.
Example: Hey! I found five bucks! Nifto!

nifty: Just extremely cool
Example: after you've seen a skater jump over a car, you could say: nifty!

nifty-tifty: Nifty, cool
Example: That calculator's nifty tifty.

nigglywiggly: The little paper tag hanging out of the home of a Hershey's Kiss
Example: My Hershey's Kiss had two nigglywigglies; that means that somewhere in the world, another Kiss doesn't have one!

night monkey: Going out in to the middle of the night and running around like an idiot to get rid of one's nervous energy.
Example: We've been working on this project for 15 hours straight and I can't sit still any more.
Let's night monkey.

nightclub kamikaze: When there are two guys together, one good looking, one ugly, the nightclub kamikaze is the gal who occupies the ugly one in order to give her friend a shot at the good-looking one.
Example: No greater love hath a woman than when she nightclub kamikazes for a friend.

nightmare symbol: Diamond-shaped face symbol indicating a nightmare in a dreambook.
Example: What's that?
That's ma nightmare symbol.!

nightrider: A woman of the night.
Example: She got a high being a nightrider, capturing all the men she could.

nightsomatic: Someone who prefers the night as opposed to the day; a night owl.
Example: Joanie's a real nightsomatic. She's always going to bed about the time I get up to go to work and vice versa.

nij: Shortened form of the word 'need'. However must be used in conjunction woth 'Need you'
Example: Hey baby, you know i will always nij ya (as in i will always need ya)

nik: Can be any part of speech. Used especially when you can't remember a specific word. (See also: crombie, sappa, nik.)
Example: Where is my ... nik? I know I left it right here.

nilla: same thing as nigga...just for white people instead =)..somtimes can be used with an H on the end
Example: wsup nillah!

nilpertains: Has nothing to do with.
Example: It nilpertains my being here.

nimrod: another way of telling someone they are an idiot
Example: That nimrod ran into my car.

nine: short for a nine-millimeter automatic handgun.

nine: Street slang for a 9-millimeter gun. Also refered to as a 9 milli.
Example: Don't make me sneak you up with this nine.

niner: A freak or weirdo. From the movie The Wedding Singer in which all of the weirdos
are seated at table nine.
Example: Hey, look at that weirdo over there! What a niner!

nineteen-longtime: used instead of a super long time ago or say, back in 19whatever.
Example: member so and so? i haven't seen him since nineteen-longtime!

Ninja: Ninja is a Multiuse word, it can replace a person/place/thing or it can replace an action.
Example: Whut up Ninja! Yo how bout you ninja me a pop juggalo? Me and Chris ninja'd his PS2 outta his house I move like the ninja!

ninja: An act of supreme physical skill unperformable by mere mortals, a
s can frequently be seen in a Jackie Chan film for example.
Example: Wow, did you see that? Those were some ninja styles.

ninja (from ICP): used to describe a person, especially male. Also a fan of ICP...another name for Juggalo.
Example: Jason, that ninja, just gave me a whole two liter of Faygo. Or, Jason, that ninja, just took my last two liter of Faygo.
Another Example: "Whud Up Ninja. U Here The Wraith Lately"

Ninja Master: Used by me and some of my friends to mean that someone is very cool.
To add emphasis Stealth Ninja Master should do nicely.
Example: I'm a real Ninja Master, huh? Response:No, you're a Stealth Ninja Master.

ninjaed, stealth-moded: To take slyly and secretly.
Example: What the...? Who ninjaed my hot pocket?

ninjaly: Nin juh lee, To perform a feat with such remarkable precision, especially when surprised, so as to appear ninja-like.
Example: Did you how ninjaly Mark caught that vase?

nintendicide: Intentionally killing yourself in a video game so you can go do something else that is deemed more important.
Example: I had to commit nintendicide last night because my parents insisted I call it a night and my lousy game doesn't allow for saves.

nintenditis: Any hand injury caused by excessive video-game playing.
Example: We played Mario Party for eight hours. By the end we all had severe cases of nintenditis.

nip: To have a small taster of an item currently being enjoyed by a friend - borrowing a portion
Example: Can I have a nip on that beer ?

nipplage: When nipples are visible through clothing because they are cold.
Example: Check out the nipplage on that one.

nippley: Chilly; cold.
Example: It's a bit nippley outside today.

nipplitis: getting so cold your nipples stand on end
Example: Damn man she's got a bad case of nipplitis

nipply: When the temperature drops to the extent that allows one's nipples have the ability to cut glass.
Example: It sure is nipply today. My high-beams are on.

Nitl: Not In This Lifetime.
Example: So, Luccia, are you going to go on a second date with Chris? NITL!

Nitus: Cool, to be cool, to describe something cool.
Example: That is one nitus song.

Njgaack: Unspeakable substances that find their way into your mouth, like earwax,
axle grease, and unidentifiable gloop from under your nails.
Example: NJGAACK!! I've been picking the dags off the sheep and just licked my finger!

NME: Enemy.
Example: Guy1: Why'd you shoot me?
Guy2: Because you're my NME.

NNM sleep: Nodding Neck Movement sleep: cousin to REM sleep,
occurs when sitting upright and neck begins to nod sporadically due to sleepy state.
Example: Sven is going to get whiplash if he stays in deep NNM sleep.

no brakes: 1. Still trying when everyone knows the situation is futile.
2. Unable to shome.
3. A psychotic belief that the next time one will be successful.
Example: Bob: Why did Jack send flowers to Betty?
Billy: No brakes.
2. Jim has no brakes--that's why he keeps plaing that video game.

No Dice: Exclamation of failure.
Example: I tried to start the car, but no dice....

no moking: Instructions on signs where the little plastic sticker S has fallen off
Example: NO -Moking in this area

no pun intended...: Said when one tells a lame joke.
Usually said by the person who made the joke and followed by someone
who understands the phrase, saying What pun?. From the mediocre movie _Rat Race_.
Example: john: knock knock
bob: who's there?
john: boo
bob: boo who?
john: no need to cry (silence and a few strange glances at john)
john: no pun intended
bob: what pun? (acting confused)
john and bob: (laughing but gettin strange looks from people who haven't seen the movie or just don't plain understand)

no wuckers: Derived from the Aussie expression 'no wucking furries'. Swap the first letter of wucking and furries and you see what I'm getting at here.
Example: You want a root? No wuckers!

no zone, the: Any place that is bad to be.
Example: I went to the game, but my seats were in the no zone and I couldn't see anything.

no-abla: Shut up. Shome talking.
Example: Nicky: Lauryn, your socks don't match today.
Lauryn: No-abla!

no-un: Person with stupidity in their blood.
Example: He's such a no-un!

noassitall: No ass at all.
Example: My man has noassitall.

NOBOland: The state of mind you find yourself in after an all day whiteboard
mindmapping session in a poorly ventilated meeting room.
Example: No use talking to me, man, I'm in NOBOland.

noddles: I agree.
Example: Sally, do you believe 2 + 2 is 4? Noddles.

nodstrip: the safety grooves along the highwat intended to awaken sleeping drivers who stray too close to the shoulder. also see: bumhummer
Example: i like to drive along the nodstrip.

noe: know
Example: i noe u is a idiot

NOFL: Acronym: No Other Form(s) Listed. It is good to use when you can't find alternative forms in a dictionary.
Example: Ms. Reece, there was NOFL in the dictionary for the word vivacious.

nog: An appreciative exclamation; a nod with intensity greater than Yeahhhh!
Example: Adrianna is hot! Nog that.

nog: To acknowledge a concept, or greater idea. To agree and convey sympathy.

Example: Illegal immigrants are exploited. Nog that.

nogethitsu: Ancient fighting style that consists of dodging and running away very quickly
Example: The main reason he survived recess in elementary school was his skill in nogethitsu.

noise: verbiage that is stupid, nonsensical, or just plain undesirable
Example: What's this noise from Pete saying he can't drive me to Tahoe?

noisy paper: That nasty shiny toilet paper that crackles when you touch it.
Example: This toilet only has noisy paper. [Are we in Europe?
For those who don't know it, European visitors to the United States have been known
to load their suitcases with American toilet tissue to take back home when they leave.
Having visited Europe a couple of times myself, I can understand why.
Toilet tissue there is similar to waxed paper. It is, indeed, noisy. No wonder so many European are anti-American.]

nome sane: verification of understanding; literally, Do you know what I'm saying?
Example: She one baaaad mamajamma, nome sane?

nomer: Right. Used when agreeing with what someone has stated. Similar to amen.
Example: Are the Kennedys gun-shy? Nomer.

nomomaniac: Someone completely obsessed with rules.
Example: Child nomomaniacs may grow up to be teachers.

non-clamatic: It's an adjective to use when describing a person that is so see-through and predictable that you want to spear yourself.
Example: My last boyfriend was so non-clamatic.

non-doable: Not able to be done.
Example: I give up, this is just non-doable!

non-heinous: Good (or, more literally, not bad). One of the few Bill and Ted words that never caught on.
Example: That trip we took through time and space was most non-heinous.

non-joke: A type of joke. A non-joke often vaguely sounds as if it ought to be a joke, but on closer inspection, it makes no sense (or slightly botched/mysterious sense). Oddly, non-jokes are sometimes very funny.
Example: Non-joke, from a dream of E. Thrasamund: On seeing that the sign of a pub called the Queen's Arms had fallen to the ground, I said, Look, the Queen's arms have fallen off.

non-nonword: Word submitted to pseudodictionary.com that actually already exists.
Example: Um... I hate to break this to you, but penile is a non-nonword.

non-spillage: Not having spilled something.
Example: That was close, but there was talent involved in that non-spillage.

Nonald King: Any fast food burger franchise including, but not limited to, MacDonalds, Burger King, and the like. Also refers to food and beverages purchased from said franchise.
Example: JDawg: You're gettin' big, girl. Maybe you should go to Subway for lunch.
Beta 17: No way. I'm gonna get me some Nonald King.

Nonce-sense: Nonsensical rubbish spoken by thick celebrities duped into believing they are warning against the dangers of child-abuse when really they are warning against the dangers of their own stupidity. From UK TV's Brass Eye.
Example: Child-abusers smell of hammers and share more DNA with crabs than humans is an example of nonce-sense. Phil Collins actually said, I am speaking nonce-sense on national TV and still didn't realise he was being duped.

nondividual: a person who attempts to be themselves, break out, and embrace nonconformity, but ends up only being another lemming of the (non)conformist revolution, only another faceless poser.
Example: So, he's being himself now? And he acts like his crowd, dresses like them, listens to the same music, thinks the same? So, they're all the same person? What a bunch of nondividuals.

nongnong: A person who is smart but they do stupid things.
Example: Rachel is such a nongnong, she got had an A in Sociology but she woke up late and missed the final.

Nonie: Nose.
Example: My dog has a cold nonie.

nonigsaw: Jigsaw (generally a big, hard one) with one piece missing...which you only find when you've completed the rest. Oh, and it'll be a hugely important piece.
Example: You know that 15,000 piece jigsaw of baked beans Auntie Mavis gave me for Christmas? It's a nonigsaw.


nonline: A person or business entity that is not, has never been, and probably never will be connected to the internet
Example: We can't email grandma: she's still nonline

nonmoent: A person that would eat anything
Example: I am not a nonmoent.

nonterraqueous: Something bizarre or indefinable.
Something that falls quite outside of all the categories you have words for--even when your vocabulary has been enhanced by several weeks aquaintance with Pseudodictionary.com. (Name of 1980s computer game. Literally: Not of land or sea.)
Example: What was that? Dunno, it was totally nonterraqueous.

nonyo: An insult describing a person as lacking intellect, consequently making her deranged or insane.
Example: Chris is a nonyo--he even locks himself in his room to play video games, not just to look at his pornography collection.

Noodle: Stupid person.
Example: You Noodle! referring to the fact that the person commented on is equally smart as a cup of noodles.

Noodlesplargen: A mixture of ground up meat, powdered cheese substance, and noodles.
Usually packed into a tube or bowl, and eaten with a straw.
Considered a delicacy when heated up to aboput 350 degreese farenheiht and
eatenright then while it is still boiling.
Example: I held up the dripping tube of boiling noodlesplargen,
stuck my straw into it, and drank it right there, burning my mouth as it went down.

noogans: Expression of congratulations or approval.
Example: We won the game! Major noogans!

noogie: When you make a fist and rub it in someone's hair.
Example: I'll give you a noogie.

noong: Australian slang used to describe someone who has been stupid.
Example: Typical Chris behavior--he's a noong.

noot: noun. like neat, but one step up. Often used with tres in front of it.
Example: ex: The new Dandy Warhols CD is tres noot!

nopidok: A strong confident no.
Example: A. Is there any chance your mother is married to your father? B. Nopidok.

nordling: To talk to yourself within earshot of others, but about nothing in particular.
Example: A. What did you say? B. Ah, nothing. I'm just nordling.

NORF: No Observable Redeeming Features.
Example: The suggestion made by the Gov't man was another NORF.

norggle, var. norgle: Norggling is to necking as filet mignon is to cheap hamburger. Used in the 1950's (before the sexual revolution) to describe intense and protracted periods of making out with extremely sensual and varied technique.
Norgling often required the use of Darvon to deal with the resultant stones or blue balls (q.v.) for the male and their equivalent pains for the female participants.
Example: Sunday, Sandy and I were norggling all day and most of the night, down at the lake.

norking: Compulsive repetitive physical motion, generally in an oblique, sideways or crablike manner, especially those motions subsequent to ingestion of cough syrups containing dextromethorphan hydrobromide. (Yes, I suppose this does relate to drugs, but this is legitimate.)
Example: Dag, she must have had too much Robitussin -look at her norking.

norm chan: One who is very easily manipulated and has very little common sense
Example: God, your such a norm chan!

normal: One who does not possess psychic powers.
Example: That psychic sure hates normals.

norman: derived from gun. Has the same meaning as gun: used to describe someone doing really well at something. Norman comes from the Australian comedian Gary McDonald's character Norman Gunston. Gunston was used for a short period of time, but norman soon surpassed it's use
Example: That band was norman.
You are an absolute norman.

Normanimal: Someone who's neither man
nor animal but seems normal acting like one.
Example: He's just making a jackass out of himself. Normanimal for Chris.

Norn Iron: The name of a small state, a shorter name for Northern Ireland.
Example: Q. Where do you come from? A. Oh, I come from Norn Iron.

Norno: A playful insult.
Example: You are such a stupid norno.

noseeums: The small bugs that fly around your face but can be seen as a fuzzy gray cloud.
Example: The noseeums are terrible out here today. Let's go in the house.

nosejin: A dirty rat with a large snout.
Example: The nosejin can burrow through anything.

nosh: to eat a bit of something.
Example: Let's go to the coffee shop and nosh on some bagels.

nostalgebra: The feeling of warmth and excitement at seeing, say, a page full of complex equations, or thinking about the imagery of algebra-- without, needless to say, feeling the urge to understand or do anything about it.
Example: I love those old Open University programmes--I just bask in the nostalgebra.

nostrifibrillate: To rapidly flare and contract one's nostrils, especially in times of trying to contain one's laughter.
Example: Shannon told Charlie a joke, and boy look at him nostrifibrillate.

nosul: Polish for Big Nose.. Also someone who interferes with others' matters.
Example: That Dave is sure a nosul.

not Scottish: Somthing that's crap; uncool. From Saturday Night Live, spoken by Mike Meyers.
Example: Their new album is *so* not Scottish.

Not so much: Not at all.
Example: Q. Do you like dead teenagers? I mean, for a snack.
A. Not so much.

not spot: a place where 1 and/or more persons should NOT be
Example: This is your not spot.

not-: Prefix used before a person's name to create a new name applied to a different person who looks similar.
Example: Ed: Hey, look over there, it's not-Ted.
Ted: Haha, I should go talk to him. It would probably look funny, the two of us.
People would think we were twins or something.

not-food: Food that can be eaten by vegans.
Example: I saw some vegan cheesecake. I wasn't aware they could make cheescake into not-food.

notatious: A very observant person that recognizes others' worth. The ability to keep incredible notes.
Example: If I have to listen to that notacious nerd again, I might as well opt-in for the email.
Can we get rid of this notatious outsider? Or should we get his email and send him the video version?

noticement: The degree to which something is noticed.
Example: When Ethan said Do you remember the original Spy Hunter video game?
he got blank stares from the younger party goers.
At this point, the noticement of the age difference was extremely high.

noticient: Possessing great skills of observation and attention to detail.
Example: The noticient young soccer player quickly jumped out of the way of the opposing player running toward him from behind.

Nottablak: Not a black eye. Any injury gathered from participation in a sport, walking into a door,
or getting drunk and falling over, but which is interpretted by everyone else as being the result of
a fight or beating.
Despite your protestations, everyone will believe you got a drubbing anyway.
Example: Bert: Woooo. Your girlfriend give you that black eye? I saw her haircut went a bit wrong.
Ernie: No, it's a nottablak--I walked into the door of the pub at closing time last night.
Bert: Yeah, right. Better buy her some flowers.

notwork: The system in place when you must have some online project finished today.
Example: Oh, no, the notwork is down again!!

noupseen: Do you know what I'm saying?
Example: Coach told us to tighten up our defense , noupseen?

novelty facial hair: Anything from soul patches to muttonchops to spiky, lightning-boltesque sideburns--
especially as worn by clueless, no-hope-having baristas,
under the illusion that it speaks volumes about their profundity or nonconformity.
Example: That idiot with the Mr. T baseball cap at the 8th Avenue Starbucks is too busy
admiring his novelty facial hair to be bothered with pouring me a coffee.

nox-nix: Anglicized version of the German machts nichts (literally: makes nothing) meaning makes no difference. Used by soldiers stationed in Germany to describe something unimportant or a chore or small detail.
Example: Jay cleaned out most of the junk in the garage. Now all that's left is some mox-nix stuff.

nozzle nut: Firefighter.
Example: Oh, yeah, Bob's a nozzle nut, just waiting for something to catch on fire.

NSFW: Not Safe For Work, Not Safe For School. A warning for a link that is not proper to surf during business hours. NSFW sites usually contain nudity; NSFS sites may only have a bit of mildly coarse language.

See: https://www.fark.com
Example: Some people think pseudodictionary is NSFW. What do you think?

nsynctified: Obsessed with the band N 'Sync.
Example: Belle is nsynctified.

nubbie: Any small raised area on the surface of any flat space. For example, the F, J, and 5 keys on computer keyboards.
Example: I awoke this morning worried about this little nubbie on my shoulder.
By afternoon, it had formed into a carbuncle.

nubbin: When someone's ribs stick out at a point on the chest.
Example: It ain't lovin unless it's from the nubbin.

nubbin, nubbinectomy: Third nipple on a man.
Example: Even though it's usually done as an outpatient procedure, Chandler was hospitalized for his nubbinectomy. The surgery was a success, so he's now sans nubbin.

Nuch: not much
Example: Q: What have you been up to latly?

A: Nuch, how bout u?

nuclear dinner: TV dinner cooked in the microwave oven.
Example: That pup eats so many nuclear dinners, he's gonna start glowing.

nuclify: The(a) art
(b) past tense form
of microwaving an object way past logical limits resulting in a very well done, smelly mass of goop.
Example: (a) I am going to nuclify this popcorn like you wouldn't imagine.
(b) Hey, did you nuclify that--what appears to be a steak--on purpose?

nucular: Mispronunciation of the word nuclear, usually by newscasters and younger sisters.
Example: I believe in peace, and am like totally against nucular war.

nude: Beyond excellent--quite simply, incredibly good. From an early episode of Quantum Leap,
the meaning has mutated from its original meaning of naked.
Example: Wow, that's completely nude!

nude-up: Getting nude or changing clothes.
Example: It's so hot we should all nude-up.

nudenick, nudnick, nudnik: Geek, freek, dweeb, a total jerk.
Example: Did you see that nudenick trying to ski that double black diamond? He had a total yardsale!

nudge-wink network: Web sites that supply illegal material (warez, MP3s, etc.) regarded as a single source.
Example: I've been playing Grand Theft Auto non-shome since I found it on the nudge-wink network.

nuff: To have enough of something.
Example: That was nuff safe guy.

nuff nuff: A playfully derogatory name to call someone who has done or said something silly or brainless.
Australian slang.
Example: No we can't go there. That club has been closed for years, you nuff nuff.

nuffy: To be looking bad or messy.
Example: Dont look at that photo. I look like a nuffy.

Nuge: As in Ted Nugent, pronounced newje. People who are obsessed with hunting. Good for use in rural areas.
Example: Did you see that Nuge with the spotlights on his pickup?

nugget: Used to describe someone who is a novice or new at performing a particular task. Origin: student naval aviators are referred to as nuggets until they get their wings. Related to the word golden, since if you are not a nugget, you are golden.
Example: That nugget couldn't is still trying to figure out how to work that computer.

nugget: yours or someone else's head (from ICP)

nuggety: Short with a stocky or muscular build.
Example: Chad's real nuggety--don't you reckon he'd make a great rugby player?

nuggsy: A short, and weighty individual, not unlike a dwarf or gnome.
Often with an ignorant outlook on life, and can be found in great supply in cities.
Example: What a rude fat little boy, a nuggsy if I ever saw one.

Nuglet: Meaning a friend or lover that is cute but nerdy.
Example: hello Nuglet, how was your day...?

nuh: Kind of stuck between no and nah and naw.
Example: Have you done your homework?

nuke: to cook something in a microwave
Example: I just nuked some leftovers and went to bed.

nukeorphan: Forgotten things in the microwave.
Example: I forgot the chicken in the microwave. Oh, the poor nukeorphan.

Nukeulator: Alternative for the word 'Microwave'. Rather than heat it in the microwave you can now Nuke it in the nukeulator. Pronounced nook-you-later
Example: A. my tea has gone cold B. no worries just bung it in the nukeulator

(the author however does not condone the reheating of tea in this manner...yuck)

Nukyuler: This is actually the right way to spell nuclear.
Example: I work in a nukyuler power plant.

null: (adj) Nerdy, socially outcast, uncool. Sometimes unkempt, dirty, or stupid.
Example: That new kid is sooo null. He wears horn-rimmed glasses with tape all over them...and he stinks!

number 3: Means, essentially, Dames is grief.
Example: Ray: Did you get anywhere with Ellen?
Bob: Number 3, man, number 3.

numericize: To put in numerical order.
Example: The invoices need to be numericized before filing.

numerize: to place a group of numbered items in numerical order
Example: Please numerize these papers so it will be easier to file them.

nummers: An item that is above and beyond its normal level of goodness.
Example: This hamburger is nummers.

nummy: to be tasty very in nature.
Example: that sushi was oh so nummy.

Numpty: when some one is being really silly and u dont know how to describe them
Example: Ohh you are such a Numpty!

Numpy: An affectionately derogatory term, used to describe someone of slothful or slow demeanour.
May also be used in the form of an adjective.
Example: Geoff (referring to Dean): What's Numpy up to today?

Greg (referring to Dean): I dunno. Last time I checked his cubicle, he was asleep.

Or, Try not to be so numpy, will ya? You're driving crazy!

nun'sayin: do you know what i am saying it is one of the longest slurred sentences in the ebonic language
Example: I'm gonna go see a movie but i dont have any money... nun'sayin?

nun'ya: not yours, of no concern to you.
Example: Nunya business.

nune: To nune is to make spelling mistakes which inadvertently create new words and meanings.
Example: On stormy nights, Santa Claus puts extra reincoats on his raindeer, nuned the tired,
old journalist in his whiskey-sodden Christmas column.

nunsy: From the Cantonese word nun meaning warm. Pronounced n-OO-nsie (as in book).
Example: My lambswool cardigan is nice and nunsy.

Nunya: Say when someone is trying to butt in on your conversation as a way to let her know that whatever you're discussing is NONE OF HER BUSINESS.
Example: Chuck: What are you talking about? Buck: Nunya. Chuck: What? Buck: Nunya business!

nup: a noun meaing no or nope.
Example: I would ask her to the prom, but i am afriad she will say nup.

nurdler: A well meaning person who cannot cope with practicalities; unable to grasp the essentials of a job
Example: Uncle Fred is a real nurdler; he takes a load of tools into the garden and brings them back without having accomplished anything.

nurgle: Verb encompassing the act of entering a shop and walking around
looking at stuff but with no intention of actually buying anything.
Example: A. Can I help you with anything? C. No thanks, we're just nurgling.

nurple: Feeling rather blue.
Example: I'm feeling rather nurple today.

nurr: Lacking the sense of smell.
Example: He didn't smell the smoke because he was nurr.

nurries: Contraction of the term 'no worries'. An Australian expression analogous to the Bart Simpson utterance no problem.
Example: Hey mate! Couldya pass the salt?
Nurries mate, here ya go.

nurting: When editing computer code, this is the word for indenting large blocks at the same time.
Example: I was nurting my Perl script when out of the corner of my eye I saw....

nushion: Hillbilly; person from rural area.
Example: All the nushions congregate at the flea markets and gun shows.

nut-graf: Journalist slang: the paragraph (see graf) that contains the gist of the news story. Also nut graf.
Example: So the lead paragraph of a story became lede, paragraphs in general became grafs,
and the graf explaining the basics of the story was called the nut graf.

From Ken Layne's warblog.

nutbunnies: Just an exclamatory with no real meaning. Used in a state of distress.
Example: Oh, nutbunnies, I stubbed my toe.

Nutscrape: Derogatory nickname for Netscape.
Example: Nutscrape's screwed up my DIV tags again!

nutters: tight-ass pants or shorts on a male individual
Example: damn! larry bird got some nutters on!

nuttion: A guy whose stories always home yours, especially stories dealing with girls and mentadent. Repeatedly participates in moronic acts like punching inanimate objects and smaller people. Screams senselessly and groans infantilely.
Example: Good Lord! Chris is acting like a nuttion again.

Nuzzah: This is the opposite of Huzzah and generaly means: bad, darn it, etc.
Example: Nuzzah the Challenger exploded

nVidiot: An updated version of the word vidiot.
It comes from new vidiot as well as from the name of the company nVidia.
Used in reference to someone who spends too much time playing computer video games.
Example: Dan never shomes playing GLQuake. He's a nVidiot.

Nyar: Word expressing discomfort or displeasure.
Example: Aquila:Some guy just threw up all over our carpet!
Elena:Nyar! Icky!

nycphobia: Fear of travelling to New York City.
Example: Lena refuses to go to New York City, she claims she has nycphobia.

nyoink: To steal, grab, take, copy
Example: Stacey nyoinked my pencilcase.