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U-ie: Making a U-turn.
Example: Hey! He just did a U-ie!

U.F.C.: Unregistered Fat Chick. A bitchy overweight girl. Any nice fat girl would have her Registered Fat Chick license.
Example: Molly is a real U.F.C.

u.i.: Military slang for unidentifiable. To be clueless.
Example: The sergeant is u.i. when it comes to good books.

U.P.I: Unidentified Party Injury.
when you wake up the next morning after partying only to find a bruise or cut to which you cannot remember the origin.

Example: George woke up and noticed in bewilderment a massive U.P.I on his knee.

Ubachung: A minature purple chicken that gives birth to equally small humans.
Example: Farmer: My ubachung layed about a dozen people yesterday.
[Salesman. Yeah, and your daughter laid about a dozen guys, too. The first being me.]

ubba dubba: An idiot, a moron or fool.
Example: You were such an ubba dubba the time you forgot to tie down the Christmas tree to the roof of our car.

Ubegone: An explanation of what I would like after you have visited me for 3 days.
Example: Uben here 4 three days, & now I want UBEGONE.

uber: meaning really or a lot of. it's used by geeks everywhere, and it's german. i have no idea who started it in it's geeky context in north america tho. it can be used as a prefix to almost any descriptive word.
Example: that k10k site is uberpixelly-smooth. also, burgerking whoppers are uberyummy!

uberbunny: A female with a perfect body. Uses the German uber with the Playboy bunny.
Example: _Playboy_ uses computer photo editing to try to create an uberbunny.

uberclempt: Exceedingly moved, choked up

Example: I was uberclempt when he serenaded me from the lawn.

ubercute: So cute you want to die.
Example: Desiree is so ubercute I want to....

uberdelish: Something that is so delicous and tasty that it transcends both super and delicious
Example: Hey, that pineapple-onion-pepperoni-anchovy pizza was uberdelish.

ubermarker: The best whiteboard marker available.
Example: He's obviously not using the ubermarker because I can't read what he's writing.

uberschmoop: Someone whom you are absolutely crazy about.
From German, uber + schmoopy.
Example: Liz, you are, without a doubt, my uberschmoop.

udaman: A phrase to express supreme delight in a job well done; praise; recognition; attaboy; kudos. Usually given with great apropos and delight (at times coupled with high-fives and hoots/hollers).
Example: Great job, Bruce! UDAMAN!

ufb: Acronym for WAY beyond unbelievable--all the way to unfuckinbelievable.
Example: That Florida election was ufb!

uffle dust: the fluff you find after emptying your pants pockets.
Example: Turn pockets inside out before washing pants to avoid uffle dust.

ufidgepoo: Used in place of a word, that is on the tip of the tounge. (pronounced U-Fidge-a-pu)
Example: What was that guys name again. We'll just say ufidgepoo.

ufiliated: to be associated with or having a tie to
Example: the doctor didn't tell me he was ufiliated with the local hospital

UFOers: People who cannot argue a rational conspiracy case without evoking UFOs into the bargain and ruining their credibility.
Example: A genuine example of UFOers: I saw a programme about a group of people who believe Princess Diana had been assasinated and had some fairly convincing arguments to back it up. However, they soon ruined it by claiming Prince Charles is directly descended from Christ and that there was a UFO landing connecting the whole affair.

UFOXID: A very rare chemical subtance or element whose structure and apparition can be explained through scientific methods of investigation.
Example: An ufoxid was found near to Stonehenge.
There are many ufoxids near to the Baltic Sea.

ugful: An amalgam of ugly and awful; coined by my nine-year-old upon smelling her father's morning breath.
Example: What did you eat, Daddy? Your breath is ugful!

uggies: Redneck abbreviation for Ugg Boots, sheepskin footwear at the forefront of fashion in the unemployment office. Often worn in combination with skintight black jeans, or track pants (for the less formal occassion).
Example: Narelle, I ripped my Uggies when I caught them on the door of the Torana. What will I wear to the pub tonight? Knee high cowboy boots don't go with acid-wash jeans!

uggy: Cute but ugly (insult). Can be used in front of parents who don't want you to say anything mean to your siblings. Variation: uggy bug.
Example: Orsola, your word is definitely uggy.

uglet: noun. the ugly grey patch that appears when a java applet is loading
Example: Aaargh, I crashed on that damn uglet!

uglet: Someone who is sexually unattactive to both sexes.
Example: Pat, from SNL, is the perfect example of an uglet.

uglified: The process of becoming uglier over time.
Example: Susie used to be hot, but now she's uglified.

uglify: To take something that is or was not ugly and make it ugly.
The key to usage here is that the word shall describe physical objects rather than people.
Example: An automobile that was beautiful in its original design,
but the design has been changed or uglified so that the car is now ugly,
or not as beautiful as it used to be. OR I wrote a pretty good example, but the PD editor uglified it.

ugly bulldozer: Completely and thorough ugliness such that it causes great pain.
It's a phrase used to describe someone unfortunate enough to have been born so ugly.
Example: Forget the ugly stick. This girl got run over by the ugly bulldozer.

Ugly Lights: The lights they turn on in the nightclub when it's about to close to get everyone to go home.
Example: I had been dancing with this guy all night--and then they turned the ugly lights on.

ugly redhead: When things could have gone so well, but turn into a complete disaster. From the theory that redheads are either drop-dead gorgeous or double-dog ugly.
Example: It's a great plan on paper but it could turn into an ugly redhead so quickly.

ugly rock: A figurative rock that is referenced as a reason for an individual's uncomely appearance, particularly a male.
Example: It looks like someone really beat Chris with the ugly rock.

ugly tree: Fictional tree causing disgusting appearance,
most often by person falling from the tree and hitting every branch.
Example: Man, she's so ugly, she fell out of the ugly tree and hit every branch on the way down.

ugmo: A very ugly person.
Example: Mimi (_The Drew Carey Show_) is an ugmo. So is Janet Reno.

ukabonger: A beer that is left unfinished.
Example: Bill was teased relentlessly by his friends for being the only one to leave a ukabonger
at the party last night.

Ultimecia: 1. One's envisonment of unadulterated, absolute beauty in every aspect, manifested in one of the opposite sex. 2. The perfect companion; the elusive soulmate. (WARNING: NOT A WORD TO BE USED HAPHAZARDLY. HANDLE WITH CARE.)
Example: I've only met this girl once but I can already feel that she is my Ultimecia.

ultra-bitch: Any seating arrangement that is only used when a car would otherwise be considered full;
four+ people in the back, three+ in the front, or any number in the trunk.
Example: I was designated driver, so there were three ultra-bitch seats in my car that night.

Ultrahyperpsuedoantidisestabli: Okay, here's what it actually means:
Showing extreme erratic false opposition to the giving of funds
towards a church or government building.
Well, this was made up by me one day when I was trying to see how far I could build on the old favourite
This was about as far as I got before it shomeped making sense.
Example: That guy over there is being a little ultrahyperpsuedoantidisestablishmentariasitic, don't you think?

ultramaroon: Mild insult. Alternative word for moron. Used by Bugs Bunny.
Example: That guy just stuck a fork in a toaster. He's an ultramaroon.

ultranger effect: (Prefix ultra- and anger) being so angry you just snap and feel absolute calmness.
Example: Dan was so mad, and then the ultranger effect set in and he just walked away.

um...no: Hesitated NO for sarcastic effect.
Example: Girl: Are you going to wash my car? Guy: Um...no.

umbleh!: Unbelievable--bleh part rhymes with look.
Example: That chick was umbleh!

Umbrellatin: Literally, the frame of an umbrella, but more particularly, an umbrella that is well past its prime.
Example: Its raining out, do you have an unbrella I can use? No--all I have is that lousy umbrellatin over there.

umdeedums: Drivers towing caravans at a slow pace on outback Australian highways.
Example: The road train driver was late with his delivery because he was caught behind a convoy of umdeedums.

umfriend: Someone you're sleeping with who isn't your girlfriend, boyfriend, or significant other.
Example: This is my... um... friend.

umpkit: Emphasises lack of common sense.
Example: That silly umpkit forgot to do his shoelaces, and so he fell arse over head.

umpler: A breast. To be umpled is something most straight men enjoy.
Example: Fat women seem to always have huge umplers.

Umpo: In music, taking a song or a part of a song up tempo, or faster. (See Dempo)
Example: Can you keep up if we take it umpo this time?

umungry: Quick and lazy way of saying 'I am hungry'
Example: God, umungry!

un-necs: Unnecessaries; items not necesssary for normal life.
Example: She made his life miserable by demanding un-necs almost every day.

unaccoustic: the opposite accoustic, alike to plugged
Example: kurt cobain (nirvana frontman) played best accoustic, but he wasn't to damn bad with unaccoustic either

unanymous: The condition of agreement when no one is sure who's voting.
Example: I don't know how, but it was unanymously decided that I should be the one to squash the cockroach.

unass the ao: unassemble the area of operation, to leave a particular spot, widely used in the US Army
Example: What do you say we unass the ao and grab some chow?

under the matress: Guilty pleasure, clandestine passion.
Example: Kraft Mac n' Cheese is my under the matress food o' choice.

underclocked: 1. Adjective describing a person of inferior intelligence: dullard.
2. A state of diminished mental capacity: caffeine-deprived.
Analogy drawn from the practice of altering the operating speed of microprocessor chips.
Entymology: from the ancient Geek _clkd.
[Etymology, perhaps? Entomology is the branch of zoology involving the study of insects.]

Example: Is it just me or is Tom Daschle underclocked a few megahertz?

undercover emergency driver (: Person who drives as if his or her car were an ambulance, fire truck, or police car--disregarding traffic laws and honking at anyone who isn't sufficiently exceeding the speed limit.
Example: That guy who just cut across three lanes of traffic to get to the exit must be an undercover emergency driver.

underly: The opposite of overly.
Example: I'd never chase after a guy who mugged me. I'm usually underly brave, though, so it's no surprise.

Underminers: People who think they are helping but are actually counter productive to the task at hand.
Example: Granddad, I know an 8th grade education was good enough for you but telling your grandson to stick it out til his is 18 and then do what you want on schooling is not supporting how we raise our kids!

underpit: Underarm and armpit.
Example: Washing your underpits helps prevent body odour.

underuterised: A woman who chooses not to have children.
Example: Mary said that Jane was underuterised because she was a career girl and didn't want children.

underwhelm: To elicit a reaction rather less than impressive.
Example: His personality underwhelms me.

underzaggerate: To understate or underestimate.
Example: I tend to underzaggerate my genius, you know.

undiscombobulate: To bring order from disorder. The inverse of discombobulate.
Example: Mother refuses to let me leave until I undiscombobulate my room.

undorkulate: To fix a problem presented by others.
Example: Please wait a minute while I attempt to undorkulate this printer.

Unemployfriend: a term for an ex-girlfriends new, unemployed, boyfriend
Example: How is that unemployfriend better than me?

unenjoyment: Unemployment.
Example: Since he lost his job, Chris is on unenjoyment.

unflub: To correct a mistake or explain it away.
Example: They really messed up that movie but hopefully they will unflub it in the sequel.

unga bunga: A piece of native art or ethinic art that hangs on the wall of your parents' cottage or grandparents' house.
Example: My mom went to Mexico for a holiday and now the house has a million unga bungas everywhere.

ungowa, umgowa: An exclamation of joy, triumph, or a battle cry.
Example: 1. When Mark saw a friend he hadn't seen in years, he shouted Ungowa! 2. When he won the chess game, Alex shouted Ungowa! 3. Three guys walk into a bar. They pick on some little guy. He goes outside, and they follow.
The short guy wheels about, cries Ungowa! and proceeds to slaughter the unsuspecting brutes.

Ungratulations: Exclamation when something bad happens to someone else
Example: You failed your English final? Ungratulations!

uni-brow: The condition of having so much eyebrow hair that the two brows simply connect to form one repulsively large brow.
Example: That guy should consider waxing his head, cause he sure has a bad case of uni-brow.

unicorn: Used by women to describe a man who is good-looking, well-dressed, well-educated, polite,
single, and straight.
Example: He looks like Tom Cruise, dresses in Armani, has a law degree from Harvard, sent me flowers,
and he asked me out Friday. I think he may be a unicorn.

uniquify: to make disctinctive, unequal
Example: By making him wear a pink shirt, Jim's mom was able to uniquify him from the rest of the boys.

uniquity: The attribute possessed by persons or objects that are unique. Synonym for uniqueness, but more pleasant on the palate.
Example: The uniquity of individual snowflakes has often been disputed raindrop activists.

unit: Cool.
Example: Ice Cube is unit.

Unitomaximus: A Female, with a perfect body.
Example: You have a Unitomaximus

universe: What you say to shut up a meaningless and exaggeratory argument,
on the theory that if it's of the format my cat is as big as a house!
well mine's as big as a city! etc., then the end-point of such a discussion is reached when
someone invokes the universe.
can be used by someone involved in the argument or a bystander.
invented by my friend paul, who is too unenlightened to post it himself.
Example: A: My car's older than my mom.
B: Well my car's older than Winston Churchill.
A: Oh yeah? My car's older than the Napoleonic wars.

univore: An eater who finishes one thing on the plate before going on to the next.
Example: You got him dead to rights. Kevin has been a univore all his life.

unliterate: Illiterate.
Example: I can't read or write nuthin'; therefore, I'm unliterate.

unluckyinternetism: When you always go on a computer where the internet is exceedingly slow.
Example: Damn it, I've got unluckyinternetism.

unmature: For one who is mature but acts immature.
Example: You can tell those brainaics are just being unmature

unnouncement: A trivial and often self-aggrandizing announcement.
Example: Bumper sticker: My child achieved adequacy at West Middle School
Corporate press release: SupplyPro Announces Selection of New Executive Vice President of Business Development

unobtanium: Seemingly first used by Jim Getty, a hand-held PC engineer at a large company.
Referred to an ultra-cool product that wasn't on the market yet, but could be applied to any kind of product
that is so absolutely cool you fear it will never be available to the common consumer.
Example: Did you see that wireless, flat-panel 20-inch monitor? Hope it's not unobtanium--I want to get one.

unpop: The phenomenon where something is only good when it's unpopular. As soon as it is popular it is no longer cool. Commonly associated with musicians and bands. but can be used for other scenes as well.
Example: That lame game is only good because of how unpop it is.

unprise: Acting surprised, when, in actuality, you knew all along.
Example: When I unwrapped the CD I got for Christmas, I was unprised.

unpunkable: Reserved, off-limits to others. Antonym: punkable--open, fair game.
Example: This seat is unpunkable. I'll be right back.

unput: The kinds of info you are usually given by people who think they are smart but are not.
Example: Thanks for the unput, Mem.

unridiculous: Absolutely normal, worthy of consideration; within reason; a conventional dress or behavior.

Example: Like always, Philip gets the girls--situation unridiculous.

unshushable: in a movie theatre, when a person will not shome talking, even when asked to shome. a group of such people are known as the unshushables.
Example: i couldn't enjoy the film at all, due to the unshushables behind us.

unsightful: A term, generally used sarcastically, to indicate that another's comments are ridiculously facile and tedious.
Example: My, John, your thoughts on the iconography of hair are remarkably unsightful.

unsitely: Something of questionable to dubious to poor taste posted on a website.
Example: Emilou Herbingminger's reply in response to Harvy Smedlap's overture was simply unsitely.

unsuperb: Terrible, not in the least bit superb.
Example: I could not believe how unsuperb the book was, could you, Nicole?

unvent: To negate the invention of something; to do away with technology we're better off without.
Example: Don't you wish the nuclear bomb could be unvented?

Unvitation: An empty invitation, an invitation given that you are not meant to (or wouldn't want to) accept.
Example: My ex-girlfriend sent me an unvitation to her birthday party at her fiancee's house.

Unwinese: Gobbledegook invented by the late, great Professor Stanley Unwin.
Example: The album Ogdens Nutgone Flake is narrated in Unwinese.

up: To raise, to increase.
Example: By the end of the week, Sally felt that she should up all of her employees wages by two cents.

up for a good sloshing: Going to get drunk.
Example: Hey, what're you doing tonight, Lauryn? Oh, I'm up for a good sloshing.

Up in this piece: Used to mean in this area, or building.
Example: There's all sorts of people up in this piece.

up-talk: Up-talk is just a languge. Here's how to speak it. My name is Jeri, so in up-talk it is Jop~e~Rop~i.
A bop scop dop e fop gop hop o jop kop lop mop nop o pop qop rop sop home u vop wop xop yop zop--
your abc's in up-talk.
Example: I know how to speak up-talk. Here's my name: Jop~e~rop~i.

upcrease: Increasing, especially in frequency of occurrence, but with a more correct directional grammar prefix.
Example: The use of upcrease is on the upcrease.

updation: The process of updating documents, traffic reports, statistics....
Example: This traffic updation was brought to you by kaybay94.5.

Upngonepoofta: To describe something that has suddenly dissapeared.
Example: I turned around and she'd upngonepoofta, to whence I had no clue.

Upper homeper Flopper Shomeper: A device worn by women to prevent their breasts from sagging.
Example: Mary spent all day at Victoria's secret trying to
pick out a decent Upper homeper Flopper Shomeper.

uppher: A person who deserts his partner when she reaches a high, usually in money, so he
can make off with as much as possible.

Example: She will die rich, because she always is an uppher.

uppivozlu: Uppity, contentious, quarrelsome, pushy.
Example: He was an uppivizlu man.

upscalator/downscalator: the 'up' escalator and the 'down' escalator
Example: Take the upscalator to get to the home floor

upside: Slang. On. As in upside your head.
Example: I'm gonna hit you upside your head if you say your sister looks ugly again.

upstidian: An upstanding citizen.
It was created and used by my friend Patricia 25 years ago in Banff.

Example: Delicia grew up to be an upstidian, with three daughters, a husband, a house,
and her name on the voter's list.

upstoors: Directly above you. Combination of next-door and upstairs.
Example: The guy that lives upstoors dances with Dr. Martens on.

upta;upter: bad,no good
Example: how you going?

uptil: up until
Example: from 1902 uptil the beginning of WWII

ur: The lazy Internet freak's way of writing the word you're. This word is as annoying as its brothers thx and plz. This word is most commonly used by teenage girls who think it looks cutesy and cool. (See hawt and seckzi.)
Example: ur liek so hawt and seckzi, omg! LOL!

ur: Prefix meaning earliest, first, original, prototypical. From the biblical city of Ur, whence came Abraham.
Example: ENIAC was groundbraking, but Babbage's analytic engine is still the ur-computer.

Urban Assault Vehicle (UAV): SUVs driven by people who don't go camping.
Example: Chris bought the biggest urban assault vehicle he could almost afford.

urban fourbying: Criminally driving your 4X4 through people's lawns and gardens, trashing them.
Example: We went urban fourbying, and the cops caught us with a mailbox stuck in the bush bumper.

urban-tumbleweed: The various bits of trash that blow by you in the city on a windy day.
Example: You should�ve seen all the urban-tumbleweed in the storm yesterday.

urbane guerrilla: Guerrila who uses wit to overcome opposition.
Example: Fifteen urbane guerrillas stormed the Parliament building and overcame the chamber using superior wordpower and overwhelming debating skills.

urbanomically correct/incorrec: Term used to describe someone who is wearing an urban style of clothing from head to toe. To be correct, all articles of clothing must have an urban flare. {I'm not familiar with urban flare. My pants are bell bottoms and they flare, all right, but they have no flair. Set my pants on fire, Vincent!}
Example: That kid is wearing white Reeboks with his Fubu jacket. That's so urbanomically incorrect!

urbanonymity: The strange feeling of anonymity that results from living in a large, densely populated city.
Example: Urbanonymity makes people do things in public that they would never think of doing in a small town,
such as dressing in drag.

urglyburglies: That feeling in your stomach when you don't know if your anxious or hungry or what.
Example: Leave me alone, I've got a bad case of the urglyburglies.

Uri Geller: To needlessly damage or destroy useful household objects, ostensibly with the mind.
Example: Hey, who Uri Gellered my watch?

urinal cakes: An all-purpose expletive.
Example: Urinal cakes, I'm late with my child support.

urjokinarntya: Someone who doesn't believe what you are saying
Example: urjokinarntya?Have you really bought that car?

urpy: Nauseated--feeling sick or under the weather.
Example: I ate liver with whipped cream, so I'm feeling a little urpy.

Use and abuse: This is when you go out with someone, to get something out of them--money, information, etc.
Once this much wanted thing is obtained the someone is then abused by being dumped
and never talked to again.
Example: Kerem: Hey, Sam, you still going out with Lizzie? Sam: Nuh mate, I used and abused her.

user friendly: used to describe a person who is easy, or slutty.
Example: 1. The look she gave me told me she was totally user friendly.
2. I'm guarenteed to get some tonight, because that girl looks very user friendly.

User Loving: User Friendly is software that is simple to use. User Loving applies to anything that the you love to use!
Example: In order to compete in the on-line gaming industry, you must have software that is better than User Friendly, it really has to be User Loving!

Usetacould: Past tense, to have been able to. Taken from Jeff Foxworthy's material.
Example: Jeff: Hey, Jim, can you dance? Jim: Usetacould

usetakood: Indication of a former ability.
Example: I can't tap dance any more, but I usetakood.

uspiquitweek: You-Speak-We-Tweek.
The presence of sketchy, incomprehensible chatter and nonsense speech that is found to be ubiquitous.
Example: The mayor's party ended several days ago, but the uspiquitweek lingered well into the following weekend.

Ust!: Date 1999, pronounced 'ouost. Noun, interjection, colloquialism, adjective.
1. Literal: short for Usted (or you, in Spanish), which is a short version of the phrase You shome it!
2. Noun: Post facto expression to describe effeminism, saucy, swishy, or swashbuckling.
3. Interjection: Ust! An expression of the previous definition.
Example: When somebody says something such as Is this shirt too pink on me? you reply, Ust!

ustacould: southern expression for a lost ability.
Example: Since I broke my leg, I can't dance...but I ustacould.