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y'all: Two or more persons.
Example: How are y'all?

y'allternative: Music known most commonly as country rock which is a hybrid of modern alternative rock and country music.
Example: Have you heard the new Wilco CD? It's y'allternative.

Y'heard me: An expression used to reinforce one's point
Example: That's a really nice pinata. Y'heard me.

ya boy: Term to describe someone you're tight with.
Example: Rick, isn't that ya boy over there getting busted?

ya hoo: A person who walks around who doesn't have a clue. Usually found mostly in the office environment.
Example: Hey look at that ya hoo Walt, he's doing it again.

Ya-huh: Yes, afirmative. I know exactly what I'm saying, so don't push me Monkey Boy. Used to respond to the negative Nuh-uh.
Example: A: Did you know the atomic weight of Osmium is 190.2?
B: Nuh uh!
A: Ya-huh!

Yabba: it means the same as yes, but COOLER!
Example: Are you going out tonight? Yabba!

Yabbo: Male of any species being stupid
Example: You let your yabbo dog pee on the floor!

YABUT: same as yes-BUT
Example: there is no such word,yabut i heard someone say it.

yackwagon: Any disturbing ordeal, usually endured with others, looked back on with some sense of humor and sentimentality.
Example: Paul: Do you remember that bus ride down to Cancun? Never shoulda drank the water.
Greg: Yeah. What a friggin' yackwagon.

yadafier: A person who replaces important words in a sentence with yada.
Example: When she was talking to me about her holiday, I discovered that she was a yadafier when
she constantly said Yada yada yada instead of giving me actual details.

yadda: Usually used in triplicate, the word itself has no set definition, as it can be used to mean virtually anything under the sun, and a few things that aren't. Used mainly in two situations, the first of which is very similar to etc. and simply means and other stuff along the same line of thought. The other, more sinister use effectively censors part of a statement that the second party is not meant to understand.
Example: I visited the site, submitted a few of my own works, added the site to a seach engine, yadda yadda yadda, now more people have been looking at my vid or I met an old friend, we got to talking, yadda yadda yadda, I was too tired to get up in the morning

yag: Simply means, yes. Use it to freak your friends out.
Example: Do you wanna go for dinner? Yag. WHAT?!? Yag! and so on and so forth.

yaggie: An expression to denote extreme happiness.
Example: No more math lessons. Yaggie!

yah: Sure, sounds right, that's OK, tell me more, are you putting me on?, is what you have said really true?
Example: Yah, yah, sounds good.

yahootie: A clumsy not so bright person.
Example: That yahootie spilled all the food on the floor.

Yahtzee: Expression of great happiness and achievement over small issues.
Example: Jack finally found his car keys: Yahtzee!

yalli-en-talli-allie-allie-boi: a cheer used when drinking with your buddies. esp used for mocking those ultra sporty buddy buddy types

yames: Very low in quality or performance; sluggish, ineffectual, unworkable.
Example: I would have emailed you this morning, but my computer was totally yames.

yamop: Means I'm just kidding. The bigger the joke, the more exaggerated the pronounciation.
Example: (1) Paul you're the best looking guy in the world....yamop.
(2) and you're super muscular....yaaamop

Yankenvy: The thing that makes some English people think Americans are not as good as them
Example: Did you see the entry for Yankophile? (see below) That guy has yankenvy.

yanker: A large backside.
Example: She's got quite a yanker.

Yankophile: Someone who likes Americans or American culture. Ant: yankophobe.
Example: M. Hul�t was a big yankophile, with a complete tape collection of Bart Simpson episodes.

yanno: Slurred version of You know
Example: That's probably not the best way to fix your car, yanno.

yapper: Telephone, usually in reference to a cellular phone.
Example: Whose yapper's ringing?

yappy-ho-yap-yap: When you are not interested in hearing what the other person you are engaged in
conversation with is saying, you then interrupt them with this word.
Example: A. And then I went to th-
B. Yappy-ho-yap-yap.

yar: Yeah, right.
Example: Ernie: I'm the boss.
Bert: Yar.

Yar: Pirate for yes.
Example: Britney Spears: Dave, your the coolest wanna go for lunch Me: YAR!

yard: To remove or displace forcefully.
Example: Engine trouble, asked the large mechanic? Lets just yard that sucker right out of the car and have a look!

yard fever: Obsession to make, or grow, a screen to hide one�s sins, actions, or self from observation
by others.

Example: She had committed so many sins that she got yard fever and grew a screen that ended up offending most of her neighbors, thereby calling more attention to the very actions she wanted to hide.

yardormore: Some that is only attractive from a yard or more away.
Example: I thought she was hot, but she was only a yardormore.

yardrat: Prison inmate.
The career choice most high school dropouts make, particularly in Florida.
The yardrat is characterized by a crew cut, numerous tattoos, earrings, a positive THC drug test any day of the year,
3 dollars in his pocket, a least one DUI or future DUI, low self-esteem, and a trailer or apartment he shares with other yardrats.
Example: Did you see that truckload of yardrats drive by?

yardsale: snow skiing term describing a blow out/wipeout
Example: to achieve yardsale status you must loose both poles,hat,goggles,both skis and be in some sort of pain

yardstick bubblegum: A very dirty male or female.
Example: Without those huge breasts, she'd definitely be recognized for the yardstick bubblegum she is.

yark: to talk and talk and talk without end. to babble.
Example: That woman over there is just yarking on and on about opera, it is so annoying.

YAV: Acronym for Yuppie Assault Vehcile. Used as a derrogatory reference to, or to show extreme dislike towards, an SUV.
Example: I can't see the traffic light because there's a huge YAV in my way!

Yawn: Saying the word yawn in place of yawning.
Used to signify your level of boredness with a situation.
Example: 1: And now I'll show you my collection of woolen jumpers.
2: Oh, c'mon! Yawn!

yawn-arrhea: The cascade effect caused by one person yawning in a crowd, thereby forcing everyone around to yawn in succession
Example: Although she knew she shouldn't have, Cheryl yawned during the board meeting, and within 10 minutes yawn-arrhea had set in and everyone had yawned at least once.

yawnto: Used when suggesting that you should go and do something.
Example: Yawnto go on down to the store and grab some grub?

YAWP: A battle cry. Used often by certain members of a boarding school in Australia. Derived from Dead Poets Society the movie.
Example: Q: I challenge you to a match. A: YAWP!

Yawtonic Bomb: Yawn which wipes out anyone within hearing distance, has tendency to leave residual effects, such as prolonged yawning for those in hearing range, as well as secondary yawns by those not in hearing radius of original yawn.
Example: The party was going great, but then Bill dropped a yawtonic bomb and everyone got tired and went home.

yaya: used while chatting online, meaning yes.
Example: I was chatting online last night and she asked me if I wanted to go to the movies tomorrow and I responded, yaya, I would love to.

yayment: Praising or rejoicing, usually, although not always, involving the word yay.
Example: Fred did very well in his exams. Much yayment ensued.

ye gods: Used when you want to call upon multiple deities to express your shock and displeasure at someone's blatant stupidity. Is used regardless of one's personal religious beliefs.
Example: Ye GODS, what was he thinking?!

yea'no: short for Yeah I Know
Example: Bob:Did you know that your computer is broken? Jack: Yea'no

yeah, no: no. Useful for delivering unpleasant news.
Example: have you finished that report?
yeah, no I haven't

Yeah-no: Used when you want to give someone a split second of hope then dash them upon the rocks. The yeah should be said quickly.
Example: John: Will you go to the dance with me sally? Sally: Yeah-no

yeahnah: Said when either yes or no is the appropriate answer. It is up to the listener to determine the meaning from context.
Example: Gee, that's bad news.
Yeahnah, its not that bad.
Gee, that's bad news.
Yeahnah, it really freaks me out.

yeahness: Anything you look at and say yeah. Used dismissively, usually of people.
Example: Then I was stuck on the train with this complete yeahness.

yeak: Meaningless word used as an acknowledgement when you have nothing further to add, but you want the other person to know you received her message. Useful in email.
Example: A. I don't feel good today. B. Yeak.

yeckh: (onomahomeoea)-- no, the 'h' is not silent! signifies the feeling of extreme pity toward another; another way of saying, I'm glad that I'm not in your shoes (unless they're Pumas-- freshest shoe EVER!) For some reason it appeared out of context in a Batman episode.....
Example: YECKH! (in reference to my pity for the people who payed to see Pearl Harbor)


YECKH! (Batman hits the Riddler)

yeg'm (or lleg'm): Used to express passive acceptance of imminent danger.
Example: lleg'm, he said, seeing the speed bump that he was approaching,
but not slowing down for.

Yeller-Belly: One from Lincolnshire, England.
Example: Of course we talk funny, we're all Yeller-Bellies around 'ere.

Yello!: (the first sylable is stressed) used ultimately when answering a phone, or when greeting somebody
Example: When Joe and Drew passed each other in the hall they said yello

yellochar: The unsightly yellowed stain often found on the fingers of smokers.
Example: I fear that I'll have to shake his hand. He is riddled with yellochar.

yellow triangles: Happy little juxtaposed objects found in strange ways or places. Note: these must not be purchased.
Example: I found this yellow triangle beneath a bench in front of the mall. Strange finding a cactus plant there.

yellow-fever: A term used by Asian women to describe European or other Western men who exclusively
pursue Asian women. Frequently used as a warning to other Asian women.
Example: I don't think he cares about you personally at all; it's just a case of yellow-fever.

yence: to screw something up really bad
Example: I totally yenced up the answer on the last essay question!

Yep: A word that is said when nothing else can be said, during moments of extreme boredom. Can be used as an explanation, a statement, and an affirmative. Most often used by my friends to indicate just HOW bored they are. Also can be used in an extremely sarcastic tone to mock someone who thinks that a very abnormal activity is, in fact, quite normal.
Example: (1) So I had no job...and I was just at home for 3 months, sitting at my computer and being like Yep... Here I am. (2) So Chuck and I finally got done arguing, and just decided to have a knife fight. Umm.... Yep!

yepindeedy: A variation on yes or yep. Can be also said as yepindeedy-do if your mood is particulary perky.
Example: Guy 1. Is that red shirt comfortable?
Guy 2. Yepindeedy.

yeppers: Yes.
Example: Yeppers, that's right.

yeppir: To respond in agreement. Short way to say, You got it.
Example: Yeppir, it is hot.

Yepples: Yep or yes.
Example: Donaville asks, Do you like peaches? Jamie's response, Yepples!

Yer number one: Short for fuck you. Can be accompanied with the middle finger.
Example: Jeff derided Sam,
You're such a hick.
Sam flipped him off and rolled his eyes,
Yer number one.

yerite: One who likes to tell tall stories; someone who deserves our disbelief.
Example: I saw Cardoso's column the other day--the guy's a yerite.

yerp: A response you would get asking a doe-de-doher a question and he meant yes.
Example: Hey, Billybob, do ya know what you're doing there? Yerp.

Yert: A word to indicate that the previous statement is a lie.
Example: McDonalds makes great hamburgers, yert!

yes'um: Yes, but usually intended to be funny.
Example: Alex: Hey, Ruth, wanna' go to the nudie bar with me? It's 25 cent wing and breast night. Ruth: Yes'um.

yesbody: someone; antonym of nobody
Example: Knock knock. A. Who's there? B Yesbody.

yesh: Slang for yes.
Example: We gonna go see him today? Yesh, indeed.

yessing: Saying yes to.
Example: Why didn't you answer me?
I was too busy yessing Lauryn's question.

yestalgia: Sickness caused by prolongated presence in one's country or home
Example: I'm suffering from yestalgia, ought to take a trip somewhere.

Yestergeek: Things which once held sway among the computer and fannish types of the world, but quite recently no longer do.
Example: Pokemon? That is /so/ yestergeek. Its all about Card Captor Sakura now.

yesternight: Noun describing when something happened.
It didn't happen today.
It didn't happen tonight .
It didn't happen yesterday. It happened yesternight.

Example: Makes perfectly good sense to me, and to my youngest son, Justin, when he was three. As in I saw E.T. yesternight!

yet yet?: The way that we refined southerners ask a friend if he has already dined.
Example: Yet yet?

yibada: Craziness.
Example: Nine-year olds say to each other on the playground You're full of yibida.

yick: (v) Combination of yuck and ick. Used when yuck isn't strong enough. Extremely gross or vulgar.
Example: The odor of that garbage really yicks me out.

Yidy-yit: Idiot, or real jerk. Used in the presence of young, impressionable children in the car when the other driver makes a bone-headed move.
Example: Look at that yidy-yit, he must be doin a hundred.

Yillbe: A large weighty piece of wood, metal or any other blunt object that may cause bodily harm when swung about the head.
Example: You'll be sorry when I hit you with a yillbe.

yink: A hairy woman.
Example: Oh, my God! She has inch-long hair on her back. She's a yink.

yinz: Used in place of the plural you.
This expression is used in the greater Pittsburgh area.
Example: Are yinz going downtown today?

yip: When you are overly excited and you have already used up all of the other excited words.
Example: I got front row seats to see 'N SYNC! Ahhh! Oh, my God! I can't believe it!....Yip!

yipindeedy: Like yes and indeed, only better.
Example: So, you saw him? Yipindeedy

yippies: Young women who find it necessary to scream each others' names at high decibels--repeatedly.
Example: Those yippies are hurting my eardrums.

Yippified: H.
Example: I am very yippified.

yo: A short street slang greeting to someone you know.
Example: Yo, how you livin', man?

Yo Yo Ma: 1. Something that is said in response to an exciting comment.
Not unlike saying sweet as or awesome. Has a very wide range of uses. (Kramerism)
2. A famous cellist named Yo Yo Ma.
Example: Dan says, I got the keys to the benzito tonight. Jesse responds with, Yo yo ma.

Yo'da: FromYoh meaning hello and Yoda.
Example: (Answer the phone) Yo'da.

Yobbo: Australian for Redneck.
Example: So we're were at this tractor pull, and everyone was wearing straw hats, and I thought, What a bunch of Yobbos!

yoda moment: When the sentence you're saying has its word order scrambled due to stress or forgetting the words. Derivation obvious.
Example: We have to get this by next week done.... Er, sorry, bit of a yoda moment there.

yoda-ism: A sentence that has all the right words, but a convoluted word order.
Example: A Jedi craves not these things. OR To the shop I'm going now.

yodawg: An adjective used to describe a person that uses the slang word yo. Usually seen driving cars with insanely large, throbbing speakers. May also wear ball-cap turned at a 45-degree angle and hang out in your local mall's food court for several hours at a time.
Example: I was going to go to that new bar, but then I found out it was yodawg.

Yodelhole: A backwoods or inbred person
Example: That Yodelhole should lose the hat when he's in a restaurant. This isn't Mayberry!

Yoiks!: An expression of surprise, or disbelief.
Example: Person1: So Roseanne Barr just got her own talkshow. Person2: Yoiks!

Yoink: Meant as a sound effect, this word is uttered when grabbing something from another person, whether they want you to or not. Taken from numerous episodes of The Simpons
Example: You won't be needing that book. Yoink!

yoinkage: The process of yoink.
Example: Janice kept stealing my M&M's without me looking, and the ongoing yoinkage was quite irksome.

yoinked: The act of swooping in at the final seconds of an online auction and outbidding your competitors.
Example: I had the high bid on that thing with 20 seconds left and then froboz13@aol.com yoinked it.

yokay: Combination of yes and okay.
Example: A. Hey, you wanna go tip some cows? B. Umm...yokay!

yoke: To make a turn, for example when driving.
Example: John yoked a left at 5th street.

yokel: A dumb person who never seems to get anything right.
Example: James is a yokel when it comes to maths.

Yoko: Yoko, the woman popularly (though not accurately) credited with breaking up The Beatles. Her name is now synonymous with the act of breaking up.
Example: They're having Yoko issues = They're breaking up

yonder: Place other than in front of you.
Example: Go over yonder and keep your mouth shut.

yonks: A long time
Example: Little Johnny waited for the train for yonks.

yoof: Kid, hooligan, punk, troublemaker, whipper-snapper--youth.
Example: You yoofs get outta my yard!

Yoogie: Yoogie is the anatomical word for an empty head or skull that doesn't bleed.
Example: Mom, Gabe bonked his yoogie on the coffee table and his brains didn't fall out.

yoozer: in the unix o.s. (and unix based spinoffs), you have several standard directories, like DEV, BIN, and of course, USR. the 'yoozer' is a friendlier form (because most newbies find UNIX quite a hostile environment) and it can be used as a nick. (warning, nick is already taken, guess what, by ME. thank you.)
Example: Yoozer is a looser! (about the most stupid form of insult that you can get on IRC. it means less tight.)

yope: A combination of yes and nope, meaning maybe. (Can also be used when you dont feel like giving a clear answer to a question)
Example: Question:Can I borrow some cash? Response:Yope.

yost: The substance found on the outside of food, especially fruit,
that is not harmful and can easily be removed with your fingers.
Example: there is always white yost on my greengages

you a cat!: Informal congratulations for stellar achievement. Similar to You da man!
Example: Congratulations on that promotion. You a cat!

You are the weakest link.... G: Everyone in the UK is using this phrase just now. Basically, if someone is annoying you
and you want them to get lost, you just say the six magic words...it drives them nuts.
Example: You are the weakest link.... Go.

You beaut!: An okkerism (Australian slang) Great!
Example: Blue: Hey, Digger, looks like the weather's gonna hold for the barbee.
You beaut! comes the reply.

you got me twisted: You've mistaken me for someone else or It wasn't me.
A response to a teacher or classmate when they blame something on you and you know you didn't do it.
Example: Teacher: Why did you do that?
Student: You got me twisted.

You're a ______: Fill in the blank for _____. Taken from the Clerks cartoons. You're a cigarette.
Example: Nick: I hate this dorm. Merricat: You're a dorm.

You're bobsledding on thin ice: Used instead of the term, You're skating on thin ice. It gives a more threatening threat - you're more likely to fall through if you're bobsledding than simply skating on the ice.
Example: You're bobsledding on thin ice, mate. I'd watch it.

You, this: A response when there is no comeback to a putdown. Derives from a person sticking his middle finger up at somebody, and using his other hand he points at the middle finger in a demonstrative manner, and says You, this.
Example: Sally said to Bobby, Your breath stinks. To which Bobby replied, You, this.

Youall: refering to a group
Example: Hey youall.

youngin': Southern slang popularized by The Beverly Hillbillies to refer to offspring.
Example: Granny: Jed, I'm gonna take a switch to that youngin' if he don't start mindin' me!

younker: A young man. From elementary school CAT tests.
Example: A younker is a young man.

youns: A derivative of You ones or You-uns a two syllable phrase shortened to a one syllable version. Commonly noted as Western Pennsylvanian slang.

Example: Are youns ready?

your neck of the woods: your neighborhood or hang out area
Example: where you live

your other left: You say it when someone goes to the right, after you tell them to go left. See Neo's last chase scene in The Matrix, just before he gets shot.
Example: A. Go through the door on your left.
B. This one?
A. No, your other left.

yourmom: Fast and easy retaliation to virtually any insult hurled at you.
Example: Insult: Elvin, you don't know shit from Shinola. Response: Yeah? Yourmom.

yous: plural of you widely used in Philadelphia
Example: Hey. Any of yous guys wanna go out tonight?

yous: Direct horizontal transmission from Gaelic into the dialect of English spoken in northwest England.
The plural of you. Peculiar to Liverpool, England and some Gaelic speaking communities in Ireland.
Example: Yous better be putting those fireworks in next door's letterbox and not mine.

youthanasia: The practice of routinely discounting opinions of the young simply because of their age.
Example: Although her demands were valid, youthanasia allowed him the comfort to
ignore his daughter with impunity.

youthy: a way to describe something as being targeted to or preoccupied with young people
Example: John hated shopping at Gap because all the clothes were too youthy.

youz: Collective noun for two or more people.
Example: Hey, youz, how's it going?

yowler: a feline used by spelunkers and cavers to determine the depth of a chasm. see:dropcat
Example: took two yowlers to measure that hole. too much echo.

Yowza: In common use in advertising and on the net, often in same sense as Wow! or Yeah!
For some reason in a number of web ads regarding cross country biking.
Try doing a deep search on the web to find this word.
I've looked for days with no joy. Thought it might be from southern minstrel days--exaggerated slave speak.
Does anyone actually have a reference or etymology on this real expression? Thanks.
Example: Yowza! New Cross country race will be awesome.

yozen frogurt: I give credit to my camp pal Erica for this word. It's frozen yogurt, just mixed up.
Example: We went to Baskin Robbins and got some chocolate yozen frogurt.

YSIHF Situation: Yes-ee-hef Situation. It stands for Your Shovel In His Face, from the movie _Mystery Men_.
It refers to any situation in which one person places the blame on someone else, w
ho then places the blame on a third person.
Sometimes can go full circle, in which the third person blames the first person.
Example: I tripped on a toy in my sister's room and blamed my sister, who blamed my mom for not cleaning it up, who blamed me for not watching where I step. It was a real YSIHF situation.

yuck: Used to describe any piece of clothing with unnessecarily bright, clashing, or too many colors.
Example: Did you see that jacket Colin was wearing? That was yuck.

yuck green: The color of green that is somewhere in between
olive green and avacado green--usually ends up resembling the color of vomitted broccol.
Example: That dress she was wearing was yuck green, bordering on definitely disgusting.

Yuh-HUH: Probably invented by Friends scriptwriters. Used when somebody is only now coming to understand something that everybody else found insanely obvious. Read the example and you'll get it.
Example: So, Santa Claus doesn't exist? Yuh-HUH!

yumbling: A combination of yelling and mumbling, thereby being very loud but difficult to understand.
Example: His constant yumbling gave them all headaches and became increasingly annoying, as they had no idea what he was saying.

yumhum: Used when you are agreeing to something or saying yes.
Example: Are we going to the movies tonight? Yumhum.

yumlicious: Beyond yummy; completely scrumptious.
Example: Tim tams are just the most yumlicious chocolate biscuits.

yummolicious: When something tastes really good or yummy. A cross between yummy and delicious.
Example: Auntie Sar, this candy sure is yummolicious.

yummy: used to describe a person who's really damn hot.
Example: rachel leigh cook in antitrust for the people are inclined to liking girls and brat pitt in fightclub for the people who are inclined to liking boys.

yumskykorsakov: Used to describe something delicious, usually food, with reference to 19th century Russian composer Rimsky-Korsakov.
Example: These banana choc muffins are absolutely yumskykorsakov.

YumYum: A word substitute for dog food to entice the appetite of small hyperactive,
somewhat neurotic, and yet completely adorable lapdogs
Example: Oh, come here little baby, come get the YumYum. Oh that's a good little puppy.
(More effective when spoken in a high pitched goofy tone. Not to be used to entice infants.)

yunz: it is a from of 'you all', used mostly in Western Pennsylvania with the word 'guys' following in
Example: Hey, yunz guys, what are you doin'?

yuppie food stamp: twenty dollar bill
Example: Let me go to the atm and get a few yuppie food stamps

yuppie gunfight: when two or more people reach for their cell phone when one rings. see also 'cellphonic appraisal'
Example: when ron, justin, and mike heard a cell phone ring, it was a yuppie gunfight to see who could grab their phone first.

yurp: To belch backwards. To yawn and burp simultaneously. By extension, any irksome or noisy embarrassment of the upper winds.
Example: I say, don't yurp in front of my wife. Sorry, old chap, didn't realise it was her turn.

yuss: word meaning you and us
Example: Yuss is hungry lets go out to get a bite to eat

yut: A loud gutteral shriek used to get a bartender's attention
Example: What did that guy just yell? YUT???

yutnut: An fool, an imbecile
Example: Those yutnuts in marketing always forget their passwords!

yuzzy: Describing someone given to the prevailing fashions of heavy metal: rock jerseys, really tight jeans, feathered hair, combs in back pockets, bandanas tied around thighs, untied high-top shoes, etc. The word is a play on yuppie or young urban professional, but stands for young urban ozzy because these folks tend to love Ozzy Osborn.
Example: This neighbourhood is being overrun by yuzzies. Just look at all the Camaros on bricks in these front yards.