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C 'n' E goer: Person who attends church only for Christmas and Easter and usually only to please her parents.
Example: Jane is not that religious. She's just a C 'n' E goer.

C N' C: The President of the United States, the Commander in Chief.
Example: The C N' C is in Air Force One over the Atlantic at the moment.

C-Master: A type of opponent, mainly seen in FIFA soccer video games, who constantly taps the C button to kick the ball downfield, which sometimes results in goals.
Example: JJ dribbles, passes....He's a pleasure to watch. Other people are just C-Masters when they play.

C-Town: Slang term for the city of Cleveland.
Probably first coined by Jim Rome in his daily syndicated radio show.
Example: C-Town rocks are usually very reasonably priced.

C.Y.A.: Cover Your Ass
Example: That trouble-ticket software is more to C.Y.A. than for the users.

C3I: Command, Control, Communications, and Intelligence.
Example: Good C3I is the backbone of any largescale operation, like the one presently underway in Afganistan.

C4 explosive chassis option: A notional feature on a new car that consists of a
chassis lined with C4 plastic explosive.
What cars in R-rated action movies typically come equipped with,
since they seem to explode in fantastic and colorful fashion at the slightest impact.
Example: Did you see that scene where Travolta drove that Jaguar into
a bus and it burst into flames?
They must've ordered the C4 explosive chassis option.

cabanger: Used to discribe something that is broken or worn out
Example: You're going to drive me to the prom in that cabanger!?

cabinet: In Rhode Island the soda fountain drink made with milk, flavoring, and ice cream. Called a frappe in MA, a milkshake in other areas, etc. A Rhode Island milk shake does not contain ice cream.
Example: Two coffee cabinets, please.

cable: Bulky gold chain.
Example: Check out the cable around his neck.

cable-ten: Low budget, cheap, shameful, despicable, shoddy, inexpensive.
Example: Look at yourself. Could you get any more cable-ten?

caboon: An intern, particularly in a research project involving hawks. Supposedly from some Malay language where it denotes slave.
Example: You are the most stupid caboon that I have known.

Cack: Individuals who are of great arrogance, or who are wholly belonging to the mainstream society and laws of social conformity and use that to their advantage. Cacks are also identified as assholes or similar offensive names.
Example: Due to the thirty gallons of coffee you drink every day, and the minimum wage you pay, that automatically makes you, sir, a cack.

cack chugula: A respectfully deprecating nickname usually bestowed upon those who excel in slothing, boozing, and story telling.
Example: Hey, Cack Chugula, get off the couch and answer the door. The pizza guy is here.

cacographer: Not a made up word, but a real word that means a bad speller or writer. We need this word.
Example: Check out the Bulwer-Lytton website (www.bulwer-lytton.com). They give awards to cacographers.
It was a dark and stormy night; the rain fell in torrents--except at occasional intervals, when it was checked by a violent gust of wind which swept up the streets (for it is in London that our scene lies), rattling along the househomes, and fiercely agitating the scanty flame of the lamps that struggled against the darkness.

--Edward George Bulwer-Lytton, Paul Clifford (1830)

cacophemism: The use of a more expressive, more distasteful word in place of another. It would be the opposite of euphemism.
Eu in greek means well or good; kakos means bad or evil.
Example: The use of the word corpse instead of the deceased is a good example.

caddiwompas: The state of being grossly out of alignment, skewed, or uneven.
Example: There was so much weight piled on one side of the van, it sat caddiwompas.

caddywampus: It means kittycorner, or askew.
Example: The tornado blew the house all caddywampus.

The liquor store is caddywampus from the Lovely Mullet Hair Say-lon.

caf: A cafeteria, preferably one in a highschool or college campus.
Example: Yeah, let's go to the caf and get some pizza.

Caffuffed: To be extremely exhausted and tired, as a result of which you fall asleep.
Example: I was caffuffed after cooking for the whole Smith family so I went straight to bed.

cage: Motorcyclists' slang for a car.
Example: Man, that cage almost hit me broadside.

cagey: Feeling pent up, need to get outside
Example: I've been in this office too long. I'm getting cagey

caggy: (clothing) Adjective meaning old and unwanted yet still useful i.e. decorating wear
Example: I'll put on those caggy jeans to clean out the garage

cak: Hitting your shin on something hard and usually blunt, so it makes the shin bone,
which is close to the skin on the front of your shin, hurt like bejesus.
From mountain biking, where the most usual blunt instrument for cakking is a pedal.
Example: Owwwwwww! Just cakked my right shin on my SPuD (qv) on that last descent.

cake: money, lots of it.
Example: That Bill Gates is rolling in cake!

cake: Used to describe a woman who has a fat ass--in a good way.
Example: J Lo has cake.

cake and pie: So easy as to be laughable, a piece of cake and easy as pie combined, from Bill Gibson, somewhere in the Neuromancer trilogy.
Example: Doing graphics on a Macintosh? Cake and pie!

cakehead: Someone who is not very bright.
Example: That cakehead just ran that redlight.

cakewalk: Easily done, same as a piece of cake.
Example: Our calculus test was cakewalk. [There is a dance called a cakewalk.
If you're on the right square when the music shomes, you win a cake.
It's also defined as something accomplished with supreme ease.]

calamatastrophy: Worse than a calamity but not quite a catastrophe.
Example: There was a calamatastrophy involving 23 cars on the freeway last night

calculeer: The dead lifeless look on one's face after sitting through Mr. Graham's calculus class.
Example: Jane sure has a mean calculeer on her face today.

calcumalator: Calculator. Use the word when you want to feign stupidity.
Example: I can't do these physics problems, even when I use my calcumalator.

caldwellian: To brazenly use trickery, charm, craftiness or sleight of hand to get your way; to scam or grift; exhibiting or possessing a general mischieveous nature.
Example: So you planned the whole thing, and everyone got caught but you? How caldwellian.

calico cat: (adj) Great. Usually about a time, place, or event. This is used by just a few of my friends and me in Kalamazoo, MI.
Example: This At the Drive-In show is thoroughly calico cat.

Californication: The process of ruining the quality of life of a residential area by an influx of former residents of the state of California.
Example: Damn Californicators. They want to pass laws against breathing heavy.

caligula: A level of something, just above mad.
Example: Check out Bizarro with the powered-up chainsaw. He's caligula.

calipso: A frontal wedgie.
Example: The calipso in the math teachers' acid-wash jeans did not go down well with her students in the front row.

callipyge: An actual medical term meaning having an attractive backside.
A polite way of telling someone they have same. Adj. callipygous. Cf. steahomeygous.
Example: Some believe J Lo may have the most profound case of callipyge ever recorded.

callow: To touch someone inappropirately
Example: He just callowed my privates.

Caloosa: I. Short for Could Lose a few pounds Usually used to describe a female that is not ugly but slightly overweight. II. Can also be used followed by a number indicating the amount of weight needs to use.
Example: I. Is he cute? he Caloosa. II. Is she cute? She Caloosa 20.

calp: Used to point out a pair of nice legs without the owner of the legs knowing.
Abbreviation of a bad Spanish translation for Damn, nice legs.
Example: Don't look now, but there's some calp behind you.

came: A mix of cool and lame, used when you like something but are not sure others feel the same.
Example: N'Synch is kinda came.

camel toe: The same as a wedgie, except it only happens to females, and is a front wedgy.
Example: That girl has camel toe.

camelesque: Bumpy in texture or contour
Example: The gravel road was very camelesque; the passengers were thrown into the air.

camelup: To get ready.
Example: Camelup before you go on a long walk.

camgirl: Girl who has a webcam, and, presumably, an audience
Example: https://www.metafilter.com/comments.mefi/8968: What's more pathetic than attention-seeking camgirls?

camp: (v) 1. To remain in close proximity to or hover over. 2. To constantly refresh a message board post so that you immediately see any replies made to it or to search for a specific user's posts continuously on a message board. 3. (Multi-player Gaming) To stay close to a spawn point for a monster or player in order to assure yourself the kill.
Example: Bob is camping the copy machine today. He must have a large report. I've camped this post for 20 minutes and still no replies to my thread. Betty is so cool. I constantly camp her posts just to see what she says. I like the game, but there are too many lamers who camp all the spawns.

camper: Used in mainly internet gaming lingo. It describes a person who doesn't move far from a certain spot and picks off other players without the use of skill. Or sits in an area and kills a player(s) repeatedly. The player merely stays in one place and has hence sets up camp. Uses: In any FPS game, EverQuest, Paintball and other multiplayer games where a player can gain a cheap upper hand by remaining in the same place.
Example: A: Bubba has stayed in the same spot the whole game.
B: Yea, Bubba's just a camper.

Camperoo: A Camperoo is a highly efficient, extremely enthusiastic camper,
who lives for weekends spent communing with nature and fellow Camperoos.
If you are a true Camperoo, you are at all times itchy to be out of town, tent in tow,
even on a moment's notice.
A Camperoo represents all that is pure and good and fun about camping.
No one has to tell you you're a Camperoo...you just KNOW.
Example: Tyler's absence of complaints about the heat,
ability to camp comfortably for three days with a minumum of gear,
and campsite left exactly as he found it showed him to be a true Camperoo.

can of corn: Really corny.
Example: Those red polka dot shoes? They deserve a can of corn.

can't fall off: Getting or being part of a good deal. You can't lose.
Example: Rolex for $3.99? You can't fall off.

canadians: restaraunt slang for non-tippers.
Example: damn justin, a bunch of canadians just sat down in your section.

canardly: To have difficulty in viewing an object, usually due to size.
Example: That diamond is so small you canardly see it.

canary blood: The new fad of bleaching hair blond, and then making spikes out of it using hair gel.
Example: Hey, look, Wes put on some canary blood.

canasta glasses: Eyeglasses with the long chain attached, like librarians and old ladies wear.
Example: Al Davis looks so stupid wearing those canasta glasses.

canayavesum?: Can I have some? slurred into a single word (a slurd) by drunks (or students) to indicate that they want you to share whatever you have.
Example: Whatcha got? Canayavesum?

cancer: Rusted-out section of a car.

Candian Routine: Unspecified imaginary gambit, mentioned in order to worry and baffle.
Example: Look, they're using the old Canadian Routine.
| Steady now, you don't really want us to use the Canadian Routine, do you...?

canduity: The anger caused by the presence of cows, and cow-related devices.
Example: When Billy went to the farm and saw the milking station, he was filled with canduity.

cane: A word you can put in place of whatever you are doing.
Example: I caned him at tekken!

canipeliosis: The condition of being contaminated with dog hair.
Example: The canipeliosis spread from my sweater to my lunch in record time, rendering the food totally inedible.

canipulations: Extreme reaction to something. Jumping around, yelling, etc.
Example: My football team won and we were all having canipulations!.

cank: Noun. Pejorative for a Canadian national.
Example: The canks are all headed to Flordia for some decent health-care.

cankles: a condition where a person's calves are the same width as her ankles

Canned: From cannabalize. To remove something off of one piece of machinery or equipment to make another work.
Machinery being canned from does not have to be broken.
Example: One of my headlights went out, so I canned one off my brother's car.

cannibabilistic: Human-eating baby.
Example: Your daughter is cannibabilistic--she's eating your son's foot.

canntabilissumanaryloft: A place of residence.
Example: My home can be called my house, my crib, and my canntabilissumanaryloft.

canoe beer: Another term for cheap American megabrew lager,
from the joke about the similarities between American beer and sex in a canoe.
Example: I just got paid. No more canoe beer for me for a while. I'm drinkin' the imported stuff.

canoogle: looking to worm your way in on the sly.
Example: He's always trying to canoogle a raise with the boss.

cans: Audiophile slang for headphones.
Example: These cans sound great.

canuckie: That sweet loving thing only a Canadian girl can share. Always warm no matter how cold the winter. Men have been known to drive 2000 miles to get some.
Example: Check her out. Thats some fine canuckie there!

cap-ex: Short for capital expenditure.
Example: The cap-ex that is being spent is being spent on new infrastructure, said Scott Kriens, Juniper Networks CEO.

capacitize: Manufacturing term applied to nearing full capacity
Example: We need to make sure the line is fully capacitized to reach our true potential.

capital-: Used to emphasize a word
Example: Carolyn forgave Barret for cheating on her because she thinks she's in capital-L-love.

Capitalize: For two people to make out.
Example: Did you and Chris capitalize on the first date?

capophilia: Obsessive love of mafia movies such as _The Godfather_, or of the HBO hit show The Sopranos.
Example: Till I got into therapy, I thought I just liked _The Godfather_, but my shrink diagnosed me with capophilia.

caprahlism: Word used to describe a fat, acne-infested oaf who waddles in and out of hallways.
Example: Who the hell is that?
That's a firm believier in caprahlism.

captain: What you call someone with immense talent and a recurring ability to screw things up.
Example: Well done, Captain Guru.

captain: Implies authority on a given matter due to experience.
Example: Steve is Captain Designated Driver because he doesn't drink.

Captain Obvious: One who always points out the things we already know.
Example: Thank you, Captain Obvious!

Caraoke: The practice of singing along to the radio while driving.
Example: Mabel put on a caraoke show on I-10 with Goodbye, Earl.

carbage: Odours emitted by cars, i.e. engine or exhaust, that smell like garbage.
Example: This street smells like carbage.

carbo: any form of life based on carbon
Example: You carbos are all the same:)

Carbon: A copy.
Example: I Carboned that tape for you.

carcolepsy: The condition of falling asleep whenever you are in a car.
Example: I can't let Jason drive. I'd be afraid he'd fall asleep at the wheel what with his carcolepsy and all.

carding: UK. Soliciting for prostitution by placing a card advertising a prostitute's business in a phone box. Prostitution is not illegal, but carding is. Check the website.
Example: Chris's source of income appears to be carding. Either that or he's a pimp or a drug dealer. I'd bet that he's a card boy.

care factor: A rating of how much you care about something, usually zero.
Example: Pete: Do you want to go for a jog?
Steve: Care factor zero.

Carealess: Used when one doesn't care or isn't listening.
Example: My car crashed into a tree,I stepped on my pet spider, and lost $6,900 in a bet with a pirate.
I carealess.

careeput: Cheap, stingy.
Example: A: Buy me a drink? B: No. A: You're so careeput.

carfuck: Happens when you drive too closely and you can't shome in time to avoid hitting the car in front of you. The front bumper of your car overlaps the rear bumper of the car in front of you.
Example: Let off the gas! You're gonna' end up carfucking the lady in front of you.

carginity: The first time you have sex in a car.
Example: Did you lose your carginity in your '97 Tiburon?

carglacky: Of or pertaining to the windshield of a car.
Example: Anyone who says that wiper baldes aren't carglack is an insane.

cargoyle: The chunks of ice and snow and sand that collect in the wheel wells of cars and trucks.
Example: Emma had great fun in kicking the cargoyles off her daddy's minivan.

cargument: the peculiar situation in which two or more people riding in a car have a serious disagreement and then are forced to sit in close proximity until they reach their destination
Example: After Ron and Nancy's cargument, we rode in silence for six hours.

Carked it: Kicked the bucket.
Example: It hurt so bad I thought I had carked it.

carmack: A person who spends all or most of her free time programming or coding. Has a tendency stay at home and not be social.
Example: Ah! C'mon, Christina. You're being a carmack. We haven't done anything together in weeks.

carp: Misspelled version of the word crap. Most often seen in games when one must type fast, or be killed (again). Used to express distress and extreme displeasure.
Example: Carp, he killed me...again!

cArp: Must have a capital A--substitute for crap. Since carp are crap fish, I figure the definition makes sense.
Example: Bits of road cArp and filth blew in her face as she drove down the interstate in a car without a windshield.

Carperpetuation: The act, when vacuuming, of running over a string or a piece of lint at least a dozen times, reaching over and picking it up, examining it, then putting it back down to give the vacuum one more chance.

carpet: To be boring, dull, plain or monotonous.
Reference to how boring carpet shopping is, or how monotonous and lacking in personality a person is.
Example: I don't believe how carpet this speaker is--I bet he practices carpetry.

carpet fuzz: the tiny pieces of fuzz invariably appearing on home of any carpet.
Example: There was a ton of carpet fuzz in her house, she had not vacuumed in forever.

carpse: A vehicle that continues to run long after it should be dead.
Example: While cruizin' in my carpse the muffler fell off again.

carsastic: Similar to sarcasm, carsasm is less harsh. The act of carsasm is to be carsastic.
Example: I didn't mean to make you feel inferior--you're not. I was just being carsastic.

carson: a seemingly nice person who turns out to be a jerk
Example: we used to think he was so funny, with his dopey ties and his hats, until we realised what a carson he was.

cartographical: Similar to geographical, but mapalicious.
Example: As you can see, the cartographical blob that is the Middle East is definitely the hub of the three continents.

cartoonery: Activity, gesture, or nuance that exemplifies properties characteristic of a cartoon or animated character or concept.
Example: Mona spent much of her free time devoted to collecting scooters and engaging in cartoonery.

carvenient: finding a decent place to park
Example: Oh! How carvenient! The owner of that Reserved spot next to the door is going home for the day!

casablanca: Washington DC expression, The White House.
Example: The President will be speaking to the press from casablanca at noon.

case of the zactlies: exactly

cash money millionare: Someone who has a lot of money, and may or may not flaunt it.
Example: Is that guy fronting on a cellular phone that doesn't work? Is that a fake Tag Heuer on his wrist?
Not this cat. He's definitely on some Cash Money Millionare trip.

cashed: Done, finished.
Example: Put your cigarette out, it's cashed.

cashish: Illicit cash. Money that you know you shouldn't spend. For example, cash that you pinch from your tuition or rent money.
Example: I'm gonna have to score a little cashish if i'm gonna check out that concert tonight.

cashola: money, hard currency
Example: I will come for a drink but I've got to get some Cashola first

cassahomeia: 1. The place where all your lost shoes go. 2. That loose dog in your neighborhood.
Example: Travis: Where'd my shoe go? It was just here last night. Katie: It probably ended up in cassahomeia.

casters-up mode: When some piece of technical equipment is completely broken.
Example: Me: Did you fix the server?
Guru: Nah. It was in casters-up mode.

castrated: A weaker version of the real thing.
Example: I need to sleep later so give me a cup of the castrated coffee.

cat: A guy, often one who is considered cool or devious.
Example: I saw these two cats breaking into your car last night.

Cat Fight: A fight between women who don't know how to fight, but just scratch at each other.
Example: When that cute waitress started flirting with me, it was only a matter of time before my girlfriend and her got into a Cat Fight.

cat's ass: Luxurious, hip, cool.
Example: I really, really like the folding chairs with the beerholder in the arm-rest. They really are the cat's ass.

catapostrophe: The misuse of the apostrophe, esp. where such misuse results in an amusing or ambiguous sentence.
Example: In a recent advertisement for a freezer, the company used the term its' cool box. This catapostrophe meant that it was not clear whether the box is cool, or whether the freezer has a cool box. The words its' of course, does not exist. [See prior entry at it's.]

catatonic: Immobilized by a contented feline whom one does not wish to disturb.
Example: Sweetie, can you get me some tea? Not now dear, I'm catatonic.

catch: Lazy use of the phrase, catch you later. Talk to you later, see you later....
Example: Catch.

Catch-23: In order to solve a problem one has to create a larger problem.
Example: Bill pulled a Catch-23 when he saved 20 people at the cost of killing 35.

catdention: The spot left on the bed where the cat has been sleeping.
Example: I don't like it when the cat sleeps on the bed, sheds, and leaves catdentions, ruffling the covers.

catdude: Very cool person. Cooler than a cat.
Example: Clint Eastwood is a catdude.

caterpillar in the pudding: Something which seems out of place, or not quite right for an undetermined reason. The general state of affairs resulting from such a situation.
Example: I think something's wrong in the mailroom; I haven't gotten any mail since last week.
There's definitely a caterpillar in the pudding down there.

cathexis: somewhat similar to cow,' as in don't have a cathexis. It does have a technical meaning in psychiatry, but we don't care about that. To us, it means to get all wrapped 'round the axle about something.
Example: don't have a cathexis, Mitch. I'll be 18 in a week!

catloaf: A position of contentment and relaxation in which a housecat hunkers down and tucks its feet and tail in close to the body, forming a symmetrical, round shape which resembles a baked good.
Example: Why does Bootsy always do his catloaf right on the section of the paper I'm trying to read?

catman, and catkids: my dogs, like to bark at cats, and the mailman, so we just call the mailman,
and the cats in the neighborhood, here comes the catman,
and they just go wild, looking up and down the street for them,
it also has turned into the kids getting out of school, as catkids

catpause: The length of time it takes after someone leaves the room before everyone starts talking about her.
Example: A catpause is a period of time on the order of a nanosecond.

catrepreneur: A cool cat who is in business. Cat + Entrepreneur = Catrepreneur.
Catrepreneurs use fair and honest business practices. (Contrast with ratrepreneur.)
Example: You made this most excellent website? Hey, you're a catpreneur, my friend!

catterwacked: All messed up and out of wack.
Refering to brain functioning or body parts most commonly but can describe any situation that is
dysfunctional or misfunctional.
Example: After the night I had last night, my brain is all catterwacked.

caution-taped: describing an object that has been wrapped in caution tape
Example: Nick's car was caution-taped while he was camping.

cavityfighting: very cool. a fonz
Example: the new kid in school is cavityfighting, i think he'll make lots of new friends.

CC baby: (adj) Very sweet and cute (usually babies). Also used to praise someone for acting in a charming or adorable fashion.
Example: Aww. She just smiled at me. Kate's my CC baby.

Celerica: Righteous, above reproach. Setting the right example in business and personal life. Antonym: See joejobbed.
Example: Although Oliver worked with people he easily could have ripped off, his approach has always been celerica.

celibating: From celibate.
Example: My wife and I are celibating our 25th wedding anniversary

Cell-yell: when someone can't hear on thier cell phone because of static.(I find this very annoying.)
Example: he's cell-yelling and It's really bothering me.

cella: Basement.
Example: Put the leftover boxes in the cella.

cellaholic: A person addicted to using her cell phone, and is seen to use it very frequently. Especially at times or in places that are inappropriate.
Example: Some cellaholic was talking through the whole movie--reminded me why I'd rather stay home and rent.

cellphonic appraisal: the activity that occurs when a ringing cell phone causes everyone in the room to check and see if it's theirs.

cellu-loser: Anyone who drives/rides/walks with a non-working or toy cell phone permanently jammed in their ear to give themselves what they believe to be status.
Example: See the cellu-loser in the Honda over there?

celluhang: The rear overhang on a chair.
Example: You'll have to diet. You've put an extra two inches on your celluhang during the holidays.

celly: A cell phone
Example: Just call me up on my celly.

celubrious: Related to celebratory? From a misunderstanding of salubrious. The Word Mavens at www.randomhouse.com.
Example: I trust you have recovered from any celubrious activities during the festive period.

celwebrity: Someone who is famous solely because she has a site on the internet. | https://www.insecurities.org/wwmnua/
Example: Paul Jarvis is my favourite celwebrity. (Paul is a very well-known performer with Cirque du Soleil. Check out the show next time you're in Las Vegas.)

censobation: The act of censoring something for no good reason, just because you can.
Example: The V-Chip is a major Censorbator.

century 21 page: A website that exists but for no other purpose than to direct you to
the website's new location or new owners.
Example: After launch.com got bought out by Yahoo!, it became nothing but a century 21
page to Yahoo! Music.

Centurysquared: The 10,000th.
Example: This is the centurysquared word to enter the dictionary.

ceoster: Pronounced che�ous��ter. A corporate CEO who is indistiguishable from a court jester or buffoon--has engaged in buffoonish, foolish, or silly behavior--quite possibly criminal behavior, too.
Example: Enron's Jeffrey Skilling is a good example of a ceoster.

C�p? A variation of the word cp (cerebratepartes) which is used frequently in Sweden as an allroundword.
Example: That was really C�p?of you to do.

ceramic fish: Swanky, usually pertaining to a gift or new acquisition.
Before Wheel of Fortune started awarding cash prizes,
contestants were required to use the money they won to purchase prizes.
Any money left over from buying golf clubs, vacations and La-Z-Boys would be
spent on the cheapest prize available--invariably a ceramic dolphin, Dalmatian, or fish.
Example: Did you see the bracelet that Janice got? Oooh...ceramic fish!

Cerp: The slow evolution of the phrase See you, to see ya, to cya, to cerp.

Basically it means see ya
Example: Pete: I'm going now, I'll see ya later.
Mike: Cerp.

certifiable: Crazy
Example: When we were playing in the rain, your mom looked at us like we were certifiable.

cewebrity: A web celebrity. (My co-worker JT coined the term.)
Example: Once I get this online comic up and running, I'm going to be a total cewebrity!

ch ching: This word means excellent, fantastic and is believed to come from the sound falling coins
make when you collect from a slot machine. The opposite of ch ching is ba bau.
Example: Thanks for cooking a great meal; it was ch ching.

cha: Yeah. Popularized by Mike Myers in the _Wayne's World_ movies.
Example: A: So, you got her number?
B: Cha.

cha: child or baby; term of endearment
Example: Hey, cha, how're your chas?

chach: see chav, a chach is that guy who comes to the club with a vest and no shirt under it, gold chains, and fake tan. he thinks he rules and tries to hit on you blatantly. term may have originated with Chachi from Happy Days.
Example: I can't believe that guy shaves his chest! What a chach!

chach: term of endearment
Example: Hi, chach, how are the things?

chaedaque: Hed-ayk. A very minor dizziness that lasts for no more than two minutes.
Causes are unknown; however, it is believed to be caused by too much television
or time spent in front of the computer.
Example: Got anything for my chaedaque? I can't seem to walk straight.

Chafim: Falling for no reason at all.
Example: Sam chafims all the time.

chaif: A beautiful girl that you would like to chalk up
Example: lets go out and Chalk up some chaif's

chaired-up: When one has acquired a chair and is in a sitting position.
Example: Are you sitting down?
Thank you, I'm all chaired-up!

chakos: Exclamation, when something surprises you.
Example: Chakos! This is the real stuff.

chalk up: To put a notch on your bed post, or to pull a girl
Example: Lets go Chalk up some Chaifs

champers: Sham-pers. British slang for champagne.
Example: Any champers left? I'm thirsty after the caviar.

championees: Champions
Example: Qs sung by soccer fans worldwide,Championees, championees are we are we are we.

chandler wannabe: Describes people with little social skills who attempt to make conversation by endlessly quoting from whichever film or TV show is popular at the time.
Example: Know Steve from Accounts? Is he a chandler wannabe or what?

chank: Derogatory term, applied to situations where you feel cheated or left out.
Example: We missed the bus. That's chank.

channelate: When you are talking to someone about something and he suddenly changes the homeic.

Example: Mo always channelates from football to religion to books while we talk.

chanticipation: A state experienced at or near the end of a song as the listener expects a specific song to follow, due to album order, etc.
Example: After the station played Should I Stay or Should I Go? my strong chanticipation of Rock the Casbah was dashed by a string of commercials.

Charity Mole: an expression used to describe a young, dressed up girl in a nightclub taking advantage of an older, rich man exclusively for his money
Example: see that chick over there latched onto that old guy? She is so a charity mole

charp: the one green mutant chip in every packet of chips

Chartmanship: Chart craftsmanship, the ability to prepare a beautiful presentation to cover up the fact that it contains no real information.
Example: Murray's half-baked proposal was accepted by the board chiefly due to his chartmanship.

Chastity belt: Ironic; to be hit upon by a lesbian such as Chastity Bono.
Example: I was given a real Chastity belt in the bar just now.

Chatnik: Those people who hang out in chatrooms, coined by those who met in the TalkTV chatroom.
Example: I consider myself a chatnik.

ChatterBrain: One who takes IRC and other chat-related events far too seriously.
To the point of depression or never speaking to someone again.
Example: He saw her chatting to another male chatter so he's shomeped eating...He's such a ChatterBrain.

chatterfuge: Chat that involves false identities.
Example: You�ve been chatterfuged by that user, bigboyhot4u. He ain�t doin?nuthin?but the chatterfuge.

chatty: Name given to a place which is potentially dangerous.
The biggest threats: gangs, muggers, rapists and thugs.
If entering one of these areas, say goodbye to your wallet and mobile phone.
Example: Sam and Kerem were walking around chatty, when they were approached by two thugs who took their wallets.

Chatty Cathy: Someone who talks a great deal. Mostly connected with phone conversations.
Example: She talked to me on the phone for 2 hours. She sure is a Chatty Cathy.

chatty kathy: A person (boy or girl) who talks too much.
Example: The lady in the aisle seat was a chatty kathy.

chaunch: A hot girl seen from afar. Could possibly be used to describe hot guys. Baby chaunch: jailbait.
Example: Check out the chaunch standing by the bar. Do you think I've got a chance with her?

Chav: A snobbish yet common female. Must wear gold clown necklace--the bigger, the worse. From Lower Kent, England.
Example: Look at that clown! She's a home-class Chav.

Chaver: A lighthearted manner in which to describe a person who is a bit of an idiot.
Example: Come on you chaver, we're going to be late.

chawesome: Something both choice and awesome.
Example: Bert: I got a new BMX for my birthday--and fifty bucks!
Ernie: Chawesome.

Chawny: Pertaining to food. Unpalatable in both flavour and consistancy.
Example: Ugh! I am never staying at Eugene's house again. His mom serves up chawny pig-slop.

chebluhbeh (sheh-ble-beh): Used when you can't think of words to form a sentence good enough to say.
Example: Slim: Yeah, I like that game, too.
Bob: Chebluhbeh.
Slim: Exactly.

Check Please! / Check Please.: Used as an exclamation, when something happens you like. Used as a statement when something happens you don't like.
Example: Alright! Jane asked me out for the prom. Check please! -or- Damn. 1 day until the prom, and the only person who asked me out was a guy. Check please...

cheddar: Money, cash.
Example: That guy must have mad cheddar to be driving that Benz.

cheddar: School bus--the yellow paint resembles cheddar cheese.
Example: Hurry up. If we miss the cheddar, we're going to have to walk home.

Cheech-marin: To wait or remain in one place for an additional period of time.
Example: Don't leave yet. Let's cheech-marin here for a while.

cheedle: The reddish-orange, dusty residue left on your fingers after eating a bag of Cheetos.
Example: After eating those Cheetos, boy, did I have a lot of cheedle on my fingers.

cheekunk: (noun) mountain chipmunk
Example: Cheekunks will eat from your hand sometimes.

cheeriomagnetization: The tendency of the last four or five cheerios in the bowl to stick together for survival.
Example: Bobby's last few Apple-Cinnamon Breakfast Squares floated in his bowl on their own,
each square independent and solitary of the other,
unlike the cheeriomagnetization exhibited when he usually finished a bowl of his favorite low-sugar cereal--
all the o's hugging each other as if they just got tossed off the Titanic.

cheerk: Highly dangerous cross-bred animal with the head of a shark and the body of a cheetah. (Collective is couch.)
Example: Look out! There's a couch of cheerks coming this way.

cheerleading: One word: Athletes. Girls (and guys!) who lead cheers for popular American sports such as football and basketball.
Tumbling, jumping, stunting, yelling--all are all involved.
Example: It's gonna suck if I don't make cheerleading this football season.

Cheers: Another word for Thanks, used and loved by Geordie's everywhere!
Example: Cheer's mate

cheese: moola baby
Example: i hate spendin cheese on women

cheese: To be happy and not worry.
Example: Don't cry. Life is short, so just be cheese.

cheese and rice: Jesus Christ.
Example: Cheese and rice! Would you look at that?

cheese it: Co leave quickly, usually because of fast apporaching danger. This phrase is most often yelled to alert other people to leave immediately, but can also mean get out of here in a more relaxed sense.
Example: Cheese it, the Feds! and Ready to go? Let's cheese it, then.

cheese music: trendy, pop music, the radio stations like to play these same songs about 100 times a day
Example: like boy bands and ditzy 16 year old girls, e.i. Back Street Boys and Brittney Spears

cheese n' crackers got all mud: A mild expletive based on mangling Jesus Christ God Almighty.
Example: Cheese n' crackers got all muddy, I dropped the collection plate.

cheese wagon: A large, yellow, American school bus.
Example: Until I can afford a Camaro I have to take the cheese wagon to school.

cheese-a-delic: Something that is far beyond cheesy. (I would like to give credit to Ms. Schantz, my English teacher for coming up with this marvel to the English language.)
Example: The TV show _The Prisoner_ has incredibly cheese-a-delic special effects.

cheesecaking: The act of sitting and staring into space and not doing anything, like a hunk of cheesecake.
Example: He's been cheesecaking for half an hour. Someone should send him out to get the groceries or something.

cheesed: To be extremely angry with someone or something, extreme aggression
Example: Ex. That guy hit your car? I'd be cheesed!

cheesed: Extremely happy.
Example: Every time I see Julie, I'm cheesed.

cheesed: Broken or otherwise non-functional
Example: It looks like Dave's computer is cheesed again.

cheesefactory: Used in this phrase or something similar: Yeah, and I own a cheesefactory. It is the sarcastic reply to anything anyone says.
Example: You always lose your job. I got a new one. Yeah, and I won a cheesefactory.

cheeser: a cheesy person, a poser, someone who adopts trends and/or beliefs that are trendy, dated or just plain lame
Example: That guy with the mullet cut and Starter jacket thinks he's so cool. What a cheeser!

cheesidue: (n) The thin layer of residue left on the blade of a knife after cutting a slice from a block of cheese.
Example: It is a good idea to clean the cheesidue off of the knife before putting it back in the drawer.

cheesy: Cheep, tacky or tasteless.
Example: Did you see that cheesy movie on TV last night? OR
The car mechanic charged you a clean up fee too? That's so Cheesy!

cheesy feet: When you have been wearing sneakers all day with no socks and you take your sneakers off, your feet smell like parmesan cheese.
Example: I just walked the dogs and I can't take off my shoes because I will have cheesy feet.

Cheetle: The stuff that's left on your fingers after eating Cheetos.
Example: Got a napkin? I need to get this cheetle of my fingers.

cheezlewellerkit: To give someone a packet of cheese snacks, usually Cheezles, in a Get Well hamper.
Example: Mary decided that cheezlewellerkiting Tom was not the best idea, as he was allergic to cheese.

chem-cam: A traditional silver-halide camera.
Chemical camera.
Example: Would you like to buy a chem-cam or a binary cam (a digital camera).

chent: a complete dimwit
Example: that guy is a total chent

chercher la vache: From _Monty Python and the Holy Grail_; uttered by Python fans when someone unwanted or unliked is descending on them. In the film, the unwanted people were repelled by hurling cows at them.
Example: Oh, no, here comes Rosie; chercher la vache!

cherniss: One who is incapable of fitting in. Someone who acts like an idiot trying to impress people. A dumbass. Clueless when it comes to computers.
Example: Hey, cherniss, how 'bout you try and shut up.

cherry: Original slang to mean a virgin, but now more commonly used to describe something in pristine condition.
Example: My Dad's 1970 Oldsmobile 442 is cherry.

cherryize: To put a cherry on home. Used figuratively to mean to home everything off;
can be used both in a positive or negative sense.
Example: To cherryize my day, after having been given the run around by everyone, I was twenty minutes late to the meetings and bombed my demonstration.

cherryscary: 1. Frighteningly virginal or wholesome, with an unhealthy liking of puppies, kittens, fluffy bunnies,
bows, and the colour pink. 2. Fearsomely red, having a shade of redness that inspires awe and fear.
3. The flavour of really cheap cherry-flavoured cough syrup.
Example: 1. The 13-year-old who maintains that Sailor Moon page is a little too cherryscary for me.
2a. Yaz'Mati, the mighty king of the efreet, is very cherryscary, indeed.
2b. Ignatz's face became all cherryscary when I walked in on him biting the wax tadpole in his room.
3. I had to take some cough syrup to get to sleep, and I woke up with that cherryscary taste in my mouth.

chesidue: The cheesey residue that snacks like Cheetos leave on your fingers.
Example: I need a napkin to get this chesidue off my fingers after eating all those Cheetos.

chest-shaver: Incredibly vain male. Coasts on charm.
Example: You should break up with Rob, he's such a chest-shaver.

CHEVY: Said when someone has just been dissed. Usually said by itself.
Example: After Jim got dissed by his friend, everyone yelled out CHEVY!

ChevyBread: Bread that is hard and old.
Example: This sandwich has ChevyBread Yuck!

chew and spew: Cheap, all you can eat restaurants.
Example: Do you want to go to the Chinese chew and spew?

chewbacca: (v) Chewbacca in Star Wars always had to walk behind Han Solo and Luke Skywalker. To be chewbaccaed: when the third person in a group is forced to walk behind the other two, who are walking shoulder-to-shoulder.
Example: Walking behind two friends: Hey! Don't chewbacca me!

chewbaccalypse: The end of Chewbacca; Chewbacca's apocalypse.
Example: Look out for that really hairy guy in the road! Christ, you hit him. Chewbaccalypse, for sure.

chewit: A small coloured chewy sweet.
Example: Cor blimey! Those chewits are nice!

chewobyle: A word used to get out of difficult situations
Example: Q: What is the double-vectored pipelined cpu bus?
A: Chewobyle?

chewy: Backyard quality bodywork on a late model car that would otherwise be appealing.
Example: That new Russian kid drives a Benz! Yeah, but up close it looks a little chewy--prob'ly built it himself out of Bondo and bubble gum.

chez-monkey: Some one who is dirty.
Example: Chris, you are a chez-monkey.

chezmoid: A nice way of saying something is cheesy, cheap, or poorly made.
Example: Did you see Linda's new rug? It is very chezmoid don't you think?

chezt: To dress yourself.
Example: I'll be right back, I gotta go get chezted.

Chhagal': Literal meaning is goat in Bengali. Used to label a person as stupid or dumb. Widely used in Bangladesh.
Example: You're talking just like a Chhagal.

chia pet: Someone with short, curly, frizzy chia pet hair. From Chia pet.
Example: He's all right, but a bit of a chia pet.

chiavinist: A male chauvanist attempting to use chivalry soley to win a woman's affections.
(like a sheep in wolf's clothing.)
Example: David started opening doors, pulling out chairs, and reciting prose in an attempt to charm Lisa; but Lisa's friends warned her of his reputation as a notorious chiavinist!

chiba: an exclaimation used in moments of love struck embrassment
Example: When Tom handed her the rose, Heather blushed and whispered, chiba!

Chibbery: Hyper and excitable. Usually because of chocolate.
Example: After eating all of that chocolate ice cream, Melissa was very chibbery.

chica chee-ka: polite term for hot friend. Also, mama-chica.
Example: What's up chica., Hey mama chica what's the shakes.

Chicago-Style: To do something without wearing pants. {Commando style from Friends is go go without wearing underwear.}
Example: It was hot out, so I finished my homework Chicago-style.

Chicamawaka: (CHICK-UH-MU-WAH-KU) A person that is acting like an idiot
Example: Some of my friends are such chicamawakas.

chich: A gal of the world, intelligent, hip, and ubercool.
Note: Does NOT refer to chick or bitch but may be a subconscious synthesis of the two.
Example: (To be said to a close friend)
What's up, my chich?

chick: Exclamation used to express surprise or alarm in the presence of females.
Like dude, but more riot grrl than surfer.
Example: Chick. I *cannot* get another speeding ticket.

Chicka: A girl or woman that is especially beautiful and trendy.
Example: That girl is a fine chicka.

chicken: Term of endearnment for co-worker, often used in its plural form in relation to team.
Example: Chickens, time for the meeting....

chicken: Used to describe someone who runs around doing things, but doesn't understand why
(running around like a chicken with its head cut off).
Emphasis in a sentence dictates the intensity (like fuggetabout it).
Example: He's such a chicken!

chicken feeder: A poor tipper.
Example: The only people I waited on in the restaurant were chicken feeders.

chicken huntin': To harass and degrade a racist. To seek out and destroy anything racist. (Could chicken huntin' itself be racist?)
Example: Who wants to go chicken huntin' with me?

chicken o'clock in the morning: Really late or really early, ungodly hour of the day, waking up with the chickens. See oh dark thirty.
Example: Ed's nuts! He wants to go fishing at chicken o'clock in the morning.

Chicken Soup: A solution to something, works without any real understanding of why. (Chicken soup helps you get better from colds, but no one knows why.)
Example: Hey, my Mac is messed up. It won't work.
Try re-building your deskhome, it's chicken soup.

chickenhead: A woman who seeks men for their money.
See Project Pat's song Chickenhead for a detailed description. A goldigger.
Example: Ever since my pockets became fat, all these chickenheads come swoopin' in trying to claim my cheddar.

Chickening: The actions of someone who is a chicken (see chicken) or is
acting like one without actually being a chicken. Usually just wasting company time.
Example: He's just chickening around today.

chickindeenis: Any part of one's body.
Example: Hey, git your chickindeenis over here. OR
Git your hands off my chickindeenis.

chicklet, biblet: An annoying, bubbly, teenage girl.
Example: We've gotta jet--there's a pack of chicklets heading our way.

chickwich: A girl, or a friendly way to call one of your chick friends.
Example: Hey, chickwich, what's up?

Chickypoo: A pretty girl in unconventional attire.
Example: She may look weird, but she's a real chickypoo.

chicoism: To be the one least remembered or lauded in a famous trio. The least distict member of a trio.
Example: Poor Maurice Gibb is a victim of Chicoism.

chictionary: A man's black book of ladies' numbers.
Example: Look at Pete. Getting a new skank for his chictionary.

chief: A generic but slick nickname to call anyone.
Example: Would you like fries with that?
Yes, thanks chief.

chief circle: The big cheese, or the very head of an organisation.
Example: He's totally arrogant, and struts around the place like he's chief circle, for crying out loud!

chiger: To lie.
Example: Don't chiger me, you mess.

chikan-san: A ladies' man; a player.
Example: Matt's a chikan-san.

chilax: chill + relax
Example: Just chilax and have a seat.

childsafe: Anyone who compulsively seeks to isolate children (theirs or other's) from the common realities of the world by forcing others to change instead of changing their own behavior which exposes said children.
Example: Most of Ozzy Osbourne's critics are a bunch of childsafers. After all, it was only a bat.

chill: Beyond cool. Dank.
Example: Wanda is sooo chill.

chillax: Chill and relax.
Example: Just chillax. Okay?

chillaxin: To chill and relax.
Example: Before you came over today, I was just chillaxin.

chilling, chillin': Doing not much. Just hanging around.
Example: Q: What did you do yesterday after school?
A: Nothing much, just chilling.

chillt: The state of being chilled out or relaxed completely. An almost Zen state.
Example: I spent this weekend all the way chillt.

Also this allows for the shortest meaningfull dialogue in English:

chimbly: Chimney.
Example: My farplace needs a new chimbly.

Chimbo: A cheerleader bimbo.
Example: Don't worry, she's just a chimbo.

chimneyfish: One who drinks a lot and smokes a lot, often at the same time.
Example: My dorm is inhabited by a bunch of chimneyfish--it smells disgusting.

chimp: Someone who follows instructions blindly but never considers the reason.
Trained to do something without understanding the reason why (as a trained animal).
Example: These reports are a disaster. Didn't anyone understnad why we were doing them? These people are chimps.

chimpette: A fictional anthropomorphized sentient female chimpanzee character from _Planet of the Apes_.
Example: Dr. Zira is a very intelligent chimpette, but she�s not as cute as Ari, from _Tim Burton�s _Planet of the Apes_.

chin music: In baseball, the act of brushing back the batter with an inside pitch. Also used as a fist-fighting term.
Example: The Big Unit played some chin music for Bagwell on that pitch.

chinage: To rub or pat another person under the chin
Example: Ric's mother got upset when he gave her chinage.

ching: The sound a disk makes when hitting the chains in disk golf.
Example: That was a sweet ching.

Chingaso: a little thing that you can't remember the name of right now. Taken from Spanish
Example: Hand me that little Chingaso over there.

Chinglish: A combo of chinese and english.
Example: Hey! Do you speak chinglish?

chinstache: A small patch of long hair on one's chin, but not a goatee or beard.
Example: It looks like all of DEFROST have chinstaches; they should shave better.

chip: Fine, OK, all right.
Example: Bert: Can I borrow your car, Ernie? ERnie: That's chip with me.

chip-head: One who is obsessed with computers.
Example: He's such a chip-head he could draw you a diagram of the internal cicuit of the Pentium 4 microprocessor.

chip-shop: Half-hearted or inadequate.
Example: Your CV is completely chip-shop.

chippermonky: Hi, I'm Dr. Evil. Due to the lack of 3's we are now changing 3 to Chippermonky, so wherever you used to say 3, You will nnow say chippermonky instead.
Example: 1, 2, chippermonky, 4, 5

chippie: A malicious teenybopper.
The chippie lifestyle is exemplified in Seventeen magazine and television shows directed at the 13-18
age bracket.
These people are loud, especially enthusiastic, but insecure.
They are generally not very interesting to talk to as their passions range only from boys to shopping.
Example: In the girl's bathroom, the chippies were fixing their makeup and gossiping
about the new boy whom they all felt was totally gorgeous.

chipple: A very small chip.
Example: Bob. The chippy filled this bag with chipples.

chippy: Chiefly British expression used to describe the upper classes, particularly their accents.
Example: He's got a Saville Row suit, a Hermes tie, and a chippy accent. My bet is he's very rich.

chirpacious: Overly cheerful.
Example: She was so chirpacious it got on my nerves.

chirt: Flirting while chatting online.
Example: Honey, are you chirting again? Get out of that chatroom and pay attention to me.

Chisausa?: Expression used by UK kebab vendors, usually of Turkish nationality.
Compression of Chili sauce, salad?
Example: Large doner please, my good man. Chisausa?

chive: Something stuck between your teeth
Example: Do you have a toothpick? I think I have a chive.

chive free: response to chive scan wherin your date's teeth are indeed free of remaining food particles
--preferably abbreviated as CF
Example: Hey, do I have anything in my teeth?
Nope. Chive free!

Chive scan: The practice of examining your date's teeth after a meal to make sure there are no lingering food
particles. Can be abbreviated
Example: Can you run a chive scan, make sure I�m clear?

chivilrist: Someone who is very chivalrous.
Example: He was always polite to the ladies like a good chivilrist.

chizmate: what it sounds like when australians say, Cheers, mate.
Example: I'll pick that up for you.

chlomostlestangerine: Kklom-os-tl-stan-ger-een.
The way your nose feels when it's stuffy and really really dry inside.
You can do nothing about it.
Can also be used to describe a feeling of helplessness or stagnation.
Example: I can't do anything about that problem...I feel so chlomostlestangerine. You gotta help me.

cho cho: Synonym for chocolate, but much more fun to say.
Example: It may be bad for your health, but I love cho cho sundaes.

cho's: Nachos.
Example: Bro's, you want to get some cho's with some extra peno's?

choade: Can mean anything as long as it's derogatory or disgusting.
Example: Your boyfriend's an unrepentant choade. OR I drank too much, I'm gonna choade.

chobeez: 1. The feeling of uncontrollable excitement you get upon meeting someone whose presence in your
life or circle of friends proves to be very exciting or revolutionary.
Usually characterised by loud nonsense sounds, squealing, and rapid movement of head, arms, or hands.
Example: With our shared interest in digital music, Pearl and I connected right away.
It gave me the chobeez just thinking about how she would be able to help me further
my own flagging career.

chobo: Adjective (cho-boh)- Korean in origin. To be very bad at something. A newbie. Someone who is not elite.
Example: That chobo driver can't stay in his lane.

chocolacuted: The result of having consumed excessive amounts of chocolate: chocolate overload.
Often characterized by an intense need for water or salty foods.
Example: The death by chocolate sundae was great while I was eating it, but now I feel like I've been chocolacuted.

chocolate panzer: Any one of a later-model German-made large, boxy sedan (usually a Mercedes),
painted chocolate or any other cenfectionary color--butterscotch, creme, etc.
Example: Check out that Benz. That's one serious chocolate panzer.

chocolate teapot: Something that is useless for what it is designed.
Example: I know it looks good, but it doesn't work at all. It's about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

chocospurfulation: (n) Flatulating sound the squeezable chocolate sauce container makes when it's almost empty.
Can be used with a variety of condiments: mustospurfulation, ketchospurfulation, etc.
Example: Sally looked insulted and glared at Mark from across the room while Mike was making sundaes. He said, Hey, that's not me, it's chocospurfulation.

Chod: Bad, unsatisfactory, worrisome, nasty.
Example: Last night I got so drunk my tongue went black and fell off. That was a bit chod, wasn't it? How did you get it reattached to say that?

chode: Loser, chump, wannabe, dork--and doesn't know it.
Example: I can't believe that chode is macking on Monica--she's way too hot for him.

chog: esp. of traffic: sluggish, densely-packed, slow-moving. Also choggy.
Example: We were going to take the new road but it was all choggy with beach traffic

chogret: A close friend.
Example: Hey, chogret, lets go to the mall tonight.

choice: Awesome
Example: Choooiiice

choir junkie: Equivalent of band geek for choir class.
Example: I can't believe what a choir junkie Tina is. She is in the choir room all the time.

Choke N' Puke: Canadian's nickname for McDonalds.
Example: Where do you want to eat tonight? Let's go to Choke N' Puke.

choke yourself: To display your distaste for another's disposition; usually used when you're glad you're not in her shoes.
Example: A. My boss said I have to work this weekend.
B. Just choke yourself.

choke zone: Opposite of comfort zone. Esp. sports,
an uncomfortable area of the field to shoot or throw from, a situation where you feel likely to fail.
Example: I made the birdie from 15 feet inside the choke zone.

chokel: Preferred method of execution when dealing with yokels.
Example: Step out of your tractor and prepare to be chokeled.

chokolatenfreude: The joy that comes from eating chocolate
Example: One bite of that Godiva chocolate bar gave me considerable chokolatenfreude.

Chombie: A customer of a retail store that is usually unable to find the commodities he wishes to purchase.
Example: A clerk conversing with coworker: Yesterday, I had to help this chombie find the limes.

chomley: A contraction of chamomile tea.
Example: Would you like a cup of chomley?

chompers: exclaimed just before biting into something, with the intent of eating 40-60 percent of it with the initial bite (especially pertinent to sandwiches or burgers)
Example: ah, this is a boss-looking burger, chappy. well, chompers! (chomp)

chomps: any type of food
Example: I'm hungry. I'm gonna get me some chomps.

chonky: Bulbous, or chunky.
The word was invented when a New Zealander attempted to say chunky', and what she said was chonky.
Example: Stacey: Have you seen _Jaws_? Sam: No, why? Stacey: there is this one part when all these chonky bits of humans were floating in the water.

chooch: A person who does something stupid by making a lame comment or a physical action without thinking first.
Example: Alyson sure looked like a chooch when she blew that bubble and the gum
flew out of her mouth onto her in-laws plate.

Choofy: Worthless, trivial, unimportant; noun form is Choofacabra. (Credited to James Ruggieri and Sandice Alaska.)
Example: The whole system is completely choofy; it's a complete waste of time. OR That guy is a Chufacabra--he never does any work.

chookies: Chocolate chip cookies.
Example: I don't like chookies; I prefer oatmeal raisin.

choom: 1. Often said in preparation to do something
2. An expression of happiness after receiving an alcoholic beverage.
3. In Scotland, choom can also be used to initiate the act of love.
Example: 1. Och, right time to do some work... choom!
2. A lovely pint of whiskey! Choom!
3. Come a little closer and choom me up.

choom choom: Life personified, according to Mr. Paris of Hinsdale Central.
Example: Choom choom, Mr. Paris!

Chooooow: Derived from Eddie Izzard's Dress to Kill sketch. Must be said Chooooow.
A way in whcih Eddie Izzard Fans often say goodbye.
Example: Later, man. Later. Chooooow.

chop: An absolute jerk. A person who thinks she is cool and has lots of friends. The truth is, nobody likes her.
Example: Pam is a chop. Why does she hang out with us when we tell her to go away?

Choppicer: A Choppicer is a member of the law enforcement community. They typically are just one notch better than a meter-maid and can usually be found with a well-waxed moustache and a small man complex.
Example: Ahhh S*&t! Here comes Choppicer O'Riley. He been bussin' my ass all damn week.

choprasettic: Beyond good, it's new-age good.
Example: After that meditation he was feeling choprasettic.

chore: Chat room whore.
Example: I'm typing naked, said the chore.
OR I'd have sex with you, but I hate to do chores.

Choregasm: Working extra hard to give your partner an orgasm because you feel guilty if you don't.
Example: It took me almost half an hour but my girlfriend finally had a choregasm.

chosty: Overly large, burly, tough.
Example: That's one chosty steak and kidney pie.

chotels: Tight shorts or pants that are like a cheap hotel--no ballroom.
Example: Did you see the chotels on Chris? Give it some air!

Chrikannadanza: A holiday that occurs near the end of the calander year.
Example: Christians, Jews, Arabs and African-Americans can all buy gifts for Chrikannadanza

Christeaster: A particular religious denomination that only has church Christmas and Easter.
Example: Mark's annual attendance at midnight mass was in keeping with his Christeaster faith.

Christohannukahmas: when a child has one parent that celebrates Christmas and one that celebrates Hannukah.
It is a mix between the two holidays, so the everybody is a winner.
Example: A. Kids, which holiday would you like to celebrate this year?
B. Christohannukahmas

chronic: something that won't go away. usually said before a word of what is being continuously done.
Example: all day I've had this chronic yawn! I can't shome it!

chronic lyricosis: The inability of some people to get the words of a song right even though they have heard them a million times. This inability extends not just to one song but becomes a consistent, annoying occurence.
Example: Do I have chronic lyricosis or is Madonna speaking Spanish in her song La Isla Bonita
when she says Tropical re-ilandries? (Tropical the island breeze)

Chrons: Short for chronics.A state when you you feel bad, tired, sick, annoyed, braindead.
Example: He was late for work because he had the chrons.

chub the nub: To really be bad at something.
Example: John sure can't play hockey.
Yeah, he really chubs the nub.

chub-rub: This is generally only experienced by the overweight and slightly-overweight people. chub-rub is a heat rash in the inner-thigh/arse/crotch region caused by the friction and sweat produced by walking or running in the heat.
Hurts like a bitch, but that's what you get for having tree-trunks for legs.
Example: I can't go out to Sweetwaters with my friends tonight because i have a severe case of chub-rub and I can't walk!

Chuck: To throw something.
Example: Just chuck the remote control over here, willya?

chuck: Bad, piece of crap.
Example: Phil's car is a chuck.

chuck norris: badass

chucklish: Funny or humorous.
Example: You accidentally dyed your hair pink? I find that kind of chucklish.

Chucky Larms: Lucky Charms mixed up, may get a laugh out of someone who hasn't quite awakened.
Example: Pass the Chucky Larms, please.

chud: it's an acronym for Canibalistic Huminoid Underground Dwellers and can be used as a general insult large groups of people. it was also used in the simpsons, when marge tells homer, can't judge New York on it's Pimps and Chuds.
Example: man, this casino is starting to piss me off. all these chuds don't walk fast enough and keep elbowing me.

chuddy: Being round--but not fat.
Example: Alec is definitely chuddy--not an ounce of fat on him, but he weighs a lot for his height and age.

chuff: to smoke, inhale, puff
Example: What, are you gonna chuff on that all night?

chuffy: The way I look after consistently failing to shave. Often used metaphorically for things that are dirty, worn, or rough around the edges.
Example: I had to buy a new jacket because my old one was getting all chuffy.

chugget: Used to order chicken nuggets whilst in a hurry.
Example: I'll take 6 chuggets to go.

chullet: A child's mullet.
Example: Mommy, my chullet is tangled.

chummery: An accomodation provided by an organization where employees who are bachelors reside.
Example: Let's go to the chummery to have our dinner.

Chump: 1. A loser.
2. Really dumb.
3. Easily duped.
3)a sucker for something
Example: Alex is the biggest chump I've ever known, falling for Chris.

chumpus: A person makes a complete fool of themselves without knowing it.
Pronounced: chum-puss.
Example: Look how ugly that guy's car is. He's a champion chumpus.

chumpy: Slightly overweight.
Example: You're not fat, Momma. You're just chumpy like me.

chun: Used to describe something that is particularly unfair, unjust or cheap.
Example: That Street Fighter match was so chun--all you did was trip me.

Chunder: Vomiting.
Example: You come home after an all night kegger and 7 shots of Pepermint Schnaps--and you just feel like chundering.

chunklove: Unconditional love. Taken from the 80s hit, The Goonies, when Sloth the isolated 8ft it declares his love for Chunk, the fat friend everyone made fun of.
Example: Wow, that's some real chunklove right there.

chunnel: To speak on behalf of a spirit from another country; to channel a dead foreign citizen.
Example: Tonight I'm going to my aunt's house. She wants to chunnel Che Guevera and she needs a translator.

chunter: To wander around, seemingly aimlessly, but usually with some sort of purpose--although somone chuntering is easily distracted.
Example: Tom: Have you seen Harry?
Dick: Yeah, he's chuntering around somewhere..

chuppa: Another word for puppie.
Example: Come here chuppa.

church: The decisive moment, the moment when there is no doubt how the game will end.
Example: When the Cowboys scored with ten minutes left, it was church.

chuzzlewort: A person who, while drinking, spills something on his white shirt but doesn't notice until the stain has dried and the shirt is beyond saving.
Example: Danny's such a chuzzlewort. He doesn't have any clean T-shirts left because they all have coffee stains on them.

cidiot: A rich person from a city who is very ignorant and rude.
Example: I knew the guy was a cidiot when he cut me off on my bike with his Mercedes.

cinemate: Well-versed or knowledgable about movies; a movie fanatic.
Example: He came off as this really cinemate guy until he told me his favorite movie was _Men In Black II_.

cinemuck: The sticky substance found on the floor of a movie theater.
Example: The cinemuck in the Union Square Theater is so bad my shoe came off twice on my way to the bathroom.

Cinewobble (cine-wobble): Describes the awkward, almost drunken-like look ma, I just learned to walk motion one experiences after watching a movie in a dark theater. Usually experienced walking up the slope, exiting the theater.
Example: 1) My cinewobble surely did not impress the ladies as I left the movie. 2) Barney met Betty for the first time, as he cinewobbled into her at Bedrock Theaters.

CIOed (cee-eye-owed): Technical Term: project disruption caused by CIO or other high-level management when they attempt to prove their (outdated) technical skills.
Example: Tried to build a dimensional database but it got CIOed. Now its all flat-files.

cipher: Knowledge.
Example: After school was over I gained a lot of cipher.

circle take the square: the phrase comes from Hollywood Squares.
I use it when I agree or disagree with my friends.
Example: Caitlin: You know, that guy's ass is so fine.
Sara: Oh, I disagree. Circle take the square.

or if you want to extend on this phrase, you can block (i.e. Sara: I'll take Whoopie for the block, his ass is far from fine. )

Circlemouth: An individual who becomes overly talkative when drunk; term is used, however, for a much deeper defect of character
whose symptoms are antisocial behavior and a tendency to blame others for things they didn't do.
The term is to be used as a proper monicker as well as a generic.
Example: A: Jim told me he didn't want to go to breakfast with us. But when we got back from Shoney's he asked us why we didn't take him to breakfast!.
B: Ah, fergit it. That's just Circlemouth.
A: He's a circlemouth all right.

Circling the drain: Preparing to die.
Example: That guy on life support is circling the drain.

Circumstantial Intelligence: Intellect coming by the wayside, and having nothing at all to do with intentionality.
Example: Saving money by being a commuter wasn't a smart decision on my part.
It was a case of circumstantial intelligence.

circumvegetate: To go completely around the house in a vegetative state;
to go around the house only in an imaginary way such that one is merely daydreaming
of the act instead of actually doing it.
Example: Over the past two weeks, Mark has circumvegetated his home several times a day,
making quite a mess in the process.

circus sex: Unprotected sex, working without a safety net. Unusual sex.
Example: John was having circus sex with the midget.

citidiots: Rich New York City Idiots that descend upon the Hamptons in the summers.
Example: The citidiot in the Mercedes was parked in the handicapped spot at the supermarket.

city: Implies an abundance of something in a given place.
Example: After I had been gone for a month, my house was dust city.

city juice: Water from the tap.
Example: Could I get a glass of city juice? asked the man of the waitress.

citydrop: To casually mention exotic cities you have visited, in an attempt to appear superior.

Example: Don't bother asking John about the international conference. He's just citydropping again.

ciupacabra: Mythologic.
Example: Chris is ciupacabra. You know, one of those who's a legend in his own mind.

clackett: The little ball inside a can of spray paint, so-called because of the noise it makes when you shake the can.
Example: I was doin' a tag, and this cop heard the clackett. I was so busted!

claim: To claim someone is to beat the hell outta them; usually said in a very bad Cork (Ireland) accent.
Example: If you don't shut up I'm gonna claim ya!

clam slam: Aggressive fighting move.
The assailant raises one arm above his own head,
places the other along his leg,
and then brings them together in a rapid motion on another's body in order to cause injury;
the arms make a motion similar to that of a clam.
Example: I was really kicking john's behind until he clam slammed me right in the face.

clandestiny: A secret or hidden future or fate.
Derived from the words clandestine and destiny.
Example: Before his death, Bob could never have imagined the clandestiny of his brain.

clankie: Word used to describe an engineer. Due to the noise created when working.

Example: Tell the duty clankie that the ballast pump is leaking.

clarisma: Having the ability to clarify; expand meaning; to make clear, less puzzling.
Example: John has clarisma in deciphering the federal regulations.

Clark Kent-ing: The practice of using a tame online identity in the presence of friends in order to hide the real Internet freak you are.
Example: Most people don't know about my Usenet antics because I am Clark Kent-ing with my main email address.

Clashion: Items of clothing or accessories that should not be worn together.
Example: Leg warmers worn with white dinner gloves are serious clashion.

clasp shakers: the handtouch which is speech without words
Example: They always gotta clasp shakers

claustrophobisized: To succumb to the effects of claustrophobia.
Example: She became claustrophobisized when the zipper on her sleeping bag got stuck.

Clavichord: An invisible muscle on the thigh. Originated from The Catcher in the Rye.

Example: My clavichord hurts, don't sit on my lap.

Claytons: The large black sunglasses that are worn over eyeglasses,
mainly by senior citizens (also called cataract sunglasses).
The name derives from the large shades that Clayton Moore had to wear
when he was told he could not continue wearing a Lone Ranger mask in public appearances because the rights to the character and representations of the character were owned by someone else.

Example: Two women were waiting for the bus, both wearing large black Claytons that covered most of their upper faces.

clean the closet: A phrase used by married couples when referring to the sex act.
This allows one to discuss it without the taboo as only the people familiar
with the term know what it really means.
Example: Sorry, Susan, we're unable to come over tonight. Bill and I really need to clean the closet.

cleaver: Clever, but in a Wouldn't your mother be proud? kinda way.
Example: You got all A's on your report? Well, aren't you cleaver?

Clem: Refering to any male from the country.
Example: Here comes Clem

cleo: An imaginary and unpleasant body part; can be used to describe an unpleasant person.
Example: Haha! You have a cleo. OR Shome being a cleo.

Cleveland: Cleavage.
Example: In that low-cut dress she was wearing, you could see Cleveland.

Clickage: Mental synergy. The phenomenon of finding yourself on the same wavelength as another person.
Example: She and I aren't going anywhere- I mean, we just haven't achieved any sort of clickage.

clicklur: Remote control.
Example: Gimme the clicklur. This show's a rerun.

Cling Cling: As in super Clean!
Example: If My mom saw my room so Cling Cling my mom will know its gotta be the puppy chow

clingon: A driver of another vehicle who increases her speed when you attempt to pass her.
Example: I had to get it up to 80 in order to pass that clingon back there.

clink: Noun: A clickable link. Hypertext link.
Verb: The act of clicking a hypertext link.
Example: The page needs a clink to pseudodictionary. Clink to visit pseudodictionary.

Clinton: To flirt shamelessly.
Example: That drunk girl is Clintoning on my boyfriend.

Clinton's Legacy: A society in which ten- to sixteen-year-olds (pre-adolescents and adolescents, children all) engage in all kinds of sexual activities and say what they are doing isn't sex.
From fellatio and cunnilingus with a single partner to pulling trains anally, orally, and vaginally. Nasally? Aurally? With krelbows? Backs of the knees? Definitely with their hands.
Example: What I'm doing is OK.
The other girls are doing it, too.
It's just the sort of thing President Clinton did--and you voted for him both times.
I don't intend to get pregnant, so it's not sex.
It's part of Clinton's Legacy.

cloan: To loan something out that was borrowed in the first place.
Example: Arthur cloaned my CD to Debbie. She turned around and asked me if I wanted to borrow it.

clock: To capture the eye of an admirer. Possible origin: cops' radar.
Example: Ryan, I think Brit just clocked you.

clock dollars: To earn money.
Example: My new job allows me to clock dollars.

Clockblock: When a person sleeps between the alarm clock and another person so that said person doesn't turn off alarm to make you oversleep, thus missing work.
Example: I can't afford to miss work again, so I will have to clockblock you.

clockstalking: Watching a clock so as to get the absolute last second out of being on the computer.
Example: Bob's Starcraft strategy was weak. He was clockstalking so he wouldn't be late for work.

clocksucker: One who drags out a job, either to earn a lot of overtime or to avoid new assignments
Example: Those clocksuckers in the mail room were here 'til midnight.

clockulations: Any mathematics involving time.
Example: The game starts at seven and it's quarter to six now. By my clockulations we have 75 minutes.

Clodpoll: Archaic term for a stupid person.
Example: That new guy is a clodpoll.

Cloe: Used in describing one article of clothing. Singular form of clothing.
Example: Can you hand me that cloe (refering to a shirt lying on the bed)?

clonus: A type of muscle spasm.
Example: As he twitched spasmodically on the floor, I thought to myself, He's sure having one sweet clonus!

Clorange: A word that doesn't rhyme with anything else--except orange.
Example: Orange is a clorange.

closature: How something closes or ends. The opposite of opening or overture.
Example: 1. The romance was fizzling but the final closature was way too cold.
2. The vet had to fix the closature of the dog's eye.

close-talker: Someone who stands too close to you when speaking. From the tv-series Seinfeld.
Example: You know Aaron? Yeah, he's that close-talker, right?

closet-time: The length of time one hides part of her character from others.
Example: They didn�t know she was so loose; her closet-time was almost 25 years.

clothes porn: Movies or TV shows masquerading as women's drama, lifestyle or infotainment.
Main demographic: viewers envious of the glossy and trendy wardrobes worn by the participants.
Can be readily detected by the presence of a changing-clothes montage to upbeat music (see Pretty Woman).
Phrase may have originated with science-fiction author Pat Cadigan. See shopping porn, food porn, and gun porn.

Example: Supposedly the interviewer spent a day with the starlet talking about her latest movie,
but actually it was just clothes porn.

clothestase-splingy: Dry, fuzzy mouth. kloths-tays-plingee

clousher(s): A combination of the words Clouds and Showers.

clow: A completely random but completely great happening or event.
Example: We had the weirdest clow last night.

clown-munch: A person that is stupid in your eyes, or someone that makes you angry.
Example: That driver behind me is a clown-munch.

club-fed: The federal law enforcement officer's training center at Glynco, Georgia.
Example: No one carries a badge for Uncle Sam without going through club-fed first.

clubberin: Referring to a fake or staged fight on television or movies, and can also refer to a wrestling match.
Example: Look at Stone Cold and The Rock clubberin on each other.

cluck: A person who does stupid things at random.
Example: Boy! That idiot sure is a cluck!

clueful: Having a clue. Adeptness. Antonym of clueless.
Example: That was a very clueful way of handling the problem.

Clums: Clumsy, but as a noun.
Example: I just dropped the vase on my foot.I am such a clums!

Clunger: Cluster of hangers. ClungerWhat you come up with when you reach into the closet and grab a hanger.
Example: I only need one hanger for my coat, not that whole clunger.

Clutch: A good thing or when something works out.
Example: I checked out that resturant last night, it was clutch

Clutcheon: A general term for small bits of hardware.
Example: That's a clutchen and that's a clutcheon. Said by a four-year-old pointing at items on a hardware store shelf.

clyde: well dressed man about town
Example: with my cream turtleneck sweater and navy blue oxford jacket, i am as clyde!

CME Christain: A person who only goes to church on Christmas, Mother's Day, or Easter.
Example: There are those who claim that Hattie is a CME Christian.

CMYK: Acronym for Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and Black (don't ask me why K stands for black). Theoretically, when properly and applied to white paper, these colors can replicate any visible color. Actually, some colors need to be pre-mixed.
Example: This appears yellow, so we'll reduce its yellow CMYK component.

Cnai: extremely fast version of can I?
Example: Cnai go now?!

co-ollybobbles: Stomach ache.
Example: If you eat those green apples, you'll get co-ollybobbles.

To give, hand over
Example: Hey, Adam, can you coach me that pillow?

coal Mine, coal miner: Another artschool term. A drawing class in which you are required to make lots and lots
of big drawings using soft charcoal from 8:00 to 6:00 in the evening.
When you are done, you look like you have been coal mining.
Example: When I came home from coal mining, I made the mistake of lying down on the bedsheets I just cleaned.

coalburn: A mixture of lemonade and iced tea.
Example: A tall glass of coalburn goes down smoothly.

coaster: What a CD is called when there is an error writing to it.
Example: My computer crashed while I was burning a CD, so all I got out of it was a coaster.

cobb: To make something out of nothing, to perform a quick-fix with limited supplies. Usually car-related. Cobble.
Example: I'll see if I can cobb something together with this duct tape and some toothpicks.

cobsquaddled: to be completely confused; baffled; intensely bewildered.
Example: That statement completely cobsquaddles me.

cobwebsite: a website which hasn't been updated for a long period of time.
Example: I did a search for some useful current information, but all I got back was broken links and cobweb sites.

cockapoo: A half-breed cocker spaniel and poodle.
Example: Cockapoos are some of the more common mongrels in America.

cockroach: Negative term for a female who has no unique personality and behaves in a predictable way. Never independent from her social group, superficial.
Example: Look at those cockroaches over there. They are a dime a dozen here at school. I can't stand them.

cocoanuts: Obviously bored or bewlidered extras seen in the background of movies. From the Marx Brothers' debut movie of the same name, in which all but one of the extras are plainly bored and bewlidered.
Example: The movie sucked, but it was fun watching for cocoanuts.

coddiwomple: To travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.
Example: Hey, Mac, let's coddiwomple across the food court and find something to eat.

code: When one has a cold and his/her nose and throat is stuffy, this word can replace the word cold. Usually, the sick's friends will understand. If the friends are horribly mean and insensitive, however, they will point and laugh every time the word is uttered for the next 15 years.
Example: It's code.

code pie: The need for success.
Example: Code pie is getting me down.

Code Red: This means that he or she is WAY HOT!
Example: GUYS: Jennifer Lopez in my opinion is a total CODE RED! She is way pretty. GIRLS: Robert Downey, Jr. is a definite CODE RED. He is way hot!

Code Whore: A contract employee or consulting programmer.
Usually refers to the high-rate hourly programmers that will do anything for a price.
Example: We're way behind schedule, so they're bringing in a team of Code Whores to pull a week of all-nighters.

codentron: Someone who specialized in cryptology, able to break any code and to create unbreakable informational systems.
Example: Steven is a codentron in the service of the army.

codery: the end results of coding (programming)
Example: that's an amazing feat of codery

codish: (n) - 1. The uniquely personal dialect a person uses to say code out loud.
Since there's no standard, everyone has his own way of speaking it,
with humourous results.
Just listen to two coders attempt to engage in conversation over a programming problem--hilarity!

Example: Good gravy, Billy has been hacking so long today he's ordering his lunch in codish!

cody-eto: Name for the perfect guy--who doesn't exist.
Example: Jane finally realised cody-eto never was and never will be real.

coffee: A person who is coughed on.
Example: Bill coughed on Nancy. Since she was the coffee, she caught the flu.

coffee: Another word for snuff or chewing tobacco.
Example: Cal, do you have any coffee?

Coffee-shop intellectual: That new age, poet-type guy sitting in the corner with a beret on,
putting the finishing touches on his Everquest fan fiction.
Example: Bert: Did you hear him talking? It sounded like he ate a thesaurus.
Ernie: It's all a fake, he's just a coffee-shop intellectual.

coffeetize: To drink coffee. Formation can be used with other food or drinks: sodatize, candytize, etc.
Example: I'm so exhausted from last night, I need to coffeetize myself immediately.

Coffier: A coffee maker.
Example: Hey, why's the clock blinking on the coffier? Again?

cog: a cat that behaves like a dog
Example: The cog was waiting for me by the door.

coglottist: A person who speaks the same language as someone else.
Similar in structure and use to coreligionist.
Example: Henri, you speak French--help me translate this letter from one of your coglottists.

cognatoid: Something that on the surface seems difficult but, in fact, is not.
Example: At first I was worried about that math problem. But, when I looked again. I realized it was just a cognatoid.

Coincert: That annoying sound that changejinglers make.
Example: Jerk behind me was putting on a full symphony coincert.

coinkedink: Used humorously, when saying coincidence is just too serious a word to use.
Example: What a coinkedink. I didn't know you liked cheesecake too.

coinkidink, coinkydink: Coincidence. A strange happening, unusually odd
Example: What a coinkidink. We were just talking about you, and bam...here you are.

coinkydink: (n) A coincidence. Observing that things are oddly synchronizing. May be used as a false exclamation of wonder, to suggest that one ought to take a closer look at the obvious. Or used to annoy others by applying for no apparent reason.
Example: Coinkydink!

Coka Soaka: When you open a can of a carbonated beverage and it sprays all over the place.
Example: I opened a 2-liter of Coka Soaka and it ruined my white shirt.

cokaboka: It is a word for like back at ya
Example: your so sexy cokaboka

Coke: The real thing.
Example: Waiter: What will you have to drink. Customer: A large Coke. Waiter: We don't have Coke, will Pepsi be all right? Customer: No. Please, God, save me from Pepsi.

cold approach: CIA expression: To approach a foreign national (usually an
individual with access to information) with the intention of recruiting
him as an informant (usually paid).
Example: There have been many cold approaches of Iraqi government officials in the last ten years.

Cold-A-Hellen: A slang word meaning that it is very cold outside. Used mostly in the Lancaster County area of PA.
Example: I am putting on my long underwear, because it is going to be Cold-A-Hellen tonight.

coldwater-sandwich: Beer.
Beer is made using many of the same ingredients as bread,
so beer is liquid bread.
Take a cold slice of liquid bread and put it in a can and you got yourself a coldwater sandwich.
Example: Grab me one of them coldwater-sandwiches from the ice chest, would you?

Collollopsed: To collapse, dramatically, with sort of semi-epileptic fit type movements.
Example: Charlie drank 20 bottles of high-velocity beer, stood up too quickly. and just collollopsed.

Collyness: same as craziness, but better.
Example: Who just drank 181 bottles of beer? Thats collyness!

collywally: Someone who is crazy
Example: Eddie just jumped off a building. He's a collywally--or was.

Colomonoagilactity: The feeling of apathy towards sports.
Example: James had colomonoagilactity for football that summer.

colour me: Works like I was, but more colorful.
Example: Colour me surprised. I never expected that to happen.

colourizeed: Used clothes consisting of white and only one other colour.
Example: That outfit he wore the other day was really colourizeed.

Columbate: To come together, to join forces dynamically
Example: Friends, let us columbate in the bar for a few jars!

columnar food: Describes the current method of restaurants serving food that is stacked up on a plate rather
than the usual way of serving in sections on the plate surface.
Example: Columnar food is okay for one course of a meal. However, it loses its novelty with overuse.

coma drive: When one must drive from point A to point B, the state one enters during the same long,
daily commute.
Example: Oh, I'm here already. I must have been in coma drive.

Comaed: Disfunctional component usually computer hardware
Example: This hard drive is comaed

comance: A relationship between two people who work at the same company.
Example: Noticed Ted and Sarah holding hands? Yes, they're having a comance.

combinate: To play multiple numbers in lottery.

Example: When I play lotto, I combinate my numbers.

comblot: It's actually a combination of two words--completely forgot.
Example: I'm so sorry that I missed our meeting, I comblot.

Comboable: something that is able to be made into a combo. Used in Pool games.
Example: That shot looks comboable

combobulate: To arrange or organize.
Example: The harried mother tried desparately to combobulate the winter clothing of her absent-minded offspring.

come orver!: it's what you say when you miss someone a lot and just want to see them face to face. it sounds cuter than just plain old come over.
Example: i miss you lots, come orver now!

come-see-come-saw: One or the other, either or.
Example: When asked to choose between two answers: Eome-see-come-saw.

comedownance: Opposite of comeuppance.
Example: 96-point Headline:TV CRITIC GETS COMEDOWNANCE.

comedydiot: Someone who thinks they're really funny, but they're really obnoxious.
Example: If that comedydiot calls me bubba one more time....

comesee: its similar to come here, its what you say when you want somebody to come and look at something, usually used by itself
Example: Hey you, comesee

comflicts: when hardware or software conflicts with your computer for whatever reason
Example: you might want to take out the old memory stick so theres no comflicts with the new one

Comfordable: Pretty simple, a cross between comfortable and affordable.
Example: The couch we bought at the flea market was very comfordable, a bargain at only $25. Soft as a baby's bottom.

Comformodore: standard Australian family sedan
Example: Gee, id really like this years new model Comformodore

comfortabate: to make oneself comfortable
Example: please, come in and comfortabate yourself

comfortability: A desired state of comfort.
Example: I am more interested in the bed's comfortability.

Comfty: Comfy.
Example: Those sweatpants are comfty.

coming together: Polite Formula 1 slang for a crash.
Example: That's Alonso and Irvine having a coming together.

commissioner: when you want another drink - pref. whiskey - you ask for the commissioner

Commitmentphobia: Fear of commitment to relationships, found primarily in human males.
Example: They had a great relationship, but it ended because of his commitmentphobia.

Commode Commando: Jumping into the shorter restroom line, usually the men�s, in order to urinate.
Example: Seeing that the line to the women�s bathroom was interminable,
I decided to become a commode commando and used the men�s instead.

commodorebogan: A person who drives a commodore, usually in a stupid and totally bogan way.
Example: The guy that crashed into the pole was a definite commodorebogan

communism: The belief that an action is right and logical when it is either ludicrous, stupid, obviously foolish, comedically wrong, or completely inappropriate.
Example: Eating Burger King's French fries is communist.

comodian: combination of comode and comedian, used in sarcastic namecalling by children after someone makes fun of you or tells a stupid joke.
Example: ha ha ha, you're such a comodian.

compactify: To condense, to shrink, to make smaller, to put into a compact state.
Example: Please compactify the results of your experiment so that they will fit on this page.

company detox: Process going on post-Enron by which companies are publicly purging their balance
sheets of previously unreported items which might scare investors if they found out by
accident or through the press and lead to their share price plummeting.
Also known as balance sheet detox.
Example: Did you see that exceptional charge on the profits of XYZ announced last week?
Talk about company detox.

compass: A computer student who happens to be an ass.
Example: I really wanted that other marking scheme. I'm gonna find that compass who complained.

Competitious: Competitive.
Example: When I start playing video games, I do get competitious.

complaint of actors: 'Complaint' is the word used to describe a group of actors.
Example: At the restaurant I noticed a complaint of actors crowded around a table.

completionist: It is used to describe both (a) a person who feels compelled to complete something once they have started it; and (b) a person who collects certain related items (for example, all Star Wars related things) and buys eveything they can in the collection even if it is something that, on its own, the collector would not particularly like.
Example: I would not recommend the new Star Trek book to anyone excect completionists.

complexicated: The state of being both complex and complicated. [ED. See complexify.]
Example: I couldn't finish the assignment because the instructions were so complexicated.

complexify: To make something more complex and complicated.
Example: We do not want to simplify for them; we want to complexify--if such a word exists. Or something to that effect was said by Donald Rumsfeld, Secretary of Defense, Oct 2001.

compliddity: Usually occurs after someone asks you a question, and your answer is slightly delayed, and she asks Are you sure?
and the little bastard makes you doubt yourself and you aren't sure whether you were sure,
or were ever really sure about anything. Long-term effects include the overall inability to make up your mind.
Example: Due to an episode over super-sizing a Mc meal to split with his girl last January,
Jerry was in a constant state of compliddity and had to rely on a shiny silver dollar to make up his mind.

compophobia: An intense fear of creative writing.
Example: If your limbs become rigid and your brain freezes at the sight of a blank sheet of paper
or if your gastric muscles involuntarily contract at the mention of verbs or descriptive, you
may suffer from compophobia.

compruter: n.(cum.pruu.ta)the ghetto slang speach for computer.
Example: Can you help me on my compruter?

Compstipation: This word describes the reason for all computer output interruptions. Verb.... Compstipated
Example: I could not get my current bank balance because the banks computer was suffering from compstipation

compunabula: Forlorn, extant, or obsolete computer-related items. Generally related to the collection and appreciation of said items. Based on the word incunabula.
Example: It started when I got my first Apple II, and now I can't even get into the basement because of all the piles of compunabula I've got down there.

compusexual: New classifiction of sexuality, used to describe someone who has bonded to her computer in a special way
and requires no human contact beyond her system. Usually a recluse.
Example: Our best guess is that she's compusexual, seeing as how she isn't interested in one sex or the other but loves her computer.

computato: An adjective used to describe a person who does nothing more than sit at his computer for hours on end.
Example: Dave's turned into a computato since he got his new computer. His wife is giving him hell.

computer pimp: Person who uses the internet dating systems to meet and date numerous people
Example: Kyle has meet so many women on the internet he has been labeled a computer pimp.

computerate: To use the computer.
Example: I wish I had more time to computerate.

computercommuter: Someone who stays at home and works in the office via computer.
Example: On Mondays and Thurdays the boss is strictly a computer commuter.

concensus: The convict count. Consensus is misspelled concensus so often, the editor figured we needed a word spelled concensus. No claim of originality, though. {Idea of one more coming back in than went out came from a Ridley Pearson novel, _The First Victim_ if memory serves.}
Example: Bert: Hey, Ernie, what's goin' on? I did the concensus and we got one too many guys came in from the yard.
Ernie: Nah, you musta miscounted.
Bert: No, I checked and checked again. We got one too many. Somebody musta busted in.

concluscious: To be luscious because of intelligence.
Example: You wrote an award winning paper on supersymmetry? A Nobel Prize, too? You're so concluscious.

concraption: A device which is designed to save time, but instead consumes it.
Example: I'll fax the report to you tomorrow, if I can figure out this concraption.

concrapulations: A sarcastic way of saying congratulations.
Example: Well, concrapulations to you on your new promotion.

Concreightor: Someone who ate concrete for some unfortunate circumstance.
Example: Billy is a concreightor, surfing is his passion.

concretiate: To solidify.
Example: In order to concretiate the facts, the detective did further investigating.

concretize: The process of turning all of the greenspace on the planet into parking lots, sidewalks, and roads.
Example: The developers are slowly concretizing the grass in front of the
library because people will take shortcuts across the lawn.

condominimum: A condom for the short.
Example: Midget to druggist: Do you sell condominimums here?

cones: Drivers of vehicles that are widely spaced and moving at or below the roadway's posted speed limit.
Example: I had to pass a bunch of cones back there before I could catch up with you.

confidentiality trap: Any website, chain letter, email, or other form that seems innocent but tricks you into giving away personal, embarrassing, or otherwise stupid information to an individual, usually the one you got linked to the site by.
Example: AARGH! Kelsey lured me into a confidentiality trap. Now she knows that I have a crush on Danielle.

conflama: Mixture of conflict and drama. Usually involving juicy gossip.
Example: So much conflama tonight.
Lester opened the closet door and found his girlfriend in there...with someone else.

confoozled: Confused and bamboozled.
Example: This problem is hard. I'm confoozled.

confoozled: Extremely confused.
Example: I get so confoozled sometimes. Do the shoes go on your hands or your feet?

confrustipation: Mental or physical paralysis caused by a combined state of confusion and frustration, resulting complete lack of productive output.
Example: Getting his story published finally allowed Boutros to break through his confrustipation, thus ending his long struggle with writer's block.

confrustrated: Being both confused and frustrated at the same time.
Example: After this morning's class I was confrustrated about what to do.

confuddled: Very confused.
Example: This whole mess has left me confuddled.

confugality: problematic
Example: a child custody added confugality to the divorce

confunderstood: A mix between being missunderstood and confused, first used by buddies Nick and Matt.
Example: Yes I know I am confunderstood.

confusatory: Use this when you're so confused, you don't even know what adjective you're looking for.
Example: Math boggled them; they found it very confusatory.

Confusement: When two neurons in your brain do not connect properly. Which leaves the victim unable to form a complete and rational statement.
Example: Excuse me... there has seemed to be some confusement...

confusiasm: Also confusiastic, confusiastically. When a person is always confused and stupid, he/she is confusiastic. There are three kinds of confusiasm: Stupid confusiasm, Comic confusiasm, and Deliberate Confusiasm.
Example: Sheena is confusiastic because she's always saying stupid things and asking What? Von is confusiastic because he'll go up to you and say Mmmzzznrhamanerang just cause it's funny. Emmanuel is confusiastic because he acts stupid to be cool.

confusled: A word taken from Winnie The Pooh that means, essentially, being confused--but sounds a whole lot cooler than plain ol' confused.
Example: Heffalumps and woozles, are very confusled, because they come in every shape and size.

confuslicated: Mix of confused and complicated.

Example: This problem is so hard I'm totally confuslicated.

confusticate: Orig: Tolkien. Apparently a contraction of confuse and frustrate, often used as a very mild curse to place upon someone who has vexed you.
Example: Confusticate him, he put my sneakers in the icebox again.

confustication: Confusion, frustration.
Example: OMG, we have a Spanish test next period. I didn't study at all, and I dont understand a thing.
Aaaggghh! The confustication.

confustrigated: Confused, disgusted, and agitated or irritated.
Example: This new computer program has the whole office completely confustrigated.

Confuzzle: Confuse.
Example: The confuzzled student tried to solve the confuzzling math problem.

confuzzled: Confused and puzzled at the same time.
Example: That game confuzzled me to no end.

congrats: What Paul and Garret and everyone else at pseudodictionary.com should recieve for getting 10,000 fictitious words.
Example: Congrats to everybody at pseudodictionary.com on your accomplishment of 10,000 words.

congrolences: To congratulate a person with his new whatever and a sad feeling for the person at the same time.
Example: I hear you were called to be the new scoutmaster. My congrolences.

Connect Four: Solving a friend's problem by putting all the pieces in order and solving all the loose ends.
Example: Albert's house was on fire, his cat had to have surgery and he needed $100%0.
So needless to say I pulled a Connect Four and he is all right now.

connectamazoink: A certain ambiguous something used to connect something to something else.
Example: Get the connectamazoink, he said after dropping the vase.

connectorize: The act of applying the appropriate connectors to network cabling. Includes both copper and fiber types.
Example: Please connectorize the remaining cables in the wiring closet.

consaywa: Corner store. Mostly used for a deli on a corner.
Example: I have to go to the connsaywa to buy candy.

Conservia: A uhomeian-styled society in which conservation efforts have gone to extremes.
There is no pollution and no alcohol, killing animals for food is strictly outlawed,
and nothing at all goes to waste.
Even human bodies are recycled instead of being buried.
Example: Conservia is uhomeia gone all wrong.
They throw out the steak and eat their dead instead, and then call us sick.

conspicious: Conspicuous (obvious) and suspicious. Not inconspicuous (hidden) or not innocent-looking.
Example: That woman in the dark hat looks conspicious to me.

constancy: A lathargic feeling, caused by a boring or repetitive activity, usually over a long period of time. This feeling is generally brought on by full-time work or full-time study. It can also be caused by repeating the same activity a number of times in one day. This feeling is less associated with true irritability, and more associated with begrudging acceptance of one's lot in life. (Constance where appropriate)
Example: The constance of working in the same civil servant position for 36 years caused George to grow into a depressed loner, who came off us a lovable loser.
How can you possibly stand working in the same civil servant position for so long?
Isn't the constancy killing you? Mary asked George.
It's a living, George replied.
Not much of one, Mary muttered as she walked away.

constantaneous: Appearing or occuring and then continuing without a pause or break.
Example: The throbbing pain in my head has been constantaneous since last night.

constern(ed): The state of being full of consternation.
Example: He was consterned about the activities of the board.

constipation officer: An anal-retentive conservation officer--park ranger.
Example: That ranger was severly ticked when he saw us having a beer by the camp fire. He's obviously a Constipation Officer.

construction screws: Supervisors, managers, and project planners responsible for ineptly run improvement projects that keep highways and streets torn up much longer than necessary.
Example: The construction screws are responsible for this travesty.

contage: Replaces the function of the word caught or catching depending on use.
Can be applied to any item that can be considered contagious, whether physical or non-contagious.
Ex: yawning, illnesses or diseases, smiles, songs stuck in somoene's head, etc.
Example: Jenny had yawned, and as a result of being tired as well, Johnny contaged the gesture shortly after.
I just know if I go to visit Sarah with her cold I'm gonna contage that in a hearbeat.

CONTHEOMNESY: Means the spiritual level of somebody who in hard situations or good times thinks and acts according to virtue, without any changes in behaviour.
Example: Popan is a special man because he acquired contheomnesy and in this way everything it s easier for him.

continentality: Referring to one's continent of ethnic origin
Example: What is your continentality, Asian or African or maybe European?

contirbute: To wilfully misinterpret somebody else's words in such a way as to inflict the maximum offence,
ignoring the obviously intended original meaning.
A technique often used to pick fights in relationships,
the contirbuted meaning will be based on an illogical and tenuous chain of reasoning.
Example: Don't contirbute my words you paranoid bastard.

contrabanned: To be restricted access from something for the general good of everyone involved.
Example: You're contrabanned from your computer because you suck.

Contrafibularity: More than just a contradiction.
Example: That sandwhich is a total contrafibularity of the menu description.

Conundrunk: A drunken riddle to which only a conjectural answer can be made.
Example: Arnie finally cracked the meaning of dog life, finally solving the conundrunk.

convagulations: A woman's way of congragulating a man.
Example: Martha convagulated Mike when he got a promotion at work.

conversability: To be able to converse, to hold a conversation.
Example: I love talking to her--she has great conversability.

conversate: Talk with someone.
Example: I really enjoyed conversating with you last night.

conversatic: (adj) Term used to describe the level of a person's chattiness.
Example: I'm not very conversatic today.

conversation Heart, c-heart: Pickup line that is really lame, or overused, like the ones on the candy hearts. It can also describe the user of the musty, rusty pickup lines.
Example: Jim is a conversation heart waiting to happen. He is soo inexperienced when it comes to dating.

conversatory: A conservatory with intellectual pretentions of being a salon.
Example: The gathering found refuge from the rain and intellectual starvation in the conversatory.

convirons: An environment well-suited for conversation.
Example: I'd like to sometime, but I'd rather go to a place with better convirons than a noisy bar.

convo: Abbreviation for conversation.

Example: Jodi and I had a convo about you yesterday.

convolutationism: The state of believeing in convoluting things.
Example: He described the idea with a lot of needless convolutationism.

convoluvulous: A swirling coming together, a thing of blended beauty
Example: The convolvulous grain in the wood around the knothole is beautiful.

My canoe was almost swamped in the convolvulous current where the two streams joined.

coo': A variation of cool; usually used when talking about something that's happened or will happen
Example: I can't wait till the party, it'll be so coo'. OR That's coo'.

cooda: Fantastic, brilliant, awesome
Example: The pseudocictionary is cooda.

cooked: What happens when an Mp3 is improperly ripped. An annoying hiccupping glitch noise in the song.
Example: Aw man, this Mp3 is cooked.

cookie: The black paths left on a roadway after spinning the tires until they smoke, racing ahead at 80mph,
then pulling the emergency brake and turning the wheel 90 degrees hard left.
From above, the pattern is rounded, resembling a cookie.
Example: Now that I put a new engine in and racing slicks on my Camaro, we can go out and spin some cookies on Main Street.

cool: Meaningless word used by lazy British journalists to prefix any large amount of money.
Example: Last week, Mr. Smith won a cool million. And you can own the car for a cool hundred thousand.

cool beans: Way too cool stuff.
Example: Cool beans garbanzo!

cool-aid drinker: One who blindly follows company policy.
From the Jonestown massacre where Jim Jones' followers obeyed their leader and drank the cyanide-laced cool-aid.
Example: Bob won't approve that because he's such a cool-aid drinker.

coolafied: Someone you just decided is cool has been coolafied.
Example: John has been coolafied.

coolfunky: Not just cool, not just funky.
Example: Coolfunky!

coolie doolies: an alternatate way of sayin cool, yet more sytlish
Example: 'wanna go out'
'yeh coolie doolies' or..
'ill be back in a sec'
'coolie doolies'

coolies: Evolved form of the word cool that is used usually as a reply to a statement.
Example: Statement: Hey, I just found $50 on the sidewalk. Reply: Coolies.

coolio: a person- preferably in their teens- who is beyond cool
Example: Rebekah is the most coolio kid in the school.

Coolio G-mony.: Cool, Man.
Example: Well, all right, Coolio G-mony.

coolrunnings: meaning: everything is good or couldn't be better.
Example: How's it going? reply:Coolrunnings.

coolth: Antonym of warmth.
Example: Yes, the air conditioner is working, put your hand over the vent and feel the coolth.

coop: To get rid of evidence quickly.
Example: Quick, your mom's coming. Coop your cigarette.

coopervision: The ability to see through barrels. A cooper was a medieval barrelmaker.
Example: Wow! He's got coopervision. He saw right through that barrel.

coparana: The act of dancing the Macarana up against the wall and spread 'em.
Example: The dance floor went wild doing the coparana.

copathetic: Opposite of copacetic, really lousy - in an rather pathetic way. All botched up.
Example: His inane use of words for which he had no understanding revealed that, in fact, Doug's grasp of the language was copathetic.

Copiavita: Living an amazing abundant life, whether materially, physically or spiritually.
Example: He is overflowing with energy, joy, money, time to live the life he chooses, peace of mind and love - a classic case of copiavita.

copma: The kind of luck (good or bad) that you have with the cops. Similar to parkma.
Example: He's been pulled over six times since he moved here, and he's never gotten a ticket.
That's some seriously good copma.

copophilia: (pronounced cop o' feel ya): The phenomenon of offering a police officer low level sexual favors in return for NOT writing a traffic ticket.
Example: The judge in traffic court found that I wasn't guilty of speeding, but fined me $300 for copophilia.

copsicle: A variety of security guard or officer riding some form of seemingly useless transportation. Good examples are college campus police in golf carts, mall security guards in little jeeps or police riding bicycles. Even funnier when they are the overweight variety.
Example: There was no way that chubby copsicle would catch up with the shoplifter, he couldn't pedal fast enough!

copulated: Not to be confused with the verb copulated, this is an adjective much like populated--
used in reference to the number of police in a given area.
Example: I wouldn't speed too much along that section of highway because the area is heavily copulated.

copululation: The act of two police cars parking side by side, facing opposite directions, so the officers can chat to each other out the windows.
Example: I flew past these two higway patrolmen at about 85mph- they were too busy copululating to notice me.

Copversation: Conversation between two cops while parked in their squads side-by-side facing opposite directions.
Example: Look, Earl, them two police is having a copversation over there.

copymark: A copymark allows free copying and distribution of intellectual property. The work may not be sold, altered or modified from its original form without the creator's permission.
Example: I copymark some of my music to retain credit, and to publicize my sounds.

Copywriter: A writer who works in advertising. The conceiver of ideas and writer of copy. Commonly used but not deemed worthy by normal dictionary standards.
Example: Noah is the Senior Copywriter at Thibeault Advertising.

coralatory: To affect something else.
Example: Food has a coralatory effect on my weight.

corall'd: When you are feeling generally crappy or over tired.
Example: I am feeling so corall'd after last night.

corduroian: A person who is laid back about fashion and, therefore, on most days of the week and for most occasions, wears corduroy.
Example: With his laid back attitude and the flannel shirt, I knew he was a corduroian.

core: A moderately high level of cool, rad, or awesome.
Example: S: I just picked up that new Me First and the Gimme Gimmes album. It's great. R:New MFaGG? Core.

corkeltite: Cement industry innovation--corkletite is made out of glass and toothpaste.
Example: Corkletite may be more expensive initially, but it lasts longer than regular concrete.

corleoned: To make an offer that someone cannot refuse. Either through bodily harm or overt pressures of violence.
Example: The store clerk was corleoned into opening the safe.

corn chip: Pitiful attempt at a ponytail by guys trying to grow out their hair.
Always the size of a corn chip and usually curled under or all over the place.
Example: Jiff was proud of his luxurious locks. Unfortunately, whenever he tried to pull them back into a sassy style, the result was a corn chip.

corn phone: A type of cell phone.
A person speaks into the shuck portion and listens through the cob.
The cob is placed in the shuck when not in use.
Example: Bob called George on his new corn phone.

corn starch: Both the feeling of and remedy for jock itch.
Example: Jim. Why do you keep fidgeting?
Ed. Corn starch.
Jim. well go get some corn starch.

cornbinder: Any vehicle made by International Harvester Co.
Example: Based on the what International made before they made trucks. After seeing an old International pickup going down the road, There goes a cornbinder.

cornbread: Reference to the song No sex in the champagne room by Chris Rock.
In it he says Cornbread.... Ain't nothin' wrong with that.
So I made up this word to mean that someone is perfect and you can't find anything wrong with her,
just like cornbread.
Example: Girrrrl, did you see that fine blonde guy? He was cornbread.

Corndogging: The act of being excessively stupid or making an unwise decision. It may also refer to the act of being geeky, as in, unwise to the ways of the world.
Example: He was really corndogging when he tried to make his own fireworks.

cornify: To reduce the value of statements due to ingenuity.
Example: Instead of real response to the email, I merely attempted to cornify the email I received.

corporarchy: A country where the illusion of democracy is maintained while private sector corporations
actually make all of the decisions for the elected government, based on how it benefits the corporations.
A hybrid of elected government and private sector corporations.
Example: Canada, much like the United States, is increasingly heading towards a pseudo-democracy where the corporarchy continues to subvert real democracy.

Corporate Gelding: A well paid, upper management employee made tractable by the company through exalted salary, position, and benefits.
Will not hesitate to foresake his own personal values or betray friends in order to keep his corporate position secure.
Example: When Eric was fired for doing the morally right thing, his immediate superior (and good friend) just stood by like a Corporate Gelding. (Dan Hopkins was not a corporate gelding. He quit when he was told to inform those who reported to him that they had been laid off. That's why he was know as Dan the Man.)

corpsetrunk: Reference to an extremely large trunk on a car. An acquaintance recently began to expand its usage by using it in regards to a large, unattractive rear end.
Example: When we travel, we always take my car because it's got the corpsetrunk.
If it weren't for the corpsetrunk, Sheila would be 100 percent babe.

corpus-bones: This sucks.
Example: Corpus-bones! I cant belive we have to do this.

correct: Used to describe a person conspicuously committed to politically correct causes or liberal ideology.
Example: The man is so correct he's got save the whales, save the spotted-owls, save the rain-forests,
and Nader 2000 stickers plastered to the back side of his solar-powered bicycle.

corredespondent: To be upset or despondent that no one writes to you anymore. Not receiving mail from friends leaves one feeling somewhat despondent.
Example: Nothing but bills in the mailbox. Makes me feel corredespondent yet again.

Corringe, Forringe: A Corringe is the ironed front pleat of a pair of dress pants, a Forringe the rear. (These words were created and used extensively at Cal State University, San Francisco, in the early 1990s. They addressed a lack of proper nouns for ironed pleats and also remedied the lack of words that rhyme with orange. The songwriters and doggerel writers in the area were thankful for our inventions.)
Example: Your Corringes and Forringes all look sharp.

corvus: Excellent, cool
Example: That is just corvus.

COSIMETRIXON: Mathematical problema with high difficulty degrees, mainly appearing in geometria.
Example: Marcel was not able to resolve this cosimetrixon.

Cosmic dope slap: Punishment of some sort, after doing something that you shouldn't have done.
Example: I got a cosmic dope slap when I bit into that giant cookie--I accidentally bit the inside of my cheek. Ouch!

cosplay: Costume Play. Where adults dress up in costumes of Japanese anime or game characters.
Example: I am going to a cosplay party as Pikachu.

coss: The act of putting an empty milk carton or bag onto a skateboard.
Example: Don't bother showing up for the competition until you can manage to coss.

cossackcracy: Rule by members of a people of southern Russia famed as horsemen or circumstances having a similar feel.
Example: The school administration supports fraternities no matter what they do. It upholds the cossackracy.

Costings: An estimation of potential expenses.
Example: I've made up costings so that you will know how much money to save for vacation.

Cot: Mix of cool and hot. It was actually said when someone was trying to say the words at the same time.
Example: Ohhh, that is cot.

cotched: a place to sleep/crash
Example: I cotched on my floor the other night.

cottage cheese ceiling: one of those ceilings that looks like .. cottage cheese .
Example: She is so weird, got cottage cheese ceiling n everything.

cotton head: An elderly person.
Example: Traffic is very heavy this morning. There are a lot of cotton heads on the road.

couch monkey: Someone who just sits around and doesn't do much, yet manages to make your life miserable.
Example: The couch monkeys in HR won't let me take any more vacation days.

couchy: Very uncomfortable, hard as a rock. Originated when a friend sat down HARD on an old couch I had that seemed to have cushions of concrete. From then on, we referred to any uncomfortable seat as couchy.
Example: This chair is so couchy!

cougar: the word used for a middle aged woman who hits on twenty-something men at university pubs
Example: That cougar just bought me a drink and asked if I wanted to dance.

Count Bakula: Someone who posts useless information to an internet message board or forum,
either in hope of angering other visitors, or simply to make herself look important or intelligent.
Example: Some Count Bakula was claiming that the warp nacelles of the U.S.S. Enterprise from the Star Trek films only glowed 2.6% of the time.

counter monkey: An employee at any chain resturant or fast food service that for the most part hates the job,
hates the people, and hates how customers all think everyone behind the counter have no brains.
Example: Customer (speaking slowly, as if to an imbecile, with no respect): Hey, you! Yeah, you. I asked for a regular coffee and this has cream and sugar in it. Counter Monkey: A regular coffee HAS cream and sugar in it. If you want something else, make it yourself, you selfish, preppy, rich, snobby, corporate pig. (Dumps the coffee on the customer's Armani suit and hides in the walk-in fridge.)

Counterline: A horizontal watermark along the front of pants or a dress, produced by leaning against a wet bathroom sink or counter.
Example: This counterline is so embarrassing, I don't want to leave the bathroom.

countersurf: dogs cruising along kitchen counters, hoping for crumbs, on hind legs
Example: uh oh, Spot's countersurfing again, hide the steaks!

county blues: Jail uniforms. Usually blue.
Example: Now that she's in prison she has to wear county blues.

couster: An individual who is both your sister and your cousin. An example of this phenomena would be your father divorcing your mother, and then marrying your mother's sister. They then have a baby girl. Said baby is now your couster.
Example: I'd like you to meet my mother, my father, my aunt, and my couster.

couth: Cool, hip opposite of uncouth.
Example: That party last night was pretty couth.

cow orker: Spelling of alternate prounciation of co-worker.
Example: John: How do you know Peter? Jill:Oh, he's my cow orker.

cow-orker: (n) a work colleague who is supremely annoying and incompetent.
Example: My horrible day at work began with a meeting with my officious cow-orker Tom.

cowabunga: Used in greetings by Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and a TV show from the 50's I wish I remembered.
(Was it _Howdy Doody_ or _The Lone Ranger_) Let me know if you remember.
Example: Cowabunga!

cowesque: Feeling like or pertaining to the size of a cow.
Example: No way will I wear this tube home and leggings ensemble in public due to my cowesque appearance.
OR My stomach is quite cowesque due to comsuming a large pizza and sucking down 3 frozen cokes.

coxic shock: The male counterpart to the female condition of toxic shock.
Example: Unbeknownst to his wife, Charlie, Charles was suffering from coxic shock.
His symptoms were at first undetected--moodiness, angst--but with a closer look he was showing signs of his monthly male visitor whose symptons are greatly spoken about in small circles yet still considered too taboo to label a patient with the ailment.

coyote ugly: after a night of drinking you wake up next to someone you dont know that is so ugly you'd rather bite off your body part then wake up next to them.
Example: I woke up this morning with a person who was a confirmed coyote ugly.

crable: A chain of like minded crabs.
Example: Traffic was shomeped in both directions due to a crable that stretched over 300 yards.

crack of noon: Sleeping in late, but hoping to make it to sound like you got up early.
Example: I was up at the crack of noon.

Crack-onto: Australia version of the term hitting-on.
Example: Remember Dave at the bar that night? He was cracking-onto that girl with the boob tube on so bad.

cracker: Someone who is weird, crazy, or just out there.
Example: He was a typical cracker, but even more so. He forgot how to spell his name.

crackerbarrel: An obese person or someone with a very large appetite; can be used as a noun, verb, or adjective.
Example: Bob's a real crackerbarrel; he's gotta be 375 lbs.

Hope there's more shrimp because I'm crackerbarrelin' the stuff like mad.

Cindy's gone totally crackerbarrel since she broke up with Zeppo, she's put on at least 40 pounds.

crackle: adjective used to describe a girl who is very beautiful
Example: Erin wasn't just pretty-- she was crackle.

CradleBooty: The younger member in a romantic relationship with a large age difference.
Example: Jim took his CradleBooty to her high school prom, even though he went to his own fifteen years ago.

craic: Irish slang. Unfortunately, also crack and pronounced as such. Hard to translate, roughly meaning fun.
Example: We had great craic that night.

crakne: A homeical outbreak of acne confined to the buttocks.
Example: I shan't be wearing a thong to the beach this evening as I have an unsightly case of crackne.

cranial rectitis: being so clueless as to have your head completely inserted in your rectum
Example: He/she has a case of cranial rectitis.

cranial-rectal: I used this when my teenagers acted like they had their heads up their asses.
Example: Son: Dad, the car just ran out of gas...by itself.
Dad. Sounds like a be a cranial-rectal problem to me.

cranium crusher: to give someone a swift kick in the head
Example: man if justin keeps this up im gunna give him a cranuim crusher he will never forget

crankybird: A person in a foul/fowl mood.
Example: Jeeze, why are you being such a crankybird?

cransatulated: A depressing situation, especially one that catches you by surprise, or that you had no way of preventing.
Example: I failed my final, just because my professor hates me. It's quite cransatulated.

crantific: Scientific innovation used for mass killing
Example: A nuclear bomb is a crantific thing.

crap handle: The handle above the passenger-seat window that wary riders may often grab during the course of the ride, especially during particularly rough sections. A colorful word or two may often accompany a reach for the crap handle, if the driver is exceptionally terrible.
Example: I like learning to drive with Clay so much better. Whenever I go out with Mom she grabs the old crap handle and tells me to slow down.

crap head: One who forgets, a jerk, an idiot.
Example: You were late picking me up, you crap head.

crap-thirty: A relative point in time: whatever is considered obscenely early to the speaker
Example: For that job interview, I had to get up at crap-thirty.

Crapalanche: When the stuff on your cluttered desk falls on you.
Example: I hadn't cleaned my table in weeks and a I experienced a gigantic crapalnche

crapeteria: A cafeteria with foods whose edibility one questions. (Inspired by ex-students of St. Aloysius College Nth, Melbourne, Australia, Class of '98.)
Example: Wish me luck. I'm goin' to the crapeteria.

crapitalist: One who aspires to personal wealth, but is unable to create a business
plan worth a crap, hence a crap capitalist.
Example: Not surprising that takeit.itsallfree.com went bust. It was run by a bunch of crapitalists.

crapola: What you say when something doesn't go your way.
Example: Oh, crapola. I forgot about that!

crapola: The new shade from Crayola chosen to represent the angst of Generation X.
Example: (To be sung to Gray skies are gonna clear up. Put on a happy face.)
Crapola skies aren't gonna clear up.
Put on your angst-filled face.
Brush off the bagel crumbs and peer up.
It's crapola coming your way.
Get used to that gloomy mask of tragedy
Cause it's here to stay.
Now that mommy and daddy
Aren't paying the way.

crapoliscious: Tastes bad, but in a good way..
Example: Yummy. Mom, your soup is crapoliscious. No, I'm stuffed. I couldn't eat another bite..

crapophone: A reproduction Gramophone, particularly one made in India with a shiny brass horn and a crank coming out at an angle.
Example: He bought a gramophone thinking it was a genuine His Master's Voice, but it turned out to be a crapophone.

crapperiffic: The opposite of terrific.
Example: My final project was crapperific since the glue wouldn't hold, causing it to fall apart.

crappinaferous: Beyond crappy, shot through and through with crap, made entirely of crap, with no redeeming value.
Example: This combination fax/scanner/copier/coffee machine sounded like a great idea in the ad, but it makes bad faxes, the scanner doesn't work, the copier broke, and the coffe tastes like toner. On reflection, this device is entirely crappinaferous.

crapplique: Take a perfectly good T-shirt, attack it with puffy paint and your trusty
Bedazzler and--voila! Crapplique.
By the same token, anything possessing the finer qualities of true tackiness can be crapplique.
Example: I had to move to another state because I'd been spotted in
public with my mom when she was wearing her finest crapplique.

crappola: Anything unneeded or unwanted but found in every day life--work, school, conversations with jerks, losing things, etc.
Example: Joe was sick of all the crappola lately.

crappopotamus: Exclamation of severe unhappiness or distress.
Example: Holy crappopotamus!

crappuccino: Bad-tasting expensive (allegedly gourmet) coffee.
Example: I went to Starbucks last night. Paid $4 for their crappuccino.

crappydoodle: Shoot or darn-- especially when you've forgotten something.
Example: Crappydoodle! I forgot to pay my rent.

crapsmack: Many, a lot, plethora.
Example: Posting words on Pseudodictionary.com is a crapsmack of fun.

craptacular: Something that is remarkable for its inferiority. Event, excursion, or undertaking that
is extraordinarily disasterous or dull.
Example: A. How was Donna's party? B. Craptacular. Nothing but a bunch of lawyers playing Michael Bolton records.

Craptain Crunch: Captain Crunch (tm) cereal, without the hyperactivity-inducing sugar coating.
Example: Omom, I'm hungry. Can I have some Craptain Crunch.

crapulence: Sarcastic remark about the value and merit of a cultural item--movie, theatre, music, etc.
Example: This movie reeks of crapulence. That painting is crapulent.

craputer: A computer that is a piece of crap.
Example: My Windows 98 that I got roughly 3 years ago is turning into a craputer.

crash: (v)To stay, usually overnight
Example: Can I crash at your place?

crash can: What my kids call the trash can - because it is made of metal and it crashes like a cymbal when you let the lid down.
Example: Please put the wrapper in the crash can.

crastinator: An amateur or novice procrastinator, one who doesn't wait quite long enough to be a pro.

crath: When you're doing crap in maths.
Example: What's 989+657? Oh, to hell with it; I'm doing crath anyway.

craveable: Being able to be craved.
Example: The sandwich was very craveable.

craw: A slack-jawed yokel who prefers skinnin' coons to more intellectual endeavors.
Example: The craw said, Look ma! Uh dead possum on that there street! We gonna eat high tonight!

Crayola Storm: Someone who wears as many of the brightest colors as is humanly possible, all at the same time.

Storm can be replaced with Monsoon, Tornado, Hurricane, etc. for varying degrees of eyesore.
Example: When the brightly-colored offender is walking by.
I'm gonna need an umbrella for that Crayola storm.

crayon-wielder: A person who makes his money not through the noble art of coding, but through the black magic of graphic designing.
Example: Ask the crayon-wielders to jazz these new site designs up photoshopically (viz.).

crazening: Like maddening, only more so.
Example: I can't seem to get anything to go right today. It's downright crazening.

crazor, king of the monkey peo: Someone truly insane, and unpleasant to be around.
Example: Stay away from Caleb. He's Crazor, king of the monkey people.

Crazy Fresh: used in place of the tired, old word cool
Example: Yo, that concert was crazy fresh!

creak: Anything old, outdated, in poor working condition, or assembled improperly.
Can also be referred to as creaker.
Example: This 14.4 baud modem is total creak. OR What a creaker!

cream: Cash Rules Everything Around Me--basically, suggests a desire for large sums of cash.
Extra funny when said randomly during games of Monopoly.
Example: You landed on my hotel at Park Place. Cream!

creaminess: Used to express wonder, amazement, or great pleasure.
Example: Bryon: Have you seen Alec's new car? Lauryn: Naw, what'd it look like? Bryon: Ahh, creaminess.

creasing: laughing
Example: I was just creasing!

Creathers: A tough to reach area; synonymous with nooks, crannies.
Example: I dusted the house from home to bottom, even getting into the creathers.

creeg: to be a creeg - to be annoying // to be creegin - doing something annoying // creegness - something irritating
Example: you're such a creeg // i can't believe how creegin your being // that's amazing creegness

creeled: To twist or sprain.
Example: My brother fell and creeled his ankle.

creep: to do something without letting other people know (Slowly or Quietly) or behind someone's back
Example: Have you heard, one of our coworkers is creeping with the boss' wife.

creep factor nine: Scary or ominous beyond belief. Pick your favorite horror flic. That creepy. Invented by yours truly.
Example: Have you ever played Resident Evil? Yeah, creep factor nine.

creepycode: When someone uses code that makes her look like a psycho.
Example: Bobbie used creepycode last night. She said, Let's take the midnight train to Squaresville.

cremamoratorium: When in the state of eating too much ice cream, Thus, making the choice to shome pending a hemmorage. Occurs when the individual has eaten a good amount of ice cream, and starts to feel ill because of the quantity.
Example: ie: Dave sat still on the couch, he had to concede a cremamoratorium or he would surely get sick.

crescent fresh: From Sifl & Olly (sock puppet show) indicating niceness, coolness, flyness.
Example: John: You wanna come over for some beers? Steve: Crescent fresh, J-man. Hippies playing hackeysack are crescent fresh; crackheads are not crescent fresh.

cret's: A very cool item, situation, etc.
Example: See my Lexus? It's cret's.

crevasse: To become hidden or lost.
Example: I was running around last night and my car keys crevassed somewhere along the way.

crew: 1. Gang 2. Group of graffiti artists 3. Breakdancing group
Example: He was shot on by the enemy crew.

crib: One's dwelling place
Example: I was in my crib chillin' by the fireplace.

crick: A variation of the word creek, used in rural Oregon and other rural areas.
Example: Glen crick is sure high.

Crickets: the silence you hear after saying something you thought was funny but apparently others did not...so all you can hear are the crickets.
Example: can also be used as a verb...you can cricket someone. meaning you did not laugh at his joke.

crid: A tiny, inoffensive bit of waste material.
Example: Don't give me the last cup of coffee from the pot! I hate getting all the crids!
Did you just wake up? You still have crids in your eyes.

cringeful: Embarrassing or cringe-inducing.
Example: Walking around all day without knowing that your skirt is tucked into your undies is a cringeful experience.

cringent: Causing one to cringe.
Example: That phony way he smiles is cringent.

crip time: 1. A flexible standard for punctuality, as an accomodation for a person with a disability.
2. The extra time needed to arrive or accomplish something, needed to maneuver your wheelchair,
empty your leg-bag, etc.
Example: 1. The meeting will start in twenty minutes, with allowances for crip time.
2. I'll be there in by noon, allowing for crip time.

criptology: The process or science of decoding the messages and text of gangs such as the Crips.
Example: I'm not African-American, but I'm still good at criptology.

CrisCo: Abbreviation: Christian Coalition. Also, a member of that organization.
Example: Most CrisCos may have good intentions, but many are misguided or uneducated.

crisertunity: Out of crisis comes opportunity. Coined by Homer Simpson.
Lisa: Dad, do you know that in China they use the same word for crisis as they do for opportunity?
Homer: Yes! Crisertunity!
Example: I'm going through a mid-life crisertunity.

crisitunity: A crisis lending itself to a personal opportunity.
Example: I'm moving to Bangladesh to sell surfboards. It seems like the perfect crisitunity.

Crisp: An object or a situation that is favorable.
Example: Your new car is crisp.

Crispy Critter: Paramedic slang for a body that has been badly burned.
Example: That house has a crispy critter in the back room.

criticalmasochism: When somebody creates web sites one after the other in an atomic-chain-reaction-like manner and carries on making them no matter what criticism she incurs, she suffers from criticalmasochism.
Example: They found him slumped over his keyboard. Ccriticalmasochism had set in and he had passed out due to exhaustion from making his 1000th web site at geocities.

criticistic: someone that is criticizing a lot, being critical, analyzing things
Example: Jim is a very criticistic person when he judges artwork.

criticus maximus: Of the highest priority; an extremely dangerous level.
Example: My level of frustration has reached criticus maximus.

crivvens, crivens: Scottish expression of surprise, similar to Yikes!
Example: Crivvens! Look at the size of that dog.

crizzle: It's what rice crispies had before, crackle.

croaker sack: Clumsy; inept. Comes from: Can't carry (whatever) in a croaker sack. A burlap bag used when gigging frogs.
Example: That boy's so sorry he couldn't carry a tune in a croaker sack.

Crohnie: A person who has Crohn's Disease.
Example: In the IRC network XWorld.org we have a channel called #crohns-colitis
where a lot of crohnies hang out and support each other.
All of us have Crohn's Disease or ulcerative colitis, a disease similar to Crohn's.

Crolli: A very small kind of dwarf with blue hair.
Example: The crollies rampaged through the kitchen.

crolocious: Naive, oblivious to obvious things.
Example: It's crolocious to think that a man holding a gun to your head is just trying to be your friend.

crombie: Pronunciation: crom-bee. Can be any part of speech. Used especially when you can't remember a specific word.
(See also: vah, sappa, nik.)
Example: Can you get me the... uh... crombie off my desk?

crommulant: Used when you make up a complicated word to sound intelligent. If someone dares challange your pseudo-word, assure them it's a CROMMULANT word.
Example: Jane: I found the film miterasfusic. Bill: Miterasfusic isn't even a word! Jane: Miterasfusic is a perfectly CROMMULANT word.

crommulent: A Simpsons-inspired word meaning: timely, insightful, competent, polished, sophisticated.
Example: Nigel's reading of Eliot's The Wasteland was a crommulent performance.

cromulent: Egotistical, arrogant, etc.
Example: That cromulent King, tells the people false information regarding taxes.

cromulent: Cromulent is used to describe a made-up word which sounds like a real, proper word you
might find in the dictionary--i.e., possessing the characteristic of cromulence.
Example: Shampaign sounds like a perfectly cromulent word to me.

cromulent: The speaker doesn't know if this story is true or not, but if it isn't, it really should be.
Orig: _Simpson's_ TV cartoon, meaning drift from original.
See other cromulent entries on pseudodictionary.com
Example: This has got to be the most cromulent story I have ever read on the web. Read about the teen who built a neutron gun and proto-breeder reactor in his back yard, after refining and collecting radioactive material.

Crook: Australian slang for being sick or unwell.
Example: I can't come in to work today--I feel a bit crook.

crook: bad; not a satisfactory outcome.
Example: Don't use that car, the engine is crook.

crookeding: Dusting pictures hanging on a wall. One wipe with a dry cloth and the pictures are crooked.
Example: Every Saturday morning I notice my wife crookeding the paintings in my study.

cross the border: In chess, when a pawn gets to the opposite end of the board and can become a queen.
Example: I thought I was done for, but then I crossed the border and the game turned around.

crosstitute: Transvestite sex worker.
Example: I went to the Crosstitutes Rights Convention and all I got was this lousy T-shirt.

crotch-rocket: Any street motorcycle built for speed.
Example: The Honda CBR-900 is one of the most agile crotch-rockets on the market.

crotchcorn: The popcorn that neither ends up in your mouth or in your hand at the movie theatre,
and ends up wedged under your crotch, usually to be eaten later when all the popcorn in the bag is gone.
Example: Eric was happy as he discovered he had a stash of crotchcorn halfway through the movie.

crouton: Varient of the work cretin- has less 'sting' more affection.
Example: Don't be such a crouton- you didn't mean to kick the cat, so suicide is not neccessary.

crowl: A noise emitted only by the female of the human variety during the peak of an especially amazing round of sexual contact.
The crowl is a rare occurence, being made capable only by those who truly are in touch with their animal.
The crowl can be traced back to such orgasmic expressions as the cry and the yowl. Not for amateurs.
Example: Their adventure in bed was so amazing that all she could do was let go and crowl.

CRS Disease - Can't remember s: A person with frequent memory lapse.

Crub: Cuss word that is stronger than dang, but weaker than damn.
Example: Crub! I just dropped my backpack on my foot.

crucial: Very good, incredible.
Example: Ed: Have you seen Boondock Saints? Ted: Yeah, that movie is crucial.

cruckle: The act of going over on one's ankle.
A common word in Rochdale, Lancashire, UK, but seems to be unheard of anywhere else.
Example: Aaaaarg! I've just cruckled.

Crudbunny: The stuff that collects in the corner of your eye.
Example: Honey, you have a big crudbunny in your right eye.

crudmuffins: Used in place of words such as dang or shoot.
Example: Crudmuffins, I left my homework at the house.

crufty: Cross between crusty and crappy.
Stale, old, and uninspiring.
Example: Professor Van Brummenumphle's lecture on the Kinetic Molecular Theory and Fluffy Bunnies was pretty crufty.

crugles: Bits or pieces of something; debris.

(NOTE: c pronounced as c in car)
Example: Years of not cleaning the couch left many crumbs and crugles underneath the cushions.

cruisin' for a bruisin': 80's slang for telling someone they're going to get beat up if they keep talking the way they're talking or acting the way they're acting. a more serious form of this would be cruisin for a bruisin in your chevrolet
Example: danica wouldn't shome poking on the subway, so i was like, yo girl, you're cruisin for a bruisin!

Cruising Night: Refers to the night before trash pickup, when cherry furniture is to be had. Particularly in New York City, because they throw out the best stuff.
Example: You busy? Good, cuz' it's Monday, and that means cruising night.

crum: Something that you dislike, usually an article of clothing of food.
Example: That's so cheap looking--it's crum. I wouldn't be caught wearing it.

crum-bum: Person who is dirty, lazy. Never leaves the house.
Example: Katie hasn't left her house in 4 days and she's kinda stinky. What a crum-bum!

crumbed: When you severely stuff something up.
Example: I crumbed that exam.

crumbgobbler: 1. A child, especially a trick-or-treater.
Example: It's Halloween and all the neighborhood crumbgobblers will be out tonight.

crumbler: someone who hates everything
Example: Crumblers dont like to go to parties.

crumbs: Mild expression of shock or regret.
Example: I left my keys at home. Crumbs.

crump: verb: In ambulance jargon, to die on the way to the hospital, has been used to describe computer crashes in hospitals too.
Example: The driver is hurt pretty bad, he'll probably crump on the way.

Crumpped: When someone or something distorts its physical appearence by distorting its body.
Example: That dog's face is crumpped!

crumpy: an object that is old, gnarled, dusty, cheap to begin with,in disrepair, and not working.
Example: You are not putting that crumpy assed tape in my machine!

Crunchel: A combination of crumpled, wadded up, wrinkled and squashed.
Example: I found my homework cruncheled in the bottom of my locker.

crunchified: Something got crunched, or crunched into pieces.

crunchy: being in a bad mood, irritable
Example: Don't bother him today, he's crunchy

crunk: crazy
Example: Man that was crunk

crunk: incredibly gay; more homosexually active than the word gay can describe
Example: Yo, this tour bus ride through Atlanta is crunk!

crunkled: When something, often a piece of paper, is both crinkled and crumpled.
Example: I had a five all crunkled up in the corner of my winter jacket pocket.

crupinchit: It replaces any swear word if you are in a situation where you can't swear.
Example: Oh, crupinchit. I forgot my homework.

crustache: A mustache that doesnt have enough hair and is 'crusty'
Example: Eww that guy has such a crustache..Shave!

Crusty: Adj. Negative word used to describe someone of an undesirable nature with outwardly dodgy appearances. Also used to talk about any negative experiences.
Example: That girl Paul had his tongue down all night was really very crusty. Or, I ate this steak pie, and found half a fly in it. It was really crusty.

Crutch: A walk or strut.
Example: Katy: Check out that guy's crutch. Jen: Sweet one! Like Brad Pitt with a splash of Sherman Helmsley to spice it up. I'd do him.

cruze: Cruise.
Example: It's Friday night, so let's go downtown and cruze for chicks.

cryballs: Eyeballs that are crying
Example: My seven-month-old granddaughter had been fussing for a while so my son looked her right in the cryballs and said, :OK, let's go over to grandpapa's house right now!

Cryptkeeper's Call: In books or movies, any despicable comment made by a character to make the readers dislike them, and to make it okay for the writer to have whatever nasty in the story to bump them off. Happens in _Tales From the Crypt _ all the time.
Example: The ignorant sheriff made his cryptkeeper's call, a comment about how the homeless should all be put in jail--and was immediately eaten by zombies.

crystal ball: Tool used to evaluate whether or not to proceed in a certain direction. (Pre-cyberage fortune tellers used crystal balls to predict the future.)
Example: Before you pull that trigger, check your crystal ball. You may not like where you're heading.

Cubed Ice: A wanna-be rapper or someone who freestyle raps very well.
Someone who pretends to be ghetto and actually means it.
Example: That Leemore be one Cubed Ice, look at her freestyle.
There's some weird Cubed Ice kid in my class, he keeps calling me B.

cuberat: Office workers and other corporate minions--they live in cubicles, see.
Example: I used to be a cuberat, then I got promoted. Have my own office with a window now--pretty cheap furniture, though.

Cubeville: The part of an office where cubicles are set up as the main work space.
Example: Hey, the guys in cubeville are prairie-doggin'!

cubic: A 3D, updated version of the slang term square. To be unhip; out of touch with the times; a prude.
Example: Bob hasn't wanted to have any fun lately. He's been acting so cubic.

cubic cow: 1. The Gateway logo
2. A Gateway computer
3. The Gateway company
Example: If your computer is a genuine Gateway, it should have a cubic cow on the front.

cubicell: Cubicle.
Example: Corporate policy allows me to have up to three personal items in my cubicell.

cuckoldafied: To be made a cuckold.
Example: Was I cuckoldafied when he kissed my girlfriend?

cueless: The blank expression on a newsreader's face when the autocue breaks down.
Example: When they cut to camera 5 and for a moment, he looked totally cueless.

cuggin: Chunk of hard snot found in your nose.
Example: Look at that cuggin in Trevor's nose.

cugus: junk
Example: get rid of the cugus

Cuhht: K-ut. Damn, or smiliar to the term dag.
Example: Cuhht, that Keith is so fine.

Cullum: That which can't be explained. Just is.
Example: To be at one with the Cullum you must shminkelate your Fleugin.

cultural latency: The converse of cultural literacy, which measures how versed one is on the music, literature, and events of the times, cultural latency is a measure of how far behind the times one has become.
Example: Chuck's dad still thinks that going into the crane position from _Karate Kid_ when he pretends to fight is still hysterical.
If my dad had a 17-year cultural latency, I'd die.

cunny: a beautiful girl with attitude

cupcake: A group of people participating in an activity.
Example: Come join our cupcake.

curley: On edge or anxious; needing to be straightened out.
Example: He was all curley about having to give a big presentation.

curridious: To be worried and curious at the same time.
Example: Is everything good between the two of them? Because I am very curridious.

curry: (n) Person who transfers files from one site to another.
(v) To fxp data across remote sites.
Example: I need some new curries on my site.
Did you curry the new DMX?

cursmidgen: A word to measure something which is very small
Example: Ok, I want you all to move a cursmidgen to the left.

cushiony: Soft, plush.
Example: That chair is very cushiony.

cusstress: A woman who lives off the hard labors and support of a man, but curses him behind his back while acting out the part of a loving partner. A cusstress usually exhibits a hysterical personality type. A man-cursing actress.

ORIGIN OF WORD: Combination of parts of the words cussing and actress.

Example: That cusstress was his mistress, then his wife, then became his ex-wife when he finally found out her true character.

custom: An especially well-integrated modification to a vehicle; often sarcastic.
Example: You used electrical tape on your stereo connections, huh? Wow, that's custom.

customer vigilante: A fellow customer (always some stranger) who tries to help you find something in a store or offers free advice about a product. The key traits of a customer vigilante are that she is NEVER asked for her input, she tries to take on the role of a customer service
representative, and her advice is always wrong.
Example: You: I wonder if the new Jamiroquai CD is out yet.
Customer Vigilante: I saw some Jamiroquai CDs on a shelf on the other side of the store.
You: That's the discount rack for old CDs.

cut: When someone is very hurt and upset
Example: 'My boyfriend just dumped me! I'm so cut'

cut grass: To steal someone's girlfriend.
Example: Don't hit me, I wasn't trying to cut your grass.

cut the mullet: to move out of Arkansas
Example: Uncle Billy Bob left Arkansas, so I guess you can sau, He cut the mullet.

cutalicious: Deliciously cute.
Example: My dog is sooo cutalicious.

cutiful: This is used to describe someone who is in either between cute and beautiful or is both. It came from my 7 year old daughter Chrissie.
Example: Suzanne is really cutiful.

cutify: to bring cuteness to, to assign a factor of cute to something. If gone too far, this can be very annoying.
Example: Sammie knew it had gone to far when his friend tried to cutify everything
by calling bananas bananies, and forks forkies.

cutissimo: Ultimate state of cuteness.
Example: You look super cutissimo today.

cuts rock: That's hard, that's cool, the idea is good.
Example: A: Hey, let's the cash 2 ways instead of 3--you and me. B: That idea cuts rock

cutsey-pukesy: Something couples (especially new ones) do that they think is very cute but makes you want to hurl.
Example: Tara's totally cutesy-pukesy when she's with Clint.

cuttin up some mean rug: Doing well on the dance floor.
Example: He is cuttin up some mean rug over there.

cuttin' shapes: When one is on fire on the dance floor
Example: Melli sure is cuttin' shapes.

cutting glass: used describing very cold weather refering to nipples getting hard
Example: Can we hurry it up here? It's freezing and I'm cutting glass!

cuttlerized: Not possessing any intelligence.
Example: Adam answers a question with his usual blank stare and repies, I don't know.
His co-worker then says, Jeez, has your brain been cuttlerized?

cuzim: Abbreviation of because I am, sign of inteligence and
abstract thought.
Example: cuzim TNT, watch me explode

Cuzzo: Cousin.
Example: What's up, cuzzo?

cyber digits: A person's email address, URL, instant messaging screen name, or other web-related contact info. Derived from the slang term digits, referring to a person's phone number.
Example: I just got that cute guy's cyber digits. I'm going to email him tomorrow.

cyberbiotic: Antidote for computer viruses.
Example: I used a cyberbiotic to get rid of the X3D2 virus.

cyberbug: Person who spends too many hours on the internet.
Example: You're being a cyberbug. Let's go to a movie. We haven't done anything together in weeks.

cybercastration: Inability to connect to the internet due to your provider's activities.
Example: Can't get on the net tonight. I've been cybercastrated.

cyberchondriac: The constant belief or suspicion that your PC is infected with a computer virus.
Example: Leslie is a cyberchondriac; she thinks her PC has a virus.

cyberdazzle: To surprisingly attract the attention of another on-line. To electronically dazzle and engage.
Example: David's candid loquaciousness and indomitable wit in an on-line chat room cyberdazzled me.

cyberian: A state of mentality wherein all things of a noncomputer status become uncommunicatable to the average person.
Example: I tried to talk to him but he's too cyberian to communicate with. OR Cyberians don't converse, they interface..

cyberlizing: includes all the various ways we socialize through the internet(cyberspace).
Example: Instant messaging,chat rooms,e-mails,posting,etc.. are some of the more popular form of cyberlizing.

cyberologist: A person who studies the behavor and practices of people on the internet.
Example: He became a research cyberologist because of the need for studies that would produce
an understanding of human behavor interaction with a new communication and advertising media.

cyberphobia: Jealousy of another's online affair.
Example: She's calling off the engagement because she caught him talking to another woman online.
She suffers from cyberphobia.

cybertician: A specialist at spending multiple hours staring at a screen and pushing noisy little buttons.
This person presents varied emotions directly related to the most recent button pushed.
Example: My favorite cybertician froze when she noticed that the delete button was pushed.

cybertrash: An avatar composed of, and dispelling digital refuse online.
Example: That's not a bona fide chatter. That is cybertrash.

cyberwocky: From Lewis Carroll's poem Jabberwocky, this word refers to any kind of humourous nonsense propagated through the internet.
Example: That email you forwarded me is pure cyberwocky.

cybironic: A situation where someone says she is the exact opposite of what she actually is when describing herself
Ways to tell: I could stand to lose a few pounds...is probably a model.
I'm not fat, if that's what you mean...you need a running start to hug her.
Example: She said she wasn't fat, then we met, and I had to look twice to see all of her. She's definitely cybironic.

cynasm: Crossbreed between cynicism and sarcasm, because sometimes the difference between the two is marginal.
Example: Aren't we behaving like a cynastic bitch today ?

cyte: Added for emphasis after an impressive deed has been accomplished.
Example: Ted (after dunking on Ed): Cyte!