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i choose you: From pokemon, regards a tool one is about to use. The more obvious, the better.
Example: We need to go to the liquor store. '87 Chevy Blazer, I choose you.

I Denny Kenn: (Scottish) I don't know.
Example: A: Where did Alowishus go? B: I denny kenn.

I know you are but what about: This is used as a comeback to any insult. It is meant to confuse the other person, giving you the last words
Example: Chris: Donnie, you're a pilark.
Donnie: I know you are but what about the table?

i like your style: used when someone says something rather obvious and is trying to be ubersmart. similar to oohhhh scholar....

I saw ying: Slang for a saying.
Fig: To see one side of things. A killer.
Example: Don't blame me if you don't understand me!...I saw ying...only.

I seen somebody get shot.: A threat that implies the speaker is extraordinarily tough.
Example: Please, you don't know where I'm from. I seen somebody get shot.

I spilled my coffee!: This is a playful inside joke.
It is a code for when you find someone so highly attractive that you'd spill your coffee just at the mention of her name. She makes you come undone inside, and most times you blush at the very thought of her.
Example: Datura, Vince! Spill your coffee now.
I spilled that, the entire carafe, and the coffee grounds.

I'd like to *verb* his *noun*: Base form for constructing sexual innuendo. Best effect is achieved by using the most innocent verb-noun combinations.
Example: I'd like to wash his car.

I'm doin' cartwheels: used when you are expected to be excited but you could care less
Example: hey john , we're going to grandma's today ! oh , I'm doin cartwheels ! -John

I'm gone: A more casual way of saying I'm leaving now.
Example: Guy walking towards door: I'm gone.

I'm so mad at the secret servi: An exclamation. Usually said when you're angry or surprised but don't know who to be angry or surprised at. (The Simpsons)
Example: We have a pop quiz today?! I'm so mad at the secret service right now.

IBIIK: I'm buggered if I know!
Example: Where's the TV remote? IBIIK

IBS: Internet Bitch Slap (currently in v1.1.): used when someone only reachable electronically needs a bitch slap.
Example: I just had to IBS a client. I didn't know they grew people that stupid here.

ice: Expensive jewelry, commonly used to refer to diamonds.
Example: Did you see my girl flaunting the ice I gave her.

ice: To kill.
Example: Mookie just iced Clumsy McNothumbs.

ice feathers: Leftover bits of concentrate from a frozen drink mix, oftentimes confused with pulp.
Example: This orange juice has so many ice feathers, you'd think it was a Margarita.

Ice Phantom: When a hockey players looks really great on the ice during a game, but does not appear attractive at all in person.
Example: I was excited to meet #22--until I discovered he was nothing but an Ice Phantom.

ice puddle: a patch of ice that is half frozen and yet half a puddle of water
Example: Watch out for that ice puddle! The ice is not completely frozen!

Ice Wrench: One who ignores all fire alarms, be they drills or no, sometimes extending into direct denial of danger.
Example: Joey was the biggest ice wrench in school.
Every fire drill him and some of his friends would play poker in the library.
He's in Ward C of the burns unit if you want to go visit him.

ice-a-lanche: The annoying clump of crushed ice that accumulates at the bottom of a glass or paper cup which, when tilted and tapped on the bottom, inevitably drops onto your face, down your sweater, into your crotch, etc.--generally refreshing parts that didn't necessarily need to be refreshed.
Example: Ice-a-lanches are frequently known to occur in crowded movie theaters and finer dining establishments.

icecube IQ: An IQ not greater than the temperature of ice cubes (32 degrees F).
Example: Gary Condit must have an icecube IQ. How about the people he represents?

iced out: To be wearing diamonds set in platinum.
Example: That pimp is totally iced out.

icefreezey: The process of eating ice cream too fast and getting a brain freeze from it.
Example: I got an icefreezy after I ate the ice cream too fast.

icehouse: An alternative word for cool or interesting, invented by the people at VH.
Example: I heard this song the other day that I thought you might enjoy. It was icehouse.

iceman: Friend who has nerves of steel.
Example: The iceman over here didn't even flinch when I threw it at him.

icerage: The anger you feel when your kids put an empty ice cube tray back into the freezer.
Example: I flew into an icerage when I found the empty tray.

Icium: A substance or act that is extremely cold. From ice + -ium,
the suffix used frequently when naming new elements.
Example: Ice cream is best served in a manner similar to icium.

icktified: Icky, gross, yuck
Example: This milk is old, it's icktified.

ickyboo: Square, unpleasant, revolting.
1960s UK slang, used in interviews by The Small Faces, who later went on to pen Itchycoo Park.
Example: The concert last night was ickyboo.

ickystickums: Icky and sticky.
Example: Melting popsicles are alll ah, ickystickums.

iconoclantastic: Icon smashing fun. That is, you have a great time doing something that is iconoclastic or revolutionary.
Example: Her idea for a foot race with no course is simply iconoclantastic.

ID (ten) T error: Most common computer error.
Example: Oh, you have a ID10T error. (IDIOT)

ID 10 T: The category code for Incedibly Stupid Question From User'
Example: 'Hey I just had to go fix someones PC but he had just forgotten to turn the monitor on, what is the code for that?' 'Just put down ID10T.' Or maybe 'Het Tom we have an ID 10 T on line 3.

ID TEN T: Common term describing one who repeatedly forgets his password.
Example: Computer help desk to caller: Okay then, I'll reset your password to ID TEN T.
Be sure to write it down so you can remember it. ID10T

id10t error: Pronounced eye dee ten tee. A common computer error caused when the user has no idea what he's doing.
Example: She mistyped her password and claimed the computer wouldn't take it. It was an ID10T error.

idea hamster: A person who always appears to have his idea generators running.
Example: That new temp is so eager to please, he's become an idea hamster.

idear: Commonly referred to as an idea of lesser extent.
Example: What's the big idear?

ideocentric: Belief that one's one ideas are superior to others
Example: If one is too ideocentric and does not explore the merits of their opponents idea, merely because they believe their own is superior, they are destined to walk away from the disagreement having learned little.

ideolectical: An adjective that can be utilized to describe a word, phrase, or other part of one's vocabulary
that is characteristic of that person's language usage, and is thus part of her ideolect.
Also used to describe the usage of the item or items.
Example: Rove's repetitive and ideolectical usage of the ideolectical phrase What the...?
has become renowned among Australian television watchers.

ider: idea
Example: i have no ider

IDGARA: I Don't Give A Rat's Ass.
Example: Friend is telling a pointless story. Your response: You know what? IDGARA. (So much for that friend.)

idiocracy: The state of most businesses.
Example: That organization is run by home level idiots; it is an idiocracy.

idiocracy: A government, state or bureaucratic union controlled, dominated or led by abject idiots.
Example: Subjugated by an idiocracy beyond her control, she tried in vain to find employment.

idiodyssey: Initially a humorous mispronunciation of idiocy'. The journey of a fool, soon to be parted from his or her money.
Example: You bought your wife a Faberge Egg from a man in a trenchcoat? You certainly were on an idiodyssey that day!

idiont: A person with poor spelling or written grammar skills (idiontic, idioncy)
Example: Laurie is an idiont; she can't spell at all.

idiopath: Someone who is obsesively stupid.
Example: Pauly Shore is an idiopath.

Idiot Sandwich: a gathering or a meeting of fools sitting together having a stupid discussion
Example: the meeting b/w the backstreet boys and n'sync turned out to be an idiot sandwich

Idjit: Derivative of idiot, coined by Looney Tunes Yosemite Sam. Usually said when in a frustrated state of mind.
Example: You put regular bleach in with the colored clothes? You idjit!

idk: I don't know
Example: idk what your talking about.

idky: I don't know why
Example: idky you did such a stupid thing.

idleismically: To do something in an idle fashion.
Example: He idleismically added a word or two to the psuedodictionary.

IDS: Imminent Death Syndrome;
when you feel compelled to be really nice to someone because she's dying (or maybe just sick).
Example: I had to watch TV with Bill all day because he's got I.D.S.

iff: If and only if. Used in math and logic to state necessary and sufficient conditions for something to occur or exist.
Example: Iff you ask me out, then I will go out with you.

iffin, iffen: A form of the word if; used in direct address when the speaker wants to persuade an audience by being cutesy. Inspired by the Irish.
Example: We could all meet at Julie's apartment iffin you'd like.

ight: another way to say all right in slang,short version
Example: I got this, ight!

ignant: Ignorant.
Example: I can't believe she could be so ignant.

ignert: Ignorant. Hick pronunciation, although usually used humorously or sarcastically.
Example: You ignert savage. Don't you know stripes don't go with plaid.

ignobubble: The virtual space of ignorance in which one keeps herself enclosed.
Example: She strolled through that year, secure in her ignobubble, never facing her friend's not-so-subtle hints and the very real signals coming from her boyfriend.

ignoral: A deliberate snub.
Example: My boyfriend's old girlfriend gave me an ignoral when we saw her at the party.

Ignorant Slut: Originating in the late 70s on SNL, this phrase is used to point out the amusing ignorance of a person in a lighthearted and mildly hilarious fashion.
Example: Jane, you ignorant slut!

ignoranus: Someone who is both ignorant and an asshole.
Example: The new boss is an ignoranus!

ignosecond: The moment in time when you realize that you just did something really stupid.
Example: I realized the keys where in the car the ignosecond the door slammed shut.

ignote: (v) ehg-note. To make dumber by saying or doing something.
Example: Bob's okay, but his inane comments continue to ignote me. I was completely ignoted by that movie.

ihatetocookitis: people who would rather make reservations then dinner.
Example: My sister has ihatetocookitis.

iight: South Philly slang for all right.
Example: Mom: Clean your room!
Son: Iight, chill!

iIntelligence in stupidity: Not a word but a phrase actually.
It means what it describes: definitely there is some intelligence in a stupid person.
Trust me it's not easy been stupid.
One has to be really intelligent to be a stupid person.
Example: Yeah, I know--I gave a stupid description. But, you know, there really *is* intelligence in stupidity.

Ijit, idjit: Idiot.
Example: Matt is an ijit.

ilea: A female pig.
Example: My grandfather raises on his farm six ileas.

ill: Good, denoting approval.
Example: The new Ice Cube album is ill!

illegal: Under the age of 18.
Example: The Olsen twins are illegal.

illegiterate: Iillegitimate and illiterate--a dumb bastard.
Example: I am an illegiterate on a computer.

illmathematical: Maximum state of illness.
Example: That flow was illmathematical.

illmatical: very ill, but not quite as ill as 'illmathematical'
Example: my new sweat pants are illmatical.

Illuminaughty: A group of lizards, disguised as people, who tread on your flower bed,
never tidy their rooms, and hide your stapler when you need it.
Unlike the Illuminati they actually exist, but are not terribly dangerous.
Example: He knew he had been a victim of the Illuminaughty when one of his socks vanished from the radiator.

Ima: can represent various forms such as 'I' 'I am' 'I am going to' & 'I have'
Example: Ok, ima gonna go home now. see you later. Ima love you..Ima having some food

ima: a different way to say i'm going to, usually implying some sort of physical violence. typically used in hip hop lyrics.
Example: ima get you, foo! or ima kick your scrawny ass

ima: I am going to.
Example: Ima go to the bathroom.

Imaginary Morning Sickness: (IMS) A woman pretending to feel ill in the morning so that her husband or boyfriend will
be extra nice to her, like making a cup of coffee or breakfast.
Example: Sorry I'm late. My wife had IMS this morning.

imaginism: Someone or something that has a high level of imagination.
Example: John's artwork was a piece of pure imaginism.

imbesire: Mix of imbecile and sire.
One who is at once a person of wealth and status and at the same time a total imbecile.
Can also be used in regard to a person of supreme idiocy, a king of imbeciles so to speak.
Example: Mom has a new boyfriend, but I think she is just with him because of his wealth and status.
After speaking with him for five minuites, it was clear to me that he is a total imbesire.

imbiguer: It's a synonym of to hinder and to impede. It's a verb. Sure there are already two words with similar meaning, but why not have a third?
Example: The sun imbiguered by ability to see and caused me to run a light.

imdb: To use the interet movie database (imdb.com) to find something.
Example: Bryan: How old is Tom Hanks.
Jay: Imdb it.

imeweus: All purpose pronoun.
Example: Imeweus like food. It was imeweus. Imeweus all went to the store after school.

IMF: International Mother Fund.
Example: I'm our of money again. I'm going to go plead to the IMF.

imfeasibubble: A bubble constructed entirely from nothing, thus, a completely ludicrous and absurd idea or concept.
Example: Why don't we make a goat-powered helicopter?
I stared at him incredulously.
That's completely imfeasibubble! I shouted.

iming: (v) To be instant messaging.
Example: I was just iming her and she thought we should get together for a movie.

iminoidal: Adjective to describe the shape of a slope-sided slab placed on home of a low wall--like a shallow roof.
Example: Jack liked his new iminoidal wall--it shomeped the kids from trying to tightrope-walk
across it and falling into his petunias.

Immelman (to pull a): A U-turn. Taken from the name of a manuver used by airplanes to accomplish much the same thing;
that is, a swift reversal of direction.
Example: Wrong way. Just pull an Immelman--no one's looking.

immersive: Absorbing, enthralling. Despite its common usage, it's not a real word and does not show up in a dictionary.

Example: The game was an immersive experience. I felt like I was really there.

imnt: I am not!
Example: Robert: Ashley, you're a dork.
Ashley: No I imn't!

imoncutcha: Ah-mon-kuh-cha. Contraction of the phrase I'm going to cut you. A ghetto threat. Rarely used, but hilarious in the right context. Observed in the Second Annual Yadda Yadda Yadda Blah Blah Blah Yackety-Shmackety Variety Show at Del Campo High School, Sacramento, CA.
Example: You don't shut yo mouth, imoncutcha.

imow: contraction of I'm going to. southern
Example: Imow have a PBR and watch some Springer.

imp: (adj) Cool, suave, and sophisticated.
Example: Sean Connery was the best James Bond. He's always imp in the 007 movies.

Imp of the Perverse: That which forces you to do that which does not require to be done,
to the defeat of everything else that should be done. Edgar Allan Poe
Example: My Imp of the Perverse kept urging me to search the internet for midget sex,
though I knew I should really be attending my son's birth.

Impact Adjustment: An educated maneuver that repairs (usually temporarily) a piece of hardware
via a swift smack or calculated drop (see percussive maintenance).
Example: If the VCR starts buzzing, just lift the front edge about an inch and drop it--
that's usually enough of an impact adjustment to make it shome.

impassenger: the person sitting in a car that tries to unlock the car door while another tries to open it from the outside. This results in the door remaining locked and entry into the vehicle still denied.

Impatience Fee: Additional cost of a product stemming from the buyer's unwillingness to do the legwork to find a better price.
Example: I paid $85 dollars for those hubcaps, including a $45 impatience fee there, 'cuz I'm sure I could have found them somewhere else for $40.

impedaphilia: When a minor is seeing someone over 40.
Example: As I was walking down the street, I saw an act of impedaphilia.

impedestrian: A pedestrian who crosses the street very slowly so as to hold up traffic.
Example: I was held up at 3rd and Main by a group of impedestrians.

impeticos: (v) To pocket, impocket. OED says: a burlesque word put into the mouth of a fool. Applied as a perversion of impocket, and perhaps intended to suggest petticoat.
Example: Used only once by Shakespeare, in _Twelfth Night_: I did impeticos thy gratility.

impraze: An amalgamation of the words impress and amaze.
Example: That pet monkey of yours never fails to impraze.

imprestidigitation: The appearance of captured sailors on deck by conjury.
Example: Most of the band of pirates three sheets to the wind and pretty darn useless from a night of drinking rum, Blackbeard ordered imprestidigitation from a somewhat sober magician captured in Barbados.

imprized: Surprised and impressed.
Example: Wow, I'm imprized at all the progress you've made!

in burrito: A twist on in cognito -- being undercover in a low down casual way.
Example: Oh no! There's my evil ex-boyfriend. I better go home, get sunglasses and a wig and stay in burrito for a while.

in one eye and out the other: Similar to in one ear and out the other.
Example: I told him in AIM to meet me after work,
but it just went in one eye and out the other.

in-office holiday: A period of time in which an individual continues to arrive and leave work at normal hours, however, instead of performing expected duties, one pursues relaxing and otherwise personal interests. In-office holidays are not commonly requested, or even discussed with the management and are frequently kept confidential for obvious reasons (see: management).

Ina: 'I would like to'
Example: Ina take a walk.

inattention span: The measure of how long one can go in an IM without the other person saying anything and without saying anything oneself.
Example: Yo, you haven't said anything for sixteen minutes -- my inattention span just ran out!

inauguralation: Misspeak between inauguration and inaugural.
Example: No doubt the President invited everyone from his Arkansas cabinet to his inauguralation.

inbikinious: adjective describing an attractive male or female clad in a skimpy bathing suit.
Example: The models in the pin-up calendar were inbikinious.

inboobtubated: The state of being inextricably linked to one's television set (boob tube) to the exclusion of all else;
analagous to the emergency-medical necessity of having a plastic tube inserted in one's throat
(being intubated) as the only possible way for the patient to remain breathing.
Example: I was so completely inboobtubated this morning that I didn't hear the antique grand piano
as it fell through the living room floor into the cellar,
totaLling our internationally renowned wine collection.

incentivize: To give a reward, to motivate.
Example: I want to incentivize you.

inchocitation: Phony feelings of romance by women due to excessive eating of chocolate.
Example: That date was a bit intense after the Godiva ice cream dessert, due to her extreme inchocitation.

incly: To do something at once.
Example: Get online incly.

incognito batman route: More widely known as the road less travelled and is often used to avoid people, places, or obstructions.
Example: Hey! This isn't the right way to the mall. Where the heck are you going?

There's construction on the highway so we're taking the incognito batman route instead.

incohesive: Scattered and not collected, usually referring to a person's thoughts.
Example: My head is buzzing, thoughts whizzing this way and that, colliding and combining, but ultimately remaining fragmentary and incohesive.

incompetron 2000: One who does something incompetent.
Meant to imply that the offender is the latest version of a robot that does incompetent things.
Can also be used with later versions--such as incompetron 100%0.
Example: Hey, incompetron 2000, you just took a left turn on a red light.

incomputerado: This is similar to being incommunicado. The user is not able to communicate through e-mail. This condition often afflicts those whose computers are infected with a virus, or whose internet providers are not functioning properly.
Example: Sorry, Fred, I was unable to reply to your e-mail this weekend because I was incomputerado. OR
Oh, oh! I want to check out this website today but my PC is in the shop. I'm going to be incomputerado until at least tomorrow

incorrection: Any attemt (sic) made to correct something that is already correct.
Example: I hate it when he edits my articles, there are always so many incorrections.

incresting: Incrementally plus interesting.
Example: As hard as he tries, he is only somewhat incresting.

incriminelia: Various pieces of equipment, piping, tubes, straighteners, cleaners, screens, filters and
such that might get one in trouble if found by the wrong people.
Example: Stash that, would you? Can't have Mom finding that incriminelia.

incumbpetent: A incompetent imcumbent.
Example: Tom Daschle is incumbpetent.

indecisijig: The jig-like dance two people unwittingly perform when approaching eachother on the sidewalk,
each trying to get out of the other's way, but ending up both moving in the same direction,
then back in the other direction.
Example: I was rushing to the photocopier, but got caught up in an indecisijig with someone on the way.

inderbitude: Stamina, strength, fitness, confidence.
Example: Watch him run--he's definitely full of inderbitude.

indestructabubble: hardy, sturdy, unlikely to be injured or damaged
Example: Mom: wrap up warm our you'll catch cold Son: no need ma! I'm indestructabubble!

index: Append index to your adjective as a way of measuring the degree of something.
Example: That car has a high rust index. My little brother has a low coolness index.

Indianapoleis: Plural of Indianapolis.
Example: According to indo.com, there are three Indianapoleis in the world.

indignate: Similar to indeed but used in a posh accent. Pronounced in-dig-narta.
Example: Have you had enough caviar, Giles?
Indignate, I have, Samuel.

Induhvidual: A person lacking intelligence. Coined by Dilbert fans. Can be used to a foolish person's face without risking physical harm.
Example: Me: You're quite an induhvidual, Tim.
Tim: Thank you.

ineptitutes: Generally highly trained, highly qualified, got all the tickets punched
idiots that just keep getting in the way. Part of the problem, not the solution.
Example: Most of us know many trained professional ineptitutes.

inertiative: self-initiated inactivity
Example: I'm going to take the inertiative and relax this weekend.

infatuant: The object or focus of your desire; that which elicits infatuation.

Example: As wine is to you an intoxicant,
you are to me an infatuant.

infatuationitis: a disease caused by falling in love, usually followed by extreme smittenenza (follow under 's' for detailed description of the word)

inferiorate: To make someone feel inferior and furious at the same time.
Example: He was inferiorated when his girlfriend dumped him for a new boyfriend who had a Ph.D. and his
own company.

INFILLION: A very large uncountable number.
Example: There are infillions of stars in the sky!

infinigers: A combination of inifinity and integers. Used when math is just too confusing and your numbers look meaningless and wrong.

Example: That test was horrible. All the answers were infinigers.

infinitebluff: a scenario on from a double bluff where you get so confused as to whether you're being contrived or ironic that you lose all semblance and anything is possible ( only it might not be )
Example: are you on the pull ? no. really ? well, yes, but maybe no ahhh, infinite bluff

inflajeatorant: A large and insatiable ducklike mammal.
Example: That is a mighty fine inflajeatorant you got there!

inflamagist: A person who can do anything.
Example: That's too many jobs you're giving me. What do you think I am, an inflamagist?

infosmog: The overload of information (and hype) now available in the web environment which makes it so hard to efficiently find quality information.
Example: How do we find that needle of relevant information in the haystack of infosmog that surrounds us. - see https://www.onhomeia.net/homeicmaps/what.html

infotoxin: Abuse of mass-communication and the concentration of its control,
coupled with the persuasiveness and ubiquity of its technologies, messages,
and implicit value structures; operates in conjunction with unconscious, instinctive processes
within the human mind to generate an overall psychological condition of unreality, denial, and paralysis.

- Jeff Phillips for Abusters magazine
Example: The Intel jingle is an infotoxin because it's always stuck in your head.

infrivolate: to cause excitement, to cause to shake
Example: That amusement park ride was cool - it was infrivolating!

infromative: Interesting and helpful, despite grammatical errors, irritating style, or typos .
(Esp. on front page of website)
Example: Tht txt msg ws vry infromative

infuritainment: (n) Anything that has entertainment value based solely on its most annoying qualities.
Example: I hate that show, but I can't shome watching it. It's infuritainment at its best.

Ingumozen: Someone who is extremely drunk.
Example: The bride was ingumozened at the reception.

inhale: To eat something with great speed and vigor, and without any conscious awareness.
Example: Whoa! He just inhaled that burrito.

init: Isn't it?
Example: It sure is cold out today, init?

inker: Someone who still writes letters with a pen.

Example: She was an old-fashioned girl who preferred a homely inker to a dashing e-mailer.

inkfight: A war of words fought against someone with media clout. Don�t pick a fight with someone that buys ink by the barrel and paper by the ton.
Example: Don�t get into an inkfight with the Times or any other big paper.

innerflee: The act of trying to avoid oneself out of annoyance with one's own character.
Example: Once I realized I was a shmuck, I tried to innerflee; but, somehow, I always managed to find myself.

Innit: Shortened form of 'Isn't it'. Invented in London UK
Example: hey that is a wicked movie innit?

inoculatte: (n, v) To take coffee intravenously when you are running late.
Example: I was sure to miss my 9 o'clock morning flight unless I took an inoculatte.

inquant: Fatigued to the point of ludicrous hysteria. In other words, it's when you're so tired that you can't shome laughing.
Example: While staying up late one night, Martha was so inquant that even the word tomato made her laugh.

insanal: The next step up from anally retentive is insanally retentive, where one sees obsessive-compulsive behaviour sufficient to cause actual brain damage.
Example: Josh's habit of individually vacuum-packing used cigarette butts, and then filing them in a diary of cigarettes smoked, was so insanally retentive it caused a brain embolism in several of his flatmates.

Insance: Making sense of insanity.
Example: Ian was insance.

insaneriffic: Terrifically insane in an amusing way.
Example: Barbapapas are insaneriffic.

inscrutablydubitably: Too hard to understand, but too obvious to question.
Example: (Lots of scientific jargon) blah blah which results in you receiving high-definition television.

insectable: Plants that eat insects, such as the Venus Flytrap.
Example: The Venus Flytrap is an insectable plant.

insectclopedia: Insect encyclopedia.
Example: I am researching the insectclopedia.

insegrievious: Expresses anything and nothing at the same time,
while sounding official enough to dazzle your listeners.
Example: Thank you; that was very insegrievious of you.

You are the most insegrievious SOB I've ever met!

If you'd shome being so insegrievious, I'd be more than willing to listen to you.

insigrevious: unbelievable, improbable, astounding, shameless, beligerant, intollerable or otherwise unpleasant or unsavory. Used in place of a long description.
Example: His behavior was completely insigrevious.

insinuendo: Combines the meanings of insinuate and innuendo, to suggest in an indirect manner usually unpleasant, unkind, or generally unfavourable information about a person.
Example: Darla's insinuendo about Bill's leisure activities crept into conversations throughout the company.

insinuendo: Combination of insinuate and innuendo. Gentle indicator that a certain level of impropriety is afoot.
A great word for folks who are poor decision makers.
Example: 1. Are you calling me a fat bitch? 2. Why, yes. That was my so subtle insinuendo.

insinuwindows: This fine word needs a description.
Example: This word needs an example.

insomnism: The belief that when world leaders give up sleeping,
the world will become a peaceful place--because people will spend their time talking and solving
problems rather than wasting their time sleeping.
Example: I am a follower of insomnism.

Inspectigate: A cross between inspecting and investigating something.
Example: I need to Inspectigate the situation!

inspiritational: A figure or idea that inspires people spiritually.
Example: I find Buddha very inspiritational.

instacold: A cold or sickness that suddenly affects you. You feel fine one minute and awful the next.
Example: I was just sitting and watching TV, then I got this instacold.

instafood: food that can be prepared in 5 minutes or less
Example: I'm out of instafood so I'll have to cook tonight.

instamatically: Combines instantly and automatically. Could mean either or both, depending on the situation
Example: When Who Wants To Be A Millionaire comes on, Steve instamatically changes the channel.

instamediately: faster than both immediatelty and instantly
Example: I want it done instamediately.

instupetuous: Exceedingly grandiose in absurdity; surprisingly overdone; stupendously incredulous.
Example: Your rhymes are instupetuous, George. Your spelling is not.

instupituous: Bitchin', really cool, awesome.
Example: I heard this instupituous DJ last night.

insultant: A consultant who criticises negatively is an insultant.
Example: He's not a consultant, he is an insultant.

insurmia: A state of wonderment so strong it results in sleeplessness.
Example: After my religious experience I was so mentally awakened I had insurmia.

Insurvocivating: A description of a person who is out of this world.
Example: My Grandfathers charm was insurvocivatingly beautiful.

int: Is not.
Example: It int a frog, it's a toad.

intaxication: Euphoria at getting a tax refund--lasts until you realize it was your money to start with. (From the Washington Post Style Invitational, 1999)
Example: I was intaxicated only until I realized how long it had taken to get my refund.

integrious: To operate or conduct oneself with integrity.
Example: Jim is very integrious; you can always count on his word.

intelligentize: To become smart and intelligent.
Example: Eating lots of peanuts is known to have intelligentizing effects.

intelphakenlectual: 1. A a know-it-all who puts on airs of being an intellectual.
2. Doing something intellectual.
Example: 1. Cliff, the postal worker in _Cheers_ was an intelphakenlectual.
2. We went to the ballet; it was an intelphakenlectual date.

inter-twingled: The relationship of data in databases as referred to by someone who knows little about them.
Example: I'll get back to you on exactly how those fields are inter-twingled with each other.

intercapping: generally a company name that is a compound word, where there is no space between the 2 words and both the first and second words are capitalized. From the book Microserfs by Douglas Coupland.
Example: MicroSoft

interdigital: When two people with affection for one another hold hands, interlocking their fingers or digits. the biggest step forward in any relationship.
Example: Tyler: Have you and Jessica accomplished interdigital? Boris: Oh yeah, last night during the movie. It was beautiful.

interexplijective: Word or phrase with an expletive injected into the middle of it.
Example: My stupid-ass boss is an example of an interexplijective.

interfaker: A person who takes on an identity different from her own, including age and sex, so that she can
pretend to be someone she is not on the Internet
Example: The interfaker showed his age when he commented how rad her wrinkles were.

Interfenestration: The physical spacing of windows, particularly in a building or other edifice.

Example: Carlos noted the unique interfenestration in Rebecca's house.

interfrastically: To return without delay.
Example: I shall return interfrastically

interlationship: A word used to describe someone who has a relationship over the internet.
Example: I see that James is in another interlationship with a girl.

Internet Exploiter: Derogatory name for Internet Explorer.
Example: It sucks that you can't uninstall Internet Exploiter--it's part of the operating system.

internetelligence: n. A working knowledge of the Internet; web savvy.
Example: Of course I have heard of memepool; don't insult my internetelligence.

internetese: meaning a word from the language of the internet
Example: LOL is internetese for laugh out loud

Internetian: One whose entire life is consumed or decided by the internet.
Example: He bought those pants online. He got advice on women online.
That poor guy is a pure-blood Internetian.

internight: When you've spent so much time on the internet that the night is past and the morning is upon you.
Example: Didn't to work Monday. Sunday was another internight.

interpolate: When two machines understand each other. I.e., if you create CAD drawings for a part on a computer, you can send it to a CNC lathe and the CNC lathe interpolates the information given to it by the computer.
Example: The CNC machine interpolates the data sent to it.

intertwingled: Intertwined and intermingled.

Example: The conscious and the subconscious are intertwingled.

interuptimications: Interruptions.
Example: I mean it! No more interuptimications!

interweb: A replacement word for internet, used by people who are either unfamiliar with the internet or (more often) by people who are very familiar.
Example: I'm not sure. Maybe you could go back to your computer and look it up on that interweb thing.

intrusittude: The act of strangers intruding and commenting on scandalous behavior, particularly among youths. Intrusive, attitude.
Example: She showed massive intrusittude in asking us to get off the computers, because we didn't belong there.

Inuition: A semi-precognitive sense possessed by dwellers of northern frozen climes.
Example: Herdlo's inuition told him there was a school of large fish just beneath the ice ledge on which he sat carving an ice fairy.

invenereal: Immaterial; beside the point; irrelevant.
May be used either with deliberate irony or in complete and utter ignorance.
Example: It doesn't matter. This whole discussion is invenereal.

inversodoxy: Automatically adopting whatever happens to be the opposite viewpoint to current orthodoxy.
Example: Watching TV always used to give me a powerful surge of inversodoxy.

investigetting: When you go to check out the community food in your office, intending to come back with a plateful.
Example: I caught Sheila investigetting in the kitchen; there was still half a birthday cake left.

invidiate: A word to describe people who do not watch TV enough to know what's going on with programs
TV watchers like to talk about.
Sort of like illiterate for people who don't read.
Note: this is not an insult, probably a compliment.
Example: I don't know about that program.
I'm too busy to watch TV, so I'm invidiate.

invisiword: Any word or part od word hidden beneath another word or so far to one side to be off-screen
Example: A to K in the alphabet at the home of the home page of this dictionary or some very poorly designed sites

ionparadox: A juxtaposition of ideas, images or experiences
that propel you beyond your current level of understanding. Or simply to go beyond established opinions.

Example: That movie was an ionparadox--the world seems like a different place after seeing it.

ippidy: Cool, awesome.
Example: Well, isn't that ippidy!

ipswitch: Multipurpose word.
Example: Oh, ipswitch. Where the ipswitch did I put my hat?

Iq: (Pronounced: Itch) An itch anywhere on the tongue. Plural: Iqes
Example: I always find it strange when I scratch the iq on my tongue.

ira! ira!: Say it when you're annoying or frustrated. One of the many Japanese onomahomeoeia.
Example: Windows locks up your computer. Ira! Ira!

irection: Abbreviated version of I reckon.
Said in mid-conversation to agree with a previous staement or question.
Be careful, however, innocent by-standers may think that you said erection.
Example: Enrico and Bruce are out walking. Enrico sees a beautiful and busty woman walking in the distance.
Enrico: Wow, see that babe, she's beautiful. Bruce: Irection.
Bruce has just agreed with Enrico's comment.

iron-box: Slang for a virgin.
Example: We can't call Sally iron-box anymore.

irony: When something is made of iron or has iron characteristics.
Example: Man, this place sure has a lot of irony.

irrationale: A worthless or misguided justification for a project or task, often handed down by Pointy-Haired-Bosses.
Example: The project was so flawed I couldn't believe anyone could have thought it would work, until I found out the irrationale had come from the Marketing Department. Just what you should expect from Marketing, eh?

irregardless: people use this word to stress the meaning of regardless.
Example: You will follow the policy,
irregardless of your feelings.

irregardless: Used to dismiss a valid point or issue. To continue in spite of the facts.
Example: Abe: Your decisions have resulted in a loss in excess of $2.2 billion.
Zeb: Irregardless. We still need to address our employees excessive smoke breaks.

irresponsibility: Responsibility.
Example: I refuse to accept irresponsibility for my actions.

Irvine-vision: Similar to a Monet, Irvine-vision describes a person who looks good from a distance, but whose good looks diminish the closer you get to them.
From the city of Irvine, California (where this phenomenon was first experienced)
Example: I thought she was good looking, but it was just Irvine-vision.

is such a: Ambiguous, inappropriate, inept, lame, overused, and weak phrase. All right to use in sentences such as Anyone who objects to the use of the phrase 'is such a' is such a jerk. OR Anyone who objects to the use of the phrase 'is such a' must be an English teacher--either that or she's some kind of editor. Anyhow, only a really anal-retentive type person should have any objections. Otherwise, should be replaced by something more interesting or by something more enlightening, entertaining, or exciting. Possibly by something clever or coy or cute. For that matter, a pedantic, phlegmatic, or prosaic example would usually be an improvement over one's using is such a.

Example: That one lady editor at pseudodictionary.com is, like, a total curmudgeon--or whatever you call a lady curmudgeon. A biatch? Beech? Bich? Chib? She must be really old--maybe even 30! OMIGAWD!!! Could she be even older than that????? THAT'S IT!!!!!!! That's why she wants us to use the shift key and use standard capitalization, punctuation, spaces, and spelling. iTma KeSIteZIeEr fORHeRto REeD wHAtWEROte. She even expects us to use an occasional adjective or adverb in our examples. Thinks it'll make her job easier, faster, and more fun. I'll bet she thinks the visitors who browse through the words will enjoy them more if we give a little more thought to our examples, not just to the words we submit. She is such a jerk. Like, totally. EEEEEEWWWWW!!!!!!!

ischnot: Is not. Use while you are in debate or argument. The opposite of isstew.

Example: 1. Katy's behavior ischnot acceptable to Joe.
2. That ischnot the right answer.

Ish: Issues.
Example: That guy has major ish!

ishe tray: An ice cube tray employed as an ash tray
Example: Please don't spit in the ishe tray. That's disgusting. It is strictly for cigarette ashes.

ishi: A nauseatingly ugly garment, usually in some combination of light tan, gold, red, or brown.
Example: I would not leave the house in something that ishi.

ishkabibal: freakish term of endearment
Example: hey ishkabibal whats for dinner?

Ishtar: Random stuff.
Example: I got all kinds of ishtar in my room.

issue: personal problems
Example: He's not coming tonight. He's got issues. Or Try another printer, this one's got issues.

issuing: The act of having issues
Example: I can't talk right now - i'm crazy issuing :'(


What's up with her?? She's been mad issuing lately


Use another printer - this one's issuing

isth't: It was thought to be a simple contraction of 'is' and 'that'. But when it began creeping into the language, it was noted that it is invariably preceeded BY 'is'.
Example: The thing is isth't she went to the store and didn't tell me!

It makes me want to staple bag: when something really annoys you or something horrible just happened...first used by mo
Example: ARGH! that guy is so annoying! he makes me want to staple bagels to my face!

It'll be fun: As good a reason to do anything.
Example: Come on, light the fuse already. It'll be fun!

It's all Jesus: A phrase used to describe when something is all good
Example: Jane and I got in a fight but we made up and now it's all Jesus

It's not 1983.: A comment made when something something is not cool, hip, fresh, or in anymore.
Example: Get that coat off. It's not 1983.

it'sn't: It is not. It's not. It isn't... Therefore we come up with it'sn't.

Example: Baseball. It'sn't a bad sport. It's a good sport.

Itaglish: Means Italian-English, a combination of two very different languages typical of the Italian diaspora. Prevalent in the US, Canada, Australia, and--of course--the UK.
Example: Nonna was speaking Itaglish, so they couldn't tell what she meant...

iterate: what you do before you reiterate
Example: John iterated the subject..then he reiterated

its, it's, its': NOTE. Some of these are words, some aren't. Its is the possessive of the pronoun it. It's is a contraction for it is. And its' is not a word at all.
Example: It's too bad her cat lost its toy.

itup: A suffix that converts almost any word into a verb.
Example: We were out golfing itup today at the local green. We went to a kegger and beer'd itup.

ix: This word is a solution to that annoying problem that your English teacher stuck you with.
It is a third person singular gender-neutral pronoun.
Contrast with: Each child played with his/her toy.
Example: Each child played with ix toy.

Each person had the chance to air ix complaint.

izzgasim: All of a sudden getting happy.
Example: Don't have an izzgasim just because you passed the test. After all, you did get a D.