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e-: Prefix used to describe anything related to the Internet.
Example: My e-girlfriend sent me an e-mail about our e-commerce project.

e-anticiparcellation: Anticipation of electronic mail.
Example: His e-anticiparcellation caused him to want to check his email every 10 minutes.

e-appreparcelhensive: Apprehensiveness that electronic mail may contain a virus.
Example: He was e-appreparcelhensive of email attachments the week after his hard-drive crashed.

e-back: Write back, in an email.
Example: Please e-back to let me know what you think.

e-bitch: To send a complaint to a company's web site, via the contact us button.
Not important enough to generate actual paper mail--that would require substantial effort:
envelope, stamps, post office, etc.
Example: The product delivered was inferior to what was advertised, so I e-bitched to their web site.

e-buse: Computer dependence, internet over-use.
Example: I've been online for days, so I'm committing internet e-buse.

e-communicado: A self-imposed restriction that all communication with you must be e-mail only. (Cf. incommunicado.) Useful at work when you need large blocks of uninterrupted time. E-mail allows you to schedule your interaction rather than someone else.
(Often indicated by a sign on your office door.)
Example: I've got tons of stuff to catch up on, so I'll be e-communicado for the rest of the day.

e-conomy: The Internet economy, like the regular economy, only on the web.
Example: I'm going to buy the
e-conomy size site hosting package.

e-ddress: Coined 4 years ago (confirmed with Michael Quinion, World Wide Words,) this is the proper spelling of address with the substitution of the e- to denote electronic address or e-mail address.
Example: Here's my e-ddress. Drop me an e-mail tomorrow.

e-hole: Someone who talks about nothing but the internet and has no concept of much else.
Example: The swarm of people who moved to the San Francisco area over the past few years are mostly e-holes.

e-lliterate: Showing, or marked by a lack of computer sophistication.
Example: What do you mean you don't have an e-mail address, are you e-lliterate?

e-maize: noun: the complexity of the internet.
Example: I was bewildered by the web's e-maize!

e-maize: Internet corn.
Example: Wow! Look at the field of e-maize.

e-maul: To chastise or denigrate through e-mail.
Example: Sandy, disappointed by Paul's absence from the party, chose not to call him,
but instead chose to e-maul him severely.

e-metics: The sickening and systematic habit of prefacing words with e- to indicate internet activity;
often used by lazy sub-e-ditors.
Ian, Scotland

Example: Avoid e-metics in your pd submittals to improve your chances of your word's being added.

e-pistolary: 1. Of, relating to, or suitable to an e-mail.
2. Contained in or carried on by e-mail.
3. Written in the form of a series of letters .
Example: Janice has been having an e-pistolary relationship with her boyfriend.

e-quip: To send or receive little jokes by e-mail
Example: I have e-quipped myself by reading my mail today. I am now properly e-quipped.

e-scetic: A person who lives a monastic life on the internet.
Example: Although he's addicted to newsgroup prOn, he's basically an e-scetic.

e-shaft: To ignore someone's email. To not reply.
Example: I'm bored at work today, so please don't give me the e-shaft. OR
I've emailed her 3 times this week, and she keeps e-shafting me.

e-tard: Someone having no knowlege pertaining to computers or the internet.
Example: Don't be an e-tard, just click on the file menu.

e-tether: Any electronic communication device--especially if the user responds to it to the exclusion of other people in her company.

Example: John was expecting a page, so he kept checking his e-tether during the funeral.

E-trail: A string of at least four exchanged Email messages that roughly equal a face-to-face meeting.
Example: Bob and I have discussed the problem and I've attached the E-trail so you can see the history.

e-tude: Have having a poor, snotty, or rebellious attitude during email communication.
Example: Why are you arguing with me? Lose the e-tude, please.

E-ulogy: a report of a dot.com going under
Example: bogussite.com 404ing? Of course it is. Didn't you read the E-ulogy?

e-vandalize: To spread a false gospel; the opposite of evangelize (to spread the gospel).
Example: The preacher came to e-vandalize the community, to spread a false gospel.

e=mc^2 trump card: When a lame TV show or cartoon wants to show that someone is intelligent, it will play the e=mc^2 trump card. That is, have that character repeat the famous equation parrot-fashion with no thought to context.
Example: I can't believe Tiny Toons Adventures just played the the e=mc^2 trump card.

earbud: A cotton bud or Q-tip, when used for cleaning ears. (Not recommended for health reasons)
Example: Have you got an earbud? My ears are full of wax.

earlate: earlate:(pronounced ur, not ear) Between the hours of Midnight and 4am. To late at night to be early, and to early in the morning to be late.
Example: 2:30 am? Dang, it's earlate!

early-o'clock: Extremely early, too early to even specify an actual time. Much like zero-two-early, but in a civilian way.
Example: I have to get up at early-o'clock in the morning for work this week.

Earsle: Ear.
Example: Ben Stiller didn't have earmuffs on his earsle in _There's Something About Mary_.

earthy-crunchy: A person or thing with hippie or tree-hugging tendencies; someone stuck in the 60s.
In humans, often marked by an abject lack of bathing habits,
the wearing of lots beads and hemp, a subscription to _The Nation_ and a belief in the
powers of holistic medicine.
Example: Jan and Steve could never date; he's buttoned-down Wall Street and she's earthy-crunchy.

earvalanche: A large mass of earwax or other ear debris suddenly and unexpectedly falling from the ear
Example: I had an embarassing earvalanche during dinner, and several large pieces of wax fell into my soup.

ease up on; ease back on: To cease doing something.
Example: Ease up on the sarcasm. OR He doesn't like me like that, so I'll ease back on hanging out with him. OR I told that dumbass at the bar to ease up on the sauce. OR Ease up on the computer or you'll go blind.

East Cupcake: A very distant location out in the sticks, with the implication that it's not terribly civilized.
Example: I've got to drive all the way to East Cupcake tomorrow to visit my in-laws.

East Jesus: A very distant location out in the sticks, with the implication that it's not terribly civilized.
Example: He lives way out in East Jesus!

eat a horse and chase the ride: Quite hungry. Heard in Australia, but may be used elsewhere.
Example: I'm so hungry I could eat a horse and chase the rider.

Eat Cheeks: Disgruntled response, kinda like Your Mom. {But considerably more like Kiss my ass.}
Example: 1: You KNOW your Red Sox haven't won a World Series in eighty years, right?
2: Eat Cheeks.

eat it: To crash, wipe out, die.
Example: My computer got a virus and ate it. My car skidded off the road and ate it in a ditch. It's been a bad day.

eat retarded sandwiches: When an individual such as Laura does something uncharacteristically dumb, even for her.
Example: I can't believe Laura didn't give that guy her phone number. She must be eating retarded sandwiches.

eat somebody: To be extremely angry with said person, to the point of having the desire to kill and eat him or her.
Example: After I ambushed him with snowballs, I thought he was going to eat me. He was taking it the wrong way.

eatertainment: Eating and entertainment combined. From Magoo's radio commercials in Tulsa, OK.
Example: For the best eatertainment in Tulsa, go to Magoo's at 51st and Memorial.

eatme: dismissing explative
Example: Oh, eatme!

eahomeia: The pleasure of eating.
Example: One of my friends really enjoys her severe eahomeia.

eats: A slang word for food of any kind. Mostly used in Western PA.
Example: I'm hungry--let's go down town and get some eats.

Ebayable: Any item that would sell good on Ebay.com
Example: That old lamps looks Ebayable. OR Do you think these old coins are Ebayable?

ech: To ingest quantity of echinacea in hopes of warding off a cold.
Example: Geez, everyone at work is sick. Make sure you ech when you get home tonight!

ECHODEUS: abreviation for:
Endless Charm Hided On Distant Edges Under Sun.
Mean a very good poem,a unification of the beauty with the wisdom in the text of the poem,able to make someone better and strongre spiritually.
Example: Timi writted a echodeus.He was an echodeus writter.

eclectidelic: Pertaining to a continuous flow of thoughts that are diverse tangents from out-of-context,
bizarre, or absurd sources, perceptions, or styles; non-sequitur stream of consciousness.
Example: It's impossible to connect Bob's eclectidelic ramblings into a sensible context.

eclectricity: initially, just a catchy word, but the overwhelming niftiness from something that's...eclectic!
Example: This district is powered by eclectricity.

ecnalubma: Word or phrase printed in reverse on the front of a vehicle so as to be read the right way in
the mirror of a vehicle ahead.
Example: ecilop

eco-humanism: Humanism that includes the environment and nonhuman life forms
Example: According to eco-humanism, the environment is an inseparable part of what
it means to be human.

ecstajoy: A combined state of ecstay and joy. Invented about 1964 to describe the reaction of my mother's house cat to being petted.
Example: When I began petting her, Gato fell on her side and entered ecstajoy.

ECW-style: E-C-dub. Term used when about to lay a serious ass-whuppin' on someone,
taken from name of Extreme Championship Wrestling.
Example: That's it, George! I'm gonna whup you ECW-style!

Eddie Haskell: Someone who kisses up to his or her friends' parents unendurably, from Leave it to Beaver.
Example: Chris tells my mom her dress is pretty whenever he sees her. He's an Eddie Haskell.

eddress: Email address.
Example: What's your eddress?

edge: in German teenagers' slang this is a synonym for 'mouth'
Example: shut your edge!

Edge: (adj) On the (cutting) edge, pushing the envelope, out of the mainstream, not the accepted norm
Example: I know you like underground bands, but they are way too edge for me

edgema: Thresholds in Space; used to describe websites.
The word 'ma being a loose translation of the Japanese concept of space (in architecture).

Example: What's the edgema?

edicated: Term for a stupid person who lacks education, it's what one of my friends said once when he meant to say educated, it's stuck to him ever since.

edjaymic: Disgusting, dirty, foul.
Example: I think Janet's underwear is edjaymic because it smells and it is really disgusting.

edress: E-mail address
Example: What is your eddress?

edrolthiledge: A big bee.
Example: Don't move. That edrolthiledge might sting you.

edubication: Also edumication. Meaning education, misspoken by a not-too-with-it high schooler.
Example: I got my edubication at Ebbison (Edison).

edumacated: This term describes one who is going to or has been educated in some sort of way
Example: Yes, I am now edumacated. OR He's going to get edumacated at the college.

EEEeeeeeeeeeeeee: You play guitar in a band.
Your guitar's a bit flat.
You ask for a reference note to help you tune it.
Gimme an 'E,' you say.
Instead of a musical reference, you get EEEeeeeeeeeeeeee--done in a wavering, silly, and sarcastic voice.
Useless for tuning anything, but usually worth a giggle or two.
Example: Gimme an 'E.'... EEEeeeeeeeeeeeee.

eekles: A word I use either when I am excited or something amuses me.
Example: Eeekles! Look at that man dancing with the cheese.

eep!: A short, succinct gasp of surprise. Usually used when you have been found doing something you're not supposed to be doing.
Example: Boss: Ah, Jenkins. We caught you looking at porn at work Jenkins: Eep!

eerugh: Offensive, disgusting, unrefined.
Example: Eeurgh, this sandwich is nasty.

eewwwwwwww: Used to let someone know you think something is bad--the more w's, the worse the situation.
Example: Eewwwwwww. You failed another exam? Bummer to the max.

eeyorish: 1. Acting like the A.A.Milne character Eeyore. 2. Depressed and resigned to fate but slowly plodding through and getting the job done. 3. Injecting realism into everyone's enthusiasm.
Example: He's been acting rather eeyorish lately.

eff-me: Sexually provocative. (See DFM shoes.)
Example: She's wearing her eff-me shoes tonight.

effasaurus: A person resembling a dinosuar, usually used as a comeback when losing an argument.
Example: What an effasaurus.

efficicize: To make efficient. (An example of just how wrong we can go when we use ize to turn a noun into a verb.)
Example: Steve is efficicizing a very slow process.

efficious: This word describes a person who beleives in the adherence to rules, no matter how ridiculous they are. I made it up to describe my office managers old assistant. I guess it's a combination of efficient and vicious--and probably officious.
Example: What an efficious bitch.

egad: someone who is a bigot based on ethnic, gender, age, or demographic -- in other words, a safe way to call anyone a bigot, since it covers most root causes for bigotry
Example: What an egad! He/she just eliminated every candidate who's black, Latino, gay, lesbian, over 40, female/male, not Ivy-League educated and handicapped.

egadzooks: Exclamation of surprise and astonishment. A combination of egad and gadzooks.
Example: Egadzooks! That is just WRONG.

egg: Any small, white hatchback. Think clown car, only a bit smaller and with more bumper stickers.
Example: So you couldn't get your parents' car...guess we're taking the egg tonight...

egg roll stand: Austin colloquial phrase for a fencing operation. See https://dailynews.yahoo.com/h/keye/20020621/lo/suspects_on_the_drag_suspected_of_buying_stolen_goods_1.html
Example: Before he got busted, that guy was pulling a total egg roll stand.

Eggnosia: When eating eggs makes you dizzy and sometimes leads to death.
Example: If you have eggnosia, by all means keep yourself away from eggs.

eggs: (adj) Trying too hard to be what you are not.
Example: Chris is just eggs, always trying to show off how smart he is--or how tough.

egit: Ee-jit. Idiot. Irish origin, so usually has feckin' added to the front.
Example: Ya feckin' egit.

egli: Out of shape, fat, obese.
Example: Get off the couch. Exercise, jog, do some aerobics. For God's sake, do something. You're getting really egli.

ego fodder: Young ladies who attend singles events in the hope of meeting rich men.
Example: She was only ego fodder to the CEO with the paunch and toupee.

ego surfing: To use a search engine to look up one's own name for the sake of vanity. (E.g., typing John Doe into google if your name happens to be John Doe.)
Example: I found a cool site which references an article I wrote while I was ego surfing. They quoted me.

egotesticle: The root of all evil, generally fueled by too much testosterone.
Example: He said egotesticle things to me just to sleep with me.

Egresselation: The hope that someone will leave.
Example: James had egresselation when The Press entered the room.

egunge: The disgusting detritus that falls out when you tip your computer keyboard upside down.
Example: When cleaning your keyboard, you find a disgusting cascade of egunge.

egypped: cheated or shorted money or merchandise in an on-line transaction. Pronounced like the country.
Example: I won the auction and sent the money but I was egypped when I did not recieve the merchandise.

eh: Totally false Canadian stereotyped word
Example: How you doin', eh?

eh: An involuntary noise at the end of a sentence that turns it into a question. This is genetic in Canadians.
Example: It's aboot time I got some new flannel, eh?

Ehap: 1. To hit or slap with a tail.
2. To hit or slap with something representing a tail.

A typo of whap, originally Spotspeak now a generic furry term.
Example: He was annoying me, so I just gave him a quick ehap.

Ehh: A loud shreik that can be blurted in a moment of frustration or excitement.
Example: Ehh!

ehlke-ism: A following in which people appear to be in a state of confusion, but are really much smarter than you
Example: I clearly am a follower of

Eholay: A term to be used when you are frustrated.
Example: Used often when dealing with my girlfriend Tracy.. Eholay Tracy!!!

EI: From emotionally intelligent. A measure of intelligence inversely correlating to IQ.
Example: Trudy had such a high EI that she could only hold down a job at Burger King.

EIGHTLESS: A number where eight is missing.
A persone without spiritual balance, by missing the spirit of justice.
Example: Number 756 is eightless.
The judge was eightless in his verdicts.

ejamacation: The past or recent history of your education.
Example: Lus, you didnt have good ejamacation.

el camino: a mullet hair cut- as like the vehicle, half car half truck
Example: Billy Ray is sportin' a damn fine el camino.

el dussey: Very good or totally awesome.

Example: This website is el dussey.
My Spanish word corruptions are totally el dussey.

elacceleration: The usually useless practice of pressing the elevator button
a hundred times with the belief that it will actually speed the arrival of the elevator.
Example: The elevator must be shomeping at every floor on the way here,
we should have gotten the elacceleration feature.

elastifact: Estimates or budget forecasts which are accepted and believed right up until reality says, No, this will not happen. This is not optimism which seeks the best--it is a result of over-proceessed information and spin, or self-referential data processing.
Example: I am very strong. My elasticfact for the weight I will lift is 100% kg. GRRR Uhh! Grrrrrr ... OK, let's try an elastifact of 100 kg.

elastimate: Estimates and budget forecasts which work past the point where rational examination make the numbers unimaginable.
Example: What do you mean our sales are $4 million? Go back and recalculate until you get the $6 million elastimate we have from the budget meeting.

Elbonics: The phenomenon of two people maneuvering for the same arm rest in a movie theatre.

elderdultery: Adultery for senior citizens.
Example: She liked to discuss at length her long-running and torrid elderdulturous affair.

electronical: Identical to electronic, only with an added syllable.
Example: The electronical equipment was running smoothly.

elefeint: To pretend to try to shome the elevator door from closing as someone is rushing to get on.
Example: She called out for me to hold the door, and I did a nice job of elefeinting.

elegalorious: Elegant and glorious.
Example: The pie you made was elegalorious.

elegantic: a halfhearted stab at outward appearance when
mandated by others
Example: I thought I was done, but she insisted it was too plain. So I festooned it with shiny bits of tin foil to make it more elegantic.

elevendy-three: To avoid giving a true number when questioned.
Example: How old are you mister? Elevendy-three.

eleventeen: Imaginary number which occurs right after nineteen and 'tenteen.'
Example: ...eighteen, nineteen, tenteen, eleventeen... -or- I've got eleventeen rabbits.

eleventeener: A girl thats too young. Meaning your a dirty old man for looking.
Example: When your friend is checking out a girl and you notice that she's eleventeen.
Then you say, What are you thinking, she's an eleventeener.

eleventeenyearold: Ten to sixteen year old girls who attempt to appear older than they are.
Used as an insult when checking ID.
Can be identified by the use of glitter make-up, high platform heels, and pastel colour use.
Example: Sam was deeply disgusted at how promiscuous the eleventeenyearolds of today are.

eleventy: a significantly big but indefinite number
Example: these drinks cost me eleventy bucks

eleventy-seven: One-hundred-seventeen (117). Used to describe an amount too big to count or not worth counting.
Example: How many miles to Grandma's house? Eleventy-seven.

elevitation: That floating feeling you get when an elevator shomes abruptly while going up.
Example: When the express elevator shomes at the fiftieth floor, the elevitation makes me feel like I'm Superman jumping off the roof.

Elgooging: Exact opposite og searching. You find a site and then find out what search engines have the site and don't, and then submit the site to the ones that don't.
Example: I'm elgooging www.pseudodictionary.com. {Thanks.}

elint: Electronic intelligence and espionage.
Example: Elint is becoming an increasingly import facet of American intelligence gathering.

Eliot Ness: An allusion to the movie Untouchables, meaning a perfect girl.
Example: Don't even step, she's an Eliot Ness.

eliphigimus: Very hard or large in size.
Example: That's an eliphigimus of a building!

elkite: Someone who manipulates the thought process of someone of lesser intelligence.
Example: Rich is a real elkite when it comes to convincing Norm what to do.

ellemenopee: LMNOP. Used when you don't understand what another person or animal has just said.
Example: A. What are you doing on munshdb (muffled letters)?
B. Ellemenopee??

ello-ell: LOL--meaning laughing out loud.
Example: I'm ello-ell.

elm: embarrased
Example: I'm so elmed that my car is called the $300 mobile.

Elmyrize: To hug and squeeze and love to pieces.
Derived from the name of Tiny Toon Adventures character Elmyra Duff,
who positively adored animals (much to the animals' regret).
Example: Bob's cat Fluffy was remarkably tolerant of his efforts to Elmyrize her.

eloobow: when your arms bend outwards when held directly infront of your body.
Example: oh my , your arms are really elobowd!

elsind: Abreviation for love sindrom, characterizing the continous living of strong sentiments,
where pain and happiness are together tied, giving a creational impulse to the persons which suffer by it.
Example: Leticia was touched by elsind.
Elsind is a good stimulant for artists.

elspeth: to organize unnecessarily
Example: I elspethed the garage.

eltonism: The worship of Elton John.
Example: I like to study eltonism in a rubber room.

Elwopped: Used by accounting and payroll professionals to note when an employee has taken Leave Without Pay.
Example: That guy has been elwopped on his last 3 paychecks.

email dyslexia: The common slip-up that happens when you type an email address and reverse any letters in the address, only to find a user unknown message in your in box a bit later.
Example: Opps! I had email dyslexia--sorry for the delay in my reply.

email slut: 1. Someone who checks their email more often than once every 15 minutes, especially at work.
2. Someone who will do anything to get as much email as possible. zzqqyt@yahoo.com
Example: Flowerchild is quite the email slut. She gets about 150 emails a day.

emailable & faxable: When I write someone a hand-written letter, or if I am asked to send them some literature from work, I always ask if they are emailable or faxable.
Example: These two are pretty obvious.
When I write someone a hand-written letter, or if I am asked to send them some literature from work, I always ask if they are emailable or faxable.

emaze: verb: To create amazement via email or other electronice communication.
Example: I was emazed this morning, upon opening my web mail. An emazing message was there.

embalmed: 1. To do or say something so inappropiate that there is no way to make amends.
2. To completely end a situation.
Example: 1. When I told Susan that the dress made her look fat, I really embalmed myself.
2. When Steve refused to pay me the $20 he borrowed, our friendship was totally embalmed.

Embarcade: (To ditch someone in favor of someone funner or doing something else.
Comes from embark when a boat leaves a port.
Example: Can you believe it? She embarcaded me at the party and went to the hotel.

embare-assed: What happens when you take your clothes in a public place.
Example: When I was changing in the bathroom stall, I became embare-assed.

embiggen: Presumed to mean something like To make bigger.
Seen on _The Simpsons_, episode 3F13 Lisa the Iconoclast, originally aired on 19960218..

(It's a prefectly cromulent word).

Example: A noble spirit embiggens the smallest man. - Jebidiah Springfield

emerson: Bald, hairless. (Beccehamian Cockney Rhyming slang, after Brazillian racing driver Emerson Fittipaldi (baldy)).
Example: One of the best examples of an emerson is Yul Brynner

eminder: A short reminder sent by e-mail
Example: I have just received an eminder about the 10:00 meeting.

eminenemy: The kind of pseudo-enemy rappers need so they can put someone down
Example: He's just an eminenemy for dissing--I kinda like the guy really.

emo: a broad title that covers a lot of different styles of emotionally-charged punk rock

~from https://www.fourfa.com/

a state of charged punkish emotion
Example: A friend of mine listens to emo almost exclusively; in fact, he embodies the scene.

emo-speak: A form of typing in which you either don't put spaces between words,
or instead of spaces you use periods. Commonly seen on diryland and live journal.
Example: Thisisanexampleofthefirsttypeofemospeak.This.an.example.of.the.second.type.of.emo.speak.

Emo-vamp: A shortened version of Emotion vampyr. A type of vampyr that feeds off emotions.
Very rare to find, because many die in their youth.
Example: Theda Bara was a silent film star who vamped her way throght many films. She always struck me as a bit of an emo-vamp.

emocracy: The illusion of democracy, where the source of general opinion is not a common set of values, but certain emotions that force a strong feeling about towards an election, a military retaliation, or sports event.
Example: In the Netherlands, a typical emocracy was evident in the huge election victory of an unknown party. The charismatic party leader had been assassinated two weeks before the election.

emortant: Combining emo from the musical genre emotional punk music and important,--
generally to describe emotionally important things.
Example: This new band is so emortant to its fans that I find it quite scary.

Emoticate: To communicate with someone using using only emotions.
Example: When I emoticate with my girlfriend she knows exactly what's on my mind.

Emotional Vampire: A person who sucks the energy right out of you.
Example: I was having a great day until all the emotional vampires at work arrived.

empeeth: An MP3 where the last bit of the song is missing. Pronounced em-pee-th
Example: I spent 10 minutes looking for an MP3 of this song, and all I found was an empeeth.

empirical: As adjudged by UK movie periodical _Empire Magazine_.
Example: _Attack of the Clones_ Empirically better than _Minority Report_? Sometimes I wonder why I pay my subscription fee.

employee of the month spot: The prime spot of any parking lot, located closest to the entrance.
Example: The mall was very crowded, but I still managed to get the
employee of the month spot.

employfriend: The person of higher seniority in an office relationship--i.e., you're dating your boss.
Works best when describing a male, 'cause it rhymes with boyfriend.

Example: I would never have an employfriend. If anybody's gonna be employin', it'll be me!

Enamorable: Able to be loved in a very cute way.
Example: Am I not enamorable? purrr

endaufin rush: Thrill at regal heirs. Excitement over princes.
Example: Reading the _Daily Mail_ gives all us English and British people a great big big endaufin rush.

endearitation: The state of annoyance, impatience, or exasperation brought about by prolonged exposure to well-intentioned, but oblivious, elderly female relatives.
Example: Grandma doesn't seem to understand the endearitation I feel when she tells my friends about my early potty-training.

endgegner: its a german word based on computergames, describes the big end-boss in oldstyle shootemup�s
Example: this guy is like an endgegner to me

endorminical: Relating to or during the process of sleeping.
Example: He tossed and turned beneath the covers, caught in an endorminical fit.

Ends: Money.
Example: I got no ends until Monday.

endulge: To be extremely generous and giving; to indulge outwardly.
Example: I went to her wishlist and endulged.

enerdy: When someone devotes a lot of energy to something that is only worth the attention of nerds.
Example: Chester is talking about the relative benefits of PERL with great enerdy.

energator: The ability of a device to produce an alternate form of power.
Example: We would have no power in this building without the emergency energator.

enfenestrate: To throw something in through a window. Opposite of defenestrate.

Example: Someone enfenestrated a water-balloon at me in my apartment.

enginerring: The application of scientific and mathematical principles to the design of error-prone systems;
or the area of a business in which poor-quality work is performed by engineers.
Example: Enginerring sent us another prototype that doesn't work.

Engraged: Descriptive of the situation when one person is trying to talk to you, but you're busy shouting at someone else.
Example: Hey, shome shouting at him! Raargh.... What? Oh, sorry. I'll talk to you later. I'm engraged.

enh: a verbal shrug of indifference
Example: You do know your muffler fell of, don't you? Enh.

enron: (verb) When corporate executives mismanage a company for personal gain.
Example: It was painful for Bill in engineering to sit back and watch the CEO and his biker-chick wife
enron the company.

enron: Big corporation's views that they are above the law; also an alternate pronounciation of end run.
Example: When it came time for financial disclosure, the big company tried to do an enron around the law.

Microsoft's trying to pull an Enron with its various state-by-state challenges to the proposed anti-trust settlment.

enron: To shred important documents so that they will not be seen by anyone else.
Example: 1. I made sure I enroned my bank statement before I threw it in the trash.
2. You better enron that chick's phone number before your girlfriend sees it.

Enronitius: The negative effect of the fall a large company has on the economy.
Example: The American economy would have Entonitus if General Motors were to go bankrupt.

entermuse: A combination of entertainment and amusement.
Example: That movie was fairly entermusing.

entremanure: A fertilizer salesman
Example: After decades of scooping and hauling excrement for the feed lot, Cletus was promoted to the dung sales office as an entremanure.

environmenteer: Environmenteer is the professional designation for a new-age, tree hugging, environmental engineer.
Example: Mom, can I bring Bernie for show-and-tell?
Everybody else is bringing rocks and leaves and stuff--I want to bring Bernie.
He's a real environmenteer!

(the word was invented by my son, Rogi LaFortune, when he was 7 yrs. old)

Enyay: 1. An expletive of pure joy 2. A pointless, however energetic near-squeal or shriek. Tends to be yelled by idiots.
Example: So elated was Dan the schoolboy that he screamed Enyay!

ephemeratron: One whose life is shaped by and revolves around corporate ephemera--
Furbies, mass-marketed Old Navy fads, etc.
Example: Baby Gap is nothing but an outlet for burgeoning ephemeratrons.

Epileptic fits: Because the brain is so complex, epileptic fits take many forms, although each sufferer usually only experiences one type, or a limited number of types of fit. While over 40 different types of fit have been described, the main physical manifestations are:

Brief loss of awareness: Staring spells begins without warning, and only last for a few seconds. The child becomes unaware of his surroundings, the eyes are still, but there may be rhythmic blinking, rapid breathing or chewing movements. The child is unaware of the fit, and is not confused afterwards. Although these can occur many times a day, absence fits are often unnoticed by parents or teachers. Children with absence fits may have difficulty in learning if the problem is not recognised and treated.

Mood changes: The sensory or emotional systems may be affected, causing a variety of symptoms. These can include tingling or numbness, seeing lights, hearing sounds, odd tastes or odd smells; and feeling emotions like fear, sadness, anger or even joy. It may be that a specific memory is triggered, or that there is a deja vu experience - that an event appears as a previous memory, even although it has only just happened. These symptoms are often called an aura.

Muscle spasms: A single muscle, or a group of muscles contracts, usually only for a second or so, causing part of the body to jerk or, if the contraction continues, to stiffen. The event may be repeated several times, or the convulsive movements may spread to other parts of the body.

Loss of muscle tone: In this case, a group of muscles relax, for example causing the child to fall. The arms or the body muscles, for example, may go limp. Obviously, this can cause physical harm, and children prone to drop attacks often have to wear protective headgear.

Loss of consciousness: Finally, there may be, complete loss of consciousness.
In a typical fit, various of these physical manifestations may be combined. Thus in a generalised tonic clonic fit, the child may emit a short cry, lose consciousness and fall to the floor; the muscles stiffen (tonic phase) and then the limbs jerk and twitch (clonic phase); bladder control may be lost. Consciousness is regained slowly, and afterwards the child may feel fatigue, confusion and disorientation. These final effects may last for a few minutes or several hours.

The pattern of fit depends on where in the brain the epileptic event starts, and how it propagates to other areas of the brain. In a simple fit pattern, the event only occurs in one area of the brain. In more complex patterns, like the one described above, it starts in one area of the brain and propagates to other areas.

While there is a wide variety of patterns of fit, most children who suffer from fits will experience the same pattern of fit on successive occasions, or at most a limited number of different patterns. The pattern of fits may also evolve with time.

The consequences to the child are not related to the physical violence of the fit. While violent fits may cause physical damage, most fits are not thought to further harm the brain. However, some of the minor manifestations, particularly minor tremors in babies a few months old may be an indicator of infantile spasms, a serious condition, which can cause serious damage to the brain, and needs to be treated as soon as possible. It is important to consult a doctor if you notice anything that might be a fit. It is better to be safe than sorry.
Example: As indicated by the above description, the notion that people who have epileptic fits are dangerous or violent are
uninformed. An epileptic might fall over and hurt himself, but he's really not likely to do harm to anyone else.
(Wish I had known this when I was a child. Bobby T. tended to be shunned because he had epilepsy;
other children were needlessly afraid of him.
Of course, there's the part Bobby played in this himself--he made those of us who were smaller and younger think
he might hurt us. As an adult, I recognize now that this might just have been a defense mechanism,
but I didn't know it then.)

epiphanatious: Radically enlightening, epiphanic.
Example: That was epiphanatious.

epizoodix: The lack of a rosy coloring in the facial cheeks due to refusing to eat spinach as a child.
Example: If you don't eat your spinach, you'll get the epizoodix.

ept: Capable, talented, not inept.
Example: You're certainly ept at word definitions, Chester.

equidelirium: A balanced state betweeen delirium and sanity. A tightrope the common man is walking on
but is conditioned to a point of oblivion.
Example: The group are are in equidelirium; don't say a word.
Am I really equidelirius?

Equindentilnervosa: A nervousness exhibited when close to horses' teeth.
Example: The Jockey had to retire. His equindentilnervosa had finally got the better of him

equinosity: Horse sense; common sense
Example: He is a man of great equinosity.

er factor: Comes into play when dealing with a selfish person, no matter how you feel they go you one better.
Example: If I'm sick then the er factor kicks in and my mom is sickER.

erf: A gutteral sound such as grunting, usually used online
Example: Did you do the homework or not?

ergenwelsh: To continue participating in an argument when all the person does is keep
saying I know you are, but what am I?
Example: Don't ergenwelsh with him, Timmy--just ignore him.

Ernie Orange: The color girls and guys get when they overtan or use self-tanning cream where the color does not look right.
Named after the Sesame Street character of the same color.
Example: Suzanne looks ernie orange today.

errr: The thought Don't bother lying. I don't believe you.

Example: A: I paid you the $20 already. B: Errr.

Ersatz: Fake, false.
Example: His hair was ersatz, Sally realised, as it blew off in the strong wind.

erthroitrageelatunny: The area between your big toe and the second biggest toe.
Example: I cut my erthroitrageelatunny.

esbee-esspee: A groovy person you know, like, and trust. A close friend.
Example: I like Nicky--she's esbee-espee.

Escapegoat: The vehicle a scape goat uses to escape.
Example: He's just done a runner in the escapegoat.

escheresque: Resembling a drawing by Escher, surreal.
Example: That wallpaper is very escheresque.

Eskimofo: A terrible cold thing. It may be a person, place, or thing.
Example: This winter has been such an eskimofo.

espitology: A study of the epistles, the Bible.
Example: This course is an espistology of the Book of James.

esplanade: To attempt an explanation while drunk. (From the Washington Post Style Invitational, 1999)

Example: When I asked my husband why he came home at 2 a.m., the best I could get was an esplanade.

esprit de coors: n. Comradeship or fellowship of those with a preference for drinking Coors.
Example: The evening's mood was heightened by the group's esprit de coors.

esque: Add to the end of a name or word when you can't find the perfect description.
Example: That girl is very Barbiesque. This party is very rock staresque.

Esso assho': The person who drives through a gas station to make a turn in order to avoid waiting
her turn at a busy intersection
Example: She went around seven cars, through the gas station, didn't buy gas, and just kept on going. What an Esso assho.

Estermateing: Roaming the halls discussing pointless issues that you know nothing about anywat.
Example: Joey and Troy were estermateing about physics again yesterday.

estibute: A heated exchange of words.
Example: Gary and Lynn got into quite an estibute over what colour to paint the front hall.

et rel: And related items. From etc. and et al.
Example: Your job will include technical support et rel.

etaoin shrdlu: ...something that is nonsense or absurd.... An error. The order of letters on the old Linotype machines, from most frequently used to least frequently used in speech and writing, not in words. etaoin shrdlu cmfgyp wbvkxj qz.

Example: Some of the SMS text makes about as much sense to me as etaoin shrdlu. (Short Messaging Service translation: som of d SMS txt mAkz bout az much sense 2 me az etaoin shrdlu.)

ethicrat: One who dictates by always taking the moral high ground.
Example: I don't go to church because the congregation are all ethicrats.

ethnocrat: A ruler selected by birth or race.
Example: The Queen is nothing but an ethnocrat.

Eugene: nerd or geek.a person that is not cool.unpopular
Example: what a Eugene. yuk! He's a eugene.I would never date him, he's a big Eugene.

eugoogleizer: Zoolander talk for eulogizer, one who gives eulogies.
Example: This is my first funeral as a eugoogleizer.

eulogoogilie: Eulogy. From the film _Zoolander_, screenplay by Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson.
Example: Derek gave his very first eulogoogilie at the graveside sevice for his model friends who were killed when they had a gasoline fight.

eupulchrous: Truly, exceptionally beautiful.
Example: Check out that eupulchrous babe coming down the hall.

eurkh: An all-purpose general substitute for another noun. An all-purpose stupid word; �esp: an all-purpose stupid euphemism or curse, usu. used as a meaningless intensive.
Example: What the eurkh is this?

euro disney: used to describe something that is passe, slow, or long overdue...like euro disney a year behind

Evandalism: The act of painting Jesus Saves in some public place.
Example: There is not enough money in the Highway department budget to remove evidence of evandalism from bridge abutments.

even: Used when correcting oneself after jumbling words.
Example: I went to the pu... spuser... supermarket even.

eventvoid: Noun which describes the feeling of emptiness after a major event.
Example: Many university students experience an eventvoid after final exams.

EverCrack: Slang for the multiplayer game EverQuest. EverQuest's appeal is so like an addiction or bad habit that some call it ''EverCrack.''

Example: Jeff has to go home and meet some friends on EverCrack.

everythingism: A word expansive enough to cover any and every ism that exists. Used when you have problems with specific categorisation and wish to make a general statement.
Example: Dusty thought that socialism and liberalism were not the best concepts because they left things out.
Everythingism was the concept which was able to encompass it all.

evileditorsyndrome: A condition unique to editors.
Example: The editor has evileditorsyndrome.

evitation: A formal request for someone to become president for a short period of time.
Example: I thank the Senate, Mr. Suarez said, but I will have to decline your kind evitation to become president of Argentina.

Evoc it up: To make something more evocative.
Example: Well, the plot's all there, but I think we need to evoc it up.

Evol: From Homicide: Life on the Street.

aka The Forces of Eeeevil The Dark Side etc.

Love spelled backwards, it describes any villain who does something only for the sake of being evil, or serves evil (as if it were a Union or something.) As opposed to merely greed, ambition, or other vices.
Example: Gul Dukat from Star Trek: Deep Space 9 wasn't evol at first. He did the atrocities that he did out of greed,
ambition, and misaligned patriotism.

When he became the conduit of the Fallen Prophets who wanted to destroy/dominate the universe just because they believed in serving darker emotions, he became Evol.

evort: Absolute erasure, forgiveness, a total cleansing of all wrong or inaccurate conditions.
Example: I am hurt, confused, and shaken. But I will evort this circumstance, thereby saving my sanity.

Ewness: Something disgusting or just plain weird.
Example: Ewness. You like those socks?

EWO: Eyes Wide Open--for anything exciting.
Example: The dance was really EWO.

EWOW: Excessive Winking On the Web ;-) Often occurs in personal or flirtatious emails. Can be linked to a nervous twitch. Also occurs in business emails in which sender is using passive aggressive methods to motivate, connect with or manipulate the recipient.
Example: Here is an example of EWOW in an e-mail: Hi! ;-) Hope your day isn't too stressed out! ;-) So, is it appropriate to ask personal questions...aka, are you dating? Just curious ;-)

EWRT: (interj) Used to exclaim suprise, stupidity, or any other such foolishnes. Good for blankouts.
Example: J: .... So that's what the teachers said about you . S: That I'm fat and ugly and eat potato chips? EWRT!

ews: -Eyes Wide Shut--to describe something really bad
Example: Yuck! The performance was really ews!

ewww, look at those *adjective: An easy way to get a bite of someone's food,
by making them look away.
Add an adjective such as disgusting after the phrase for added effect.
Example: YOU: Ewww, look at those fat people, disgusting!
YOU: Oh, guess you missed 'em.

ex-squeeze me: Used with sarcasim or humor to replace the phrase excuse me.
Example: Comment: You are standing in my way. Move over. Response: Well ex-squeeze me!

ex-wifeosaurous: A former female spouse.
Example: My ex-wifeosaurous phoned; I need a hug.

excelemaratabob: Accelerated.
Example: The unusually smart girl was in excelemaratabob Spanish.

excelnot: This word is pretty much what it looks like. The opposite of excellent, it's used for dramatic effect and subtlety.
It fools the listener into thinking that her last comment was appreciated and approved of before, a
t the last second, it is shockingly shot down. It is pronounced Ek-sell-NOT, with the final syllable having the accent.
Example: Well Jeremy, it looks like you'll get to work a couple of extra hours tonight!
That is excelNOT.

exclammigration: The urge to speak loudly in English in an attempt to get foreigners to understand you.
Example: After 10 minutes of trying to use his Spanish dictionary to no avail,
Frank gave in to exclammigration and ended up infuriating the native Spaniard.

excrucimeeting: An excruciating meeting, either in length or subject matter.
Example: N. Every Wednesday the office mavens called an overly detailed and tediously long excrucimeeting.
Adj. Rebecca emerged from the conference room with dark circles under her eyes and clumps of her own hair clutched feverishly in her hands. That was excrucimeeting, she managed to gasp.

Excuselocis: When someone completely lies to you with a straight face, having good excuses at all times to make you feel good.
Example: Excuses, excuses your always lying to me you have Excuselocis.

excusercise: Making up many excuses to cover your actions--it's almost a form of exercise.
Example: Bob's girlfriend was told he was at a bar instead of working late. He's really going to have to do some major excusercising.

execucute: Excessive meddling by studio or network executives that ruins a motion picture or television show.
Example: The first Batman movie wasn't too bad, but the rest of 'em got execucuted.

execuglide: to maneuver oneself around the room while seated in a wheeled office chair.

exersistical: A word used to desribe someone who is more fit or likes exercise more than you do!
Example: You're way more exersistical than me!

exhausticated: when you are extremely tired
Example: I can't go out tonight, I am too exhausticated.

exigranibat: To be abused by a scantily clad frog
Example: I just got exigranibated down at the swamp.

exoskeletaxidermy; exoskeletax: The process of sealing and preserving the metallic exoskeletons of aliens.
(Which are sure to devour us all.)
Example: Though normally I am an exoskeletaxidermist, on this mission I will be attempting to save the universe, using my unique knowledge of the structure of these beasts as my main weapon. Oh, and some large guns.

expanditis: the condition, often encountered in office situations, of creating more work than necessary for oneself or others.
Example: Generating seven strikingly similar drafts of the document was a clear example of expanditis.

explose: To explode while exposing (such as in photography).
Definition thought of by FPM2K, word first used by Bjarni Cool.
Example: Had I removed the bomb first, I wouldn't have explosed all my photos.

expoobident: Extraordinary, phenomenal, wonderful.

Example: She kissed me in the most expoobident manner. She dances the waltz expoobidently.

exposive: An object, action etc. that exposes something.
I don't know why this word isn't in a normal dictionary, it seems so useful.
Example: That was an exposive story on TV about the refugees in Australia last night. OR
She was wearing a really exposive home at Dave's party.

express-hole: The jerk who tries to sneak in more than 10 items on the supermarket express-line

exscreamly: Extremely.
Example: Pseudodictionary.com is exscreamly fun.

exsculptatory: The crock sculpted of ordinary evidence by a high priced attorney to free a defendant.
Example: Proving his client was born without DNA was the exsculptatory evidence that freed the defendant.

exstatisism: Laughing and crying at the same time.
Example: I had a fight with my boyfriend on his birthday and suddenly I was in a state of exstatisism.

exstrapilate: The removal of the small straps on an dress, such as an evening gown, to make it a strapless.
Example: Honey, could you please exstrapilate my black dress?

extincting: To be heading towards extinction.
Example: That dongle is extincting.

extra: Extraneous, superfluous. A derogatory term to describe a person, her actions, or phenomena observed.
Example: Daylight is streaming in the window and you turn on all the lamps? You're so extra!

extra napkins: Something so good that you need extra napkins to clean up your drool.
Example: I needed extra napkins after seeing the new iPod.

extropy: antonym for entropy
Example: Extropy and entropy are constantly competing for the fate of the universe.

extrospective: Discussion of thoughts, feelings, and sensations.
Example: I could sit here and read my book but i am feeling extrospective
today and would rather be out having tea and conversation with a friend.

eye candy: A gorgeous guy, not necessarily with the intelligence to match, who you just can't take your eyes off of.
Example: ex. I saw your brother last night - he is pure eye candy.

eye jammy: When someone does somethin dumb, you need to give 'em an eye jammy.
Example: You betta chill before you catch an eye jammy.

eyebrella: Hairy umbrella of the eye.
Example: He had very bushy eyebrellas

eyelock: An unrecognizable foreign object in the road.
Example: Viewing some eyelocks may be an unpleasant experience--for example, roadkill.