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O'Doom: Suffix added to any word to denote that it is a thing of size, power, majesty or grunt,
and certainly something to be regarded with awe and reverence.
Example: There's not a lot of room in Dan's bedroom, but that's primarily because it contains the Waterbed O'Doom.

O-Dark Thirty: a ridiculously early hour in the morning
Example: We will meet in front of the hotel at O-dark thirty...and then we will take the subway to the race start

O-dark-hundred-hours: Really early in military slang. Modeled after terms like 0700 hours.
Example: Missed my flight and flew standby, to arrive at o-dark-hundred-hours.

o-ha: slang japanese. a substitute (mostly used by teenage girls) for 'ohayoo', which means 'good morning'.

O-Lame-Picks: Medal winner picks by Olympic judges in figure skating in 2002
Example: The decision by the French judge to leave town was in response to the O-Lame-Picks
the panel made earlier in the week.

o-shape: When one's mouth goes into a o shape out of utter disbelief.
Example: Curty got so excited he went o-shape.

O-Sign: A patient in very bad shape, usually non-responsive, with the mouth open in the shape of an O. The dotted O-Sign describes a fly on the forehead. Q-Sign = O-sign with tongue protruding from the corner of the mouth.
Example: Doctor Jones, Mrs Campbell is doing poorly; she's showing the O-Sign all night long.

O. P.: Over Pricing--when you're sure that you're not going to win a deal but you must try something anyway.
Your final call is to Over Price ridiculously, hoping to add imaginary value to your product.
Example: Sure we'll win this deal. Why? Because Mauri OP�ed it so much.

O.E.: Operator error. If the person running machine, computer, car (whatever) just can't make it work, that's operator error.
Example: Bert. I can't make copies on this machine. Ernie. Must be an O.E., darling, I just finished making a copy.

O.G.: Popularized by Ice T. 1.Original Gangsta. 2.One who has been around for a while.
Example: I'm an O.G. like that.

oaotay: Don't worry, be happy.
Example: Everything is going to be oaotay.

OB: Office Bitch. Unliked office workers. Not intended to be derogatory towards women.
Usually used by nonoffice workers suh as warehouse workers
Example: Those OBs messed up and are making us look bad.

obflusticate: vt/ To confuse,through the use of vague, convoluted language, to the point at which the listener either starts grinding his/her teeth, or flexing the jaw up & down in a flustered state.
From the combination of the words obfuscate, fluster & masticate.
Noun: obflustication.
Example: Mr. Lay's testimony obflusticated quite a few people.

obfuscatologist: Someone who makes things unclear or difficult to follow. {To obfuscate is to make obscure or unclear, especially if done in a circuitous or complicated manner.)
Example: Jim's a professional obfuscatologist; following his trail of excuses is unbelievably difficult.

obfuzzcate: The inability to read faxes due to poor print quality.
Example: Resend that fax since it was too obfuzzcated to understand.

oblication: a vacation that you are obligated to go on.
Example: I took an oblication when I went to that inlaw wedding last month.

obliterous: Inelegantly blotto.

Example: We had been drinking since sunrise and found ourselves too obliterous to function.

oblusionment: To forget the reality of the situation and perceive it in one's own subjective light, thus misleading the self.
Example: Damian (a balding-wrinkly-Texan oil tycoon) thought that Delilah (buxom-young-blonde model) was marrying him for true love. Such oblusionment is common in Texans.

obnauseous: Someone or something that is so offensive that she makes you physically ill.
Example: Her smell is obnauseous.

obs: Police slang for observation. Meant as a compliment for a person's powers of observation of something not easily seen by others.
Example: When Officer Sean saw the robbery in the alley, he was able to shome it, due to his good obs.

observising: A combination of observing and supervising.
Example: That lifeguard is doing a great job of observising the pool.

Obstecology: A mix of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
Example: Linda had to see her obstecologist for her annual pap smear.

obstropulous: Hard to please, difficult
Example: Your obstropulous nature is hard to bear.

obulous(ly): Obvious, in a nebulous way; perfectly understandable but only if you're confused anyway
Example: If only one component of a virtual particle escapes a black hole, the other must fall in,
so obulously Mr. Hawking is wrong when he says black holes emit radiation--
there is no net gain or loss to the system.

obvi: Obviously
Example: She was so obvi not cool.

obzoki: To be uneven or badly proportioned.
Example: Chris certainly has an obzoki head and face.

occuability: Readiness for occupying, habitable.

Example: The slumlord would not make any representations in regard to the apartment's occuability.

oceanrific: Really super cool, epecially when describing blue hair.
Example: Wow, your hair is looking oceanrific today.
(NOTE: wee! i love blue hair slang seeing as that's what color mine is now)

Ocker: The most foul-mouthed, tight stone-washed jeans with socks pulled over wearing, smoke pack stuck in
t-shirt sleeve showing loser--usually with a mullet haircut.
Example: You don't want to go into that pool hall. First off, all the eight balls are stolen, and second--its packed with Ockers

octohodic: Beautiful and esthetic concerning all the aspects, used to describe that in art or poetry
Example: Nathaniel Hawthorne's book is octohodic. This poem is octohodic. That painting is octohodic.

octology: A numerological theory which has scriptural, logic and metaphisical arguments at its basis.
The essence of that theory is based on the fact that 8 is the light, the perfect number,
and even more than that.
OCTO=8 in latin
so from here is deriving-octology.
Example: Octology considers that mankind must to return to peace, by shomeing wars, and loving all,
by transforming evil in good, 7 in 8.

octomonkey: A monkey that has eight legs, similar to an ochomeus.
Example: The octomonkey was able to gather more bananas than the two-armed monkeys.

OD: Over Doing It
Example: Someone tells you an exaggerated story, and your reply would be O.K now you're O.D.

Odamtoobadjo: Oh, damn, too bad, Joe! Benny Hill described golf in this manner, but it's becoming synonymous with any failed effort: dice games, target practice, etc.)
Example: All the other golfers, when Joe misses his putt, Odamtoobadjo!

oddplate: Custom car license plate not decipherable to an average person.
Example: An example of oddplate would be: l2gd95j.

odeme: A wheel with numerals around its rim. Used for displaying numbers, and in most cases, also keeping track of the numbers.
Example: This numbering stamp has six odemes, so it can count almost up to a million.

Odessa: When something bad happens, just say odessa,
but make sure it is followed up in the next sentence by bummer.
Example: A. My chick just told me she was screwing some other guy. B. Odessa. A. What? B. Odessa bummer.

odgibodgi: cuddly

of doom: phrase that can be added to anything to make it sound evil or even more evil than it already is
Example: Man! That was the party of doom last night.

off like a prom dress: similar to gotta jet this phrase means to leave somewhere very quickly with speed matching that of prom dress removal at a post-prom party
Example: Talk to ya later, I'm off like a prom dress

Off the chain: Expression used to describe something that is really good.
Example: These tap dancing bulls are off the chain.

off the hinges: Similar to off the hook: outstanding, great.
Example: That concert was off the hinges.

Off the hizzi fa schizzi: (His-e for sh-is-e) It means that something is really hot or cool. It can also mean that someone is being serious.
Example: His new car is off the hizzi fa schizzi. Or She said that you lied. No I didn't lie. I'm off the hizzi fa schizzi.

off the hook: Pretty amazingly good.
Example: _Return to Castle Wolfenstein_ is off the hook.

Office Ass: The feeling you get after sitting in an office chair all day.
Example: I've got a bad case of office ass today.

office-chair-basketball: What happens when a toy basketball hoop has been hung in an office area.
Example: Hey guys, the boss isn't around, let's get a game of office-chair-basketball going.

Offie: Shortened version of Off-License, for use in Britain.
Example: I'm going down to the offie, do you want anything?

offputting: something that forces you to be put off
Example: what he just did was really offputting

ogamate: OK, mate. Australian slang.
Example: Person 1: Will you buy me tickets to the gig?
Person 2: Ogamate.

oge: To be ugly. Taken from the word ogre.
Example: I wish he'd shome oging around me.

Ogey!: Okay.
Example: Do you want to go for a ride with us?

oh bug: Like oh darn, except with more emphasis on annoyance or disappointment than on anger or frusturation
Example: Tim, I just remembered we have an essay due tomorrow.
Oh bug, you're right.

oh crackerz: When you forget something or are disappointed.
Example: Oh, crackerz! I wanted to go.

oh dark thirty: Very late at night, or very early in the morning, a time most people consider an ungodly hour (e.g., 3:00 am, 4:00 am).
o-dark-thirty (Amy Anson and David Miller damille@siue.edu I was up 'til o-dark-thirty getting my homework done. OR I got up at o-dark-thirty this morning.),
O-dark-30 (kriss wagner kriss_wagner@lycos.com O-dark-30 is the time of day morning-drive broadcasters have to be at work.),
zero dark thirty,
zero-dark-thirty (Jason jayboy50@excite.com I had to get up at zero-dark-thirty this morning just to make it through traffic.)
See Amish ass-crack of dawn, buttcrack of dawn, and chicken o'clock in the morning and for other early morning references.
Example: In description.

oh goy: a combination of oh good and oh joy
Example: oh goy

oh my heck: Good ol' slang used mostly in Utah by the good Mormon kids--instead of Oh, my God!

Example: Oh, my heck! Becky, did you see what she was wearing.

Oh, bandit!: Oh, dammit! As heard and said by a three-year-old.
Example: When Alec mashed his finger in the closet door, he said, Oh, bandit!

Oh, green monkey!: Expression of frustration, used when someone cannot think of a curse to say
Example: Oh, green monkey, it's broken again. [Much like Oh, bandit.]

oh-face: The face you make when in the throes of ectasy. From the movie _Office Space_.
Example: I'd like to show her my oh-face.

ohhhh scholar: Used when someone around you makes an intelligent observation, or tries to show off her booksmarts.
Example: Did you know the earth rotates on an axis? Ohhhhh scholar.

Ohkay: Oh, okay as a reaction to someone�s statement.
Example: Look, I really have to get back to work.
Ohkay, later.

ohnosecond: That moment just after you realise you have made a big mistake.
Same as an onosecond.
Example: Tom paused for an ohnosecond then climbed out to see who he had backed into.

OI!: An expression used to call attention to yourself.
Example: I have two young children.
When they are up to no good, I shout Oi! to get their attention, followed by What the heck is going on here?

Oi!: Oh, no, can't believe.
Example: Oi! How could you?

oi-ya: Meant to imitate the sound of whining.
Example: It's not that big a deal, don't oi-ya about it.

oid: a suffix for the end of a noun exaggerating the meaning
Example: Andy's talking to himself again! He's such a gimpoid! Yeah, total weirdoid...

oiler: to follow any noun. Not a form of pig latin, but to be used the same way.
Example: I just saw that caroiler. Let's go get a cupoiler of coffee.

Oinkarific: Really good.
Example: That game looks oinkarific.

oka-ba: the actual words are okay, bye, but instead, you put them together and say it really fast. Try it, say it fast and keep repeating it. All phone conversations with my friends end with this. No seeya or later, just oka-ba.

okay, terrific!: Used to put an end to an awkward silence after learning of something
you wish the other person hadn't told you.
Example: Yeah, so tomorrow I'm gonna massage grandma's feet..... Okay, terrific!

okden: Pronounced in 3 syllables (o-k-den), a compound word meaning ok, then
Example: I'll meet you at the mall at six okden

okie: Okay.
Example: Hey, man, it's okie you didn't show up yesterday.

okie day: A replacement for okay when an emphasis of joy or happiness is appropriate.
Example: Would you like to go see a movie? Okie day, see you at 7!

Oklahoma Skylight: Any opening in a building that appears as a result of meteorological activity. The hole in question can appear in the ceiling, walls, or floor.
Example: After the storm, I was sure my house would have an Oklahoma skylight.

Oklahomophobic: A dislike for Oklahoma and for anyone from Oklahoma.
Example: Tulsa? I'm not going to Tulsa; I'm Oklahomophobic. {Interesting construction. Interesting, too, that the editor lives in Tulsa, OK.)

okle dokle: All right, then. Everything is okay. Fine by me. As if I really care.
Example: You didn't put two spaces after the period in the fourth line of the third paragraph. Okle dokle, I'll be sure to fix that up later.

Okyday: OK. Also okily-dokily.
Example: You just tripped....Yeah, yeah, I'm okyday. I'm okyday.

old: cool, great
Example: The new Jay-Z album is old.

old head: Any person who has been around on a particular scene for quite a while
Example: Ed: I've been listening to that band since '83.
Ted: Damn, you're an old head.

old school: something that was part of the pop culture when one was in grade-school or early highschool years also can be from anytime in the past
Example: While listening to Hanging Tough by the New Kids On the Block one says That is so old school

olds mo brile: Southern Cadillac.
Example: That's my olds mo brile. Over yonder. Ain't she purty.

Olee: An exlamation of happiness.
Example: Olee! I aced my physics final.

OLIFFOIL: No worries, especially in solving a problem. Came from a method of solving mathematics equations.

Example: A. Can you fix this spanner?
B. I'll have oliffoil in solving this problem.

Ombaoojiebaseo: A strange, if not disturbing, song that may involve either confusion or the corruption of sanity.
Example: Have you heard Weird Al's new ombaoojiebaseo? It doesn't make any sense--go listen to it.

OMCD: (n) acronym for 'Old Married Couple Disorder', wherein two people have a strange, innate sense of each other-finish the other's sentences, know what the other one is thinking-much like an old married couple.
Example: Those two have only been going out for a week, but look at 'em-they seem like they've been together forever. They've got a serious case of OMCD.

OMG: Abbreviated text for Oh my God. To be used either in P2P text communications or spoken aloud as a three letter sequence.

Example: OMG! I can't believe they're putting the Simpsons on two times a week next season.

OMG: Used on the internet. The word is used only by dumb teenage girls with 69 in their screenames. For Oh, My God!
Example: OMG....like ya know...that guy I saw online, I sent him an AIM, he is soooo hott.

OMG WTF BBQ: Non-sequitur expression of surprise beyond surprise--what you say when something is absolutely beyond human comprehension and you can't be bothered to try and make sense of it.
Example: They're making a movie out of Crazy Taxi?! OMG WTF BBQ.

Omigawd: Origin: Teenyboppers at concerts say this a lot. Pronounced like Oh, my God but with a Valley Girl accent.
Used to express excitement, disgust, or all-around giddiness.
Example: Omigawd, look! There's Justin Timberlake! Let's go jump him!

omneur: This word is a combination of the Latin word omni (every), and the French word heure (hour).
It basically means that you have a seemingly infinite list of things to do, a very packed schedule.
Example: After tennis, I have to go to ballet, and then piano.
I will never understand why my mother thought an omneur lifestyle would be good for me.

omniabsent: Said of someone who is never around.
Example: I would ask Bob, but he's omniabsent.

omnibient: To be perfect in every way.
Example: Emily is an omnibient person.

Omnicohant: An insult. No real meaning, it's just a word used to make you look smarter than the other person because it's such a big word.
Example: Your so Omnicohant!

omnifun: Being fun in all ways.
Example: Cliff liked to do everything we did. He was great at parties, at work, and when we'd be just hanging out.
He was truly omnifun.

omnigamy: the practice of having multiple spouses of both sexes.
Example: Steve is omnigamous, he has a husband and three wives.

Omnimpotent: Incapable of doing anything effectively.
Example: Oh, don't Chris on my team. He's very omnimpotent.

omniplegic: Somebody without the use of anything.
Example: Darren Bett is a right omniplegic.

Omniturnal: Combining the two words nocturnal and diurnal, this is for the person, animal, or thing that does not sleep, day or night.
Example: He never goes to sleep, he must be omniturnal.

Omnivious: Omni = all / Vious = way. Omnivious = The way of all.
Example: In the Western world, capitalism appears to be omnivious.

The cycle of birth, life, and death is omnivious.

Omphalaskepsis: The act of sitting and gazing at your navel.
Example: Ah yes...that's Larry...practicing omphalaskepsis.

ompossible: Possible, but requiring so much effort that it will probably never happen.
Example: Cleaning the gutters seemed ompossible, so Ralph left and had a beer instead.

on fire: To be doing something really well or really quickly.
Example: That guitarist was so on fire it blew my mind.

on location: Used to describe where something is happening.
Example: While I was driving home I was singing along to the radio at the home of my lungs. The Madonna concert was on location from my car.

on lockdown: Under control.
Example: Shortly before beating Ted at Monopoly, Ed was heard to say, I've got this game on lockdown.

on terms: To be neither on particularly good terms with someone, nor on particularly bad terms with them.
Example: I might be able to borrow money from Steve--I'm on terms with him.

on the island: Formula 1 slang: on the racetrack.
Example: Despite the rain, McNish is managing to keep it on the island.

On Toast: 1. Something really good.
2. To be doing something in the morning.
Example: 1. That outfit is on toast.
2. I played tennis on toast.

on wheels: Adjective phrase added to the end of a description to enhance it.
Example: Darlene is one heinous bitch on wheels. This pie is heaven on wheels.

oncunitis: Onk-yoo-nite-uss. Constant yawning.
Example: I've got a severe case of oncunitis. I should bave got more sleep last night.

one: the upper limit of intoxication or exhaustion
Example: after the second pint of gin, i was hard one-ing

one dot five: Office lingo for meetings that end after an hour and a half.
Example: Our weekly one dot five will be Monday at 10.

one eight seven: The police code for homicide, also a cool movie.
Used to describe really bad feelings or actions between two people,
not necessarily resulting in death.
Example: Man, watch out for J and B today, they are on a total one eight seven binge right now.

one o' one: a beginner, somebody that is new to something.
Example: I am such a one o' one when it comes to web page design.

one shy of a turkey: When somebody asks how you feel and you're not too good you can say, One shy of a turkey.
Comes from bowling, where a turkey is three strikes in a row.
If you get two strikes and on the third you leave one pin standing you are one shy of a turkey
and you don't feel so hot afterwards.
Example: Q: How you feelin' morning?
A: Oh, one shy of a turkey.

one time: noun. street alarm
Example: Watch out, here comes one time.

one-off: A product, design, or device made for one purpose, not to be repeated or duplicated
Example: He made a one-off of the design to demonstrate the concept.

one-shome: An independently-operated music store.
Example: I picked up some ultra-obscure albums at the one-shome yesterday.

one-termer: A freshman congressman who botches things so badly he is virtually assured
defeat in his next electoral bid.
Example: Can you believe he voted against monetary compensation to the families of the 9-11 heros?
He's a one-termer for sure.

one-time: police (city)
Example: Be carefull driving, one-time's rollin deep tonight.

onetyone: The number immediately following ten prior to the foolish revamping that made it eleven.
Example: Do you have onetyone cents that I can borrow?

onfire: (adj) To be deeply committed to one's faith. (Christian colloquialism.)
Example: After she joined that church, she was onfire.

Oniolation: The cutting up of foods, with a knife previously used to cut up an onion, resulting in an onion taste.
Example: This strawberry has a severe case of oniolation.

onion: A word or name that's on the tip of your tongue, but you can't remember it.
Example: I've had this onion in my head, but I just can't think of it.

onion ass: An ass so nice it makes you want to cry.
Example: That chick's got one hell of an onion ass.

onion booty: A butt so perfect it makes you cry.
Example: The dancers in the Crazy Girls revue at the Riviera have onion booty.

onion-ringer: Something that makes you cry a LOT.
Example: Well, have you ever seen the movie _Armageddon_? That's the ultimate onion-ringer.

onions: A slang term for breasts, as onions come in a variety of colors and sizes, as do breasts.
For instance, a well-endowed girl may be said to have jumbo onions.
Example: I love looking at Jennifer. She has great onions.

onomania: An obsessive tendency to attach names to inanimate objects. Further symptoms include referring to objects using gender-specific pronouns. Origin is Greek's onoma for name.
Example: Have you seen my sock Billy? He's been missing for days now; I'm getting worried.

onosecond: Half a nanosecond.
The onosecond is that split second when one realizes that a faux pas or a terrible mistake has been made.
Same as an ohnosecond.
Example: It took Sandy only an onosecond to realize that she should not have asked Rusty who the father of the child was.

onphacupable: Extremely hard to screw up.
Example: 1. This task is onphacupable. Even that salesman Brian could do it.
2. My new hairstyle is a joy--it's onphacupable.

onsend: To send on; to forward
Example: I'll onsend your email to Jack.

ooblah: A kinder, gentler, and more onomahomeoeia-esque term for the mentally retarded. Initially coined by way of the TV show _Life Goes On_, which had as its theme song the Beatles song of the same name, which begins Ooblah-dee, ooblah-dah.
For a detailed description of the word's origin, see https://www.itsthecatsass.com/frame_ooblah.html.
Example: The short bus is jam-packed with droolers and ooblahs. [ED. A kinder, gentler example couldn't be found.]

ooblydoo: A poke in the stomach (usually of an overweight person).
Example: Damn, I hate it when she ooblydoos me like that.

oocness: when roleplaying it is the the state of being in between being in character and being yourself in real life.
Example: At the last LARP we lingered in oocness for an hour before playing.

Oofey: Strange but in a humorous sort of way. Off, goofy.
Example: It seems a little oofey that my new roommate wears a piece of coaxial cable
as a belt and dines exclusively on sausage patties.

oogie: A bad feeling or a bad deal; feeling sick; needing to take time off from work.
Or, when someone is acting creepy.
Example: I feel oogie. I gotta go home and nap for the rest of the day. OR Hey, why are you being oogie today? You wake up on the wrong side of the bed or something?

oogies: The small, floaty things left behind when you allow a small child to take a sip of your drink.
Example: The baby left oogies in my milk.

oogleboogle: The penultimate of anything... nothing can home or supercede it.
Example: Did not! Did too! Oogleboogle - I win! You can't home it once I invoke the oogleboogle!

oogleshreifters: Replacement for dammit.
Example: Oogleshriefters! I dropped my wallet into the sewer.

oogly: Extremely ugly. Use an exaggerated or elongated pronunciation of ugly. (Also submitted by ctlowne@ilstu.edu and Mark, www.mopedarmy.com.)
Example: Her attitude toward me was very oogly. That house is oogly.

Oogulop: A religious cult my friend and I made up,
it's a funny word and good for making excuses.
Example: YOU: I'm sorry, I can't do that, it's against my religion.
TEACHER: And what religion is that?
YOU: Oogulop.

oogy: extremely uncomfortable
Example: Those spiders at the zoo made me feel all oogy.

Ooh, nachos!: An expression of surprise.
Example: Mrs. Lampert, your husband just sent you these flowers for your anniversary Ooh, nachos!

oohwah: To make an exclamation of surprise. Usually uttered in disbelief. Heard repeatedly in Israel.
Example: Oohwah, did that really happen?

oojamaflip: Another word for thingy, whatsit, or dooverlackie.
Commonly used to refer to the TV remote control.
Example: This show's a rerun--you got the oojamaflip? No, I think it's fallen down between the cushions.

ookology: (n) The study of Terry Pratchett's books.
Example: Frank's a big Pratchett fan. It's like he's majoring in ookology.

ookymouth: (n)originating from popular M rated cartoon, South Park, ookymouth is a game in which one participant holds their mouth open, and the other attempts to spit in the aforementioned participant's mouth,
while said participant attempts to swallow and say ookymouth at the same time.
Example: Kyle, why don't you and kenny go in the other room and play ookymouth?
Mom! I can't say 'ookymouth' while i'm trying to swallow Kenny's spit!

oomph: pronounced (oooo ?mm �fff) to have a lot of power or force behind it
Example: that hit definitely had a lot of oomph behind it.

oopsadent: A really stupid accident
Example: *Smash*
Me: Uh ... Claire? What was that?
Claire: It was an oopsadent!

oopzama: the sudden scratch of the head when you find someone is not, over whom you were waving,is other than you expected
Example: My falling in oopzama on the road caused me crash with with the pole.

ooshkies: Expression of happiness or excitement, depending on the situation.
Usually used when feeling hyper. It puts an emphasis on what you are talking about.
Example: Ooshkies! I love cake.

oosoom: Out Of Sight, Out Of Mind.
Used to describe someone who is bad at keeping in touch with friends.
Example: Fred has become an OOSOOM guy since he got that new job. OR
Ever since I moved the west coast, I've been OOSOOM about my old friends back home.

oot: A fictional part of your body in your stomach that you can remove and snack on if you are hungry.

origin: began as my attempted description of a sound made by many in the throat that could not be made by me.
Example: Joel won't shome touching me in the oot. I think he's gay.

Ooteedee: Exclamation (positive) taken from _Star Wars_. Jawaa`s that can be used in any weird situation.
Example: You look like Han Solo in that outfit, total Ooteedee!

open up a can: Short for open up a can of whoopass. Refers to beating someone up.
Example: You'd better be careful, 'cause I'm about to open up a can.

operate: To be involved in the production of an opera, especially in a non-stage role.
Example: Hey Matt, are you on break? Yeah, we're done operating for the moment

Operationalize: (v) To implement a business process change so that it becomes a part of Standard Operating Procedure (SOP).
Derivatives include (adj) operationalistic, (n) operationalist, (n) operationalization.
Example: How should we operationalize our change to widget production procedures?

opportunivore: An individual who consumes every available oppourtunity that comes their way.
Example: His nature as an opportunivore was to hit on every girl he saw.

oprahism: A religion based on the worship of Oprah and strict adherence to her words.
Example: I wish he would have chosen a more mainstream religion, like voodoo or oprahism. - Futurama

optical interrupt: A sight that will get your attention no matter what you are doing.
Example: I was just minding my own business, sitting at the bar drinking a draft, and then this optical interrupt walked in.

optical-delusion: The alcohol-induced, psycho-physiological response that causes slightly built, drunk men to believe that they can take anyone in the room.
Example: After six shots of Jack Daniels his optical-delusion was so bad he picked a fight with a middle linebacker for the Rams. Bad move, Chris.

optirectalitis: Generally, having a bad attitude about life because of being self-centered. Specifically, having a bad outlook on life because you have your head up your rectum.
Example: You have been in such a bad mood lately you must be suffering from optirectalitis.

Optisize: An object's perfect size; to adjust the size of something.
Example: The shrub being planted was far too large for the hole,
leading me to optisize the hole to make the shrub fit.

optologous: Having the ability to see by way of corrective lenses.
Example: When I put my glasses on, I become optologous.

OR-8: All right - northern accent required for the eight syllable All-reyt
Example: OR-8 pal.

oranganotic: Person who has a fetish for oranges
Example: That oranganotic bought a ton of oranges.

orangular: Having the general shape, color, texture, or appearance of an orange
Example: The elderly gentleman was missing several teeth and had an orangular nose.

orblitz: An orblitz is a popup campaign by a firm named Orbitz.
Example: Weather Underground (wunderground.com) offers service without orblitz for a humble five dollars a year.

orch dork: Equivalent of band geek for those who participate in orchestra.
Example: I'm sick of your superior attitude, you cello-toting orch dork.

organ donor: an accident victim that is still alive but not for long.
Example: 1st person, how's your patient?, 2nd person, he's an organ donor

organize: To play the organ.
Example: That was lovely organizing at church.

Organsion: A very large and expansive organization.
Example: Sally works as an IT consultant for an international organsion.

Orgeo: Eating so many Oreo's that you gain a euphoric state.
Example: After losing her boyfriend, she decided to have an orgeo to lessen the pain.

oriyenta: The female offspring of an Asian married to a Jew.
Example: Help!

ornamentalia: Reproductive organs tatooed, bejeweled, pierced or otherwise accessorized such that their primary function is now as a display case.

Example: That guy's ornamentalia had more gold than the Aztecs.

ort: An embarrassing piece of food stuck between your front teeth.
Example: You have an ort. I'll provide a distraction.

osity: Suffix--implying the quality of the word it is appended to, or a skill regarding it.
Example: A masterful player of the game Scrabble could be referred to as having Scrabbleosity.

osmyrrah: A pleasing collection of fragrances (as told to me by Jan Nielsen per an unknown man from Colorado.)
Example: She laid her cheek against his silken, black hair and breathed in his osmyrrah of spun sugar and smoldering fire.

ossifer: What a man or woman of the law is to someone who has been drinking.
Example: Of course I would never dream of drinking and driving, ossifer. (hic)

osteopornosis: A degenerative disease. (From the Washington Post Style Invitational, 1999)
Example: If you spend most of your time on the web searching for dirty pictures, you might have osteopornosis.

otaku: Person who really**3 is hooked on Japanese comics.
Example: She can't shome reading those Ranma 1/2 issues. She's a real otaku.

otherelse: If not, then.
Example: Eat your veggies; otherelse you'll get no pie.

otherwisenthat: It's another way of saying otherwise or if we don't do this... People from Maine seem to use this.
Example: We'd better get gas right now; otherwisenthat, we'll have to walk.

otick: noun thing who's name currently escapes you.
Example: Please hand me the...the...the...otick.

ott: Over the home--something that is overdone, over-expressed. Can be positive or negative depending on circumstance.
Example: Look at that guy's car; that is so ott!

ottmar: The New Age Southwestern style acoustic guitar music that stores and resturants use as background
music over the PA system. The word is derived from Ottmar Liebert, whose music it likely is.
Example: The bird seed supply changed to some pleasant ottmar and saw sales go up.

At dinner with his wife, the ottmar set the mood.

Argh ottmar! This store won't have shotgun shells.

out of one's catapult: Out of one's mind.
Example: You're out of your catapult, Madam.

out of one's lizard: Out of one's mind.
Example: He's out of his lizard.

out-templed: A condition often experienced by travellers in Asia in which one 11th century masterpiece of Buddhist architecture begins to look like the next. A similar condition among those traipsing around Europe is known by the acronym NABC or Not Another Bloody Cathedral.
Example: Day 16: The others are going on to see Wat Phra Yai, but I'm out-templed. I plan to spend the day here at the beach.

Out-the-Bay: Something cool. Northern California only. Bay meaning the Bay Area.
Example: Check out my new kicks. They're out-the-Bay.

outdacan: Completely unoriginal.
Think people who buy cranberry relish in cans at Christmastime and dump it out of the can
onto the plate--can indentations and all--without even trying to mix it up and make it look like it was homemade.
Example: I'm getting sick of seeing everyone wearing Abercrombie and Fitch. That look is so outdacan.

outdacious: Outrageous, impertinent.
Example: What an outdacious suggestion.

outHatch: To outscheme or out plan someone, even when it's obvious you're doing it.
Example: Tina outHatched 'em all in Survivor II, even though they were all merrily hatching away.

Outness: Slang for I'm going or goodbye. Usually found after the word peace.
Example: I'm bout to roll solo. Peace. Outness.

outrance: An exit. The opposite of entrance.

Example: When we left Target, we went through the outrance.

outsert: the opposite of insert.
Example: when asked how long my cooking spoon was, i had to outsert my mind from the gutter to give a non-sexual answer.

outside-the-box: Really weird or strange.
Example: Lauryn, you are outside-the-box!

outstounding: So outstanding that it is astounding. Alternative to 'excellent' (Bill and Tedded to death) or the long-overused 'awesome.'
Example: The opening act was pretty good but the main act was outstounding

outsubordinate: Going over the home in trying to please the boss; the opposite of insubordinate, e.g.. brown-nosing
Example: There goes the outsubordinate pencil-neck now with the boss's coffee and donuts.

outtie: To leave, or dismiss ones self
Example: Before Chloe left the party she told her friends I'm outtie.

Outtie fivethoutie: In reference to the Audi 100%0, means to leave quickly
Example: This party's dead, I'm outtie fivethoutie

outwiggers: The outward supports on a structure used to stablize something.
Example: What are those for? They're the outwiggers. They help stablize the building.

Ovarian Beamacide: Legal term for the vaporizing of a male spouse by the female spouse utilizing her
Ovarian Beam-O-Death.
It is a particle beam emitted from the female's forehead with the force of 99 gazillion
atmospheres delivered on the target male at six time the speed of a teenager answering
a telephone.
Usually happens when a noisy male tries to sneak into the couple's abode too late.
No female has ever been prosecuted for this.
Only known prevention of Ovarian Beamacide is for the male to have his genitals
removed and thrown into the Mariana Trench.
The Ovarian Beam-O-Death is only active for the five days leading up to the onset of menses.
Example: Ken is missing and Lisa is suspected of Ovarian Beamacide.
Only his Hiroshima blast shadow was left on the kitchen wall.

ovenate: When you cook something and you use the oven part of a toaster oven, not the toaster part.
Example: Kate toasted her bread and is now ovenating her french fries.

over-refreshed: Drunk.
Example: The dinner was fine even though the guest of honor was over-refreshed.

overbove: opposite of underneath,
Example: the glass is on the shelf overbove your head

overbyte: To spend so much time on the Internet that you glaze over.
Example: Broadband users become so enthralled with their fast connections that many overbyte within the first week.

overcarrol: (Of science popularisers.) To unhelpfully or excessively use the works of Lewis Carroll as an analogy for particle physics weirdness.
Example: Good book? Yeah, but a bit of overcarrolling in the later chapters.

Overcome: When someone has passed out or required hospitalisation as the result of adult activities.
Example: What happened to Dan? He overcame.

overcommasize: To use too many commas, in a section of speech, or writing.
Example: Elaine tends to frequently overcommasize, her papers.

overexaggerate: To exaggerate something to an excessive degree.
Example: As impossible as it may seem, the comic strip overexaggerated the person's stupidity.

Overhung: The state of having an hangover.
Example: Sam was so overhung that morning that he didn't recognise his girlfriend.

overloaded: To be too rich or wealthy; to have more money then you know what to do with.
Example: Bob? Following last month's bonus, he's ain't just loaded, he's overloaded.

overly pre-emptive: One quick to judge people.
Example: John, you are so damn overly pre-emptive. Let him finish what he has to say, then jump on him.

overneath: Opposite of underneath.
Example: The flat overneath us will be vacated Monday.

overshare: Giving out more information than necessary - sharing an experience to the point of embarrassing/disgusting the listener(s)
Example: So that's when my mom told me about her first sexual experience. - Whoa Bob. Shome right there - overshare.

ovid: Lowercase spelling. Describes the period of time after you come down from a sugar rush,
feeling deflated, worn out, vibrating, slight headache.
Example: Maria and Peter felt completely ovid after downing six boxes of marshmallow bunnies.

ovident: Hybrid of evident and obvious, which makes it twice as strong in a put-down.
Example: It is painfully ovident that you are indeed a pilark.

owl-eyes: To glare at someone through narrowed eyed. Comes from _The Onion's_ banner headline Wwls are assholes.
Example: Ma, he's making owl-eyes at me!

Own: Cool; fascinating; something that you are fond of.
Example: Having no homework this week would really own.

oxygen thief: An utterly worthless person, without redeeming qualities of any kind.
Example: Gordon, you're no more than an oxygen thief.

oy: a verbally expressed sigh
Example: Dan: Joan, your roommate once again managed to set your closet on fire.
Joan: Oy...

oy vay: It comes from a language called Yiddish which was spoken by European Jews.
It is a mixture of Hebrew, German and various Slavic languages.
Prior to WWII about eleven million people spoke Yiddish;
newspapers and books were published in the language, and there was Yiddish theater in Europe,
the United States and Latin America.
Oy! can mean any number of things, depending on the context and the way it is said.
It can express both dejection and joy; ecstasy and horror.
Oy Vay literally means oh pain, but it is often used to express just the opposite. A
book entitled The Joys of Yiddish by Leo Rosten lists 29 ways the expression Oy! can be used.
Example: They did what to the network? Oy vay!

oy vey: Standard Jewish expression of exasperation, frustration, annoyance, sympathy.
Example: Did you see that guy at the bar? He wouldn't leave me alone all night.
Oy vey, what a loser.

oye: A word used during suprising moments.

Example: Oye! Your mom is posing nude on the internet.

Oye!, this beer is bad.

oyster (oister): One who uses many Jewish or Yiddish words or expressions as part of everyday speech,
but may or may not be Jewish.
Example: Did you hear her talking about the gefilte fish? She's such an oyster!

Oztrailya: Where Americans think Aussies are from.
Example: For our holiday we went to Oztrailya.

Ozzified: 1. Something with Ozzy Osbourne paraphernalia all over it.
2. Someone who has become a fan of Ozzy, especially after not being very familiar with him.
Example: After painting it black, airbrushing the cover photo from Bark at the Moon, putting Sabbath bumper stickers on it, and getting OZZY 666 as a vanity plate, Jim's truck was certainly Ozzified.

ozzy: Often refering to a very big person.
Example: That guy is definitely an ozzie--he's huge!