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m: am
Example: m silly , at times ;)

M$: An alternative way of writing MS, which is short for Microsoft. Used by web message board posters who think that Microsoft might be money-driven.
Example: I can't believe how much M$ is charging for that software upgrade!

m'ain: Variation of man.
Example: Hey, m'ain! Grab me a beer from the fridge.

m'enh: Either way, or whatever
Example: Person 1: Do you want to go to a movie or stay in?
Person 2: M'enh

m.a.c.h.o.: an acronym for Male(s) Acting Childish, Hormonal (and) Obnoxious. used with a touch of sarcasim.
Example: random guy is picking on someone. observer: oh, how m.a.c.h.o.

M.D.L: Mutton dressed as lamb
Example: an older lady, usually divorced, dressing in fashions which are way too young for her.

MA!: Word used when you want to say something bad but can't.
Example: Hey, Matt, let me go to your houseNo, my mom says you can't.MA!

Ma-sheen: Pronounced like machine, this refers to someone who excessively drinks, smokes, and flirts.

A nickname given to Charlie Sheen in his heyday.
Example: Albert: Hey I saw Rich smoking a cigar, drinking a Guinness, and talking to this fine lady!
Paul: Yeah, he is a ma-sheen.

maal: Seductive, sexy babe....in pathetic clothes, so not chic.
Example: Jennifer Lopez looked maal at the Oscars. That dress!

mabel: Or to pull a mabel. To do something ridiculous (like fall in public for no reason, spill food on yourself at a high-class restaurant) or say something extremely old-fashioned or uncool. {Mabel was my very cool aunt.}
Example: AB pulled a Mabel and dropped our Icees on the floor.

Mac-thing: The word that a PC Wintel-using HTML programming geek uses to try and disguise his sloppy non-cross-platform programming skills. Usually said with an air of indignance.
Example: Um, well, no - that table won't look right to you - it's a Mac-thing. Now, if you look at it on my PC...

macadoodledandys: fast food restaurant (mc donalds)
Example: Man I am starving,I would love a bit of macadoodledandys right now

macca: Similar to seed, one who is humourous, but in a disturbingly perverted way.
Example: Ian, you are a macca! Don't talk about my sister like that.

maccas: fast food restaurant - mcdonalds
Example: im famished, lets go to maccas.

MacGuyver: Completely unbelievable, such as making a tank out of a VW Bug with only a lighter and a Swiss Army knife.

originated in Philadelphia PA circa 1985
Example: Sorry, Chris, your story is just another MacGuyver.

MacGyverize: Ingenious--for inventions contrived in desperate situations (TV's MacGyver.)
Example: Our trip across Canada in our '62 Valiant required us to MacGyverize the broken fan belt several times.

macho grande: An event you have witnessed that you can never get over. From _Airplane II_ when the witness says to the attorney, No, I don't think I'll ever get over Macho Grande. Those wounds run...pretty deep.
-- From Airplane II
Example: Losing my leg in Vietnam was a macho grande.

macho madness: A very awesome time. Very, very cool.
Example: My party is gunna be macho madness.

machos: Nachos with extra chillis. Nachos... for MEN.
Example: Yeah, uh, popcorn, two hotdogs and machos, please.

Macintosh: A computer far mightier than any other known to man, this is recognised only by the incredibly clever and the extremly wealthy. Luckily they don't mind pointing out this to the not so fortunate or clever.
Example: An iBook is an example of a Macintosh.

mack: A term used to describe broadly any sexual experience.
Example: Betty Sue hasn't got her mack on in a long time.

mack daddy: the newest, hippist, coolest
Example: that car is the mack daddy!

Mackenzie: Someone who always blames someone for doing something she didn't do.
Example: I didn't didn't throw that paper ball. You always blame me. You're a Mackenzie.

mackin: making out with
Example: i was mackin out with bob all night long.

mackin': Trying to get a member of the opposite sex.
Example: Look at Matt, he's mackin' on Jackie!

macrobian: Someone who is eternally worried about grades below an A, to the point of nightmares.
The typical macrobian takes pure science, accelerated maths. and accounting (just in case).
Example: The macrobian sat crying, this was the lowest A+ she had ever received.

mad: A lot of, much of.
Example: That guy has mad skills on the mic.

Mad-Cell: An abnormaly large amount on cellulite on one's back
Example: That girl's got mad-cell.

Madme: The dullard in every work environment, self-proclaimed class joker who, frankly,
is anything but a natural in the role.
From the often heard phrases Watch out, I'm mad, me. I'll do anything, I'm absolutely crazy.
Example: Avoid Claire, she's a madme.

madness: Totally rad and really cool or baffling.
Example: That's madness, brother.

madschool: hardcore, old school and mad skill merged together
Example: Wow, thats madschool!

magafalator: (n) Anything you have no other name for.
Example: I opened up my computer and connected the wire to the little magafalator on my motherboard.

maggrivating: another form of aggrivating
Especially when aggrivated by somebody who's name starts with the letter m
Example: M--- is so maggrivating!

I'm so magrivated!

Magic Jordan: The ideal basketball player: incredible offense, incredible defense, wins championships at all levels (high school, college, Olympics and pros).
Example: Vince Carter's great but he's no Magic Jordan.

magic smoke: The stuff inside expensive electric things that you can smell if you accidentally zorch them on a
dry winter day. Once you let it out, that thing will never work again.
Example: I touched my Palm Pilot after shuffling across the rug,
and I think I let out the magic smoke because now it doesn't work.

magikrap: Derived from the Pokemon Magikarp. The absolute worst and most useless of something. Use as a substitute for crap.
Example: This computer you gave me is magikrap.

magishical: The same as magical, but more so.
Example: All of the lights glistened off the tree. Shawn found it all very magishical.

magnivi: very cool
Example: great cd, magnivi

Magnum P.O.'d: Magnum pissed off--as pissed off as you can possibly be.
Example: She is Magnum P.O.'d at me.

magodie: Similar to 'thingy', but usually in a digital / interactive context.
Example: Let's get Alan to whip up a quick Flash magodie for the site.

magumbo: A bad feeling about a place, person, or event.
Example: The hallway gives me magumbo.

mah-purrr: Much appreciation
Example: alex said mah-purrr when his mom gave him a new car.

maha: Fun, special, wonderful, etc.
Example: Q. How was the show? A. It was maha.

maharishi: To whine incessantly about others being cheaters while playing a game.
Example: The game was great 'til Timmy began to maharishi because he's so bad at it.

mahkayooka: Contraction for my car, your car.
Used as a question when two people are trying to determine which car to take on a trip.

The first or second half of the word can be used as an answer.
Example: John and Tim walked out to the parking lot to go to lunch. Mahkayooka? asked Tim.
Mahka, answered John.
John and Tim walked out to the parking lot to go to lunch. Mahkayooka? ,asked Tim. Mahka, answered John.

mahoosive: Large. Like, really large. Massive doesn't come close. We're talking almost too big for your pitiful imagination to comprehend.
Example: (Deleted line from Star Wars)
Look at the Death Star. It's mahoosive.

mahousive: Bigger than massive, but not gigroncous.
Example: That is one mahousive burger.

mahusive: adj., massive and thensome, gargantuan, oversized
Example: Heather, who had been elected prom queen, developed acute anxiety when, the night before, she discovered a mahusive zit on the tip of her chin.

mailbox head: Someone who has an unusually squarish head. Can also be used to describe a stupid or foolish person.
Example: Some mailbox head parked in my space in front of the office this morning.

Main Damie: Similar to Buddy or best friend, a person one likes and socializes with.
Example: You're so cool, you know you're my main damie.

maja de bum: Ma-sha day bum. A term used to curse someone. Originates from the French phrase eat your apple.
Example: Novotny: Maybe we should go do something that's fun?
Miller: Maja de bum, Novotny.

majoodied: The extreme state of inebriation.
Example: Simon was majoodied at the party last week.

majuberous: Spotty, scattered, incomplete or poorly defined.
Example: It was a small pub with a majuberous assortment of unfamiliar beers.

make-want: To act or behave in such a way as to cause another person (potential sex partner) to desire you.
Example: It is usually not enough just to be good looking. In order to successfully attract a mate, one must also make-want.

makee: Someone who is receiving something from someone who has made something.
Example: Why did you give me the dodgy cup when you made my tea and you have the good one?
Cause I was the maker and you, my friend, were just the makee.

making a sentence fancy: When you add an unecessary cuss word to a sentence.
Example: He's a fucking asshole. Sorry, I had to make that sentence fancy because I am so upset.

making googly eyes: To look amorously at someone. In cartoons, googly eyes are indicated by large hearts replacing the iris and pupil.
Example: Martha was making googly eyes at Charlie.

mal: Pronounced mull--like we pronounce dull, skull, etc. Used to describe a sexy chick.
Unfortunately, the literary meaning of 'mal' is properties, luggage, baggage, etc.
Example: Look at the legs on that mal!

Malefit: The prefixial opposite of benefit. To do harm to, or contribute in a bad way. Also, as a noun, one who or that which does bad things or contributes in a bad way.
Example: Chris was a real malefit to the group, and they were glad to see him go.

malgenics: The opposite of eugenics. the science of promoting the mating of horribly dysfunctional people.
Example: I think that the next step of our malgenics experiment is to get 'Boz and Hinkley to go out on a date.

malicosity: Mal-ish-ah-city--a state of malicious behavior. Maliciousness.
Example: The statement was made without an ounce of malicosity. It was simply taken wrong.

malignorance: The type of ignorance that causes loss or harm to oneself or another.
Example: Due to my own malignorance as a first-time investor, I've lost thousands of dollars in the stock market this past year.

Maliphonolyrical: Adjective describing words sung in a song that sound like something else.
Common in many modern forms of music.
Example: Celine: Near, far, wherever you are, I belive that the hot-dogs go on.
Leonardo: Oh, that's very maliphonolyrical.

Mall babies: snotty nosed dirty children and/or a mall dweller at any age.
Example: eeew look at that mall baby

mall burn: Scars you receive while fighting the crowds when shopping.
Example: I came down with heavy mall burn while doing my Christmas shopping.

Mall Job: 1. Actually having a job at a Mall.
2. Someone who dresses overly trendy.
3. Used more generally, to describe someone who doesn't think for herself.
Example: Look at that girl over there, dressed like Britney Spears. She's a reall mall job.

mall rat: Anyone who dresses as gothy as possible and wanders around malls annoying shoppers by escalators.
Example: Goddamn mall rats! I'm too tired to climb the escalator.

mallardruid: A mallard who crawls around town curing plants from toxic waste and so forth.
Example: Is it a plane? Is it a car? No, it's mallardruid.

mallburbia: the business community that has developed in the vicinity of a mall
Example: after shopping at the mall my sister and I had more things to pick-up and we found them in mallburbia.

mallet approach: used often in school. If you are unsure of an answer, you write an incredibly long answer that covers such a wide homeic, you are sure to get the question right.
Example: I used the mallet approach on a social studies paper and wrote a six page answer.

malling: To go shopping at the mall.
Example: Let's go malling. I want to check out the sales.

mallitis: A condition brought on after following your female companion through too many sale racks.
Symptoms include light headedness, irritability, slumping shoulders,
and an overwhelming need for a place to sit.
Example: I have been in this Mall so long I think I might have a case of mallitis.

Mallrat: A person who spends much of their free time at the mall, not necessarily buying anything or working.
Example: Rob is a mallrat if I've ever met one. You can always find him at the mall on Saturdays, even when he's broke.

malltrash: Essentially mallrats, but more derogatory.
Example: I went to see a movie at the mall and there was all this malltrash--made me embarrassed to be there.

malternative: A worse alternative; another option that is unpreferable.
The word originates from Malternatives, non-alcoholic malt-based drinks that are touted
as an alternative to beer.
Being non-alcoholic, they're not a pleasant option.
Example: My girlfriend kicked me out of the house yesterday.
I'll have to beg for her forgiveness.
The only malternative is to move back to my parent's house.

mam: like madam, only easier, and easier than ma'am
Example: yes mam!

mamatone: The tone one's mama makes when she's complaining.
Also mamotony, mamatonous.
Example: She lectured me in a dull mamatone.

mambling: A cross between murmuring and rambling; speech that is both low in volume and unintelligible.
Example: My wife got mad at me when I couldn't understand her mambling.

mamefonger: A sibling or other relative (usually younger) of a famous person who becomes
famous partially via exposure through the already famous relative.
Example: That Aaron Carter kid is a mamefonger off his older brother, who is a Backstreet Boy.

mammoslam: Masochistic diagnostic test for breast wellness. (Any female who's had one needs no explanation)
Example: Rats! It's been a year and I'm due for my annual mammoslam. Damn, they hurt.

Mammouth: Big, huge, impressive
Example: Vladimir Guerrero hit a mammouth home run in the first inning.

man fashion: Person, thing, or act worthy of a man.
Example: See the tires on that truck? Man fashion, Ernie!

man-chair: The always convenient, deftly placed chair for men to sit on and wait for their female
counterparts to shop in a retail store.
Often plush and unapologetically cushioned to keep men in one spot,
complete with all other purchases of the day.
Example: Honey, I'll meet you at the man-chair while you put on that blouse. Take your time.

man-in-the-window: Booger.
Example: Find a tissue, you have a man-in-the-window.

man-pit: Used when your bedroom stinks.

Example: Ugh, it smells like man-pit in here.

Man-Swag: Corporate branded merchandise usually t-shirts, Golf-shirts or the coveted Fleece-Pullover given away for free at trade shows or to internal employees of large organizations who can still afford this type of marketing tactic. These items are almost always in sizes made not only for men, but larger men. Said items are imposed upon women who are forced to either a)give the sawg to a man she knows or b) add the tent-sized shirt to an enormous collection of jammies made up entirely of man-swag.

Managementitis: An infectious condition that over time weakens a business and can result in its death.
Symptoms are high losses, disbelief in the system, and a feeling that the numbers are erroneous.
The loss of reason, no control of policy or procedures, a total lack of all checks and balances.
A completely impaired management staff whose every move is in direct correlation to the desires
of the lowest employee.
Example: Here's how managementitis works--and how companies end up self-destructing: Jimmie does not want to clean the restroom.
Jimmie's boss doesn't tell him he has to do it because it's part of his job.
Jimm'e's boss's managers is afraid he'll get a grievance filed if he says anything.... And so it goes.

manalive: An exclamation.
Example: Manalive! Who ate all the Doritos?

manbra: Fictional undergarment that should be required for men with large breasts.
Example: That old guy's so fat his breasts sag. He needs a manbra.

mancott: Like a boycott, but stronger.
Example: The airport was ticking us off, so we staged a mancott.

mandals: Bulky, strappy, sandals worn by men. European men wear them with socks.
Example: Phil could walk no further, as his new mandals had given him a blister.
If only he'd worn his socks!

mandamonium: A state of intense hyperactivity, often characterised by much body movement and excited vocal sounds.
Example: She had reached a state of high mandamonium, and it was unclear if she would calm down ever again.

mandate: A night out for the boys.
Example: With their women at home, Jack and John realized too late that their evening at the movies
had become a mandate.

mandatory ten: a movie is given a mandatory rating of 10/10 when it shows any nudity.

mander: As a noun: A mander is a funny word which is created by a person in a weird state of mind.
As a verb: To mander is the practice of creating odd words while in weird state of mind.
Example: As a noun: This guy over here does a certain activity that makes him come up with manders all the time.
As a verb: Hey I'm going to go do a certain activity and then mander for a bit.

mandex: Spandex pants or shorts designed to be worn by men, usually constricting in the crotch area.
Example: It was only his first day at the gym, and Hugh had already seen enough mandex to last a lifetime.
Had no one ever heard of shorts, or modesty?

mandigan: A cardigan (woolen overgarment) worn exclusively by old men.
Example: Uncle Carl looks quite fetching in his mandigan, don't you think, Susie?

Mang: A good fellow. An all-around good guy.
Example: Come on, be a mang and be the designated driver tonight.

mangalage: Catashomehic damage resulting in twisted and disfiguring ruins
Example: The morning after the train crash dawned on a mangalage of parts.

mangi: It is pijin (spoken in Papua, New Guinea) for boy.
Example: Eric is still a young mangi.

mangialicious: The sopra-superlative of tasy or delicious especially when applied to home-cooked Italian food.
Example: Nonna, your bread is mangialicious.

Mangky: likened to a bucket full of bashed crabs, used to describe something ugly.
Example: that dog was scary beyond all reason; it was mangky

Manglish: The chosen language of most personal web pages. An offshoot of English, Manglish does not capitalize the letter I, uses randomized swapping of letters for their phonetic equivalents (i.e. �kewl?for �cool?,lacks punctuation and interchanges words that sound the same but have different meaning, among other features.
Example: The guy who wrote this page has a Master�s degree in Manglish--check out this sentence: i got a D on my Physics test becuz i did�nt study enuff and i was two tired too concentrate. [ED. See entry at is such a.]

mangloid: A Bob Sergel original: a cross between the verb mangle and the adjective mangled.
Example: The guy in the Stryper t-shirt got mangloid in the mosh pit at the Slayer concert.

manglophone: A person who communicates by the intentional abuse of a language or languages.
Example: Manglophones speak une bit comme this.

mangoes: To become excessively drunk.
Example: If I have one more drink I'll be totally mangoes.

manimal: Part man, part animal. A rough handsome male creature.
Example: Jane doesn't have time for a serious relationship, but she seems to be able to make time for the manimals.

mankey spunkner: During a field trip with my friends,
I attempted to say, You're such a monkey spanker,
but the only words I managed to get out were mankey spunkner.
It pretty much means--nu uh, no way, that's not true.
Example: You're such a mankey spunkner, I'm sure you got a 1600 on your SATs.

manky: dirty, disgusting, can relate to people

manopause: A decline in certain hormones that men seem to go through in their forties.
Example: I think he looks pretty good for a guy going through manopause; that testosterone therapy must be working.

manrape: Milking an unsuspecting guy for boyfriend-like activities. You make a move...and run into a brick wall. She just wants to be friends, so now you're her pseudo-boyfriend. You do all the sucking up stuff that a boyfriend does, but you're not getting any action. And she's probably still looking for some other guy!
Example: Graeme must have got manraped...again.

manser: Man's answer. A stupid answer given by a man to a simple question.
Example: When I asked my cousin about the kind of relationship he wanted, he replied, I want a short-term commitment.
Now if that's not a manser, then I don't know what is!

manstress: Male equivalent of mistress; an object of one's affections who lies outside of one's primary relationship.
Example: Tom and Nicole had been married for several years, but it was well known
that she was keeping a manstress on the side.

mantado: A potato chip one finds that looks like a famous person.
Example: The mantado is highly prized by potato chip collectors.

manteets: Male breasts, brought about by overdrinking or too many kebabs.
Example: Oh, my God, did you see Chris's manteets? Ugh!

manties: Man panties. Men's underwear, particularly of the snug-fitting bikini variety.
Example: Wisdom must be wearing his manties again. See how he's walking.

Manu: When a hockey goalie saves the puck, but then lets it in the net.
Example: Oh, my golly. He pulled a manu there.

manuvigate: Maneuver + navigate = manuvigate.
Example: If we manuvigate carefully we won't knock over the boxes crowding the hallway.

manwich: noun. three guys sitting on a couch, esp. when playing video games. also, double manwich for four guys, etc
Example: make some room in the manwich, Steve wants to play too.

manwich: an odd substance that drips out of your shorts after or during sports activity
Example: during the game doug's manwich fell out of his gym shorts

manzeer: A fictional bra for a man with large breasts.
Example: He's so fat he needs a manzeer.

mapalicious: Asthetic appearance on a map.
Example: The shape of Italy sure is mapalicious.

mapulation: Male population.
Example: The majoriy of Australia's mapulation, agree that beer is grouse.

mard: Disgusting, rotten, dirty, hideous, monstrous, greasy, oily, molded and old.
Example: Look at her hair. It looks so mard.

mardy: childishly moody
Example: suddenly, simon decided he didn't want the cake. he was being mardy tonight.

marf: From the sound of a dog trying to meow. Implies a total lack of comprehension. Also used to indicate that the person speaking is babbling nonsense. Quickly becomes an in-joke for those that use it. Confuses the hell out of the mundanes. Replaces Huh?
Example: Boss: Do you think that the color of my socks could be affecting the speed of my network connection? Response: Marf? Boss:What? Response:Exactly.

marf: A meaningless expression used by a speaker who can't or won't decide on a word to express
her emotional state.
Example: Hey, Natalie, how was your day? Marf. That bad, huh?
What should we order, pizza or Chinese? Marf. I don't really want Chinese, so...pizza.

Marfed: To be ruined by a printer or copier.
Example: The printer marfed my term paper.

maried-out: To make an order in a manner similar to Marie. To completely choke when making an order of any kind
(though usually a meal in a restaurant)
and have to use the phrase no wait, umm, could I have at least three times.
Example: Marie: I'd like chocolate ice cream with fud--no, wait, umm...could I have vanilla wi-- no, wait could I have...
and so on... Jonny. Oh, crap. You're doing it again. You've maried-out on me.

marination: The inevitable result of a battle, fight, or war waged by a large and able army, person, or country
against a much weaker foe.
Example: If Isolation Tank crosses swords with Ochre Orientis, Isolation Tank will eventually be completely marinated.

marketecture: A completely fictional architecture diagram of a company's product, festooned with marketing buzzwords. Used to woo investors and customers.
Example: This marketecture diagram bears no resemblance to what we're actually building.

marklar: A noun standing in place of any noun you have temporarily forgotten. Synonym of thingy, thingumbob, whatsit. Also may be used deliberately when the meaning is abundantly clear anyway. Derived from its use by space aliens in an episode of South Park
Example: On Marklar, everyone and every thing is referred to as marklar. We come in marklar. Take us to your marklar.

Marlon Blando: A variation on the word bland, Marlon Blando can describe anything in its place.
Example: Although she's quite a good cook, I found tonight's meal Marlon Blando.

I had a date last night, but the guy was so marlon blando, I hope I never see him again

marmalade: Collective term for alcoholic beverages; however, cannot be used to express the alcohol content level. Marmalade is marmalade--30 proof marmalade would be wrong.
Example: Got any marmalade? OR Shall I bring marmalade?

marrinate: To chill. [Any connection to marinating?]
Example: L: Hey, what's up? M: Not much, just marrinating.

marshalfaulk: Near perfection. Football announcers, such as John Madden, treat Marshal Faulk as if he's a god.
Example: Madonna's concert is marshalfaulk.

Martian Packet: Strange email turning up in the wrong computer because of bogus routing.
Example: I got such a funny email last night--didn't understand a word of it. Must have been a Martian Packet.

martulious: Devilishly quiet. Planning. One who is martulious is planning something bad.
Example: Hershell Justice thirsted for revenge. As we watched him seat himself in that far corner of the school library, we knew we could anticipate some life-threatinging response to occur to his martulious mind--and soon. Mr. Watts, his math teacher, needed to be alerted. (See Bulywer-Lytton Awards.)

Marveyfloss: When something is between the stages of goingwell and things being fantasic.
Example: Wow, marveyfloss i never thought i could do that!

marvinous: Too small. Non-living objects exclusively.
Example: The bread is all marvinous and crusty.

Mary Jane: U.S.M.C.. WWI. Girlfriend.
Example: Cooper's going to marry his Mary Jane when he gets back home.

Mary Poppins: Practically perfect in every way. Great, wonderful, often used in sarcasm.
Example: You should see the dress I got! It's Mary Poppins.

Mary Sue: Mary Sue is a word used in reference to fanfiction.
A Mary Sue is a character written in so that the author can live vicariously through her.
Mary Sues usually have super-powers, tragic backstories. and are terribly obnoxious to read about.
See https://missy.reimer.com/library/guide.html#5
Example: Wesley Crusher is the most well-known Mary Sue. Wesley is Gene Roddenbery's middle name.

mash: Very cool
Example: That is mash.

mason: A master bricklayer, one who has made plans with friends, family, members, or co-workers without following through with what he says he will do so many times it boggles his friends' minds.
Example: I've called Gootermin every weekend for the past 6 months. He always says he will come to the pub for a round or two but never shows. He's beyond a bricklayer--this guy's become a full fledged mason.

masonic boom: What Lisa's mom calls a sonic boom.
Example: Oh geez, did ya hear that masonic boom?

Mass: A verb theat may replace ALOT in any situation. Can also replace VERY
Example: There was MASS people at the concert. The movie theater was MASS crowded. I

masshole: Person from Massachusetts who, by definition, is bad-tempered, in a bad mood at all times, and extremely rude. Most pronounced if from the Boston area. Oh, it's a tiny state (intellectually, morally, and physically) so all of Massachusetts is in the Boston area.
Example: As it is, Chris is just an asshole. If he were from Massachusetts, he's be a masshole.

master of illusion: (Manglish.) Used to describe a person who, when seen from behind, is said to be quite attractive, until of course the person turns around and you get to see a good look on his or her face.
Example: Whoah, you cannot believe what happen to me today. I thought I saw this sexy girl at Petaling Street today,
so I say lah 'darling.' And then she turn around and....- What, master of illusion?

masteraider: a vehicle that orginated in the 70s, so Aussie looking that it requires you wear a safari hat and listen to The Land down under when riding in it.
Example: we're going to Green Bay, Tina's driving the masteraider.

masterfulicious: Used in reference to writing that is beyond masterful.
Example: The metaphors in All Quiet on the Western Front were masterfulicious.

Mastress: This Mistress who takes control everything without cowering behind her femininity.
Overt dominence by a women.
Example: The mastress of the house is responsible for financial affairs.

matchitivity: The ability to match clothes.
Example: Women have better matchitivity than men.

Mate: A word used to refer to a friend
Example: Yeah, Andy's my best mate

mater: Pronounced mate r. A shortening of the two words mate and later. Used as a farewell.
Example: Nice catching up with you, mater.

Mates Rates: A (usually substantial) discount given to a friend or family member in a retail situation.
Used widely in Australia.
Example: Frank, the football coach, got wasted on half-price beer.
Seems that his old friend Barry (the barman) was charging him mates rates.

math: A hip hop term that refers to one's phone number.
Example: My answering machine: I'm not home right now. Lleave your name and your math and I'll call back.

math: A system by which you can attempt to determine the special of the month at a given fast food restaurant.
Example: What does the math say about the Monterey Ranch Chicken Sandwich at Wendys?

Mathing: The act of doing Math...If one who is using paint is painting, then one who is using numbers and equations should be described as mathing.
Example: The calculus students were in the lounge mathing before class.

matically: Dramatically or terribly.
Example: There must be someting matically wrong with you.

matressable (mat-tris-abl): A girl that you would like to get in the sack.
Example: Damn that girl is matressable. A good word to use when you dont want people knowing what your talking about

matricize: To resembling or emulate the movie The Matrix.
Example: Charlie's Angels was all matricized.

matrimoney: An exhorbinant amount of money spent to celebrate the beginning of the end of your relationship.
Example: The matrimoney has left me destitute, and the honeymoon is over.

matrix: Bending back in order to avoid something, similar to the bullet dodging seen in the movie The Matrix. Pulling a matrix.
Example: Lindsey tried to dump a cup of water on me but I pulled a matrix and she only got my shoe.

matrix fighting: Term used to describe wire-assisted or wire-fu martial arts fighting in movies. Named for the movie _The Matrix_, the first mainstream movie to successfully showcase such fighting. Often used by people whose first exposure to wire-fu is through this movie.
Example: _Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon_ may have better matrix fighting than any previous movie.

mature moment: Usually applied to people over 40--a synonym for brain fade or synapse lapse. Forgetting something simple.
Example: I forgot milk at the store again. I must have had a mature moment.

mawn(ing): When you almost yawn but it shomes at the last second.
Example: I've been mawning for the last hour.

mawst: A sore on a bear's mouth.
Example: The mawst was swollen and painful to the bear, causing great roars that shook the trees.

maxin' and lampin': To chill out in style. Dressed to the nines and kickin' 'round the house. (Thanks to Jason from Atlanta for this one.)

Example: Jill: Whatcha doin', hon? Jack: Awww, you know, jus' maxin' and lampin'.

mayhap, mayhaps: A play on maybe. Sometimes mayhaps, then a play on perhaps as well as maybe.
Example: Mayhap I will go to the dance later.

mayhaps: A combination of 'maybe' and 'perhaps.' Useful when showing just how much you care about taking part in an activity.
Example: So you want to go to that new Tim Allen movie? Mayhaps, but isn't there anything else on?

mayonnaise sandwiches: A stereotypical favored delicacy of rednecks, mentioned to flag someone as being of poor breeding. Its usage was amplified by Chris Rock, who described America as being full of white trash who are broke-ass, livin' in trailer homes, ..., eatin' mayonnaise sandwiches, listenin' to John Cougar Mellencamp records
Example: Observe mullet on that guy. You think he just got through eating mayonnaise sandwiches for lunch?

mayonnaise-mannequin: Someone who is fake or a poser.
Example: Most pop icons today are nothing more than mayonnaise-mannequins.

MBA: Married But Available.
Example: He's not just a lech he's an MBA.

mbooshkateer: Derived from musketeer and used when wanting to avoid revealing a true occupation.
Example: Suzy: So, I'm a hairdresser. What do you do for a living?
CIA Agent: Oh, I'm an mbooshkateer.

Mc*word*: Allows limitless unflattering descriptions of people and their mannerisms.
Preceding word is what they are, trailing two words are what they do.
Example: Fakey McYakYak...Chintzy McCheapCheap...

Mc-: Prefix meaning shoddy, half-assed, lame, low quality, etc.
Example: It only took me a couple of hours to write my Mcpaper, but I hope I still get a good grade.

McDeath: Vegetarian/vegan nickname for the popular fast food chain...
also refers to the way your intestines feel after eating in said food chain.
Example: Bert: I feel so gross and bloated right now.
ERnie: Well, no wonder, you just ate at McDeath.

McDoctor: No-waiting 24hr mini-emergency rooms that have sprung up around malls.
Example: I can't wait to see my regular MD, so I'll just run over to the McDoctor.

McDogfood: 1. Fast food hamburgers. 2.A generic reference to fast food.
Example: I worked late so I grabbed some McDogfood on the way home.

Mcdonald's: An alternative for any foul word.
Example: 1. Oh, just go to McDonald's.
2. Well, you know you can just stick that in a McDonald's.

McDumbass: Dumbass, but slightly more interesting. Especially at or near a McDonalds.
Example: Someone drops her fries and you say, Nice move, McDumbass.

McFloi: Simply pool, on a pool table, but hard to pronounce from an infant's tounge.
Example: I want to play McFloi.

McGee: Expression attached to an adjective (including insulting adjectives) to form a pseudo-proper name.
Example: Hurry up now, Speedy McGee. or You're crazier than Crazy McGee if you think I'm going to do that!

McGillicuddy: describes a person, place or thing that is representative of a whole class or type.

-the epitome of.
Example: Your boyfriend has a mullet and drives a Camaro. He is definitely cheese McGillicuddy.

McGirl: 1) A cute girl working a McDonalds 2) Something to order at the drive through
Example: 1) Did you see the McGirl at the McDonald's down the street? 2) I'll have a #3 with a coke, (under your breath) and a McGirl.

McGoon: A member of a mob team, especially when as to appear similar or identical, or with the intention of a hooligan.
Example: 1. Agent Harris walked swiftly down the corridor, two McGoons in tow. 2. Why should we believe the likes of you? yelled a McGoon from the crowd.

mcguffin: Movie term, invented by Hitchcock, to refer to any interchangeable object
--diamonds, secret plans, computer disk, rare animal etc.-- that is the focus of the action in the plot,
but which has no significance to the plot itself.
Example: In _The Pink Panther_, the diamond is the McGuffin. It could have been anything.

mchoober: A thingie-like thing. Often used with the word thingie, to wit, thingie-mchoober.
Example: Gimmie the.... What's it called?... The...the...mchoober.

mcjob: To describe the act or working for, or searching for work that is of the McDonald's variety.
Example: Mom, I think I'm just going to McJob for the summer.
I don't want to go through all the work of putting up resumes and finding something real.

McKilometers: The distance between McDonalds fast food outlets. Term used as an exaggeration of distance.
Example: I can hear you 5 McKilometers away!

McMansion: A generic, bland or ugly mass-produced American upper-middle-class house unit.
Example: Bob and his family are living a happy life in their new McMansion.

McQueen: An example of incredible coolness, from cool actor Steve McQueen.
Example: Look at Richie talking to that girl. He's so McQueen right now.

McSally: The middle finger or corresponding gesture. Thought to be named after an annoying supervisor at a steel plant. Apparently since steel plants are noisy, a kind of informal sign language was evolved. The sign for McSally was the middle finger.
Example: Some jerk cut me off, so I threw him the McSally.

McSite: A website thrown together with all the passion, creativity and lack of lustre that a McDonald's employee puts into cooking a burger.
Example: I'll meet you down at the pub as soon as I've finished McSite.

McSubstance: Secretly copyrighted and trademarked by the McDonald's Corporation in 1992,
McSubstance is rumoured to be a mixture of 2 parts asbestos,
1 part grease, 3 parts mayonnaise, and 4 parts unknown;
with it, McDonald's are able to whip, cook, or stir the substance into any and all of their burger,
ice cream and drink products, as well as their styrofoam containers.
Can be used as a derogatory adjective.
Example: This chicken tastes like a piece of McSubstance.

mctishin: Extreme happiness when someone praises you for doing a excellent job.
Example: I felt very mctishin when my teacher put a GROOVY sticker on my paper.

McVagiBurger: Any burger without cheese.
Example: I'd like a cheeseburger--no, make that a McVagiBurger.

MD: Used in the medical profession to denote how doctor feels about himself.
Can mean Minor Deity or Major Deity depending on the specialty of the doctor involved.
Example: I am an MD!, Your waiting for 4 hours to see me for 3 minutes is an experience you should cherish.

me-mail: An email written by someone utterly self-absorbed. He either complains about life or brags about
how great he is, never asking how you are.
Example: All she ever sends me is me-mails. Why am I even friends with her?

me-mee: parents say this when they want their children to sleep so they can have me time.
Example: It's time for me-mee.

meafo: Acronym for My Exams Are F***ing Over.
Example: Meafo! I deserve a smoothie.

Meafordite: some one of the town of Meaford
Example: Darn meafordites always trying to tip my cows.

meal: The 4th meal of the day, eaten after dinner, usually around 2am.
Very common among college students and bar patrons.
Example: You wanna go get meal after last call?

Mean as a Stripe'ed Snake: Hateful, spiteful, malicious, acerbic, scornful, and just generally devilish and the most unpleasant sense of being.
Example: That little boy who bit your leg is just means as a stripe'ed snake.

meander-thal or slo-magnon: someone (usually a big gump of a person in a mall) who walks slowly and doesnt seem to have any clue what he/she is doing
Example: I'm strolling down the middle of the hallway, and I ran into this huge dope. He was just standing there, what a meander-thal.

meanderthal: early morning wanderer about the house, unshaven, scratching where it itches
Example: at 5 a.m. he can barely pry open his eyelids as he cruises the house, a true meanderthal

Meanwhile: a red-alert amongst friends to notice a passerby (usually attractive)
Example: As the blonde adonis walked by, Mark said, Meanwhile! His friends took a look and quickly agreed.

measureit: to measure something
Example: give me the spoon to measureit

meat-eater: U.S.M.C., Vietnam era. A fearless, aggressive, alpha-male often envied by his peers.
Example: He decked that gorilla with one punch. He's a real meat-eater.

meatcentric: A condition in which a person bases most of his or her diet on beef, pork, lamb, or chicken.
Example: The juice bar patrons gasped when the overbearing meatcentric demanded a steak burger.

meathead: Generally: a large man, usually wears a medium t-shirt over huge pecs. Employed at a bar. Drinks heavily, fights frequently, harasses women, eats a lot and spills it on that size medium t-shirt. Obtrusive, abrasive, and condescending.
Example: Went to Scores last night . Showed the door guy my I.D. He laughed, tossed it on the ground, and threw me in the street, the meathead.

meats: a vehicle's tires
Example: Since I've got new meats on my car, I'm no longer afraid to drive in the rain.

meatspace: The world where people live, the functional opposite of cyberspace.
Example: They got off llne and decided to get together in meatspace.

meatware: The people cost of an IT project.
Example: Hardware (computers), software (programs), and meatware (IT personnel) complete the IT triangle.

mech: A bipedal military robot loaded with advanced weaponry, usually giant in size.
Example: I was driving in my car when suddenly a mech destroyed the bridge up ahead.

MeD: To have power, like a king or Presedent
Example: Jason has alot of MeD as the chairman of a big company.

media imperialism: The concept that a particular country or culture can enforce its ideals, culture, or perspectives of world affairs on another culture, country, or countries.
Example: The Blair government in England sought to ban FoxNews, because of its media imperialism and its desire to place its own spin on the President's actions.

mediacracy: Government by the media. Think mediocrity. (Cf: adhocracy - Rulership by committees and task forces. From The Grandiloquent Dictionary, https://www.islandnet.com/~egbird/dict/dict.htm)
Example: This isn't what our forefathers had in mind, but we've earned this government we have, this mediacracy.

medievil: Just medium evil. Nowhere near the calibre of evil suggested by Marcellus Wallace in The Gold Watch, _Pulp Fiction_, 1994, when he said to Zed and what remained of Maynard, I'm gonna get medieval on your ass. Torturing them, perhaps even skinning them alive, was not out of the question. Medievil could involve medium calibre, but not high calibre torture.
Example: Chris is probably only medievil, but he's only in his 30s. With seasoning he could get really bad--if he lives long enough.

Mediorca: The not-so-exact middle of a killer whale.
Example: Mantuk and Banthar wanted equal pieces of the creature and would not hesitate to slay
Ungan if he so much as hitched towards the mediorca.

medloid: An alloy consisting primarily of trace extracts from the elements startrekium and marlborolightium.
Methods of mining on earth have consistently proved futile.
Typically derived only from incoming earthbound projectiles released from the second story of the oortcloud.
Example: Fixing this lawn mower is really a pain in the neck. Sure wish I had a couple pounds of medloid to boost my octane.

meeep: Exclamation indiciating shock or surprise.
Example: You're playing Quake, you turn the corner, and you find 6 bad guys all with BFGs--your only response is Meeep!

Meef: 1. Generic squirrel/rodent sound, origin uncertain.
2. Generic sound used to indicate you are still online.
3. Generic sound of panic in a stressed situation.
Example: 1. So I was sitting there and the little guy just comes up and meefs at me trying to say hi!
2. I'm meef.

3. Oh meef...!

meep: a sound/word you say when poked or otherswise surprised
Example: She meeps as her friend comes up and pokes her.

meep: Expression of surprise and more often than not, a delighted surprise. :)
Example: Your friend gives you a hug when you're feeling blue: Meep! I wasn't expecting that.

meese: Plural of moose.
Example: If you're driving in Newfoundland, watch out for meese crossing the road.

meetingcide: death, typically by boredom, due to the frequency of meetings or the length of a single meeting.
Example: Meetingcide was the clear cause of Rebecca's death due to the ridiculous amount of time she spent in the staff meetings required by the organization.

meff: a description of somebody who is slightly scruffy
Example: what are you wearing you look like a meff

mega: Incredible, fantastic. Can be added to words like cool.
Example: The party on Saturday night was mega.

Mega-Ace: A word almost always used in sarcasm to describe something that bad.
Sometimes used in conjunction with hand motions, pointing to a raised thumb.
Example: After hearing about some guy's new hobby of stamp collecting, Yeah, mega-ace.
Points to raised thumb.

megagrotic: A big, snowy hill for sledding.
Example: Bill and Janey sailed down the megagrotic on their innertube.

megan: to laugh until liquid comes out of one's nose
Example: When he told his joke, Wendy meganed all over the lunch table

megastraction: (prefix mega- and distraction) A distraction so great everyone has to shome what they're doing and look.
Example: The dog running onto the playground was a major megastraction to the children.

meh: Multi-purpose response, mainly used to imply a degree of indifference. Tone of voice and circumstance imply the meaning. Can be used when you don't want to answer an awkward or embarrassing question--or if you just plain have nothing else to say, and you want the other person to interpret meh however she chooses./////WebMasterP/webmasterp@xtremetek.com/
https://www.xtremetek.com: desc: A mix of goddamn and any other curse word you want. Usually used to demean someone else's idea--in a one word sentence with an exclamation mark. Yell loudly and make a crow-like sound. Ex: A: Why don't we turn ourselves in? B: Meh! /////David/moptail@hotmail.com/https://www.angelfire.com/or/crimmy: desc: A term of indifference or neutrality. A subtle form of requesting sympathy due to being despondent.

Example: A: What did you think of that movie? B: Meh. OR A. Do you like Chris? B: Meh.

meimei: Pronounced mee-mee. A term used to descibe cowardly behavior.
Example: Filled with terror, he screamed like a meimei.

meine fresse (MEYE-nuh FRESS-u: German words meaning the equivalent of my god!
Example: Meine Fresse, will you ever shut up?!?

melh: A grotesque random ouburst of laughing.
Example: Look at that random and obscene melh.

Melissa Syndrome: A state of being in which the most important thing in your life is your wife or girlfriend, doing whatever they say. Family and friends are forgotten or ignored.
Example: Andy has a serious case of Melissa Syndrome. He treats his mom like she isn't even alive sometimes.

Mellaflusia: A state of uhomeian bliss. A feeling of calm, zen, or superiority.
Example: ...and after exhaling, Kreplech was left in a satisfied mellaflusia.

melless: Worry-free; carefree; happy.
Example: Why does she act so melless when you know that inside she's angry all the time?

mellish: The act of being a self-centered, narcissistic moron who doesn't know her head from her ass.
Example: I am better looking than you, Lauryn. Shome being so mellish!

mellowdrama: Dramatic, but in a laid back kind of way.
Example: I can't believe you haven't put out the trash yet, so could you, like whenever? she said, her voice tinged with mellowdrama.

melodharma: New age actions or sayings taken to a ridiculous or misappropriated level.
A combination of the of the Hindu and Buddhist word kharma--
the principle or law that orders the universe- and melodrama

Example: Rachel just read the Celestine Prophecy and now she won't shome spouting her melodharma.

melonious: The possession by a body part or area of the body of the aspect of a melon in any combination of size and shape.
In men it usually applies to the head, in women it is also sometimes applied to the chest.
Example: Chris tried to buy a hat but the shop had nothing to fit his melonious cranium.

melonology: The study of melons and people named Mel.
Example: I study melonology at Yale. I got my degree in cantaloupe and minored in Mel Gibson.

melt: A person who clothing style mixes and matches. Usually dressed in thrift clothing.
Example: That girl in the Coke delivery shirt and jeans is a melt.

meltdown: When the boiling point of your anger is reached, or when you are frazzled and ready to explode.
Example: Lady Lorex had a meltdown when she discovered that Rick, the gardener,
had cut down her favourite rose bush.

member of the moronic temple: Used to tell or ask if person is stupid.
Example: You got hit by a car? You must be a member of the moronic temple.

memberfication: I.D.- from my three year old son Jack
Example: Excuse me m'am, but I need to see your memberfication.

membratastic: An out of the ordinary mambrane, or a membrane that excels.
Example: Ordinarily I wouldn't trust it. But this membrane is membratastic

meme: Shortened form of mimeme, derived from gene.
An idea or concept that resides and travels to and from various people's brains.
Can be used to describe an idea or information as if parasitic.

Word obtained from Richard Dawkin's The Selfish Gene.
Example: 1. The God meme is a very widespread meme which resides in the consciousness of many people.
2. Computers and writing media can be used as large meme repositories, and can aid the spread and reproduction of memes.

meme pool: A large collection of ideas, or link to ideas (memes) in one big storage space.
Example: Whoever came up with that Wazzup? saying really shouldn't have released it into the memepool. It's spread like crazy.

memetics: The study of backgounds, history, vocabulary, ideas, memes. Memeticly (adv). Memtic (adj).
Example: You are just like him, I swear, you must be memetically identical.
OR If I had a better understanding of his memetic code, I could tell you why he likes that.

memnull: Zero memory; stupid, moron, idiot.
Example: He's always making stupid mistakes because he's a memnull.

memory illusion: Used in two senses:
1. Those all-too-frequent moments when you can't remember whether you did something or
just thought about doing it;
2. those other all-too-frequent and embarrassing moments when you have absolutely
clear and vivid memories of events or conversations that never happened at all.
Example: Mark Twain's famous statement
I remember everything whether it happened or not
tells us that he understood the important role memory illusions play in everyday life.

menapuke: I'm gonna puke. Said if there's not enough time to say anything else.
Example: Bryon: Lauryn, you look kinda sick. Are you ok?
Lauryn: Menapuke!

Mendydo: A person who is highly productive and makes the workplace fun.
Example: Why can't Joseph be more like Mendydo?

Menglish: A language spoken solely with the intent of communicating between two people--characterized by no
regard to grammar, spelling, sentence structure, or other bothersome rules. See Manglophone.
Example: If U ken compredays this then U already no what Menglish iz.

meninano: To not know what is going on around you.
Example: Are we going to the mall today?...Meninano, are we?

MENSA candidate: Sarcasm-laced term used to describe someone who would never in a million years
be considered for membership by MENSA (the high I.Q. society).
Always delivered with heavy sarcasm and contempt.
Example: What? You thought that playing catch with a steak knife would be a good idea?
You got a punctured lung, did you? Yeah, you're definitely a MENSA candidate.

mental goalie: The part of your brain that keeps you from saying out loud the evil or stupid
thoughts that are sometimes your first response to questions or situations.
Example: Thank God for my mental goalie. Otherwise, when she told me she was pregnant, I'd have blurted out,
Oh, who's the father?

mental laxative: the inability to keep your thoughts (mainly negative) in your head, having no couth
Example: When he told his girlfriend she looked fat in her dress, he was suffering from mental laxative

mental lounger: One who is too lazy to think through an issue.
Example: His opinion comes from a brain lying in a mental lounger mode for too long.

mentalpause: The mid-life tendency to have one's thoughts temporarily clouded or one's information
recall blocked in mid-sentence. Akin to a senior moment.
Example: Uncle Eric was recounting the highlights of a trip into the Amazon Jungle when he hesitated for a moment, searching for an important detail. Then, as the mentalpause slowly lifted, he astounded us with the conclusion of his exciting adventure.

mentaltude: An attitude shared by the general public that is almost wholly
the result of media-generated propaganda, with no basis in reality.
Example: Over time, we have adopted a mentaltude in regards to tolerance of or sympathy for perversion.

mentattitude: Someone who does not have the right mental attitude about something
Example: James did not have the right mentattitude when he went for his tax audit.

mentee: person instructed by a mentor
Example: The teacher looked at the faces of his mentees.

menthaesthesia: Loss of feeling in scalp, due to overindulgence in mint shampoo.
Example: Yerks! That's not cool and refreshing. That's cranial menthaesthesia.

mentifex: Mindmaker. From the Latin, mens, mentis (mind) and facere (to make).
Example: The programmer was working on a mentifex-class artificial intelligence.

meowleluia chorus: A game in which you sing the word meow to classical or religious tunes, solo or in groups.
Example: The meowleluia chorus began when we sang meows to Amazing Grace
in three part harmony--most impressive.

mer: an interjection when someone's talking to you and you don't want to listen
Example: them...so anyway, i was at the mall and... you(interrupting)...mer... them(shocked)...what? you...mer... them...yeah, so, um... you...mer!

Mer: Can be used as a payout to describe simple idiocy but in the process make the user look
more of a fool, can also be used in the place of everyday words such as what and why.
Example: That guy is so mer it is not funny OR I'm sorry, mer?

merch: Material goods, merchandise.
Example: She only got into show business for the free merch.

mercurygirl: A zany,fun loving Canadian girl, obsessed with old Mercury pickups.
Example: Ya! She loves old trucks..she is a regular mercurygirl!

mergemeister: A driver who is unusually adept at merging safely regardless of traffic speed or congestion.
Example: The mergemeister crossed four lanes of traffic during rush hour and exited the highway without being honked at once.

mergeredness: A somewhat depressed condition caused by the merger of the company where you were employed with one or more other companies.
Example: Schlackel occasionally experiences bouts of mergeredness since his job was declared to be redundant.

merise: The disk-shaped connecting part that joins the stem to the foot on a traditional goblet. (See also avolio.)
Example: The finest examples of 16th century Venetian goblets have three evenly-sized merises
between the bowl and the stem.

merlin: A gifted but lazy student who somehow manages to pass exams
without doing any work at all, as if by magic.
Example: A. Did Kurt pass his exam?
R. Yeah, he truly is merlin.

MESH: the linguistics of self
Example: Speak mesh only when spoken to.

mesopotato: A very old potato. Old enough to have come from Mesopotamia. Sprouting and everything. Yech.
Example: How disgusting, my ex-roommate left a bag of mesopotatos in the cupboard. She's going to hell.

messagement: The art and practice of communicating, particularly with email messages..
Example: Messagement in the heat of the moment is usually regretted.

meta: Prefix. Dealing with homeic rather than information--e.g., an online diary about other online diaries.
Example: Why can't we see fewer meta sites and more original content?

Meta-: Meta- /Mehtah/ (Prefix) 1. Meta is a prefix that can be joined to any word to indicate that word is a multifunctional varient of the word.
Example: Meta- is a meta-prefix, in this case it indicated that it can be used in many diffrent prefixes.

meta-irony: describing when the irony involved is itself, ironic.
Example: The song Ironic by Alanis Morissette does not actually describe anything ironic. The chorus could be described as meta-ironic.

metaabsurd: The state of being that is beyond absurd, or the study of the principles that explain the nature of absurdity itself.
Example: Being naked in public because you stepped outside of your hotel room and the door closed behind
you is absurd. If your mother and her book club then walked down the hall, this would be metaabsurd.

metacool: Beyond cool.
Example: Jill is so hip and trendy she's metacool.

metal: Signifying approval or happiness
Example: That chick Molly is metal.

metal-monger: Also muscle-car.
Any of the large, fast, two-door, American sedans built between 1966 and 1974.
Example: The '68 Dodge Charger is the classic American metal-monger.

metaler: Person who listens to heavy metal all the time, relentlessly. Appearance: long, mousse-groomed hair; tight, stoned-washed jeans;
fanny pack (containing a Zippo, pack of cigarettes, and a demo tape of their own lame band); poorly-executed, ridiculous-looking
tattoos of skulls and bones; tank home; and a menacing stance.
Example: Went to Saratoga Winners last night to see Marauder and Type O. Place was packed with metalers. Humorous, to say the least.

metalgearsolidy: Something that really is great.
Example: The St.Louis Rams are metalgearsolidy.

metallicat: a fan of Metallica, also the band members themselves.

Metallifreak: Avid or devoted fan of the band Metallica.
Example: DeWayne has all the rare Metallica albums. Has ticket stubs framed to his wall. And he even has a lock of Jaymz Hetfield's hair. He is a genuine a Metallifreak.

metalybollobs: Those millions of little silver droplets that spray everywhere when you drop an old glass
thermometer or otherwise spill mercury
Example: Daddy, I dropped the thermometer and it broke into metalybollobs.

metaspam: Spam that tries to sell you email lists and spam services. Targeted at webmasters.
Example: I got more metaspam than real email yesterday.

MetaTate: Staring at the monitor in contemplation while you prepare a post or comment to MetaFilter.
Example: I had to MetaTate for an hour before I organized my comment to that link.

meteor strip: The patch of land in between lanes on the highway.
Example: He drove his car on the meteor strip.

meteorette: A lit cigarette butt thrown out the window of the car ahead of you at night.
Example: Meteorette

meterologist: A person who can't help watching the meter tick over in the taxi in which he is travelling.
Example: The more John travelled in a taxi the more his eyes were glued to the meter. He had become a real meterologist

methinks: I think.
Example: It's raining outside. Methinks I'm going to get my coat.

Methodist religious: A Golden Mean sort of religious--probably more fundamental or evangelical than Unitarians, but less than the Pentecostal religions.
Example: Me: Her son seems to be pretty religious, probably more so than Susan. Her: Our kids are religious, too. They're Methodist religious. You know what I mean, don't you? Me: Yes, I went to MYF every Sunday night. But that was largely because there were a lot of cute girls there from the neighboring church. We also had a regular Sunday night poker game afterwards.

methostiff: 1. One who has been a Methodist from birth.
2. One who believes that the Christian religion started with John Wesley.
3. One who is unwilling to consider the claims of any other religious denomination.
Example: My grandma remained a methostiff till the day she died.

methylethylbadstuff: Used by Orlando Fire Dept. Communications Specialists to describe any type of unknown hazardous material whether solid, liquid, gas or biological in nature.
Example: Example: I don't know what kind of methylethylbadstuff that tanker was carrying but it's on fire now...whatever it is!

metric butt-load: A high, unimaginable, or exaggerated number.
Example: I just ate a metric butt-load of gummi bears. I think I'm gonna puke.

metrognome: A metrognome is an elf-like or troll-like person of Swiss descent who collects tickets in the Paris Metro. The metrognome is a small, ugly Swiss immigrant in Paris, France, currently employed as a toilet attendant.
Being unable to afford a taxi when he first arrived, he started riding Le Metropolitain wherever he went.
Eventually he came to love his frequent rides so much he got a part-time job filling in as a ticket taker on weekends.
(Individual M�tro ticket is 8FF; packet of 10 tickets (a Carnet) is slightly more reasonable. Cost of RER tickets depends on distance traveled. Within central Paris cost is the same as M�tro tickets, and the same ticket is also valid on both systems.)
Example: Watch out when you step away from the pissoir at Le Crazy Horse Saloon.
Their metrognome just about pounces on you--little twerp must be desperate for tips to support his habit.

mew: Basically another verb meaning to vomit, spew, chuck. Can also be used as a noun.
Example: 1. Last night after a few too many brews I didn't feel too well and mewed.
2. Sometimes when you're sick, you have to have a mew.

mezmer: The hair on a woman's face that mesmerizes you. Try as you may to focus on other features and no matter how attractive she might otherwise be, you are overwhelmed with the urge to stare at the hair. Mono-brow, mustache, whiskers, etc.
Example: I tried to look her in the eye, but I just couldn't take my eyes off the mezmer on her upper lip.

mibble: the act of talking complete, freestyle nonsense. Originated in South Wales and is gradually spreading east.
Example: we had too much booze and ended up mibblin' in the park.

michelinized: Used mainly in reference to fat babies who resemble the Michelin Man in body structure.
Example: Rachel's baby has been michelinized.

Michigan left: In many cities in Michigan, one cannot make a left turn at a major intersection.
Instead, one must turn right, and then do a U-turn through the median to turn left.
Example: To get to that McDonald's, you have to do a Michigan left.

mickey: Making fun of someone.
Example: Shome taking the mickey out on me.

Mickey D's: McDonald's.
Example: Let's go get some food at Mickey D's.

micro media: Weblogs or websites that offer links to articles, comments, and opinions related to certain current events, to such an extent that they are considered as an alternative news source.
Example: His personal weblog died the day he decided to micro media Gary Condit's activities.

micro-metrical-autometrology-a: The career of one who ensures quality control in ukaturnative three pronged blibits.
Example: Whats your profession? Oh, I'm a Micro-Metrical-Autometrology-Analyst.

microbloat: Microsoft computer application of such extreme size that it
fills your hard drive and takes forever to install.
Example: I spent all last night installing the new microbloat and now I need a new hard drive.

Microfasting: That period of time spent waiting for a microwave to warm your lunch when at work.
Example: I'm now spending half of my lunch break microfasting.

Microsoftcide: The breaking up of Microsoft or killing off any monopoly.
Example: The justice tried to practice Microsoftcide but failed.

Microt: The little pieces of paper towel the size of a dime that you tear off in attempts to pull a full sheet.
Example: How'm I gonna clean up the spill? All I can get off this roll of Bounty is microts.

mid-flight: Caught in the act, this also goes along with the deer in the headlights look.
Example: Caught you mid-flight, you jackass.

Mideast Skylight: Any aperture in one's home that comes as a result of a military action. Can be in the ceiling, walls, or floor.
Example: Yassir Arafat's compound in Ramallah has been significantly enhanced with mideast skylights in recent weeks.

midgetbigot: One who hates small minds.
Example: I'm such a midgetbigot that I think anyone displaying obvious signs of stupidity should be shot
on site (or on sight) or at the least sterilized.

midgie: Fly-like insects prone to biting in the height of summer. Commonly found in Scotland.
Example: I've just been bite by another midgie.

midimize: Clicking on the overlapping squares button at the upper right in a window to make it a mid-sized floating window.
Example: In order to view two windows on your screen you should midimize one or both of the windows.

midnight around two: The time of a late-night rendevous, unspecific, because you're going out--
probably drinking, but you know you'll eventually get there.
Example: I'll meet you at the bar. What time? Midnight around two.

midnight-thirty: 12:30 at night
Example: Please be home at usual curfew, midnight-thirty.

midworth: the trough in something's worth between the time it is highly valued because it's new and the time when it's highly valued because it's nostalgic
Example: Devo was in its midworth for most of the 90s. Now it's coming back.

miffed: UK slang: upset, put out, annoyed, angry. [This is informal, but quite common in the US as well.]
Example: She was miffed that he turned up late for the date yet again.

miffle: Nothing.
Example: A. What are you doing? B. Miffle.

migot: Singularly bigoted on only one thing.
Only accepts one kind of outlook on life, or approaches life through one vein of thought,
unable to accept others.
Example: Forget that migot. He's obsessed with Walt Disney.

mik-mill: Variation of milk.
Example: Could I have a tall glass of mik-mil, please?

Mike Costa: A cross between a homo and a gay.
Example: You little Mike Costa.

mile long dot com: This is the name given to those stupid websites where the URL is a mile long.
Example: https://www.milelongdotcom.com/14432/sam/pseudo/paul&garret/psgepfs3256/32463457/.com is a mile long dot com.

milf: A hot woman, a female who is pleasing to the eye.
Example: Did you see that chick that just walked by? Absolute milf.

militant veggie: 1. A vegetarian or vegan person who tends to be rather outspoken about their non-meat-eating ways. 2. Attitude of a vegetarian or vegan person who tends to be rather outspoken about their non-meat eating ways.
Example: Don't tell Sally that you had lunch at McDonald's.. she'll go all militant veggie on you!

Milk, Milking, Milked: Using something up as much as possible.
Example: A: The guy got $3000 for that little dent in his car door. He milked the insurance company big time.
B: I got this hall pass with no date on it. I'm going to milk it for all it's worth!

Milliganese: The particular brand of goonish nonsense, invented and used by the late, great Spike Milligan.
Example: Ning nang nong where the cows go bong, is an example of Milliganese.

millipause: The time it takes to check your memory for another way to pronounce a word before saying it in the company of anyone you want to impress.
Example: After a millipause I said Poo-ket instead of the other way to say Phuket.

Millipig: Someone who knows loads of useless facts and says them at really stupid times.
Example: How did I know that?Oh, this millipig told me.

millitate: to irritate or anoy in a small way
Example: you millitate me or at least he only millitates you

milocryptavestamentaphilac: person who has a fetish for black underwear.
Example: My boyfriend is a milocryptavestamentaphiliac.

mimbo: Male who acts exceptionally feminine (male bimbo = mimbo).
Example: There's Sam, mincing around again. He's a stereotype mimbo.

mimicate: To mimc and imitate at the same time.
Example: Josh can mimicate gorilla movements and noises perfectly.

min: A man, usually Scottish. Or just a platonic man-to-man term of endearment.
Example: Min, ye are my best friend. Ye ken 'at?

mince: A name for someone who does something really stupid.
Example: I cannot believe you just fell UP the stairs, you mince.

mince: Wonderul, cool, excellent, good.
Alternatively rubbish, pathetic, bad.
Generally used as the thing compared to in a similie and its
goodness or badness determined by the adjective in the similie.
Example: As cool as mince.
What a pile of mince.

mincer: Insult. Like jackass or moron, etc.
Example: The blond guy in N 'SYNC is a mincer.

mindbogglation: One's mind being boggled repeatedly.
Example: Whoa! The mindbogglation factor there was off the scale.

mindo: Like a typo, but said in conversation. Simple mix-up or slur of words or sounds.
Example: Do you mind if I ket the pat? (pet the cat) Did you drive, or did you leave your house at your car? (car at your house)

Mineeni: A white iced bun found only in the baker's oven. Must have pink squiggly icing.
Example: Two mineenis, please.

ming-ery: (adj) ming. er. ree Really gross, disgusting, unattractive.

Example: That guy you went out with is the most ming-ery guy ever.

Minger: Minger = someone who smells or looks unclean, or is generally unattractive
Example: oh god, look at her - she's a right minger!

mingin': Unpleasant, icky, bad-tasting, designed with bad taste, or just heinously ugly (esp. of females). Also has noun and verb forms.
Example: Don't drink that beer--it's mingin'. OR, offensively: Yikes, she's nasty! That girl mings for England!

minging: Disgusting, foul, gross.
Example: My shoes were minging after I stepped in the vomit.

minimum: daughter
Example: She should look like me, she is my minimum.

minstint: A hurried minute, or expression to signify a rushed situation.
Example: I'll be done in a minstint. OR Come down here this minstint.

mint: very cool. everything's okay.
Example: that party was mint - good party

minted: rich,wealthy
Example: that bloke is minted

mintox: Extra-specially cool. Just as sick upsizes to fully sick, mint is trumped by mintox.
Example: Davo's pool party was mintox.

mip: Sharp, precise word. Mostly used to describe one's mood, usually joyful.
Example: Mip! I want to hug and kiss the whole world.

Mip-Mip: Derives: Pax, Pacis. Another word for a Pacifyer. A brain child of my three year old mind.
Example: Momma, I want my Mip Mip

miracule: A scientifically acceptable miracle.
Example: Gadzooks, it's the Miracule of Birth.

miralovent: A morale event, a type of get together that companies have to boost employee morale.
Example: When is the company's next miralovent?

mirt: Dressing or having a hairdo like an old person. A relatively young person dressed too old. May also be spelled as mert or myrt.

Example: I just had my hair done at the hairdressers, and I think it looks a bit mirt.
OR Here comes mirt walking down the street.

mirthquake: The physical manifestation of hilarity, aka a fit of giggles, that leaves you breathless,
unable to make any sound, but shaking and rocking in your seat with laughter.
Nothing to do with Quaker comedians.
Example: She was laughing so hard, the mirthquake was an 8.2 on the Bill Hicks Scale.

misaneria: Hatred of men.
Example: Though there is an undercurrent of misogyny at the men's meeting,
the misaneria at the women's meeting is palpable.

miscara: Those black smudges you get on your eyelids when you blink too soon after applying mascara.
Example: I'm late for work today because of two bad miscaras I got while applying my makeup.

mischief alley: Any place where unexpectedly fun things can happen.
Example: Sally's such a riot. Every time she comes to town, we wind up in mischief alley.

misconceived: Those born out of the failure to understand the effectiveness of oral contraceptives and prophylactics.
Also misconception.
Example: Clive and Diane were misconceived because their parents thought they were being careful.

misconfused: mis-con-fyoosed 1. The approximate state of being that IT Techs sometimes find themselves in.
Example: When Tommy was being harrassed by Jason, Joe and Mike, he experienced a heightened mode of being misconfused and spluttered sentence fragments at the customer he was attempting to support.

miscumbubulated: Confused or Unorganized
Example: My papers are all miscumbubulated from falling on the floor or My mind is all miscumbubulated after all that information.

misel: Might as well.
Example: Misel take out the garbage.

misgreet: A euphemism for insult.
Example: Excuse me, I think you just misgret me.

mishtookplah: To just give up.
Example: I was supposed to go to the gym but I mishtookplahed.

misle: To mislead someone in a malevolent manner. The past tense is misled, pronounced my-zld, as opposed to misLED, pronounced mis-led with short I and E, and which might denote a more innocent intent.
Example: That dude done misled me. I'm gonna misle him back.

mislegend: A modern legend so patently false as to be considered camp.
Example: JFK is being kept alive on a Greek island--that's a mislegend.

misnegglties: Particulars.
Example: No need to quibble over the misnegglties, my dear

mispelings: Misspelled or misunderstood words submitted to the pseudodictionary. The examples are from actual submittals--four (summerize, essey, shakespear, and charachters) came from a single submittal. Some of the misspellings have been entered as new words.
Example: Frase = Phrase, loose = lose. Abreviation = abbreviation.Sindrom = syndrome. Stimulent = stimulant. Impregned - ?! Thouht = thought.
Ammount = amount. Tempreture = temperature. Marvellous = marvelous. Generaly = generally. Sandwitch, sawndwitch = sandwich. Deuschbag = douche bag. Posessing = Possessing. Pleasent = pleasant. Definative = definitive. Cubical = cubicle. Freind = friend. Definately = definitely. Summerize = summarize. Essey = essay. Shakespear = Shakespeare. Charachters = characters. Alright = all right. Toatly = totally. Economoic = economic. Ussualy = usually. Shakespere = Shakespeare. Extreamly = extremely. Quotia = quotient. Gawdy = gaudy. Motovation = motivation. Criptology = cryptology. Moraly = morally. Concensus = consensus. Visa versa = vice versa. Archeoligists = archeologists. Mithologic = mythologic. Discribing = describe.

missable: Able to be missed.
Example: Joey: No one misses me.
Frankie: Of course they miss you. You're so missable.

misspelation: N. An instance of incorrect spelling.
V. To incorrectly spell a word, often resulting in humor.
Example: His research paper was one big mispelation.

misteeque: Derived from the name of the RnB band and pronounced in the same way. To misteeque is to talk incredibly fast.
Example: I'm amazed by the speed at which my friend James (a real person, by the way) can misteeque.

misunderestimate: To simultaneously misunderstand and underestimate
Example: It appears that I have misunderestimated you, Mr. Bond.

misunderheard: Not heard right.
Example: Will you repeat that? I misunderheard you.

Mitch: An extreme prank.

Example: Wow, the seniors pulled one hell of a mitch this year.

mither: To bother, pester, hassle, harass, worry, fatigue.
Pronounced MY-thuh, this is a colloquial term current in the North and Midlands areas of England,
and is often applied to fretful children.
Example: Shome mithering, Johnny, we'll be home soon.
Johnny kept mithering me all afternoon.

MITIN: an acronym for: More Information Than I Need
Example: Oh, sheesh, MITIN... in response to my cyber-sex partner's remark that his wife is menstruating.

mizworm: A particularly unpleasant person--short for miserable worm.
Example: You mizworm! I can't believe you would do that!

mizzle: Light precipitation that is, in density, heavier than a mist, but lighter than a drizzle.
Example: Look, kids, it's mizzling again.

mlac: Expression: Calm down, take it easy. Said mil-lack.
Example: You don't have to yell at me. Mlac a bit, bro.

mmm...raspberry: Said when something tastes, looks, or feels good.
Example: Best looking guy I've seen this year. Mmm...raspberry.

mmmmmm: Used to describe something that is tasty.
Example: Mmmmmm, those ribs look delicious.

Mmmmph: A sound made through the nose whilst the mouth is closed. Used to describe almost any emotion i.e Apathy, Pleasure, Disintrest. Native to about 10 ppl on the east coast of Australia.
Example: How ya feeling man? Mmmmph oh really? bummer.

mmmyellow: (inter.) How saying hello sounds when one answers the phone if one has just woken up
or if one is a lexical prodigy.
Example: (ring ring ring) Mmmyellow...

mneh, mneh, mneh: A sound made when the person is trying to convey an unpleasant feeling; when something is found distasteful.
When you are making this sound, it almost looks as if you are tasting the nastiness.
Example: I looked at her outfit, and it was mneh, mneh, mneh. She has no idea that pleather is, like, SO out.

mnemographik: Action of remembering with a short description that is as clear as a photograph.
Example: I really can learn or perfect skiing a lot more efficiently with a mnemographik method.

moach: An upper caste cockroach. They like drinking martinis, sitting in hot tubs whilst smoking Cuban cigars. They deeply frown on their crunchy six-legged cousins. Can also be used as an adjective meaning cool or all right.
Example: That brie is moach to the max.

mobo: The motherboard of a computer system.
Example: My mobo needs to be upgraded to a Pentium 4.

Mobs: A more than sufficient amount of something.
Example: I didn't need to buy any more toilet paper because I had mobs at home already.

moby: huge
Example: there were 8 of us, so we needed a moby pizza

moc: MOC is an acronym for Male Of Choice, meaning someone that you like, your male of choice. It does not necessarily mean a boyfriend, more a crush.
Example: I saw the moc on the subway yesterday, he looked very sexy in his blue shirt.

Mock-eyed: To drink alcoholic beverages to the point where you can no longer see.
Example: I went out drinking with my buddies last night and got mock-eyed.

mockahama: Supersonic-idiotic-disconnected-brainaffected-bubbleheaded jerk.
Example: Chris is the best known mockahama in the state.

mocus: Like the word fong, mocus connotes a disturbed energy, a dysfunctional situation, the opposite of focus.
Note: Mocus, Idaho, is not the origin of the word.
Example: The situation was full of mocus. There was mocus everywhere. Mocus is beyond bogus.
Mocus suggests serious fong.
Mocus is almost always the result of confusement--i.e., lack of focus.

mod: Moderator. Also used to describe lazy people who own a site or a chat room you are visiting.
Example: Bob: Why are these chat rooms such crud?
Slim: I dunno, probably designed by the mods.

moded: Used to describe one who has just made a fool of herself or gotten an unexpected, negative result. (Term originated in the San Francisco Bay Area.)
Example: Well, that song's going to flop.
You are so moded. It just hit Number One.

model-years: Analogous to dog-years, referring to a time-unit in a very brief professional lifetime.
Can be extended to actress-years, starlet-years, sportsman-years, scientist-years, and so on.
Example: Lancome dropped Isabella Rossellini because she was in her forties,
which is about a 1000 in model-years.

Modell, Modelling: To ruin someone's meal by asking Are you finished with that?
Automatically makes the person eating inclined towards offering the remainder of the meal.
From the character Modell in _Diner_.
Example: Shome Modelling. If you want my sandwich just say so.

moduleric: An odd act.
Example: Man that was one moduleric. I mean the guy just swallowed a chicken whole, and alive at that.

Moe: (pron. Moh-ee) A refuge for bogans and sheryls.
Example: Teagan: Oh My God Tracey! Have you been to Warren's new caravan in Moe. Tracey: That's not a caravan, that's a panel van.

moggie-don: Your cat is all nice and warm and comfy on your lap, so you fall asleep because you don't want to disturb it.
Example: Someone wakes you up because you were asleep on the lounge with a cat on your lap: Did I take a moggie-don!

MOGGY: Cat. A Cockney expression.
Example: Yow! Moggies, en masse.

mogical: (adj) Magical and logical, expressing simultaneous approval and incomprehension,
as in laymen's discussions of science, engineering, etc.
Example: I don't understand why it works, but it does. Mogical! he said.

mogile, mogility: The art of combining mobility and agility in a fluid and graceful manner.
Example: The running back displayed exceptional mogility evading the tacklers.

moh: A word to say when you don't like something that's happening. Like Homer Simpson's D'oh but sadder.
Example: A. You have to go now. B. Moh. I don't want to.

Moheffen: Enormous, huge.
Example: I'm so tired I need a moheffen cup of coffee.

moho: A short and furry person. Combination of monkey and hobbit.
Example: That fuzzy midget is a moho.

Moid: To act selfishly; to keep something for oneself. (Credited to James Ruggieri.)
Example: Andrew, quit moiding on the vid sitch. That is, shome playing that video game all day long.

moil: In glassblowing, the bit of glass that surrounds the pipe that cannot be used.
Example: The goblet broke because the moil got too cold and cracked.

moil: The orange oily substance that bubbles to the home of bolognese sauce whilst cooking or left standing, also left as residue on plate after eating spaghetti bolognese.
Example: This spaghetti bolognese is really moilly.

moishy: A combination of moist and mushy.
Example: That back porch rug is always moishy after a storm.

mole: A real low-life. Typically with a short neck, stout head and very small brain, this nocturnal creature seem to frequent dive bars, county fairs and jail cells.
Example: That fellow must be the first generation in his family tree to walk upright. What a mole!

mole-er than thou: The attitude in expensive mexican restaurants.
Example: Let's go to Chevy's. That other place is sooo mole-er than thou.

molehole: The name for a person who is either a very good friend, or someone with an amazing resemblance to a mole.
Example: Look at that molehole.

molestache: The feathery, three-to-four day-old looking mustache commonly worn by middle-aged men who may be suspected of pedophilia.
Example: Jonny's face was adorned by a downy-soft molestache.

mollycottle: when you are wasting time, usually procrastinating.
Example: quit mollycottling dan! I need our new swooshy-swirly logos implemented on our website by thursday!

Mom Radar: The innate ability of mothers to find anything seemingly lost around the house.
Australian = Mum Radar.
Example: I thought my favourite shirt was gone forever until I rediscovered it utilising Mom Radar.

Momma Jahma: Extremely big.
Example: Thats one Momma Jahma Slurpee.

Mommaflauge: To remove all evidence of illicit paraphenalia, empty alcohol containers, porn,
naked members of the opposite sex, et cetera, from a dorm room, apartment, or house,
in anticipation of a parental visit.
Example: Dan, we have to mommaflauge the house. My parents are coming by for dinner tonight.

mommanem: One's family
Example: Q. How's your mommanem?
A. They're fine.

momo: derogatory. an idiot, jerk.
Example: He's a momo: he didn't leave a tip for the waiter.

momspam: (varient: dadspam) the endless barrage of trivial emails sent by recently online mothers to their adult children. Momspam is the cyber-age equivalent of those envelopes full of newspaper clippings and unfunny comic strips your mother used to send you.
Example: examples of momspam are: unfunny forwarded internet humor, links to news articles and online birth and wedding anouncements, pictures of relatives and pets, chain letters & unfunny online comic strips.

momular: pertaining to anything that looks or sounds like something a mom would wear or do
Example: that is a momular looking shirt or that is a momular saying

mon yana: I don't know what this means! Can you help?
Example: As in: See you mon yana.

monchichi: A sometimes small, hairier-than-usual person with dark-toned skin. Origin: early 80s Saturday morning cartoon of the same name.
Example: ex. Pete Sampras has monchichi qualities.

Mondayist: Someone who believes that Monday is the first day of the week. See also Sundayist
Example: I used to think Sunday was the first day of the week,
but there are so many Mondayists around I'm no longer sure.

mondegreen: A you-can-find-this-in-thedictionary-already word. A mishearing, something that was misheard, a misunderstanding. Happens all the time with song lyrics, sayings, familiar pharases, slogans, etc.
Example: Gladly, the cross-eyed bear is one of the better-known mondegreens.

mondo: Very.
Example: That is mondo tasty.

money: Pronounced: Maaah-kneeMeaning: good, beneficial
Example: That footie game last night was mo-ney!

money: Friend, homie, dog, etc. Popularized by rapper DMX.
Example: Hey, money, what's poppin?

Money box: 1)The ATM machine
2)The bank
3)Someone who owes you money
4)Parents(if applies)
Example: We have to hit up the money box before we go out

money-maybe: Automatic teller machine, especially one in a popular or busy location and frequently out of cash.
Example: Before we go to the movie, I have to hit the money-maybe. Otherwise you're buying.

moneytree: An unending producer of money.
Example: After finding out he was just a moneytree to them, he decided to work only for
himself from then on.

Monged: Very drunk.
Example: You should have seen how stupid he was acting--he was monged.

monger: Abbreviation: mong. Stupid people--idiot, or alternatively can be used as a nickname for friends.
Example: Cassie is just a monger. OR Hey, mong, what's going on?

mongfrucious: Unreasonably large, numerous, expansive or extensive: descriptive.
May also be used as an exclamatory statement.
Example: That was a mongfrucious amount of money. OR He owns a mongfrucious amount of land. OR
Godzilla is a mongfrucious lizard. OR Exclamation: That's mongfrucious, Bert!

mongloid: Similar to meathead, but with the emphasis on large physical size and lack of intelligence.
Example: 1. See the size of that bouncer? Mongloid could barely fit through the door. (Could have meathead sense of being a jerk here.)
2. Didja' see the pizza guy? That mongloid could barely fit through the door. (Less of the meathead sense here. The pizza guy's a lot less likely to be acting like a jerk.)

Mongo: Name for a person who is mentally deficient.
Example: Nice driving there, Mongo!

monk-style: To temporarly obstain from any sex, alcohol, or drugs.
Example: Cindy isn't going clubbing anymore. She's going monk-style tonight.

monkey: Frenetic, often violent, usually reacting to something not understood.
Example: I wanted to tell him it was over, but I thought he'd go monkey on me. OR
I was teasing Phil's cat; which was funny until it went monkey on my face.

monkey around: Goofing off, especially when you don't have time to goof off.
Example: Dad to Tom, Better do your homework and quit sending words to the pseudodictionary, son.
You don't have time to be monkeying around this evening.

Monkey-Flip: A white trash variation of a martial arts maneuver whereby the attacker tosses the defender over his head.
Example: Don't mess with me or I'll monkey-flip ya.

Monkey-Hanger: Derogatory term for Hartlepool residents, by other North-Easteners (England).
From the fact that the town hanged a monkey during the Napoleonic wars,
mistaking it for a French spy.
Example: Have you met our new teacher?
Yeah, she's a monkey-hanger.

monkeyish: Acting stupid. If someone is monkeyish, he is acting stupid--but he's not.
Example: My friend Chris acted monkeyish at the party last week.

monktified: Describes a person or situation that is primal in nature or that is foolish.
Example: The monktified customer service representative could not provide any sensible help to the customer.

Monolunaticidy: When something is horribly repetitive or boring but also horribly insane.
Example: Practice today had so much monolunaticidy--our director kept doing cartwheels to get our attention.

monomahomeoeia: Sound effects not recorded in stereo.
Example: Older films suffer from monomahomeoeia.

Monoquistic: Speak in a monotone, one language voice with absolutely no inflection.
Example: Your monoquistic skills are truly boring.

monorash: Short for mono-rationalise. To jump to a conclusion, following the mistaken logic that just because you *can* think of *a* reason for something, that's THE reason.
Example: The Newsnight programme went on another monorashing spree yesterday, I see.

monosexual: A man whose wife on becoming pregnant during their first union is refused sex forever.
Example: We'll not be having more children as I'm monosexual.

monosyblacioustutatious: Cool.
Example: She thinks she is so monosyblacioustutatious.

monotheopoly: Exclusive rule over humanity without need to compete with other gods--monotheistic monopoly.
Example: God should be broken up into several less powerful deities. I'm tired of living in this monotheopoly.

montipyhone: Mon-tee-pie-hoe-n. Funny by nature of being spelled wrong.
Example: Maybe we should be writing montipyhone sketches and not games.

monumenial: Monumenial -- adjective; describes the state of having accumulated so many undone or incomplete inconsequential and/or trivial tasks that the doer is overwhelmed. These are tasks that individually would be no porblem, but collectively result in doer paralysis.
Example: I put off cleaning up the kitchen until eventually the job got monumenial and I had to hire help.

moo juice: Milk.
Example: Pick up some milk, the moo juice has gone chunky.

moobs: Man-boobs. Seen on obese men. Don't they know only buff guys should run around without shirts?
Example: The beach was wall- to-wall moobs today. What a nightmare.

mooch: Moocher. Someone who always takes and never gives back.
Example: He's the classic mooch. Never buys his own beer or cigarettes.

mooch: Moocher, someone who wanderers around shopping centres aimlessly.
Example: Let's mooch today.

moofed: The annoying act of being disconnected from chatroom or any other online public forum.
Example: She's been moofed again from the chatroom

Moofie: A small furry colour-changing four-legged spider that disconnects you from the internet at inappropriate times.
Example: What? Disconnected? Now? Damn you moofies! Damn you all to hell!

Mooghan: Said when used to describe a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes from Montclair, New Jersey.
Example: ::Looking at a girl with blonde hair and blue eyes from Montclair, New Jersey::
Oh my! Look at that Mooghan girl.

mook: Idiot, moron, etc.--that is, a very stupid person.
Example: There he is, folks. The world's undisputed champion mook--Chris.

Mook: How the marketing organization of a major TV based entertainment company discribes the average teenage boy. Dates back to the 1930's meaning stooge.
Example: The average 15 to 18 year old teen boy is a mook.

mookalook: An idiot.
Example: That kid is a real mookalook.

mool: To pine for someone romantically; make the moonface every time one sees them;
act a fool around a potential suitor.
Example: I'm so embarrassed. I met a guy last night and everything was going great--until I got drunk and started mooling all over him.

Mooly: What Mopnopoly becomes when one places the pot (won by landing on Free Parking)
over the nop in Monopoly.
Example: You have to pay a poor tax. Put the money over nop and wee'll be playing Mooly.

moomf: noun; an expression of emotion depending on the tone of the speaker
Example: Q: How are you, Joe?
A: moomf :(

moomin: A person who will scrounge anything from his or her friends. Substandard in many aspects of life.
Example: Jon was a moomin--he never came out with any money OR cigarettes.

moomuffles: Little anecdotes from life.
Example: Most people have collected a plethora of moomuffles during their lives.

moon pig: A pale and chunky person.
Some people are moon pigs because it's the first weekend of the summer and they haven't
dieted or been exposed to the sun since last summer.
Some people are always moon pigs.
Example: Give me my sunglasses, I'm getting glare off the gut of that moon pig on that beach towel over there.

moon the dog: To let your hair down, to get a little wild, to break out of a boring monotonous life.
Example: It's 3 p.m. on a Friday afternoon. I turn to my friend Holly and say:
It's time to moon the dog! Let's go!

moonprice: the daily (suck!) reality : an exaggerated price charged by some oh so clever shopkeeper-havak
Example: 'beware, that shopster charges moonprices for dirt.'

moonstompers: High-top sneakers, particularly large ones.
Example: Take your moonstompers off before you jump on the trampoline.

moony: when it's a very clear night and you can see the moon very well (esp. when it's full)
Example: It was pretty moony last night, you could see your shadow!

moose knuckle: Camel toe.
Example: Look at the moose knuckle on her.

mooseknuckle: The same as a wedgie, except it only happens to females, and is a front wedgie.
Example: She got off her bike and I couldn't help but notice her serious mooseknuckle.

moostache: The mustache formed on the upper lip after enjoying a glass of milk.
Example: Fully satisfied, I wiped the moostache from my face.

mope: One who wears baggy pants and does drugs and also behaves in a mopey way.

Example: Jeff's a mope; he doesn't care about anything

MOR: Middle of the road.
Example: Those combat boots are so MOR.

morantic: morantic
Example: Wearing shorts when it snows is morantic

Mordivar or Mortivar: A made-up monster.
The name was derived from seeing the lit up stylized electric sign for an amusement
park ride from behind and certain people not being able to read it.
It may have been called something like The Gravitron.
I don't remember the actual name of the ride.
Example: Oh, no! The Mordivar!

more better: Better. When something has to be redone over and over and over and over....
Example: It's more better than before, but still needs some work.

morenski: Another slang word for someone who commited an act of being a moron.
Example: Billybob over there is acting like a total morenski.

Morfy: any form of gum found under public seating facilities (eg. bus seat, cinema seat, park bench, etc.)
came into use in the late sixties.
Example: Dammnit! I just put my finger in some morfy! or Hey, i morfied that seat!

moridiot: A person whose intelligence is lacking to a point of shame.
Example: Some moridiots should be sterilized to remove their genes from the pool.

morkish: The stage above mawkish, only achievable in Robin Williams's films.
Example: I saw _Patch Adams_. I never knew it was possible to be that morkish.

Morno: Typo for moron, which, through its misspelling, comes back at the writer twice as hard as delivered. Esp. in realtime chat-- ie, ICQ.
Example: Well, I for one think that Gerri Halliwell is a misunderstood genius.
You're a morno.
I mean moron.

moroculous: To become less than coherent due to the consumption of alcohol.
More than merry, not quite shit-faced.
Example: Got quite moroculous the other night, did we?

moronistic: Action or reaction appearing to be that of a moron.
Example: Though the individual would be considered as quite intelligent, his actions from time to time have been moronistic.

moronize: (UK: moronise)
1. Transitive: to destroy another person's intelligence by consistently confronting that person with moronic behaviour.
2. Intransitive: to feel one's IQ decreasing when confronted with consistently moronic behaviour.
Example: 1. The incompetent employees were moronizing the information officer with a stream of inane requests.
2. As a result the information officer moronized to kindergarten level.

Moronologist: One who studies the science of the motives and actions of morons.
Example: A man falls from a hot air balloon while trying to drop a beer bottle on a bystander: Moronologists will have a tough time figuring this out.

morphadite: anything that's screwed up
Example: Now the whole spreadsheet is morphadite!

morphadite: An oddball item, something uncommon.
Example: This is a morphadite tire size, I'll never be able to find a replacement.

morphopinionated: The state of a person whose ideals and opinions change constantly
according to whichever band, politician, or philosopher she has most recently read about.
Example: James was reading Nietzsche, and was totally into the UberMensch. Now he's reading Sartre and says he doesn't know if he exists or not. He's so morphopinionated.

morsel slap: The act of slapping the last morsel of food out of another's hand.
Especially funny when it's something she's really enjoying.
Example: While enjoying his yummy peanut butter and jelly, Dave got morsel slapped.

mortalled: A description of extreme drunkenness, based on the apparently
life-threatening nature of the alcohol intake level. Used in London, hence the grammar in the example.
Example: Me and Dan was completely mortalled last night--I feel like death warmed up.

mortemigon: Mor-de-meh-gon. Used to tell someone to be quiet or get out of the way.
Example: Bert: Can you see the TV?
Ernie: No. Mortemigon!

mosdef: Most definitely, connoting confirmation or agreement.
Example: Will you be at the party tonight?
Mosdef, I wouldn't miss it for the world.

mosh: Slam dancing. Usually associated with heavy metal music.
Example: Back in '85 I saw Slayer play, and the first time they played the then-new song Angel of Death,
the whole club was one big Mosh Pit.

mosquitoe bite: A mosquito bite on the toe.
Example: Damn, another mosquitoe bite!

moss: Really bad hair.
Example: Um, nice moss, boss.

motate: Get moving right now!
Example: You'd better motate or we're going to be late!

Mother Bitch: Exclamation of frustration, or an insult. Common among Russian Mafia youths, adapted to North American usage by yelling it at video games or sporting events.
Example: Ah, Mother Bitch!

Mother of Pearl: Is really a kind of jewelry, but in this case it is used in lieu of a curse word when around small children.
Example: What do you mean its going to take 3 days to fix this? Mother of pearl!

mother-loving: The tendency for children, courts, agencies, to believe everything a mother says JUST
because she is a mother and everyone knows mothers are good--loving, believing a
mother no matter what she does.

Example: The mother-loving court system said it did not matter how many men she had or what
she did, she was still going to get at least half of everything.

motheritis: A disease that occurs when someone is flustered or not concentrating so as to confuse the names of two or more related persons. Most common amongst mothers.
Example: She continues to call me Chris, despite the fact that she knows I'm Steve. Must be a case of motheritis.

mothra: An insect of legendary size, around 2 - 3 inches long, but reported at times to grow up to 20,000
metric tons with a wingspan of 60 meters;
usually found fluttering around well-lighted front porches,
but possessing an uncanny ability to fly up an unsuspecting sleeve at the most inopportune time.
Example: While contentedly chatting away online,
Stephanie suddenly homepled out of her chair, caught off guard by a surprise mothra attack.

Motion Detectoralis: The finely tuned muscle moms possess that allows them to detect when their kids are in motion.
Example: Settle down up there! Dang, Mom's motion detectoralis is mighty sensitive.

motion tagging: Painting graffiti on a moving subway car.
Example: Paul was motion tagging when he was busted by the police.

motivate, motovate: Let's move; let's do something.
Example: Let's motivate out of here.

motorgate: To drive slowly, or without a specific destination.
Example: Me and the boys like to motorgate for chicks.

motovation: A vehicle--car, truck, bicycle, train.... From a misspelling of motivation.
Example: It'll take me a while to get there. I lack motovation, so I'll have to walk.

motro: Remote control.
Example: Mommy, where's the motro?

motts: Alcoholic beverage made by siphoning off a small amount from every liquor bottle in
your parents' liquor cabinet.
Example: I got rocked off some motts the other night; it tasted foul but it did the job.

mourge: a place where older publications are kept in storage, such as newspapers and magazines
Example: You can find that back issue in the mourge.

mouse potato: Someone who sits in front of her computer for long periods of time without communicating with actual people.
Example: Shome being a mouse potato. Go outside and talk to some real guys.

mousegma: Mowss-gmuh. The crud that forms on the rollers of your mouse. From mouse + smegma (duh).
Example: Damn, my mouse is full of mousegma again. Gotta clean it.

mousemate: The electronic age equivalent of a Pen Pal.
Example: The use of email has resulted in my aquiring lots of new mousemates.

mousephancy: A childish jest, a stupid affirmation, something comical can be named in this way,
and also a situation where contradictions are dominating.
Example: He did a mousephancy. Peter told his friends a mousephancy.
That really was a mousephancy.

mousetrap: Addictive site, one that keeps your attention for a long time or keeps you coming back for more.
Example: Pseudodictionary.com is one wicked mousetrap.

Mousterbait: The wiggling of ones mouse in order to wake a computer from sleep mode.
Example: My screen went black so I mousterbaited to wake it up.

mouthbreather: a fool
Example: He really needed to take a clue out of the clue bag. What a mouthbreather.

move zig: to do something.
Example: After I set up us the bomb, I will move zig and come to your base.

movem.l: Funky, weird music with chunky beats.
Example: Wow, that movem.l is really groovy!

movie and a half: A great movie.
Example: The Matrix is a movie and a half.

movie extra: Either a married man with two kids dressed in a suit on his way home from work by himself
or a woman with a pram and shopping bag, also walking home by herself.
These are people who are shot first in movies.
Example: Have a look at all these movie extras coming out from the train station. This is an action movie waiting to happen.

mox: Lazy and sloth-like.
Example: Oh, we're just moxin' around the house.

Moya: Oh boy, yes!
Example: Was it good for you, too? Moya.

MR or MRS Degree: Used to describe people who go to college just to find someone to marry.
These people usually have BS majors like Liberal Arts or Communications.
Example: Jane is just here for an MRS Degree.

Mr. Kathleen Matthews: It is used to describe someone with a fake I.D.
Especially when thye have one that doesn't look like them.
Example: Excuse me, Mr. Kathleen Matthews. I don't believe that this your real I.D.

Mr. Pants: The person in charge, often used disparagingly.
Example: All right, Mr. Pants, I've had enough of this crap, I'm getting out of here.

Mr. Science: A term used in same manner as scholar...Used to make fun of an intellectual remark
Example: Well actually, that wouldn't be possible 'cause the gravitational.... Yes, yes. Thank you Mr.Science...

Mrgle: A handy word to use in conversations when you cannot think of another reply
Example: My adorable doggie just had puppies yesterday! Aren't you sooo proud?! Mrgle.

MSN: Moronic Satanic Network.
Example: I used to belong to MSN.

Mspuckalufs: A word to say if you forget what your saying
Example: Hey man did you see...uh....mmm...ermm...mspuckalufs....i forgot!

mst: Pronounced mist. To insert one's own disparaging comments into a (generally bad) piece of work, be it written or in movie format. Utilizes multiple characters who make the snide comments, often with a mythos unto themselves. Taken from the vast Mystery Science Theater 3000 fanbase.
Example: 'That self-insertion fic was a piece of utter drivel. It could do with some msting.

MTV-zombie: A person who follows the cliche template of Ambercrombie & Fitch clothing, listens to crappy MTV music, uses annoying phrases and acts like an idiot aware only of MTV and pop culture.
Example: My history class is awful. It's a bunch of MTV-zombies.

mubte: acronym. stands for Most Unquestionably Boring Thing Ever
Example: Social Studies classes are usually Mubte.

Much props: Simply means, Congratulations or Big Ups.
Example: Much props to albawheels.com for the hottest chrome wheel for 2002, the 405 Battle.

much?: Sarcastically used in conjunction with an adjective to imply someone's state of being.
Example: Jealous much? (from the movie _Heathers_).

muchly: Very much
Example: Thank you muchly.

mucka nucka: Can be used to make fun of somebody. Just call somebody a mucka nucka to make fun of them.
Example: Shut up, you mucka nucka!.

muckender: Handkerchief. (Lincolnshire dialect.)
Example: A' ya seen me new muckender? It's got a picture o' the Queen on it.

muckle: To bang up, destroy, damage.
Example: My car really got muckled when that fire hydrant ran into it.

muckle: Scots slang, big.
Example: Look at that muckle cow.

mud: (v) To play a multi-user online game.
Example: My boss fired me because he caught me mudding, choked Arnold, as he broke down in tears.

mudder: To fill gaps with irrelevant information.
Example: I can't think of anything to back up my essay so I'm going to mudder it.

mudge: When the covers on your bed become disheveled because of constant turning or tossing or the actions in that bed of another, causing sleep discomfort.
Example: Geez, wife, can you lay still? Now the sheets are all mudged!

mudguts: Most likely the younger sister of a skank, a mudguts typically has at least two inches of stomach showing. To be a true mudguts the stomach must also fall two inches beyond the home of her short skirt. A beer gut for young women. Muddy for short.
Example: For a sixteen year old she must drink a lot of beer.
She isn't pregnant, so she must be a mudguts.

mudle: Combination of mud and puddle.
Example: I stepped in a mudle.

mues: Expression of the utmost satisfaction, both in greeting and in conversation.
Example: Last night was mues!

muf (or muffi): very nice / good / smooth, as in this gives me a muf feeling or a bit of muffi design

muffed: To screw something up.
Example: My cat muffed up the computer when he jumped on the keyboard and knocked over the monitor.

mufflefuck: To drive extremely close to the person in front of you.
Example: Drew, let off the gas before you mufflefuck that guy.

mug out: To be overly aware of one's own posture, facial expressions, etc. To pose and vogue for a camera.
Example: Nothing's funnier than watching her mug out when she passes a cute guy; she totally mugged out in that photo booth at Disneyland.

mugly: Attractive body, ugly face.
Example: Lenny was in a pleasent haze of lust until his gaze reached her face, then he screamed, Mugly! and ran when she smiled.

mugpuddle: The water that accumulates on inverted mugs after the dishwasher is run.
Example: I failed to empty the mugpuddles and got all wet.

muhflubuduh: A word to say when you can't think of the name of
something in particular at that moment, similar to thingamajig.
Example: Hand me the muhflubuduh over there, Janie said, pointing to the hammer.

mule: Slovenly, rough, or uncouth. Can refer to a person or to a particular neighbourhood.
Example: The couple looked very mule. Both were wearing moccasins and sporting mullet hairstyles.

Mule eating briars: A guilty person trying to look not guilty.
Example: He did it. He looks like a mule eating briars!

muling: The act of moving slowly, like a mule.
Example: Brett sure was muling today at work!

mullahd: Pronounced moolad. When you start a job or task with good intentions and it just goes to pieces in front of you
leaving you with something wrecked--or mullahd.
Example: I painted a door and while the paint was drying a fly landed in it, so rather than leaving it I tried to get it out and made it
worse. One mullahd paint job.

mullet: Short front and sides, long back hairstyle. Seen commonly on the male of the species in Australian bush towns, demo derbies, and stadium rock concerts.
Example: Did you see that pearler of a mullet?

mullet spotting: n. a recreation sport where a group will attempt to discover the best mullet during an otherwise boring outing
Example: Shopping again? Oh well, I might be able to catch up on a bit of mullet spotting

mulletard: A person who sports a mullet haircut and thinks it looks good.
Example: Joe thinks his business in the front and party in the back hair looks good. He's a clueless mulletard.

mulletboy: The kid who comes to school with an really phat haircut.
Example: As mulletboy entered the school, everyone was in silent admiration.

Mulletocracy: Any group in which the male haircut of choice is the mullet.
Example: The worst thing about being a hockey fan is that you're a part of the mulletocracy.

Mulley: A person who comes to a public campsite and acts loud, rude, destructive and otherwise inconsiderate. Trouble to staff.
Example: Can you drive down and clean up the trash around the mulley sites?

mulrooney: An undesirable who refuses to accept that you don't like her.
Example: Todd wants to hang out today after cheating me in a game of pool yesterday. What a mulrooney!

multi: 1. In online strategy games, a player who uses more than one game account
(usually against the rules of the game). 2. Being a multi.
Example: 1. Chris is a blatant multi--he has about 15 accounts.
2. Chris is blatantly multi-ing.

Multi-tsking: Describes the tsk tsk tsk noise a plumber or mechanic makes just before quoting you a month's
pay to make a repair.
Example: After five minutes of multi-tsking the plumber said, Who did this for you then, pal? Gonna cost you, this is.

multiculturally illiterate: A term used to describe someone who does not know how to speak, read or write fluently in any language that is not their mother tongue.
Example: I am multiculturally illiterate because I can only speak, write, and read fluently in English.

multilemma: Multilemma is when you are faced with numerous choices, as opposed to a dilemma where you are faced with just two choices.
Example: I can't decide between the orange home, the fluro pink home, and the bright yellow home. This is just, like, a total multilemma.

Multiorama: When someone adds orama to the end of, like, a gazillion words in one sentence.

Example: We were having a conversation and it turned into a multiorama when B said
Paul must dieorama and we kept adding orama to everythingorama.

multiposter: Someone who, on discovery of the pseudodictionary, immediately can think of 6-10 words to submit,
and is continually coming up with new words.
Example: I've been such a multiposter lately. I should cool it on the submissions.

multisclamation: Multiple exclamation points.
Example: Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

multitaskal: Able to do a lot of different things at the same time.
Example: The reason I have so much time to slack is because I'm multitaskal.
I can eat lunch, finish my history paper, surf the net, talk on the phone,
and do my job all at the same time.

mumfumbling: Fumbling with words.
Example: A: And then I... er, that thingy, and um, what's-his-face, er...
B: Shome that, you're mumfumbling!

mumpie: Middle-aged upwardly mobile professional.
Example: I became a mumpie when I started graduate school at age 45.

mumpkin: Term of endearment used to describe cunning ingeniuty as well as overwhelming cuteness.
Derived from monkey and pumpkin.
Example: Like a good mumpkin, Sandee was able to get out of the dinner obligation with little effort.

Mumster: Meaning mom, mother, etc.
Example: Oh, mumster, you are the greatest mother to ever walk the planet.

munchking around: to do something cute, or to act cute
Example: hehe look i'm a munchkin or hey shome munchking around we gotta get going soon.

Mundane: From the usage common among Wiccan/Pagan groups (referring to a non-pagan). A person that's outside of the circle of knowledge/understanding. A non-tech/non-gamer/non-Unix/Non-windows/Non-BeOS/non-whatever (depending on your particular point of view). Also implies a guru/mystical status to the group using the term.
Example: No mundane is going to load UNIX at home. He's not going to frag us in Quake. Up until last week he was just another mundane

mundine: To be unable shome talking rubbish.
Example: That fool was totally mundine.

mundu: very naive, an unmatched simpleton
Example: Though he appears an intelligent bloke for all practical purposes he is a mundu

Mung: Dirt, grime, and similar substances.
Example: I have some sort of Mung on my shoe.

mung: To eat.
Example: I was munging on a sandwich when the phone rang.

mungry: Proclamation of hunger as a contraction of I'm hungry.
Example: Mungry. You? Let's bend out of here and get something to eat.

municrat: A municipal bureaucrat
Example: The municrats in Tacoma are waging an all-out war on smaller communities in their watershed.

munnerrh: Can be used as a verb or a noun, to describe a feeling of disbelief, especially about the conversation of others.
Example: When I told her I was running for President, she replied Munnerrh

munsoned: To have a situation under control and then for no reason at all mess it up badly. From the surname Munson, used in the movie _Kingpin_.

Example: Johnny was winning the race by a mile, until he munsoned everything up and tripped on his shoelace.

munt: An alternative spelling of the word month. Also used to describe a random amount of time.
Example: Jon: I can't wait for my berfday.
Jack: Jon, that was last munt.


With all the work it takes to build the perpetual motion machine, it will take about a munt to finish.

munted: Screwed up, not right, out of sorts, scrumpled,
Example: My hair's all munted today.

munted: Full of drugs
Example: he was munted

munter: A girl that fails to meet your exacting standards
Example: Don't know what I was thinking last night, I pulled a right munter.

munter hunter: A person who goes for less-than-attractive people (munters).
Example: Andy's a munter hunter . Did you see what he took home last night?

munto: To vomit everywere.
Example: Amos munted on the couch--couldn't hold his liquor.

munty: Powerful, impressive.
Example: Her PC is pretty munty since she got it upgraded.

mupper: Mupper has come to have a few meanings. It started with a 3 year-old saying it to one of us and all of us say it constantly now.
Our aim is to get our entire school saying it by the end of 2002 and to get it in the Collins Dictionary by 2010.
A mupper is basically a gom, or an eejit, but it can also mean the coolest person going. Kind of hard to put into words :o)
Example: Hey, Ciara, ya mupper! How are you?! OR You are so mupping cool. OR I can't believe you did that! You're such a mupper!

muppet: Person displaying muppet-like or embarrassing behaviour; a general idiot.
Example: You are such a muppet.

Muppet: Mild insult to the mildly dippy.
Usually reserved for someone doing something without calling upon common sense in the process.
Example: And then the man from the RAC told me my car was not working because I'd run out of petrol.
You muppet!

Muppetry: Used to describe the actions of someone who should be acting
more maturely.
Example: John, you should know that answer. The answer you gave was complete muppetry.

murble: To murble is to engage in the kind of conversation that is used to politely fill space in order to avoid an awkward silence.
(n) Murbling = engaging in such conversation.
Example: She was unaware that she was murbling until the words, Nice weather we're having escaped her lips.

Murderlize: Commonly used in old cartoons. A silly way of telling someone you are going to beat them up.
Example: Put up yer dukes. Puttemup, puttemup! I'll murderlize ya!

murf: Murf means everything in one. The meaning depends on the tone of voice from the person saying it.
Example: The pizza at Pete's was... well... murf.

murphed: Messed up, gone wrong, or failed. From Murphy's Law (everything that can go wrong, will)
Example: I got all the way to the eight-ball, and then murphed the last shot

murphy: Very small. This term originated in Florida, but has spread through several communities,
particularly in the eastern United States.
You might hear people say Mark Murphy which means the same thing.
Example: How did 12 clowns fit in that murphy car?

murse: Man purse. A bag carried by a male--use closely resembles that of a woman's purse.
Example: Hold on while I put my wallet into my murse.

musical response: A response to a person accidentally saying a phrase from a song by adding on to it.
Example: Guy: Hey cutie, what's up? Girl: I beg your pardon? Guy: (singing) I never promised you a rose garden.

Muso: A musician; especially Australians.
Example: That muso put on a rocking show last night.

musonaglosis: Breakage of the fingernail(s) as a result of excessive mouse clicking.
Example: My typing is slow because I'm still recovering from musonaglosis.

musquirt: The thin juice that separates from the rest of the mustard.
Example: Awww! Musquirt all over my kielbasa!

musquirt: The liquid that first squirts out of a plastic mustard bottle when you first squeeze it that has no mustard in it, just juice.
Example: I tried to squirt a little mustard on my hot dog but all I got was some musquirt.

muss: An intimidating person, a bully. Someone with a susceptibility to violence who will often become enraged with little or no provocation. Generally a muss will have a reputation for being one, so the label is earned by reputation rather than self-proclamation.
Musses rarely, if ever, take on someone bigger, stronger, or better trained.
2. Of, or pertaining to the physical, emotional and psychological characteristics of Jake from the New Zealand Maori movie, _Once Were Warriors_.
Example: Did you see how Chris beat that guy within an inch of his life because he asked him for a cigarette? He's a real muss.

mustard-snot: The little dried piece of mustard left on the tip of the mustard bottle applicator.
Example: I am so tired of finding mustard-snot in the kitchen sink.

mustication: Anything having to do with a lot of mustard, such as a chicken nugget covered in mustard.
Example: Share the mustication, there's enough to go around.

musticle: The cuticle that's always covered in mustard whenever you eat something with mustard on.
Example: I was on a date and I started to make out with her and she noticed my huge musticle.
I didn't even eat anything with mustard on it today. How'd it get there!?

mute: short for mutant
Example: hey, remember that time when alan spilt all those drinks on himself? what a mute!

Mutt: Police Slang: Basic information (name, address, DOB) on criminals is referred to as pedigree.
When referring to totally unpleasant orunruly criminals, or when the information is unknown or unobtainable,
the individual is referred to as a mutt.
Example: Sergeant: Do you have the pedigree on the drunk you arrested?
Patrolman: Naw, he's out of it. He's a mutt.

mutterance: An important statement or admission, made under one's breath;
any mumbled exclamation when one is talking to one's self, but accidentally doing so aloud.
Example: Some of the most dangerous things in a realtionship are the mutterances that escape your lips late at night,
when you are talking but are very close to sleeping.

muzrub: Burzum is a Norwegian black metal band member who is currently serving time in prison for a
brutal murder and burning down churches, which is quite evil.
However, by backmasking or inverting or reversing his name you get muzrub,
which is even more evil than Burzum.
Example: Jeffery Dahmer was muzrub. OR I shall summon up all the fires of hell and rain pure muzrub upon you.

muzzy: Mentally fuzzy or foggy, as with sleep or drugs--unable to think straight.
Example: After too little sleep, my brain got very muzzy.

mwah: On-line or written form of the traditional smacking of a hand to one's lips, in a variation of blowing a kiss. Usually written with asterisks (*) around it to denote an action.
Example: I love you, darling. *MWAH*

my bad: my mistake

my boyfriend: 1. Get lost. 2. Beat it. 3. No thank you. 4. No! Not if you were the last man on earth.
5. The phrase used by a female to thwart a male's advances.
Example: Boy: Want to see my etchings?
Girl: My boyfriend has a collection of WWF action figures.

My controller's broken: A lame shifting of blame when you fail at something.
Refers to lame excuse commonly heard while playing video games.
Example: Rich: So I hear your girlfriend broke up with you.
Paul: Yeah, but it wasn't my fault--my controller was broken.

my left foot: A vacuum cleaner.
Example: Somebody get my left foot; there's dirt all over the floor.

My List: The list of people of people you could happily murder.
Example: You're going on my list.

Mylar: An acronym for MY Lazy-Ass Roommate, used to describe a particularly sloth-like roommate.
Example: Mylar watched TV all evening, and didn't bother to do any of her dishes which are piling up in the sink.

mysticalism: A mental disorder caused by the game Myst.
Example: Frank's mysticalism was painfully revealed at the social gathering.