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x to the z ydog: Used to describe a mondo best friend.
Example: What up my x to the z ydog?

X-Phile: Computer term for someone who is obssesed with the X-files.
Example: He watches the X-Files everyday? What an X-Phile!

x-tan: The tan you get from the bathing suits that make weird shapes on your back.
Example: Her x-tan was so bad she spent a hundred dollars at a tanning salon.

X.G.S.: X-Girlfriend Syndrome. When someone bothers you like a ex-girlfriend would after you break up.
Example: Jim: Bob called me like 5 times asking where we were going tonight.
Jeff: Does he have X.G.S. or something?

x2: A notation added to the end of a word to denote a double meaning.

Note: This is typically a written (as opposed to spoken) expression, and it is usually contained within parentheses.
Example: Sally: On Friday I went to the store to pick up something to eat (x2).
In this case, Sally did indeed get something to eat while at the store, but she also had ulterior motives--perhaps she has a thing for one of the cashiers at the store?

xactly: Terrible breath.
Example: Did you smell his breath? Yeah, it was xactly.

Xan: Xan is someone who unknowingly wears jorts (jean shorts) on the golf course
Example: Look at the Xan on number 10 tee. He needs to be thrown off the course

xanthopulous: That which pertains to or promotes social armageddon.
Example: Justin wondered silently to himself if the people's reliance on technology was xanthopulous enough to bring it all crashing down.

Xeep: Sheep--a term used to describe someone who likes to follow and imitate others.
Example: Joe keeps doing the same things I'm doing and buying the same clothes. What a xeep!

xenacate: To utterly destroy a fictional character so as to prevent anyone, anytime, anywhere, from resurrecting that character in any media.
Example: I lost my job on the soap-opera because the xenacated my character.

Xenariffic: Adj. (zee-nuh-ryff-ik) A woman who is of amazonian stature or prone to wearing tight leather is Xenariffic.
Example: Britney Spears is xenariffic in that red suit in her video.

xeno: Someone who is afraid of meeting new people, especially foreign people.
Example: Bobby quit being such a xeno and come out here.

xenophoric: Opposite of xenophobic. Taking pleasure or delight in difference.
Example: I like the fact that we are all different...I take xenophoric pleasure from it.

xeroxdict: A person who doesn't write anything down. One who prefers xeroxing than writing things down.
See high school cheater.
Example: Matt sure is a xeroxdict, isn't he? I've never seen his hand touch a pencil.

xeroxhero: A copycat. A design thief or plagarist.
Example: Eminem is a certified xeroxhero. He's trying to be a white Dre.

Xiao!: Crazy. Used in Singapore.
Example: Oh my goodness, what does he think he's doing? XIAO!

Xingxong: (sing-song) A term used to describe a song which is overplayed.
Example: I hate those xingxongs on z100.

Xivilization: Used in place of civilization.
Specificially used to describe extraterrestial or civilizations or societies that are fictional.
Example: The Hundred Worlds of Orson Scott Card's Ender series is a xivilization.

xoxo: Kisses, kisses!
Example: xoxo Lucy Lu

xtra-: A prefix meant to increase the importance of the word, either good or bad. (See -a-licious, -tastic, and -arific.)
Example: Here's your password. It's xtra-important that you remember it.

XTREME synchro: Synchronized swimming done to industrial music/Bloodhound Gang. Includes scantily clad or naked swimmers and blacklights. Judged based on costume design, originality, and overall XTREME-ness.
Example: If we did a routine to Sisters of Mercy, that would be XTREME synchro.

Xuxerin: Sshu-sheh-rin. Used in the place of sucks to be me.
Example: Oh, no! Xuxerin! What? I forgot my textbook.

Xuxoren: A word used in the place of the phrase that sucks.
Example: Shoot! I forgot my wallet at home! If only we weren't so far away...

xyz: examine your zipper
Example: When seeing someone in class or at work with their zipper down, you can discreetly say, XYZ

Xyzlacatosis: Noticing, suddenly, that there is a lack of words that start with x, y, or z.
Example: While proofreading the dictionary enteries, Paul and Garret were both struck with xyzlacatosis.

xyzzy: XYZZY is the universal computer magic word.
Comes from the classic interactive fiction game Adventure that causes players to magically
teleport to a central location in the game.
Example: To cheat in Minesweeper, type xyzzy hit *Enter* and *Left Shift*.
If your mouse pointer is over a mine, the upper-left pixel on your screen will be black.
Otherwise, it will be white.