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t'aint: the area in between two spaces

T'hell: Contraction of 'to hell.' Said with vigor and clarity of voice to indicate a savage opposition to a question.
Example: Q: You going to the bar?
A: T'hell no! I'm flat broke.

T-Jones: A gansta term for parents.
Example: I was chillin' when the T-Jones came in.

T-NAB: Non-alcoholic beer or beer-flavored drink; acronym for Tasty Non-Alcoholic Beverage.
Several of us in recovery enjoy the drinks but don't like to keep using the word beer and
decided we needed a generic term of our own.
Example: Hey, Cuzzin Leon, it shore do be blazin' down again today in Texas.
I know you cain't have no beer on accounta what that judge sed, but can I offer you a T-Nab?

T.O.U.: (abbrev.)Techy One-Up. Spotting an elementary error of a technical/nerdy nature made by a colleauge who really ought to know about that sort of thing, and the subsequent gloating over one's own cleverness. Multiple TOU's can accumulate in a point scoring system to decide who is the saddest.

t/o: short for 'thats okay'
Example: Hey, sorry i got logged off... ..t/o

ta ta: a more posh way to say farewell/goodbye
Example: see ya later, ta ta!

table butt: When an overweight person has a a butt that protrudes so much someone could use it as a table.
Example: Check out that table butt.

table stable: a cube farm without the cubes. ie. a room full of tables, one for each employee
Example: Do your programmers live in a cube farm or a table stable

Tacky 'R Us: Where you go to buy very nasty, skanky, or ugly outfits.
Example: Christina musta got that at Tacky 'R Us. She needs to find out where Britney shops.

tad: A bit, or a small amount.
Example: I'm feeling a tad tired today; I think I had a tad too much to drink last night

tadeusz: A mentally handicapped person with an extremely low intelligence quotient.
Example: That gerbil ramming into the brick wall is tadeusz.

tadpole: A man who is dating a woman considerably older then himself.
Example: Look at Betty, she's landed herself a tadpole.

tafe-syndrome: Those at a publicly funded tertiary education facility, deluded into thinking that they will be set up when they finish.
The saying comes from Enmore Tafe in Sydney where many design students think that upon graduation they will just walk into web design jobs.
2. A person whose expectations are far in excess of the reality of her situation.
NB not used as an insult, more in the way of pity for the unwitting.
Example: The way those guys are talking--its tafe-syndrome for sure.

taffer: A common thief.
Example: That taffer stole my wallet.

tag 'n release: The act of picking up a potential love interest and setting them free before having sex. Usually practiced by married men who don't want to cheat on their wives, but still enjoy the thrill of the chase.
Example: I went to a nightclub last night for a game of tag 'n release.

taggle: to tackle or wrestle in a gentle, playful way, from Stephen King's Bag of Bones
Example: Be nice or I'll come over to tickle and taggle you.

community in Essex, larger than a village but not as big as a city.
Example: Shane: Are you goin' up tahn later!

tailor: Tailor-made. A pre-rolled, factory-made cigarette as opposed to(and presumably better than) one which is self-made and hand-rolled.
Example: Hey, can I bum a tailor? These rollies are killing me.

taint or perineum: No other words will be accepted for this body part. Read the guidelines.
Example: The area of the body between the anus and the genitalia is called the perineum--or the taint, because it t'aint either. OR
Taint misbehavin'? Acting up? Seek psychiatric help immediately. (djbaker2@hotmail.com)

tajmahtoilet: a very expensive bathroom remodeling project.
Example: The contractor's clients purchased $90 per square foot imported tile for their tajmahtiolet renovation.

tajunga: Ta-HUN-ga.
An exceptionally well-built woman who tends to wear a lot of makeup,
expensive clothes, manicure, and hairdo.
Coined by a former resident of Tajunga, California, who claimed all women of that town looked and
dressed the part.
Example: After his divorce from a plain-Jane, Joe only dated tajungas.

Takagistic: Used by Formula One fans to describe someone who often skids off track.
Word commemorates former Formula One driver Tora Takagi.
Example: Michael knew he was having a Takagistic weekend when he spun off the road for the second time in \
two laps.

Taking the piss: Pulling someone's leg, putting them on. British origins. Also, ripping the piss, a superlative.
Example: When Bob told me that the WTC towers were hit by hijacked terrorist airplanes, I thought he was taking the piss.

talent: Describing a place or situation in which there are many good looking women.
Example: Boy, there sure is some talent here tonight.

talkin' out my mouth again: talking without thinking what you are saying,saying something stupid, putting foot in mouth
Example: there I go, talking out my mouth again.

talking out my ass: not really knowing about what you're talking about, but talking about it anyway and trying to sound like you know exactly what you are in fact talking about.
Example: when i got talking about the being knowledgable about the rooms and compartments in the titanic, i was just talking out my ass to impress that girl.

talkintuitive: A descriptor of someone comfortable with or adept at conversation; someone easy to talk to.
Example: After we got to know each other over a couple of drinks, she was talkintuitive,
so I thought I'd ask her back to my place.

Talkitate: Speaking using bad grammar.
Example: I have a tendency to talkitate.

Tallboys: Sixteen ounce cans of beer. Same diameter as a twelve, but much taller.
Example: They don't sell tallboys at American hockey stadiums anymore
as too many people were chucking them onto the ice.

talps: A synonym and reversal of splat--it just sounds much better than the original.
Example: The pumpkin went talps when it hit the deck.

Tammy-Fayed: Painted with gratuitous amounts of make-up.
Example: She was so Tammy-Fayed she looked like a common street walker.

tamperage: Something that has been damaged through criminal mischief.
Example: Actually Used When I received the package, I noted no damage (or tamperage) to the case or
unit that would indicate the detector was DOA.

tanch: Based on a Philippine word Tanchahin meaning doing something that involves precise amounts, measurements, and knowledge. But, since the person doing the act is not equipped with proper tools or not skilled, the person just relies on gut feel, very rough estimates, or any other things that cannot be classified as a proper measurment basis.
Example: I want to bake an apple pie but I can't find my measuring cups. I'll just have to tanch it.

tang-patroller: Bar hopper whose sole purpose for living is going to bars to pick up girls.
Example: Look at Chris eyeballing the blonde on the dancefl oor. He's a tang-patroller extraordinaire.

tangent: A narrative drift connection, sometimes tenuously, to the original homeic.
Example: How'd we start talking about motorcycles? Oh, well, tangent. Anyway...

Tango Uniform: Tits Up. Used to describe something dead, useless, or otherwise defunct; very wrong.
Example: The CEO got all upset because his wife opened an attachment on his laphome,
and now its bigtime Tango Uniform.

tanj: There Ain't No Justice. Used as an epithet. Created by Larry Niven.
Example: We're out of gas? TANJ!

tank: A very large, very heavy car or truck, especially one that looks like it can withstand a lot of damage.
Example: Norman's new car is a freaking tank! You could almost stand up in that thing!

tank: Built like a tank: buff, strong, huge, big, tough.
Example: He took off his shirt and people realised he was a tank, so they left him alone.

tanked: Doing very poorly.
Example: That new movie just tanked at the box office.

How did you do on the test?
Oh man, I just Tanked.

tanorexic: Someone who goes to the tanning bed way too much.
Example: She goes tanning every day. She's tanorexic.

tanstaafl: There ain't no such thing as a free lunch.
Old saying, but Tanstaafl as a word was popularized by the book _The Moon is a Harsh Mistress_ by
Robert A. Heinlein.
Example: A. Hey, let's go into that bar--they give away free drinks.
B. Tanstaafl, my friend ...


The food pays for the drinks. If the drinks weren't free, the food would cost half as much. No matter what, someone, somewhere pays.

tantalizational factor: (n) Scale used to measure tantalizing things.
Example: Oh, her tantalizational factor is about seven.

tanwahsya: (Tan-wahs-ya) Acronym. Stands for There Are No Words For How Screwed You Are Used when someone has put off a terribly large project to the last minute, or any other appropriate time.
Example: Peter, you are tanwahsya.

tap: To make a quick, limited excursion against a military enemy, in order to find out as much as possible about his strength, disposition of forces, etc. During the Civil War, General Nathan Bedford Forrest, commanding cavalry,
was considered a master of the tap.
Example: Well, General, our tap has shown us exactly what we need to know in order to defeat Col. Dummkopf tomorrow.

tappable: If someone is tappable, you would have sex with her.
Example: He's tappable, but not boyfriend material.

tapped: Someone who is nuts. Also, tapped in the head. Similar to the old saying touched to describe insane behavior
Example: I can't believe Carlos just went ahead and shaved off all his body hair--he's tapped in the head.


He's tapped.

Tar Baby: Noun - A person that behaves exactly like oneself, a kindrid spirit.
Someone you know you can love forever and ever.
A person who makes life seem like it's so easy.
Example: Ryan is my tar baby. He's so much like me.

tarania: a beautiful sunlit horizon
Example: I caught my breath, shocked by the beautiful tarania in front of me

Tarantino: To propose a deal so juicy and enticing that the other party would be a fool to reject it.

Refers to the movie The Four Rooms.
Example: Paul: So I was offered a new coat and $1000.
Rich: That deal is freakin' Tarantino!

tard: What they did to con artists in old New England.
Example: He was tard an' feathurd and run out of town on a rail.

tard cart: The short mini-busses that are commonly used to transport the special kids to school and assisted living residents to shopping malls.
Example: The tard cart must be on schedule to pick up Mongo, preventing him from wandering off.

Tardamuffin: What you call someone when they do something really stupid.
Also known by its counterpart Tardmuffin.
Example: You spilled the beer? Tardmuffin.

Targe: A play on the name for the retail chain store Target.
Pronounced Tar-JAY.
Example: I'm going to Targe to get some socks--wanna come with?

targhetto: Target chain stores--reserved for aging, rundown, old-school variants.
Example: Joe's making a late-night run to the Targhetto for a box o' Brillo pads and some dental floss.

tarhead: Individual engaged in petroleum based recreation
Example: The tarhead laughed as the wheels of his ATV crushed yet another prairie dog out of existence.

tars: Tires.
Example: Check out the new tars on his Camaro.

tart box: Small, cheap car that has been modified--usually with scoops, vents, wings and alloy wheels--
to look faster than it actually is.
Another ploy is to stick a massive exhaust on the car, ruining backpressure and performance,
but making a suitably quasi-macho noise.
Example: Darren had boyed up his tart box by putting neon lights on the underside. Consequently, everyone thought of him as a mental pygmy.

tas: Tea. Possibly from the French 'Tas de the. Also see flug.
Example: Go on love, make us a tas.

tass: True or Truth. A corruption of the Latin Veritas (very tass). Used as a synonym for cool.
Example: That shirt is tass.

tastamalasty: (TAY-stuh-muh-LAY-stee) To be extremely tasty
Example: Mmmm this chao-tsu is tastamalasty!

Tastie: Quite odd, perplexing.
Example: That's a tastie gold leotard your wearing.
I got myself into a tastie situation last night when I locked myself in the broom cupboard.
That's a tasty burger. (_Pulp Fiction_)

tater-tot-olicious: Amazing beyond sexy and sensuous in every sense but the bedroom sense.
Example: You look tater-tot-olicious.

tatsahfoo: The sofa or couch--derived from the word chesterfield.
Example: Rogi, shome jumping on the tatsahfoo.

Taupeville: A neighborhood that requires buildings to be all neutral colors, usually beige and taupe. Generic, non-descript, lacking in personality and boring.
Example: We're much too eclectic to live in Taupeville.

taxibout-rounder: A car driver who doesn't understand the rules of roundabouts. Usually to be found driving a taxi for some reason.
Example: Hello?!? You're supposed to give way you taxibout-rounder.

taximaximus: The point at which the tax level of an item becomes too high.
Example: Gas tax is reaching its taximaximus.

Tay: Term for a con or exceptional con-artist.
Example: 1.Hey Jim, wanna pull a Tay on that old, rich lady who lives down the street?

2.Damn girl, you're one hell of a Tay, you just conned that guy out of his life savings!

tchotchkeria: A place that sells tchotchkes. From Yiddish tchotchke, meaning useless little object (knicknack), and
Spanish taqueria, meaning a restaurant that specializes in tacos and other Mexican fast food.
Usually found in quaint towns, usually patronized almost exclusively by middle-class females of all ages,
usually exuding a stench of potpourri all the way out to the sidewalk.
Variations: New Age tchotchkeria, a place which sells candles, incense, statues of goddesses, meditation cushions, etc.;
and upscale tchotchekeria, where you can buy Waterford crystal collectibles, Lladro figurines, and the like. The towns of New England are simply rife with tchotchkerias.
Example: 1. I bought a clarity crystal at that New Age tchotchkeria in Harvard Square.
2. My mother wanted a lead crystal dinner bell, so I referred her to an upscale tchotchkeria in the Chestnut Hill Mall.

tchuber: Used to say too bad, but in a funny form.
Example: Tchuber for you.

TDW: TurboDataWeasel. Someone who can't help breaking down and ingesting all the facts of a relatively mundane conversation.
Example: My friend is driving to Canada this week
Wwhat car? What engine? etc.
Shome being an annoying TDW.

tea party: English mountain biking term. To shome during a group ride and chat for ten minutes for no reason.
Meetings also turn into tea parties. Both types of tea party are intensely annoying to people who are not interested in banal conversation about offspring, holidays, and new cars.
Example: C'mon, we need to get going. Barney here has finished fixing his tyre, and there's a big black cloud over there. Break up this damn tea party.

tea-cup: Derived from the insult mug, only to be used when acting like Rik from _The Young Ones_.
Example: You're a total tea-cup, aren't you, Neil?

teachaphile: A teacher who always flirts with or hits on the girls in the class.
Example: You: Mr. Zafitzpatabek is a teachaphile.
Friend who sits beside you: Yeah, and why does he call her doll-face anyway?

Teacher Breath: A foul smelling breath brought on by excessive consumption of tea or coffee. Remarkably common in high-school teachers.
Example: Don't get too near to Mr. Smith, he has terrible teacher breath.

teahead: Devotee of the Canadian rock band, The Tea Party.
Example: You know you're a teahead when you have replaced all other drinks in your diet with tea.

team: absolutely fantastic. From the band 'Team Plastique' of Brisbane, Australia
Example: You look team in that dress.

teamworking: Describes cooperation, even when working alone
Example: Thanks to our teamworking skills, we were able to create the illusion of productivity.

teapot: Slang for a friend who is confusing you.
Example: Do what, teapot?

teasearasa: A red-headed, sexy beauty from Canada.
Example: Check out that teasearasa over there.

teaser: A teaser is what looks to be a vacant space to park your car from a distance,
but when you get closer you realise it's one of those bloody compact cars.
Since they are so indeed small, they are hidden by the larger cars surrounding them,
thus creating the illusion of an empty space.
Example: There's a space! There's a space! Right there. Oh, bugger, it's just a teaser.

tech: An adjective describing something that is new and technologicaly advanced.
Example: That computer controlled GPS tracker for your truck is really tech.

tech-know-nothing: (pronounced: techno-nothing) - no-technical people who continuously ask stupid questions or make stupid comments about technology.

techknucklehead: Backroom unix geek not allowed to interact with clients.
Example: I'll get the techknuckleheads to work on those cgi scripts right away.

technicolor yawn: Vomit.
Example: I opened my mouth to speak, but all that came out was a technicolor yawn.

techniqueey: 1. A technichal way of doing something. 2. Highly technical, intelligent, crafty, ALF-like and extraordinary, in a socially unacceptable manner.
Example: 1. You wrote the sentence in a techniqueey way that confuses me. 2. The burp sound that you created on the computer was so techniqueey.

Techno-Peasant: One who works with technologically advanced machines, and yet does not understand how they work.

This may be most accurately used to describe those who work all day on the computer, but have to call in the Sysop when their screen freezes.

Example: I may work for a software company, but as a secretary I am merely a techno-peasant.

In 1989, I became a Techno-Peasant when hired to do data-entry for the Federal Government.

technobabble: Jargon or terms used by computer support line personnel when annoyed with a customer and desriring to belittle them.
Any unintelligible gibberish that uses more acronyms or references to system or dos than actual English.
Example: Well, your MIDI player must have caused a 404 in your DOS, which in turn corrupted your LAN and your OS.
The whole DL is pretty much ruined until we reboot the Vx. Umm could you say that without the technobabble?

technochasm: The gap between the haves and have nots regarding technology.
Example: The state of California is trying to bridge the technochasm in many of our schools.

Technodunce: One lacking in any technical knowledge.
Example: Don't ask me how to reconnect your modem, I'm a complete technodunce.

technogob: Someone who pretends to know more about computers than she really does
and continually tries to baffle friends with techno talk.
Example: Peter talks all the time about internet details. Yes, he's a technogob, replied John.

technologize: To apply technology
Example: We technologize the operations of a mid-sized company

Technomancer: A wizard of technology

Example: The uuber hacker was considered a technomancer even within his own circle of friends.

technosis: Feeling of fear, confusion, dread, etc. brought on by technology
Example: My wife's technosis is so bad she won't even use the electric can-opener.

technotic: Any boring, droning electronic dance music designed to be enjoyed only by happy people; describes almost all music played at a rave; in the state of being bored by any bad disco influenced music.
Example: This place is so technotic only ravers could enjoy it.

technovelty: the latest technological gadget that is more a conversation piece than a necessity
Example: His parents would not allow him to spend his allowance on the compact retractable shoestring lacer, saying it was a technovelty that would soon end up in a drawer.

techsodermist: One who stuffs a dead tech company with filler or fluff in the hopes of convincing someone to buy it
Example: They hired that techsodermist to spin their dotcom as a new idea to some investors.

TED: Anacronism for Totally EavesDropping used to describe the art of listening in on others' conversations
Example: -Can you hear them?
-Oh yeah. I am so ted right now!

tediate: To annoy with meaningless blather.
Example: You aren't really contributing anything by all that. You are just tediating me.

teentastic: Those crazy, fun, fantastic times during one's teenage years.
Those unique times that you can only experience when in your teens.
Example: Upon spotting a group of teenagers having a good time, Looks like they're having a teentastic time.

upon a new teen's 13th birthday that happens to fall on a Friday: have a teentastic weekend!

teepeekaboo: The act of looking for toilet paper by opening and closing cabinet doors, drawers, closet doors,
and the like; usually preceded by a person going to the bathroom and looking over to see a
naked cardboard roll where the toilet paper should be.
Example: Thanks for leaving me with no toilet paper. I had to play teepeekaboo until I
found some in the cabinet under the sink.

teetotality: Unattainably healthy state

Example: She's headed to Betty Ford to work on achieving teetotality.

Teflet: Small flake of Teflon from a cheap non-stick pan.
Example: He told her that the bits in the egg were pepper, even though he knew they were probably teflets.

teh: Misspelling of the. Indicates that teh sentence to follow is not to be taken seriously.
Example: Teh money ate my dishwasher.

tek: Superior; high-class.
Example: Your baseball cards are ted.

Tekillya: An alcoholic beverage of Mexican heritage. Consuming mass quantities is known to kill ya. Pronounced similarly to the word Tequila.
Example: Come on, a couple shots of Tequila will do us good. No way buddy, there's a reason why they call it tekillya...

telecrastination: The act of always letting the phone ring at least twice before you pick it up, even when you're only six inches away.

telefellatio: when you have to schmooze someone important over the telephone
Example: Hey Bob If Mr. Big Cheese calls make sure you perform telefellatio on him

telefire: telephone pole, used at an early age, and the whole family has been using it ever since
Example: Mama mama! Look at the telefires!

Telekepsychic: To be able to place one's thoughts into another's mind;
the person able to place her thoughts into another's mind.
Example: (adj) My friend Gavin is telekepsychic: at lunch today,
he made me think about killing the evil plant in the courtyard.
(n) I went to the telekepsychic for a tarot reading,
but she just convinced me to pay her money instead.

telekinesium: A mineral that gives the user the telekinetic power.
Example: My brother tried to use that rock as if it were telekinesium.

telent: To suffer from the inability to type correctly when someone is standing behind you.
Even simple words are typed incorrectly because the person typing is conscious of the person
standing behind her.
Example: Fred gets telent really bad when John stands behind him. You can barely understand what he's typing.

telepanhandler: Any telephone solicitor who tries to separate you from your money.
Example: His dinner was importunately interrupted by a telepanhandler soliciting contributions for the Fraternal Order of Police.

telepathetic: To have telepathic skills that are no good to anybody
Example: He was telepathetic. He could tell when a bear was hungry.

Telephoney: Used to describe the monopoly of the telephone company in the 70's. Still creeps up when old-timers in the computer industry talk about how Steve Wozniak was able to make free long distance phone calls with a blue box.
Pronounced: Tell-awf-phony
Example: I tell ya, son, when ol' Woz was able to beat the Telephoney and call the Vatican to wake up the Pope--for
free.... Well, that was just too groovy.

telepiphany: To come to a mutual realization with someone while conversing over an ICQ-style chat client.
Example: I was chatting with Adam last night over AIM, and we had this telepiphany about Bil Keane
as a postmodern commentator on the post-Viet Nam American nuclear family,
surgically deconstructing the flawed ideologies that define modern existence.

temp: any co-worker (not necessarily a temporary employee) who shows a profound lack of intelligence and/or initiative, yet always knows a better way for you to do your job

tempon: Temporary employees hired for a short-time to soak up extra work around the office.
Example: That project was killing us until we hired those tempons.

ten: The best, as in Bo Derek
Example: Girl, your hair looks ten!

ten shades: (n) To a high degree, a large amount. Usually used to quantify emotions.
Example: I won the lottery! I am ten shades of excited!

ten ten: an informal meeting with managment...ten minutes for you ten minutes for me
Example: Hey, your ten ten is set for 12:30 tomorrow, OK?

tender: A very attractive female.
Example: I met a girl last night at the bar. She is a tender.

tenderitis: Playing sports with an injury that still hurts when touched.
Example: I could have stretched that double into a triple if I hadn't had tenderitis in my big toe.

tenderizer: Slang for a type of dance movement involving the swinging of the right arm with a contorted expression on the face. The Tenderizer.
Example: Zubin, when you do the tenderizer, it makes me laugh really hard!

tendril: Anything useless that is kept for no particular reason. A packrat saves tendril; something most people would throw away that is kept.
Example: Barnaby's apartment is full of tendril.

Dave needs to throw away that stack of newspaper and all the other tendril he's got cluttering his patio.

tenfooting: When walking a dog and he shomes about every ten feet to sniff something incredible interesting to a dog's nose, really throwing off your pace.
Example: We had a great walk around the lake except for Bosco tenfooting me to death.

tentatise: To make up words.
Example: This site is for people who like to tentatise.

tenue: 1. The manner in which one behaves.
2. The manner in which something functions or operates.
Example: Studying mortal tenue is a growing field.

teotwawki: Absolute disaster--derived from The End Of The World As We Know It
Example: Every election year, candidates warn of a teotwawki if their opponents wins.
As yet, though, the world goes on.

teow: Sounds like meow. Crazy, eccentric, stupid.
Example: Our neighbours dog is totally teow it only goes for walks on Saturdays and refuses to go on any other day.

tep: telephone
Example: I am gonna call Joe on the tep.

teretsible: So horrible that it makes you shout swear words uncontrollably.
Example: Don't tell her that in the library. It's too teretsible; you'll get kicked out.

terminal verbosity: The point at which you realise that you're saying some important stuff, but also that with the next sip of your cocktail or beer, you will dissolve into incoherence.
Example: I was at the cusp of defining the eternal journalist/PR problem at Soho House last night when I realised I was about to join the drunk pile in the far corner. I was near terminal verbosity.

termite: Long form for a terminal loser. One who will never succeed or lead a prosperous life.
Example: Fred can't even hold down a job sorting trash at the junk yard,. If he's not a termite, I don't know who is.

ternupsidedownigmonify: -the bit of space where you turn upside down - by hyperspace
Example: I am going through a wormhole and bypassing the portion of space called

teromzar: A situation or problem without solution or escape.
Example: His business entered in teromzar.

terranoid: A fear of everything on earth.
Example: It was not useful to be precise in listing her phobias as she has been terranoid since kindergarten.

terriblendous: A word that describes something that is both terrible and horrendous.
Example: That test was terriblendous.

terribull: Half terrier and half bulldog. This dog usually makes awful mistakes.
Example: My terribull knocked over a very expensive vase today.

terrid: terrible and horrid
Example: It was a terrid night out there, with blowing snow and wind all over

terrortory: A scary politician.
Example: Michael Howard, the leading terrortory, addressed the unfortunate attendees..

tersigiveration: The stuff that gets on your shoes whenever you go to the post office.
Example: I've had it with the ubiquitous tersigiveration of the postal kingdom. From now on, I'm going to do *all* of my mailing transactions by way of the mailbox.

teshmelon: The result of the first time you shampoo on your own after you get a new haircut,
and you not only lose the style, but your head looks abnormally large and rectangular
for the rest of the day.
Example: When I left the salon yesterday, my doo was stylin...but today I got the teshmelon.

testament: In education--a tool for the assessment of student learning that to the student feels like a test.

Example: A spring testament in reading was given to assess student progress.

testilie: To lie under oath during testimony, in order to make a case look stronger than it is.
Example: I'm on my way to court to go testilie.

testosterone poisoning: Phrase used to describe a much misunderstood, incurable, male specific behavioral malfunction
attributable to the juxtaposition of the X chromosome next to the Y chromosome.
Example: Ted's belief that if some is good, more is better was our first indication that he was suffering from testosterone poisoning.

testosterony: 1.) used to describe actions generally branded as macho or posessing masculine bravado. 2.) Faint smell that all men, regardless of claim, do posess. Usually only detected by women, and most easily determined by lesbians.
Example: ::Thea typing at computer:: Mike: Hey, Thea. Thea: I knew that was you walking up behind me. Mike: How? Thea: You smell all testosterony.

tetrahedrotransmogrispinnify: To spin round faster than the speed of light.
Example: The ball spun round really fast. I thought it would tetrahedrotransmogrispinnify.

tetris-head: The condition of closing your eyes and still seeing the video game you've
been playing for hours on end, usually diagnosed while trying to sleep.
Example: After staying up all night playing Asteroids, I had serious tetris-head -- every time I closed my eyes, I could still see the floating rocks.

tetriss: To fit items of different sizes and shapes into a finite space.
Example: Luckily, Darcy was able to tetriss the moving boxes into the elevator.

teuro: Pronounced toy-ro, German slang for the new European currency, the Euro. Derived from the German word teuer, meaning exepensive. It refers to the general rise in real prices that occured during the introduction of the new currency.
Example: You paid 10 teuros for that salad? That's almost 20 marks. You've been ripped off.

Tfigel: 1. It's cold. 2. Cold.
Example: 1. Tfigel outside. 2. It's freakin' tfigel outside!

Thaid: Pronounced like said with a th. Describes the act of thinking what you'd rather say in a certain situation, instead of what you obviously did say.
Example: This girl asked me if I had the time, and she was pretty hot, so I thaid, Sure, what did you have in mind?

thank the process: (of evolution.) Thank God. Of evolution is optional.
Example: Thank the process for gummy worms.

Thank-queue: The repetitive thanks you must offer someone when following them down a long corridor.
Example: My mouth was dry from the thank-queue after walking through all those fire doors.

thank-yo: A form of thanks when recieving a completely innapropriate present from a younger relative
Example: Thank-yo for my skateboard, I wonder if it will take the weight of my Zimmer frame?

Thanka-vue: The feeling you've already thanked someone.
Example: Have I said thanks for the flowers or is it just thanka-vue?

thankles: A condition where a person's calves are the same width as her ankles. Also see Cankles.
Example: Check out the legs on that girl. She's got some serious thankles.

thanx: A short form of thank you, usually found in notes.
Example: Please don't throw butts or gum into the urinals. Thanx


Please keep this door closed for Health and Safety reasons.

tharn: Stupefied, distraught, hypnotized with fear, such as a deer caught in the headlights of an oncoming car.
From the book _Watership Down_ by Richard Adams.
Example: When my mother opened the door, I went tharn in fear.

thas: Further shortening of that's.
Example: Thas a great idea,

that dog'll hunt: A commonly used redneck expression to inform other rednecks that something is acceptable or will work.
Example: Billy Bob asked Jethro what he thought of his new girlfriend, to which Jethro responded, That dog'll hunt.

that's the blow: That sucks.
Example: I have to read 8 million pages by tomorrow!
That's the blow.

the: The as in the word *the* but with quotes, the. Vernacular-punctuative distinction placed on the noun preceded by article; when spoken, emphasis is simply placed on article rather than noun.

Example: Example:
I went to see the Kate the other day.


I went to see the Kate the other day.

I went to see The Kate the other day.

the *noun* fairy: Mythical being that is responsible for the delivery of an object which is obviously too ludicrous to have been delivered by said being. In reference to the tooth fairy.
Example: I was a good little girl and the piano fairy brought me a brand new Steinway.

the *noun* gnomes: Mythical beings responsible for the malfunction or disappearance of the object mentioned.
Example: A. My computer keeps giving me a blue screen.
B. The computer gnomes must be chewing on your cables.

the American Embassy: The most prevalent US export to the United Kingdom: McDonalds.
Example: And over here, we pass Taunton's very own American Embassy.
I only see the Golden Arches.

the anaXis feeling: Feeling (mostly around the holiday season) that all the things you should be doing
have to make place for solving problems other people made.
Example: A. Why did you not make your deadline?
B Hey, I have the anaXis feeling!

The chaps: The appearance of solid objects to jerk spasmodically during childhood fever (I'm told this can also happen to drying-out alcoholics)Term invented by me as a 4-year-old during a particularly strong bout of fever.
Example: Poor wee Jimmy's got the chaps.

The chaps: The appearance of solid objects to jerk spasmodically during childhood fever (I'm told this can also happen to drying-out alcoholics)Term invented by me as a 4-year-old during a particularly strong bout of fever.
Example: Poor wee Jimmy's got the chaps.

The Company: Washington DC expression: The Central Intelligence Agency.
Example: The Company is quite likely to grow in both funding and personnel due to the events of 9-11.

the dog's: The dog's bollocks, meaning the very best. British Slang.
Example: Did you see Dave's new car? It's the dog's.

The Doyle Owl: Used as a comparison, the Doyle Owl is both hideously ugly and extremely desirable
Example: 1. Those shoes are uglier than the Doyle Owl.
2. Everbody's after Tim like he was the Doyle Owl.

the ESMA Shuffle: Trying to find productive things to do and appear busy the last half hour of the work day.
Example: Guys, it's 3:30. Time to do the ESMA Shuffle for the rest of the day.

The Fast Show fallacy: The mistaken belief that anything, especially a pat catch-phrase, is funny if repeated enough.
From unfunny UK comedy show, The Fast Show, which applies this bizarre logic to extreme degrees.
Example: I hate Dare To Believe. It takes The Fast Show fallacy to frighteningly misguided extremes.

the football: Washington DC expression: the briefcase carried by a military officer c
ontaining the launch codes to America's nuclear arsenal. Follows the President everywhere.
Example: The person carrying the football is usually a field grade officer,
generally a major or lieutenant commander.
Contrary to myth the football is not handcuffed to the carrier.

The Fromkin: A dance characterized by its stiff and jerky body movements. Finally, finsished off by a fast hard bopping of the head and hair.
Example: The Fromkin can only be done by the most skilled dancers.

The Grey: A Greyhound bus.
Example: I'm taking The Grey to Calgary.

The H is O: Shortform of the The Heat is ON!

Take from the title of a Glenn Frey song. Also used on a Saturday Night Live sketch.
Example: Rich: Albert, you're screwed! You have a 12 page essay due tomorrow that you haven't started yet.
Albert: Yeah, I know. The H is O.

the heir and the spare: British expression: The Princes Willam and Harry, respectively.
Example: The press has backed off the heir and the spare in the publicity wake following
Diana's death.

the know: (noun) knowing everything and anything as it happens.
Example: how did you know about that security hole? you must be in the know!

the man: An authority figure, such as a principal, boss, mayor, etc.
Example: The man caught me skipping class again.

The Ness: That certain je ne sais quoi that a person has that makes you go, Wow, that's one cool guy! when you see him. If someone has The Ness, you instantly want to be friends with him.
Originated from a lack of description for a friend: She's got this... coolness. Weirdness. Amazingness. It's just a... a -ness!
Example: Hey, look at him! He's got The Ness.
I used to have the Ness, but I think I've lost it.

The Ord Mandell Factor: The added depth given to books and films by referencing unseen events. Comes from That bounty hunter we ran into on Ord Mandell from _The Empire Strikes Back_.
Example: _The Hobbit_ is great. Tolkein brings the Ord Mandell factor into full force.

the oughts: The first decade of the 21st century.
Example: The oughts will be a decade of change.

the package: U.S. Secret Service jargon for the person being protected at any given time.
Example: The Veep was the package for that evening so we had a relatively large detail.

The PMA: Pronounced: pee-em-ay - An organization started by Dr. Alec Maguire (musicologist/bartender) that critiques music. Organization faves are Blue Rodeo, Toad My Wet Sprocket, and anything with Accordion.
Example: I heard that the PMA gave the new Blue Rodeo record 5 Stars.

The Puzzle Palace: Washington DC expressio, The National Security Agency.
Example: Has the Puzzle Palace decrypted the communications we intercepted yesterday?

The S: A superior being whose sole purpose in life is to rub in his superiority to other human beings.
Example: Dont Mess with The S

the side eye: When someone is suspicious of something, she can turn her head at said thing,
and look at it through her peripheral vision. This conveys suspicion.
Example: I was just walking down the dorm hall, and this girl I passed gave me the side eye. I guess she's suspicious of me, probably thinks I want to jump her.

the smile: the three point line
Example: and zac fires one up from behind the smile... and it's good for three points!

the snorks: when grass in a field or park is wet from rain.
Example: Don't cut through the park, it's gonna be the snorks.

The sooner the quicker: As soon as possible, ASAP
Example: Do it now!

the taste that rocks my face: phase commonly used after tasting something gooder than good
Example: Kate's strawberry lip gloss has the taste that rocks my face!

the tool: Hammer, esp. when used to destroy an item that has not responded to reasonable requests to repair itself; usually requiring the use of The Tool, Part II (i.e. credit card) to replace said item. (See also barbarian method)
Example: We knew to put on safety goggles when Dad went to go get The Tool. Later, mother had to use The Tool, Part II, to buy us new bicycles.

the void: The empty feeling when you lack the physical contact from a relationship.
Example: Rebound relationships satisfy the void.
Now that I broke up with my significant other, the void is consuming me.
I was with that person to fill the void. It wasn't serious

The W's: The internet. Refers to the www. prefix to most internet addresses.
Example: Hey, Kris, look up the movie listings on the W's.

the world: To do something very completely or very well, often in a competition.
Example: 1. When playing Bond multiplayer on the N64, John would devastate the world.
2. His car was so fast that he could smoke all competitors right off the world.

The yellophone: basically just the telephone but also known as the yellophone
Example: I called Nooge on the yellophone

the zacklies: What you have the morning after a good party. (From exactly, in the sense of my mouth tastes exactly like my butt this morning.
Example: Hey... you got a coke? I got a bad case of the zacklies this morning.

Theiatry: God healing religion created by yours truly.
Example: All are invited to participate in services with Rev. Sunshine and the Original Church of Theiatry.

theire (also thier, thiere): Their + there, for those who misspell their--or don't know when to use their and when to use there.
Example: Theire she goes again, trying to help us use English properly. Don't she know? Most submitters doesn't care whether or not theire language use is sub-standard. They just want to be able to tell theire fiends they got a new word published in an online dictionary.

Thematic Buckets: Content Gategories/Groupings

therapize: Transitive verb to indicate the action of a therapist doing her work with a patient.
Example: I have three patients this afternoon, and even before lunch I have to therapize Mrs. Johnson.

therapy: Cigarette-smoking sessions that must be conducted in a designated place.
Example: I drove by the office building and saw a bunch of workers having some therapy outside.

therapy fodder: A self-affirming way of describing something really awful that happened - you're going to have something to talk to your psychologist about! (Note: this actual phrase is used by maybe five people on the face of the earth. It's a good explanation for my URL though.)
Example: Yeah, so my boyfriend just dumped me. Ah well, it's all therapy fodder...

there is no ass: To be said sarcastically when somebody says something very philsophical. From _The Story of Us_.
Example: Nicky: Or time is falling away, like sand; the tighter you grasp it, the more it flows through your fingers.
Lauryn: Ooooh, there is no ass.

thermasm: The pleasure felt when you are cold and immerse yourself in a hot tub.

Example: I sunk into the hot water and felt a thermasm.

thermo-dymanameter: Your leg, when you stick it out from under the sheets in bed because you are too hot.
Example: During the summer, Lucy uses her thermo-dymanameter to cool off.

thesarvo: This Afternoon (Aussie slang)
Example: Wotcha doin' thesarvo? Goin' to a barbie.

Thick: Apart from the more common definitions, used to describe a Woman who is heavy, but not fat, and still pretty. All round in the right spots.
Example: I wicked liked that chick I met last night. She's tall with a great body, and a real cutie. She's not skinny, but not fat either ... I dunno, she's just kinda like Thick, ya know?

thickbook: (n) Expensive and big software tutorial books that based their thickness on boring and non-intuitive presentation of contents. Such as your typical Whatever-For-The-Web kind of books. Tutorial books that remind you of bio or chemistry text.
Example: That Flash thickbook is so crappy I couldn't learn anything from it. I fell a sleep everytime I read it.

Thigh Ornament: 1. A person whose only value is in her good looks.
2. Trophy girlfriend or boyfriend.
Example: Sean treats Kelli like she's nothing but a thigh ornament.

thingamabober: A replacement word for a noun.
Example: That thingamabober has something stange on it.

thingamajig: A term that can be applied to something you've forgotten...also a candy bar in the US, I think...
Example: Pass me that, um, you know, that thingamajig over there...the grey one.

thingamajiggereedoo: Things unknown

Example: You know...that thingamajiggereedoo.

thinger: Thing, something, thingamajig, and whatchamacallit.
Used when referring to ome kind of web entity including applications, procedures, etc.
Sometimes used to refer to people as a substitute for whatshisname or whatshername.
Example: I just finished building the spell check thinger for the new email publishing system.

thingie: Same as thingamajig
Example: Pass me that, um, you know, that thingie over there...the blue one.

thinglish: when you substitute the word Thing for important nouns ina sentence
Example: Put that thing on the thing next to the thing.

thingy: A catchall phrase. A proclamation, exclamation or retort.
Example: Wow. Thingy! I can't believe he did that.

Wanna go catch a movie?
Thingy! Let's go!

thingymabob: a word said when you for some reason cannot remember the name of an object.
Example: You know what I mean that.....that...thingymabob!

thingymajigger: substitute word for an object's name you can't remember. also see thingymabob
Example: She put the thingymajigger in her purse.

thingywhatsit: Terminology used when you just cannot remember someone's name.
Example: I was talking to...thingywhatsit last night.

thinkative: 1. Appearing to be in deep thought.
2. In intense consentration.
Example: (Keth staring into thin air) Annie: Keth, you look very thinkative.
Keth: Umm. What? Sorry, I wasn't listening.

third culture kids: Children of expatriate parents.
Example: John was a typical third culture kid.
Born in the Netherlands, living and going to high school in Thailand and later Egypt.

thirddairy: the third element in a sort
Example: I am going to sort my Excel data on a primary, a secondary and a thirddairy key

Thirlut: A roughly thirteen-year-old who dresses like a slut. A scantily clad eleventeener.
Example: I went to the mall and it was crawling with thirluts.

this-a-way lane: In a large parking lot, when the traffic in the lanes comes toward
you when you're leaving the store or mall.
Very helpful in locating your car.
Example: Where's the car? It's parked in a this-a-way lane near that light post.

This-after: A slang shortened way of saying This afternoon. Used in the Lancaster County area of PA.
Example: I will meet you in the park this-after.

Thisaft, Th'saft: (Thih-Saft)Ontario/Eastern Cda. slang. Derived from This Afternoon.
Example: What time does class start th'saft?

thneusis: Progressive destruction, affecting spiritual and physical level, without conferring negative qualities. It's
a sort of a slow annihilation, where values are falling to the zero point, but not under.
Example: When someone is affected by thneusis, he is unable to make a thing right.

Thom (pronounced Fom): Extreme level of brilliance
Example: that is so freaking thom

Thor's fist: A small, apparently isolated cloud with rain falling below (looks like a fist and arm in the sky)
Example: While driving to work this morning, I noticed a Thor's fist wetting the sand of Fort Lauderdale beach.

thorms: Thunderstorms.
Example: Hello, folks. Today we will be experiencing rain, along with thorms.

thot: A mental activity that is too frivolous, silly, or lame to warrant the level of brain activity that would
constitute a full, complete thought.
Example: I just had a thot: if cheese is really a kind of mold, why doesn't the mold that grows on moldy cheese turn into mold-cheese?

thought-knot: A state of extreme mental confusion.
Example: While studying existentialism, thought-knots happen often.

thrash: this is a form of typing that is used when the typist is about to go out to lunch, take a whiz, etc.
Example: Hurry up Pam, we're going out for a beer after work...shome typing, start thrashing.

thraxed: An adjective for describing an unfortunate state of affairs derived from the word anthrax. Often followed by yo.
Example: Your mom won't let you go to the concert?
That's thraxed, yo.

thread: the grooves on a tire
Example: John said he checked the threads on the tires of the school bus today

Threads: Clothes
Example: Those are some nice threads.

threak: A three-pronged fork used in fancy restaurants.
Example: You'll find your threak next to your knife and spoon.

threapen: Contradict. (Lincolnshire word).
Example: Doan't you threapen me, young man.

three dubs: Short for the letter W in triplicate form, as in www or world wide web.
Used when a person provides thier URL as their main source of contact information. Heard on MTV's _The Real World_.
Example: Instead of giving her number to him, Bunny dropped the three dubs.

threeeightr: Some one who has a stupid and useless fascination with three eighty pseudo-phrases.
Example: Another threeeightr filling up the site.

thrillionaire: one who is obscenely rich.
Example: he spends half his time in switzerland as a tax exile. you know, a thrillionaire.

throbbingnerve: Annoying and irritating.
Example: Chris is just a throbbingnerve.

thropping: Thrift shopping.
Example: I went thropping yesterday and I got the cutest shirt for just $3.

Throw-Down: To write or speak.
Example: Let me Throw-Down this speech, and we'll go.

throw-up: A quickly executed graffito consisting of an outline with or without a thin layer of spray paint for fill-in.
Example: Whew, good thing I hit that wall with throw-up. That friggin' cop is following me again.

Thrutch: to move around with arms held above the head in the manner of an upright crab.
Example: Crab's evolution is such that by 2050 they will all thrutch upright.

thulp: getting bashed black and blue
Example: Shyamu got thulped royally by Ramu.

thumbbody: Somebody. Always accompanied by a thumbs up.
Example: I wanna be thumbbody.

Thumpasorus Peoples: Prehistoric ancestors of Star Child and Dr. Funkenstein, also hardcore funkateers .

Example: The Thumpasorus Peoples be shaking their booty and jumping all around at the P-Funk concert.

thunk: Used in place of thought or think.
Example: Whoodah thunk I'd be the one they picked. Or; I guess I didn't thunk it through all the way.

Thurp: A response to an intended insult; a backfire; something else to say when one has nothing left to say.
Example: Thurp, you know perfectly well that it was an accident.

thwap: Used on IRC in combination with /me (an action command) as a way of distributing physical abuse to those deserving of it.
Example: /me thwaps j0n3s with a smelly old trout

thwedgie: the kind of wedgie you get when you are wearing a thong
Example: Eric gave Andrea a thwedgie!

tiched: Pissed off, steamed.
Example: Man, Jane's tiched at me 'cus I wouldn't leave her alone yesterday.

Tie Job: 1. Having a job that requires you to wear a tie. 2. A yuppie. 3. A person who is overly conservative. 4. Someone wearing a tie.
Example: I saw a guy in Starbucks this morning wearing a suit. Definitely a tie job.

tifflewack: Rearranged, extremely disorganized.
Example: When the tornado came, her room was in a bad state of tifflewack. (Katabrain, that can come either before or after the tornado when young people are involved.)

Tiffon: Crazy, mad, berserk. Can also be used like a curse word.
Example: Henrik Larsson scored and the whole place went tiffon. OR Where the tiffon is the toilet paper?

tiffrippicate: Go to church
Example: No, I'm busy On sunday,..I've got to tiffripicate

tifosi: The army of obsessive Ferrari fans who follow Formula 1 all around the world supporting just that team. Invariably dressed all in red. Largely Italians.
Example: The Tifosi were out in force at Monza.

tight: Strict and confining rules. Probably overly tight.
Example: Their no colors dress code is tight.

tight: 1. Indicating friendship 2. Indicating infallibility.
Example: 1. Ed: Do you know Bill? Ted: Yeah, he and I are tight.
2. I wanted to argue with him but his logic was way too tight.

tight: Also, tite. A word formerly used to mean cool or neat.
Used so much that it is now a derogatory term that is the antonym of tight. Very lame and uncool.
Example: Eric: Hey guys! Like my new flat home hair cut?! Herb: Oh yeah, that's tight.

tight, tiziight: Cool.
Example: Your hat is tight.

tightnessneosity: Used to express the opinion, usually with incorrect grammar, that somthing is teight, tight, tite, or tyte.
Example: That game is complete tightnessneosity.

tightsauce: Really cool, opposite of weaksauce. Can be used as a description or a response.
Example: Billy: I got the concert tickets. Matt: Tightsauce. OR That concert was tightsauce!

Tiiiiaaaaoooommm: It is what Cher turns back
Example: If i could turn back tiiiaaaooommm

tiketyboo: All is well with the world as in hunky dory
Example: Well that's just tiketyboo

Timbukthree: Someplace really far away from you (one of my dad's favorite words). Derived from the actual city of Timbuktu in Mali (or Oregon--your preference).
Example: The guy lives in Timbukthree and gues who gets to pick him up?

timbuktu: out in the middle of nowhere

Time: (with an accent over the e - prounounced 'team-ay')
Greek word meaning 'honor'; what you accumulate when you do something cool.
Example: Jack earned mass time with his fireworks demonstration.

timepass: A combination of the words Time and Pass, it's an Extremely common word in India.
Meaning: Whiling away your time.
Example: Q)What are you doing?
A) Nothing much - timepass!

All the people in the world have some form of timepass or other in the world.

tims: Timberland boots. Highly thought of in the hip-hop and rap communities.
Example: Your tims are off the hook.

Tincanabulation: The noise made by tin cans attached to a wedding car.
Example: As Dave and Sue departed for their honeymoon the tincanabulation was deafening.

ting: Beautiful woman.
Example: Let's go chat up dem tings.

ting-tang: The practice of striking a set of windchimes with an empty Tang container, or the noise generated thereby.
Example: I played ting-tang on my windchimes today after drinking some Tang.

tinje: (pronounced tinjay) a stereo
Example: My tinje has a cd player and a tape deck.

tinkertoyin': When an electronic device is frustrating, slow, or glitching.
Example: This stupid modem is tinkertoyin'again!

tinky-winky: A straight person who is erroneously believed to be gay.
Example: I know he may act a little femme but he's tinky-winky--he's had a girlfriend for 8 years.

Tinner: A combination of Tea and Dinner. Like brunch, the combination of breakfast and lunch.
Example: Call me sometime and we'll do tinner.

tinnylund: An island, usually in a small river, where crazy parties happen.
Example: There's a bunch of DXM down at the tinnylund behind Mark's house.

tire chaser: A very ugly girl; basically, a dog, hence the reference to chasing cars.
Example: That girl is one serious tire chaser. Better bring a paper bag.

tire plaque: The hardened accumulation of snow and ice behind your car tires when driving in the winter.
Example: Her car had so much tire plaque built up that it started to affect the steering.

tiredom: The state of being tired.
Example: I've got to get some sleep--this tiredom is killing me!

tiridity: The state of being tired.
Example: It is past my bedtime, thus, I am suffering from severe tiridity.

Tishka: Good Evening
Example: Have a Tishka!, and, Tishka!

tissue-tech: A computer tech whose sole solution is to wipe the box.
Example: I don't think a tissue-tech solution is going to solve this; the monitor is on fire.

tissuespand: What happens when a tightly-folded piece of tissue uncurls by itself.
Example: When the waitress lifted the plate off the table, the tissue that was under it tissuespanded. She liked it so much she made a game of it played it with the other waitresses.

tit: Very shortened version of a *very* old saying from hundreds of years ago, to describe the easiest thing a person can do right from the moment he is born: It's as easy as suckling on a teat.
Example: Hey, how hard is it to change the coolant in my car?
Oh, man, it's wicked tit!

titch: A small amount--more than a hair, less than a tad.
Example: Carrie, you're too far away from Pete--move your chair a titch to the left.

tite: Cool; bomb.
Example: That's tite.

tits: Adjective used to describe satisfaction with something; sometimes said with a thumbs-up.
Example: How was the movie?
It was tits.

tittyalien: Any creature from space
Example: Tittyaliens will destroy you.

tiuffgah: Tee-uff-guy. A bully, someone who thinks he's tough.
Example: Look at Chris. Being a tiuffgah again. Always picking on kids--or old guys.

TiVo'd: To pause live TV for later playback.
Example: The anchor on TechTV says, Don't worry about missing any of Steve Job's Live keynote address at
It's being TiVo'd, so you won't miss a second.
We'll be back to continue broadcasting the speech, right where he left off,
after these commercial messages.

tizite: All right and tight.
Example: Hey, Kellie, those are some tizite shoes.

tizzy: the coolest; the best of the best
Example: Man that shirt is tizzy!

tja: The verbal equivalent of a shrug. Pronounced tcha. Dutch.
Example: It seemed logical to me, but, tja, I guess not.

tjalle: Cha-l? Can be used in several ways.
1: To tell someone, that what they just said is cool.
2: To tell someone to take it easy.
3: A reply like OK.
Example: Question: Hey, Do you want to go drink? Answer: Tjalle

TMI: Too Much Information. For when someone has told you something you really didn't want to know.
Example: You've got a rash on your rearend? Lovely, but that's TMI.

TMI: Too Much Information.
Example: TMI. I don't want to hear the details of your foot operation.

to bork: To attack shamelessly, with no regard for the truth, and with total disregard for doing the right thing.
Word came into existence after the Democrat-controlled United States Senate voted not to confirm Robert Bork's nomination (by President George Herbert Walker Bush) for the Supreme Court.
The man held what until then had would have been considered the necessary credentials, so why wasn't his nomination confirmed?
It was certainly not because he lacked the ability, the intellect, or the qualifications.
What he lacked was likeability and a liberal bent; he definitely didn't meet the Democrats' ideological criteria: he was most avowedly a conservative judge.
Democrats during the 1980s had come to the conclusion that they would never succeed in getting laws passed that would advance their liberal agenda.
Their solution (Thought up by Harvard Law Professor Lawrence Tribe and cohorts?): use whatever means necessary to stack the United States judicial system with liberal, activist judges, judges willing to make new law through their interpretations of the laws on the books.
In order for their plan to succeed, it was necessary to hold up judicial appointments as long as possible in the hopes that a Democrat would soon be returned to the Presidency--while concurrently claiming that they were trying to keep a Republican President from stacking the court with radical conservatives so far out of the mainstream as to be a threat to the nation's very existence.
The ploy remains in use today as many of President George W. Bush's judicial nominations languish without even a Senate Judiciary Committee hearing.
God forbid that the nominees actually get to the Senate floor for a vote--most would probably be confirmed.
If you're a liberal Democrat, you may choose to believe that today's Democrats are just doing to President Bush what yesterday's Republicans did to President Clinton.
The facts and the corresponding judicial appointment statistics belie any sound basis for such a claim.
A possible result: We have virtually no criminals in the United States today--just misunderstood, downtrodden members of society--people who committed their crimes because society made them do it.
Example: Judicial nominee after judicial nominee gets borked by the Democrats.

to couch: To hang out, sit around, do nothing, wait on the couch.
Example: It was too cold outside wo we decided to to just couch all day.

to daschle: To stand in the way of something, to obstruct, to keep off the agenda, to keep a decision from being made.
Example: With any luck at all we'll have our liquor license next week--unless someone in the bureaucrary decides to daschle it.

to do a kurt: To rise out of obsecurity, to become ordo something super-fantastic despite the people around you telling you that you can't.
Example: Kurt Cobain became a rock star, depsite being told he had no hope of making anything out of
his life. So he was the first to do a kurt.

to do a Winnie: To do something extremely clumsy, to make a fool of oneself.
Example: Chris did his weekly Winnie last night, fell flat on his face.

to droo: To be so amazed by something, you forget to type it properly.
Example: It makes me droo.

to egosurf: To try to find pages that have your name on them in hyperspace.
Example: Next time I go egosurfing, I should be able to find my name at www. pseudodictionary.com.

to epibrate: To pay attention to a problem that nobody knows how to handle. Sort of a panacea: give it attention, and it will go away.
Example: We must meet for lunch, to epibrate this negative forecast.

to figure-skate: For a referee, judge, or arbitrator to make a completely wrong call.
Example: Get rid of the French judge so we don't get figure-skated.

to gaslight: To drive crazy. (From _Gaslight_, a superior 1940s movie.)
Example: And so it continues, the not so subtle plot spearheaded by my family and apparently the rest of the world is on it as well.
What plot? Don't feign innocence with me. I know you are all trying to gaslight me, to drive me crazy.
Reproduced here from a copyrighted site--or one that should be--currently without permission.
If permission to reproduce is not granted, the example will be rewritten. NG's use of gaslight as a verb is the first the editor has seen and he thought it worth recording for posterity.

to have the monk on: Another way of saying that the subject is in a foul mood, strop, or merely sulking.
Example: It's no good trying to talk to Mark, he's really got the monk on at the moment.

to nash: To leave, to depart.
Example: C'mon geezers, let's nash.
We're nashing to the pub.

to play on the cat: To play (on) the cat is to place one's little brother's face in places a cat would normally go.
Example: I made my brother play the cat with a can of tuna.

to poach: An unexpected or unintentional diss. Used primarily in the phrase You just got poached.
Example: I knew I had been poached when I woke up to find my toes super-glued together.

to rock: To wear.
Example: Are you jealous because you can't rock the Tommy Hilfiger jeans?

to spielberg: To hide an advertisement in a work of entertainment
Example: Did you see the new Tom Cruise movie? They spielberg for everything from laundry detergent to ballpoint pens. It's worse than network television.

to squab a squib: To bum a smoke.
Example: Hey, man, can I squab a squib?

to the nines: Upscale--usually used with being dressed well.
Example: Dana was dressed to the nines.

to tipper, tippering: The act of placing a warning label onto a record album or CD
Example: Shome your whining. I spent the entire morning tippering rap albums for a Virgin Megastore.

to unangel: To live a life without any angels (both literally (and* metaphorically);
to shome having the protection of good as represented in an angelic face in one's life.
Example: I then had my life unangeled, dull and so void.

toade: To wish upon someone exactly what she has done to you. From turning someone into a toad out of spite.
Example: You keep that up and you can consider yourself toade.

toadmeat: A derogatory noun.
Example: I might say the following to my husband:
If you eat the all the brownies while I'm out, consider yourself toadmeat.

toadpipes: A portly, self-satisfied citizen of some small town.
Example: It's Mayor Martin, the toadpipes himself.

toast: worthless, useless, broke, not needed anymore
Example: my car blew a rod. yeh, it's toast. or, he got fired today. he's toast

toast: Affirmative reinforcement, same as totally.
Example: Joe: You goin to the club tonight?
You: Toast.

Toast: A congratulatory remark. Used in massive multiplayer online role playing games.
Example: Hey, I just leveled!

toast in the pit: dead, particularly in the context of video games
Example: you're toast in the pit, you'll never beat me

toasted: to have just enough to drink to get you warm and happy
Example: I wasn't drunk last night. Just slightly toasted

tobaccover: (n) Condition resulting from a night of chain-smoking. Symptoms include brown teeth, bad breath, tar-coated lungs,
and wheezing.
Example: I have the worst tobaccover you've ever seen. Smoked three packs last night. Can I bum a smoke?

toc-tic: The sound of time running backwards.
Example: !cit-cot, cit-cot, cit-coT

todaily: All day today.
Example: What are you doing todaily?

todayyesterday, yesterdaytoday: A time frame involving a change of day between the sending and receipt of an internet message. May be due to a time zone difference.

read a message written from the others time zone which has since changed days.
Example: By the time you read this message it will be todayyesterday.

Todd Beamer: An act of selfless heroism, usually at great personal cost to the person performing the act.
(Paul, Garret, I know this technically violates the rules but I beg an exception in this case as
this really has become part of the American lexicon. Thanks, Stephen)
Example: Her decision to endure the painful process of bone marrow donation to save the life of
a little girl she didn't even know was a real Todd Beamer.

toe jam: a vile and unsightly accumulation of sock lint and toe sweat, found most predominantly in male locker rooms throughout the world.

toe jam sandwich: A sandwich that looks disgusting and icky.
Example: Want my mom to make you a toe jam sandwich for lunch?

toe-in-cheek humor: Anything that tries to be witty, but blows it and winds up looking stupid.
Example: He thought he'd make a cute joke about her divorce, but it turned into toe-in-cheek humor at that point.

Toe-rag: Someone , usually male, who has little or no consideration for the feelings of others.
Example: Burglars are a bunch of thieving toe-rags.

toeknuckles: The knuckles on toes.
Example: If you don't shut up, I'm gonna rap ya on the toeknuckles.

tofarrence: Difference. Tofat means difference in Bengali. The word is an amalgamation of tofat+difference = tofarrence
Example: The tofarrence between the meanings of the two words is minor.

tofood: Phony meat products made from tofu: weenies, turkey, breakfast sausage,
and other, similar things.
Example: Frank's a vegetarian, he eats that tofood all the time. He says that Tabasco sauce makes it dissolve.

togs: New Zealand word for swimsuit or swimming clothes
Example: Oh, I've forgotten my togs! - Have you left them at home?

toid: One who is addicted to those curiously strong breathmints, Altoids, and eats them constantly,
eating one or two every ten minutes or so.
Example: She's a toid, eats a tin a day.
Her breath was overpoweringly minty; she must be a toid.

toilet gate: To stand outside the bathroom door and bang on it offering such helpful encouragement
as �Aren�t you done yet??and �What are you doing? Writing a book??
Example: Back off bitch! Don�t toilet gate me; I just got here.

toilet halo: The round ring of paper to put on home of the toilet seat so that your bum does not come in contact with said seat.
Example: Finding the toilet halo dispenser empty, Mary began to meticulously line the toilet seat with moist towelettes she carried in her purse just for this purpose.

toilet vulture or hawk: Men who hang around the doors to women�s restrooms thinking they all have to come there
some time. The female version is the hawk.
Example: Jesus, I really have to pee but that group of toilet vultures will pick my bones clean before I make it to the door.
(Man Hint: Do not offer beer to girls who are clutching themselves trying to get to the bathroom quickly.)

toity papoo: Toilet paper, possibly a corruption of the French toilet papier.
Example: Did you know you're out of toity papoo?

tolerattle: - The point at which toleration shomes and irritation begins.
Example: I was trying to stay cool, but that Bozo tolerattled me!

tom jonesing: Stuffing one's crotch.
Example: I found out the guy I was dating was tom jonesing.

tommy haas: Rhyming slang for arse.
Example: All he does is sit on his Tommy Haas.


i wished he'd get off his tommy and do some word

tomorning: A blend of two words - tomorrow and morning, so it means exactly that - tomorrow morning.
Example: Good night, honey - see you tomorning!

tomorning: We say today, tonight, why not tomorning meaning this morning.
Example: Let's go shopping tomorning before we eat lunch.

Tomthumbfoolery: Tomfoolery (being daft) on a smaller scale.
Example: He's not a bad lad, just indulges in a bit of tomthumbfoolery now and again.

Tongue Suppresser: A man who while kissing you attempts to thrust his entire tongue into your mouth and subjugates your own to the floor of your mouth. This is a desperate attempt to silence your refusal and propagate. Apparently, the tongue suppresser believes the ovaries are located in the uvula and the semen in his spit.
Example: Mary, why are you talking so funny? Mary:
I wen?oth with a tongue suppresser las?night.

tongue-deaf: a term to describe someone who absolutely, positively cannot whistle a note.
Example: Wayne is tongue-deaf.

tonk: To hit someone on the head with something that's hard but doesn't hurt.
Example: So I picked up the Barbie doll and tonked him right there.

Tonychef: Coruption of the word Tomy as in the toy maker of old. Used to describe someone who thinks that she is great in the kitchen but seem to have learnt on a toy cooker.
Example: He thought it was great but it seemed a bit tonychef to me.

too hard basket case: A guy that you love to death but is too hard to get together with for
reasons that are extremely annoying.
Example: Bob's a bit of a too hard basket case.

toodiloo: A farewell or good-bye. Has the potential to make others giggle. Has other spellings.
Example: I have to go. Toodiloo!

toodle: To mess with something, especially something you shouldn't mess with.
Example: Don't toodle around with a grizzly bear.

toodles: a happy form of good-bye!
Example: See ya tomorrow, toodles!

toodleth: a word that can replace good bye, making fun of people with lisps.

toogie: A knot of hair.
Example: It hurts to brush my hair because I have so many toogies.

took her to school: Defeating a person thoroughly, making her feel inferior or childish.
Example: I beat Harry in football so bad, I took him to school.

Tool: One who is useless AND idiotic in all aspects at any given time.
Example: That Tool isn't worth my time.

tool: From MIT. (v) To study. 2. (n) One who does nothing but study. Derogatory
Example: (v) A. Hey, Patrick, you wanna go to the movies? Patrick: No thanks, I've gotta tool. (n) Dan the Man is cool, he's nobody's tool.

tool up: To prepare for an imminent conflict (competitive or violent) by overloading oneself with equipment. From the movie _Johnny Mnemonic_ (Ice-T: You're toolin' up for an evenin.')
Example: Did you see that special forces soldier in the video? He was all tooled up.

toolacious: Behaviour or expressions that seem to have been performed or
uttered by very stupid or unpleasant people.
Example: Did you hear what he said? Absolutely toolacious.

toolbar: Used to describe a dumb person, but specific to computer geeks.
Example: That guy comes to the computer lab every day just to play tetris-arena. What a toolbar!

toolbox: Not capable of being classified as JUST a tool. More like a whole box full.
Example: He's such a tool. No, he's far worse, that guy is a toolbox.

toolicious: Something that is beyond delicious, too good for words.
Example: The chocolate fudge cake was toolicious.

toonce: To pass something.
Example: Please toonce the mashed potatos.

toonifunkel: Cool, upbeat, chunky, etc.
Example: The renovations in the moonbar are toonifunkel.

toothpaste and string: Something that breaks a lot is made out of this.
Especially with electronics, because nothing that's electronic could actually work if it was made of toothpaste and string.
Example: Their servers are made out of toothpaste and string. They crash hourly.

toothy problem: The word is used for an enterprise which is facing a problem only due to its being new in any particular business.
Example: Zee Telefilms has just launched its Internet services so it is more vulnerable to toothy problem of getting new customers.

tootles: Another way to say goodbye but in a more chip cherio kind of way.
Example: Well, thanks for inviting me. Tootles!

tootspne: The act of singing Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star to imaginary armadillos.

Example: Cassie likes to spend her evenings tootspneing.

home drawer: Classy, elegant, the best.
Example: I love Prada boots. They are home drawer.

tori speak: Speaking mysteriously, purposefully using confusing images and metaphors that only make sense when Tori Amos uses them as lyrics.
Example: Quit using tori speak and say what you mean.

toriffic: Terrible and horrific.
Example: A cow mating with a sheep is toriffic to behold.

tornado bait: Synonym for white trash, trailer trash, redneck, cracker, etc.
Example: The guy that tried to steal my bike was tornado bait.

torrible: mixture of terrible and horrible
Example: I feel so torrible today

tort: To beat up.
Example: When he didn't give me the remote control I threatened to tort him.

tosh: Posh is a word usually used to describe a palce, ex. It's a bit posh isn't it?. Well, tosh is a posh place in Texas, ex. Ttah there sure is a tosh ranch if ever I did see one!.

tossed: Drunk. Wasted. Trashed. Blitzed.
Example: Last night, I got totally tossed, and spent the night hugging the porcelain queen.

total cheeseball: noun- dork, someone who says cheesy things, jerk; also cheese baller or cheeseballism (act of cheeseballing) ... usually precided by total
adjective- cheeseballistic
Example: Trent: yo.. that guy was a total cheeseball. Ally: I know he didn't even bother to clean up.. Rude..

totally otis: a person who is very intoxicated.
Example: after matt finished his seventh gin and tonic, he was totally otis.

totjectory: the unpredictable path of a toddler as he careens toward you at a mall or grocery market
Example: I kept trying to get out of his way but I couldn't figure out that kid's totjectory. Now I've got strained peas on my pants.

totty: British word used to describe people who are physically attractive, as if they were a commodity.
Traditionally applied to women, but increasingly popularly used to describe men.
Example: Look at all the totty in this place. or That girl is home totty.

touchhole: Sneaky way to call someone a touchy asshole.
Example: Honey, must you be such a touchhole about the TV remote?

touchous: Adjective used to descibe a very tender or sore wound or injury
My father, from rural eastern North Carolina, has used this word as long as I can remember.
Example: Even though it has been a week since I sprained my ankle, it's still touchous.

touk: Another name for a ski cap; used almost exclusively in Northern New York State
(i.e., the North Country) and parts of Canada.
Example: My ears are freezing; I need to put on my touk.

tourist: Being forced to do tourist things in your own town when friends are visiting from out of town. This especially applies in New York City, where your feet will practically fall off after a few days of touristing.
Example: Good God, Vicica's in town from Guam and I've been touristing all week.
I somehow ended up in Times Square ten times this week when I've done my best to avoid it my
whole life. And midtown in general--friggin' midtown!
Real New Yorkers don't go to midtown unless they're paid!

tourist bomber: used in Germany to describe a big plane filled with tourists, flying to a typical tourists' destination. Often used in anegative way by the sophisticated people.
Example: I don't want to fly to the Carribean in such a tourist bomber. Too many stupid people in there.

tourist uniform: That special style of dressing that only tourists seem able to create. With occasional minor variations, generally includes shorts, t-shirt, brown leather sandals, camera around neck, a few layers of fat, and a horrific sunburn.
Example: There go another bunch, all kitted out in their tourist uniforms.

touron: A NYC, NJ tourist, moron that summers on the east end of Long Island
Example: The yuppie tourons in the red BMW made a left turn from the far right lane without signaling.

tousley: adj. - the epitome of perfection in a female body
Example: Her body was so supple and tender with the perfect shape and proportions fitting the image of a Roman goddess that it could be described as tousley.

townie/towny: A person who wears only brand name clothing for younger people: Adidas, Puma, etc.
Example: Look at that girl--Puma trainers, Puma trousers, Puma home and a Puma hat. What a townie.

toy: Novice graffiti writer.
Example: John can't write that well. He's still just a toy.

TPT: Trailer Park Trash.
Example: She's so...so TPT.

track: Added on to any adjective to exaggerate how appropriate the description is.
Example: A: Luke is so wonderful.
B: No, Luke is wonderful...track.

Track Nazi: One who trie too hard at running, or trys to impose her running ways on others.
Example: Pat tried to make me run 30 quarters with her. What a Track Nazi.

tractortion: What happens when you're trying to write a word that has more than one
spelling, and you use the wrong one.
Example: Lisa wrote that she had seen a John Dear tractor, instead of a John Deere tractor,
thereby committing a tractortion.

trade oh-faces: To share an orgasm with a partner as registered by an OH! From the movie _Office Space_.
Example: The date went well, but we didn't trade oh-faces.

trafficated: Congestion.
Example: The highway was trafficated.

trahugeous: its a combination of tremendous and huge..... trahugeous! (via McAvoy)
Example: This man was trahugeous

trail mix: A term used to describe the dry, craggy, sun-baked complexion of an elderly individual.
Example: Robert Redford is starting to look like trail mix.

train wreck: A person, object or action which is personally horrifying to watch, but at the same time is impossible to avoid watching.
Example: He was dressed so poorly, and danced so badly, that I couldn't help but stare at him all night. I hope that train wreck didn't think I was flirting with him.

tramotional: Combination of traumatic and emotional.
Example: My sister's trying to elope, my pet fish died, and I got fired. Basically, I've had a tramotional day.

trannyhoes: Transexual prostitutes. Rhymes with pantyhose.
Example: Bob doesn't trick with the real girls, he pays extra for the trannyhoes.

tranqulibrium: the substance which induces sleep naturally through the spine, large amounts of this is a symptom of narcolepsy
Example: People with narcolepsy have increased amounts of tranquilibrium in their spinal tap.

transfer: (v) Getting off yor butt and going somwhere else. Used by posh, well-off people.
Example: Class, we're going to transfer down to room 22.

transition: The act of making a transition.
My English teacher hates when I use transition as a verb, so now it is.
[It was, anyway. Refer your English teacher to Fowler's _Modern English Usage_: It is an ancient and valuable right of the English-speaking people to turn their nouns into verbs when they are so minded. I can't locate my copy, but that's almost a quote from the entry at contact. What we need in our schools is more teachers and fewer pedants. We also need math teachers who do *not* tell their pupils, There's no such thing as minus zero. For every number a, there's a number -a such that a + (-a) = 0. If a is assigned the value zero, then -a is minus zero. Enough said.]
Example: I am going to transition well in my next English paper.

transmorligronifier: Anything that makes something go faster.
Example: My bike really flies now that I installed that transmorligronifier.

transpo: Short for transportation. Invented by G Doug Bundy.
Example: Hey, you got transpo to that gig Saturday?

transpocket: To transfer the contents of one's pockets from one article of clothing to another.
Example: Diana's heart sank when she realized she'd forgotten to
transpocket her lip gloss from her shorts to her suede pants.

trap: 1. An opening. 2. Mouth.
Example: 1. Could you shut the trap? It's getting cold here.
2. Shut your trap. I don't want to hear another word from you.

trapestry: mixture between travesty and tapestry. Once embroiled in a wild relationship full of deception which was both a rich tapestry and very unfair on me - ie travesty - lots of intricate lies and things going on. I thought this was actually a word but no one would beleive me not even the dictionary
Example: that physco guy? no that trapestry of a relationship is well over

trapputay: Elegant and humorous at the same time.
Example: Sharmeica showed up at the ballgame in jeans and stiletto heels. She was so...trapputay.

trash: a description for someone who is losery or not good enough.
Example: why do you like her? Brooke is such trash!

trashcan: Really bad.
Example: Adrienne: How was that Pauly Shore movie you rented last night?
Jacky: Trashcan.

trashstash: In reference to a very thin and sparse mustache often worn by adolescents.
Example: Rob: Looks like Nick is trying to grow a mustache. Aaron: Nah, he's been cultivating that for months, it�s just a trashstash.

tratar: Another way of calling someone a traitor, usually said to someone who leaves a gaming clan.
Example: You tratar! You said you would be loyal to this clan, tratar!

traumoil: In turmoil, causing or leading to trauma.
Example: As the anesthetic was started, she experienced traumoil because of her misgivings about the cosmetic procedure.

traunch: In segments or in parts; in a portion.
Example: Our first traunch will equal ten thousand dollars and the balance will be paid out later.

travok: The harmonic relationship between two or more mechanical objects that goes beyond physical design.
Example: When wo gears refuse to run together even though they were designed and made to run together, Their travok is fubar.

treal: Unreal, or fake
Example: That flower looks treal.

Trebbing: The technique of jogging in a zig-zag fashion down a scree slope.
Example: I looked through the telescope and could just make out two mountaineers trebbing down the scree.

Trebek, (Alex): From the host of Jeopardy, Alex Trebek. To appear highly informed and intelligent because you have the answers in front of you.
Example: I had my PalmPilot in front of me for taking notes and I Trebek'd the whole interview. No, they didn't ask anything that I couldn't answer. I went Alex Trebek and printed out all of the source code before the meeting

treblistic: Used to name sounds, particularly songs, that are too high in pitch.
Example: Jennifer Lopez's songs are too treblistic

trechy: A person who is obsessed with both technology and Star Trek.
Example: Jason spends all of his time with his fellow trechys.

tredicate: A slow-driving older individual.
Example: The tredicate in front of us is driving much too slowly.

Tree: To flirt or hit on someone.
Example: Look at him, he's trying to tree every girl in here.

Tree Hugger: A particularly extreme environmentalist.
Example: Did you ever see that Tree Hugger who spent 2 whole years sitting on a giant redwood tree, so it wouldn't be cut down? If she had just worked those 2 years, she could have saved her money and simply bought a piece of land if she cares so much about the wilderness!

tree-fitty: Three-fifty, South Park style.
Example: I paid tree-fitty for that game.

tree-rat: Another name for squirrel.
Example: That tree-rat is like his ex, picking up one nut after another and discarding it.

Trek-positive: Someone (like myself) who's so into Star Trek that it's in his blood.
This is a positive affirmation, not pejorative.
Example: I'm Trek-positive and proud of it.

trenched: When your partner starts arguing with you and you are passive, not arguing back, you are being trenched.
Example: He sat there,just watching,while she trenched him out.

Trendy: 1. Self absorbed girl. Only interested in sales, brand names, hair brushes, and what colour nail polish to wear with that home
2. To be trendy.
(plural) Trendys'
(male equivilent) Spice boy
Example: Those Trendys are heading for the sale.

tres swank: Very cool. Best used in an exaggerated French accent. Tres
can also be used with other words: tres cool, tres good.
Example: My new computer is tres swank.

tress-trainer: An ornamental elastic band to fasten the hair in a ponytail, twist, or braid. A hair tie or ponytail fastener, especially the classic one consisting of an elastic band with colored beads on the end.
Example: Mary Anne fished in her purse, pulled out a bright pink tress-trainer, and piled her blonde curls on home of her head.

Trev, Pike, Pikey: Wear sporty or designer clothes only. Tend to look as if the entire pot of hair gel was emptied on hair--if they aren't skinheads. Aftershave you can smell from several metres away. White or fluorescent bright clothes.

The fundamental difference between Trevs and Pikes/Pikeys is that Pikeys have attitude problems and often try to start fights by saying in an agressive tone Wa'chu lookin' at?--regardless of whether you're looking at them or not.

Generally like either pop music or garage music--really, just anything that anyone else likes because they have no powers of free
thought. A wild night out is one spent on a street corner or under a bus shelter drinking cider or Bacardi breezers. Anything else is too expensive or too alcoholic. Trevs and Pikes/Pikeys are now popping up in homes that advertise them as Moshers or Rock Chicks. They obviously are not. You don't advertise who you are. You're just who you are.
Example: Look, a bunch of Trevs and Pikes on that corner. Drinking cider. Course they are!

Trevor: Really hot blonde, blue-eyed male. Different from a Baldwin in that it trims the goodlooking parameters to blonde with blue eyes. Not all blonde, blue-eyed men meet this standard; they have to be especially pretty.

Example: Ooooh, be still, my heart! Look at that guy, he's a major Trevor.

trevor mcnabb: Taxi cab. (For more words along this line, see English/Cockney Rhyming Slang Dictionary https://www.bio.nrc.ca/cockney/). We have grown to just call them trevors.
In Australia they even have number plates that start with a T.
Example: He's had too much to drink. Call for a trevor mcnabb.

trey: Pronounced thri-- with an accent. A teenage boy from Greece. Only used in the calling of a person.
Example: Hey, trey, come have a look at this.

trial and swearor: The act of experimentation fraught with more than enough error and frustration
Example: I figured it out through trial and swearor

tribbleous: Promiscuous, highly sexual; mating and reproducing like tribbles.
Example: She is tribbleous, like her sisters.
The trouble with tribbles is that they're tribbleous.

tribesman: Proprietary Jewish expression of fraternity; a fellow Jew.
Example: For goodness sake, Goldstein, with a name like Aaron Shapiro how could he be anything but a tribesman?

trichster: person with trichotillomania, i.e. someone who compulsively pulls out her hair
Example: I think that girl with the bald patches is a trichster.

tricked up: Cosmetically enhanced, to an extreme.
Example: Chris really had his old Chevy tricked up.

trigoproctology: The process of pulling trigonometric identities out of one's rear.
Example: I had to resort to trigoproctology on that test because I forgot to study.

Trimortaclaps: Dying at a time when your three most important entities collapse.
It is the ideal death.
Your money, health, and brain are gone at about the same time.
Who wants to die with lots of money?
Who wants to live with no brain. And if you're in poor health, you may as well die.
Example: My ultimate goal would be a trimortaclaps, but very few (if any) people achieve it.

trinkolette: Minaturised ornament, usually fragile, tacky and made of imitation china.
Example: Why are old ladies houses always full of trinkolettes?

trinoacidol: Howard Stern's try no ass at all.
Example: Sure, there's a cure for AIDS. It's called Trinoacidol.

triotheism: Belief in a triple god, as currently in Christianity, with the Trinity. Contrasts with monotheism, and formed in a similar way.
Example: Triotheism was established in Christianity by the Council of Nicea, which declared that Jesus was a god, and later by the development of the doctrine of the Trinity.

tripendicular: A way to describe a really good feeling or someting trippy.
Example: Climbing the North face was tripendicular.

Tripface: Person who trips a lot. Or, a person who is often teased for a time when she tripped.
Example: Missy, you are a tripface.

triple trip: When you tell someone to haul ass and it takes three trips.
Example: Did you see that triple trip?

tripleu: Slang for WWW
Example: tripleu dot seudodictionary dot com

trippy: 1. To be used as a comment when something out of the ordinary occurs--weird, but comical, strange, odd.
2. Stoners tend to use this comment when reacting to other Stoners' stories, comments, etc.
Example: Totally trippy, Oxsana.

trips: Three cards of the same rank in a game of poker
Example: I beat your two pairs with my trips.

trolling: Checkin' something out with the probable intention of pickin' it up.
Example: Little Joe was trolling the food table at the party. OR
We don't have dates for the party, but we'll be trollin' once we got there.

trolling for cops: When driving, allowing an aggressively-faster vehicle to overtake you in order that the faster vehicle will attract police that would otherwise be shomeping you for speeding.
Example: When approaching small rural towns, he let the Corvette behind him troll for cops, thereby keeping up his ten-over-the-limit average.

trolls: Evil cousins of a sockpuppet, the only thrill in their meaningless lives is to sign on to the internet and look for ways to cause trouble and incite flame wars. Disruptive and generally vile, trolls are one of the greatest negatives on any public forum. Anonymity is their great refuge, keeping them from being hunted and banished for good.
Example: The trolls lurks in the ether, waiting to make their flames and assaults.

tromping, trompin': Very good. Generally related to music but can be used as an exclamation similar to quality or amazing.
Example: Trompin' stereo, trompin' tune, simply trompin'!

tron - tronning: 1) a tron: something you can't help but like, but are affraid to admit to anyone.

2) tronning: watching something you secretly like. or secretly watching something you like.
Example: i dunno, that sharon girl isn't that attractive or anything, but she's such a tron.

last night i was tronning that spice girls video again.

Troo-dat: That's true. [ED. I'm poistive James Lee Burke has use a phrase similar to this--True, dat?--to mean the same thing.]
Example: Bert: You have a really nice car. Ernie Troo-dat.

troublematic: it's a combo of problematic but starts out with a sense of something troubling and/or traumatic. so it means psychologically and emotionally problematic.
Example: my cousin's death has been totally troublematic for me and my family.

trout: (n) Old news or information. (v) To inform someone that she is repeating old news.
(Originated in the Cloudmakers Yahoo Group, www.cloudmakers.org.)
Example: (n.) Audrina posted some month-old trout to the message board today.
(v.) Audrina was telling us month-old news, so I trouted her.

trout: 1. Any weapon of mass desctruction. A trout can be a) a tactical nuclear warhead with
a 48,000,000kT yield, b) a QM-Anti-tFr Cannon c) an explosive trout or d) CyberSnoop's wife.
2. To slap someone with a trout.
Example: tFr shot down the incoming trout with his autocannon, and the trout exploded into bits.

trowelette: A dainty gardening implement for those very small planting jobs.
Example: Mary had no need for shovels; for her tiny garden a trowelette would do fine.

Trudge: To walk somewhere when you really shouldn't drive
Example: If you're too drunk to drive home and you ain't got cab fare you should start trudging

TRUE: literally means I agree, or a synonym for affirmative. Often repeated twice
Example: Person #1: I'll pick you up at 6:00. Person #2: True, True.

true dat: An expression roughly translating to that's true.
Used when agreeing with a particular statement.
Example: 1: Episode 1 really sucked.
2: True dat.

truline: A single short sentence describing the high-concept of a proposed film, story, or project.
Example: When he read me the truline of the script, I knew we had our next movie.

trumble: the unnerving, trumpetting, di-di-di-di type sound that mobile phones inspire in other electronic devices such as stereos, tvs and pacemakers.
Example: His phone began to trumble the car stereo...

Trumor: That which is simultaneously humorous, as well as accurate. In fact, often it is humorous precisely because it is accurate. Not generally a favorite of the politically correct.
Example: A good example of trumor is a stand-up comic who poked fun at the moves that seem to exist in the long routine of every male figure-skater, including the air guitar and tiptoeing across the ice.

trumph: to say something is better than something else. You can trumph someone else in a fight situation as well. If someone were to get in your face and they backed down you could say did you see my boy totally trumph him!

Trunked-out: The state of being in a bad place mentally or emotionally. Depressed.
Example: After Sept 11th, we were all trunked-out

trustafarian: someone who has adopted the style and demeanor of one who eschews financial success, but with generous help from parents' trust fund. Often seen sporting thriftstore clothing, dreadlocks and a brand new vehicle.
Example: You used to get real cheap beer here, but all the trustafarians infiltrated and prices have skyrocketed.

trustword: A word that leads one to trust the person who said the word.
Example: She was good with trustwords, calling him honey, darling, and dear, so he stupidly trusted her
and became easy prey for her.

trustwordy: Description of a person who says trustwords in order to be trustworthy in your eyes.
Example: She charmed many by being trustwordy, but those who really knew her acknowledged
she was never trustworthy.

tryangle: Someone who will try any angle--a schemer.
Example: Watch out for Chris, he's a real tryangle.

tryhard triangle: That annoying piece of hair underneath your bottom lip that only singers can make look cool.
Example: His tryhard triangle is sooo last week--Craig David's shaved his off.

Trying one's best: Ironic--to not try at all.
Example: When Jessica told me to pick up my trash, I simply kicked it out of sight and replied,
Oops. Tried my best.

trype: (v) to attempt to type, usually with poor results.
Example: Give me a break, I'm tryping an email to my watermelon woman.

TTFN: Ta Ta For Now
Example: Hey, guys. I'm going to class. TTFN.

TTPECC: Tip-eck. There's a Time and a Place for Everything, and it's Called College.
Example: What're you doing with the bong, the squid, and those three drunk chicks?

Ttwo-knees-and-a-clap: The state of something being so hilarious in which one slaps both their knees and then claps. The superlative of a classic knee-slapper.
Example: When the mayor showed up to the press conference dressed only in
black leather chaps, we laughed so hard we gave him two-knees-and-a-clap.

TTYL: Talk To You Later
Example: Hey, I gotta go.... TTYL. yeah, ttyl

Tubeless: Strapless. (One day my mom flubbed this word at WalMart and she meant to ask me if I needed a
strapless bra.)
Example: Tori was wearing a blue, tubeless bra.

tuber: As many of y'all may know, a tuber is a plant root. This word is used to describe a couch potato watching the boob tube.
Example: As soon as Saturday soap operas roll around, my girlfriend becomes a complete tuber.

tufty: An annoying tuft of hair that refuses to be brushed down, or to just sit neatly upon one's head.
Example: I'm having an extremely bad hair day. I've a tufty the size of New Mexico that just refuses to go away.

tuhsanie: Really good food that makes you want to throw up.
Example: That chinese food was tuhsanie.

tully: A weird person.
Example: Steve is acting like a tully today.

tumble: Understand or get it.
Example: Go to that webpage and then click select all and download to your hard drive. You tumble me?

Tumblewacked: meaning very sleepy or very tired
Example: I have been tumblewacked all day

tumbleweed: This is said in those awkward situations in a conversation when there is a period of silence.
In old western films, a blowing tumblweed was used as a sign of boredom or lack of action.
When a conversation turns to silence, say Tumbleweed to break the silence and allow the conversation to continue as before.
Example: (Sam, Kerem & Ashley are engaged in a conversation that stalls.)
Kerem: So....
Sam: (says nothing)
Ashley: (says nothing)
Kerem: (says nothing)
(This uncomfortable silence can then be broken.)
Ashley: (ays nothing)
Sam: Tumbleweed.
Ashley: Haha.
Kerem: Yeah, Sam, that was funny.
(See, the conversation is now free to continue as before.)

tumped: Turned over.
Example: She tumped her glass of tea.

tuna: cool, attractive.
Example: yo, you see that lowrider - that baby's Tuna!

tuneage: Music, song, tunes.
Example: That was some tasty tuneage at the concert last night.

tuneference: The transference of a melody, or tune, to another person by humming or singing the main chorus lines
Example: He hummed the melody of that new boy band song, and although I hate it, I've been singing it all day: I'm a victim of tuneference!

Tuni: In Australia you can do higher education at Tafe or University.
Some fields of study you go to both (not very often though).
So we named our mate a Tuni. T=Tafe, uni=University.
Example: Phil: So you're telling me you do uni and tafe together?
Bazza: Sure am.
Phil: Did you realise that makes you a tuni?

tunkelization: What you get when you send out documents without first running the spell checker.
Example: I can't believe how bad his tunkelization was on that report he sent out.

tunnel vision: Difficulty seeing associated with low blood pressure combined with sudden activity.
Example: I watched that three hour movie and when I stood up I got hit with some harsh tunnel vision.

tup: An overstatement of incompetence, especially in most things. Dim-witted, inept.
Example: When I listen to Rick degrade the common man, I become aware of how tup I am,
and sometimes begin to feel insulted myself.

turbo hottie: A middle-school girl who is very attractive.
Example: Did you see the new girl in math class? She is a turbo hottie.

turdburgler: noun. origin: beavis and butthead. descriptive word to describe a person who is stupid or lame.
Example: Hey you turdburgler, quit blocking your own shots!

turnitinawayudonnacnothing: Used when the boss asks you why you turned your monitor to the wall.
Example: No , I turned it because turnitinawayudonnacnot.hing

Turpentine: When something is Cool or Copesetic to a large degree, or other wise seen as being rad, nifty, neat, or cool.
Example: We were kicking it and everything was straight turpentine.

turps: alcohol - from turpentine. Probably Australian slang.
Example: After a couple of nights on the turps, Ivan's ability to concentrate on his work dwindled.

turtlehead: Groggy feeling, usually accompanied by a headache or irritability. Caused by sleeping too many hours in a row or by taking an unnecessary nap in the middle of the day.
Example: I slept 16 hours and woke up with turtlehead.

turtlians: Turtles resembling Teenage Mutan Minja Turtles who go around town checking the safety of rats in the sewers.

Example: The turtlian checked the sewers, scared about the safety of his trusty friend Martin the rat.

tussy: A brand name for perfume--may not be sold anymore, but was in the 1960s.
1. Term of endearment to a friend.
2. To get spruced up or put on deoderant or cologne.
3. a chick that catches your attention(hot chick)
4. anything that is good
5. brand name of a dollar store deoderent
Example: 1. Hey, tussy. 2. Phew I need to put on some Tussy.

TVMA: Mature, Raunchy, Sexually Explicit. From the TV rating of Mature. TV-MA.
Example: Look at the skirt on that girl. She is so TVMA.

Twaining: To meader away repeatedly from the point of a story, in the manner of master meanderer Mark Twain.
Example: He started telling us about the event, but got off on a tangent about who was related to whom.
He's really bad about Twaining like that.

twang: A very disturbing cowboy genre item.
Example: That guy is so grossly twang.

twang: Someone who is really high strung.
Example: Matt, quit being a twang. The vase just fell over.

twangle: A word for music journalists and fans to liven up their copy and conversations when describing country or twang music that incorporates folk-rock, jangle guitar.
Example: Steve Earle is an example of a musician whose albums frequently twangle.

twangle: To squeeze and twist a body part in a playful and affectionate manner.
Example: Come here while I twangle your nose.

twank: An almost-swearword noun, used to convey displeasure with another individual's intelligence levels.
Example: Jim: Is Cambridge University in London?
Bob: No, you twank, it's in Cambridge.

twart: Extrememly stupid person
Example: You have your shoes on the wrong feet, you twart.

tweak: To get inside a car, especially one of great value or worth.
Example: Let's tweak my Lamborghini Diablo, purchased yesterday.

Tweak: To spastically convulse and make an array of high-pitched screeches. Usually the action is done after something particularly confusing or annoying has happened. In most cases, one or both eyelids are shut during the action.
Example: If you're going to be like that, go tweak somewhere else.

tweed: A male professor in the humanities.
Example: Judging by the facial hair, the pipe clamped between his teeth, the corduroy trousers,
and the paunch, my guess is he's a tweed.

tweenager: A person who is chronologically beyond nineteen but developmentally still a teenager.
Example: The twins just celebrated their 23rd birthday but they are still tweenagers.

tweezle: A nubbin. A husk. A thin, dried-up, shrivelled end of something that was once much larger.
Example: The sausage cooked so long, all there was left was the skin and the tweezle.

Twelve O'Clock Flasher: Someone who is severly technically imparied and subsequently lives in a house filled with appliances all flashing 12:00
Example: If a twelve o'clock flasher buys a PC, you can expect the helpdesk to go bankrupt

twennypasfour: A response to the question What time is it? for those who are too lazy to check a clock.
Example: On arriving in bed after a good party a loved one may ask groggily What time is it? To which you reply very quickly twennypasfour, even though it is 6:13 am.

twentieth century: Something that is out-of-date; something that is considered old and has been revised or improved upon.
Example: Bob, that computer you are using is so twentieth century.

twenty fins: A crossword puzzle clue. I have kn*te but am stumped! Help!
Example: Sorry, Jill, I'm don't crossword.

twice pipes: Dual exhaust on a vehicle.
Example: Check out that Cavalier, it's got twice pipes.

twice-before-sunday: Increasing the severity of a phrase or word.
Example: John is gonna get the crap beat out of him twice-before-sunday.

twiggle: The twitching of your dog's feet when you know he's dreaming about chasing rabbits.
Example: I thought my dog was dead until I saw her feet twiggle. Sweet dreams, Torrie.

twink: noun- A person inordinately obsessed with the particulars of Role Playing Games such as Dungeons and Dragons (term popularized by the webcomic 8-bit Theatre)
Example: Dave was arguing about the superiority of 'second edition rules' with this gaggle of twinks at the Game Club yesterday.

twink: A wannabe pimp or player that thinks he has a posse and lots of sex appeal.
Example: Look at that twink over there with the Mr T medallion and silver Puff Daddy parachute pants

twinked: (adj) Experiencing a natural and inexplicable high, often indicated by a vapid smile and sparkling eyes.
Example: Yeah, I noticed that. too. She walked straight past me with a spring in her step; the girl was twinked.

twinkerer: A twinkerer is an incompetent, or self-proclaimed parageek (See entry for parageek.) The typical twinkerer has a can-do attitude about fixing things (especially computers around the office). Sadly, the twinkerer has a horrible ratio of successful-to-unsuccesful attempts to fix problems on which s/he is typically consulted. The office twinkerer fixes computers in a manner similar to that in which many people try to save time and money by fixing their own cars, only to end up making matters worse than before they began their...good faith effort.
Example: Walter represented himself as a parageek, but he was really just a twinkerer. Now my computer's even MORE broken than it was before.

twinkie: Someone who is dumb, making you frustrated, or both.
Can also be used in place of fool.
Example: This is easy, why don't you get it, twinkie.

twinkie: A turn-off; a disgusting act performed by a romantic interest> Origin of the word:
When I saw my boyfriend in the seventh grade shove a twinkie in his mouth,
I was repulsed and dumped him that afternoon.
Example: Oh my God, Claire, look at the booger hanging out of his nose; that is a major twinkie.

Twinky: N. (tween-kee) A character on an on-line game that has items and equipment far beyond its own ability to acquire. A coin puppet. In popular speech a richie boy one who's parents provide them with money at the drop of a hat for no effort.
Example: He got a Vette for his birthday?? What a Twinky!

twint: Joint home.
Example: I'd have to say red and blue are twint in my favourite colours.

twisticated: an object, idea, or thing is far beyond being twisted. It may have its origins in having been twisted, but deformed beyond use or repair or worthwhileness.
Example: That piece of metal, idea or concept is twisticated; that is, it cannot be restored for reuse or salvaged. It must be scrapped.

twitch gamer: Someone whose success at video games comes from hitting buttons as quickly as possible. See button masher. In our case, derived from the speech balloon that came up whenever you shomeped moving in the Simpsons arcade game: Hit buttons! Wiggle joystick!
Example: Having problems blocking that guy's moves? You're such a twitch gamer.

twitching: Disgustingly and longstandingly dirty. Applies to an inanimate object, and implies that it is so grody that it has evolved life.
Example: You guys, this towel can't be our bathmat anymore. It's twitching. OR
Someone wash these dishes, they're twitching!

twitterpated: To be enamored; spring fever.
Example: Nearly everybody gets twitterpated in the springtime. You get weak in the knees. Your head starts to whirl. Before you know it, you're knocked for a loop! -Bambi

twizzle: The reusable wire applied in sealing shut the home of a bag
Example: Do you have a twizzle for this bag?

this bag's lost its twizzle

two: Used as a means of exaggeration. In extreme cases you can add fighting in a burlap sack.
Example: She's a bitch. Damn, she's two bitches, fighting in a burlap sack.

two axehandles wide: An expression from a couple of generations ago. Used for describing a woman's wide posterior.
Example: Look at her butt. It's two axehandles wide.

Two Dead Flies: Worthless.
Example: He ain't worth two dead flies.

two dollah: Extremely poorly done, cheap, or otherwise crappy.
Example: Batman and Robin was hecka two dollah.

two four: A case of 24 beers, often associated with May 24 long weekend. Alternatively, twofer.
Example: Can I get a two four of Blue, eh?

two four seven: (24-7) When something goes on forever, or all the time.
Example: I work 24-7

two-bagger: Someone who is so ugly that during sex you have to wear a bag on your head, too, just in case hers falls off.
Example: Julie tried to hook me up with her cousin, but she's a real two-bagger.

two-fisted: Very drunk and holding a drink in each hand.
Example: She was two-fisted at that party, I'm surprised she made it home.

two-handed slap: An alternate way to describe a high ten, primarily used in written communication andabbreviated as THS.
Example: Woo hoo, we won the tournament! Two-handed slap! (props to Christine at blahblahblog.com)

two-steppin': Dancing from side to side with no rhythm.
Example: A guy asks a girl to dance. The girl is moving from side to side, trying to dance, while the guy is trying to freak dance.
His ex-girlfriend says, What does she think she's doin', two-steppin'?

twohundred-K; 200K; $200K: Used when describing an athlete with bottom-dwelling skills. Refers to the $200,000 minimum salary of major-league baseball players.
Example: Did you see that scrub they brought in to pitch in the 7th inning? He was so $200k!

twunnel: An ambiguous term which generally acts as a verb (sometimes as an adjective).
Originally a screw-up of tunnel, as in to tunnel through something.
Lighthearted and can be applied to *any* situation with equal ease.
Example: That's a very twunnel shirt you're wearing.

tyme machine: Brand of ATM machine, used in Wisconsin to refrence all ATMs.
Example: I'm going to rob the tyme machine so I can get lunch at Taco Bell.

type-not: When a person is gleefully typing away, then they look up and realize they haven't typed anything.
Example: When you thrash something all quick into the address bar of your browser, then something loads and deletes what you just typed

typewaiter/typewaiting: Fast typists who strike up Instant Message dialogues, having forgotten that the other person is a hunt and peck typist, causing the fast typists to have to wait for what seems an interminably long time before receiving a response.
Example: Sorry I'm late. I was stuck in an IM with a typewait situation.

typicult: Typically difficult. Any activity that is made more difficult than it should be on a regular basis.
Example: Ex. Why does it take two hours to plan a fifteen-minute trip to town? How typicult.
Ex. They always make these packages so hard to open. Typicult.

typothermia: When your fingers get so cold that its imposible to type withour making mistakes.
Example: It was so col n my ofice hat I coudn't get my fngers to type corectly. I ws suffferin fron typothermia.

typsual: Typical and usual.
Example: Most reactions to anything are typsual.

tyte: The right spelling for the definition at tight.
Example: Did you see that girl jack the idiot who said 'pimp slap?' Yeah, it was tyte.

tzight: Tight, as in cool, but another way of saying it.
Example: That was tzight, yo!