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f-bomb: Relates to a situation where someone said fuck. Always preceded by a form of to drop.
Example: The car wouldn't start, so I dropped the f-bomb in front of my grandmother.

f-commerce: An alphabetic leap forward in e-commerce.
Once internet companies e-enabled everything, now they are f-ing them.
Example: F-commerce is the next logical step for our struggling dot com. I mean, we've f-d up everything else.

f-mo: F-word. From French: F meaning F and mo meaning mot or word.
Example: She dropped the f-mo mid-sentence.

F.D.G.B.: Abbreviation actually used by doctors to describe injured patients. Stands for Fall Down Go Boom.
Example: Sorry to call you so late, doctor. We've got an F.D.G.B. here. We're gonna need you to come in.

F.I.N.E.: F-ed up, insecure, neurotic, and emotional.use it when ur fealing that way.
Example: my day has been F.I.N.E. everything has gone wrong

Fab: Adjective, dervived from the rather popular Thunderbirds puppetmation of the early 80's Fab has been in use for quite some time and in it's current context is an equivlent of great!.
Originally presumed to be an acroymn for Fire All Boosters.
Example: Lady Penelope: Parker, get the car.
Parker: Yes, m'lady.
Lady Penelope: (On telephone) Yes, this is Lady Penelope, we are going to intercept the car now, Fab.

fab-flippin-tastic: Something that is incredibly good, so saying it's fantastic isn't enough, you have to combine three words to express your joy!
Example: That gig was fab-flippin-tastic!

Fabbomateo: To indicate to someone that what you think she are saying is not just fantastic but she is also your friend. A combination of fabulous and mate.
Example: Bill: I think tonight is going to be a great night.
Joel: Yeah, it's going to be fabbomateo.

faboo: Anything that's absolutely wonderful and fabulous, especially in a Southern California/West Hollywood fabulous kind of way.
Example: Darling, you look so faboo stepping out of your new BMW Mini drinking that Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf blended iced mocha.

fabtastic: Fabulous plus fantastic.
Example: That shirt is fabtastic.

fabulicious: Fabulous-delicious. Great, fantastic, wonderful, yummy.
Example: This word is simply fabulicious, Debbie.

Fabulous Thunderbirds: Derogatory reference to the 80s blues-rock group; meaning to lower in quality or be of exceedingly low stature.
Example: Sheryl Crow used to be cool. It's sad to see her go all Fabulous Thunderbirds these days.

face card: Term used to describe a one hundred dollar bill.

Example: Sam passed Will a face card.

face-mail: Term used to describe the daring act of talking to someone in person instead of either leaving a voice-mail or sending an e-mail.
Example: Bill scares me--he knows how to use the phone and his computer, yet just marched right into my office and left me a face-mail regarding the Simmons account.

face-time: Washington DC expression used to indicate the amount of time a person merits in face-to-face
conversation with a person in a position of authority.
Example: As an Assistant-Deputy Undersecretary she's not going to merit more than two minutes
face-time a month with the Sec-Def.

faceces: A combination of the words facetious and feces, used to point out the difference between being cute or irreverent
and just being difficult.
Example: He shomeped asking the young nun out when she told him that he was just being faceces.

faceheadnecklips: Used as a term of surprise, frustration, or insult--especially when one doesn't have time to find the perfect word for the situation.
Example: Faceheadnecklips! That car almost ran into me.

facelicker: A man or woman who kisses are so wet you have to use a towel afterwards.
Example: Be sure to have a towel with you if you kiss her, she's a real facelicker.

facepalm: To bring one's hand to one's forehead in an exasperated or irritated fashion.
Example: Glenn facepalmed at Corey's comment, But that's exactly what I'm trying to say!

facetiate: Euphemism for troll, as in trolling online chat rooms to provoke arguments with inane and useless commentary.
Example: AOL users spend all their time facetiating in _ChristianDebate_.

facetnated: (v) To be mesmerised by staring at glass crystals. Anton Mesmer?
Example: When Rhonda saw the chandelier she was facetnated.

facilitage: The act of assisting to deliberately encourage dependence.
Example: She was going to move out, but he facilitaged her plans by offering to pay all the rent until she finished school.

facismashing: Fascinating and smashing at the same time.
Example: What a facismashing zucchini you have.

facon: Artificial bacon.
Example: Ugh, my free continental breakfast is just facon and toast.

fact off: To fact someone off is to dispute their beloved arguments and
cherished beliefs through recourse to measly facts.
Example: Don't fact ME off.
| You can't fact me off with that.

factoid: Factoids are a series of facts or truths on a related subject.
Example: She was pumping me for factoids about her ex-roomie, but I clammed up.

factualist: Someone who continually corrects others' statements and loves to tell people facts at random.
Example: I was stuck on the train with two factualists who told each other statistics about statistics for hours.

fad-get: A person who is into all the latest fads.
Example: Look at the rich fad-get with his FUBU shirt and Doc Martens!

fadated: Having a lack of energy, feeling tired.
Example: I just dug up the backyard, so I'm now feeling pretty fadated

faded: The lack of clearity after an extensive drinking binge a.k.a. hungover 2. Burnout
Example: Damn, Dan your looking pretty faded after that party last night.

fader: (n) We say someone fades from our memory. A fader dissolves from the world itself. A fader is someone who does not seem to exist--though the fader is still there, no one in the world wants to recognize that fact. Plural is faders, and indicates each and every fader in a group. Faders are the forgotten souls, the forgetten dreams that slipped away. Faders are everywhere.
Example: 1. On the street corner in the middle of winter, a fader sits and begs for food. 2. When I was only four years old, my father went to the corner grocery to get a pack of cigarettes. He never returned. I barely remember him; my mother refuses to, because he deserted us. He was a father; now he's a fader.

faecetious: A supposedly witty comment.
Example: Richard Whiteley, king of the faecetious comment.

faff: To put something off for a extensive amount of time until it has been forgotten, hence it is no longer important.
Example: Sarah, shome faffing and get on with it.

fagarette: Chimeric cross-hybrid word developed from original English slang, fag for cigarette,
and the word cigarette for cigarette.
Example: Excuse me, Johnny Violence, would you care to partake in the smoking of a fagarette?

fagma: Fog-ma. 1. pertaining to an individual who no other words can aptly describe in character.
2. Expression of exasperation.
Example: 1. Johnny is a fagma.
2. Fagma! I cried as I dropped my pizza on the floor.

fagoogled: Absolutely exhausted or screwed.
Example: Bob was mountain biking in the bush, and after the last hill climb he was fagoogled.

faintified: Feeling faint or dizzy.
Example: I feel faintified.

fairy-dust: Something too technical or obscure to understand. Probably not even worth understanding.
Example: Yeah, I looked up the specs, but that stuff is all fairy-dust.

fairynuff: Fair enough, meaning fine by me.
Example: A. I'm just going over there. B. Fairynuff.

fajet: Misuse of the word faget. Created in 1998 by several middle school boys who were calling each other fagets for fun, and one mis-spoke and said fajet.
Example: You're a fajet, pencilhead.

fake: To flake out. To say you're going to show up and then not show up.
Example: Denny said he'd be here by 5, but he ended up faking on us.

fake and bake: Tanning salon.
Example: She had no time during the day to go to the beach so she resorted to a fake and bake at night.

fake cop or faux cop: Mall security guy, esp. one on a power trip.
Example: We're not afraid of the fake cops. We always cause trouble at the mall just to annoy them.

fake-o: This is another way of saying something is not real, or fake.
Example: After John put ketchup on his finger pretending to be blood, Ranee said, John, give me a break,
that is SO fake-o.

faketml: When you enclose something you're saying with html tags, but the html tags don't actually exist.
Example: No! I love it when you do that thing that I've asked you not to do a million times!

falcon: To make head contact with a ball you are trying to catch.
Example: Long pass downfield. Ohh, he's done a falcon.

fall off: To become less popular
Example: Rappers always have to have good albums or they will fall off.

fall-into-a-GAP: to wear or exibit massive amounts of logo'd items on one's person
Example: I've never seen that many logos encorporated into one outfit before. Did you fall into a GAP?

fallalotsy: A condition where your knees give out from laughing too hard.
Example: Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha (fall to floor) Geez, that joke was so funny it made my fallalotsy act up. OR
I can't hang with you anymore. You're so funny I have bruises from my fallalotsy.

faloney: Full of baloney.
Example: You must be kidding me. You are faloney.

famdamnly: Gathering of all your family members; usually holidays;
used to show exasperation with the idea of having to deal with the whole clan.
Example: The whole famdamnly came over for turkey and I thought my head was going to explode.

fan-bloody-tastic: Has a double meaning. The word bloody is incorporated into fantasitic to emphasis a point. Can be sarcastic or enthusiastic.
Example: He asked me to marry him. Fan-bloody-tastic.

fan-child: An adult aficionado of things normally intended for, or associated with children--such as cartoons.
Example: Pete tells me that _Babe_ is a great movie. I'd like to take his word for it, but he's a fan-child.

fanaca plant: Someone's bit on the side.
It's a colloquial phrase used in the Dowlais home area of Merthyr Tydfil, South Wales, UK.
I've not heard it being used elsewhere.
Example: She's Jack's fanaca plant.

fancicus rex: Very cool, awesome.
Example: Your house is fancicus rex!

fancyman island: If someone is on fancyman island,
she is in a daze, on cloud nine, somewhat blissfully out of it.
Example: You look like you're on
fancyman island today. Boy, I wish I were.

Fancypants: adj. Ostentatious and amusing. Often unnecessarily complex. Also implies envy.
Example: oooh check out the new fancypants flashstuff at www....

fandabbydozie: Great, fabulous, excellent. etc.
From tacky 1980s Scottish kids comedy show The Krankies,
in which a tiny woman pretended to be a schoolboy. Still widely used in the UK.
Example: Pizza for dinner, Bob. Fandabbydozie, mum.

fandabidosy: Fantastic.
Example: We're having pancakes for breakfast? Fandabidosy.

fangerouso: Something that's dangerous but also fun.
Example: I wanna go swimming with man-eating hippos. It looks kinda fangerouso.

fangin: Going really, really fast.
Example: Matt was fangin. The cop's photo-radar didn't even touch us. The g-forces pulled my lips back from my teeth. Yeah, he was fangin!

fangio: A person driving dangerously or recklessly, in honour of the former F1 world champion Juan Manuel Fangio.
Example: Check out Fangio--he's all over the road.

fangled: Literally: funny angle. Used to describe something odd, strange, or downright different from an everyday item. From newfangled.
Example: Pseudodictionary.com sure has a fangled take on the normal dictionary.

fangtard: A specific type of loser in the gothic poseur category,
the fangtard is a cultural stereotype that began to invade the gothic night clubs in the later 90s.
Some typical traits include fake fangs, Victorian attire, black trench coats, poet or pirate shirts,
dyed black hair, white makeup, home hats, Anne Rice novels, and _Vampire: the Masquerade_ game books.
Some actually try to convince others that they are vampires, when in fact they are merely losers
who live with their parents.
Example: If that fangtard doesn't stay away from my girlfriend, I'm going to knock the plastic out of his mouth.

fank you: Blend of thank you and fuck you. Used best when talking to those you really couldn't care less about.
Example: Snooty clerk at high-end store *finally* asks if you need help--*after* you've been in the store for 20 minutes, Are we doing okay here? You reply, Yes, fank you.
I was just leaving.

fanky: (adj) Combo of funky and stanky, when someone smells bad beyond both those words
Example: This kid Jake, he's just fanky.

fanmagilous: Fantastic, magical, and fabulous--all at once. Rare.
Example: Derek, that was a fanmagilous catch.

fanny fatigue: The soreness you develop in your bum at the movie theatre; caused by the theatre seats.
Example: That movie was so long I now have fanny fatigue.

fanny-whopper: Used when no other word is good enough or if you just can't think of anything to say.
So, instead of saying oh, shut up, use this; also to be used instead of stuff.
Example: Oh, fanny-whopper! OR You know what I mean... fetch me the fanny-whopper!

fanon: Term used in fandom to describe something that has never
been shown on screen (on the show / in the movie) and yet is generally accepted as canon by many fans.
Example: It is fanon that the TV show The Magnificent Seven is set in a town called Four Corners
--it was called that in the script of the pilot, but the town has never been named on air.

fanpool: 1. Football pool. Open to all football fans.
2. A group of fans, or friends.
Example: 1. I've played in the fanpool for the entire football season.
2. It's nice that our college friends have stayed in touch and kept this fanpool.

fantabulanistical: Used to describe something that's fantastic, wonderful, amazing, bringing about many happy warm fuzzy feelings.
Example: Rob is an extremely fantabulanistical person.

fantabulous: to exclaim when something is very good/wonderful/pleasurable
Example: what a fantabulous pizza that was

fantacious: The act of dreaming, to act fictitious, or to fantasize.
Example: She's acting a little fantacious over him.

fantacular: Combination of fantastic and spectacular, but always used in a sarcastic manner.
Example: The cable is out? Fantacular.

fantan: California slang for fantastic tan.
Example: A: Wow, is she dark. B: Yeah, she's fantan.

fantascinating: Somewhere between fantastic and fascinating.
Example: If you can't deduce the definition of fantascinating, you probably aren't.

fantasgreat: Used on Saturday Night Live for Fantasia and used for something that is fantastically great.
Example: That wasn't just great, it was FANTASgreat.

fantasmagoric: ultra cool, fantastic minus the astic. phantasm minus the phan, fangoria minus the ia but adding the ic
Example: Wow, this guy's site is fantasmagoric!

fantasmagorical: Better than categorically fantastic.
Example: The taste is fantasmagorical.

fantasmarific: it's the word fantastic, but with more emphasis.
Example: This game is so cool, it is fantasmarific!

fantasmic: a more psychadelic version of fantastic

fantasporadic: displaying fits of greatness
Example: poetry is fantasporadic. We get then occasional gem from mines of mediocre dross.

fantazmalistical: something that is beyond fantastic and beyond mystical
Example: I just found twenty bucks on the ground, that's fantazmalistical!

fanthraxtic: A combination of the words Fantastic and Anthrax. Used to describe something that is both good and bad
Example: You got caught going 85 in a school zone? That;s fanthraxtic!

fantra: So embarrassed for someone else that your butt cheeks involuntarily clench in sympathy.
Example: Q. Did you see the Academy Awards?
A. Yeah. Cher's dress gave me fantra.

fantubular: Very cool; combination of fantastic and tubular.
Example: Fantubular!

Far Side-ish: This word can be used by those lovers of the Far Side by Gary Larson.
It can be used as an adjective or an adverb to describe a person or an action that you might commonly find in a Far Side scene.
Example: The chubby, buck-toothed child appeared far side-ish in nature when he attempted to enter through the exit door.

Faraday caginess: From Faraday cage. Revulsion of electrical devices after over-exposure.
The antidote is a book or three and blessed silence. And possibly a good single malt.
Example: After writing that analysis of the midframe market, I had Faraday Caginess.
I had to curl up with a copy of _The Proud Highway_ and a sherry cask finish Glenmorangie before it went away.

farble: To work aimlessly, amiably, without focus.
Example: Sunday I just farbled around with my new woodworking tools.

farbster: A farbster is a female parent (with two or more children) who manages to occupy the
full width of a sidewalk in an urban area, thus forcing other pedestrians to walk in the road.
Example: I was run over by the lorry, officer, because I was forced to step into the road by an oncoming farbster.

farby: Short for far be it from original. Originally used to descibe Civil War reenactors who spent the weekend in a air-conditioned Winnebago. Now it can be used to describe any poser or wannabe.
Example: That Puffy Combs outfit looks so farby on you.

fardwack: The transition from a media that is good to a media that is bad.
Example: The Super Mario Brothers movie was fardwack.

farfoura: sweetie
Example: you're such a farfoura! no one's sweeter than you!

farge: The dried stuff that you find on the ketchup bottle cap.
Example: I could hardly get the ketchup out of the bottle with all of the farge that was on the cap.

Fark: It's not news, it's Fark
Example: The ten o'clock Fox news hour is just a bunch of Fark

fark: Fuxk, used to bypass email scanners when emailing from the workplace.
Example: Fark this!

farkle: 1. To break down; to shome functioning properly. 2. A really fun dice game involving six dice.
Example: When I have too many thoughts circling in my head, my brain farkles and I can't think straight.

farklempt: Choked up, bummed out, bad mood.
Example: She caught me off guard with her resignation, causing me to become farklempt.

farkus: A completly messed up situation beyond your control.
Example: How the hell did I get involved in this farkus?

farmer: Nautical term used by experienced skippers to describe someone with no idea how to steer a boat.
Example: Where the heck is that farmer going? Any further and he will hit the reef.

Farmer Ted: A geek that is likely trying to pick up on you. Comes from Anthony Michael Hall's character in Sixteen Candles.
Example: Oooh! Don't look! Farmer Ted is approaching at 4 o'clock. Run!

farnarkle: The stuff that appears next to your fingernails if you don't push the cuticles back.
Example: Look at all this farnarkle on my fingers.

farpishtet: Noticeably drunk. (From Claire.)
Example: After 5 beers, she was farpishtet.

farrad: A group of friends.

(note to editor: usage is similar to that of a gaggle of geese)
Example: Neo and his farrad were hanging out in the parking lot at lunchtime.

farzha: A unit of measurement for distance. Derived from far as you can see.
Example: It's up the road 3 farzha.
What's 3 farzha?!
Well, you go farzha can see once, then go farzha can see twice, then go farzha can see a third time.

faschnickered: Very tired.
Example: She was so faschnickered she couldn't walk.
I got home from school, and was too faschnickered to do anything
'cept diffuse nutrients from a pool full of sugar water.

fashimite: Someone who is a slave to fashion.
Example: Someone who wears uncomfortable 7 heel boots and a winter coat shown
for the following year the hot summer beforehand is a fashimite.

fashion chuck: A well dressed man. Particularly someone who has the ability to layer exceptionally well.
Example: When Matt walked into the bar he caught the eye of every lady. When he took off his jacket they could see right away he was a fashion chuck.

fashionate: Used to describe persons obsessed with spending inordinate amounts of time,
money, and their friends' patience to mindlessly follow what the clothing, hair, jewelry,
cosmetic, and personal hygiene industries have arbitrarily determined to be in this season.
Etymology: fashion + passionate
Also see: Narcissus, Sisyphus

Example: She was particularly fashionate about anything in red leather.

fassie: Cutesy nursery-sounding term for (ponytail) fastener, used mainly by little girls or their mothers.
Example: Do you want the pink fassies in your hair today or would you rather have the green?

fassoon: A close relative of the bassoon, except it is played with a ballon as an air chamber.
Example: The musician pressed the fassoon's balloon down hard to produce a sound.

fast backwards: Rewind, on a VCR.
Example: Omom, would you fast backwards my tape?....Please?

Fastantic: When something is so good and the appreciator is so wasted that 'Fantastic' simply won't do.
Example: Did you see the way those pigeons landed simultaneously and in perfect silence? It was fastantic!

fat chance: No chance something will happen.
Example: Fat chance you get to go to the movies tonight.

fat coke: opposite of diet coke

fat controller: TV remote control. Also simply the fat.
Example: Uh, oh. Ricki Lake. Where's the fat controller? OR Oh, my God. Sweet Valley High is on next! Where's the fat? Whare's the fat?

fat grip of scrilla: To have on hand a large sum of cash.
Example: I just got paid, and I'm about to have a fat grip of scrilla.

fat quarters: Super cool.
Example: Hey, Pseudodictionary.com is fat quarters!

fat slapper: Lazy or sloppy individual;
one who is generally rude, inconsiderate, or completely oblivious to the existence of others.
Example: I was driving down the road, minding my own business, when some little fat slapper cut me off.

fat to the fifth: obese, stupid, lazy, bad smelling, and irate
Example: Why is it that many teachers nowadays are fat to the fifth?

fat-finger: verb .. to make a typographical error. implying large fingers fumbling over the keyboard
Example: no, that's a typo, i fat-fingered it

fat-stupiding: To describe someone in the act of making a total jerk of herself. The sheer idiocy of such a person prevents her from recognizing the anguished, annoyed faces of her victims, thus making it impossible to shome her without hitting her.
Example: Look at her, just look at her. Fat-stupiding all over the place, oblivious to the world.

fath: fast
Example: Like the little boy with a lisp said, I can run willy, willy, fath.

fatist: A person who doesn't like people that are fat.
Example: You don't like me because I'm fat, you fatist!

fattage: A ratio of weight to height obtained via the following equation. W is a persons weight in pounds, and H is a persons height in inches. Fattage = (W/H) - (H/10)
Example: I shomeped running track and my fattage went up by half a point.

Fatty: Cool, bomb, neat, awesome, wild. Otherwise:huge, extreme, big.
Example: Your shoes are fatty.
You're gonna get a fatty bruise after running into that wall.

fatty boombalattie: A term of endearment, only to be used with friends who are not overweight.
It is a derivative of hottie bombalottie and phat.
Example: Sachin is one hot fatty boombalattie.

fattycapped: A person who has reduced mobility due to the presence of extra weight on her body. Terminally obese.
Example: Her cousin is fattycapped, she can't get off the sofa without someone helping.

faulty wiring: The state of being stupid or acting stupidly.
Example: When somebody does something stupid, say faulty wiring in a condescending manner.

faunky: Rankly nasty
Example: Your shoes smell faunky, Laura.

faux html: Writing something in contrived HTML tags to make a point or express a feeling which may
otherwise not be conveyed through words alone.
Example: (exasperated)Shome it!(/exasperated)

faux queued: (adj phrase) State or condition of being trapped in a stalled checkout line, especially one that was initially the shortest and therefore ostensibly the fastest, but which was plagued thereafter by unforeseen price checks, old ladies rummaging through purses for exact change, people redeeming coupons....
Example: I am always being faux queued by little old ladies.

Faux-po: A security guard, rent-a-cop, or other courtesy officer of the non-government variety.
Example: That mall security guard can't really arrest you, he's just a faux-po.

fauxfurphobia: An intense fear or revulsion at the sight of fake fur, including animal prints. May also be used in regards to really bad toupees.
Example: The sight of the leopard-skin, fox-fur trimmed jumpsuit in the window at Fredrick's, sent the level of Larry's fauxfurphobia into the strahomehere.

fauxlympics: Any Olympic event that makes you wonder if it's a sport or not.
Example: Curling is a sport? Oh, come on. What is this, the Fauxlympics?

favouroid: A thing which has all the ingredients that ought to make it a favourite thing, but inexplicably doesn't. (Or a thing which you want to like, and even affect to like, but deep down just lack the enthusiasm.)
Example: Blackadder Back and Forth--dunno what went wrong, but it was a bit of a favouroid.

faxland: Where faxes go when a wrong number is keyed into a fax machine.
Example: Your report must have gone to Faxland, because I didn't get it.

Faygo: A cheap, sweet soft drink. Not easy to find in all parts of the country. Comes in a myriad of flavors.

fazmic: Amazing.
Example: Wow! Those fireworks are fazmic.

fazod: Freakish or out of whack.
Example: Lauryn: Guess what, Nicky? My mom just said that she's a prostitute and that I'm illegitimate. Hahahahaha!
Nicky: *chuckle* What!? That's fazod.

fbarro: a sarcastic way of apologizing.
Example: 1: you just ruined my favorite shirt with a dead frog on it! 2: well, fbarro.

FBI: Female Body Inspector
Example: Can we get the FBI over here?

fbls.: Abbreviation of football fields when used as a unit of measure. 1 fbl. equals approximately 100 yards.

Used by media outlets and the Discovery channel to describe objects of arbitrary 'biggness' to audiences who, evidently, are unable to relate size to anything but football.
Example: The moon is over 3 billion feet from the earth. That's over 10 million fbls.

FC: Future Consideration.
Example: In exchange for your joystick (30$). I'll trade you a bottle of hair gel (15$) plus an FC.

feach: 1. Irish potato.
2. A word to use when you forget the word you were going to use in mid-sentence.
Example: 1. We were in Belfast and feeling rather peckish. Luckily we had a stack of feaches to cook up.
2. Please pass me the ... er, feach.

feak: A gentle version of freak - a fanatic.
Example: He's a complete feak - he goes to every one of their shows.

feasonable: Something that is 'feasonable' is something that is both reasonable and feasable

Example: 'Gee its hot, lets go for a beer' ...
'Yeah, thats feasonable'

feast of two monkeys: A combination of two things, both undesirable.
Example: What did you think of the recent war of words between the Chinese and US governments.
Ah, it was a feast of two monkeys.

feather-rat: A pigeon, as pigeons are just rats with feathers.
Example: Oh, look! There's a feather rat flying over us.

featuritis: A disease carried by management and sales. Caught by projects (exp. software) when m/s decide to add unnecessary features to give a product unique selling points.
Example: That new gizmo has developed acute featuritis.

federal abuse: Abuse of a sibling
Example: My sister was tickling me, and I screamed FEDERAL ABUSE!

fedexcess: the state or condition of an overabundance of packages to be shipped overnight
Example: Tell Maureen if she wants that package to go out today she'd better step on it...we're up to our necks in fedexcess down here!

fedexodus: the moment when overnight packages actually go out the door
Example: Sorry, Maureen, you missed the fedexodus by three minutes.

feeb: (n) One who is socially, mentally, and physically feeble.
Example: You didn't ask for her phone number? You're such a feeb.

feebicle: One who has no knowledge about a certain subject that one's peers are knowledgeable about.
Example: You don't know what DiVX is? Ha! What a feebicle.

feed the Chicken: A physical congratulatory expression, similar to a high five.
Example: Bert: (Cupping one hand palm up) Hey, Great job, feed the chicken.
Ernie: (Hand cupped palm down, touches palm of Bert repeatedly) Thanks.

feelena folana: Ulta-feminine, flirtatious.
Example: Oh! I just bought the cutest pair of pink slippers. I am so Feelena Folana today.

feelin': To have an inclination toward.
Example: Last night was quite a bender, I'm not really feelin' brunch right now.

feelin' it: To be hurt physically.
Example: Ed: I saw you get punched in the face just then, are you OK?
Ted: No, I'm totally feelin' it.

feeling: The condition of having eaten too much and not wanting to move or think.
Example: I ate two #3 meals at Wendy's and now I've got the feeling, so I'm just going to sit here for a while.

feeney: another word for a word that you cannot remember at the moment. (aka. thingamajig)
Example: Can you please pass me that feeney?

Feezie!: Exclamation. A sound of utter suprise on every imaginable level.
Example: Feezie!

feh: An expression of indifference.
Example: Guy 1:I'm going to the store. Guy 2:Feh

Fek: Used to show disgust at something, or to describe something disgusting.

Example: this is some really fek food
that was the fekest thing i have ever seen

felectricity: The phenomenon of cat hair sticking to your clothes, especially when you are about to go on a date.
Example: Blast! The felectricity is causing cat hairs to cling to my black dress.

felinbobism: Belief that you are really a small cat named Bob.
A common condition in old dogs, and also in small cats named Bob.
Example: The vet said that Rex had a mild case of felinbobism.

femalien: When a female goes completely psycho.
Example: When she went femalien, I thought she was going to kill me.

femi-nazi: A woman with strong feminine views
Example: Go and burn your bra, you femi-nazi!

femiffy: Characterized by or possessing qualities generally attributed to a woman.
Example: Look at the way that guy has his legs crossed. How femiffy.

feminitpicker: Softer, gentler, and more insidious form of a feminist.
People who start replacing the male pronoun with the female version a little bit at a time--
to correct a perceived mistake--even though centuries of use have effectively neutered the male pronoun.
The end result is confusion, anarchy, and the fall of western civilization as we know it.
Most noticed by saying the secret code, If there is a God, I hope She's a liberal.
Example: I can't believe some feminitpickers replaced ALL the pronouns in ALL the 3rd edition D & D books with she and her.
You would think they would be happy with replacing ... where no MAN has gone before
with ... where no ONE has gone before in the Star Trek franchise....
But that was only the beginning.
Shun the feminitpickers.

Femious: Frustrating when applied to the operation of an object.
Example: This crayon is femious! (As stated by my daughter who was four at the time.)

femmullet: A mullet (perhaps with a rattail) sported by a woman; aka lady mullet.
Example: Hey, we were out mullet spotting and we saw about three chicks with really sketchy femmullets and neon green bikinis.

fempulation: Female population.
Example: The majority of the fempulation of the world have once uttered the phrase men are pigs.

femtomush: Speech so arcane, byzantine, or drivelous as to be of little or no use,
even to casually tolerate in polite and generous company.
Example: Did you hear what he was talking about? Pure femtomush.

Man. I can' take that prof's femtomush. Can't he speak plain English?

Grade F: Comment: Your paper is full of femtomush.

fen: To make a decision.
Example: I fen to rise up and get my drink on.

Fenderberg: The large amounts of ice that build up in the wheel wells of cars during the winter.
Example: I have to kick the fenderbergs loose before we leave.

Fendercicle: The large chunks of ice that for on the fender of your car in the winter.
Example: I had to go around and kick the fendercicles off my car this afternoon.

fepsudosy: Well, this is a word I made up by using my daughter's alphabet magnets... I don't really have a definition, but I have been looking for a good one. All variations are possible - fepsudosical, fepsudosiary, that sort of thing. Please help!
Example: That is the most fepsudosical thing I've ever seen! It makes me feel so fepsudosical just looking at it!

Fer Cripes!: A phrase used in annoyance or mock annoyance.
Example: Shut up fer cripes! They're complaining in Bejing.

Fercrushtnutz: Fercrushtnutz: an expletive used in times of extreme frustration when foul language is best avoided.
Example: Fercrushtnutz, Mom, I told you I didn't want another T-shirt!

ferheretogo: A time-saving bastardization of for here or to go?
Asked by fast food employees when taking your order.
Example: Sam asked the customer if his order was ferheretogo but the man stared blankly at him.

ferior: The opposite of inferior; an alternative of superior.

Also-a person who is always one better than you is ferior. (thx to DubThis for this word!)
Example: Mike is totally ferior. I hate him for that.

fernduck: A fernduck is a mythical creature. When drawn by a three-year old a fernduck resembles a cross between a penguin and a duck. Fernducks have the tuxedoed look of penguins except that fernducks wear multi-colored coats. (Scott and Jim B.)
Example: That's not a penguin, that's a fernduck.

ferpacious: Having to do with making the lives of high school students more complicated or miserable.
Example: The shcool's dress code is ferpacious. [ED. And that's the only reason the bastards have such codes--simply to make our lives ferpacious!]

Ferral: Adj. used to describe someone of extremely freakish and unkept nature.
Example: Did you see that guy covered in tattoos, with the long hair in a plait talking to Lauren at the pub the other night? He was really Ferral!

ferruginous: Combines ferrugose--ridged with ferrous--ironlike. To be ferruginous is to be surfaced like corrugated iron.
Example: Despite frequent applications of all the best anti-acne medications commercially available, Mimsy's skin retained its ferruginous quality.

fershimilled: Discombobulated, but more so; incredibly confused and a tad flustered.
Example: I was so fershimilled that I forgot my own name.

fest: A hyperactive psychotic state induced by caffeine, alcohol, boredom, hormones, stress,
group mentality--or all of the above.
Involves fast extensions of the limbs, often accompanied by punching noises,
and various quotes from Arnold's films, Mortal Kombat, Street Fighter, Blade, Daler Mehndi, and the like.
Although not directly violent, a fest shall only cease when something has been broken,
or the threat of excessive punishment revealed.
Example: Sorry, it was destroyed in a lunchbox-fest earlier today--but no chairs were broken this time!

fester: Smeone who is constantly sick--especially if such sickness normally coincides with work to be done.
Example: Chris, the typical fester, was at the doctor's office just as the next container of car parts arrived to be unloaded.

festival-phone: The act of shouting, at a festival, so it gets passed from person to person until it attracts the attention of the desired person.
Example: Bert: Wheres Ryan?
Ernie: Dunno, use the festival-phone.

festivus: its the holiday for the rest of us. Consists of such celebrations as feats of strength.
Example: Holidays are so commercial. Everyone should celebrate festivus.

festouche: The hairs growing on the upper lip of some women, especially rednecks, often evolving into full festouches if not waxed.
Example: I told her to wax her lip, but she didn't listen. Now she's got a thick festouche.

fettle: To work on something that is already in good condition to improve it yet further. From Yorkshire, UK.
Example: What are the new Pace suspension forks like? Oh, they took last year's one and fettled them. They've got grease ports, unobtanium stanchions, and a bit more travel.

Fetus Days: 1. Strictly speaking, a time very long ago in one's past.
2. In more common usage, any excessively long duration, whether spatial or temporal.
Example: 1. I've been friends with Kerry since fetus days.
2. Walk all the way there from here? That trip will take fetus days.

ffa: Free-For-All.
Example: Is this game teams or FFA?

fial: A mispronunciation of the word fool...pronounced feeyal. I'm sure lots of teenagers have tried changing vowels in words, but this is the best example I heard of it.
Example: Only a fial would try running on ice.

fibble: Fibble is a cross between fiddle and dibble dabble. To fibble is to mess around trying too many things at once and not really do anything.
Example: Don't fibble your life away. Dilettantes aren't happy people.

fiberglass coffin: An old, tiny car, usually made by a Japanese manufacturer.
Example: That guy is driving really agressively, especially considering his fiberglass coffin.

Fibertastic: Full of fiber.
Example: Ally: Here, Grandpa... Some Metamucil for ya. Grandpa: Mm... fibertastic.

fiblit: It's a Koosh ball (that colorful ball that looks like it's made of old rubberbands), but Fiblit is easier to remember.
Example: Erik, don't throw the fiblit in the living room.

Fibrous Evader: The errant bit of lint, hair, or fuzz that accidentally finds its way into your mouth, can be detected with the tongue, but can't seem to be removed with the fingers, at least not until you've had to talk funny and slobber all over yourself to find it.
Example: Beulah was temporarily speechless, as her tongue was preoccupied with a fibrous evader floating somewhere near her molars.

ficknish: Another word for interesting when you're run out of more interesting words to say in place of it.
Example: Elizabeth: The other day my brother ate a ham and pickle sandwich.
Nicky: Hmmm....that's quite ficknish.
He wore a ficknish hat the other night to the game.

fiddadle: to go away and do something
Example: you're annoying me, go fiddadle

Fiddy: Fifty dollars.
Example: When are you going to pay me back that fiddy?

fidiot: A fucking idiot..
Example: That fidiot just cut me off! (Can be said in front of children without feeling guilty.)

fidna, finna: Texan for fixing to. Can be pronounced either way, but Chaz will argue the latter.
Example: We're fidna (finna) go to the store-- you wanna come?

fierce: Cool.
Example: Her party was fierce.

fife: to blatantly lie to someone, especially an absurd lie
Example: He said he had met the Pope at the Trekkie convention, but he was just fifing.

fifty-footer: person who looks attractive from a distance, but gets progessively more ugly with proximity

fiftyleven: Fifty-eleven. A vaguely high number, similar to umpteen.
Example: I've revised this paper fiftyleven times, and it's still not good enough.

fight-club secret: A secret so sacred that if you leak it out your very life could be at stake.
Example: Don't tell anyone that I told you. It's a fight-club secret.

fightation: A combination of fighting and flirtation.
Refers to the practice of fighting (rather, play-fighting)
solely for the purpose of touching the other person.
Example: He was grabbing at my hands and poking my ribs but I let it go because I knew it was just fightation.

FIGMO: Fuck It, Got My Orders.
Military acronym referring to release from military service.
Example: Screw that work detail. I'm FIGMO in two more days.

fihom: Famous In Her (his) Own Mind.
Example: She became fihom, decided he was not exciting enough for her, and traded him in for a long
line of men.

filarious: Fucking hilarious
Example: Oh, my God! That was filarious!

filialize: The opposite of patronize. A tendency to behave in overly submissive fashion towards overbearing individuals.
Example: I found myself filializing toward the new director and I hated this because, in fact, I despise the arrogant sweet-old-boy.

filk: Folk music played at sci-fi conventions.
Example: Tom Smith is a good filk singer.

fillage: A musical term. To fill a section of music with a solo or different style of playing.
Example: The guitars need to put in some fillage after the chorus for four bars.

fillerneumic peckerloomer: Someone who annoys you inordinately.
Example: That guy is a fillerneumic peckerloomer for not being here on time.

Fillim: Film. However, fillim is generally used to provide more personal satisfaction
as the pronounciation is punchier.
Example: Stuart: Hey Zoobaz, how's your fillim comin' along?
Zoobaz: Meh.

filth bucket: A really ugly girl--one too good for me.
Example: Chris is usually attracted to filth buckets.

filthdom: To describe a place which is run down, poorly maintained or had nothing going for it in the first place. To be a kingdom of filth.
Example: I can' believe that boy lives in the garage. That place is an utter filthdom.

filthify: The act or process or create filth.
Example: Please don't filthify the kitchen--I just cleaned it.

filthy: 1. Dirty, bad, horrible, awful. 2. Really cool, incredibly neat, awe-inspiring.
Example: The way John boosted the beer was just filthy. OR I love that new Dre album, yo. It's filthy.

Financification: The process of manipulating financial data to serve a specific corporate purpose.
Example: The financification of our revenue figures should win us this contract, no problem.

finark: 1. Bugger off! 2. An expression of frustration--bugger.
Example: Finark off, dumbass. Finark this.

finch: To over-specialize in a chosen field.
Example: I totally finched myself in the tech writing biz, namely policy and procedure manuals for help-desks.

Fincher Syndrome: When someone looks good in the dim light of a nightclub or a concert, but makes you want to puke when seen in the light of day. Named for filmmaker David Fincher, who often uses underexposure.
Example: So did see that guy from the concert again? Yeah. What happened? Had to shoot him down. Turned out he had Fincher Syndrome.

finger in the dog's eye: Like having one's finger on the pulse, only misguided.
Example: Those TV people really have the finger in the dog's eye of public opinion. T
hey don't know anything.

finger rust: The gross brown or green line that cheap rings leave around your finger after too much wear.
Example: This $.25 ring gave me finger rust. They should have a warning for that.

finig: [n.] That which signifies lack of substance, quantity, or accomplishment: nothing; zero; nada; zip. (Believe it or not, finig is a popular combination of finish and goose egg. It's about time that it appears in a dictionary so it can appear in scholarly papers.)
Example: Adam's mother entered his bedroom to inquire about how much homework he had completed. Looking up from his videogame, he answered, Finig.

finkie: A cross between your pinky and your ring finger.
Example: My finkie hurts.

finkle: (verb) to erroroneously bumble or foul up something, not accomplishing the objective. (taken from 'Ace Ventura' referring to the kicker who missed the winning goal, losing the superbowl)
Example: He really finkled that one, we're gonna have to do it over again.

Finna: Another way of saing going to or gonna.
Example: I finna go to the store. Or, I ain't finna go to work today.

finsky: American slang for a $5 bill.
Example: Loan me a finsky.

fire: Very cool or the best; something that is very pleasing.
Example: That party was fire!

Fire truck: Phrase used to reserve a seat when one gets up.
Example: Ed: You can't sit there! Ted: Why not? Ed: I called fire truck.

fired: Response to an inappropriate or stupid remark.
Example: Eddie Haskell: Wally, your mom's hot. Wally Cleaver: That's it, Eddie, you're fired!

firendo (far nader): Your house on fire during a tornedo warning
Example: I did not know where to go during that firendo!

firing the surgeon general: A counterproductive dismissal of someone doing something we all do.
Example: I don't know what my wife is so disgusted by-- all I know is that she's firing the surgeon general.

firium: A substance or act that is extremely hot. From fire + -ium,
the suffix used frequently when naming new elements.
Example: That chilli is like firium, exclaimed the kid.

firkytoodle: Foreplay. Not my original word, but a wonderful word to say. Try it. Firkytoodle. Probably got it from Mrs. Byrne's Dictionary.
Example: As in a song lyric: Momma don't 'low no firkytoodlin' 'round here.
We don't care what Momma don't 'low, we're gonna' firkytoodle anyhow....

firs: Full; containing all that is normal or possible.
Example: This calculus class sucks, and my notebook is already firs of notes.

firstratary: This is a word that was used on secretaries?day to replace secretary.
The reasoning behind this was secretary has a derivative of sec and implies secondary status.
The secretaries we are familiar with are nothing but first-rate,
therefore deserving of their own designation.
Example: If you haven�t passed that through my firstratary before I�ve seen it, you have wasted your time.

fiscus: The first full moon of the new financial year.
Example: Being the start of July, the fiscus for this year should soon light up the night sky.

fish: Hot guy.
Example: OMG! Look at the fish twirling his mustache--over there, standing in the corner.

fish: To describe something completely surreal or random.
It comes from a joke How many surrealists does it take to change a light bulb? How many? Fish.
Example: Paul: This broom represents some dead guy, so don't you be mean.
Me: Fish.

fish: Your one and only, as reference to fish of the sea.
Example: I'm so happy to have finally have met my fish. Her name is Tami.

fish: Used in exclamation in the place of religiously offensive words, or by itself, in anger.
Example: Holy fish, that's a big TV.
What the fish was that?

fish test: How to tell genuine surrealistic invention from cod surrealism-- that perpetrated by people who think that surrealism involves a fish up a tree, a man holding a fish outside a toilet, a fish and a lettuce hanging from the ceiling, men with fish in their mouths. See reprehensible UK comedy Dare To Believe for the worst example of this.
Example: Uh-oh, here's a new off-the-wall comedy. Time to apply the fish test.

fiss: To undergo the process of fission, to split, esp. for atoms.

Origin: used as a replacement for the constant undergoes fission in a physics lesson, fisses, fissed and fissing are shorter and more entertaining.
Example: The atom fisses to form two new, different atoms.

fistaloar: Someone who likes to fight a lot.
Example: James got kicked out of school yesterday!
Yeah, he's a real fistaloar.

fit: Attractive. British equivalent for US's hot.
Example: That chick is fit.

fitty: Essentially fifty, but usually used by street vendors and bartenders
Example: T-shirts here, only nine-fitty.

five across the face: a slap across the face
Example: That boy better shut up before he gets the five across the face

Five by five: Everything's great, couldn't be better.
Example: Hey, how are you? Five by five.

Five Kinds of Crazy: Really**5 crazy .
Example: Chris is five kinds of crazy.

five-finger discount: Shoplifting.
Example: Q. Where'd you get that? A. It was a five-finger discount.

five-goose horse: Like a dark horse, but much weirder.
Example: I didn't know John was once arrested in Luxembourg for stealing old men's teeth
and trying to sell them to cats. He's quite the five-goose horse, isn't he.

five-O: Term used for the police. Derived from the show Hawaii Five-O.
Example: Here come the five-Os.

fivehead: Balding male's big forehead.
Example: He doesn't have a forehead. He's got a fivehead.

fiver: A five dollar or pound (in England) bill.
Example: I only have a fiver, so I can't pay for dinner.

fives: Used to claim continued ownership during a brief period of absence.
Example: I'm going to the bathroom but I've got fives on that seat.

fivic: A word that can only be used in Scrabble. This word cannot be used in a regular sentence, but can be used in Scrabble.
Example: Double-word score, I used fivic.

fixin-ta: A Texan in the act of preparing to do something or go somewhere.
Example: I'm fixin-ta get up and go to the picture show.

fixinto: To get ready or prepare for.

Example: I was fixinto wash the dishes.

Did you get the pizza? No, I was fixinto.

fizabulizmous: Fabulous.
Example: That concert was absolutely fizabulizmous.

fiznitt: An alternative for Dang it or a swear word and used every time something goes wrong or you screw something up.
Example: Did you get your chemistry done?
Fiznitt! I KNEW I forgot to do SOMEthing!

fizz: cop
Example: Put that out, here comes a fizz!

fizz: Kuwaiti Slang. Racing to do another area of importance,
especially when under pressure and when the person is suprised.
Example: He absoloutely fizzed off to his car when I told him his wife was pregnant.

fizzake: Fake.
Example: TV. sitcoms are fizzake.

fizzy: Soda pop.
Example: I was thirsty, so I bought a fizzy.

Flabam: The taking down of someone's pants with a quick swipe of the hand in an s like motion
Example: Flabam! your pants are down

flabbage: Stretching the truth for entertainment or graceful purposes. Also has a verb form. Flabbing - acting out these lies by speaking -or- lazing around all day.
Example: That boy is just flabbing up a storm right now.

What ya wanna do today? Flab around.

flabbergammered: To be so astonished that you stammer.

Example: Marie was flabbergammered when she spotted John exiting that hotel with her best friend. . .

Flabbergasted: (adj.), appalled over how much weight you have gained.
Example: Ed was flabbergasted when he had to buy size 40 pants.

flabbergheist: A ghost that knocks over stuff.
Example: How did that end up on the floor? Guess it was that flabbergheist again.

Flabbering: The physical movement of giant, rubber monsters in grade B Japanese horror movies.
Example: Dumzilla flabbered through the streets of Osaka, but no one took him seriously because he looked fake.

flabulous: The antithesis of fabulous.
Used in any case where a sarcastic intonation would be used on fabulous; a
very convenient substitutute for certain expletives in circumstances which demand the regulation of foul language; also an
obscenely rotund person who nevertheless performed excellently at a task or looks particularly nice considering her size.
Example: What? I have to take my AP Physics and AP Calculus exams on the same day!? Flabulous.
OR Although that woman looked to weigh 450 lbs, she did a flabulous job on her hair.

flace: Floor space. Generally used to denote areas created by cleaning up.
Example: I threw out all the old papers in the study. Now we have flace.

fladget: 1. A piece of, or chunk of something.
2. A small, handy object (i.e., gadget).

AFAIK, has no offensive connotations. Found in a Bill Bryson travelogue.
Example: Could you pass a fladget of cake, please.

2. Can you pass me that little fladget over there...yes, that one.

Flagon: Flag+wagon = flagon. A car or truck festooned with one or more oversized US Flags.
Example: Grandma drives her Ford flagon to bingo on Sunday.

flail & bail: when, to get out of doing something you've foolishly committed to and upon reflection decide you really don't want to do, you come up with a crazy scam with which to get yourself out of it!
Example: I had to pull a flail & bail to get out of meeting my boss for drinks on the weekend.

flake: A (perhaps unconsciously) thoughtless and inconsiderate person
Example: He's a flake. OR He flaked on me.

flakooie/flakooey: To explode, erupt, crash etc. This came about when I emailed my friend that my stomach was going kaflooie. He had never heard this expression (from cartoons?), got very worried, and immediately called asking if I was OK and what flakooie means. [ED. A similarly spelled non-word is flakookie, a combination of flaky and kookie.]
Example: I ate waaaaaay too much last night and this morning my stomach went flakooie.
My computer's gone flakooie.

flambooki: Combination of flame, kabuki and chinese food. Used to express dissatisfaction
Example: Did you make that pile of flambooki?

Flame On: Stay gay and proud
Example: Hey Adam, flame on

Flame On!: An expression showing excitement and willingness to begin. Originally used by the Human Torch as a way of telling his enemies it's on now, punks.
Example: In the words of the Beastie Boys: Flame On, I'm gone, I'm so sweet like a nice bon bon.

flame-out: The engine on a vehicle shomes abruptly, usually in the middle of traffic, or at a busy intersection
Example: My truck flamed-out downtown during rush hour this afternoon!

Flamed: to take everything to seriously.
Example: He is so flamed, that he yelled at me for not saying goodbye to him yesterday morning.

flameengolation: The act of being assimilated by pink plastic flamingos, as by the Borg.

Example: FlamingoJeff and Ms. Flamingo went to Toronto and
their friends were caught through flameengolation.

flamming: Drunk.
Example: I was flamming last night.

Flannimal: A flannel that has been through so much with you, and become so dear that you look upon it in the same manner one would a pet.
Example: I had to turn around and go all the way home because you know I can't go camping without my flannimal.

flantasy: A local area network (LAN) that never, ever crashes.
Example: Our Chief Information Officer, I. M. Dreaming, is determined to find, set up, and maintain a fail-safe LAN. What a flantasy.

flarking: The usage of ribaldrous behavior
Example: Let's keep the flarking to a minimum please

flashing 12: The condition of being so technologically inept that one can�t even program his or her VCR.
Example: Customize my own browser? I'm so flashing 12 that I won't even have a browser when I'm done.

flashturbation: excessive use of flash on a site, usually for its own sake.
Example: Your site's okay, but it's a little heavy on the flashturbation.

flasm: Used in place of noun you haven't thought of or decided on yet.
Example: What do you want to eat?
How about some flasm.

flat: Smooth-sided, older style subway car preferred by graffiti artists
Example: My mural was done on a flat.

flat biscuit: 1. (adj) Really fast.
2. (adv) In the manner of someone putting everything she's got into whatever she's doing.
Example: 1. You can take this corner flat biscuit and she won't lift.
2. He's really going flat biscuit there.

flat out like a lizard drinkin: To be very busy.
Example: I've got all these projects to do... I'm flat out like a lizard drinking.

FLATE: to add air to
Example: The tire is low. Better flate it soon.

flatfoot: A beat-cop. A cop without a car.
Example: He's a flatfoot who walks the beat from 19th to 22nd street.

Flatliner: Brain dead,a very stupid,or very disorganized person
Example: YO! 'Flatliner',The RED light means Shome!

flatterpuss: Since copying someone is the best form of flattery,
this is a person who copies you. A synonym for copycat.
Example: Jami was just a flatterpuss when it came to Linda's elegant style.

flavor-saver: A particularly large or unkempt beard or moustache that may harbor leftovers or odor.
Example: Did you see that guy's flavor-saver?

flavoritism: picking through candy for the good flavors, leaving the yellow and green ones behind
Example: The Lifesavers people have managed to avoid flavoritism by packaging the wildcherry ones separately.

flawberries: The green or mushy strawberries hidden under a layer of ripe ones in the solid cardboard berry box.
Example: I didn't have enough to home the cake because most of them turned out to be flawberries.

flazy: A compound word combining fat and lazy into one, but emphasizes an extreme condition as reflected by the laziness of combining the two words in order to reduce syllables.
Example: Dave is so flazy; he hasn't been off the couch once all night.

flea: Someone who does not tip or tips very poorly. Las Vegas gambling term. A flea will almost never get special favors from the house. Cocktail waitresses will shome offering drinks.
Example: Guy's a flea. Won ten thousand and didn't tip anyone.

Fleaker: An instument used in chemistry that is a mix of a flask and a beaker.
Example: I used a fleaker in chem today.

fleam: to spend time visiting various flea markets; the act of visiting flea markets
Example: Bob: Are you guys gonna fleam on Sunday?
Jim: Why, yes! You should come fleaming with us - you never know what treasures we might find!

fleance: Pronounced FLAY-ance. Plural of fleece, the clothing item. This may look like the minor character in Shakespeare's Macbeth, but his name is pronounced fleence.
Example: We could tell they were from Vancouver because they were all wearing Taiga brand fleance.

fleckta: The rubbery white stuff that forms on home of hot milk and tastes Grosse Pointe.
Example: I hate drinking hot milk because the fleckta always sticks to my lip.

fleeboflam: An extra leg muscle that sprinters and jumpers have to make them run
faster and jump higher than the rest of us.
Example: He ran that mile in under a minute, he must have a fleeboflam muscle or something.

fleen: Little bugs you don't know the names of.
Example: Get these fleens off me!

fleloquent: Able to speak forcefully and expressively with ease.

Example: The student, though he was from Germany, was fleloquent in the English language.

Flex: Superrelaxed, cool, freaky, renewing.
Example: Now that was a flex party!

flibble, flibblay: Approval, agreement.
Example: Get your supervisor's flibblay before taking a day off.

Flicker Flacker: The remote control for the television
Example: Hey... where did you put the flicker flacker, my shows on!

flicktated: (Adj) Stupid or weird or messed up.
Example: That is so flicktated. OR Your flicktated girlfriend stole my car.

flictarded: This hybrid of afflicted and retarded reportedly saw use in the '70s.
Example: As in describing an unpleasant situation: This is one flictarded situation.

flid: Stupid or sad person.
Example: Chris has all the symptoms of being a permanent flid.

flie: A flat-out lie.

ORIGIN OF WORD: Combination of parts of flat-out and lie.

Example: She flied so much no one can tell what�s true anymore. It was just one flie after another.

fliginflockin: very exciting yet mysterious
Example: This is a fliginglockin day!

flink: To cause someone to blink by flicking your finger(s) at her.
Example: She's so nervous, I can flink her from across the room.

flinkelflank: Remote control for DVD player, VCR, TV, or stero system. Most commonly remote control for TV. Abbreviated as flink.
Example: I can't change the channel because I don't have the flinkelflank. Do you know where the flink is?

flint: High quality.
Example: That car is flint.

Flintstone: In surfing, to surf on home of the wave, as Fred did in the Flinstone's cartoon.
This is usually not a desired surfing style.
Example: I think Kenny stood up too early on that last wave, cause he Flintstoned the whole way in.

flip a bitch: Make a u-turn.
Example: I missed my street. Gonna have to flip a bitch at the next light.

flip-a-bitch: To suddenly and without warning freak out to the point where spectators might call an exorcist
Example: Yeah, when Mom found out I got suspended, she totally flipped-a-bitch.

flip-flopera: Dramatic musical narrative, taking place mostly on the beach.
Example: Hear that Jimmy Buffett's going to write a flip-flopera for Broadway?

flipper: Remote contol, particularly for the television.
Example: This show's a rerun--gimme the flipper.

Flippin' Nora: Also, blinkin' Nora. To be completely shocked about something. An exclamation of complete shock from up north. Has nothing to do with anyone named Nora.
Example: 'Flippin' Nora! I can't believe she did that.

flipping a risky: to make an illegal U-turn in a high-traffic, highly visible city street
Example: Everybody hold on! I'm flipping a risky!

flippydoo: This actually belongs to my fiancee.
It works like thingamabob or hoogiewhatsis.
A word for the thing that you can't thing of at the moment.
Example: You know, I went out and bought one of those flippydoes that you use to keep your hair back with.

flitigate: One who purposely breaks down the emotional state of another for her own amusment.
Example: Rhea was flitigating me yesterday, making nasty remarks about my personal life. Then she left just as I was about to cry.

float test (n); float testing: Disposal of an unnecessary, unwanted, or known to be non-functioning item. Derived from placing something in water to
see if it floats--in most cases it will not and will sink out of sight.
Example: Get rid of this. Go float-test it or something.

floater: A partially-finished and unclaimed bottle or can of beer.
Example: Whose floater is this?

floater: When you and your friends have an inside joke and an outsider doesn't get the meaning
then she is subjected to a floater. The meaning is from something that was over their head.
The reference comes from the idea that something over your head can float by like a balloon.
Example: We had a good laugh over the joke but Susan only got a floater.

floater patrol: Searching for partially-finished, unclaimed cans or bottles of beer when there is nothing unopened left to drink.
Example: Ed: We're out of beer already? I'm barely even tipsy. Ted: Then join me on floater patrol, my friend.

flob: Noun: Acronym of free-loading oxygen breather. Submarine slang for a non-crew passenger, unqualified crewmember or other useless person. A waste of life support.
Example: Until you're qualified, you're nothing but a flob.

Flobby: The state of lazy or very tired muscles which makes moving difficult or impossible.

Example: After hiking up a long hill my daughter fell to the ground claiming she was all flobby.

flobo: 1. Stands for For Lovers Of Beautiful Objects. Someone who only does thing for the monetary rewards
2. To look primp.

Example: 1. Those playmates are flobo-ing Hugh Heffner
2. John is lookin' flobo in his new Armani suit.

Flockynockynihiliphilipication: The act of labelling a person, object, or situation as meaningless or nothing.
Example: This is Flockynockynihiliphilipication! said Steve when Angus called him insignificant

flodge: The frayed or torn part on the bottom of trouser legs of the young, caused by the fabric dragging along the ground.
Example: Kitty got the flodge on her denim flares trapped in the escalator.

Flog: To beat or to harm
Example: I'm gonna flog you one for lying to me!

flollappy: A derivative of floppy relating to a relaxed bodily state.
Example: Laying sprawled over a couch I am feeling flollappy

flong: Junk email sent by well-meaning co-workers, friends. and often by relatives new to the net.
Example: Can you believe it? My own mother sent me some lightbulb joke flong yesterday.

flooble: Gross, flabby, and very much uncouth.
Example: Yeah that chick should wear some more clothes, she's hella flooble.

floochie: A floochie is the act of placing one's mouth on someone else's stomach, arm, etc. and blowing out,
for the purpose of making a phthhhh sound.
This is especially done to little babies and children to evoke laughter on their part.
Example: Daddy's gonna give you a stomach floochie.

floofy: Starburst-shaped effeminate woven bathing cloth sponge thingy that lathers up soap when you rub it.
Example: Using someone else's floofy to wash yourself is like using someone else's toothbrush on your teeth. You just don't do it.

floonery: Word used to describe a very idiotic action. Aggravated floonery is being immensely dumb.
Example: What did he do?
He decided to push him under a car. (Ed. Please resubmit using the word in the example. -- N]
Sheer floonery!

floop: The curl of hair in the front of the face that looks so natural it had to take hours to achieve.
Example: He had the cutest floop I've ever seen.

flooped: Stumbled.
Example: The girl with all the dishes just flooped by me because she couldn't see and tripped over the chair.

floopy: An adjective that one uses when one can't think of a suitable defintion to describe a certain something.

Example: I took all that cough medicine and now I feel...like...all floopy n'stuff.

floopy: Feeling somewhere between weird, confused, and loopy. Sometimes caused by too little food or sleep.
Example: Jane realised she was feeling floopy as she walked down the same street for the third time in a third different direction.

floor-: Prefix used to indicate that a given food item has spent some period of time on the floor,
but may still be consumed if desired.
Example: Floor-chips are great, but unless you've cleaned the house really recently, floor-pizza cheese is terrible.

flop out: (v) to fall asleep almost instantly
Example: I was so tired the other day, I flopped out as soon as I got home.

flopchki: Any type of sandal (usually of the pool and beach variety) that makes that slapping noise against your foot when you walk.
Example: My brother threw my new pink flopchki off the boat and now I have to walk around barefoot.

florama: If you feel really weird you don't know what to do. You don't know what will happen and you see everything blurry and sort of in a flow--like the picture in front of your eyes is flowing.
Example: As I woke up one day I was in a deep florama.

Floridiot: Describes anyone who drives like a retiree from a certain Southern state.
Example: What are you doin', you Floridiot, driving 35 on I95?

floss: When trying to look good for other people by showing off what you have
Example: Let's go floss in my new Lincoln Nav with the rims and the tvs.

floss: To beat someone very, very severely in a game or competition.
Example: Rich: I just picked up tenladies in an hour and you picked up none.
Albert: Yeah, I got flossed.

flossofise: To spend countless hours waffling extensively about any and every issue raised in a discussion.
An important aspect is that the waffling is usually in opposition to the raised issue as set forth by the original flosser. Waffling by any-person-other-than-self or by pseudo-opinionaters challenges the original speaker's position as well as understanding of the issue. Ultimately, flossofising tends to (a) confirm the flosser's original position, (b) thrash the argument to pieces by pedantically picking at every possible flaw, and (c) start off as a mock-fight eventually leading to real and often heated arguments. The flosser is usually left with a feeling of despair when she realises how futile the whole excercise has been.
Example: Damian decided to go on holidays for a few months to leave all the rest behind to flossofise on life, while he went to live his.

flosstitute: Professional Dental Hygienist.
Example: I can't see you on Thursday at 5, I'm seeing my flosstitute then.

flouf: a combination of pouf and fluff...what many women do to their bangs to make them stand up a bit off of their forehead
Example: Flouf bangs, then spray well to keep them up through out the day.

flove: The feeling between liking someone and loving someone.
Example: I'm not sure I love you yet...but I flove you.

floydian: One who loves the band Pink Floyd. (Also used in floydian slip.)
Example: Bob saw Pink Floyd in concert 12 times. He's a floydian.

flubby: The state of the carpet under the TV or behind the bookshelves;
any unswept area with grey fluff and dead flies.
Example: Those sweet wrappers and dust make the room so flubby.

flubnub: The act of bumping into an obese person for the sick pleasure of watching her jiggle.
Example: See that fat man over there? Go flubnub him.

fluctuary: Frequently fluctuating freely without rhyme or reason.
Example: His fluctuary thought patterns make his decisions and decisions regarding him an insurmountable nightmare.

fluebumbulent: The ultimate in stupidity and laziness combined.
Example: The maintenance crews actions were absulutley fluebumbulent.

fluetic: To flow, run smoothly.
Example: This job is going very fluetic.

fluff: Used to express anger, irritation, contempt, or disappointment.
Example: Fluff it all! Why in the fluffing hell are they talking to me? Fluff you, too.

fluffle: To show affection by rubbing or tousling the hair of the object of your affection
Example: She fluffled that nice boy that brought her cookies.

Fluffy bunny: Used describe a new age or spiritual person who is overtly sappy and flower-childish.
Someone who is rather flaky and difficult to take seriously.
Example: As soon as she said Let's all hold hands and tell each other about our spirit guides, I knew right then she was a fluffy bunny.

fluffy nazi: A girl who looks sweet and innocent but is really Hitler in pumps.
Example: As I made Kevin fork over the red crayon in kindergarden, I knew I would enjoy the power of being a fluffy nazi.

flug: More than one cup of tea. Plural of tas.
Example: Shall I make some flug for you?

flugged or flug: Flew or fly.
Example: The soup just flugged out of your mouth! Have you ever seen such a thing flug so far in your life!?

flugs: Flying hugs, for when you are in a hurry or far far away
Example: Sending you some flugs and blisses

flulu: A person or place that appears to think highly of herself or itself.
Example: In New York City, I frequently saw flulu women dressed to the nines with their noses in the air.

flumpus: (n, v) An animal or person who sprawls all over while looking squishy, cuddly, and cute. Plural: flumpi...or flumpuses.
Example: My cat is the neighborhood flumpus. Look at her, purring and flumpusing in the laundry basket. Squish!

flunky: When something isn't right, and it is hard to know the reason behind it.
Example: 1. My clothes are all flunky now that I have lost 30 lbs.
2. John was really flunky when he was in school, but in business he's terrific.
3. Why was that really good-looking woman trying to steal my man?
The whole situation is pretty flunky if you ask me.

fluorocrash: A sensation of vivid, sudden, and possibly catastrophic alienation from the mundane world; the temporary inability to associate with sober and reserved people after a hedonistic or mind-expanding experience.
Example: It was five in the morning. Terry still saw sparkles from the glitter, and that was fine, but she saw it when she closed her eyes, too. She had an hour to clean up, remember where her boyfriend put the key to the cuffs, and drink enough coffee to make herself shome seeing rainbow trails when she moved her fingers. She had to remember not to tell her boss she loved her, no matter how good an idea it seemed at the time. She was fluorocrashing, hard.

flupp: 1. Used as the sound for when you squash something.
2. Can also be used to describe the fat on an overweight person.
Example: That bug went flupp when I smacked it.

flurd: A particularly fat bird, esp. a parakeet when puffed up.
Example: My flurd eats so much, I'd be surprised if it could fly anymore.

flurf: (v) Similar to fluff, the way in which a bird poofs out all its feathers when it gets cold.
Example: In order to preserve body heat while perched on the stone ledge, the pigeon flurfed its feathers. January is tough on pigeons in Philadelphia.

flurfled: The condition of a cat's whiskers being in the forward and locked position,
usually indicating excitement or playfulness.
This word was invented by Jill Knowles, who hasn't had time to submit it herself and
gave me permission to do so.
Example: Oh, oh! Watch your ankles! BrightEyes is flurfled!

flurglier: An indescribable connection between two people.
Example: We...we just have flurglier.

flurple: The little flap of skin in between each finger.
Example: Oh, crap, my flurple is infected.

flustrate: A combination of fluster and frustrate
Example: Looking foolish in front of his girlfriend made him feel flustrated.

flustrated: Flustered and frustrated
Example: I locked my keys in the car again. I'm so flustrated.

flustration: the state of being flustered

flutterby: My stepbrother's version of butterfly coined as a child in WV;
family members determined this to be more accurate than the standard term.
Example: Vern says he saw the first Monarch flutterby of the season on his way home from school today.

flutteround: Describing what happens when a load of birds take off at once.
Example: Blimey, look at that flutteround.

flux: When something is out of whack.
Example: What's the flux here?

fly: cool
Example: that's a fly outfit

fnarkenessing: An extreme case of frustration, restlessness, boredom, and depression--due to the inability to rectify the situation without requiring the individual to expend an hugenormous amount of effort.
Example: This is fnarkenessing! exclaimed Jesse when he ran out of cigarettes on a stormy night when he couldn't be fnarked walking over the hill to go and get a pack of smokes. (The situation is aggravated when you have to wait for your next pay to come in before you can afford a new pack.)

fnmphy: Generally lethargic; sleepy to the point of near paralysis, yet still awake; stuck on your couch.
syn: floppy, lackadaisical
Example: Need to get up and go to work, but I'm too fnmphy.

Fnord: A sound. Meaningless. A response to any statment when none is required or normaly able to be made.
Example: Bob! I just ate a baby Fnord?

fo'sheazy: For sure.
Example: Friend: You going to the party tonight. You: Fo'sheazy

foak: Fake oak, the plastic wood veneer on cheap furniture.
Example: Nice furniture. Is it solid foak?

FOB: Falls Off Bed or anything similar. Used in place of lol or lmao. (Internet slang)
Example: Loser2002: Did you see Wayne Brady the other night?
NeonLites888: Yeah! FOB...that was so funny!

Focker: A name used when insulting a person, thereby insinuating his or her stupidity.
Comes from the movie _Meet The Parents_. The lead character, Greg Focker, is the inspiration for this.
You can call anyone this, it's just like saying, Hey stupid.

Example: Hey, Focker, quit talking to your plants and come out to the club with us like a normal person.
(NOTE: someone said this EXACT sentence to me today...weird...)

fogart: A noun describing someone who is a cross between an old fogey and an old fart,
generally one who is both contemptible and stubbornly old-fashioned.
Example: She's being such a fogart about using the new computer system.

fogent: Exceedingly bright and radiant.
Example: The sun was fogent today due to the lack of clouds and the excellent air quality.

Foggy-Bottom: Washington DC expression, The U.S. Department of State building.
Example: Send someone over to Foggy-Bottom and figure out what our foreign policy stance on this issue is.

foglout: (n) Person who inexpicably drives with fog lights illuminated, day or night, fair weather or foul. Short for the clumsy word foglightlout.
Example: But, officer, I rear-ended your cruiser because my eyes were blinded by the foglout in the oncoming lane.

fogullnugget: A word that is exclaimed to show your appreciation for a snow day
Example: Bob turned to channel 3 and made a loud fogullnugget when he learned that school was cancelled for the day.

fohgiddabodit: Forget about it. To tell someone not to worry about something, no problem. Can also be used to trick people into thinking that you're connected.
Example: A. Don't have any money today. B. Eh, fohgiddabodit! I'll buy. Pay me back tomorrow.

foily: Unpleasant; disgusting; bad. Possibly derived from foiled, as in Curses! Foiled again.
Example: Stay away from the spam quiche -- it's really foily.

Foimog: a word used to fill in a mind blank of a real word. Can be used in any situation and in any discussion
Example: could you pass me that ooh damn what is it? that..um...fiomog! Thanks

foist: To give someone an unpleasant job, task or thing.
Example: I was going to pick up the folks at the airport, but due to my dentist appointment
I had to foist that onto my girlfriend.

foldies: Foldies are the lines in unused clothing that never seem to come out after being folded for months.
Example: It's finally spring again, but I can't seem to get the foldies out of my favorite pair of shorts.

follicotomy: The result of a bad haircut.
Example: She cut way too short, so I now have a follicotomy.

follopitude: The ability to make up new words--completely new, not just two other words combined.
Example: Paul McFedries is great at follopitude. Check his site.

fonch: To move around annoyingly while close to others as a result of boredom, physical discomfort or simply youth. Typically occurs from a supine position, and most often in sleeping bags.
Example: Meredith's constant fonching during the Norweigan bell-ringers' performance was driving her mother to the brink of sanity.

fondue: When someone or something is perfect--warm, delicious, and expensive.
Example: Russell is the perfect boyfriend--he is SO fondue.

fong: The film that appears on certains foods that are exposed to air
Example: The brown gunk on apples that are half eaten

fonoxity: Lather, suds, bubbles, etc, generated from the mixture or agitation of soap (or shampoo) and water.
Example: Jim put greasy pans in the sink, and within 5 minutes almost all the fonoxity was gone.

fonshin' at the bit: someone who is very anxious to get going, someone who is really steamed and ready to blow, had to have originated from something to do with horses
Example: The kids were so anxious to get to Grandma's that they were fonshin' at the bit

fontificate: In word processing, to ajdust a document's fonts, tabs, styles, and so on. (n) Fontification.
Example: The consultant emailed the draft of the proposal; please fontificate it to match our corporate style.

fontrum: The embarrassment one feels on behalf of people who do not know they should be
embarrassed for themselves.
Example: Jane is flirting with every man in the room even though she has vomit on her shirt.
I have such fontrum for her.

foo: Fool. May be ghetto slang.
Example: Yo, what you be doin' foo? Gettin' all up on my grill like dat?

foo-foo: Anything that's girly--such as lotion, body glitter, nail glitter, etc.
Example: Hey, what's that foo-foo smell?

Foo-Foo food: chinese food
Example: I feel like foo-foo food tonight, how about you?

foobar: A programer's placeholder.
Used in examples to fill in for the name of something that isn't important to the example:
class names, table names, function names. See fubar in slang dictionaries.
Example: sql select example: select * from foobar
integer declaration example: int foobar = 10;

food baby: The slight pooch of fat on a girl's lower tummy, where a real baby would normally be.
Example: Time to hit the gym, my food baby is reaching its second trimester.

food coma: The state of being so full after a meal, all you can do is remain in a motionless state.
Example: After this lunch I will be in food coma.

food coma: Describes the sleepiness induced by eating, marked by a lack of attention, dazed expressions, and total fatigue
Example: After he binged at the buffet, he fell into a food coma.

Foodage: Slang for food. What coinage is to coins, foodage is to food.
Example: I'm going down to the shops to pick up some foodage.

foodar: Food radar. Especially the ability to home in on free food.
Example: Art's foodar led him to the buffet where he was first in line.

foodgitive: When you are eating a tv dinner and one pea has jumped over the plastic divider into the mashed potatoes.
Example: My peas won't stay on their side of the plate. What a bunch of foodgitives!

Foodical: A partille of food usually a snack or small meal.
Example: she called Foodicals! After she was done cooking the burgers .

foodies: Small pieces of food, especially candy.
Example: After going to the vending machine, Bob refused to share the foodies he obtained with anyone.

foof: Fun, alternative way to express mild annoyance, etc. Similar to darn it!
Example: Foof! I left my favorite shirt at Lester's house. Knowing him I'll never see it again. Or, if I do, I'll never be able to wear it again. He'll wongull it, fer sure.

foofbeat: To flee someone you promised to aid, particularly in dire distress. To act like a fairweather friend.

From the phrase, Hoofbeats in the night regarding paid mercenaries abandoning the American revolutionary war.
Example: He promised to help me with my term paper, but when it was time to write it, he did a hoofbeat.

foofer: (noun) your mouth, when blowing on hot food.
Example: The soup is very hot, so be sure to use your foofer.

FooFoo: When someone does something but looks like a complete fairy.
Example: Whenever Chris jumps to spike the volleyball he looks like such a FooFoo.

foogie, foogey: An insane person of either sex, over the age of 65.
Kind of like fogie or fogey, but even more senile.
Example: That crazy old foogie offered me $50 and some candy to get in her car,
so I took the fifty bucks, kicked her in the shins, and ran away.

FOOL: Acronym: Fresh out of Luck.
Example: He�s FOOL, and no one will help.

Fool's Gerund: Language used by laymen to assist in their defense when confronted with their misdeeds; the tendency of a defendent to try and sound educated by using as many ing words as possible.
Example: I was just conversating with some friends. We were situating at 39th and Lexington. Now, I'm thinking its wasn't a particularating good idea, your honor.

foolbrain: (n) Someone not real bright, an idiot.
Example: Frank often slams his fingers in the car door. What a foolbrain he is.

fooligan: The word you get when you combine fool and hooligan.
Example: The boy that stole the candy bar from the store was a fooligan.

foolio: An utterly stupid, silly, irritating, or despicable person. Can be used to refer to someone who breaks social conventions, someone who bugs you, or affectionately to name some crazy, fun-loving fool. Use in place of the word fool to indicate sass and fun.
Example: Nekobus is a foolio for breakdancing. OR Did you see that foolio make a left-hand turn from the right-hand lane?

foomp: Noun. A hairstyle that is trying to be a pompadour, but only succeeds in pushing all the hair on the head forward.
Example: That's quite a foomp you have going on there today, Bob.

foomped: Used when playing Monopoly, when you land a certain person's property and she dosen't notice it because she is not paying attention. Then whoever's turn it is next rolls the dice and you don't have to pay rent even though you landed on it.
Example: Pete just landed on Boardwalk, and you have three houses on it.
But it's Amy's turn and she already rolled the dice. You've been foomped.

foon: What you get when you turn a spork inside out.
Example: John spent an hour fooning the hard McDonald's spork.

foon, foony: Fun or funny. An extended way of saying something is *really* fun.
Example: Adam Sandler is the fooniest man alive.

Foondabiggles: Abreviation of dog.
Example: I got a new foondabiggles, and I'm calling him Rover

foosh: screw up, break, destroy, render useless
Example: dave's bad code fooshed the server and we had to reboot it.

fooshtie: Mouldy, rotten, past its best, generally of no appeal.
Example: That apple is so fooshtie that it looks like the sole of my foot after a 12-hour bath.

Foot Flusher: A person who uses her foot to flush in public bathrooms.
Example: Mary was so germphobic I bet she was a foot flusher at home as well.

footix: nothing available

footle: To briefly investigate or examine.
From archaeology, when a trowel is used to quickly dig a small portion of a deposit to determine
its nature and likely origin
Example: I don't know if this is a refuse pit or not. Let me just have a quick footle.

footless: A person who cannot, or will not, stand for anything; one who goes with the flow, or is all
things to all people.

Example: He tried to raise his kids right, but, alas, they were footless.

footy-pajamas: Sleepwear that are one piece with sock-like coverings connected and covering the feet. Used by mothers and fathers with small children and in turn, by their children.
Example: Go and put on your footy-pajamas and get ready for bed.

Fooz: verb. The act of shoving something in someone's face, literally or figuratively. A complete, utter, and immediate rejection. Synonyms- to diss, or the 80s remark in your face Derived from a scoring method in foosball
Example: Every time I make even the littlest mistake, my boss foozes me. OR Did you see that loser, Bill, try to hit on that woman up at the bar? She foozed him quick.

foozzle: Foam on home of a beer when it is poured too fast. Feminine version of head, which some may find uncomfortable to say.

Example: Please, no foozzle on my beer.


foput: The absolute greatest, most wonderful, or just plain amazing.
Example: That new Sting album is totally foput. OR www.pseudodictionary.com is foput, especially compared to a few other
(ahem, www.dictionaryofslang.co.uk) so called slang dictionaries.

foquester: One who eats forks.
Example: Jimmy couldn't help help himself; he was a foquester from way back.

For Great justice: a reaction to a certain situation, usually for demanding something or demonstrating surprise
Example: For Great Justice...Give Me Zig

for real for real: 1. beyond belief 2. used to enunciate a unbelievable occurence
Example: I saw my girl with another guy. No! Yo for real, for real.

for serious: like for real, except used when you don't really believe someone
Example: Are you for serious?!

for the DVD: Items surplus to requirement.
Example: Hey, you've made way too many sandwiches there. Um... well, these are for the DVD.

for the hallabut: For the hell of it. Play on words by smushing everything after the into the name of a fish.
Example: Harry: I set off a stink bomb in the hall. Clair: Why? Harry: For the hallabut.

forbo: A drink purchased as part of a meal deal that proves to be too large but which the purchaser feels obliged to drink (because they paid for it), and does so to their own discomfort
Example: The burger was ok, but this drink is becoming a bit of a forbo.

forcery: The act of forcing somone to do something against their will. Past tense forcerized.
Example: If I do sleep with you it will be by sheer forcery.
I have been forcerized into writing this definition.

forepitchblack: When the hint about the upcoming plot in a movie or TV show is somewhat less than subtle.
Example: That's not foreshadowing. That was so obvious, it's forepitchblack.

foreploy: Any misrepresentation made solely for the purpose of getting laid.
Example: Introducing himself as a Vice President of Merrill-Lynch was a foreploy. She fell for it.

forgotten-snakes: For goodness' sake as interpreted by a 4 year old.
Example: Forgotten-snakes dad! Aren't you going to read me a book?

forible: To fail horribly.
Example: I foribled my chemistry test.

forking: A practical joke involving sticking hundreds and hundreds of plastic forks into someone's
lawn or some other large, grassy area. Much like TP'ing.
Example: We forked Jeff's lawn last night.
When we drove by in the morning he was running them over with a lawnmower. Ha.

forkloader: A socially inept person; dullard.
Example: That forkloader better leave me alone, or I'll have to hurt her.

forkster: The act of placing ones fork into the toaster in an attempt to get your now charcoalled toast out.
Example: Xavier! How many times have I told you not to forkster? You could get electrocuted!

formahomehobe: a music-lover addicted to vinyl, with an abhorrence for CDs, tape, MP3s and mini disks.
Example: Harry's wall-to-wall collection of 70s albums, together with this Dansette record player marked him out as a complete formahomehobe.

forn: Pornography in any language other than that of the audience. Refers specifically to foreign movies or shows that contain graphic sex and subtitles over-dubbing, but are not hardcore pornography.
Example: Some suggest that watching enough forn will let you learn the words Oh god in over a hundred languages.

fornever: For never; never happening; the opposite of forever.
Example: He married for forever, but it turned into fornever...and a forever rip-off.

forrealiously: For real and seriously.
Example: That English test was easy! Forrealiously!

forsheezy!: to exclaim the greatness of a thing or situation or oneself
Example: (the attractive object of your affection (attention) invites you in for a drink (much desired sex) ) Forsheezy!

forty lashes with a wet noodle: Ann Landers' (Eppie Lederer) suggested self-flagellation for imagined or real offenses.
Example: Give yourself forty lashes with a wet noodle.

forty-two: I don't know. From Douglas Adams' series _The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy_ in which 42 is the answer to Life, The Universe, and Everything.
Example: Bryon: Lauryn, what time is your mom getting home?
Lauryn: Forty-two.

fortyleven: Originally Forty-Eleven. A number to use when one doesn't want to provide a specific figure.
Example: Sorry I'm late. My boss made me run off, like, fortyleven copies at the last minute.

forumoron: Someone stupid who spends too much time with message boards.
Example: I'm a forumoron and I'm proud of it!

forward: Arrogant, unkind.
Example: That guy cut me off just now. How very forward of him.

forward: What was previously meant by the direction straight (rampant in Renaissance Faire circles)
Example: There is no such thing as straight--only ever so gaily forward.

Fosl: an acronymic word meaning Fear of speed limit
Example: I would of been here on time but I got behind a fosl on the narrow road

fossa: Fossil. Arkansas pronunciation.
Unknown cattle rancher: If animals weren't made to be eaten, why are they made out of meat? 20020710, Neal Boortz Show.
Example: Not only do they have diamonds at Murfrrrsboro, they also have fossas.

fossa: Synonymous with the noun ditch, derived from Latin (1st declension).
Example: That drunken idiot? He fell in that fossa there and broke his arm.

fossil-burner: A car, especially one that is old, large, inefficient, and over-powered for the purposes for which it is used.
Example: At 4 o'clock, the street outside the school is lined with mothers in fossil-burners.

Fossmaster: A person who is very good at flaunting wealth.
Overly stylish or expensive in taste. Fossy.
Example: Referring to a lady wearing furs, walking two French Poodles:
That new Beaufont hairstyle makes Gigi look like even more of a fossmaster.

founch: To fidget and annoy.
Example: Sam, quit founching your sister.

fountaining: To jump into fountain and get wet.
Example: On my vacation to Finland, I fountained in Helsinki. {Young children who elevate a hose to about 45 degrees to create a fountainlike effect have been known to say, I'm a fountain.

four-banger: Also two-banger. A conventionally aspirated automobile (i.e., a car without fuel injection).
Example: Almost all American cars manufactured in the 1960s are four-bangers or two-bangers.

four-o-four (404): Taken from the web's Not Found error number, this handy number can be used to describe a stooopid person or anything misplaced or forgotten.
Example: Don't date him--he's 404! or Where the 404 are my keys? or Damn, I 404ed last night.

four-oh-find: A dynamic website development technique that uses 404 errors (page not found) to instigate searches in that website's content or database.
Example: I couldn't remember the definition for 5 by 5, but pseudodictionary's four-oh-find technology let me just type www.pseudododictionary.com/5 by 5 into my browser!

four-oh-foreplay: Wasting time, especially in a verbal exchange with the clueless
Example: I asked him how it happened, but all I got was a bunch of four-oh-foreplay.

four-one-one: info
Example: what's the four-one-one on that girl?

four-seven-tennis: The game you play when browsing the pseudodictionary letter by letter to get back to the middle of the Ms, Ts, etc. by clicking on 4 7 10.
Example: I hate to check my inbox at work because I lose my place and hafta play four-seven-tennis again.

Fourbucks: Slang for Starbucks coffee houses--since they tend to be a little more pricey than the usual cup o' joe.
Example: I really like the coffee from Fourbucks.

fourteen-four: To move very slowly. Refers to a 14.4 kbps modem.
Example: I couldn't get my daughter out of bed and off to school this morning; she was really fourteen-fouring.

fourve: It's more than four and less than five
Example: That house is fourve stories high

frab(s): Any infestious vermin that invokes an itching sensation.
Example: Gosh dern frabs just won't go away.

Frag: Kill, in computer gaming.
Example: Q3 session: Why are you chasing him? Ans: He fragged me, the bastard!

frag: To throw a hand grenade (fragmentation grenade)
Example: If he doesn't shome singing, I'm gonna frag him.

fraggaholic: Anyone that plays first person shooters more than 8 hours a day.
Example: Jim, you are a fraggaholic.

framazol: A poor or bad item.
A second-rate person.
Example: It's a framazol leash.

franglais: A combination of French and English words and grammar. Often used when an English-speaker is trying to speak French and doesn't know a French word needed to complete the sentence. Or, using English sentence structure when composing a sentence in French..
Example: Her French failed her, so she resorted to franglais.

Frank: Term used when an actor or actress looks exactly like a better or more famous actor or actress. It comes from a lot of lesser-known siblings being named Frank, most notably Frank Stallone and Frank Shamrock. NOTE : This does not apply to special cases such as Nick Nolte / Gary Busey because they are the same person. See Niarcky Buolstey. Term can also be used for things other than thespians, but works best when used with an easily recognizable last name.
Example: GOOD : She looks like Frank Pinkett Smith. Oakland. Man that's like San FRANKcisco. Who is this guy, Frank Malkovich? BAD : That girl looks like Frank Roberts. (Referring to a Julia Roberts look-a-like.)

frank you berry mush: A cute way of saying Thank you very much.
Example: Lauryn: I like your shirt, Nicky.
Nicky: Frank you berry mush.

Frankenboobies: Breasts that have been surgically enhanced, usually enlarged.
Example: Any breasts that round are full-on Frankenboobies.

frankenstein: (v) To put something together from many different parts in a way that is not altogether natural.
(n) Something put together from many parts in a way that is not altogether natural.

Example: My mom wanted a computer so I built her a frankenstein from parts I had lying around.

Frankinsense: The ability to offer a gift to a child, generally the son of someone more powerful than you,
that makes you look wise.
Example: Say what you will about Doug, but that guy's got frankinsense.
He just gave the boss's son the 26-volume set of the _Complete Works of Mark Twain_.
And--guess what?--he's been promoted.

franks: Pistachios. No, it's not a brand name.
Example: I like franks. I don't like having to de-shell them, though; it gets tiring.

frap: Expletive. For frustration, surprise, disdain--generally for negative feelings.
As a modifier, What the frap is he doing?
Example: Oh, frap! My foot is caught in the escalator.

Frapulent: Adj, one who is easily coerced out of their scruples.
Example: Although highly religious, the frapulent girl at the bar went home with John that night.

frassem: A family swear word directed at ill-behaved or angry children, from the cartoon dog Muttly
onLaugh-a-Lympics. May be used with the prefix rassem in especially trying moments.
Example: You little frassem! I told you not to put the cat in the oven.

fratal: Aan incident that is sure to result in a broken bone or minor injury. Based on fatal.
Example: As fast as he was skiing when he fell, I'm surprised his accident wasn't fratal.

Frazzin': Something extremely cool.
Example: I.E. Her outfit was frazzin.

freak-tard: Someone so bizarre that it becomes idiotically funny.
Example: Look at freak-tard stuffing fries up his nose.

freakalicious: To get your nasty groove on.
Example: I met this girl, we got drunk, went back to my house and got freakalicious.

freakazoid: Extremely bizarre individual who has some strange behavior patterns.
Example: My boss is a freakazoid with definite limited insight.

Freals: Combining the words for and reals. Usually said in disbelief in response to what someone has said.
Example: When Shawn told me that his brother talked about me often, my response was Freals?!

FRED: Fucking Ridiculous Electronic Device.
Example: Some think that PDAs are nothing more than FREDs.

freddy: A hippie term for Forest Service and ATF employees.
Example: Get ready for trouble. Here come the freddys.

free gift: I have seen this at promotions, such as grand openings, or special sales--are gifts sometimes not free?
Example: At the grand opening of our new Target Store on their billboard: Come in and pick up your free gift.

freeballin': When a guy wears shorts without any boxers or briefs, he's freeballin'.
Example: He was in a much better mood because he was freeballin'.

freeballing: Not wearing underpants.
Example: It's too hot today, so I'm freeballing it.

freebies: Items and services you can get for free - especially on the Web.
Example: I spent all evening surfing the Web for freebies.

freeday: The as-yet nonexistent mid-June long weekend in Canada.
Example: We'll go there next freeday, honey. I promise.

freefills: A free refill
Example: At Taco Bell, frefills are allowed.

freen: Cool, exciting, enjoyable
Example: This whole day has been freen.

freenie: The annoying little black flecks of soot that appear when one burns a piece of plastic--or any annoying little fleck in your coffee, tea, or whatever.
Example: I set my model car on fire, and nearly choked on all the freenies. OR That's the last time I go to Starbucks. My latte was swimming with freenies.

freezation: A state of suffering of the human body caused by insufficient protection against cold temperatures.
Example: Please lend me your jacket. I'm dying of freezation.

freezinasscold: Chilly, brisk, cool in temperature.
Often used as an exaggeration of the actual situation.
Must be pronounced as one word.
Example: Can we turn the heat up? It's freezinasscold in here!

freezone: The age during which women can rely on strange men to buy their cocktails for them:
the years between the legal drinking age and the time when her looks fail.
Example: My sister learned to drink in the freezone.

Fregs: The last few french fries that have fallen out of their fry box and are burried at the bottom of the fast food bag.
Example: These new see-through fast food bags guarantee you won't throw away any fregs.

Add up all the fregs thrown away each year and you'd have enough fries to feed Manhattan.

Frenz or Friends: The little droplets of backwash that you always get in the rim of a pop can when you drink pop. Usually used when sharing a pop, when you don't want to drink somebody else's. Can be removed by intense sucking.
Example: A. Here, you can have the rest of my Coke. B: Get rid of your frenz first. A:Sorry. (slurp) B: That's better. Now hand it to me.

fresh out: Lacking possession. In contrast to the simpler out, fresh out need not apply to a collection.
Example: Q: Do you have a light? Q: Can I borrow a buck? Q:Do you know how to get to the IHOP?
A: Sorry, I'm fresh out.

Fresh-up: To look nice with your clothes neatly pressed
Example: Since John got his new job he really looks fresh-up.

Fresh-up: To wing it, or otherwise come up with something out of nothing. Often sarcastic.
Example: No, I don't have my paper done, but I think I can fresh-up something by this afternoon.

freshie: A new cold beverage.
Example: My drink is all gone, I need a freshie.

fretwork: The extra work that goes into producing a news story, designed to make it that bit more worrying.
Example: Every writer who got hold of the story added a little fretwork of her own.

freudulent: C0mbination of Freud and fraudulent.
The use of only marginally understood psychobabble--as applied by Oprah or anyone else with insufficient knowledge or understanding of psychology.
Example: On what am I basing my opinion? Oprah, of course--plus a couple of fredulent articles in _Psychology Today_.

freusty: Can carry the same meaning as any of these words: crazy, weird, frisky, etc.
Example: You have too much sugar again? You're actin' hella freusty.

frgnc: stands for fragrance
Example: frgnc of this deo is nice

fribble: Miscellaneous stuff, sometimes important (that's my tax fribble piled up over there), sometimes not (how'd all this leaf fribble get all over the windshield?).
Example: You have twenty-four hours to get all your fribble out of my basement before I toss it into the street.

Fribble-Grommet: An imaginary item. (A widget before it became a programming term).
Example: The inventory system will track all of the widgets and fribble-grommets that come into the warehouse

fricken: Another way of saying FU--ing when its inappropriate to do so
Example: Hey grandma that was fricken good pie

Frickin': Used as an adjetive to describe something that is not what it should be, or for something that is not doing what it should.
Example: The frickin' matches got wet and therefore would not start the fire.

frickle(s): When pulling very dry clothes apart after being in a dryer,
it's the static that makes the noise and holds the items together--especially wool from polyester.
Example: My socks have frickles.

frictal: Friction or ill will between colleagues in the workplace.
Example: The dynamics between Joe and Bob have been frictal ever since Bob took
credit for Joe's work and got promoted .

fridge: Same as brick: an outlandishly large cell phone. Used mainly by European teenagers.
Example: My mom bought me a new phone. It was a fridge. Embarrassing.

fridgichondria: The dynamic that makes your wife orgirlfriend believe that she needs a down comforter, flannel sheets, and an electric blanket when the room temperature is 80 degrees F.
Example: My girlfriend's fridgichondria was so bad last night I thought I was going to spontaneously combust by dawn.

fried: A bad state for state for your brain to be in. E.g., not been able to comprehend anything.
Example: That lecturer fried my brain.

friend, friendly: Used in Ireland as an umbrella term for all that is good in life.
Example: Greeting: How the friend(ly) are ya!
Question: Who wants a friend (drink, chocolate etc)?
Adjective: Yer one is pretty friendly (sexy).

friends: Boogers, but more discreet.
Example: Do I have any friends?

friends: Cigarettes.
Example: Ed: Do you have any friends?
Ted: No, but Bill does.

friendscape: The an everchanging circle of aquaintances you spend the most time with and trust the most
Example: Upon arriving in a new town, you should expect your friendscape to change.

Friendship date: When two people want to date each other but are already in commited relationships
with other people.
Example: John and Jenny went on a friendship date while John's wife was in labor.

friendsy: To act like or be like friends. Friendly, chummy.
Example: I thought Bruce and Ken hated each other. Why are they being so friendsy?

frigamarole: Like rigamarole, only more so.
Example: Sorting through the laundry basket for a clean pair of socks again--same old frigamarole.

friggin': alternative for f--king
Example: You friggin' liar! Tell me the truth, dammit!

frijater: A two year old's version of refrigerator.
Example: Put the milk in the frijater.

Frildo: For real, though.
Example: Man: It sure is cold outside. Woman: Frildo.

frill: For real.
Example: Liz, Justin just asked me out! Frill? Frill!

frillover: I hope this doesn't break any of the guidelines--it was coined by a friend of mine in Germany,
where lots of people are militantly eco-friendly and make a statement by wearing alternative style clothes.
We thought the pullovers a lot of these eager young men wore looked like something their mothers or
grandmothers had knitted, which went loose and baggy round the bottom when washed--hence looking frilly.
From this came frillover to describe someone who is rather green, possibly vegetarian, and a bit of a dreamer.
Example: Don't use plastic cups at the seminar, some of the frillovers might not like it.
We should buy cups that we can wash up or use paper ones that we can recycle.

frindle: Pen
Example: Can I borrow a frindle?

In wide use in southeastern Bay Area.

Frink Factor: How many Professor Frink appearances orquotes there are in a Simpsons episode, if any.
Example: Did you see that new Simpsons episode last night? The Frink Factor was extremely high.

frinky: Hybrid of freaky and funky. Quite cool, but a little strange--frinky.
Example: Your eyes shoot sparks? Frinky!

friplot: A noun used to describe the last piece of toilet paper that is partially glued to the roll,
and has no useful purpose.
Example: There is nothing worse than finding out that the friplot is all that's left when you're in the restroom.

frisbeetarianism: the belief that when you die, your soul goes up on the roof and gets stuck

frisbeetarianism: the belief that when you die, your soul goes up on the roof and gets stuck

friskle: Cross between frisky and tickle. It's kind of like what a puppy does when it's excited to see you.
Example: A. Dolphins swam and friskled in the water.
B. John saw his girl Jane and was so excited to see her that he tackled and friskled her.
C. Zsa-Zsa's cat friskled around her legs and purred.

Frittle: Weary; fatigued; buggered.
Example: I'm all frittled out.

frivvering: Freezing+shivering. Shivering from the cold
Example: It is so cold and windy, I'm frivvering.

fro-yo: Frozen yogurt shop.
Example: There's hella peeps down at the fro-yo.

frob: an unsepcified physical object, generally small. synonymous with widget. also a verb, genearlly any action performed on a frob can be considered frobbing the object.
Example: (noun) It has a frob for controlling the pressure. (verb) I need to frob the volume knob - it's too quiet in here.

frobnicate: 1. To munge; to process in an unspecified but vaguely complicated way.
2. To screw up in a particularly convoluted or elegant manner.
See also: Frobnicator
Example: I'm not sure how that program works; all I know is it frobnicates whatever you type in so you can't read it anymore.

Frog-kisser: A childishly hopeful dreamer.
Example: John Lennon was nothing but a frog-kisser.

frognadian: Descriptive term for those people who live in Canada who can't decide whether they want to be
French or Canadian.
These are the people who force all the signs in the city of Montreal and the Province of Quebec
to be printed in both French and English.
Example: If you need to know how to pronounce fleur de lis or menage a trois, go ask Maurice; he's frognadian.
Q. Who's going to the Stanley Cup playoffs this year?
A. Probably not the Montreal Frognadians.

Frogophobia: 1. Fear of amphibians, mostly frogs.
2. Fear of being hit very hard in the arm; frogged.
Example: Her frogophobia is ridiculous.

frohawk: A mohawk hairdo composed of nappy, curly hair.
Example: Adam, you need to clip off that frohawk. It makes you look like Jack Osbourne.

Froke: The past tense of 'freak'.
Example: I really froke out when I saw the exam.

froke/froked: This is an odd conjugation of freak I came up with, and seems to be rubbing off on people who hear me use it.
Example: When his girlfriend broke up with him, he froked out. When she broke up with me, I froke out

Frollet: A cross between a mullet and an Afro. Looks like a big ball of hair.
Example: Geez, Chad's frollet is enormous.

from Hoy: Out of it, not knowing where you are, being absent-minded or ignorant
Example: I can't seem to remember where I left the remote. I'm from Hoy today.

fromage coupage: From the French; to cover large objects in slices of cheese and try to pass it off as art.
Example: Eduardo's extensive fromage coupage works are pure genius.

fromalicious: A cute guy or girl, with a fro.
Example: That guy is fromalicious.

fromie: A homie (friend) with a fro!
Example: Oh yeah, he's my fromie.

frond: Writing or talking a lot about something while you could summarize it all in a few words.
Example: I fronded a whole essay about some Shakespeare play when all I know is the name of some characters and the main plot.

frong: so digusting or horrifying that it is unspeakably wrong, in fact, it is beyond mere wrongness
Example: Did you hear that kid in the booth behind us? He was talking to his plastic toy zebra, and he said you can be my girlfriend! That is so frong.

fronsis: A person you do not know.
Example: I shomeped by that park, but it was just a bunch of fronsises so I left.

front/ fronting: : - to act false. To put up a appearance of being one way when you're another. Basically Lying. don't be fronting!

frontass: a girl's gut
Example: Look at that chick's frontass.

frontload: 1. As opposed to download, where information is received and stored for later use, the frontload does not have a cache.
It requires full and immediate attention, but once the desired goal has been reached is almost completely dropped from consciousness, leaving only a shell that allows for a hazy remembrance of your past interest.
May be used to describe short-term relationships and my father�s hobbies which have included but in no way are limited to leather tooling, archery, bartending, masonry, and culinary school.
2. A short hot but doomed relationship
Example: Ramona, it�s not that we won�t see each other any more.
It�s just that I frontloaded our relationship and every day I come one day closer to forgetting who you were.

frood: A really amazingly together guy or girl. Originates form The Hitchhikers Guide To The Galaxy.
Example: That's my friend Nic, she's a real frood.

froody: Meaning everything is fine.
Example: Don't worry. It's froody.

froofy: Describes people who are pushovers.
Example: John thought to himself, Chris is awfully froofy for a guy. He cries over broken nails. He's not tough at all.

frooky: To feel both freaky and spooky at the same time.
Example: Your last girlfriend was really frooky.

froom: The small amount of air next to your vital parts that makes objects whizzing past dangerously close go froommm in warning.
Example: That rock nearly got me in the ear, but luckily I heard the froom and ducked!

froom: Taste like the smell of.

Example: This juice frooms freshly cut grass.

froop: an exclamation of displaced enthusiasm.
Example: oh boy! can we go to pita pit?? we can't? oh froop.

Froopy: Relaxed, cool, positive, agreeable. Usage similar to groovy. Derives from Hoopy and Frood as coined in the Hitch-hiker's Guide to the Galaxy.
Example: I really like that new shirt; very froopy!

frop, fropping: Stray french fries found at the bottom of a take-out bag after divvying out large orders of fast food. Froppies are usually in high demand and are the cause of many sibling wars.
Example: Dibs on the froppies!

Frorority: Cross between a sorority and a fraternity.
Example: Sam, the crossdresser, belongs to a frorority at college.

froshmores: freshmen and sophomores all bunched together.
Example: Freshmen, sophomores, who can tell the difference? They are all froshmores to me.

Frost: To encrypt a single stage of a multi-stage network connection,
especially between an end user and a proxy server.
Example: I don't trust my ISP, so I have my proxy server frost my connection to the web.

frostback: A Canadian working in the USA.
Example: We've got a frostback from Toronto for two weeks to help code the site.

frosted flake: a teenage girl who's freezing in a tank home and short shorts and can't shome hugging herself

frosty: Alert, ready for action, calm, cool-headed.
Example: As used in the film _Aliens_, There's a lot of activity down there, so I want everyone to stay frosty.

frotee: What happens when someone with really curly hair tries to grow a goatee.
Example: Check out Cameron's frotee. He needs to shave it off.

fround: From around.
Example: I don't know who he is. He's not fround here. Maybe he's from Clinton?

froze-inated: freezing
Example: Burr...I'm nearly froze-inated, cause it's so cold out here!

frozen: Way beyond cool. So cool it's frozen. Awesome.
Example: Their new CD is seriously frozen.

frubie: A person who is amusing in an unsual or inventive fashion.
Example: Carrot home is my favorite frubie.

frugalitious: Small but very tasty
Example: Mmm...that Kylie Minogue is frugalitious.

fruitbooter: An inline skater, especially the extreme sub-breed.
Example: Those fruitbooters think they are just so cool.

fruited: Used to refer Fig Newtons in particular, and can be used in a multitude of ways.
Example: A cookie is just flour, shortening, sugar, butter, vanilla, etc.; but Fig Newtons are fruited cake. Heavenly.

Frump: To hit someone over the head with a foam bat or racket.
Example: I took up my foam frumping bat, and frumped him silly.

frumple: To get angry. Paticulairely at people who don't get the point, or try to get in your way on purpose.
Example: Even after I explained the joke to her, she didn't get it. It makes me frumple when people are that dense.

Frunge: To frunge is to give someone a massage to the back of the neck/base of the head.
Example: I need a good frunge.

Frupsday: The imaginary day that comes between Saturday and Sunday, used when dealing with long school vacations. Also the day when you didn't have school yesterday and you don't tomorrow.
Example: There are a ton of Frupsdays during summer vacation.

frusperation: The feeling one has when one is arguing with a partner, and she cannot see that you are right.
Example: He felt intense frusperation while she was screaming her point across.

frust: When you sweep, its the line of stuff that always ends up at the lip of the dustpan and which eventually backs you up against the wall as you try to sweep it up.
Example: Hey, wet a napkin so i can wipe up the frust.

frusto: (adj) A very agressive form of frustration, combining of frustrated and aggro.
Example: I worked on that paper all night, and my roommate saved over the file.... I'm so frusto, I could strangle him!

Frustramatrated: A frustratory pronounciation of frustrated, usually in extreme conditions.
Commonly in anger.
Example: This is making me so frustramatrated.

frustranswer: Frustration+answer. When you are given a complicated and obtuse question, you get so frustrated finding a logical and good answer, you put down anything just get it over with.
Example: I completly frustranswered my science worksheet.

Frustratory: Causing frustration.
Example: Homework is so frustratory.

frusty: Feeling slightly frustrated and flustered, yet majorly annoyed at the same time.
Example: I am so frusty after spending an extra 30 minutes in traffic today.

fsck: syn. the other f-word. orig. UNIX (file system check). Popular with hackers and geeks generally, particularly those connected with Linux.
Example: fscking hell! I just vaporized this week's sales report!

FTMP: For the most part.
Example: FTMP this abbreviation is unknown.

fu: Suffix-like word attached to any of several words, indicating the force thereof.
Example: Godzilla attacked them with major giant lizard fu.
That jerk got to backtalkin' me, so I had to pull out some major size-12 boot fu.

fu-fu & fee-fee: Used in place of words that don't come to mind immediately.
Example: Take that fu-fu over there and place it on the fee-fee.

FUBAR: Fucked Up Beyond All Repair, Fucked Up Beyond All Recognition.
Example: Technition to office manager: I checked over your printer thouroughly.
Eighty-three percent of all the parts are either broken or worn out. It's totally FUBAR.

fubu: Loser, jerk, etc.
Example: Good on ya, fubu.

fuck-all: Function: Noun
Defintion: Nothing.
Example: I have fuck-all to do today, so, I'm going to watch something on T.V.

fucking up the math: A person, system or root cause that is at fault, causing errors, or making mistakes leading to data loss or the generation of spurious data.
(lex.) Originally seen c. 1990 during a jam session of the rock band Chim Chim, where sometime vocalist Neil Walls was heard to utter:
Sitting in a dark room
Sitting on my ass
Watching TV
Sitting in a dark room
It was later determined that the last lyric was supposed to be fucking up the Man, but it appeared the tape recording machine used that day, or maybe the piece of media, was fucking up the math.
Example: Do you think it's the X-130 switches that are causing the data loss in this scenario, or the RJI cards?
Well, Juan's most recent and rigorous battery of fmd5 analysis would lead us to believe that the X21-12 tape drives are fucking up the math.

fucupidness: Fucupidness refers to the level that a noun is fuc'ed up.
For example, Charlie Manson has a high degree of fucupidness.
Example: His fucupidness was the only barrier to his career as a janitor.

fud: it's just food, pronounced fudd.

fuddle-duddle: The result of a marshmallow in the microwave set at high for 5 minutes.
Example: Whoa! What a fuddle-duddle!

Fudge: Like the F-word
Example: Man , this is fudged up right here.

Fudge-head: What you have first thing in the morning. Foggy feeling.
Example: Rubbing eyes, Uggg.....I got fudge-head this mornin'

fudge-nugget: Used to express dissatisfaction or annoyance.
Example: Ahh, fudge-nugget. I forgot my pencil.

FudgeFactor: The answer you wanted divided by the answer you actually got (especially as applied to engineering data).
Example: What's the Fudge Factor for this cost estimate for cubic feet of concrete?

Fudgemuc: Chocolate that tastes horrible.
Example: That tasted fudgemuc.

fudgie: (see citidiots)Tourists that travel to Northern Michigan every weekend for tourist activities (and fudge).
Example: Town will be packed this weekend with all the fudgies up here.

fudlicecreem: the thin bit of ice cream left on the lid of the container and always seems to taste the best.
Example: dibs on the fudlicecreem.

fugazy (Foo-gay-zee): When something or someone is a fake.
Example: I thought he was my friend but he was just fugazy

fuggedaboudit: Forget about it.
Example: Fuggedaboudit. You don't stand a chance

fuggered: An amalgamation of fuck and buggered.
Example: I'm fuggered after all that work. OR I'm completely fuggered.

fuggle: Very large number, usually more than 1,000.
Example: I fuggle-dare you! Timothy exclaimed to John as the crowd gasped.

fugharwie: (Same as fugawi from Johnny Carson's version of _The Tonight Show_, from the 60s or 70s.)
Used when you have no idea where you are.
Example: Where the fugharwie?

fugly: Fucking ugly. Epitome of ugliness.
Example: Her ass might be nice, but, damn, her face is fugly.

Fugly: When someone is so unattractive that their appearance creates a rift in space-time, vastly exceeding notions of linearity, temporality, and memory, they become Futuristically Ugly, or Fugly
Example: Man did you see that fugly kid?
Did I ever! He was so fugly I'll be seeing that face for years to come!

fulfilling your destiny: referring to people who dye their hair blonde
Example: You dye your hair blonde? You must be fulfilling your destiny.

fullet: Female Mullet. The female version of the horrendous hair style involving short sides and a long back.
Favoured by female truck drivers.
Example: Oh, my God! What a minger! That's nothing, did you see that fullet?

fully: In total agrrement. Yes.
Example: Hey, do you think we'll win tonight? Fully.

fumblepindle: Describes the 30-second long re-plugging action that follows accidentally
pulling out the headphones from your PC when playing loud music at work in
a full and deathly quiet office.
Example: He knew the boss was standing right behind him and that made him fumblepindle even more.

funch: To flip your pillow over in the middle of the night to reveal the cold side.

funcraptic: So stupid or dumb, that it is instantaneously funny.
Example: That joke about the yogurt was funcraptic.

fundage: Money.
Example: We're gonna have to go soon. I'm running low on fundage.

Fundage: Current availibility of money that can be spent on non-useful things, like books or going out to dinner.
Example: I don't think I have enough fundage to go to Red Lobster. Let's go to Taco Bell. You get more for your money there.

funderful: 1. A feeling or description of child-like euphroria.
2. Describing an act, place or emotion that is the mostest.
Example: 1. You are so funderful.
2. That sounds funderfully delicious.

funderwear: Not the basic whites you wear under your office clothes, but the more unusual and daring numbers you wear on special occasions when you 're hoping someone else may get the chance to see them.
Example: We're going out dancing tonight, so you better wear your funderwear.

fundoo: Fun-loving.
Example: Rohit is really fundoo guy.

funemployment: The practice of actually enjoying one's unemployment.
Example: You lost your job? Let me be the first to welcome you to the wonderful world of funemployment.

fungry: A conglomerate of fucking and hungry. Fungry is an extreme form of hunger; usually the result of skipping breakfast and sitting through a three hour class or meeting.
Example: I can't remember the last time I was this fungry!

funkadillic: Bad.
Example: The ice cream tasted funkadillic because it was over two years old.

funkafied: Used to describe something or someone that has become incredibly cool and funky.
Example: A: Hey, check out this new.... B: Oh, wow, that's funkafied!

funkalicious: Something that is very kewl, funky, awesome, and in a sense, delicious.
Example: That is quite a pair of funkalicious pleather pants you are wearing today.

funkitated: 1. Untruthful. 2. Disorder or disorganization. 3. A displeasing sensory experience.

Example: That is funkitated. Don't ever say you made up the word funkitated. We know Dana made up the word.

funkovitch: Extremely weird, odd, or out of place.
Example: What's Nader doing speaking at the Republican Convention? That's funkovitch.

funktified: That which has become cool or of a funk state.
Example: That broken keyboard is fixed; it's been funktified.

funktillion: A sarcastically huge amount, in mathematical terms infinity factorial.
Example: I just spent about a funktillion bucks getting my car fixed.

funkworthy: awesome, cool, held in high reguard.
Example: I've just come back from Amsterdam. Boy was it funkworthy.

funky: 1. Cool in an odd or quirky way. 2. Rotten or rancid in an odd way.
Example: 1. These home-made trombones make a realy funky sound. 2. That green cheese made my stomach feel funky.

funky chicken: Cool, great, awesome.
Example: I have only two words to describe that movie, funky chicken.

funna: A midwest adaptation of finna.
Example: Yo, I'm funna leave. Peace e-z.

funnabagos: Female breasts.
Example: Look at those funnabagos.

funnalize: To make an event or an action more fun.
Example: Let's order pizza. That should really funnalize watching the movie.

funner, funnest: Fun, funner, funnest: fun, more fun, most fun.
Example: Let's hit the water slide. It's funner than the pool.

funnest: Most fun.
Example: 14 is the funnest age to be.

funny factor: simply the main reason for doing something otherwise seen as uncool.
Example: Let's go see _Harry Potter_, just for the funny factor.

funt: The middle section (where it gets skinny) of an hourglass.
Example: The funt is blocked and the sand cannot get through.

funt, funted, funting: The skill used and the process of HUNTING for FUNDS.
Example: I have to funt before the proposal is submitted.

funtabulistic: Amazingly fun and fantastic and fabulous--with a bullet.
Example: Wow, that show was the best ever, definitely funtabulistic.

funted: Used to work once, but is now completely broken beyond repair (generally for no apparent reason).
Example: Q: Why isn't the server working? A: No idea. It's completely funted.

funusual: An unexpected goodtime while doing a not so fun thing.
Example: My trip to the dentist was funusual because she was such comedian

fur: Stupid
Example: Don't be fur.

furbelicious: Used to describe a beautiful animal, being very furry and also very gorgeous.
Example: My fluffy cat is Ms. Furbelicious personified.

Furn: The verb of hitting someone to the point of bleeding with garden furniture.
Example: I was going to furn him but he never showed up.

furnidents: The indentations left in the carpet after moving furniture.
Example: We knew that we put the couch back in the exact same spot because we positioned its feet in the original furnidents.

furnitureortheTV: used when someone is being unclear about what they are asking for.
Example: I'm confused. Do you want to buy the furnitureortheTV?

Furry: Furry \furree\ (pl furries) noun: 1. A creature with form, anatomy, or expressed characteristics or traits of both humans and animals.
Example: I am a Furry.
The Furry sub-culture is extremely diverse.

fussass: pronounced as fuss-arse. means that someone is particularly fussy in their behaviours and work habits.
Example: Cathy is a fussass, because she likes to maintain a high standard of work.

fussiness: A business run by a fussy person.
Example: The museum was a bad fussiness, so you never knew what to expect each day except trouble.

fussivity: state of affairs in which people fuss constantly
Example: We were all in a state of fussivity during the holiday.

Fusstrated: Being exasperated over an extended chaotic situation, usually stemming from too much fussing about nothing. Fuss + frustrated
Example: I was so fusstrated at my kids that I gave in and let them have their way.

fustercluck: IT world variant of clusterfuck. A situation that has deteriorated beyond the point of any possible rescue.
Example: This project is a fustercluck. I'm going home.

fustulate: To worry without need; to work yourself up over nothing.
Example: It's just a test --don't fustulate.

fusty: Being difficult; usually the result of hunger or lack of sleep. Related to fussy.
Usually accompanied by wiggling, foot-stamping, whining, or making a wincing rat-face.
Example: I know you're hungry, so shome being fusty and pick a restaurant already.

futility room: Any room in the house that is always messy and out of control
Example: That tool you are looking for? Possibly in the futility room ?

futz: To tinker, manipulate, and modify in small ways.
A pejorative term applied to manipulations that are a pain to do and really screw things up.
Example: That stupid IT guy futzed with my machine and now it loses all my files.

I'm done futzing with this project.

fuzy: A member of the Italian Mafia, attempting to integrate into Irish culture--achieved by giving children traditional Irish names, the result being names such as Se�n Di Fusco.
Example: Tony Soprano moved to Ireland. He called his first child Aongheas; so, Tony Soprano is a fuzy.

fuzz: 1920s+ for police.
Example: Run, it's the fuzz!

fuzzified: Angered, enraged. That is, the act of becoming of or like Fuzz, who was once the angriest reptile alive.
In memory of Fuzz the gecko.
Example: Can you believe this? That makes me totaly fuzzified.

fuzzpuddle: Hair ball.

Example: The cat just vomited a fuzzpuddle.

FUZZY: A pleasant and catchy replacement for the f-word as popularized by the Disney cartoon character Pepper-Ann Pierson. It is also popular amongst overworked 911 dispatchers.
Example: What the fuzzy is that substance leaking from that body bag??

fuzzy head: Any animal with fur, usually a pet.
Example: When I get home, the fuzzy heads greet me at the door. Heard it on 'The Animaniacs.

fwang: Unpleasant odor, usually assoicated with a person or food item.
Example: Bob forgot to shower and has a fwang about him this morning.

My fish tacos have a bit of a fwang to them.

fwank: A loud, percussive orchestral hit sample, used annoyingly for no reason in 80s pop music.
The word is https://www.m-w.com/cgi-bin/dictionary?va=onomahomeoeic, since the hits sound sort of
like fwank! Most notable examples of use: Owner of a Lonely Heart by
Yes, and Unforgettable Fire by U2.
Example: 80s pop music can be dated by the sheer number of fwanks used per song.

fwinsies: The freezing winds that are let into your warm bed by other persons when they move without taking precautions to look after your warmth.
Example: As Jason gets out of bed and lets in the freezing winds, I yell at him saying, If I have told you once, I have told you a thousand times! DONT LET THE FWINSIES IN!

fynardus: A sophisticated way of referring to an argument which neither opposing force is very enthusiastic about.
Example: I told you, Cecil. Coffee with one sugar spoon is quite enough to fill a chap with energy. Let's not go through this little fynardus again, agreed?

fynglexia: Typographical errors made by switching two or more letters in a word because you're trying to type at the speed of thought during an instant message session.
Example: You know you have fynglexia when your fingers do the walking like a drunk staggering down a drak...err, dark, alley.