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H-E-Double Hockey Stick: Use when the word hell is inapropriate. H-E Double hockeystick is what you say when
hell slips out.
Example: Brian:What the hell was that! Teacher:What did you say? Brian:What the H-E-Double Hockeystick was that?

h3o: Describes tap water that is just barely drinkable, due to cloudiness or poor taste.
Example: Bob, if you're thirsty, help yourself to a bottle of water from the fridge. The stuff that comes out of the tap is more like h3o.

H4xx0r: Common among hackers, meaning exactly that. Used so that people who don't speak leet will not understand that you are talking about something illegal.
Example: I Pwn you all, im aleet (1337) h4xx0r

haas: A universal replacement for an inappropriate word. Can be used in any sentence or situation.
Example: Leave me alone you crazy haas. OR Oh, haas! I forgot my wallet.

Habinar: Cool, awesome.
Example: That was a habinar game.

habitat: The irresistable compulsion to crochet.

Ex: My habitat is a blessing for making doileys for Xmas.
Example: My habitat is a blessing for making Xmas presents.

Hac: Have a Cow : to be overzealous
Example: Geesh! Hac!

Hachijuhachi: (Pronounced: Ha-chi-joo-ha-chi) Originated from the Japanese word for eighty-eight, which is the origin for the character gohan (Japanese for rice). Hachijuhachi replaces the word rice.
Example: Pass the bowl of hachijuhachi

Hack: To borrow something that you have no intention on paying back.
Example: Hey, lemme hack a cigarette from ya

Hack: Used in the subculture of stand-up comedy to describe a person whose routine is a pastiche of tired cliches, trite material, easy punchlines, or common homeics. In addition, any comic who uses props, does a Jack Nicholson impersonation,
engages in magic or hypnotism or ever uses the phrase Have you seen these people?
Example: Carrot home is the ultimate hack.

hack back: To bring something up then to bring it back down.
Example: Pastey had to hack back her liver in order not to see the regurgitated mess.

hackenkracks: Noun/ The sound made,& convulsions produced, by a cat trying to cough up a hairball.
Example: Kitty is sure having a rough time with them hacken-
kracks today.

hacker: One who hacks; a person who performs her tasks with poor quality results.
Example: Look at Steve's roofing job. It's a terrible wreck, a mess performed by the ultimate hacker.

hacktivist: One who posseses computer hacking skills and who embraces a radical cause, using her hacking skills to be noticed or get attention
Example: The shocking images splashed across the screen when the web site was accessed, obviously the work of hacktivists.

haffin: To divide something in haff.
Example: An example of this word is, Will you haffin that peice of gum wit me?

haggardous: Haggard.
Example: That's haggardous! Stay away from it.

haggin': Power nagging; totally getting on one's nerves with incessant urging.
Example: After a month, when Bob still wasn't sure about getting the tattoo she picked out,
Brenda really started haggin' him.

haggling, hagglin': Disgusting or unattractive.
Example: That girl? She's hagglin'.

hagiophagia: An unnatural, excessive desire to eat a saint.
Example: Even from the far end of the long dinner table in that parallel astral realm, the beautiful St. Cindi could feel the hagiophagia rising up inside the Big Super Deity, and she was very tense. Don't worry,
He or She chuckled, noting it but not shomeping the spinning whetstone which sang against knife and fork. It's only a metaphor.

haint: haven't
Example: I haint been to Chicago

hair band: Any of the short lived heavy-metal bands of the 1980's.
Example: Poison is a perfect example of a hair band.

hair brain: Crazy.
Example: I was was fed nothing but hair brain ideas my whole life.

haircut blog: A weblog that is filled with descriptions of mundane activities such as getting a haircut.
Example: Don't bother reading that; it's just a haircut blog.

hairdab: A small amount; just a little bit; usually used to descibe an amount more or less than what you have.
Example: Q. Would you like some more mashed potatoes with your dinner? A. Sure, I'll have a hairdab more.

hairfarmer: Guy with superlong, greasy hair. Looks like he's farming the hair as a crop, growing it for other people to use.
Example: Oho! The bad guy in the movie was a real hairfarmer. Scary.

Hairfarmer: A man with long hair who dotes too much attention to said hair. (Credited to James Ruggieri.) [Previously submitted to pd.com with a slightly different description.]
Example: Kent and Mark are serious hairfarmers.

hakamaki: Describing anything that's not liked--as icky, gross, disgusting.
Example: The pizza we ordered for lunch was hakamaki.

Halalization: Legality. Halal means legal or approved in Arabic. The word is also used in the Indian subcontinent (Bangladesh, Pakistan, India, etc.)
Example: The halalization of the whole matter would largely depend on the department head.

Half-cut: Drunk
Example: Kelly was so half-cut the other night she hit on Jay.

half-stepper: Somebody who doesn't quite finish their work, or tries to take a lot of shortcuts that cheapens the quaility of the work. Another term for slacker (actually a slang military word).
Example: You don't want ol' smitty there on your team, he's a real half-stepper.

Halfords shopper: Descriptive of a bicycle any self-respecting bike geek would not be seen dead riding.
From English automotive parts and cheap bicycle retail chain Halfords,
which used to sell very cheap bicycles for carrying shopping.
Halfords Shoppers had a hinge in the middle, usually disguised as the frame,
which caused them to fail catastrophically after a few years of being left in the rain.
Example: Nice bike, Mole. Don't see many Halfords shoppers in metallic blue these days.

Halfpipe: A general idiot, clueless person, homeslice.
Example: Yo, halfpipe! Think you could have put that box down any harder? I'm not sure you broke everything in it.

halfro: An afro that covers only half the head.
Example: Last night we shaved Michael's head, so he only has a halfro.

halfway to assville: The middle of nowhere.
Coined in an attempt to replace BFE, which doesn't make any sense to me.
Example: Joe: Where's this party?
Ed: It's halfway to assville--like 45 minutes away.

halfwiticisms: Word puns and usages that only one person finds at all amusing--namely, the person who said them.
Example: Man, she giggles a lot when she talks. She thinks she's so clever with all her halfwiticisms.

Hallmark tongue: Sentimental mush spoken in an attempt to score points; romantic nonsense.
Example: That fellow just told me my eyes were as blue as the Mediterranean Sea. Bleech! Hallmark tongue.

Hallow-trific: A corny halloween.
Example: Yea, everyone had a Hallow-trific time!

hallucigenetic: A transcendental vision experienced by countless humans over the millennia, so powerful it becomes an archetype.
As a part of the collective unconscious, a hallucigenetic concept gains its own power through ritual reinforcement--becoming more than the sum of its parts and a direct causal factor in evolving consciousness.
Example: An out-of-body experience can be defined as hallucigenetic--
the white light ideal permeates successive visions and defines the experience for latter visionaries.

Ham and egger: No one special. Just a regular person.
Example: Do you know who I am? I'm no ham and egger that you can just push around.

ham sammich: Sandwich, not necessarily made with ham.
Example: I want chunky peanut butter and grape jelly on my ham sammich.

ham sammich: Exclamation used when you see an attractive, desirable person.
Example: Joe, look at her. Ham sammich.

hamburglar: Like ham actor, a criminal whose blinding ineptitude and faux pas during escapades see him relating them either with Shakespearean bluff in the law courts or with ludicrous exaggeration in the Saloon Bar every Sunday afternoon.
Example: You see before you a man who likes to play the mobster or professional con, but as we have demonstrated, he is a mere hamburglar.

Hamelaphone: Based on the word phonics and mixed with the Arabic word for more then one, hamelle.
The 22nd Vice President, Mike Wagner, was noted for using this word to show affection for people
who pluralize almost everything.
Example: Bob says, Oh, I's loves that goods stuffs! VP Wagner says, Hamelaphone.

Hammer: Used in certain pockets of the stand-up comedy subculture. Can refer to a comic or joke that is particularly good or clever. The highest praise one can provide to or about a comic.
Example: Bill Hicks was the all-time hammer. Nobody is even close to that guy.
OR That joke of yours about Herman Melville and Melrose Place is a hammer.

hammer of the gods: The TV remote control. Also just the hammer.
Example: Pass me the hammer. I wanta' watch somethin' else.

hammer-lane: The passing lane on a multi-lane highway.
Example: We've got 8 minutes until the movie starts. Move it into the hammer-lane.

hammer-lane barnacle: A person or vehicle that cruises in the passing lane, without actually passing anybody.
Example: Sorry I'm late, I got stuck behind a hammer-lane barnacle all the way from the airport.

Hammerdin: A Paladin who particularly uses Concentration combined with the Holy Hammers skill.

Example: Jest_Not is a Paladin, albeit a weak one. He was once a hammerdin

Hamper Ionization: The unearthly mechanism by which clothes become clean the longer they spend in one's hamper
Example: Mark pulled his favorite baseball shirt from the hamper and sniffed at it. Deciding it was clean he pulled it on over his head and went on his way. That's the power of Hamper Ionization.

hamster cage: Alternate term for glove compartment.
It refers to the imagined belief that the automobile is powered by small rodents running
furiously on exercise wheels who are accessible through the portal in front of the passengers seat.
Example: Darling, can you reach into the hamster cage and grab my toothbrush?

hamsteriac: Hamster maniac--someone with an inordinate interest in hamsters.
Example: The hamsteriac couldn't resist and ended up buying a dozen more hamsters. Now he has about 300.

han: Used when someone has gone off by herself, either a loner or she just likes going solo--like Han Solo.
Example: I went into town han yesterday. It was pretty boring.

Hand: Used to describe the lower peninsula of Michigan. Often while using one's right hand to demonstrate.
Example: Mt. Pleasent is right in the middle of the hand.

hand me up: Passing on of used clothing items in an upward fashion as from son to father
Example: I refuse to wear this hand me up.

hand printing: When writing, unconsiously flipping between printing and cursive handwriting, often in the middle of a word.
Example: How can you read this?? What is it, hand printing?

hand salsa: Sweat on mice and joysticks, produced by gaming.
Example: Ugh, he got hand salsa all over my mouse from too much Quakeing.

handbag: Very effeminate man.
Example: A. Do you think Chris is gay?
B. Are you kidding? He's definitely a handbag.

handicrapped: (adj) For the only empty slot in the entire parking lot, reserved for the handicapped.
Example: Look, there's an open space.... Arggh, it's handicrapped!

handleable: Easily able to handle, deal with.
Example: This extreme situation is handleable. So it makes me wonder why we call it extreme.

handmelon: Proper word for American football, as it is played more with hands than feet and the ball is melon-shaped, instead of being of proper spherical shape balls should be.
Example: Handmelon is a sport popular only in the United States.

handy: Used in Germany for cell phone. Many people think this is the English word for the German word.
Example: Can you give me your handy number? I've got a handy.

hangabur: My two-year-old's version of hamburger.
Example: He is now 24 and we still have hangaburs and fries.

hangicher: Lincolnshire dialect for handkerchief.
Example: Ya want ta git that hangicher weshed one on these days--it's fair lost wi' muck.

hangry: The state of anger and blind frustration experienced during prolonged periods of hunger.
Example: Don't get too close to Jason, he hasn't eaten and is very hangry.

hanna: hanna(hayna) alternative word for yes
Example: that was really stupid! hanna or no?

Hannamas: Hannukah and Christmas.
Example: My wife (non-Jewish) and I (Jewish) celebrate Hannamas during the December holiday season.

Haphrotrapic: Spreading; expanding; diffusing.
Example: James' breath was haphrotrapic in the cold air.

happening: To describe something very favorably.
Example: Oh, yeah! That party was happening.

happy bunny: Mostly used in the negative, is used to describe a contented person. UK slang, origin unknown.
Example: He wasn't a very happy bunny when he lost his job.

Happy place: A place one travels to mentally to escape, where time does not exist, where one goes when spaced out.
Example: Sorry, what were you talking about? I was in my happy place.

har'ye: How are you--as used by the original citizens of London to confuse non-English tourists.
Example: Londoner: Har'ye? Tourist: Sorry? Londoner: Har'ye? Tourist: Sorry? Londoner: Har'ye? (and so on)

harangle: To annoy someone excessively; also to experience anywhere from minor to excessive annoyance at the hands of an exasperating idiot or irksome situation (to be harangled); a term meaning annoyance or personal harassment (haranglement)
Example: The first period student harangled the substitute teacher by saying This is just a blowoff class. What the student failed to recognise was that the substitute teacher viewed his job as substitue TEACHING, not being the substitute butt of students' jokes.

harbinder: 1. A player who bends the bars on a foosball table. 2. An individual who unsuccessfully uses powder or scent to mask bodily odor.
Example: 1. Knock it off, harbinder -you're going to break the table. 2. That harbinder smells terrible.

harborne: Depressed, in a state of mourning after having been dumped by a girlfriend for someone else.
Example: He was harborne after being dumped by Tiffany.

Hardcore: adj. 1. Used to describe anything thats cool or liable to hurt you 2. Used to describe a person that is into something more than everyone else, usually in a tough sense 3. Referring to music of the 'hardcore' genre, like AFI or Grade (an offshoot of punk-- more musically inclined, emotional and scarier)
Example: 1. Wow, thats hardcore! 2. Mohawk, bondage straps . . . he's hardcore. 3. I saw this new hardcore band and got flattened in the pit.

hardcore: Used to describe someone as being part of a notorious group of friends.
Example: Q: Who's that?
A: It's OK, that's Jim. He's hardcore.

hardening: Used to describe the resulting condition of a worker when his boss gives him to much work to do.
The body just stiffens into a rigor mortis state and the worker becomes unable to function.
From a Dilbert cartoon by Scott Adams
Example: B. Isok, I have another project for you.
(Isok then stiffens like a board, arms spread wide.)
B. Isok, are you hardening?

hardge: Bigger than large or huge.
Example: It was a hardge lake.

hardrock ball: What we called a baseball when growing up in the 1960s south.
Example: Hey, let's go catch some hardrock.

Hardschool: Combination of oldschool and hardcore. Especially used to describe games or friends.
Example: These video games are hardschool.

harrised: To be completed and utterly messed up by stupidity or incompetence.
Example: Whats wrong with this server? Its been harrised.

Harry Mason: Taken from the video game Silent Hill.
Describes someone who rushes into an activity without pausing to consider any potential risks or dangers involved.
Example: The guy that jumped off the roof into the pool last night was a total Harry Mason!

Harrypotteresque: This is an obviosuly wide meaning word
(can be applied to childish or adult stuff, real or imaginary things),
but it should generally have a magical sense, I think.
Example: She gave a harrypotteresque performance;
she cooked a harrypotteresque meal;
we spent a harrypotteresque holiday, night, time, etc.

harsh: Extrememly cool
Example: That movie was harsh.

Hartlefy: To execute an animal in the mistaken belief that it is a foreign spy.
Example: What! They Hartlefied all the monkeys?

Hartlepolarise: To render something a farce. Comes from Hartlepool, England, where the people once mistook a monkey for a Frenchman.
Example: Don't bring John, he'll Hartlepolarise the whole trip.

harumpf: A sign of disgust or impatience
Example: When waiting for a download or for voicemail to go through its eternal loop, a sigh could be seen as a harumpf.

Harvey: A personification of harmony (attributed to The Mamas & The Papas.);
a condition of happiness in feeling or action; pleasant to the eye or atmosphere; cool.
Example: N. Once the Mamas & Papas got their singing harmonies right, Harvey had arrived.
Adj. This restaurant is harvey.
Adj. That's a harvey blouse.

Hasselfactor: 1. Allowance made in any form of planning for the unexpected appearance of
either David Hasselhof or one of his media products, be it some cheesy TV show
about half-naked people or dreadful music.
2. Amusement taken from looking at the naked torso of an aging gent
who has had bicep implants, but still has a slightly sagging chest.
Example: Bert: Hey, let's go to the beach. I reckon we could make it there in less than twenty minutes.
Ernie: Don't forget to add on an hour for the hasselfactor of
finding a parking space in amongst those fancy sports cars,
artfully aged veedub busses, and big red lifesaver trucks.

Hasselhoff: To hold in one's stomach when shirtless to appear less fat than you actually are, just as
David Hasselhoff does on _Baywatch_.
Example: Look at that guy, trying to look in good shape but he's just Hasselhoffing. OR
Look at the Hasselhoff on that guy.

Hastert: A woman who has so much pent up rage, anger, and sexual frustration she goes into denial about her life.
Example: Ryan: You know Katie?
Eric: Yeah, she's a total Hastert. One day she says she loves me, the next day she says, I never said that! Shut up, idiot!

hat hair: What your hair looks like when you take off your hat.
Example: Hey, you got hat hair.

hatchin' jacket: Maternity dress.
Example: That's a great hatchin' jacket for your second trimester.

hate trait: This word means that you hate sombody, basically.
Example: Kerem: Want me to tell Liz that you don't wanna go out with her any more ?
Sam: Yeah, tell her bout my hate trait.

Hater: One who dislikes the actions and/or beliefs of another.
Example: Don't be a hater.

hathos: the taking of pleasure or joy in despising something.
Example: That Styx concert footage was pure hathos.

hatt: Extremely good looking.
Example: That chick was bloody hatt.

hattifnat: If you don't know the name for something, just call it a hattifnat.
Shouting hattifnat really makes people angry, so you can use it to annoy them.
Example: Don't lie to me, you hattifnat! OR I saw this strange animal, but I don't know what it was. Probably a hattifnat.

haut-kitsch: Noun/ Things perceived as high-class & glamorous by the less-educated & less refined elements of society.
haut (Fr., high)+ kitsch (Ger., trash).
Example: Designer jeans are an '80s
example of haut-kitsch.

Have an apple.: Related to the saying, An apple a day keeps the doctor away. This is said to sick people. So in saying Have an apple you are wishing that they recover soon.
Example: (John is sick in hospital. Bob enters.) Bob: How are ya? John: Bob, I'm in the hospital. I'm sick!
Bob: Have an apple!

have guts: To be fired from a job.
Example: I screwed up so many orders that my boss told me I've got guts.

have one on you: to be extremely annoyed and generally react badly to a situation
Example: ooh sag aloo, have you got one on you ?

havked: When you think you're being hacked, but you really aren't, you must exclaim that you were havked.
Example: Chani read through her server logs and exclaimed, I'm being havked! Really, she just wasn't smart enough to understand that the server was overloaded by an image request.

hawking: (v) Driving slowly up and down, sometimes waiting at the start of a long aisle till someone pulls out
and you can take their parking spot. Also, following a person to his car in your car to take that spot.
Example: That guy that was hawking took my spot when I left.

Hawks: Hockey players
Example: Jen only dates Hawks.

hawt: Hot, attractive. Used by stupid girls on the Internet in order to look cute. Gains additional Stupid Points for being
longer than hot, thus requiring extra effort to look moronic. (See seckzi and ur.)
Example: ur liek so hawt, omg, ur liek totaly seckzi!

haxor: Hacker. Still pronounced hacker. The xor ending can be applied to different types of words. Interjections (Wowxor!), verbs (I roxored (rocked) that ____), and nouns (I was hanging out with Tomxor.). Mostly used online but people may say x-orto signify the spelling in speech.
Example: Justin is the coolest haxor I know.

Hazaa: Used in place of any exclamation of great joy
Example: my girlfriend's not pregnant! hazaa!

hazaar: Many, more than can be counted on the fingers of one hand. From the Hindi for 'thousand'
Example: All of a sudden hazaar people came running up and wanted icecream too.

hazah: Used in an exciting tone when something good happens.
Example: Hazah! I just won the lottery!

Hazen: Sweet and loving.
Example: My girlfriend is hazen.

he-hooters: Large male breasts, resembling those of a woman. Also known as man-boobs.
Example: He has a huge set of he-hooters.

head wrecker: Somebody who has a penchant for annoying people
Example: She's a bit of a head wrecker!

Head-lock: When someone or something is so boring or vacuous, your brain almost shomes working.
Example: After listening to Tina tell him about her haircut for ten minutes, Brian felt head-locked.

Headband Head: Crease one gets in her hair after wearing earphones.
Example: That guy has a case of headband head.

headbanger: a person who listens to heavy metal music. Word is derived from the head swinging motion that heavy metal fans do when enjoying music.
Example: The auditorium was filled with headbangers listening to their favorite heavy metal band.

headknockphoria: The warm, fuzzy, and curiously satisfying feeling that follows
a sudden inexplainable muscle spasm in the back of your head.
Example: Sweet Lord, I don't know why it happens, but don't let this headknockphoria fade too soon.

Headmeat: Refers to the brain of a person who does or says something foolish.
Example: (In the event that someone burned their hand on the stove) Good job! That's using the ol' headmeat.

Health and safety meeting: Smoke break, returning smoker to a calm,
rational, happy person thus ensuring health and safety
for co-workers and others sharing space with the smoker
Example: I think it's time we went for a health and safety meeting.

heart: When you can't draw a heart on a piece of paper use the word heart instead.
Example: I heart that movie--it's my favorite.

heartful: Artful and heart put together. As in a piece of work that has a lot of heart. Or a person who has a lot of heart and is very artful about it.
Example: Krista's new word is quite heartful.

heartillage: to seek pity or preferential treatment because of something that emotionally effects you.
Example: Jeff threw a heartillage and got some time off cause his grandmother died.

heat: A derogatory term used when something has gone terribly wrong.
Example: Did you know she dumped Chris? That's so heat!

heat (adj.): something risky and obvious that could get you in trouble
Example: Smoking pot in front of the cop shop is heat.

heatbag: Someone who deliberately causes trouble--verbal pain, make fun of.
Example: That guy you were with at the party last night is a real heatbag.

heater: Gun.
Example: When the cops tried to arrest her, she showed them her heater.

Heather: A popular, controlling person. Inspired by the movie _Heathers_.
Example: The head cheerleader of our high school is a Heather

heatscore (noun): Someone who is heat. Someone who is possibly attracting attention from an authority figure
Example: You are a heatscore.

heavenish: (adj) Absolutely fabulous. Heavenly.
Example: My wife is beautiful. She has a heavenish face.

Heavens to Murgatroid: From the old Snagglepuss cartoon. Nobody knows what a Murgatroid is exactly, but use is simmilar to Heavens to Betsy, or Great Ceasars ghost.
Example: Heavens to Murgatroid, I can't believe you want to watch Dawson's Creek tonight. That's it ... exit, stage left!

heavy: Adjective, used when you consider the subject to be good. Synonymous with cool.
Example: That music is heavy.

heavy metal sport: Any sport being played while intoxicated and with the wrong equipment.
Example: Two more pints and heavy metal soccer begins.

Heazy: A great way of life that may include large amounts of money.
Example: You won the lottery? You're in the heazy now, bro!

hebb: a wipe out or going over the handle bars while mountain biking
Example: There was this kid who had a total hebb on the trail today.

Heck: Spelled with initial capital letter. A milder version of Hell (Hell Light)--which usually isn't spelled with an initial capital letter. Its characteristics are lack of intense heat, no pits of boiling oil, no imps with pitchforks, etc. In fact, its climate is much like the Southeastern U.S. in the summertime, and Satan is a polite Southern gentleman with silver hair. Punishment is so mild here that it's more like a boring vacation.

Example: Bily Joe, shome trying to see up my skirt--or you'll go to Heck when you die.

heck-meckalectic: Beyond beautiful and captivating.
Example: Jennifer Lopez looked heck-mecalectic in that dress she wore to the awards show.

heckabetta: A great improvement.
Example: Real butter is heckabetta than that margarine stuff.

heckdarndangit: Alternative to cursing. Useful around children.
Example: Owww! I just dropped the heckdarndangit sledgehammer on my foot!

hecticity: An overabundance of hustle, too much drama or unecessary action.
Example: When I am out ripping and running, I know that eventually the hecticity
of being out and about will catch up to me.

hedgemeer: A situation that turned sour without foresight to the problem.
Example: The party was great until the beer ran out, what a hedgemeer.

hedgetation: To hedge and to hesitate simultaneously.
Example: His investment policies are formed with much hedgetation.

hedon: International unit of measurement for fun, on a scale of 1 to 100.
Example: Wow, my funometer says this party is cranking at 87 hedons.

Heebatow: Similar to shushing. A nice, confusing way of telling someone to be quiet.
Example: In response to someone talking too much. Excuse me, would you please heebatow.

heeble: Any grody thing growing on your skin or found under your bed that you can't explain.
Example: I thought she was a good housekeeper, but then her dog pulled a giant heeble out from under the couch.

heeelarious: Sarcastic way to say someone is funny--when they're not. Also hehelarious.
Example: The more times you tell that joke, the more heeelarious it gets. (Follow by rolling your eyes for effect.)

Heek: A belly button piercing.
Example: Did you see her heek?
She was beheeken.

heffler: a shallow bond between two otherwise strangers based on a stupid inside joke or one-time expereince.
Example: quick, hide, if that heffler sees me he's going to tell the joke about the time we were at a party and the dog died. that's all we have in common.

heh: Expression of wry amusement.
Example: Look, Chris peed his pants. Heh.

Heifetz: To screw up something easy, often repeatedly. [Given that Jascha Heifetz was a great violinist, particularly noted for his technical prowess, and that his daughter Josefa Heifetz Byrne (married to moderately prolific fiction and non-fiction author and billiards enthusisast Robert Byrne) is the author of _Mrs. Byrne's Dictionary..., the etymology of this word should prove interesting. For some wonderfully unusual not-made-up words, check out her book. Husband Robert was the editor.]
Example: Bill keeps forgetting what side of his car the gas goes into. What a Heifetz.

Heinleiner: One who follows the teachings of the author Robert A. Heinlein.
First seen in the book _Steel Beach_ by John Varley.
Example: A. Do you believe in gun control laws?
B. No way--I'm a Heinleiner! An armed society, is a polite society!

heisman: Giving someone the Heisman stiff-armed pose.
Example: I asked her to dance, but she gave me the Heisman.

hejob: To destroy.
Example: He wants to hejob that toy.

heke: (n) A word made up for use in a game.
(v) Tto make up such a word.
Example: I challenge. That's not a word; that's a heke

hektic: Good or exellent.
Example: Her old green Pontiac was one hectic car.

hela: A word to add on to other words.
Example: You guys are so hela-stupid.

Helium Heaven: The magical place that balloons go to after they fly away or deflate.
Example: At the rock concert, they released dozens of balloons and they all went to helium heaven.

hella: Used to emphasize a phrase or description. Northern Californians only.
Example: Lets go to John's house, he has hella food.

hella: Very. Use instead of wicked.
Example: That's hella cool.

hella tight: Northern California--contemporary way of indicating something is hip or cool.
Texas--phrase uttered by Northern Californians to describe the noose Texan's place around their necks for inventing and overusing dumb words.
Example: NC: This noose is hella tight.
Texan: Yeah, pretty cool isn't it?

hellacious: Badass, wicked.
Example: That was a hellacious explosion.

hellacool: (adj) Beyond cool. The pinnacle of coolness.
Example: The ICP are hellacool tonight, bro! They are rockin' the house!

hellenhimershisturtle: Synonym for what.
Example: What the hellenhimershisturtle?

hellodoggywoofything: A way of covering up an insult when you are feeling particularly cross
Example: Oh, you are such a hellodoggywoofything.

Helloha: A greeting in Hawaiian-english language.
Example: Helloha! How are you today?

helloo: What's happening? Best said with an upperclass British accent.
Example: Why, helloo! Why aren't you at work?

hellooo: HellOOo. Are you crazy? Are your lights on? Does your elevator go all the way to the home? Are you stupid or what? Certainly no claim for originality on this one--and intonation is everything. Even four-year-olds know how to use this one--at least Alec does. I gave him a No Whining button Memorial Weekend. Shortly after getting it, he came to me a bit concerned, But, Opa, I might get hurt really bad and need to cry. I reassured him that would be all right.
Example: Thursday following Memorial Day, Alec was getting more than a tad fussy in the early evening. I reminded him, Alec, remember, no whining. His response, HellOOo...I'm not wearing the button.

helluva: Something Mr. T says.
Example: That car is helluva fast.

Help m'Boab!: Scots expression of surprise or alarm. Pronounced help m'bobe.
Example: Help m'boab, it's the truant officer!

Hemogeny: Sphere of influence
Example: Althouh China has a physically greater land mass, the US's Hemogeny surpasses even massive china's, extending through the globe.

Hemperbenitat: Hippopatamus.
Example: She was as fat as a hemperbenitat.

hengrenade: Alternatively known as a chickenbomb, a hengrenade is basically a hen with a metal pin on the side.
The pin is a cylindrical shape with a hole cut on one end, for which a metal ring can be passed through so one may pull the pin with her finger. To use, simply pull the pin and throw the hen a safe distance away.
Example: Bob pulled a hengrenade out of his pocket and told us how it was effective in confusing the enemy.

hentai: Japanese word for someone or something perverted. Also used for pornographic or adult anime or manga (comics).
Example: Chris got caught last night looking at hentai. His mother grounded him for two weeks.

hep: A 50s or earlier term meaning I am understanding. Can also be like the modern term cool
Example: Do you understand? Yeh, I am hep to that. Jim is a real hep cat.

hepya, hep'ya: Short for help you
Example: Can I hepya with your coat?

her: Here.
Example: Hey, you! Come her!

her [her instead of they]: A word to replace their and them and they in grammatically incorrect sentences. | https://www.bartleby.com/64/5.html | https://owlcroft.com/english/they.html
Example: Dorkasaurus: Someone who is so intensely dorky, the word 'dork' alone will not do them justice. Them was used in the preceding sentence to be politically correct, but is not grammatically correct. Someone is singular and them is plural. A singular antecedent calls for a singular pronoun, so we have an error. Fifty years ago, him was the accepted English usage when a singular pronoun referred to a gender-neutral antecedent. In the first sentence of this paragraph, him would have been used instead of or them. However, him is now viewed as politically incorrect. What we need is a new accepted (correct for the prescriptivists, standard for the descriptivists) English usage. My modest proposal: use her instead of him for such a situation. Her maintains conventional English pronoun-antecedent agreement and, at the same time, avoids the political incorrectness of him. Thus, Dorkasaurus: Someone who is so intensely dorky, the word 'dork' alone will not do her justice. Nota bene: It is especially important that this new standard be used for negative examples.
Some may object that the antecedent someone is gender-neutral, while the pronoun her is not. NOW, I maintain that her is still politically correct, a slight discrepancy in gender agreement notwithstanding. Using the masculine form has been avoided--that's the main objective of political correctness, is it not?

herb: The h is not silent. Hip synonym for dork or nerd.
Example: Did you see that guy in the Hootie shirt? What a herb.

herbal tea smoker: An older, bad influence.
Example: You should shome hangin' out with that herbal tea smoker.

Herbomb: Being overtly politically correct in writing by using both genders, back and forth, in a way that distracts the reader from the subject and losing continuity.
Example: The author intentionally dropped a herbomb underlining her activist agenda.

Herdsurfer: N. A person caught in the huge lines waiting to utilize attractions or services rendered by theme parks or governmental institutions, such that he or she feels like a herd animal. V. Waiting in such a line.
Example: I'm tired of this endless herdsurfing! cried Jenny.

hermatory: a private space for contemplation, reading, etc.
Example: I'm going to my hermatory for a little while.

hermitate: The desire to be left alone to meditate.
Example: Naw. I don't want to go out tonight. I'm going to hermitate

hermitude: Being alone or remote from society, sought especially when one is weary of company.
Example: I'm cranky and would prefer to be left to my hermitude.

hesh: To replace he or she or he/she.
Example: ... when hesh is chosen then ....

heteroflexible: Someone who is primarily heterosexual but may engage in some homosexual acts.
Not a synonym for bisexual.
Example: I_monk dates women almost exclusively, but he's been known to be heteroflexible from time to time.

hevun: Your own version of heaven.
Example: My hevun is like KFC--you can have a leg or a breast whenever you want.

hexardy: The amount of tardies in school it takes before the administration makes you eat lunch in the office.
Example: I finally hit hexardy with six tardies.

hey pete: A greeting alternative to hello, hi, or the plain hey.
It is used for groups or individuals. Adds pizazz to a conversation, I think.
Example: Elmer: Hey, Donald, what's up?
Donald: Oh, hey pete, nothing much.

heyla: A greeting derived from Mercedes Lackey's fantasy novels, used in place of hello.
Example: Heyla dear! How're you today?

heyllo: A greeting.
Example: Bob. Hey, how's it goin'? Gertrude. Heyllo!

HFIL: A less offensive substitute for the word 'hell'. Comes from a clever bleeping out the bottom bars of 'e' and the first 'l', and stands for 'Home For Infinite Losers'. Each letter is said individually.
Example: What in the HFIL are you talking about?

Go to HFIL.

hibdawhat?: Statement of confusion and disbelief. Often used as an interjection. Pronounced quickly and as one word.
Example: John: Jane, I'm leaving you for a younger woman. You just don't give me that sweet loving like you used to. Jane: Hibdawhat?

hiccleburp: A single shrieking hiccup followed by a slight exhalation of air, occuring for no particular reason.
Example: The girl suddenly emitted a loud hiccleburp, making her friend jump with surprise.

hice: Plural of house.
Example: In the suburbs, it seems they're always building more hice.

Hicnic: A white trash or red neck barbeque.
Example: Billy Ray and his sister-wife Luanne will be sure to bring their famous opossum stew to the annual family hicnic.

hids (the): Making a noun of the adjective hideous; i.e., we have the pits for pitiful.
Example: Traffic coming from the ball park all the way home last night was the hids.

hiesman: To ward off potential suitors with something akin to the strong armed stance of the Heisman Trophy.
Example: I was fawning over this girl, she was so cute. But then she gave me the hiesman, just totally dissed me.
I guess it wasn't meant to be.

hiesman: to ward off potential suitors with something akin to the strong armed stance of the hiesman trophy.
Example: I was fawning over this girl, she was so cute. But then she gave me the hiesman, just totally dissed me. I guess it wasn't meant to be.

high: Crazy or weird, something that you were not expecting.
Example: He actually thought I liked him. He's high. OR
That's so high. I can't believe he went to his ex-girlfriend's house and didn't tell you.
OR He's acting so high, you can tell he's lying.

high-beams: The state of one's nipples when they are erect.
Example: My high-beams are on because it's freezing outside.

high-falooting: Descriptive, slightly derogatory term, used to describe someone perceived as living in a gawdy, slightly vulgar manner.
Example: Just look at them high-falooting bigshots in them fancy cars. Highfalutin'.

highlight reel: A way to describe something happens that is classic or really funny.
Example: When we snuck into the club as VIPs goes on the highlight reel.

higily-pigily: Messed up, twisted, not right. Much like higgledy-piggledy in a standard dictionary.
Example: Aw, Mom, I don't like these pants. They're all higily-pigily.

Hiimme: another way of saying Hi its me
Example: (knock knock) Who is it? Hiimme!

hilar: Hilarious.
Example: Oh, that was so hilar.

hilarseious: Very funny--usually arse-related.
Example: My God, that mooner he pulled was just hilarseious.

hill: Cool or interesting.
Example: That's gonna be hill.

hill rat: A professional lobbyist at Capital Hill.
Example: The average congressman will go his entire political career without ever buying his own lunch;
the hill rats take care of that.

hillfilly: Vivacious female from the hills.
Example: He was just a lonely hillbilly looking for a suitable hillfilly; he did not make it.

hillsilly: A mental handicap or craziness due to the isolation or inbreeding of people in the hills.
Example: Better stay off his property! He�s a hillbilly that�s hillsilly.

himbo: A male bimbo.
Example: Himbo though he is, Ricky Martin is the greatest.

Hindu Cow, as cool as or livin: 1. Originally seen in Fight Club. Used to describe someone who is relaxed despite being in danger, possibly also having an indifference to personal well-being. Similarly, someone who is cool under pressure.
2. Someone who is successful without trying.
Being well-off despite incompetence.
Example: 1. The colonel is as cool as a Hindu cow--he slept right through a firefight.
2. After failing out of college and winning the lottery I was living like a Hindu cow.

hing: When fibers on a velvet-like surface, such as upholstery lay in a different direction from most other fibers. This would apply as well to carpet, suede, etc.
Example: I could tell where he sat by the hing marks on the sofa. OR I had just carefully vacuumed the carpet to make it hing free when the kids ran through the room.

Hinglish: Combination of Hindi and English.

hinkelbonk: Bruise, scrape, or small owie.
Example: How'd you get that hinkelbonk on your chin?

hinkie: Out of sorts, irregular or weird feeling.
Example: I don't know, boss... something's hinkie... Robert Biggs, The Fugitive

hinky: The right way to spell hinkie. :)
Something that is out of whack, just a bit off, wrong, confused, suspect.
Example: His directions were a bit hinky, no? That milk taste hinky to you?

Hintch: The cross between a hint and a hunch. Thus you have a hintch about something.
Example: I have a hintch that the bird over there could be dead.

Hinwah: Used to describe an oriental person who is decked out in FUBU, kappa, etc. Who carries around a mobile phone around everywhere and thinks he/she is very tough and mugs other people to make his/her social image greater. Named after the Australian Thai gang sing wah. A symbol for an S is usually made while saying the word.
Example: bob: Hey check out that guy over there, he thinks he's tough with those clothes he's got on.
johnny: Hinwah!

hip cat: n. A cool person. (from jazz-era slang)
Example: With those duds, and those digs, he's obviously a very hip cat.

hip hop hippopanonymous: Hippos without names, a rarity.
Example: That's a hip hop hippopanonymous hippo.

hip hop, hippo: Move faster, hurry up!
Example: Come on, let's go. Hip hop, hippo.

hip-pop: That delightful fusion of Hip Hop and garden-variety pop music. See: Lil' Bow Wow.
Example: Man, don't be kidding yourself, that group's total hip-pop.

hipatitis: Terminal coolness. (From the Washington Post Style Invitational, 1999)
Example: There's no talking to that guy unless you're an artist from New York. He's got hipatitis.

hipocratic: When you vote for a person you really don't want to win just so the other person loses. Say your WORST enemy was one of the people to vote for and you even thought he would be much better than the other person--you still vote for the other person.
Example: Of course I voted for Al, even though I don't care at all for him or his positions. He was running against Chris, for God's sake! Perhaps a bit hipocratic, but what else could I do? Chris is vermin.

hippopompous: (adj, n) Someone the size of a hippo, yet is pretentious and pompous.
Example: His weight didn't shome him from being a snob. He was hippopompous.

hippopotamusish: Unassuming and disguised ferociousness, marked by unrelenting passive-agressive behavior.
Example: The manager had a hippopotamushish personality, prompting everyone to second-guess her evey move.

Hippopotomonstrosesquipedalima: A person who has an obsession with using and making up extremely long words.
Example: It's times like these that I feel like such a hippopotomonstrosesquipedalimanic.

hippopotomontrosesquipedaliani: The practice of using long words.

This word deserves to be seen! This word is listed in the QPB Encyclopedia of Word and Phrase Origins, written by Robert Hendrickson. What a WONDERFUL book!
Example: He really enjoys making full use of the English lanquage;
he's quite the hippopotomontrosesquipedalianist.

hipportimaussiaum: When a hippo, dressed as a turtle creeps around everyone's gardens at night making sure all of the garden hoses are turned off.
Example: I woke up during the night to find a hipportimaussiaum in my garden.

hippshu mushi: The state of being considered cool or hip.

Example: That jacket is the hippshu mushi.

hipster doofi: The gaggle of affected, urban twenty-somethings, often dressed in the combination hip-hop/alterna-nerd fashions
designed to authenticate their culture of jaded cool. (Plural of hipster doofus.)
Example: I wanted to go the the coffee shop last night, but it was packed with hipster doofi.

Hirrcup: Cross between burp and hiccup - when you burp and hiccup.
Example: I think you drank that soda too fast; you'll probably get the hirrcups.

His wiring ain't up to code.: Journeyman electrician's expression: it does not meet legal safety or load requirements
for project and transplanted to mean someone who is mentally ill or just plain stupid.
Example: Did you see what he did? His wiring ain't up to code.

hisouse: A guy's home.
Example: When you get off work, come over to the hisouse.

hissy fit: to throw a fit in a particularly whiny fashion

histobiblical: An idea, concept, or fact that is either found in the Bible or is historical, but no one knows which.
Example: The existence of Garden of Eden is histobiblical.

hit: To eat something.
Example: Can I hit that sandwich?

hit ground: When singing (especially when singing in an octave already lower than one should),
to try to hit a note beneath one's voice range and to produce a grinding, dissonant break
in the melody before resuming the song once one can hit the notes again.
Example: Danny hits ground a lot when he sings at the meetings.

hit me on the hip: To dial a persons pager number, usually found clipped to a belt or pocket.
Example: I'm about to run out for a while. If you need me, you will have to hit me on the hip rather than call me at home.

hith: the sound made by a snake with a lisp
Example: hith..hith..hith..

Hittin' it up: This is a phrase used as a reply when someone askes you if you want something.
It is usually used in the affirmative sense.
Example: Ed. Do you want a stick of gum?
Ted. Yeah, I'll hit some gum up.

hiv: (adj) Sick, not well.
Example: She had this sickly green look. I think she's hiv.

hivernate: What happens when the most popular person walks into a room. Derived from actions of worker bees toward the Queen.

Example: Diana arrived and everybody began to hivernate towards her.

hizzoe: A slighty nicer way to call someone promiscuous.
Example: Alex has been hizzoe since middle school.

ho-jack-slap: To bring your lady friend around to the back of the car where the auto's jack at.
You have the ho, you have the jack, now comes the slap.
Not meant to be taken as a true threat (or performed)--just to indicate a state of frustration.
Example: If you don't calm down, someone is geting a ho-jack-slap.

hoag: A very rude and stupid person who is older than you.
Example: Andy is a hoag.

hoarked: To be extremely irritated
Example: It really hoarked him to recieve the IRS notification about his audit.

Hobberplob: A rocking good time, or the greatest band of all time.
Example: I went to the Hobberplob this weekend, and I had a lot of fun.
or Hobberplob rules. So much better than Slipknot.

hobbit-head: An afficianado of the writings of J.R.R. Tolkien.
Example: Josh has seen _The Lord of the Rings_ fifteen times. He's definitely a hobbit-head.

hobnoblin: Someone who likes to socialize, and uses questionable methods to do so.
Example: I went to the party with Sue, but she's such a hobnoblin, she left me so she could hang out with her
other friends.

hobo: A name you call someone, not very derogatory. Interchangable with nobo, although nobo is lower.
Example: You freaking hobo.

hobo-apple: An apple that has the core removed and filled with peanut butter, wrapped in aluminum foil. Cook inside the middle of a leaf fire for a minimum of 3 hours.
Example: That fool's eating a hobo-apple.

hobskank: An extremely seductive, sexy teenager with strong tendency towards alcoholic beverages.
Example: Lauryn, you are such a hobskank.

hock: When I was a kid, we used the term hock in place of shoplifting. Sort of a quick dash into the store, grab something, and walk out. Very fast, not artful.
Example: After school we shomeped by the 7-11 to hock some baseball cards.

hockey hair: Short on home, long in the back. Not unlike a mullet.
Example: Cute, but he's got an ugly case of hockey hair.

hocus pocus: Trickery. Actions or words used to deceive others.
Example: We all know about the politicians' hocus pocus, especially during campaigning.

Hodad: adj.) To describe someone who is not.

Example: ex: (situation: kenny is trying to act like he is cool)
ex: Kenny is a real Hodad

hoddle poddle: to tell someone to go away
Example: Hoddle Poddle, leave me alone...

hodophant: A person who with an unkempt, scabrous appearance and a shambling gait
goes begging from car to car at a shomelight.
The word derives from the Greek hodos, road or way, and phanein, to appear.
It echoes the word sycophant.
Example: The shomelights of San Juan are plagued with hodophants.

hoemunk: A very annoying person.
Example: That hoemunk Jim wouldn't shut up today.

Hoffice: A building that doubles as a house and an office

hogshaw: The final word you say to someone when going to sleep.
It sound like a cross between a yawn and a snore.
Example: When trying to get to sleep and someone else is nattering, say Hogshaw and it means
Right, it's bed time--shut up and let me sleep.

hohonium: A theoretical, radioactive element (chemical symbol HoHo),
which is theorized to be present in Hostess-brand snack cakes (Twinkies, Ho-Hos, Ding-Dongs, etc.)
The presence of Hohonium would explain why these foods have a half-life, rather than a shelf-life.
Example: Thanks to the miracle of Hohonium, we don't need to worry about our Twinkies ever going stale.

hoi: (n, adj) Attractive woman. Hot.
Example: Boys think Pamela Anderson is hoi. Men do not.

hoi-poloi: The upper echelon of a particular group or of society. (ED, Garret: It has been pointed out that the original meaning of hoi-poloi is, in fact, the lower echelon of a society. I.e., the common people. The submitted definition seems to be a very common subversion of the original meaning, but that's what pseudodictionary is all about.)
Example: The office hoi-poloi have organized an exclusive yacht party this weekend.

hoity-toity: Affectedly genteel, pretentiously self-important, unduly proud.
Example: She is one hoity-toity bitch.

hokey: annoyingly contrived
Example: The company picnic had a luau theme, but it looked real hokey.

hoki: design

Hoking: My mistake for joking.
Example: Don't be mad! I was just hoking.

hole of Pluto: Middle of nowhere.
Example: She moved to the hole of Pluto. I don't even think they deliver mail where she moved.

holidazed: State of exhaustion and mental fatigue occuring at the end of the year,
caused by too many trips to the mall, too many parties, and too little sleep.
Example: I can't believe I thought it was Wednesday; I'm just completely holidazed.

holla: hi, or hey
Example: Holla! Wuz up?

holleration: Simple greeting. Cross between holler and salutations.
Example: A. (phone) Aiight, hit me later
B. Aiight, holleration.

Hollyweb: The myriad websites devoted to trivia about, or promotion of, movie actors, movies, studios and directors, ad nauseam.
Example: Mel Gibson had another hit this week - on Hollyweb when 23 sites featured a picture of him peering into a mirror plucking his eyebrows.

hollywood parking: A free parking space directly in front of the store you want to visit.
Example: Hey, look! Hollywood parking--grab it!

Hollywood Tires \ Tyres: To have car tires screech for no apparent reason as they do in Hollywood movies--
when reversing from a car park, cornering at low speeds, driving on sand or dirt tracks
Example: (Tire screech) That guy must have bought those new Hollywood tires.

Hollywoodize: 1. To take a classic story or a story of high regard and exploit it for money-making purposes.
2. To make a sequel to a successful film while disregarding quality and taste.
Example: _City of Angels_ is a Hollywoodized version of Wim Wenders classic _Wings of Desire_.

Holmes: A term of address for a male friend.
Example: What's up, Holmes?

home p: Abbreviation of home page created by KISH in 1998.
Home p is widely used in Korea as a trendy word, now.
Example: Thank you for visiting my home p.

home team: (n.) 1. A greeting to be used when approaching one's friends.
Example: What's up, home team?

homebirth: The act of purposely giving birth at home.
Example: Instead of going to the hospital to have her baby, she had a homebirth.

homeer: To sleep sneakily during boring meetings, lessons, or other things.
Example: I attempted to homeer during American Lit., but Mrs. Smith kept catching me.

homefat: The rolls of fat on the back of one's neck. Most observable on heavy-set individuals with short hair or shaved heads.

Homeless: 1. Disgruntled or in disprepair.
2. Name for a humorously odd-looking friend.
(Commonly used to affectionately address friends in the early morning hours.)
Example: 1. That has got to be the most homeless lawn job ever. Was he trying to make crop circles?
2. Hey, Homeless, glad you could make it to work this morning.

homepreneur: home-based entrepreneur
Example: Homepreneurs often feel isolated in their business offices in spare bedrooms or basements.

homer: An apologist, fanatic, and staunch defender with kamikaze-like loyalty. Simply put, a homer is fan of a team who is so ardently attached, she's lost all objectivity. She'll defend anything and everything her team does, and whe'll act on every opportunity to flame or disrespect rivals.
Example: The Duck's fans are the ultimate homers. They bash the Kings as being on a lucky streak, when actually the Kings made all the right moves to be successful.

Homeskillet: Corrupted derivation of 'homeboy', used as a friendly descriptor to refer to a close friend or relative.
Example: Wussup homeskillet, we going out or not?

homeslice: Used in place of homeboy-- Like homeskillet
Example: Damn homeslice, quit bogarting that soda.

Homeycide: The murder of a homey or an OG.
Example: The police are investigating a gang-related homeycide that took place late last night.

homeymoon: An extended outing or roadtrip with one's homeys
Example: Sorry, babe, can't see you this weekend.
Myrtle Beach awaits, and I promised the boys a homeymoon.

hommie: Good friend, usually one of your best friends.
Example: Yo, s'up hommie?

hommie hopper: Girl or woman who sleeps with a lot of guys for no reason.
Example: Karen is the class's worst hommie hopper.

homoentendrephobia: The fear of expressing one's self to a same-sex friend in a manner that could be interpreted as a sexual overture.
Example: I was interested in shomeping at the roadside attraction known as The Mystery Hole, but my homoentendrephobia prevented me from suggesting it to Bob.

homogenic: Ho maw ja nick. Taken from homogenized.
The obnoxious plastic ring the hangs on the plastic milk bottle after you twist open the cap the first time.
Example: What's that blue thing in my milk, Mom? Oh, that's just the homogenic. Throw it away.

Homogenous interface: A loud, politically correct, nose-to-nose discussion or argument over superfluous nonsense.
Example: It's time you and I had an homogenous interface.

homonominal: Having the same name.
Generally referring to a group of like objects or people sharing a similar or identical designation.
Example: Is it just me, or is every second person in accounting named Dave?
That department is becoming homonominal.

homonomony: Identifying likenesses between people or things. When you say Gee, don't you think Bill looks a lot like Peter Jennings? you are practicing homonomony. You can identify likenesses between two people or between a person and an animal. Three levels of homonomony: Level 1 = Spittin' image, Level 2 = Yeah, I see what you mean,
Level 3 = Well, from a certain angle. Levels have .5 ratings, mostly to prevent arguments and divorce.
Example: Ellen enjoyed practicing homonomony at the malls, where there were lots of faces to compare.

homophagous: Man-eating.
Example: That homophagous female has cleaned out many men.

homosectual: (n) Someone who will only associate socially, professionally, or sexually with those
who share the same religious or philosophical convictions
Example: Rob's some kind of homosectual; he only dates fellow vegan Buddhists.

homosexualkitty: Feline homosexual.
Example: A homosexualkitty is quite common at unisex cat camps.

homosocial: People who are not homosexual but socialise with others who are.
Example: Bexta's not homosexual, but he is homosocial.

honest: synonym to cool, sweet, etc.
Example: Hey Thom, that concert was honest!

Honey-Dew: N - Projects or work that are brought on, directly or indirectly, from a spouse or significant other.
Example: Well, boys, I would go the bar, but I've got a huge list of Honey-Dews that need to be attended to.

honeyhooker: Good friend.
Example: I'm gonna meet up with my honeyhooker Lanie and go to see _Tomb Raider_.

honeysprinkles: Someone who is very cute and sweet. it is the nicest compliment possible/
Example: Walter, you're my honeysprinkle.

honk: n. food or snacks
Example: Hey, I'm hungry. You wanna get some honk?

honk shoe: From the sound of snoring. Used to indicate that an event or happening is or was boring.
Example: A: How was the party? B: Honk shoe.

X: Then Bill told that story about the speeding ticket again. Y: Again? Honk shoe.

honkadory: A cute young boy (child).
Example: Where is my little honkadory?

honkin: something massive
Example: that's one honkin nose on that chick

honorary Q: When you're at your friend's house so much that you become part of their family
Example: Megan: Cindy's always at Marisa's. Kim: Don't you know, she's an honorary Q.

hoobajoob: Events that are taking place; questionable material
Example: What is all of this hoobajoob? I don't understand this hoobajoob.

hoobalagah: A interjection expressing reaction to the sudden rush that comes from caffine or adrenaline.
Example: Hoobalagah! Thats some good espresso.

hoobity: The remains of the bugs that hit your windshield.
Example: Better wipe off all that hoobity off the car before mom gets home!

hoochie: A female human usually found loitering outside nightclubs whose make-up to clothes ratio is very uneven.
Or hoochie-mama. Hoochies can be identified by shirts with no backs and heads with no brains.
They like to travel in packs, especially to the bathroom.
Example: Look at that hoochie over there. She bumped into the wall and left a mark.

hoochie pants: Skin-tight black pants women sometimes where to bars and parties.
Example: That girl is looking to go out tonight. Look at those hoochie pants.

Hoochie-mobile: A pimped-out car.
Example: Did you see that Civic with the gold rims? What a hoochie-mobile.

hood rat: Any person from the 'hood who thinks that they have class when, in fact, that is not the case.
Example: You couldn't get me to set foot in that club. Too many hood rats!

hoodsie: In Massachusetts, a girl who is probably underage and dresses inappropriately. The word is derived from Hood Dairy products, specifically ice cream cups with wooden spoons.
Example: You should be more careful if you don't want to go to jail. That girl's wicked cute, but she's a hoodsie.

hoofz beat: Like heartbeat. The hoofs of a horse beating.
Example: Look out Chevy Camaro, you can hear my hoofz beat.

hoojicapiv: A whatsit is a thingamajig is a whatchamacallit Just another something that you can't find the right word for.
Example: The darned hoojicapiv on the whatsit isn't running right. Give 'er another bash and see if that works.

hook up: 1. To handcuff (refers to the specific act of handcuffing, but implies taking into custody). Police slang.
2. To get together romantically.
Example: 1. Tags on the car are expired, let's go ahead and hook him up. OR Busy day today, we musta hooked up five, six guys.
2. I hooked up with this nice guy at the dance. OR I saw you mackin' on that girl--you two hook up?

hook up: To copulate.
Example: Billie dumped Willie because he wouldn't hook up with her.

Hooker Boots: Knee High Boots or Go-Go Boots
Example: She had a short skirt and some hooker boots on.

hooker hoops: Large, hooped earrings.
Example: She was wearing a lot of large jewelry, including hooker hoops.

hookey, hooky: When you're not doing anything.
Example: Shome playing hookey and get back to work

hoolinguyattamouth: Hoo-lin-geye-utter-mouth. Ssomthing that tastes really bad is said to be hoolinguyattamouth.
Example: These taste like hoolinguyattamouth.

Hooo: Shows imperssion of a great, awesome and terrific thing.
Example: Hooo! look at this truck - i want one too.

Hoopt: Does not make sense, no logic.
Example: GST, now thats Hoopt!

Hoopty: Car of dubious quality, usually a POS.
Example: You see Mike's 69 Impala? Yah, till he gets some body work done it'll be a hoopty.

hoopty: Completely and totaly messed up.
Example: I got stuck in detention because I acted hoopty.

hoopy: adj. - denoting the extreme excellent coolness of a person, place or thing
Example: as in Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy by Douglas Adams: You sass that Ford Prefect? There's one hoopy frood who knows where his towel is.

hoopy-dingy: A lady's rear end.
Example: Grandma told us to wear jeans on cold days to keep our hoopy-dingys warm.

Hoorj: Hooray is an outdated word. Hoorj can express feelings beyond happiness.
It can be sad (hoorJ...) or overly exciting (HoOoORj!).
Example: Me: How are you doing?
You: I'm just fine! HoorJ!

hooroo: Australian slang for goodbye.
Example: Have a good one barry, hooroo.

hoot: an extreme of humor

hootenanny: A gathering--bigger than a shindig, but smaller than a rave.
Example: Are you going to Ryan's hootenanny?

hooterific: Very cool, almost cool enough to work at Hooters or Meijers--if you enjoy grocery shopping and hair products.
Example: Those shoes are from Payless, but their hooterific.

hoover: To ingest food or drink unbeliveably fast. Inspired by the vacuum cleaner company.
Example: I filled the dog's bowl and he hoovered it before I could set the bag down.

hopdogy: One who enjoys Hip-Hop music.
Example: Raphul is a real hopdogy, yo.

Hope n' scope: The walk around the bar checking on and hitting on anything that moves.
Example: The only dates Christina ever got were ones following a hope 'n scope.

hopingley: Hoping for the best.
Example: Hopingley I'll be able to get the day off tomorrow.

hoppersquash: Things that hit your windshield and stick as you are driving down the road.

Example: We had a great time in Arkansas but the truck came back covered with hoppersquash.

hopsenmaltz disease: A major beer hangover
Example: I gotta bad case of Hopsenmaltz Disease this morning.

hopskipandajump: A distance which is far enough but not too far.
Example: New York is a fair hopskipandajump from Philadelphia.

horbgorble: To wander around aimlessly.
Example: Sheep tend to horbgorble.

horizontalization: A word commonly used in place of the usually intended harmonization.
Example: Horizontalization of our business processes will ensure success.

hork: 1. To steal, to rip off.
2. To vomit (if human) or to have a total system failure (if computer).
Example: 1: Chris, you jerk, don't be horking my fries.
2: Don't know what was wrong with the code, but my server horked repeatedly.

hork: The hacking sound made by an animal when in the process of expelling undigested dinner or fur.
Example: It was 2:30 am and I awoke to the sound of the cat horking in the living room.

horn: Cellphone.
Example: I'll be out somwhere tonight and I'll have my cell horn.

horn mono: A motorcycle wheelie (riding on the rear wheel only) of epic proportion.
Example: The new R1 lets you pull horn monos without even thinking about it.

hornce: the opposite of steep. Used to describe slopes, staircases, mountains, or anything else that has a shallow grade, or slight incline. To my knowledge there was previously no word for the opposite of steep, so I derived it from my last name (Hornsey). There are at least 5 people on the planet other than myself who are actively using this much needed word.
Example: I don't like mountain bike trails that are too steep, I much prefer hornce trails.

hornerman: The man you are cheating on your husband with.
Example: Clinton: Is that your new boyfriend?
Zanita: Nah, Sam is still around. That's my hornerman.

hornery: It's a cross between horny and ornery.
Example: I get a little hornery about once a month.

hornormal: Many, typically females, describe their normal fluctuating moods related to their monthly cycles as normal (but hormonal); this is especially true for those of us who work in the health industry and have to ask how one is feeling.
Example: I was a little upset and depressed last week but I feel that this was just hornormal.

hornswoggle: To take something from someone else. {This is actually an existing slang word--meaning is usually related to cheating. Similar words include honeyfuggle and bumswiggle.}
Example: Hey, man, can I hornswoggle one of those beers?

Horrendoma: From horrendous and -oma, the medical suffix for tumor,
denoting an unusually bad or complicated medical condition
Example: The car accident left a real horrendoma on his face.

horribelocity: The speed with which things become more and more horrible.
Example: The horribelocity of the trip increased when Eunice began telling us her shaving stories.

horribility: The potential for something to become horrible.
Example: A large person on the home of an unsturdy bunk bed has horribility.

horriblate: Used to describe the rapid descent of a situation into the realms of the horrible. Alternatively a descriptive phrase.
Example: I got into work this morning and my day proceeded to horriblate rapidly. OR I spent the morning on the phone to a bunch of horriblates from project management.

Horrification: The act of horrifying; the state of being horrified.
Example: He says, My brother was horrified.
She says, Ah, well, a bit of horrification is good now and then.

horrocious: Atrocious +horrendous.
1. Dreadful.
2. Extremly brutal, cruel, or wicked.
To be used in more intense circumstances then either of the words from which it is made up.
Example: 1. The oil spill scene was so horrocious that I couldn't stand to watch any more of the report.
2. The people watched in horror as the bunnies were being tested by the cosmetics companies, and thought of how horrocious and sad it was.

Horror Island: One of a group of many islands(eg.Temptation Island).This is a fictional place where everything horrible and terrible goes.Can be used on its own also.
NB:To be said in evil Exorcist voice if possible.
Example: Last night at work was just Horror Island

A:How was the party yesterday?
B:Horror Island

horrorshow: Great, wonderful.
Example: Madonna's tour is really horrorshow.

Horse Dover: When you're so hungry you could eat a horse and all they serve you are
(from the French: Hors d'oeuvre) appetizers.
Example: Yes, please, thank you very much. I'll take a few of your horse dovers.

horsey: when something doesn't quite work visually.
Example: Loosen up the kerning in your headline, it looks horsey.

horti-Q: One who has a measurable intelligence level roughly equivalent to that of a plant. Horticultural + I.Q.
Example: He was a few plates short of a picnic, a few fries short of a happy meal. In short, a horti-Q.

horticulture: A fruitless attempt to make a lady of the night appreciate the finer things of life.
Example: You can lead a horse to water...but you can't drag a horticulture.

hosebroke: Describes an individual who has been rendered dysfunctional by catastrophic ego deflation, usually preceded by self over-inflation of ego. (Inspired by the catastrophic failure of a neighbor's garden hose).
Example: Yeah, Ed got passed over for the V.P. spot, so now he's hosebroke.

hosed: Usually refering to a situation beyond salvage or repair. Similar to FUBAR. Pronunciation: 'hOz-d'
Example: Chris forgot to back it up... We're so hosed!

hoser: A person who is trying to deceive others.
Example: That hoser can't be trusted. From the Wisconsin-Minnesota area.

hosimba: A word of exuberant joy.
Example: Hosimba! That is one hot mamma!

hossie or hossy: Similar to sassy--overbearing, arrogant,
self confident, independent, won't take any crap from anyone, etc.
Example: She was hossy.

hot: Extremely attractive or beautiful; more than cute.
Example: Hey, that guy over there is pretty good looking. He's not just good looking, he's hot!

hot comm: I�m involved with on-road, pure electric vehicles, and they can be very high performance (see www.nedra.com). Instead of having a �hot rod?(as in engine push rod), or fast driving as in �hot-rodding,?we say �hot comm,?or �hot comming,?br> referring to the commutator in our electric motor(s).
Example: My son has been hot-comming in the RX-7 EV (electric vehicle) again.

hot in the box: a project or task is in progress. It was created because some stupid project manager at work was always using buzz words he heard his other idiot project manager peers using. we decided that we would start making them up and using them around him so his peers would have no idea what he was talking about and he would think he was up on his techie lingo.
Example: the project is hot in the box.

hot second: Shorter than a regular second...more like a half-second.
Example: Amy: They're selling Britney Spears tickets at the arena. Erin: I'll be there in a hot second.

hot-bobbling: Describes something that is usually liquid and hot.
Not quite boiling. May on first touch be thought to be near boiling point, but actually quite safe.
Example: Is this soup hot-bobbling? OR
My bath is hot-bobbling.

hot-hole: To describe a particularly nasty piece of internet photography
Example: Did you get the hot-hole i emailed? Nasty eh?

hotdish: Midwest American-Scandinavian (ND, MN) meaning the same as a casserole entree.
Example: My sister is planning to bring her favorite tuna hotdish to the church supper.

hote: Hair Over The Ears
Example: Neil Diamond came to town and every hote came from miles around.

hotter than a pickle, hotter'n: Extremely hot.
Example: God, it's hotter than a pickle today.

hottertunlove: a running together of the words hotter than love to describe an intense degree of heat...

Example: My gosh, turn the fire down, it's hotterunlove in here.

hottie bombalottie: The ultimate hottie--can be pronounced either hottie boom-ba-lottie or bum-ba-lottie. HB is abbreviation.
Example: Oh, my God! That Louis is one hottie bombalottie.

hottie mchothot: A good-looking person.
Example: Alyson Hannigan is one hottie mchothot.

houndy: Describing food that is so delicious, the eater wants to hound it down.
Example: This pizza is houndy. I could eat the whole thing by myself.

house: Shortened version of cleaning house.
Similar to cleaning out his clock. Used to describe someone flipping out.
Example: A. What happened after your Dad came home and saw what you did to his car?
B. Oh Christ, he just went house and severely chewed me out.

house of goofy white man: another name for McDonalds
Example: I want some fries. Lets go to the House of Goofy White Man.

House, The: Waffle House, the only place in the country where you can get a cup of coffee, smoke indoors, and sit around for hours all for under a dollar- not counting a tip and jukebox selections. Can also be called Our House when referring to the establishment in your neighborhood, or the one you frequent the most.
Example: I'm bored, you wanna go to The House.

Housemaster: The person in charge of the house.
Example: The housemaster made it clear that there will be no kitties allowed.

Houserker: How-zehr-kehr. One who is meticulous about one's own house.
Someone who values her house to the extreme.
Example: It's only a pencil mark on the wall. Just erase it.
But it's my life!
You're such a houserker.

housewiverly: Related to doing jobs normally thought of as women's work.
Example: We felt very housewiverly after cleaning and gardening all day.

how's up: Mix of How are you? and Whassup?
Example: Hey, DK, how's up?

Howay: A Middlesbrough, England resident, usually working class.
In most of England, working-class parents shout Get here! at their children.
In Middlesbrough it's Howay!--a cry which can usually be heard somewhere at any
given time in Middlesbrough town centre.
Example: Did you meet Robert's new girlfriend? She's a right Howay!

howie: One who has a tendency to be zany, or geeky.

See also: Gary
Example: Did you see that guy at the party last night--the one with the mullet? What a Howie.

howsit: Meaning How is it going. It is a simplified version that is easier to roll off you tounge and yet very self explanitory
Example: You donna, howsit?

Response would be: eh, not bad...

howyergoin's: Alcoholic beverages shared amongst friends.
Example: I'm goin' down the pub for some howyergoin's with Chook and Bez.

howzabout: A way to start a conversation with a suggestion.

Example: Howzabout we just stay in tonight?

howzigwan: How's it going? said lazily or in a rush.
Example: Hey Jim, howsigwan?

howzitgo?: To be said when someone has just explained something using excessive hand movements and plenty of descriptive sounds. Almost always results in the person repeating the whole hand-waving, noisy explanation.
Example: A friend has just described how he climbed a creaky ladder and fell off into a muddy puddle using mime actions and sounds as well as a verbal description. Just say a quick Howzitgo? and he'll repeat the whole act.

Hrbeck: The act of pulling or pushing a runner's leg off a base and then tagging him in a baseball game.
Named in honor of the player who successfully executed this manuver.
Just ask the Braves.
It happened to them in the World Series once.

Example: Hey, ump! I can't be out.
I was just standing here on first base and he Hrbecked me.

Hrk-th!: Used to express affectation for the liberating satisfaction many people associate with spitting.
Example: Hrk-th! (wipes mouth)

HTMeLted: when your head is melted after doing too much HTML code.
Example: I never thought i'd get those templates done, me head is HTMeLted.

huage: Even bigger than huge, but not mahousive.
Example: That building's bloody huage.

hubba: An expression indicative of lust.
[Hubba, hubba. What a figure. Two more legs and she'd look like Trigger. (For those old enough to remember Roy Rogers as King of the Cowboys.) Nothing sexy there.]
Example: John is soooo sexy. Hubba.

hubba jubba: Otherwise known as love handles. It's that fat that males get around the sides of their waists.
The female equivalent would be mumma jubbas.
Example: Eatin' too much junk food lately. Startin' to get hubba jubbas.

huckelbuckel: A small unexpected gift.
Example: I have a huckelbuckel for you.

huckled: To throw at a high speed.
Example: After receiving an F on his test, George huckled his pen at the teacher's head.

huddlepuff(s): Can be used as a noun or verb to describe the people/action of multiple smokers gathering at the same location to smoke, usually right outside an entrance way of a building, impeding your attempt to enter or exit. Inclement weather tends to increase their ranks.
Example: I was late getting to class/work/safety from a burning building because I had to navigate around/through all of the huddlepuffs.

huff: V. To smoke, as in to smoke a cigaret. N. A smoke.
Example: V. I'm stepping outside to huff a cigaret. N. I'm stepping outside for a huff.

huganic: Huge and gigantic--meaning really, really big.
Example: The size of my credit card bill was hugantic.

huge pipes: A high-bandwidth internet connection.
Example: Since I got DSL, I have huge pipes.

hugegantic: Very, verrrry large. No, even bigger.
Example: Their house was hugegantic!

hugemungo: Used when huge and humongous do not do the size of the particular noun justice.
Example: Alison's woman's rear-end is positively hugemungo.

hugeonic: Something bigger than huge and smaller than giganic.
Example: Did you see the size of that? It was hugeonic.

huggle: Combination of a hug and a cuddle. More intimate than simply a hug, but more physical than a cuddle.
Example: I need a huggle!

hugglesquash: A hug and cuddle wrapped in a tight squeeze.
Example: Overjoyed Marcy hugglesquashed her boyfriend in thanks for her gift.

huglet: An affectionate action in passing that is not quite a full shome-and-stand hug;
usually something similar like arm around waist, chin on shoulder, etc.
Example: As he passed she gave him a huglet and asked him how he was doing.

Huh. (blank). What's going o: An expression of puzzlement adapted from the video game Silent Hill.
Any noun or name can be placed in the blank.
Used when one is confused about a particular item.
Example: 1. A radio has just turned off by itself.
Huh. Radio. What's going on with that radio?2. Your friend Jimmy was supposed to pick you up, but he's nowhere to be found.
Huh. Jimmy. What's going on with that Jimmy?

Hum-dinger: Adjective discribing something beautiful like a car or object.
Example: That car is a hum-dinger

humamajoob: the container in which fries are served.
Example: I ordered a humamajoob of fries.

human-baboon: One who takes on the physical attributes or or behavorial characteristics of a large hairy primate.
Example: A. My God, what's that? B. Oh dont worry. That's my son--he's a bit of a human-baboon.

humassive: Cross between humungous and massive.
Example: If you think this fish is big, you should have seen the one that got away. It was humassive.

humberize: To take something (an experience or object) with great potential and mess it up beyond belief.
Developed by residence students of Humber College.
Example: A free trip to the centre of the earth. Sweet, just don't let anyone humberize it.

humbus mcjumbus: Awesome, cool, phat.
Example: Going to the club tonight would be humbus mcjumbus.

huminah?: Used when
1. You have no idea what someone means,
2. Did not hear, or
3. If what was said is totally odd or simply out there.
Example: 1. I wanna go nark a furby. Huminah?
2. I wanna have my eyebrows ripped out by S and M gnomes. Huminah?

humint: Pronounced hume-int: Human intelligence.
Espionage conducted by an individual on the ground, observing actions.
Example: Most humint officers are farmed from the military.
The CIA officer killed in Afganistan was a Marine, for instance.

hummin': When something's really cool.
Example: That's hummin'!

Humongerous: Something that is bigger and more important than humongus.
Example: Her record sales were humongerous.

hump his/her/its leg: a term used to express sexual desire towards another person
Example: Oo, I so wanna hump Chris' leg ...

humphable: A descriptive word used when doing a disliked task.
Example: Homework is humphable.

humtrattle: Nonsense, balderdash, poppycock--or can be used as a random expletive.
Example: That's a bunch of humtrattle. You're full of humtrattle. Or simply, Humtrattle!

hune: 1. The possessive form of a third person, singular, gender-neutral pronoun.
Used to indicate possession, agency, or reception of an action by a gender-neutral being or person spoken of.
Can be used to replace his or her.
2) the third person singular pronoun in the nominative case, gender-neutral.
other forms: huneself (reflexive).

Example: 1. Everyone must bring hune hat.
2. The person presented hune proposal.

3) Each person taught huneself to read.

huney: A person who is both huge and puny.
Example: Chris, you sure are looking huney today.

hungy: One hundred dollars, or one hundred runs in cricket--that is, a century.
Example: A. Win at the races?
R. Nah, blew a hungy.

hunh: Yinglish, Yiddish-English, for Excuse me, I don't understand that, could you repeat that please?
Example: Mr. Puppick, not understanding the explanation to the question he had asked, rolled his eyes and exclaimed to his interlocutor, Hunh?!

hunky dory day: The day exactly one month after your actual birthday. This is usually celebrated when one's actual birthday has been inadvertently missed, and therefore calls for much more rigourous partying.
Example: We better go get a couple of kegs. It's hunky dory day!

hurdman: Something that's there when you want something else.
Example: ARRGH! This is the third time I've called Constantine's house and his annoying brother Phil picked up.
Jerk's a hurdman.

hurg: Sound a Dutch male makes when he is embarrassed or distressed, usually by reference to his sex life.
Example: Pixel: We were in a tent. Sarah: Kinky. Pixel: Hurg.

Hurtin': To be lame or pathetic.
Example: This club is hurtin'.

husblink: A husband who is here now, but don't blink or he will be gone.
Example: Honey does this dress make me look fat? Husblink...? Where'd you go?

huschla: It means anything when you can't think of the word to use....
Example: I need to go to the store and get my huschla

Hussie Mae: A Girlfriend Greeting.
Example: Hey HussieMae! What's up? Wanna hang out ?

hussy: Female human of questionable character. Not necessarily immoral, but bratty and inappropriately provocative
Example: Anna Nicole Smith is the hussy that married for money.

hutt: A lazy person; slacker
Example: I can't believe they still haven't finished that! What a bunch of hutts!

huzzah!: expression of triumph and contempt, takes place of phrases like How'd you like the taste of THAT?!

hyaah: To signify something is white trash.
Example: That girl's jeans have fringes on the legs. Hyaah!

hydroflout: (hi'dro falout) Getting hit in the face by the ice that was stuck to the inside bottom of a drinking glass when you tilt the galss bottom up while drinking.
Example: If you don't shake your glass, you're gonna get hydroflouted.

hydroplegic: Noun. A person unable to communicate coherently due to a chronic and habitual
daily use of hydroponically-grown marijuana.
Example: I ran into Steve yesterday and tried to have a conversation, but he's turned into a hydroplegic.

hygenic trifecta: When you shower, shave, and brush your teeth all in the same day.
Example: Bert. Since you have a date tonight, are you going to clean up at all? Ernie. Completely.
I think I feel a hygenic trifecta coming on. Bert. No way. Jeez, she must be really important to you.

hyp-Oz-crite: Hip-a-scrit. One who dumps on another (usually a celebrity) forever, but when said person (celebrity) becomes more mainstream and popular, the dumper suddenly loves her. Derived from the media's lovey-dovey reaction to former whipping-boy Ozzy Osbourne once his TV show became popular.
Example: I remember when _Newsweek ripped Ozzy to shreds, calling him devil-worshipper. Now they praise the realism of his show. What a bunch of hyp-Oz-scrits.

Hype: Something that is Cool.
Example: That Darren Jay tape is Hype!

hyperautocritical: adjective to describe someone who is overly critical of him/herself
Example: Michael was so hyperautocritical that he eventually committed suicide.

hyperblah: to decribe someone that you never know if they are hyper or blah their mood can change at any moment!
Example: Wow! She is one girl who is hyperblah, you don't know when to talk to her.

hypercool: Something or someone exceedingly cool.
Example: Wow, the new starship Enterprise is hypercool!

hypernataldigitation: Awarenesss of a tendency to look at a digital clock when it displays your birthday.
Example: She was acutely aware of her hypernataldigitation. She knew that she often looked at digital clocks when they show 6:17--her birthday is June 17.

hypernavigate: To excessively direct the driver of a car, usually characteristic of backseat drivers.
Example: If you're driving to your house and it's directly in front of you, saying Go straight is hypernavigation.
(For good examples of hypernavigation, see Crazy Taxi (?Sega 1999, 2000)).

Hypernormous: Beyond big.
Example: The rock star was making hypernormous amounts of money.

hypersookidaemia: Where a person appears more upset, in order to gain sympathy,
or have a very low tolerance to pain, stress, etc.
Example: She was suffering a severe case of hypersookidaemia. What a wuss!

hyphen-hater: someone who does not like using hyphens in words. Such a person would write coordinate instead of co-ordinate. Play on words with the opposite meaning hyphenator.
Example: The hyphen-hater tried to sell us on coop housing.

hypocrite burger: A vegetarian burger with bacon and cheese.
Example: I'll have the hypocrite burger with bacon, please.

Hypogeographemia: Anemia of the brain, causing an inability to find your way around an area even though you've been there a dozen times.
Example: I don't remember from day to day how to get to a place I've been before. Therefore, I have Hypogeographemia.

hyponoia: The pathalogical sense that NOBODY is out to get you.
Example: The other day on Lincoln High Street, I experiences the weirdest sense of hyponoia. It soon passed, of course. Thank God.

hypostulate: Between hypothesis and postulate.
Example: Examining the evidence, it is possible to hypostulate a new theory.

hypotenusing: Walking for minimum distance and maximum efficiency often entails diverging from the common path:
to cut across, or to take the shortest cut of all short cuts.
Example: Why are you going across the field?
We're hypotenusing.